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This story is a sequel to Spiders and Magic: New Families

The Avengers have two homes, their old home in Marvel and their new home in Equestria. Now with heroes in both worlds, more situations arise.

Many stories to be told, from the trouble with old villains, the portal to Capcom opening, trouble with The Changelings, the arrival of The Brotherhood, and some trouble with Gods.

Peter Parker, Twilight Sparkle and all their friends must help the Avengers keep the worlds safe.

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I do need some inspiration for my story. I'll check this out.

Off to a great start, can't wait for more.

Pretty solid start. I’m looking forward to see where this is heading.

Garble looked even more stunned, "You two had a kid together! That's so gross! Your kid must look so ugly!"

:pinkiegasp:*GASP!!!!*:twilightangry2: Oh HELL NO! No you didn't! You did not just say that! Garble, you deserve a serious beatdown.

The Sinister Six, Dormammu(?), Doom, the Brotherhood of Mutants, Loki, Ultron (and maybe Sigma), Starlight, Wesker, and even Zamasu?

Yep. Equestria’s in a lot of trouble. Good thing Discord didn’t manipulate Jiren or find Broly.

Celestia keeping secrets? Not a good sign

Amazing so far, keep up the good work. By the way, will Coco and Stark get together since she seem like a nice match for him?

I’ve thought about it, not sure if I’ll get around to making it happen though, it’ll depend on the upcoming story arcs.

Question, you think miles morales will make an appearance?

I have something in mind, but it’s a few story arcs away. I might give him a cameo a little sooner though.

So are the portals really gone go

And will Celestia end cap ever going to admit their feelings for each other end get married

Since Banner can talk normally now does that mean he can turn in to the Hulk anytime he want to and control himself?

Yeah, this version of him is ‘Smart Hulk’, so he doesn't need to be angry, though the only drawback would be that he likely won’t be as strong, but he’ll have better control. I’d like to think that would be the only way Celestia would allow Bruce Banner in her world, not wanting to risk a Nightmare Moon type incident in which one gives in to inner power and allows them to corrupt.

Oh sorry I meant to ask, do you think Scott and Spitfire would make a good couple since she could some help in getting over Peter?

I considered Scott with Luna or Trixie, but I’m still not decided. Spitfire I guess could work, there are quite a few couples I’m fully not decided on. I may do some ‘dating’ though, see where it goes from there with some couples, especially once I start introducing more Marvel and MLP characters. I should have some new chapters fully ready in a couple of weeks, maybe sooner if I’m lucky, so I’ll try experimenting and see what’s best without making it look too forced.

Hi so how are things going here

Things are going well, hoping to finally update this story by this weekend with a multi chapter posting. Going to start a new arc.

Magento finally arrives this is getting interesting. Good to see you updating as well

Can you say when the next chapter is coming out? Things are picking up speed, can't wait to see where this leads.:pinkiehappy:

Not expecting the Brotherhood in Equestria, let's see how this goes.

Geez Parker you gonna take that mess from everyone? Stand up for yourself! Grow a backbone! Be the spider-MAN you were meant to be.

Will there be a tribute to Stan Lee by the marvel heroes?

Some bonding has been done, time to see how much more is needed.

Are the Defenders, Guardians or the Inhumans making an appearance? and the Spider-Verse folks?

Defenders, soon, they’ll make a transition. Guardians, a little later on, for now they’ll just be referenced when needed. Inhumans, probably, still learning about them, but I have thought about using Lockjaw if at least for a Slice of Life chapter with Fluttershy and her family. The Spider-Verse, I have plans for them, but it's gonna be a while before we see the other spiders.

So Spider-Verse will happen!? From the movie?

Sorta, I won’t be directly using the plot from the movie, just mainly the characters.

Wait so magneto is still evil end wants to take over equestria

It’s a little more complicated than that, but it's close.

I don't get it end in the end of the story is celestia going to close the portals end sending everyone home

Perhaps, that will lead to another major conflict then. :ajsmug:

But if celestia does that some of them will lose their family's end kids that would be awful

Teasing The Dark Phoenix and Annihilus? Just what are you planning?

Cool power!

Interesting lead up for the next arc. And look like it could be a good setup for some nice bonding time for Steve and Celestia and Tony and Coco.:pinkiehappy:

Hey, will there be a fight where the heroes fight back to back like at the end of age of ultron?

Most likely. Depends on the battle.

Well this was a interesting and entertaining chapter. My favorite part is Steve and Celestia conversation and her flirting with Cap and Thor embarrassing them.:rainbowlaugh:

it's still only one creature

Why? Just Why would you say that!

Peter, don't you know the rules?

Hey, couldn't Steve help Celestia calm down by taking her out on a unofficial date and Thor could help Luna calm down by taking her to Asgard with him to cool off with a little sparing?

Quiksilver in the baxter building

I wonder what would happen if crystal was there

Also cap trusting wanda

I hope cap makes a team with wanda pietro and Hawkeye to make caps kooky quartet

Oh right Alicia's dad is that weirdo puppet master with mysterious clay

Now that Hawkeye is there will caps kooky quartet be possible?

Wanda is getting stronger

Pretty soon it could be like house of m

Hmm taskmaster may be able to copy fighting abilities

But not powers or vehicles

Wait, was leon the bomber?

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