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Rainbow Dash wants to shake things up in life when her friends annoyance and predictability take hold, but when she finds new friends in Thunderlane, his little brother Rumble and the Pegasus Twins Flitter & Cloudchaser, how will her other friends react to that development? Will they accept him or reject him?

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Hmm, there! I hate when first stories get a like/hate ratio with no comments why. Enjoy the like!

Does Rumble like to hang out with Rainbow Dash just to get close to Scootaloo?

Hope you make MOAR!!!!

I like the story, But everyone's a little ooc.


He barely knows Scootaloo at this point but he will get to know her better soon enough


Don't worry, there will be more


I was worried about that, at the time I made this I was still new to MLP Fanfiction so it wasn't gonna be flawless.

If I may ask, can you point out the ooc moments? I can't promise that it'll be too different since I have other pre-made stuff but I may be able to tweak things and have a fresher start for my newer stories.

Nice. Just some missing punctuation. When you have a sentence that needs a comma at the end, it's like this.

"I don't know, it's probably just a little issue she's dealing with," Twilight said.

6205495 maybe it's coincidence. I THINK NOT!


The characters themselves were fine, but how they reacted to eachother wasn't. Like in the first chapter, when they were talking about making the cake. The dialogue was all flat and it was like the same pony talking to themselves as slightly different personalities.


Noted, thanks for the tip


I'll try to make sure the dialogue is spiced up next time


I hate that too, so thanks XD

They just stated he has a crush on Rainbow.

a sweet young colt, a set of twins with diverse personalities, and a charming handsome stallion, at least in her opinion, that seems to be full of personality.

I kind of find that hard to believe since apart from Rumble, they didn't really do much or say anything that made them entertaining.

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