• Published 30th Mar 2021
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Spiders and Magic: Civil War - Masterob

An internal battle between The Avengers and The Elements of Harmony threaten Equestria's future.

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Spreading Out

A few days had passed by, Tony Stark had really started to build up the superhero connection across the two worlds for his plans to really take to fruition.

The Marvels, both Carol and Kamala had opted to patrol the Crystal Empire in place of Luke Cage and Iron Fist, the two being relocated to Las Pegasus. Hawkeye and Black Widow agreed to patrol over Canterlot, relocating Daredevil and Elektra to Manehattan, the two feeling more at home in that city than where they were before.

Vision would also patrol Canterlot, having donned a robotic pony form to feel not so out of place within the realm of Equestria. For the moment, Ponyville remained the same, one change being the addition of the Skateboarding Hero, Night Thrasher, who agreed to do a few patrols here and there since things were slow in Stamford.

Standing by in observation were Steve and Falcon, the two opting to see what else Tony had planned, though both were also somewhat keeping tabs over Canterlot, the city feeling much more secure than it has been in a long while with many in The Avengers keeping watch.

Tony had other plans though, he still needed more heroes to help, but beyond that, he needed more of this world's support, and that was his next step.

Off in Ponyville, Twilight was organizing the Field Trip she had planned to Manehattan, taking a quick roll call over the students. "Alright, I think that's everyone. Now everyone has their parents' permission right?"

"My parents are cool with it!" Silversteam said.

"Yeah, so are mine," Sandbar said.

"Mine just want me to be careful," Ocellus said.

"Got clearance from Dragon Lord Ember," Smolder said.

"I got mine from Grandpa Gruff, since you know, my actual parents suck, especially my dad," Gallus said, getting a look of awkwardness from the others nearby.

"Got mine, ready for trip!" Yona said.

Everyone else continued to confirm, at least those who need permission. Cozy Glow was last, but the poor filly felt hesitant, "Uh...what if you couldn't get in contact with your parents?"

"Oh, were you not able to reach them?" Twilight asked.

"No, but I don't think my family would mind, or care if I go," Cozy Glow said.

"Why do these ponies even need slips?" Jubilee asked. "Back in the X-Men Boarding School we rarely had to get permission slips, and most of our trips involved fighting villains."

"Given everything that's happened, first with the school getting shut down and the trouble of getting it back up and running again, then some of the villain attacks, a lot of parents don't seem to comfortable with this school, and even the adult ponies have their doubts, not to mention the non-pony nations were also hesitant" Twilight said. "I'm just taking extra precautions and trying to prove that I can watch over everypony."

"Especially since Twilight and I have to meet these other leaders in Canterlot," Peter said.

"Well Twilight's been doing a great job, Ponyville's got quite a long time without villain attacks at least," Jubilee said. "As for Cozy Glow, I think she's good to come with us, I'd hate to leave her behind."

Peter turned his attention to the filly, "I think so too, plus if her parents are still cool with her being here, I think they'd be fine with a trip. She already has permission to be here after all."

"Alright, but Cozy Glow, please stay close to the group, and don't get lose," Twilight said.

"Being a Pegasus, it's a bit hard for me to get lost," Cozy Glow said. "Flying helps."

"Plus, I'll personally keep an eye on her," Jubilee said, placing her foreleg around the filly. "I won't let my pal down."

"It's gonna be me and Jubilee!" Cozy Glow said.

"Heh, rhyming," Peter joked. "Alright, mind your teachers and...hey where's Starlight?"

"Over here!" Starlight said, making her way over with some maps and schedules. "I was organizing a few ideas."

"And I helped," Trixie said, trotting over.

"Thanks again for going Trixie, we were a bit short handed," Peter said, looking down at his hooves. "Or rather short-hoofed."

"Nothing I can't handle," Trixie boastfully stated. "But you're absolutely sure you don't need me to watch over Mayday?"

"Susan and Derpy are staying over while Reed and Doc work on whatever it is they're doing," Peter explained.

"And you're fine going to Canterlot Twilight?" Starlight asked, gesturing to her very pregnant belly. "You're probably due any day now."

"If I can still walk, I can still get things done," Twilight said. "A proper Princess never takes a break."

"A proper Princess should also mind her physical health," Starlight said. "You're tough but you're not invincible."

"Don't worry so much about me, I'll be fine," Twilight insisted. "Just focus on keeping an eye on the students."

Kurt teleported to the front, getting everyone's attention, "Your determination is admirable Twilight, I just hope you know what you're doing."

"As long as she takes it easy then it should be fine, I mean even Applejack knew to slow own when she got too pregnant," Trixie said.

"Well like Applejack, I've been pregnant before, I know how well my body can handle it," Twilight insisted. "Alright, now I suggest you get going, the train is going to be here soon."

"I asked Bobby and Rarity to meet you at the station, they're going to join you on your trip," Peter said.

"Sounds fun," Kurt said. "Alright, let us hurry! A delightful day awaits us!"

Everyone started making their way to the train station in a somewhat organized line led by Starlight and Kurt, eager for the day ahead, mostly at least.

"I hope our chaperones can handle that many students," Peter said.

"Well some of them are adults, or late teens," Twilight said. "I think they'll be fine."

"Just because you're older doesn't mean you're mature, not everyone was as level headed as I was when I was a young adult," Peter slightly boasted.

Twilight rolled her eyes at the comment, "Sure you were Peter."

"What? I was!" Peter insisted, Twilight rolling her eyes and trotting off. "Twilight...hey wait, don't we need to catch a train too? Shouldn't we have gone with the others!? Twilight!"

At the Parker-Sparkle home, while Susan and Derpy conversed with one another, Mayday was seen reading a book about inventions. Though sitting on the floor right next to her was a very nervous Franklin Richards, the boy looking too shy to say anything.

Mayday glanced over, noticing his awkward fidgeting, at least the best he could without fingers. It's been like this for days now, he would come over, attempt casual conversation, but nothing. Despite the encouragement from her parents, she just felt no motivation to actually talk to this boy, or any other pony aside from her own family, especially her dad.

"Why do you keep coming here?" Mayday asked, spooking the boy.

"Pardon me?" Franklin asked.

"For like the last few days, my mom would bring you over and try to get you to talk to me, and sometimes she'd make me talk to you about whatever," Mayday said. "Thing is, you're really lousy at talking to other ponies, you're worse than Pound Cake, at least he can work up the nerve to say something, you're just quiet all the time."

"Sorry, I'm just...not sure how to talk to a girl," Franklin said.

"It's not hard, just talk, my dad does it, all his friends do it," Mayday said. "Then again I really don't want to talk to you so it would be a waste of time."

"Oh, um, alright," Franklin said, turning away from the girl. He wanted to leave but it's not like he could go anywhere. This world is a bit more confusing to him, despite the amount of time he's come here.

This did raise some concern from Susan and Derpy, the two seated nearby and taking note of the interaction.

"Looks like Franklin's having trouble," Derpy pointed out.

"He's always been a little shy around others, and Mayday's tough and pushy demeanor isn't helping," Susan said.

"Johnny once mentioned she was really anti-social, and I have seen it for myself on occasion," Derpy said. "But this really is bad, I can't even imagine how she ended up like this, especially given her mother being the Princess of Friendship and her father being such a social pony himself."

"Could be a mental block, sometimes people, or ponies, just don't have social capabilities," Susan said. "Everyone is wired a bit differently, so some limitations are different than others. But one thing you must know about Peter is that he too was socially awkward, so it could be hereditary."

"Well that makes sense, especially since Twilight was also socially awkward, even after making friends with Rainbow Dash and the others, she still seemed hesitant to talk to other ponies," Derpy said.

"So there's hope for her, if Peter and Twilight could overcome those limitations, so can Mayday, she just needs to be willing to put in the work, but she is also going to need a lot of nudging," Susan said.

"What should we do to help?" Derpy asked. "I know Twilight just needs us to foalsit but I think there's something we should do."

"I may have an idea, if you're up for it," Susan said. "We talk them out for a walk through the park, something might happen to stir up conversation."

"That sounds like a good idea," Derpy said. "I don't think Twilight would mind."

"Then let's get to it," Susan said, getting off her head. "I might need you to lead the way though, I'm not entirely familiar with this village."

"You got it Susie," Derpy said, then called to the foals. "Mayday! Franklin! We're going to the park now!"

"Do I have to!?" Mayday asked.

"Come on, it'd be great to stretch your legs wings," Derpy said. "Do you really want to be stuck inside all day?"

"Fine with me," Mayday said.

"For heaven's sake Mayday, just for a few minutes," Susan said. "Even Reed needs fresh air in between his inventing, it's good for your mental processing if you just go out to enjoy nature."

"And hopefully make a few new friends," Derpy said.

Mayday groaned in annoyance, placing her book down. "Fine, but just for a few minutes." The girl strolled out the house, with Franklin Derpy and Susan following after her.

"I hope this works," Derpy commented, leaving a note before closing and locking the door as she joined in this impromptu park stroll.

Later on, Peter and Twilight had arrived in Canterlot as promised, making their way Celstia's throne room for a meeting they were nearly late to.

"Hurry up Peter, it would look bad for us if we're even a second past when we promised we'd be there," Twilight said.

"I don't remember promising a specific time though," Peter said.

"Don't smart mouth me," Twilight warned. "Honestly we have no excuse for being late, you have super speed and I can teleport."

"You'd be amazed how often I was late back on Earth, even with my powers," Peter said.

"Well you didn't have me around to keep you in check," Twilight said as she sped up. "Now hurry!"

"I'm on it," Peter said, quickly following after his wife. The two made it to the Throne room where Celestia was waiting.

"Peter, Twilight, glad you made it," the Princess greeted.

"Hellos Princess Celestia, I hope we're not late," Twilight said.

"On the contrary," Tony said, making his way into the room, looking as confident as ever. "You're right on time. Now we have pretty much all the important leaders here."

Peter scanned the room finding other ponies of royal status such as Prince Blueblood, the Duke and Duchess of Maretonia, Princess Cadance and of course, Princess Luna. Beyond that he saw leaders from the other nations, such as Ember to represent the Dragons, Grandpa Gruff for the Griffons, King Thorax of the Changelings, Prince Rutheford of the Yaks, Sky Beak, the brother-in-law of Hippogriff Queen Novo, and Rain Shine, leader of the Kirin.

"Wow, is every Equestrian leader here?" Peter asked. "Seems like you got all the species."

"Peter, Equestria is the name of our country, not our world," Luna said. "These rulers are from outside Equestria."

"And no, I couldn't get all of them to come," Tony said. "I tried contacting some creatures called Abyssinians but they weren't interested in what I had to say."

"We even sought out Zebras from Farasi, no luck," Celestia said.

"Zebras? Well maybe we can ask Zecora for help on that," Twilight said.

"Which one is Zecora?" Tony asked.

"She's the shaman that lives in the Everfree Forest," Peter explained. "Speaks in rhyme all the time."

"I might remember her," Tony said, feeling vague. "But if you can get her to contact her homeland then that would help, really bring the world together."

"Why are all the leaders gathered here anyway?" Peter asked.

"Is it part of The Accords?" Twilight asked.

"Right on the mark Twilight," Tony said. "See I hope to achieve worldwide unity in Equestria, and the best way to do so is by uniting the countries. Now obviously we don't have all of this world's countries, but this is a really nice start if I do say so myself."

"What exactly is the purpose of these Accords?" Ember asked.

"Control really, we're trying to lessen the damage this world has received from villain attacks," Tony said.

"How does this relate to us?" Rain Shine asked.

"Well part of my plan is stationing as many heroes as I can all over this world, at least until we can finally get a firm grip on what's been causing these invasions in the first place," Tony said. "It doesn't have to be permanent but we need to neutralize this problem the best we can."

"Wait, aren't the Invasions coming from your world?" Ember asked. "Why do you need to station heroes in our domain?"

"First, not every Invasion is coming from our world, so you still kind of need our help," Tony explained. "Second, it's easier to catch them if we know they're coming here rather than running around rampant hoping to find them in our world. Now for the most part the bigger targets were Ponyville and The Crystal Empire, but we understand that Mount Aris also had it's share of troubles."

"Our only troubles recently was that of The Storm King," Sky Beak said. "A problem that originated in this world, not yours."

"But you still had one of our guys helping you, did you not?" Tony asked.

"Well, yes, a fellow called Doctor Strange," Sky Beak said. "Though the Queen was not too trusting of him, so I doubt she'd be trusting of any hero you send to our land."

"I'm not too trusting myself, how can we be so sure that these heroes can be of any assurance to our Kingdom?" Ember asked.

"Don't you have a hero in your Kingdom though?" Thorax asked. "Spike's married to one."

"Yeah but she doesn't really talk to any of us, in fact most of the Dragons don't care for her and find it strange that she's married to one of the despite not being a dragon herself," Ember said. "Their child even came out as a pony, her only dragon quality is that she recently just hiccupped fire."

"Aw, that's so adorable," Twilight said.

"Took us by surprise, luckily we're fire proof, mostly," Ember said. "Still doesn't answer my question though."

"You just need to know that The Avengers are a very noble group who always have the best interest of others in mind," Luna explained. "I believe they are very trustworthy, as to be expected from heroes that even Spider-Mane himself admires."

"Plus keep in mind that we did help The Dragon Lands a couple of years ago, even your father seemed impressed by us," Tony reminded.

"Even so, there are some in The Dragon Lands who don't trust you," Ember said. "They're still a bit peeved about the Neighsay situation, and some humans did attack a few dragons some years back."

"What humans?" Tony asked.

"She probably means Ryu, Chris and Dante," Peter said. "They did admit to attacking some dragons because they were threatening some ponies."

"See, it was protection," Tony said. "Though those guys aren't even from the same Earth as myself, Peter and The Avengers, so we should not be held responsible for their actions."

"Plus if Garble was causing trouble, he only has himself to blame, so no reason for the Dragons to think Ryu and his team started that fight," Peter said.

"Garble has quite a reputation in the Dragon Lands believe it or not," Ember said.

"Isn't he Smolder's older brother?" Peter asked. "Hasn't she tried spreading the good word on us humans?"

"She really doesn't care to, the only humans she speaks fondly of are the ones known as Nightcrawler and Jubilee," Ember explained.

"That makes sense since they've taken older sibling roles to Smolder and her friends," Peter said.

"Now speaking of Smolder, I understand she's taking a Field Trip to Manehattan," Ember said.

"Oh yeah, their train left this morning, they should be there right now," Twilight said.

"Did you tell them to stop by my building?" Tony asked. "I bed they'd like it, the future of Equestrian products right in front of their eyes."

"I would like to see most of these products you're selling before I allow them to be readily available across this world," Celestia said.

"Of course, but I have a feeling you'll love them so I'm not too worried," Tony said. "With time this world's culture and technology will perfectly mirror that of Earth's."

Peter seemed a bit worried about that idea, he doesn't know if this could have a negative impact on the world of Equestria, but he wouldn't mind seeing some old Earth tech be common, and Equestria already has it's share of similar devices.

"Alright, so does any creature have questions for Tony Stark?" Luna asked.

"Yes, this plan of yours, will it have any impact on the every day lives of those in those of our respective Kingdoms?" Sky Beak asked.

"Oh no, you're free to live your life how you please, we're just lending a helping hand," Tony explained.

"Will we have a say in which hero we want?" Thorax asked.

"I'm open to suggestions, I could even make a list of all the heroes who agreed to be part of this, including their powers and abilities," Tony explained.

"Did you get anyone else to join us?" Peter asked.

"I'm in talks but it's not going as smoothly as I'd like," Tony said. "T'Challa can't make time for this since he has a Kingdom of his own to protect, same with Namor, he pretty much turned me down."

"Who's Namor?" Twilight asked.

"Guy who lives under water, from the Kingdom of Atlantis," Peter said.

"Sounds familiar, is he related to Aquaman?" Twilight asked.

"No, he's from another Earth," Peter said. "The one Superman is from."

"Another world of heroes?" Thorax asked. "Wait are they in on this as well?"

"No, I mean, they could be, with a bit of smooth talking," Tony said.

"Don't even try Tony, they have their own problems, let's focus on this world and the Earth we're from," Peter suggested.

"Right, got a little ahead of myself," Tony said. "Now I did manage to secure another hero, one who could be a good fit for the Dragons. I know how much they respect super strength, so I got a hero who's all about that." Tony gestured to a door where a big, muscular alicorn pony in a toga stepped through. "Every creature, meet Hercules!"

The God made his way over, analyzing the room and taking everything in, "Greetings..."

"Dude, you got Hercules!?" Peter asked.

"Sure did, all the way from Greece, the son of Zeus, the God of Strength, and our newest ally," Tony said.

"A God huh?" Luna asked. "That would explain why he's an Alicorn."

"With our buddy Thor off trying to save his own Kingdom, I figured we were short one God, so I asked Hercules and he agreed to help out," Tony said.

"I do not appreciate being considered second to Thor," Hercules said.

"Hey come on, you know we like you big guy," Tony said. "And we would have asked your help even if Thor was around, but now you get to be the top God, aside from the Princesses here."

Hercules took a nice look at the four Alicorn Princess ponies, "Hm, I do have to wonder what they would look like as humans. I imagine they're quite the beauties."

"Oh they are, I've seen Twilight and Luna, they're absolutely stunning as human ladies," Tony said. "A looks befitting Goddesses, and I'm willing to bet that Cadance and Celestia are also a pleasure on the eyes."

"Uh, thank you for those kind words Tony," Celestia said, blushing a bit, as were the other Princesses.

Peter seemed a bit suspicious of the tone of the two heroes, instinctively standing close to Twilight. "Yes, we know these ladies are very attractive, especially my wife, so let's move on please."

"Who's that scrawny pony?" Hercules asked.

"It's me! Spider-Man!" Peter said, stretching out his attire. "I'm wearing my suit dude! No other hero has webs!"

"Spider-Woman does," Tony said.

"Well, besides her," Peter said. "Hey is she coming too?"

"I've asked, but she turned me down, she's actually relishing that she's the only spider hero on Earth right now," Tony said.

"Is she for real?" Peter said. "Eh, let her have it, not like I care."

"So, that is Spider-Man, and he is married to a Goddess?" Hercules asked.

"I prefer to be called a Princess rather than a Goddess, or you can just call me Twilight Sparkle," the mare said. "It's nice to meet you Hercules."

"The pleasure is all mine," Hercules said. "Now, who will I be assisting in this endeavor?"

"The Dragons," Tony said, gesturing to Ember. "If she wants the help at least."

Ember still had her suspicions, bringing another Earth Hero to The Dragon Lands may not sit well with everyone there, even if her father does not mind, "I'm not too sure about this."

"Ember, I think you should consider this," Thorax said. "I just might, might be a good way to bring our Kingdoms together, after that fiasco with Neighsay I think a little unity could help us."

"Silverstream does talk fondly of Equestria and the Earth Heroes, maybe I'll be able to convince Novo to give this a chance," Sky Beak said.

"Yona like heroes too, maybe Heroes be good for Yakyakistan," Rutheford added.

The Duke turned to the Duchess, "What is your take?"

"Well the Princesses seem to trust the heroes, perhaps we can as well," the Duchess said.

"Very well, I guess we can consider this," the Duke said.

"I probably wouldn't mind, but no one too flashy!" Grandpa Gruff said. "Keep it minimal."

"Great, so you're all on board with this?" Tony asked, then focused on Rain Shine. "How about you?"

Rain Shine still had her doubts, "I'm sorry, I don't think I'll be taking your offer right now. My Kingdom is still rebuilding after some troubles."

"Troubles? Anything big?" Tony asked.

"It's nothing really, just an internal conflict," Rain Shine said. "A kingdom is at it's most vulnerable when it collapses from with in, an it takes time to rebuild, time I need right now. Perhaps one day I will consider this, if what you have planned lasts that long."

"Well, I'm sorry to hear that you won't be considering this, I do hope you change your mind, this could be a ticket to world peace," Tony said.

Rain Shine tapped her chin, "Perhaps there is a way. I can send one of my own to scout parts of Equestria to see how this plan of yours is coming along. If there is promise, then I will reconsider."

"Sounds fair," Tony said, then turned to the Princess of Love. "I don't think we've heard from you Cadance, where do you stand in all this? I mean you already have heroes in your Kingdom, they rotated a bit but has it been going well?"

"Truthfully I think this plan has a lot of great potential," Cadance said. "The ponies in The Crystal Empire have been more at peace since heroes became common, now they feel less susceptible to danger. Plus those last two heroes, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, were both really nice, I invited them into my castle at one point and they were so courteous and friendly. My daughter was especially fond of them."

"Ah, building a bond with the heroes, perfect example of The Accords," Tony said. "So what about Carol and Kamala, how have they been?"

"Kamala's really nice and friendly too, she gushed the moment she saw my daughter," Cadance said. "She's such an excitable girl, almost reminds me of Pinkie Pie. Carol, is a bit stiff but she seems reliable."

"She takes some getting used to," Tony said. "She actually used to be more fun, now she's a bit boring, real shame."

"I liked her better when she was Ms. Marvel," Peter said.

"We all did," Tony said. "But that's in the past, and as long as Carol can do her job, she can be as stiff as she'd like. Fact is she is one of the most talented heroes in our world, and she is an Avenger, so I'd like to trust her."

"I trust her as well, I think your plans are going to really benefit Equestria greatly Mr. Stark," Cadance said.

"Mr. Stark was my father, call me Tony," the hero insisted.

"Well Tony, I thank you for having me, is there more to discuss?" Cadance asked.

"We can take a few more questions, if you have no more reason to be here then you're free to exit," Tony said.

"Fine by me," Ember said, then turned to Hercules. "If you're gonna come, be there by tomorrow morning. Ask how to get there or have someone take you."

"I can handle that part Ember, I guarantee he'll be a big help," Tony said.

"He better," Ember warned. "I'm trusting you on this Tony Stark."

Ember started making her way out, along with Rain Shine, the Duke and Duchess, Prince Rutheford and Grandpa Gruff.

"Wait, so when will we get the heroes exactly?" Thorax asked.

"I'll come to each Kingdom with a list, you can decide from there if you want a hero or not," Tony said.

"Uh, sounds good," Thorax said. "Also, any sign of those ponies who ambushed us at the Peace Treaty?"

"No, not yet, but we're looking," Tony said. "Personally I don't think you yourself are in too much danger, whoever did that was probably after Chrysalis."

"Maybe, still it was such an unfortunate thing to happen," Thorax said. "I remember how worried Ocellus was about her father, I really do appreciate the ponies here looking after him and the other injured Changelings, including Rebecca Chambers. Remind me, is she from your world?"

"No, she's Capcom, and we're probably not gonna see her or her friends for long time," Tony said.

"That's too bad, if she were a hero from your world, I think the Changelings would trust her to be around," Thorax said.

"I can think of good replacements," Tony reassured.

"I look forward to it," Thorax said, taking his exit. "Well good-bye Mr. Stark."

Tony waved bye to the last of the royalty, then noticed Hercules approaching from the side, "Yeah, what is it?"

"That woman, Celestia," Hercules said, gesturing to her. "Is she single?"

"Huh!? Uh you're already fine with being with a pony?" Tony asked.

"Oh no, I was hoping to take her back to my world for a bit," Hercules said. "So, is she?"

Before Tony could answer, another hero had made his way over, "What's going on here!?"

Tony turned to see that it was Steve, being joined by Falcon. "Oh sup Steve? You remember Hercules right?"

"Yes, I do," Steve said, suspiciously eyeing the God. "So, here to join The Accords?"

"Yes, I received a nice offer from Tony Stark," Hercules said. "A chance to use my abilities to help others outside my home."

"That's good, just remember this is a job that must be taken seriously, ponies will depend on you to keep them safe," Steve said. "It is not for you to bring them back as souvenirs."

"Who said anything about that? If I bring one back, it is for a chance at paradise," Hercules said.

"They don't need your 'paradise'," Steve said, hiding some frustration behind his somewhat friendly appearance. "Now please maintain some professionalism."

"Uh, alright then?" Hercules said, walking off somewhat awkwardly.

"Heh, Gods, am I right?" Tony said, walking off as well. "Imma go."

Steve still looked a bit annoyed, something Falcon took note of, "Were you jealous or something?"

"What? No! Be quiet!" Steve said, trotting off himself.

"He's so jealous," Falcon joked as he followed after his friend.

Hercules looked back a moment at Steve, "What was that all about?"

"Oh he has a thing for that pony you were talking about, so he got a bit jealous," Tony said. "Guys love a big woman after all, and Celestia is big in all the right places, even for a pony."

"Is it normal to be with a pony?" Hercules asked.

"Well it works for Spider-Man, and Wolverine, also The Human Torch, and Deadpool," Tony said. "Actually there have been times I brought Pepper over for some fun, and it's really not that bad. You immediately forget and just enjoy the moment."

"Interesting, perhaps I can try for myself," Hercules said. "Wait, what of dragons?"

"You're gonna have to ask Janet Van Dyne about that part," Tony joked as he led Hercules away.

Twilight began tapping her chin, "That talk of Thor and The Capcom Warriors has me wondering about Sunset Shimmer, I hope she's doing well."

"I think she is, she's with Ryu and his friends, traveling across different dimensions," Peter said. "I just wish there was a way to get into contact with her."

"Maybe she'll figure something out," Twilight said. "I hope we get to hear all about it."

"Hopefully we can hear from Thor too, maybe he found Loki and his gang," Peter said. "I'm just so curious about that Tempest Shadow mare, I've never seen a Unicorn with a broken horn, makes me wonder how it happened."

"It is rare, she must have suffered a serious injury," Twilight said.

"She's pretty tough, she makes one dangerous ally for Loki," Peter said.

"Speaking of his dangerous allies, I'm a bit worried about that Sephiroth guy too, I only saw him up close once, yet something about him feels so chilling," Twilight said. "He's powerful too, he might be at Loki's level."

"I have confidence that Thor can handle Loki, and Sephiroth, and whoever else in on their side, plus he has other Asgardians to help hm as well," Peter said. "Who knows, maybe Odin will step in."

"He already has a lot on his plate, especially with his talk of Ragnarok and how his Kingdom is in danger, I really think we should try to find and help Thor," Twilight said.

"Thor doesn't want help though, he feels it's his duty to protect his Kingdom," Peter said. "I completely understand him on that, I felt the same way back in Queens, and even now in Ponyville."

"But Peter," Twilight pleaded.

"Besides you are in no condition to go anywhere, considering you're pregnant and due any day now," Peter said. "Let's allow Thor to handle his own problems, if it really gets bad then we'll go. But who's to say he doesn't have help aside from the other Asgardians, like maybe he asked Goku for help."

"Goku went back to his world though," Twilight pointed out. "And the portal to his world is gone."

"Maybe Thor opened it on his end, it's possible," Peter said.

That caused a realization for Twilight, "Wait, if the portals are open on Marvel's side, and our portal to Marvel is open, wouldn't that mean we could still have access to these other worlds?" Twilight asked.

"Huh, good point," Peter said. "Guess Celestia overlooked that when she closed the portals. That or she doesn't care as long as the portal to the other worlds aren't directly linked to this one."

"Well we'll keep in under wraps just in case, at least this reassures us that Sunset Shimmer has a way home," Twilight said.

"And maybe we'll see our friends from Capcom and Square again," Peter said. "Now let's get home, we still have our own planning, like a special day for our little girl."

"Right, I can't believe that she's gonna be eight soon, time really flies," Twilight said. "Just feels like the other day she was just learning how to walk."

"Yeah, it does," Peter said, chuckling a bit before coming to a sad realization. "She's growing up too fast."

"It's part of life," Twilight said. "All we can do is sit back and enjoy the moments we have now."

"I hope she's doing well with hanging out with Franklin," Peter said.

"Pardon me, but did you say 'Franklin'?" came Luna's voice as she trotted over.

"Hi Luna, yeah we recently set up some playdates with Mayday and Franklin," Twilight said.

"Oh, how excellent, I was hoping Mayday would befriend that boy, very nice and friendly," Luna said. "Plus, a friendship with a boy like that can really grow into something special."

Peter's eyes widened in worry, "Uh, let's not get carried away with that, she's too young to date."

"I'm with Peter, I'm more worried about her making a friend than having a coltfriend," Twilight said. "But if it does happen, then I'd be super happy for Mayday."

"I wouldn't..." Peter said.

"Peter!" Twilight scolded, her husband turning away in annoyance.

"Ever the protective father, such an admirable quality about you Peter," Luna said. "Maybe you yourself just needs to grow used to the idea."

"I can, just not yet," Peter said. "Mayday's growing up too fast as it is, I don't want to speed up her maturity process."

"Alright Peter, we won't do anything you don't feel is right," Twilight insisted. "Now let's head back to Ponyville and check up on Mayday. I hope she and Franklin are getting along well."

In the city of Manehattan, the Friendship students and their Chaperones are taking a stroll down the sidewalks, taking in the sights.

"Wow, it really does look a lot like New York City," Jubilee said.

"This city is one of the busiest places in all of Equestria, so many ponies coming and going and getting a lot of work done," Starlight said.

"It's so cool looking!" Silversteam said. "We don't have places like this back at Mount Aris!"

"Looks too crowded though," Ember said.

"But it's probably a lot friendlier, after all, this is Equestria, ponies have a higher tolerance than humans," Jubilee said.

"Hey watch where you're going!" one pony shouted.

"Put a sock in in!" the other pony shouted.

"Ok, maybe not that different than New York," Jubilee said.

"Ponies, like humans, have emotions, and sometimes they can get frustrated," Nightcrawler said. "Perfectly normal."

"Well we know Equestria can be a pretty judgmental place deep down," Trixie said. "So it's not too surprising."

Cozy Glow just looked around the city, gawking at the sights of the tall buildings, "Golly...Did Peter really use to live in a city like this?"

"He sure did, sort of," Jubilee said. "He spend most of his life in Queens but he came to Manhattan to work and go to school. He's definitely used to this type of city life."

Sandbar looked aside and noticed something interesting, "Hey that building says 'Stark Industries'."

Nightcrawler turned his attention to the building in question, "Oh yes, and it seems to be quite busy."

"Tony really made this business grow fast, says a lot about his skills as an entrepreneur," Jubilee said.

"He's so cool, almost as cool as Peter," Cozy Glow said. "Imagine building power so fast, to have ponies working under you to get a job done! To have that sense of leadership and rise all the way to the top of the hierarchy!"

"Uh...right," Jubilee said. "Interested in business Cozy Glow?"

"Uh, something like that, I did always want to be a Boss," Cozy Glow answered.

"High ambitions, I respect that," Starlight said. "You just have to hone your leadership capabilities and charisma. Think you can command ponies?"

"I'm not sure, I never had the chance to," Cozy Glow said.

"You just need to start small, like maybe try being a Hall Monitor," Jubilee said. "We'll turn you into boss material in no time, you might even find yourself working in Stark Industries, imagine being the Manager of this building."

Cozy looked back to the building, imagining the power she could have if she were the boss. It seemed exciting to her, a great way to achieve her goal of having loads of friends, and this is just a start.

"Hey I see somepony on the roof over there," Silverstream said.

Nightcrawler squinted his eyes to see who was there, "Oh, it's Elektra. I heard she and Daredevil got relocated to this city."

"Isn't this place a little too big for just the two of them?" Jubilee said. "Plus I was under the impression they mostly worked at night."

"Tony Stark is still growing his Accords, maybe he'll get more heroes to come here, we must be patient," Nightcrawler said.

"Let's get a move on, we might make a Briddleway show if we hustle," Trixie said.

"Right, let's hurry!" Jubilee said. "This way everypony!"

Everypony moved fast, except for Cozy Glow, the filly was still standing there, thinking over her future plans. Suddenly she realized she was by herself. "Huh? Where did everypony go?" She flew around looking for the students. "Starlight!? Trixie!?" She looked around some more. "Ocellus! Kurt!" She cupped her hooves, "JUBILEE!"

"Stop screaming!" came a voice of a random pony, Cozy responding by sticking her tongue out.

"Meanie," Cozy flew up, trying to get a bird's eye view, but there were too many ponies down below, she had a hard time spotting the class. "I hope I can find them, I don't want to be all by myself!"

She flew back down, trying to locate her friends, zipping around in a panic until she bumped into somepony.

"Come on! Again!?" came the voice of Suri Polomare. She turned her attention to Cozy Glow. "Watch where you're flying kid."

"I'm weally sorry ma'am, I'm just looking for my classmates," Cozy Glow said.

"You're not gonna find them here," Suri said. "Now I suggest you-"

"What is the commotion?" Martin said, making his way over.

"This kid just bumped into me, nearly knocking me over mind you, saying she's looking for her classmates," Suri said.

Martin kneeled before her, "Is this true? Are you lost?"

Cozy Glow nodded, "Yes, I am mister."

"Well we can't have that, a young filly like you alone in a city like this is way too scary," Martin said. "Why don't you wait in my building and I will help look for your classmates."

"Lee we don't have time for this, we have a meeting to attend," Suri said. "Our business isn't gonna grow on it's own."

"Now, now Suri, I cannot turn away a child in need, it goes against my very being," Martin said. "I used to run a homeless shelter, I know how scary it can be when you feel alone. I can't let this girl feel that same fear, the meeting can wait, this is more important."

Suri groaned in annoyance, "You're such a goody-four horse shoes. Fine, go do what you have to do."

"Excellent," Martin turned to Cozy Glow. "Now tell me, what does your class look like?"

"It shouldn't be too hard to find, five of them are non-ponies, a dragon, a griffon, a yak, a hippogriff and a changeling," Cozy said. "The Changeling is my best friend by the way."

"That's sweet," Martin said, despite not really knowing that a Changeling is. "Uh, anything else? Like what do your teachers look like?"

"One of them is a blue Unicorn with a pretty silver mane, one is a pink Unicorn, purple mane with stripes," Cozy began. "Then there's a pony with a yellow jacket and pink sunglasses, and a blue pony with pointy ears and a long, pointy tail."

"That sounds unusual, what kind of pony is that last one?" Suri asked.

"Uh, have you heard of humans?" Cozy Glow asked.

"Humans? Like Spider-Mane?" Suri asked.

"Yes, they're humans like him from Earth, they're part of the X-Men," Cozy Glow said. "My teachers are pretty famous, heroes who helped save the world."

"Interesting..." Martin said. Even if he's not used to the term Spider-Mane, he does know who they're referring to. "Well I'll go and find them."

"I think some other Earth heroes are patrolling this city, maybe they can help," Cozy Glow said.

"Yes, I believe I've seen them," Martin said. "I will go and find your friends, you wait here with Suri."

"Wait why do I have to foalsit? I don't like kids," Suri said.

"Were you not a child once yourself? Imagine how she feels," Martin said. "It's just for a few minutes, you can manage that, can't you?"

Suri groaned in annoyance, "Fine...But you owe me for this Lee."

"That's only fair, I will be back in a spell," Martin said, making his way out the building.

Suri rolled her eyes, and focused back on Cozy Glow, "So...how did you get lost exactly?"

"I got distracted by my dream," Cozy Glow said.

"What type of dream?" Suri asked.

"A dream, of power," Cozy Glow answered, Suri feeling intrigued.

Martin strolled down the streets, a sinister smile on his face, "So, more from my world have come, this could be an interesting turn of events." The disguised villain continued making his way down the streets, hoping to make use of this situation.