• Published 3rd Jun 2018
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Spiders and Magic: Avengers Assemble - Masterob

With more superheroes in Equestria, plus other worlds, thing might get even more chaotic. The adventures of the Elements and Marvel Heroes continues.

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Assisting the Future Part II

The ponies went to Sweetie Belle and Pinkie Pie's room, where the once party loving pony was seen rocking Sweetie Belle's son, Peter Belle Junior to sleep.

"Pinkie Pie?" Future Sweetie said, getting her friend's attention.

"Hey Sweetie Belle, where did you run off-" Future Pinkie saw the group of ponies with Sweetie Belle. "Um, what's Wolverine doing here? And who are those other ponies?"

"That baby in her hooves," Mega Man said. "That's your baby right Sweetie Belle?"

"Yes, he is. That's my little Peter," Sweetie Belle said, then regretted it almost immediately, worrying that they can figure out the father now.

"Peter? You named him after Spider-Man?" Mega Mana asked.

Chun Li looked very curious and somewhat suspicious after hearing that.

Sweetie Belle looked a bit concerned, now she had to explain why she chose the name Peter without it sounding weird. Thankfully she was put at ease when Logan began talking. "She just respects him, that's all. Parker did name his daughter after his aunt since he has a lot of respect fer her, it's flattering to do that."

Sweetie Belle felt relief, and whispered a thanks to Logan. Pinkie Pie however got a little impatient, "Sweetie Belle, mind answering my question!?"

Sweetie Belle blushed at having quickly forgotten, "Right, sorry!" She then gestured to her allies, "Capcom ponies, meet Chun Li, Mega Man and our new partner, Leon Kennedy."

Chun Li did her respectful bow, Mega Man did a friendly wave, as did Leon, though his was brief.

Pinkie looked confused at what Sweetie Belle had just said, "Partner?"

Sweetie Belle nodded, "Yeah, apparently he's here to help us against what's left of The Changelings."

Future Pinkie just looked confused, "Excuse me? What are you talking about?"

"Let me explain," Logan said, stepping forward. "When you girls said this world wasn't completely safe, me and Fluttershy got worried. We didn't like the idea of you being stuck in this world without any help. So when Sunset Shimmer opened the Capcom portal in our world, I asked Chris Redfield if he could help you, or if he knew anyone that could help you. That's when he told me about Leon, so we figured we could send him here and help you with yer Changeling problem."

Pinkie still looked a little confused, though she slowly let what Logan had to say sink in, "Um, what? You're sending someone from this Capcom world to help us? Wait why him though? How can he handle Changelings?

"I specialize in survival against monsters, granted I never fought Changelings I have faced some pretty dangerous creatures," Leon said.

"So you think you can handle Shapeshifters like Changelings? Keep in mind they have taken down some of our best, do you think you can handle something like that?" Pinkie asked.

"Wanna test my abilities?" Leon asked and got into a fighting stance. "I'd be more than happy to challenge you."

Pinkie glared and sat up and placed Trunks down, "Alright, I hope you're ready for this."

Chun Li smirked at the idea, "This should be fun."

Before the two started fighting, Sweetie Belle got in the middle. "Hold it! You can't fight in here, this is our room! Plus it looks like little Peter fell asleep, I don't want either of you to wake him!"

Pinkie sighed, "Fine, Sweetie Belle, we'll take this elsewhere."

Leon nodded in agreement, "Yeah, let's go then."

Meanwhile in the present, Twilight had finished cleaning up in the kitchen when she heard some knocking on her door. She approached in and to her surprise, she saw her big brother Shining Armor, her sister-in-law and old foal-sitter Princess Cadance, as well as her niece Flurry.

"Big brother! Cadance! Flurry! It's great to see you!" Twilight said as she hugged her family.

"It's great to see you too Twiley," Shining Armor said.

Twilight broke the hug but maintained her excitement, "What brings you three here?"

"We heard the portal to the Capcom world opened, me and Shining Armor wanted to see it for ourselves," Cadance said.

"But Flurry here would probably be too bored if she had to listen to a bunch of talk about how it works and what they'll do, and she's been really bored at the castle, so we thought it would be great if she could see her favorite cousin Mayday," Shining said.

"Technically she's my only cousin, but I do love her very much, even if she doesn't act like a proper princess," Flurry said.

Shining shook his head playfully, "Sorry, you know how serious Flurry is about the whole princess thing."

"I have to be daddy, I was born an alicorn after all, something cousin Mayday wasn't fortunate enough to be, probably because her daddy's an alien," Flurry said.

Shining glared disapprovingly at his daughter, "That's not a nice way to describe your uncle Peter."

"I'm not trying to sound mean, I love Uncle Peter very much, he says I'm his favorite little Princess, and to not tell Auntie Luna he said that." Flurry then tapped her chin. "Still, since when do you care about Uncle Peter? You always go on about how Auntie Twilight made a mistake taking in a super-powered weirdo as her husband," Flurry pointed out sweetly, but bluntly.

Shining Armor chuckled nervously as he looked at Twilight, who looked to be very annoyed. "You know how kids are, they overexaggerate."

"Uh-huh," Twilight said, obviously not falling for it. "Anyway it would be no trouble if Flurry wanted to be with Mayday, but she's out right now."

Flurry looked disappointed, "Aw, that stinks."

"Don't worry dear, I'll go ask my super-powered weirdo of a husband to take you to where she is," Twilight said, slightly glaring at Shining Armor as she approached the lab.

Shining Armor sighed, then noticed his wife's glare. "What?"

"This is what me and Twilight worry about you know, we don't need our kids to act a certain way or say certain things because you and Peter don't always get along," Cadance said.

"Come on, you heard her, Flurry loves Mayday very much, we have nothing to worry about," Shining Armor said very confidently.

"Yeah, for now at least," Cadance said, looking away from her husband.

Moments later, Twiligtht arrived again with Peter and curiously for the Crystal Empire couple, Ryu.

"Sup Shining, hi Cadance," Peter greeted with his usual friendly charm. He then looked down at Flurry and bowed at her hooves, "Good day to you little princess, how are you feeling today?"

Flurry giggled, "I'm feeling well Uncle Peter."

"Is there anything I can do for her highness?" Peter asked in a playful way.

"Her highness demands a hug from her favorite uncle," Flurry said.

"As you command," Peter said and pulled Flurry into a strong but gentle hug.

Twilight and Cadance awed at the sight, Shining Armor rolled his eyes and turned his attention to Ryu, who himself seemed pleased at what he saw. "Aren't you that Ryu guy? What are you doing in Ponyville?"

Ryu turned his attention to Shining Armor, "Peter invited me here, he let me stay the night."

"Really? I was under the impression that you didn't really like him," Shining Armor said.

Ryu shook his head, "At one point, yes, but I've moved past that, my goal is to make amends with Peter any way possible."

"Dude you made amends the moment you told me how sorry you were, I told you that I forgive you, so you don't need to do anything special," Peter said.

Ryu nodded and turned to Shining Armor, "We can learn much from this boy, er, this man...this stallion."

Peter chuckled, "Ryu, take it easy, I'm just another guy, you don't need to hold me at high regard."

"Yes he does, you're the greatest superhero of all time! You saved all the worlds from bad guys, like that mean King who used to rule the place that mommy and daddy rule over right now," Flurry said.

Peter rubbed his head a little, "Well Spike beat me to it, I was only the second to defeat him."

"Such modesty," Ryu pointed out, making Peter feel weird.

"Ok, can you all please stop praising me so much, it feels weird," Peter said, getting a chuckle from some of the ponies.

"We're sorry, but I do love you Uncle Peter, not because you're a hero, you’re just a really great uncle," Flurry said.

Peter put Flurry down, "Well you make it easy to be one, you're such a nice young filly." Peter rubbed her mane a bit. "So you wanna go see your cousin Mayday?"

"Yes please," Flurry said with her cutest smile.

"Then let's go see your cousin Mayday," Peter said, then placed Flurry on her back and trotted off. "I'll be back in a few minutes."

Twilight looked to Shining and Cadance, "So you're off to see the portal?"

"Personally I'd like to see through the portal, like where Ryu lives," Cadance said.

"It's quite a long way from the Portal, though I'd love it if you could all visit my world, you can come visit the castle I train at," Ryu said.

Cadance gasped, "You train at a castle?"

"Yeah, it's not like yours or the one the Princess Sisters live at, but it is a big place, I do all my training there, sometimes I even have my Street Fights there," Ryu said.

"Sounds fun, so does this mean you Capcom guys don't hate Peter anymore?" Shining Armor asked.

Ryu did a half shrug, "I don't, Chun Li hasn't for a while, Spencer also likes him now, Strider Hiryu and Leon Kennedy never disliked him, but everyone else is gonna need a little work."

"Speaking of your friends, I heard Chun Li was waiting for somepony to come through the Capcom portal, but she didn't go into detail what she wanted them for," Twilight said.

"Let's all go to Celestia's castle then, we'll get some answers there," Ryu said.

The ponies nodded as Twilight called into the house, "I'm going to Canterlot! I'll be back later on!"

"I'll keep an eye on things!" Aunt May said.

"Thanks Aunt May!" Twilight said and turned to the others, "Let's go."

Soon enough the ponies went to Canterlot to check on the portal, and Chun Li.

Back in the future, Pinkie and Leon were preparing to spar in the Courtyard. The others gathered around, awaiting to see the two fight.

"This should be exciting, I wish Ryu could see this," Mega Man said.

"I'm pretty interested myself on what this mare can do," Chun Li said with crossed forelegs.

Leon did some leg stretches while grinning at Future Pinkie, "I hope you're a fun challenge."

Future Pinkie did some arm stretches, "I hope you're even a challenge at all."

"Oooh, feisty, aren't you?" Leon said with a smirk.

Pinkie rolled her eyes as she got into a stance, "Whatever, just get ready to come at me, I'll even let you make the first move."

Leon did a playful raise of the eyebrow, "Hey I'm flattered, but we just met."

"That's not what I meant you moron!" Pinkie shouted. "I meant come fight me!"

"Oh, you really should word your preferences better then," Leon said, getting into a stance.

"You're really starting to get on my nerves!" Pinkie shouted and rushed at Leon, throwing a quick punch, but he sidestepped and grabbed her foreleg to flip her over.

"Careful now, don't wanna hurt yourself," Leon teased.

Pinkie growled and spun around to sweep his legs but Leon rolled out the way. As he stood up again he noticed Pinkie rush at him with a kick, but he sidestepped and punched her gut, making her stumble back a little.

"Wow, kinda pudgy, you eating too many sweets? I mean I heard that you were a baker and had quite a taste for sugary stuff," Leon teased.

Pinkie blushed angrily, "That was a long time ago!" Pinkie then rushed at him, through some punches and kicks, though Leon was able to block the attacks and parried a punch to knee her gut and then hit an uppercut.

"Gotta be a tad bit quicker than that," Leon teased.

Pinkie rushed at Leon again, but quickly dodged to the side last second and did a strong kick to Leon's abs and a few quick punches to his face and ending with a jumping kick to his chest, knocking him over.

"That quick enough for you?" Pinkie said with a grin.

Leon rubbed his chin, "Not bad." He stood up and got in position again, "I think that's enough with the warm-up, let's just go all out."

"Gladly," Pinkie said and rushed at Leon again.

The two engaged in a typical punch-kick-block back and forth thing. Pinkie had thrown a punch to Leon's face, but he blocked it and tried to whack her head, but she ducked out the way and punched his stomach.

Leon stumbled back and blocked a kick to his head and did a sweep to her other leg to trip her down, then he attempted to punch down at her but she rolled away and got up quickly to do a jump kick to Leon's face.

Leon whacked that kick away, but she quickly rebounded with another kick to his sides and then a punch to his face. As she went for another punch, he blocked and kicked her stomach and then did a punch of his own to her face and did a spin-back kick to her head.

Pinkie stood up and rushed at him, throwing punches and kicks a lot faster, making it harder for Leon to block, but he was able to throw his own punches in their, entering a quick combo of the two throwing punches and kicks, getting each other good on occasion.

The others watched in eagerly, with Future Sweetie wanting to see how tough Leon was, Logan watching to make sure Leon was a good choice, Chun Li and Mega Man just enjoying the fight, showing their Capcom nature as competition lovers.

The two ponies continued to fight, throwing their attacks until they each hit a double punch to each other's faces, stumbling them both back.

Leon huffed a bit, as did Pinkie, the two really going all out. After a few moments, Leon rushed at Pinkie Pie, hoping to take her down but she quickly side-stepped and did a sudden take-down attack, planting Leon firmly on his back. She threw a strong punch at his face, but stopped centimeters away, leaving Leon in shock.

“Wow,” Chun Li said. “She’s quite the talented fighter, kinda want to spar with her myself.”

Leon huffed in worry, that punch was a little too close for comfort. "Whoa, that was close, at that speed that would have hurt like hell.”

Pinkie smiled down at the Capcom pony, "You're good." She then helped him to his hooves, "Logan made a good choice bringing you along."

"So did I pass your test?" Leon asked.

Pinkie nodded, "Yeah, the physical part, but I still need to ask you something."

"Sure, what is it?" Leon asked.

"Why do you wanna help? Is it because you were asked to or do you really wanna help us?" Pinkie asked.

Leon crossed his forelegs, "Like I told your friends before, I want to. If I know I have a chance to help out others, then I'll take that chance. I haven't been told much but looking at this world, I can tell it really needs help, I'd be glad to help you."

"Even if it's tough?" Pinkie asked.

"I'm from Capcom, I yearn for a challenge," Leon said.

"The burden of a true warrior," Chun Li said.

Pinkie nodded approvingly, "Alright then, welcome to the team Leon."

"Glad to be in this team Pinkie Pie," Leon said.

Sweetie approached them, "This should be quite an alliance."

Logan approached them with a satisfied smile, "Glad this has worked out. Now that this is done I think it's best if I went back home now, gotta check on the wife after all."

"How is Fluttershy doing?" Pinkie asked.

"She's great, she's actually pregnant right now, four months in," Logan said.

Sweetie gasped, "That's so great, you and Fluttershy are gonna be parents!"

"Wow, didn't think I'd ever see Wolverine settle down to have a family," Leon said.

"It happens sooner or later bub, I got no regrets," Logan said.

Chun Li approached the group as well, "I guess we'll be off, it's been a-"

Chun Li's statement was interrupted when they heard the sound of destruction.

"What's going on?" Mega Man asked.

Sweetie growled slightly, "Damn, it's the Changelings, they must be attacking!"

Pinkie turned to Leon, "Looks like we're about to see what you're made of, you ready?"

Leon smirked at the idea, "This should be fun."

"We'll help too," Chun Li said. "We're here, might as well give some assistance."

Sweetie shook her head, "No that's fine, I should send you back now while I have the chance."

"We can spare five minutes Sweetie Belle, besides you must be out yer mind if you think we're leaving you while this is happening," Logan said.

"Yeah, we never back down from a challenge, and we always help those in need," Mega Man said.

"Will your programming allow you to fight them though?" Leon asked.

"Don't worry, times like this I can override the programing. My main goal is to protect others, even if I must fight non-robotic lifeforms to do so," Mega Man said.

"Right, then let's go," Chun Li said.

With a SNIKT, Logan was ready as well, "Lets see what these Changelings are made of."

The group went out, hoping to stop the plans the Changelings had before they got started.