• Published 30th Mar 2021
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Spiders and Magic: Civil War - Masterob

An internal battle between The Avengers and The Elements of Harmony threaten Equestria's future.

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The Spark Ignites Part I

The world of Equestria, a place of Magic and Harmony, where Friendship reigned and it's citizens happy, well mostly happy. A world known for it's Harmony has had more troubles than expected, especially since the arrival of other worlds. Worlds like Capcom and it's Street Fighters, Fighting Anti-B.O.W. Teams and Demon Hunters, Worlds like Square with their Avalanche of Rebellion, the Dragon World and it's powerful Saiyans. But more importantly, the world of Marvel, a word rich in Super Heroics.

The Marvel World and Equestria had connected in a deeper way than the other aforementioned worlds, starting with the relationship between Twilight Sparkle and Peter Parker, the latter better known as Spider-Man. It's been almost nine years since the boy was transported from Marvel Earth to the land of Equestria, which led to the romance between the two, culminating in their marriage and a daughter to call their own, with another child on the way. From there led to more friendships and relationships between the two worlds. Rainbow Dash and The Human Torch, Applejack and Gambit, Rarity and Iceman, Deadpool and Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Wolverine and even Spike and The Wasp.

Those heroes currently reside in Equestria along with Scott Lang, better known as Ant Man, and some other X-Men such as Kurt Wagner, better known as Nightcrawler and his friend Jubilee. Heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Cyclops also keeping watch over Equestria, alongside the Princess sisters, Celestia and Luna.

Even heroes from the rival world Capcom, such as Ryu, Chun-Li, Dante and Chris Redfield, along with heroes from another world in Square, namely Cloud Strife, all take part in keeping a watchful eye over the world of Equestria, alongside their Equestrian ambassador Sunset Shimmer.

But trouble had risen over the last few years. First with the potential devastation by The Green Goblin of Marvel, using the powers of the Equestrian Chaos Spirit Discord in an attempt to rule over the multiverse. The next major disaster came years later with the Capcom Invasion of villains led by Albert Wesker.

Things were resolved temporarily, with all the villains defeated, until years later, with Marvel villains like Iron Monger, Mysterio, Annihilus, Baron Mordo, Taskmaster, Loki, Magneto and Sabretooth all invading and causing trouble for this normally harmonious world. Even Nemesis, a monster from the Capcom world, attempted to wreak havoc.

All of this was orchestrated by Discord, the spirit building a legion to go against Spider-Man and the Powers of Equestria, alongside his ally Lord Tirek, who sought after Equestria's throne.

Very recently, a Saiyan named Goku had come to Equestria to do battle with Peter while his ally Vegeta went to Capcom to do battle against Ryu. It was a big showdown, both men displaying power the heroes rarely saw, if they ever. It took Thor to take down Goku and Cloud Strife to slow Vegeta to a halt. This was certainly a wake-up call for the heroes of these worlds that there couple be potential threats with that level of power.

In light of all this, Princess Celestia grew very concerned over the troubles caused by these invasions, but fortunately Tony Stark knew what to do. After months of planning, he had the perfect way to maintain order across Equestria, a plan he calls 'The Accords'. He will maintain order, and maintain the Harmony between Equestria and Marvel.

It was about five months after The Saiyans arrived, Tony Stark had called a big meeting in Canterlot, one open to the public for everypony to see. He stood on a big stage alongside Steve Rogers, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance and Princess Twilight.

Other Avengers such as Bruce Banner, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Captain Marvel and The Wasp were attending, all waiting near the side of the stage alongside X-Men ambassador Cyclops. The Wonderbolts were also in attendance on the side opposite to The Avengers, Spitfire looking particularly excited and intrigued for what could be announced.

Peter was also on stage to support his wife while The Elements stood in the crowd with their husbands, as well as Starlight and Sunburst, and heroes like Ant Man and Miss Marvel, and family like Laura, Lightning Dust, Rina, Aunt May and Trixie. Also present were the Cutie Mark Crusaders, all three looking after their nieces and nephews.

Shining Armor was also present with Flurry Heart and Mayday Parker-Sparkle by his side as well, keeping the two girls close to him as he curiously awaited this meeting. He wasn't alone, Reed Richards and Susan Storm had stood by him alongside their son Franklin and family friend Ben Grimm. Reed seemed particularly interested in what his colleague Tony Stark had to say in this matter, and what it could also mean for their Earth.

Rumble had also attended alongside his foalsitters Fitter and Cloudchaser, and his brother Thunderlane, the two having a chance to reunite after a long period of time.

The Student Six and Cozy Glow were also present in the crowd, with Nightcrawler and Jubilee keeping watch over them. Many of the kids were hoping to spread good info back to their homes, figuring their Kingdoms may benefit from these Accords as well.

Nearby Sunset Shimmer was observing alongside a curious Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Chris Redfield, Nathan Spencer, Dante, Strider Hiryu, Mega Man, Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, Barret Wallace and Squall Leonheart, the latter visiting Equestria for the first time in Sunset's attempt to reach out to more of Square.

"You all might be wondering why you've been gathered here," Tony began. "As you can probably tell from our esteemed company, from The Avengers, to Equestrian Royalty, even our friends from the other worlds, I have a very big announcement, one that will affect all parts of Equestria maybe even beyond. Now as you all might be aware, we've been hit with an unfortunate string of Invasions over the last year, mostly threats from my Earth. As an Earthling I do apologize on behalf of my world for all the grief you have all felt, which is why I have been hard at work coming up with ways to fix and adjust these issues, so that we don't continue to have the same problem for years to come."

"How will you be doing that!?" Bon Bon asked from the crowd.

"Very glad you asked that citizen," Tony said. "See I've been developing a new method of operation as of late, a little something I call The Accords, which I also intended for my world but I figured this world needs it too. There are a few parts to this, for starters we have the the Superhero Registration Act. See to make sure there is order, and preferably less destruction, all the superheroes will sign this sheet I have here." Tony held up the sheet in question. "Agreeing to it's rules of procedure and carrying out their heroic duties. Some will work with Equestria's Royal Guards, stationed especially in Canterlot and The Crystal Empire. Others will work in tangent with The Wonderbolts, under the leadership of the very talented Spitfire. Some heroes may be stationed in various towns, including Ponyville, to help assist Princess Twilight and Spider-Mane in keeping the peace."

"How are you deciding?" Shining Armor asked.

"I will be looking for volunteers of course, but I make the final call, and I'll do it based on the individual's talent and skills," Tony explained. "For the next part of the The Accords, I am offering Auditions, a chance for one of you to work alongside The Avengers in keeping this world safe. See while I intend to ask for assistance from my world, along with Capcom and Square, I figured some Equestrians would want a chance to join the Superhero ranks."

"My chance to shine," Lightning Dust commented.

"Your chance? How?" Trixie asked. "Are you planning to join The Avengers?"

"Something like that," Lightning said. "Tell you more later."

"There is a third part, but it's currently a work in progress, once I figure out the kinks and make it as flawless as possible, I will let everyone here know before I make it official," Tony said. "Everything here being done today, is to make sure we all have a bright future ahead of us, one where there is less chaos and destruction, a future where our children can grow and be happy. With these Accords, I will set Equestria on the right path!"

"Hold on! One question for you!" came a somewhat familiar voice. Stepping into view was Thunderlane, his brother and friends curious about his interruption. "What's the point of all this? Like why are these Accord things really necessary?"

"Good question you...uh, who are you again?" Tony asked.

"My name is Thunderlane," the pony greeted. "Not sure if you heard of me, but I was a big player during the original Invasion of the Capcom world."

"Oh right, the guy who really hated Peter and as a result, Peter and Twilight had to house your little brother," Tony said, getting a look of shame and annoyance from Thunderlane and some awkwardness from Rumble. "Given the fact that you were around for that invasion, I would think you'd understand what I'm trying to do here. We need order in this world if we're gonna keep it safe."

"Is it really needed though?" Lyra asked. "Spider-Mane already does a great job, same with his team of Amazing Friends!"

"That's not our team name by the way!" Johnny said.

"Johnny, not the time!" Twilight loudly whispered.

"We just want to know how this might affect our every day lives," Bon Bon said.

"Will there be strictly enforced rules?" Minuette asked.

"All you'll be doing is following the law, you ponies can do that, you're already mostly harmonious," Stark said. "The heroes will continue to do what they always do."

"But then what's the point of these 'Accords' of yours?" Thunderlane asked. "Honestly it seems like the only way to stop the villains from attacking is by sealing your world away. Not that I'm saying to do that but if all the most dangerous threats come from your world, and sometimes those other worlds, then it seems like the problem is there, not here."

"He's got a point Mr. Stark!" Bon Bon said. "Evil rarely exists in Equestria in the first place to warrant this Accords thing."

Luna took the moment to take center stage, "Tony Stark has put a lot of work into this, but it will require all of us working together to ensure it's success. Please everypony, show your support and good will for Tony Stark and his ideas."

"See, even Equestrian Royalty believes in this idea," Stark said.

"Seems more like she's dodging the question," Thunderlane commented.

"Hey, I heard that!" Tony warned. "Anyway you heard your Princess, if she thinks this is a good idea then what's the harm in trying?"

"Hm...we want to hear what Princess Celestia has to say!" Bon Bon said.

"What is Luna not good enough for you?" Stark asked, almost joking. Of course Luna did seem annoyed, not at Tony but the possible truth in his words. "But if that's what you want, then let's hear from Celestia."

"Thank you, Tony Stark," Celestia said, making her way to the center of the stage. "I understand any grievances you have, but like my sister pointed out, Tony Stark has put a lot of work into this. He's doing it for his world as well as ours, please I implore you to give this a chance."

Steve also too center stage, "Myself along with Celestia will continue to look over everything, nothing will be done without her full approval. If there's one thing we all know is that Princess Celestia loves and values all of you. As the leader of The Avengers-"

"Co-Leader!" Tony corrected.

Steve groaned in annoyance, "Co-Leader...I promise to keep whatever Tony has planned civil. I can assure you that right now, he is only looking to station heroes in many parts of this world, and that we are indeed looking for volunteers. Any of you who think you have what it takes, step up and you can be among the first to be part of a new branch of The Avengers, The Equestrian Edition!"

Many in the crowd seemed to be on board with this idea, with mostly Bon Bon and Thunderlane having doubts due to their lack of faith in Tony Stark. Though they both respected Princess Celestia, mostly for Thunderlane, and decided to trust his idea.

"Think I can be an Avenger?" Rumble asked.

"I thought you wanted to be a Wonderbolt?" Cloudchaser asked.

"I can be both, they're already working with The Avengers, like you're gonna be since you're also a Wonderbolt," Rumble said. "I'll be The Wonderbolt Avenger."

"Keep reaching for that goal little bro," Thunderlane said.

Twilight took the moment to take center stage, "Everything Tony Stark is doing is for the betterment of our world. He's put a lot of thought into this, he's worked tirelessly to ensure safety and harmony between the worlds. I know you're all nervous and I know it means changes, but sometimes change is necessary to make extraordinary progress for our world."

"Oh smart, using big words to make this sound intelligent," Bobby joked.

"Bobby!" Rarity scolded.

Twilight continued her speech, "I urge you all to give this a chance, Tony has ran this plan by me and my fellow Princesses, along with my husband. You all admire Peter for being Equestria's hero, well Tony is the one who helped inspire Peter to be the hero you all know today, if he trusts him, we all should. And know that no matter the change and as scary as it could come across, just remember that we have the power to make anything work."

"We got this!" Tony said, gesturing to everyone on the stage.

"You got this!" Steve said, gesturing to the crowd.

"We got this Together!" Twilight finished, expanding her magic across the crowd, making everyone feel connected and together.

"And to make sure everyone here knows the value of this agreement, I have already picked out our first hero to sign, one that you all know and love, Spider-Mane himself!" Tony said, welcoming Peter to center stage.

Of course all the ponies in the crowd cheered for Peter, save for a few. The boy nervously waved to the ponies of Equestria as Tony presented him the papers.

"Make us proud kid," Tony said. "Show your support."

"Yeah, sure thing," Peter said, taking the paper and pen. "Well, time to make this official I guess..."

Before Peter could sign, the skies overhead started to darken a bit, much to the worry of the ponies and the concern of the heroes and ponies.

"Uh...what's happening?" Peter asked, looking around.

"I have no idea," Tony turned to his radio. "Spitfire, wasn't the weather suppose to be clear today!?"

"It was, I don't know what's happening," Spitfire said.

"Well something's up, figure it out!" Tony ordered.

"There's a giant ship approaching!" Hawkeye called out.

"Giant ship?" Peter and everyone looked up. "Looks more like a blimp!"

"I would say 'Zeppelin'," Twilight corrected.

"Something ominous is approaching," Celestia said.

Luna turned her attention to Tony, "I don't suppose you know what that is?"

"Not a clue," Tony said.

"Ryu? Cloud?" Sunset said. "Either one of you familiar with that?"

"Can't say that I am," Ryu said, trying to figure out what's happening.

"Me neither," Cloud said. "Unless Cid did a major redesign on the Highwind."

Squall turned his attention to Tifa, "Things like this common here?"

"It is a pattern from what I was told," Tifa said.

"Everyone be ready for anything," Chun-Li ordered.

The ship landed down near the stage, all the Marvel Heroes immediately rushing to the front, guarding the civilians in the ground. Within seconds the door to the ship opened up, a giant ramp setting down before the heroes. From the top, a little blue hedgehog appeared at the doorway, confusing everyone in attendance.

"You're all seeing this, right?" Peter asked.

"Is that a porcupine?" Johnny asked.

"No, I think it's a hedgehog," Logan said.

"A hedgehog? Those exist in Equestria?" Bobby asked.

"I mean, lots of different animals exist here," Peter said. "So hedgehogs shouldn't be that unusual."

"Yeah but, he doesn't look like a wild animal," Bobby said. "Also if hedgehogs appear then why did that one hedgehog who came here a few years ago resemble a pony?"

"Luck of the draw? I mean he is technically an alien, that's what Mega Man told me," Peter said.

The small hedgehog grabbed a mega phone, turning it on loud enough for everyone to hear. "Attention ponies! Name's Grubber! I'm here to crash this party on behalf of the greatest soon to be ruler of Equestria, the one, and only, Storm King!"

Within seconds a few banners had fallen into place, all of them containing logos and pictures of the aforementioned Storm King.

"The Storm King?" Silversteam muttered in surprise.

"Pfft, Storm King?" Johnny asked. "Uh, there's only one Storm King, that's me. Johnny Storm."

"Dude, seriously?" Peter asked. "Put your ego away, we got bigger things to worry about."

Rainbow Dash flew overhead, "Hey you! I don't know what you're deal is but you better start explaining yourself before I grind you into dust!"

"I'll leave that to the big man himself!" Grubber said, stepping aside as a new face appeared, a creature resembling a primate.

"That must be the Storm King," Peter said, recognizing him from the pictures on his banner. The other heroes looked ready for a fight, including the outer world heroes.

"Hey! Sorry to barge in! But I saw this big, get together, and thought, this would be the perfect opportunity to present myself!" Storm King said. "Now I'm not gonna bore you with details, just know that I am here to conquer you all and you're all going to do exactly what I say! Ok? Good! Now you may all-"

"Hey! Storm King!" Peter interrupted.

Storm King looked down at the boy, "Ah, it's Spider-Mane, the hero who saved all of Equestria! Tell me, do you actually have spiders in your mane? I mean the name has to mean something doesn't it?"

"Nevermind that!" Peter said, somewhat annoyed. "Look I don't know what kind of joke this is but you need to take a hike dude! You are not conquering Equestria as long as I'm here!"

"We're," Johnny corrected, much to Peter's anoyance.

"So what you're saying is that I need to get rid of you, is that right?" Storm King asked.

"Y-yes, technically you do!" Peter awkwardly confirmed. "Not that it would be easy, if fact it isn't gonna happen! Because I'll beat you!"

"Way to sound intimidating," Bobby joked.

"You wanna step up dude?" Peter aked his smart-mouth friend.

"Right, right, you'll beat me, typical hero talk" Storm King said. "Gotta say, I am very interested in you Spider-Mane, I mean you came all the way from another world! For the longest time I thought the Equestrian Princesses were all I had to worry about, now you and your little friends are here to protect these ponies, even turning into ponies yourselves! Boy must that be embarrassing for you! I bet you used to look cool, not as cool as me but anything's better than this."

"Want cool huh? Get a load of this then," Tony said, activating a button, his suit flying in and attaching itself to him, the billionaire having completely donned his armor.

"Alright, that's moderately impressive," Storm King admitted. "You still look like a pony though."

"A pony who can do this!" Tony said, quickly blasting Storm King back with his repulsor, an act surprising Grubber. "That's just a warning too."

"Hey! You can't treat the Storm King like that!" the little blue creature shouted.

"Take a hike pipsqueak, the adults are talking," Tony said, still having his focus locked on the Storm King. "Ready to give up? Or do you want more?"

"Heh, you pack quite a punch," Storm King said, struggling to stand. "But I didn't come this far to give up without a fight."

"What do you want from us anyway?" Peter asked.

"It's more The Princesses I'm after," Storm King said. "You see, I want their magic."

"What could you want with our magic?" Twilight asked, getting into a defensive position. "What are you planning?"

"You'll see soon enough, now we can do this the easy way, or the Storm King Way!" the villain warned.

"I was thinking more The Avengers way, as in we kick your ass and send you crawling back to whatever hole you freaks crawled out from," Tony warned.

"Sorry, not one of the options," Storm King taunted. "Looks like it's my choice, and I choose, Storm King Way!"

Within moments, an army of creatures emerged from the ship, each of them armed with a trident and a shield, all of them making their way toward the ponies of Canterlot. By this point, Starlight, Sunburst, Sunset, The Capcom Warriors and Square warriors stepped in closer.

"This guy obviously means business," Sunset commented.

Storm King held his arms out in satisfaction, "Not bad huh? Think you have a chance against my army?"

"Think you're the first guy to present an army to us? I mean for starters, we have a Hulk," Tony gestured to the hero in question. "Second, we're an army of heroes, you can't stop us!"

"Time to put your money where your mouth is!" Storm King said, gesturing to the heroes. "Attack!"

As the army charged in, so did the heroes, the two sides immediately clashing, and going to war against one another, to either conquer or protect. While some heroes fought, others focused on protecting the Civilians, especially the kids in the crowd.

"Let's do away with these second rate minions." Tony said as he blasted several of the creatures away with his repulsors, Thor used his hammer to whack a large amount of them back and struck others down with his thunder, Steve tossed his shield around as it ricocheted off a bunch, the hero moving in quickly and using take downs during the process, Hulk smashing like per normal.

"Time for this Friendly Neighborhood Spider to fan away the storm!" Peter said as he zipped around, punching and kicking a bunch of them, using his webbing to keep a few detained, Johnny blasting off his fire, using to to scare a few off. Bobby froze a bunch of them as Remy blasted them with his kinetic cards, and used his staff on any of them that got too close. Janet zapped a few in her Breezie form, but mostly kept an eye on civilian ponies, ensuring their safety.

"Come on bubs!" Logan shouted, using his claws to destroy their tridents and shields, allowing an opening to punch the creatures. Hawkeye used his arrows to set off mini explosions, disorienting them long enough for Black Widow to move in and kick the monsters down. Miss Marvel grabbed several with her elastic body while Captain Marvel blasted them with her cosmic powers.

"It's clobbering time!" The Thing said, ramming through a bunch of monsters while Reed used his elasticity to form hammer fists and Susan using her invisibility to attack through stealth. T'Challa zipped around to strike the army members down, while Cyclops, Jean and Storm zapped together from a distance.

"Kicking ass all day long!" Deadpool said, rushing in with Jubilee, Night Crawler and Ant Man, performing combinations of strikes, blasts, teleporting attacks, sneak attacks an everything in between.

"Wait, the kids," Jubilee turned to see that they were surrounded by soldiers. "Kurt! We have to save them!"

"Of course," Nightcralwer said, joining his friend to help fight off the villains.

"I'll protect my world!" Twilight said, keeping her distance as she zapped several of the guards. The ones that got too close were intercepted by either Rainbow Dash with a flying kick, Rarity with her own magic blast, or the combination of Starlight, Sunburst and Sunset using their own magic to send the guards flying off.

Applejack wanted to help, but due to her pregnancy, it wasn't safe for her to act. Plus her friends were already trying to protect Twilight, she didn't want to be a liability.

"Applejack!" Big Mac called to his sister. "This way, we'll keep an eye on you!"

"Watch out big brother!" called Apple Bloom. A Storm King solider lunged at the Big Mac, but the farmer stallion head rammed it away into a few others, knocking them over like bowling pins.

"That'll teach ya!" Big Mac said, then turned to his sister. "We'll get you to safety."

"Thanks Big Mac," Applejack said, following her brother.

"I will not forgive this cowardly assault!" Ryu shouted. Keeping a firm ground, he quickly struck the guards with precise blows. Ken and Chun-Li joined in with kicks to keep them distant, Chris rushing in with some strong blows, Dante using his sword to destroy their shields and leave them open for him for attack. Mega Man, Spencer and Strider cleared the way for some ponies to get to safety in the midst of the chaos.

"I won't let another army hurt innocents!" Cloud said. He used his sword to whack a bunch of the soldiers away, along with some quick strikes, using the helm for assistance. Tifa used her martial arts skills to take a bunch down, Squall also fighting hard, using his sword to disarm the villains. Barrett kept a bunch away from the ponies, allowing them another chance to escape.

"Welcome to Equestria new guy!" Spencer joked to Squall.

"Whatever," Squall said, attacking more guards.

Thunderlane was the only one in the crowd who didn't leave, but he didn't leap into action either, the pony trying to figure out his best course of action.

"Hey Thunder," came a voice. He turned to see a very welcome face.

"Felicia?" Thunderlane said.

"Why don't you head back to our place, you can hold the fort there while I step in here," Felicia said. "I'm itching to stretch my legs again after so long."

"Be careful out there," Thunderlane warned, flying back to his home.

"You worry too much," Felicia rushed in and attacked many of the guards, using her quick movements to rush around them, using her whip to her advantage as well.

"Uh, they're losing!" Storm King commented, turning his attention to Grubber. "Why are they losing!?"

"Because you didn't give them a worthy enough of a fight," Came another voice. Stepping out of the ship was a purple pony with a broken unicorn horn.

"Hey, Commander Tempest! I don't suppose you can lend a hoof here," Grubber suggested.

"If I must, someone has to keep this army from getting it's name dragged through the mud," Tempest said, stepping completely off the ramp.

"If you pull this off, I'll gibe you a promotion," Storm King said.

"When I pull this off," Tempest corrected. "I want you to fulfil our end of the deal."

"Sure, whatever you want, now go beat those hero people up!" Storm King commanded.

Tempest focused her sights on the first pony who crossed her path, that being Bobby.

"Back off creeps!" Bobby said, blasting the Storm King's soliders with his ice, freezing them in place. "Who else wants some of me?"

At that moment, Tempest took her opportunity to jump in with a kick to his head, knocking him over. "I'll take you up on that offer."

Bobby shook it off, focusing on the newcomer, "You look tougher, alright let's see what you got!" He sent an ice beam at Tempest but she quickly jumped out the way and rushed in with a kick to his head, then zipped around to kick him in the face, knocking him over.

"Hey back off!" Remy warned, grabbing his cards and tossing them at Tempest, the mare dodging and rushing in with a kick, one that Remy inetitially blocked with his staff. He tried following up with a twirl attack but she had ducked and swept his hooves with a kick.

"Back away from my friends!" Rainbow Dash warned, flying in to kick Tempest back. She flew in for a follow up attack, but Tempest quickly blasted her in the face with her partially destroyed horn magic.

Tempest brought out a type of ball, ready to throw it, "I was saving this for the princesses, but I have a few spares just in-"

Suddenly the ball was webbed away, getting knocked into a solider, immediately turning it to stone. Tempest turned to see Peter, the hero looking a bit confused. "Did he just turn to stone?"

"Spider-Mane...so we meet at last," Tempest said.

"Uh...am I suppose to know you?" Peter asked, genuinely confused.

"No, I doubt you would know me, but I know about you," Tempest said, taking a few steps forward. "The hero of Equestria, who's saved this world time and again, through his valiant efforts have ensured the safety of these ponies, and the proud husband of an Equestrian Princess."

"Seems like you did your research," Peter said, somewhat weirded out. "What do you want with us anyway?"

"It's like The Storm King said, we want your magic," Tempest said. "See The Storm King wants power, and while he could go for those Artifacts, like the one in The Crystal Empire, or that silly orb the Hippogriffs own, he seeks greater power than that."

"Silly orb?" Peter asked. "What silly orb?"

"Never mind that," Tempest said. "I'd tell you not to stand in our way, but you seem like the stubborn hero type."

"I mean, yeah that's my whole deal," Peter said. "I have to protect my home after all."

"How valiant," came another voice. Peter recognized it, but just as he turned around, he took a blast from behind. Standing in place was Thor's mischievous brother Loki. "I told you he would say something like that."

Loki's arrival did alert a couple of heroes nearby, namely Remy. "What's Loki doing here?" He wanted to help Peter but found himself blocked by a Storm King Solider. "Out of my way!

"So you came, I figured you'd sit back while we did all the work," Tempest said.

"Watch that tone of yours, I'm the one who helped you set this invasion up," Loki said. "I help you with your goals, in return I require help in my goal to overtake Asgard, preferably quick, I fear for it's destruction, and I will not allow some old prophecy to take what is mine."

"Loki!" Peter said, standing back up. "Where did you come from!? And what prophecy!?"

"None of your concern," Loki said, turning away. "Finish him off Tempest, I have a brother to find."

Tempest turned her attention back to Peter, the boy looking a bit confused, "What's he talking about, and how are you in league with Loki!?"

"We had a mutual ally," Tempest said, immediately blasting Peter with her magic. "Let's finish this, shall we?"

As the two fought, Loki sought out Thor, whom he spotted battling some of the soldiers, "Hello brother!"

"Loki!?" Thor whacked a solider away and turned to his younger brother. "What are you doing here!?"

"Is that any way to greet a relative you haven't seen in a-" Loki's taunt was interrupted when he had to quickly dodge a lightning bolt.

"I am in no mood for games!" Thor flew up and tried attacking Loki with Mjölnir, the fellow God blocking with his Tesseract powered staff.

"So you want to skip straight to the fight!?" Loki parried Thor and blasted him back. "So be it! The sooner you're out the way, the sooner I can take Asgard before Surtur can!"

"Surtur?" Thor remembered a prophecy his father once told him. "No, don't tell me..."

"You sound worried brother," Loki said. "You won't have time to be once your dead!"

The mischievous God flew in to attack once again, Thor blocking with his hammer, ready to keep fighting, especially for answers.

In the midst of the fighting, Storm King smartly stayed out of the way, fending off the occasional royal guardsman, much to his annoyance. "Hope this doesn't take long, all I need is to steal the magic from those four Princesses and place in this staff thing...what did Tempest call it?"

"I think she said Staff of Sacanas your Storminess sir," Grubber said.

"Oh right, Staff of Sacanas, weird name," Storm King said, looking over the object. "No matter, I just need Tempest to hurry up, she's got those weird stone bomb things, she could finish Spider-Mane off easily."

"You don't think that would be enough, do you?" came a voice. Within seconds, Discord had popped into the battlefield. "Hello."

"Oh it's you, that Discord guy," Storm King said.

"Really, is that my legacy now after all I've done?" Discord asked, sighing in shame. "What a world..."

"Hey, got any new info for us?" Grubber asked.

"Yes, I just nabbed some extra allies for us, and just in time, seems like your soldiers are dropping pretty fast," Discord said. "I thought Loki would have powered them up a bit more, probably didn't think they were worth the magic."

"Maybe I should steal his magic too," Storm King said. "Make him actually useful."

"I wouldn't, see Loki has chaos magic, similar to mine, and it's very hard to control," Discord said. "Plus if you tried stealing his magic, he'd make you regret it."

"Well anyway, where are these allies you promised?" Storm King asked.

"Here comes the first," Discord said, snapping his fingers. "Straight from the Marvel world."

Nearby Nightcrawler and Jubilee had gotten Cozy Glow and The Student Six to safety, away from the Storm King's soldiers, right near the entrance to Canterlot castle, where others like Rumble, Flitter, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Aunt May and the hero kids had gone to.

"Alright, you kids go in the castle and wait while Kurt and I beat up those bad guys," Jubilee said.

"You mean we're not gonna fight?" Gallus asked.

"Of course not, it's too dangerous for you kids to be fighting," Jubilee said.

"Hey we're tough!" Smolder said. "Let us help!"

"Twilight wouldn't be happy if you got hurt," Nightcrawler said. "And we would be devastated."

"Just wait here," Jubilee said, running off with Nightcrawler, the two heading back to battle.

"This is so lame, I want to fight too!" Smolder said.

"Yeah, maybe we should go out there, just to show we can fight," Gallus said.

"Or we could just wait?" Silverstream suggested, to the surprise of her friends.

"You of all creatures want to wait?" Smolder asked.

"Let's just trust the heroes," Silverstream said. "If we go out there, we'll be a liability. Besides, I've heard stories about that Storm King guy from Queen Novo, he and his army are not to be messed with."

"You know about them?" Cozy Glow asked. "Could you tell us?"

"I don't know much, I was just told to beware The Storm King," Silverstream said. "But I trust Jubilee and Nightcrawler to help the heroes get rid of them, let's all do the same."

As Nightcrawler and Jubilee rushed back to the battlefield, the former noticed somepony in the distance. "What in the world?"

"Kurt, what's wrong?" Jubilee asked.

"That unicorn...could she be?" Nightcrawler gestured to the distance where he spotted a blue unicorn with red hair knocking some royal guards out the way as she approached Logan.

"It's been a while, Wolverine," the mare said.

Logan immediately stopped fighting as he turned around to face the mare, "Mystique?"

"Seems like Creed couldn't finish the job," Mystique brought out a rifle. "So I'll finish it for him!"

Logan rushed to attack but Mystique had jumped and fired at Logan, the mutant taking a bullet to his shoulder, but that wouldn't deter him.

"Gonna have to do better than that!" Logan rushed to attack, Mystique leaping back.

"I will!" Mystique turned into a Timber-Wolf and knocked Logan back, then turned into a Cragidile and bit Logan's leg hard, tossing him away. She turned back to normal as she slowly approached Logan. "An acquaintance of mine familiarized me with a few Equestrian beasts, and with this form, I have magic to help me amp up my transformations." Mystique then turned into Logan himself, "Of course, I am not without my own tricks."

"I got tricks of my own, what years of experience in this world will do fer me," Logan said, rushing in to attack again.

From afar, Nightcrawler could only watch on in surprise, "It's...my mother..."

Jubilee could certainly understand Nightcrawler's plight, but right now she was more worried about their mutual friend and teammate. "Logan needs our help, let's go."

Nightcrawler snapped out of his worried state of mind, "R-right!"

Meanwhile Discord had another trick planned, "Now for part two, from the Capcom world!" With a snap, Discord brought in his second ally. "This one was hard to convince, luckily Sunset brought over Ryu just like I hoped she would."

Not too far off, while Ryu was fighting some soldiers, trying to keep them away from some civilians, he felt a familiar evil ki, "What's that power?"

"Boy..." came a demonic voice, one that sent shivers down Ryu's spine.

"No, impossible!" Ryu quickly turned and found himself facing off against his old rival. "Akuma!"

That got the attention of Ken and Chun-LI, both of them looking just as surprised as Ryu to see the demonic martial artist in Equestria.

"How are you here!?" Ryu shouted in disbelief. "How did you come to this world!? Explain youself!"

"I am not here to talk, I'm here to fight," Akuma said, powering up. "I hope you've gotten stronger!"

Ryu was incredibly concerned over the situation, not the first time an enemy of his find their way to Equestria, but Akuma was definitely one of the worst possibilities. While he's not one to actively hurt innocents like Bison or his Shadoloo operatives would do, when Akuma fights he goes all out regardless of who may be around.

"Akuma, this isn't the place! If we fight then we'll risk the destruction of the city!" Ryu said. "Plus there are still innocent ponies around!"

"If they get hurt during our fight, that is on them," Akuma said, getting ready to go in. "Show me your power!"

"Dammit!" Ryu had no choice, he just had to act quickly, hopefully subdue him. Akuma is in pony form, that should give him an advantage, it is unlikely he's fully adapted. "Fine! I'll defeat you here and now!"

Ryu rushed in and engaged in combat with Akuma, the two matching blows upon first contact. Ryu felt some force behind Akuma's punch, he definitely still had a lot of power, this fight won't be as easy.

"You have gotten stronger, good!" Akuma knocked Ryu back with a kick. "Let's see more!"

"Ryu!" Chun-LI rushed over with Ken and Spencer.

"Stay back!" Ryu warned. "I'll fight him!"

Akuma briefly turned to Ken, "I recognize your ki, and that ridiculous hair. You're Ryu's little friend. After I finish him off, I'll gladly take you on next, if you think you're strong enough to take me."

"You bastard!" Ken looked ready to fight here and now, but Chun-Li held him back.

"Let Ryu fight for now, we still have to fight off that Storm King guy's invasion," Chun-Li said.

"Looks like that bastard brought help too," Spencer said, gesturing to the battle in the skies between Thor and Loki.

"Great, from bad to worse," Chun-Li turned her attention to Ryu. "Good luck."

"Thanks but I think I can do this without luck," Ryu said, getting back in position. "Let's do this then!"

Ryu and Akuma rushed back toward each other, once again engaging in combat. Ryu felt the force in his punch but it wasn't enough to really deter him. He went for a few strikes but Akuma had blocked and parried most of them until he got a blow to his face. Feeling confident, Ryu rushed in to attack again but Akuma hit the stallion with a powerful punch to the abs, knocking him back.

"You dropped your guard for that fleeting moment," Akuma critisized.

Ryu stood up, angrily glaring at the brother of his sensei, "This is going to be a bit tougher than I hoped."

Meanwhile Discord seemed pretty pleased with himself, but still had one more trick up his sleeve. "Now for the final appearance, and it's a special one. For the first time, an enemy from Square has made his way to Equestria." With a snap came Discord's final ally. "I hope that Cloud boy is ready."

The skies darkened yet again, clouds forming overhead as another ominous feeling overtook the atmosphere. Very few noticed as they were trying to fend off the invasion, but the ones who would notice, would feel unnatural dread.

Emerging from the clouds was a Pegasus in black and a long eight foot tall sword. What was interesting about this Pegasus, was the fact that it had only one wing.

As Cloud knocked away some enemies, he felt something ominous. The mercenary looked up to see the figure descending down from the skies, a terrified look in his eyes upon contact, "Sephiroth!?"

That caught Tifa's attention as she also looked up into the skies, "Impossible!"

"Sephiroth?" Squall stopped fighting a moment to see the mysterious figure floating from the skies. "No way."

As Sephiroth descended, he immediately spotted Cloud. Different form or not, he would recognize him just about anywhere. "So, you are here, I heard you found a new haven of safety with all your friends, and it seems like you have made some new ones." Sephiroth landed on the ground, eye to eye with Cloud, a sinister grin on his face. "You should know by now, you can never escape me, much like the night sky will inevitably cast darkness over the lands, I will always there to keep the darkness residing within you."

"That's fine," Cloud said, grabbing his Buster Sword. "I'll just defeat you again! Like I always have!"

"So foolishly optimistic," Sephiroth taunted, aiming his Masamune. "Once I defeat you, I'll give this world a taste of despair, that's if Loki and those others don't beat me to it first."

"Loki?" Cloud looked around and spotted Loki in the skies. "When did he get here!?"

"Focus on what's in front of you!" Sephiroth shouted, rushing in to attack, Cloud immediately blocking with his sword. "Show me just how much stronger you've become!"

"That what you want? Then fine!" Cloud brought the fight to Sephiroth, the two clashing swords in the battlefield. Cloud aggressively attacked with his sword, Sephiroth blocking and parrying, though somewhat amazed by Cloud's power, almost as if he were anew in this world.

"Not bad, but I'm just warming up!" Sephiroth said, returning the aggression against Cloud.

As Sunset Shimmer continued zapping all oncoming soldiers, she noticed the situation both Ryu and Cloud were in. The two were engaged in battle against newer foes, ones she wasn't entirely familiar with. Though given their appearances, she had an idea of who they might be, and the revelation worried her extensively.

"This is going from bad to worse!" She looked up in the skies to see Thor battling Loki. "How is this even happening!? Who's causing all this!?" Suddenly she found herself dodging an oncoming chunk of concrete from a Storm King solider. "Damn, if we don't worry, Canterlot's going to be completely destroyed!" Sunset looked toward the castle, an idea crossing through her head. "We're gonna need more help to end this faster, I just hope Princess Celestia doesn't mind."

Sunset quickly teleported away, just as the fights started to intensify, all at the pleasure of Discord and The Storm King.

"Wow, so much chaos, if this much is happening now, just wait til this plan of mine really takes off," Discord said.

"What plan?" Storm King asked.

"Oh don't worry about it, just a little science experiment on my end," Discord said. "I trust you are satisfied with the current results?"

"I'll be even more satisfied once I have the magic of the four Princesses!" Storm King said.

"You really do have a one track mind, don't you?" Discord teased.

"It's called a goal, I came here with a goal and I want to accomplish that goal!" Stom King said.

"I suppose I can't fault you for wanting to stick to your plans, that is what makes a good leader after all," Discord said. "Well now that my work here is done, I should be going. Cheers."

With a snap, Discord had disappeared, leaving Storm King to enact the next part of his plan, "Alright, I'm going in." He readied a stone orb. "That magic isn't going to collect itself."

"Boy wouldn't it be so much easier if it could?" Grubber joked, though Storm King hadn't reacted, the villain just going off to do what he intended to do. "Alright, you go do that you gotta. I'll just...stay here I guess."

Nearby Tempest was still engaged with Peter, despite her earlier advantage, the mare quickly found herself struggling. Peter was too quick and agile for her, she could barely land a blow, and the moment she got close, Peter had kicked her way.

"You should give up, I really don't want to have to keep fighting you," Peter said.

"I don't want your sympathy," Tempest turned to some nearby soldiers, "Hey! Make yourselves useful! After him!"

The guards tried to double team Peter, but the hero leapt up, webbed the two together and slammed them into each other. As he landed a third solider tried to attack but Peter elbowed it in the stomach and knocked him back.

"Is that all? Maybe you should-" His spider sense reacted and he quickly found himself avoiding a stone orb, one that hit a random citizen, a citizen he recognized. "Lyra!?"

"Sorry did I turn your friend into stone!?" Tempest taunted.

"How do you turn her back!?" Peter shouted, angrily turning to Tempest. "Answer me!"

"It's useless without the magic needed for the Staff of Sacanas," Tempest said. "I could try to find another way, but I'll need some cooperation."

"I'll cooperate my hoof into your face if you don't give me-" Peter felt his senses go off again but this time he could barely react as he took yet another blast to the side from Loki, who happened to be nearby during his fight.

"Don't be so careless, Spider-Man is stronger than he looks," Loki warned.

"I had this under control," Tempest said.

"Yeah, you're welcome," Loki sarcastically replied.

"Loki!" Thor rushed in to attack, but this time Tempest had blasted him from the air, much to Loki's surprise.

"Wow, nice shot, you're either extremely talented or very lucky," Loki said.

"I don't do luck," Tempest said, as she focused back on Peter. "Also this makes us even."

"Uh...right..." Loki said. "Now then, time to-"

"Loki!" Came Luna's booming voice, one that got Tempest's attention again. "How dare you return to our world unwelcomed!"

"Well that's quite harsh for beings about love and acceptance," Loki taunted.

Celestia had also appeared, right by Luna's side, "I don't know what it is you're planning here, perhaps you believed you could take us all at once, a plan that's obviously failing."

Cadance had also shown up, staring down Loki, "You still have to answer for the trouble you caused at The Crystal Empire!"

"Now ladies, let's compromise," Loki said. "I believe we can all work this out, this will end if I can get my hands on your magic, now if you would just politely-"

"You can't be serious, are you expecting us to just give you our magic?" Luna asked.

"It's rude to interrupt you know," Loki lecutred. "As for my suggestion, I only offered a peaceful solution, one befitting Equestrians such as yourselves."

"As if we'll just give in to your demands you troublemaking knave!" Luna said. "The three of us will blast you back to your dimension, hopefully where your father Odin will deal out a proper punishment."

"You think he hasn't tried that already?" Loki taunted, aiming his staff at the Alicorns. "My magic is getting stronger, I'm surpassing that old fool by the second, and in due time, even if this plan fails, I still have plenty of back-up plans. All you're doing is delaying the inevitable and welcoming more unwarrented destruction to your world!"

"If we must, we will vanquish you!" Luna warned, charging her horn.

Loki, quickly glanced behind him, seeing Tempest ready an orb. The God simply smirked at Luna's threat, "My, even within the harmonous world of Equestria, even creatures like you seem ready to end your conflicts with fighting rather than reason. Perhaps you aren't that different than the other realms."

"Don't try playing that game with us Loki," Celestia warned. "We will not be so easily swayed by your mind games."

Tempest got closer, Loki hoping to distract them some more, "My Princess, it is not mind games, it's merely a friendly warning, sometimes we all need our flaws pointed out."

"Like your flaw in thinking you can distract us!?" Luna flew up and sent a blast at Tempest, the mare dropping her orb. "I am no fool!"

As she attempted to try again, Loki whacked her out of the air, then quickly blasted Celestia and Cadance. Peter then webbed his hooves, trying to keep him in place as Thor rushed in and whacked Loki with his hammer.

Tempest quickly retreated, not wanting to go ay it alone against four Alicorns and a hero, "This is going downhill."

"After them!" Thor ordered, everyone going in to pursue. Storm King soliders quickly tried surrounding them, the royalty and heroes fighting them off in an attempt to catch up to Loki and Tempest.

Nearby Logan was still fending off Mystique, the woman taking on even more forms, even attempting to trick Logan a few times by disguising as his friends, though given that Logan can track a person's scent, that wouldn't work for long.

"Why won't you just perish!?" Mystique said. She went to attack again but took a blast to the sides, courtesy of Cyclops.

"Thanks Scott," Logan said.

"It's nothing," Cyclops said, still surprised by who's before him, "I can't believe she's even here."

"She's not the only surprise," Logan said, taking notice of Ryu's fight.

"Is that...Akuma?" Cyclops asked.

"Seems like it, how did he even get here?" Logan wondered.

"This invasion is much more massive than I thought," Cyclops said. "How are we gonna get these villains out of our world?"

Ryu got knocked near Logan, this bringing the old X-Men leader's attention to Akuma. "Wolverine...never expected to find you here as well."

"Wanna go bub?" Logan asked, aiming his claws. "Don't think I've forgotten the trouble you caused back when our worlds first crossed paths."

"If you have a death wish, I will gladly answer it," Akuma said.

"I don't think so!" Ken said, rushing in. "I'm done standing aside, I get next crack at you!"

Akuma stopped a punch and knocked Ken back. He then blocked Chun-Li's oncoming kick and knocked her away. Spencer tried grappling him with his arm hook, but Akuma pulled the bionic solider in and greeted him with his own punch. Even Strider attempted to attack with his sword, but Akuma quickly disarmed him and delivered a massive punch to his stomach and a demonic Shoryuken like attack

"Who else?" Akuma said, focusing on Wolverine and Ryu. "Which one of you wants to fall to my power?"

As Chun-Li tried standing up, she took notice of Cloud's fight with Sephiroth, the one-winged angel overpowering an attack from Cloud and knocking him away. Squall rushed in to help but he was knocked back as well.

"Foolish," Sephiroth said, readying a flare to destroy Squall. Just before he could fire, Dante rushed in and attacked with his own sword, Sephiroth blocking.

"Hey pal, there can only be one white haired swordsman in Equestria, I didn't fight off my own brother just for some poser like you to show up!" Dante jumped back before Sephiroth can parry. "Take this!"

Dante rushed in to attack again, striking down with electricity but Sephiroth had leapt out the way. He rushed in with an Octi-Slash attack, though in incredible speed, Dante had blocked the eight strikes and kicked Sephiroth back, the former Solider rolling back into fighting position.

"Huh, you're tougher than you look," Dante said.

"You seem strong as well, but you are in my way," Sephiroth said. "Step aside or I will strike you down."

"Just try it tough guy!" Dante rushed back in to attack some more, Sephiroth quickly blocking as the two resumed battle against one another.

"Looks like Dante's busy," Chun-Li commented. "Now Square looks like it's bringing it's villains, this is getting out of hand!"

Mystique attempted to attack Chun-Li from behind, the martial artist sensed in and knocked the mutant back. "Lucky hit."

"It's not luck, it's called experience, you should know I have experience fighting alongside the X-Men against foes like you!" Chun-Li said.

"I'm honestly amazed Professor X let you join, considering your non-mutant status," Mystique said.

"Professor X is about equality after all, where everyone can get along despite the differences, not like Magneto who believed everyone should be the same," Chun-Li said.

"Survival of the fittest, that is the only way to thrive in any world!" Mystique said, going back to attack Chun-Li again.

Akuma was once again engaged in battle, this time with Wolverine. Each one remembered their first encounter on Earth, they pushed each other to their limits. Akuma hasn't felt such a strong opponent since Ryu, or even his brother Gouken.

"You've improved, it'll be fun destroying you!" Akuma said, getting a punch in.

"Not gonna happen bub!" Logan shouted, slashing at Akuma, getting him in the foreleg. Logan went for another attack but Akuma got him in the chest, knocking him into the air.

While he was seemingly distracted, Tifa rushed over to get in a punch, but Akuma had blocked and kicked her aside. "You're not worth my time." Chris also tried to sneak attack Akuma, but failed when he took a blow to the jaw.

Logan rushed back in to attack, but Akuma was prepared, and dodged his claw attacks to hit a hadouken attack that sent his opponent flying. Logan landed on his hooves, but felt some of the force. "This guy's gotten tougher, somehow he seems like a natural fighting in this state. What a monster."

While all this fighting was going down, Tony flew overhead to scout the area, hoping to figure something out. "This is NOT a good start to my plan!" He then saw the Storm King making his way over to where Celestia, Luna and Cadance were fighting. "Alright pal, time to make you regret coming here!"

Storm King looked ready to attack Celestia while she was distracted, holding his orb. "Time to take you down Princess."

As he got close, Tony flew in, firing his beams at the Storm King. "Hey pal, this is for ruining my big plans!"

"Hey! You're ruining my ambush!" Storm King said, tossing his orb right at Tony, the obsidian overtaking his armor.

"Oh shit! oh shit!" Tony quickly ejected himself out of his armor as the suit was destroyed in the petrification. "Dammit."

Storm King searched himself, "Better have another one here, I want that mare's magic."

"Hey you!" Came Steve's voice, Storm King turning his attention to the Avenger. "That's the end of the line for you!"

"Another one? Wow, nice shield, big fan of Princess Celestia?" Storm King taunted.

"I'm her right hand stallion," Steve warned. "You go anywhere near her, and I'll make you regret it."

"Aw, how loyal, and all that junk," Storm King taunted. "Alright, you wanna go! Then let's go!" The villain then rushed to attack but Steve blocked with his shield and punched him in the stomach, following up with an uppercut with his shield.

Steve then tossed the shield at Storm King's head, knocking him dizzy before rushing over with a jumping kick to his head. "I can do this all day pal, but you look like you can barely go five seconds."

Storm King angrily stood up, "I'm not gonna let some puny pony get the better of me!"

"I'm more than a pony," Steve said, rushing in again, dodging a punch attempt and bashing the shield in Storm King's face. "I'm an Avenger!" Cap then grabbed Storm King and tossed him into the air. He jumped up and spun him around. "FINAL JUSTICE!" Cap then crashed down with the Storm King.

"Boss!" Gruber shouted in concern.

"Ahem," came Tony's voice, getting the hedgehog's attention.

"Oh, hey, it's you...the guy who was talking before," Grubber nervously said. "So, how's-"

Tony then blasted Grubber with a back-up ion beam he had. "Stupid rodent."

Storm King struggled to stand, angrily looking around. He then felt a hoof on his back, courtesy of Steve. "That's enough, now you're going to-"

Loki then quickly rushed in to blast Steve, then blasted Tony before assisting Storm King and Grubber back to the ship, where Tempest was waiting.

"This isn't working out, our forces are dwindling," Loki said. "We need to unleash one final assault."

"Right, let's grab those other guys who came with us!" Grubber said.

"I'm already on it," Loki used his magic to telepathically communicate with the others. "Mystique! Retreat to the ship!"

"Retreat!?" Mystique asked, fending off Chun-Li. "Ugh, if you insist." She quickly turned into a bird and flew away, to Chun-Li's confusion.

"Where's she going!?" Chun-Li rushed to pursuit the villain.

"Akuma, wherever you are, I need you to come back to the ship!" Loki ordered telepathically.

"Away with you, I'm busy here!" Akuma said as he was fighting Logan.

"Akuma!" Loki groaned in annoyance. "Damn stubborn fighter." He tried again. "Sephiroth! I need you to come to the ship!"

"This better be important," Sephiroth warned, using his Shadow Flare to knock Dante back as he flew off.

"Where the hell is he going?" Dante wondered.

Within minutes, Mystique and Sephiroth had rendezvoused with their allies, the former being the first to notice something. "Where is Akuma? Did you not call for him?"

"I did, he ignored me," Loki said. "Fine by me, if he wants to die with the rest, so be it."

"We're unleashing a final assault to destroy this place," Storm King said. "We need your help."

"I'm good with that," Mystique said.

"Seems like a waste," Sephiroth added.

"Well I'm sorry to tell you, but we have more important things to worry about than this being a 'waste'," Loki said, gathering his magic. "Just help me with this please!"

Sephiroth sighed in frustration, but he did have his own reasons for being here, and he did want to move things along. "Very well."

Loki, Sephiroth and Tempest charged up some magic, with Mystique and Storm King bringing out a giant gun.

"Let's end this!" Loki said, though just before they can attack, something came along and destroyed the Storm King's ship. "What now!?"

"Who's that!?" Mystique asked, gesturing to an orange figure, one familiar to Equestria.

"You can call me 'Goku'," the newcomer greeted. "So are you the bad guys that Sunset girl told me about?"

"Goku?" Loki remembered that name. "Ugh, it's that primal being that Discord sought out. Damn fool, he may have just given us a new enemy!"

"Goku?" Peter said, having seen from the distance.

Twilight, who was still being protected by her friends, also noticed the Saiyan. "Goku's here!"

"Goku?" Rainbow Dash looked to the distance. "Oh yeah, that guy."

"That's Goku?" Rarity asked. "The one who gave you trouble before?"

"How did he return I wonder?" Twilight said. "Well as long as he's here to help."

Loki floated over toward Goku, "Look you, I don't know if you're aware, but I am Loki, God of Mischief and future ruler of Asgard. If you don't turn away and return to your own pitiful world, I shall be forced to-" Suddenly Goku punched him in the face, much to his annoyance. "What the hell was that for!?"

"Sorry but you kind of left yourself open," Goku said. "You look like you wanted to fight too, if so you're gonna need to guard yourself better."

"Is this some game to you!?" Loki shouted about to attack but Goku punched him again, knocking him back.

"Your guard still pretty bad," Goku said.

"That's it!" Loki shouted. "Kill him now!"

"Oh boy, they seem serious," Goku said, powering into Super Saiyan. Storm King leapt up but Goku punched him in the stomach, then deflected a blast from Tempest and kicked her away. Sephiroth flew in, trying to attack with his sword but Goku was able to dodge for the most part, aside from a scratch or two.

"You feel much stronger" Goku said, just as he parried an attack and knocked Sephiroth aside. The villain flew over to attack again, with Loki helping, the two trying to overpower Goku. "Gotta take this seriously!"

Goku quickly powered into Blue and punched the two in the stomach and teleported behind them to knock them back.

"This is a bother," Sephiroth said, charging up a Gigaflare. "Die."

Both villains sent magic blasts at Goku, the Saiyan quickly charging his attack. "Kamehame-HA!" The beam struggled against the other two.

As Loki held the beam, he looked behind, noticing all the heroes in the path. A villainous idea passed through his head. "Sephiroth, drop the attack a moment, and move."

Confused, but somewhat curious and oddly trusting, Sephiroth did as asked as the beam went straight through town, many of the heroes jumping out the way, and many buildings in Canterlot taking damage, including part of Celestia's castle.

"Oh no!" Goku quickly powered out of the beam, but this left him open for an attack from behind from Sephiroth, who hit a Mega Flare, weakening him long enough for Loki to blast him diagonally to the ground.

Many of the heroes stopped fighting when they saw the damage, even the Storm King's soldiers had stopped, whichever ones weren't already hit by Goku's beam at least. Even Akuma stopped when he observed the damage caused by Goku.

"Incredible power," the demon mused.

"Akuma, we are leaving, are you coming or not!?" Loki ordered.

This left Akuma a bit irritated, "Not yet!" He turned to attack his enemies again, but from out of nowhere, Sunset Shimmer appeared and blasted Akuma away from the battlefield.

"That'll teach you!" Sunset shouted.

Akuma landed hard near Loki, the God quickly teleporting him away. "Let's go, we'll regroup back on Earth."

"Earth?" Tempest asked.

"You'll be fine, now let's hurry!" Loki said.

"Hold up!" Came Twilight's voice, the mare flying in with her worried friends right behind her.

"Twilight wait! You're in no condition to be charging into a fight!" Rainbow Dash warned.

"I want answers!" Twilight shouted, flying in closer. "I want them right-"

Suddenly Sephiroth appeared before her, his sinister glare startling Twilight. Taking note of her stomach, he had one piece of advice. "A mother to be, should not be in the battlefield. You have life inside you, life that must be protected."

"...Who are you?" Twilight asked.

"Just a guardian angel, with a soft spot for mothers," Sephiroth said, almost in an unnerving way. He then turned away from the mother to be. "Take care."

"H-huh?" Twilight was a bit confused, "What is he?"

"I got you Twilight!" Rainbow Dash said, she was about to attack Sephiroth when he quickly evaded and met back up with Loki.

"We'll see you around soon, ponies!" Loki said, readying his magic.

"Mother!" Came Nightcrawler's voice as he rushed in with Jubilee by his side. "Mother, wait up!"

Mystique seemed a bit surprised to see her son, but she shook it off just as Loki teleported all the villains away

"Mother!" Nightcrawler had just teleported right to where the villains were, but was a second too late. "No..."

"Kurt?" Twilight said, getting his attention.

"That woman is my mother, I wanted to talk to her, see if I could reason with her..." Nightcrawler sighed in shame. "Guess she has no interest in doing so."

"Aw, Kurt..." Twilight said, walking over to pat him on the back. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Not at the moment," Nightcrawler said. "I just hope I can see her again soon."

"You will..." Twilight reassured. "We'll find her."

Celestia looked around at all the damage caused by the fighting, especially from Goku's Kamehameha. It was terrible, so much destruction, so many injured ponies, some hurt by Storm King soldiers, some hurt from the attacks made by Akuma and Sephiroth, some hurt by Loki, some unintentionally hurt by Goku, she even spotted one of her agents tearfully checking up on a petrified Lyra.

Tony painfully trotted to her, "This is why we need the Accords, they would have prevented this."

"Would they?" Celestia asked. "Would they honestly?"

"We were underprepared, but that changes now," Tony said. "All this destruction, all this chaos, quite the eye opener, if they weren't already wide open before."

"Tony..." Cap said, making his way over. "Discuss this later, we have to help these ponies. Then we gotta figure out how and why Loki was here, and where he may have gone."

"I think I have an idea," Thor said. "He's probably back home, getting ready for the next part of his plan before...that day comes."

"Day? What day?" Steve asked.

"Ragnarok," Thor answered. "It was told in various prophecies that a powerful being would destroy all of Asgard. I hoped it was only a myth but, given the signs my father has seen, plus this ominous dread, Ragnarok may truly be upon us."

"What will you do?" Celestia asked.

"I must return home," Thor explained. "I do not know for how long, but I must find a way to stop Ragnarok."

"We'll help you get prepared," Celestia said. "My world may be in crisis, but I won't turn my back while your world may suffer similar consequences."

"I can't ask you to, I have my duty to my people, and you have yours," Thor said. "But I will stay long enough to help you clean up. It is the least I can do for a friend."

"Very well, we'll discuss this later," Celestia said.

At that moment, Goku sheepishly made his way over, nervously rubbing his head. "So, you're not too mad that I accidentally destroyed part of the city, are you? Along with your castle?"

"Castle!?" Peter said. "That's where Mayday is!" He rushed to find his wife. "Twilight! We gotta check on Mayday!"

"Mayday!?" Twilight said.

"Those kids were at the castle too!" Jubilee remembered.

"Let's hurry!" Nightcrawler said as the four rushed back to the castle.

"Oh boy..." Goku said. "I hope their daughter's alright."

Celestia groaned in annoyance, now she had this Saiyan again. She was just about done with him, "Tell me how you got here..."

Meanwhile at the Castle, Twilight, Peter, Jubilee and Nightcrawler were running through the halls, the place took a bad hit, they just hoped their friends and loved ones were safe.

"Mayday!?" Twilight rushed around until she heard her brother's voice.

"Twiley! We're in here!" Shining Armor said.

"That way," Nightcrawler said, following his friends.

"Mayday!" Twilight entered the room she heard her brother's voice. "Thank Celestia you're..."

"Hey Twiley," Shining Armor greeted, gesturing to the kids. "Yeah they're all safe, I had a little help from somepony who knows you and Peter."

Twilight took one look at the mare that was sitting with her daughter, the mare that was tending to her mane, showing such a tender and motherly vibe, a mare making her daughter feel safe.

Boy was she mad. "You!?"

The mare in question was her old romantic rival, Felicia Hardy, better known as Black Cat. "Hello Twiley, my your daughter is adorable, she's just as cute as her father. You're only lucky girl."

"Daddy, your friend's nice," Mayday said.

Peter nervously chuckled as Twilight started to silently rage. "Crap..."

Author's Note:

Been wanting to do this story for a while, and now it's finally going to happen. Forewarning, this story is mostly Marvel and MLP, franchises like Capcom, Square Enix, Dragon Ball and others will not have a lasting presence, any future appearances will be very limited so please do not expect them to take part of the central conflict.