• Published 3rd Jun 2018
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Spiders and Magic: Avengers Assemble - Masterob

With more superheroes in Equestria, plus other worlds, thing might get even more chaotic. The adventures of the Elements and Marvel Heroes continues.

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Rivals turned Friends

The ponies had returned to Ponyville, with the Capcom trio joining them. While Dante went to Sweet Apple Acres and Chris went to the Carousel Boutique, Ryu joined the Parker-Sparkle family.

Ryu arrived at their home, looking around in curiosity. "Why does this place seem bigger?"

"We added more room to it so more ponies can live here," Peter said.

"More ponies? To my knowledge you already lived here with your wife, daughter, adopted son, your dragon friend, Wolverine and that weird magician mare," Ryu said.

"Hey! Who are you calling 'weird'!?" Trixie shouted from the kitchen.

"You wear a really funny looking hat and you keep calling yourself 'Great and Powerful', that's actually just as annoying as it is weird!" Ryu shouted back.

Before Trixie could say anything else, another voice was heard.

"Don't listen to him Trixie, you're very nice, talented and beautiful!"

"Thank you Rumble, you're so sweet," Trixie said, then the sound of a kiss was heard, likely from Trixie to Rumble's head.

"Is that Rumble!? When did he get here!?" Peter asked.

"He just came by to see his favorite Auntie Trixie," he heard Trixie call out.

"Yeah, I'm on my way home now," Rumble said, walking out the kitchen and looking towards Ryu, "So what is he doing here exactly?"

"Rumble be polite, Sunset Shimmer opened the portal and now Ryu's back," Peter said.

Rumble rolled his eyes, "Isn't that going to lead to more pointless fighting? Sorry to say but the Capcom Heroes are just a bunch of battle ready brutes."

"Rumble," Peter scolded. "That's not polite, they're just proud and competitive, aren't you just as competitive when you want to be a great flyer?"

"I'd hardly call that the same, anyway I need to get back home, Flitter's making my favorite dinner, see ya," Rumble said and left the home, flying back towards Cloudsdale.

Ryu shook his head in shame, "I thought he was well mannered."

"He is, usually, he just gets upset if you insult Trixie," Peter explained. "Plus he seems to be a bit moody lately, probably hormones or something."

"He mentioned going back home, does he no longer live her?" Ryu asked.

"No, he moved away with his foalsitters to Cloudsdale, but comes by very often because he misses us, plus he's dating Apple Bloom so that gives him more reason to stop by. Helps that Cloudsdale is like, right above Ponyville, so it's not like he moved that far," Peter said.

"Alright, but what about everyone else? Do they still live here?" Ryu asked.

"Logan moved in with Fluttershy since they're married, and Janet moved in with us after she married Spike, and my Aunt's also moving in since she lived at Sweet Apple Acres," Peter said.

"Makes sense, but it still seems like it's the same amount of ponies, or did they just want more room?" Ryu asked.

"Well keep in mind that Spike and Janet have a daughter," Peter said. "Plus me and Twilight want to have another child soon."

"Right, that does make sense," Ryu said. "Also you mentioned your Aunt living on that Apple Farm, was there a reason?"

"Yeah, actually she lived there a bit for a few reasons. One we didn't have enough room at the time and two, at the time she moved here a lot of ponies didn't trust me because they found out I wasn't from this world, that I was a human. I was afraid that would happen to my aunt so we tried to keep her away from that for a while," Peter said.

Ryu nodded, "Understandable, but why would they not trust you? You did save this world, more than once I believe."

"I did, but the fact that I came from another world just scared them, they already seemed unsure of me when they thought I was a pony with powers, knowing I came from another world, it was too much for them. Didn't help that the threat came from my world so they didn't trust me that much more," Peter said.

Ryu felt pity for Peter, he hadn't realized that. He saw Peter's memories once but he still didn't fully understand certain things. "Sorry that happened to you, I'm glad that didn't stop you from being a superhero."

"I had to, for my wife, and my at the time soon to be born daughter Mayday," Peter said.

Ryu started to feel proud of Peter, "You're very tough to handle something like that, you have a responsibility and you lived up to it very well."

"With Great Power, comes Great Responsibility," Peter said.

Ryu looked curious, "Interesting saying, that your superhero catchphrase?"

"Sorta, if I had to pick a catchphrase it would be, 'Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Mane' or even 'My Spider Senses are tingling'. The 'Great Power' quote I said is more of what motivates me to be a hero," Peter said.

Ryu nodded, "It's a nice quote, very enlightening, that's probably a better catchphrase, but I guess it's too good to be a catchphrase," Ryu said.

"Maybe, do you have a catchphrase?" Peter asked.

Ryu tapped his chin, "Well, sometimes I do say, 'You must defeat my Shoryuken to stand a chance', that's about it. But I'm not really one for catchphrases."

"Well I still think it's awesome," Peter said with a chuckle, Ryu following suit.

"Anyway thanks for inviting me into your home, though it looks like everypony just left to their own business once we got here," Ryu said.

"Twilight went to write down some notes on the portal activation, Trixie getting a late night snack, everypony else is asleep, it's been a long day, I'm pretty tired myself," Peter said.

"Do you wish to sleep? I won't keep you up," Ryu said.

Peter shook his head, "I'm fine, I have super stamina, I'm good for a few more hours. Though can you stay awake long?"

"I'm used to sleepless nights, but I do think you should rest soon, a warrior needs their rest," Ryu said.

"I guess, hopefully I can find a nice place for you to sleep," Peter said.

"I'll sleep just about anywhere, as long as there's no spiders around," Ryu said, then realized his wording. "Actual spiders I mean."

"Is there a reason you don't like spiders?" Peter asked.

"One morning I woke up with one in my mouth, wasn't a great experience," Ryu said, looking a little glum.

Peter cringed, "Yeesh, yeah I would hate spiders too, then maybe I never would have gone to that exhibit and gotten bit by a spider...wow imagine that world?"

"Yeah, maybe someone else would have gotten bitten," Ryu said.

Peter tapped his chin, "I did once see more versions of myself, including a pig."

Ryu looked like he had seen something strange, "A pig? You have some crazy adventures."

"Tell me about it," Peter lamented.

Ryu looked to the side, still thinking over some stuff, "Question...do you know why Sunset Shimmer acted the way she did with me today? It just seemed kind of...weird."

Peter looked over to Ryu, unsure of what to say. Should he tell him the truth? Sunset might be unhappy but he can't just not answer the question.

"She just likes you, a lot," Peter said, hoping to be vague.

"I can see that, but why me? I know we're friends and she's been very kind to me but it just seems unusual," Ryu said.

"What's unusual about it? Don't you have others that you know that do that?" Peter asked.

"Um, sometimes from my friend Sakura, she does admire me quite a bit and wishes to be a great fighter like myself. It just felt different with Sunset Shimmer, I just can't figure it out," Ryu said.

"I suggest spending some time with her then, she's likely just fascinated by you, she's actually a nice mare, you should get to know her more," Peter said.

"I plan to, if to figure out her fascination. Sakura I understand, she's studying the same fighting style I am, so I would imagine she looks to me as a teacher, but Sunset Shimmer seems to have other reasons," Ryu said.

"Some things are hard to figure out, I'm no different, honestly I partially define it," Peter said. "Twilight was no different, she and her friends were so great to me and they showed so much care. Once I did begin to understand them more, especially Twilight, I started to see things in a whole new way. It gave me some optimistic hope."

"You are very optimistic I've noticed," Ryu said. "How do you hold on to that optimism despite everything that's happened to you? It sounds like you've had some pretty major battles, I heard about what that Goblin bastard did to your old girlfriend, how are you so strong despite that? Don't you worry?"

Peter gave a solemn look to Ryu, "All the time, I haven't forgotten what Goblin did, but I use that for strength. I promised never to let anyone get hurt again, that's my motivation, that's why I keep fighting."

Ryu nodded, "I know that feeling, after seeing what others like Bison and Akuma have done, I too strive to be stronger, but I admit, sometimes I worry it's not enough, how do I stop such monsters? How can I protect those I care for? The ones I call friends and comrades."

"Just believe in yourself, I'm sure you're friends do," Peter said with a encouraging smile.

Ryu sat with his arms crossed, "Your optimism amazes me Peter, but thanks, perhaps your are a wise guy as your friends call you."

Peter frowned, "Um, the term 'wise guy' is meant to be sarcastic, not genuine."

"Oh...that actually makes more sense, not because of you, but because of some of my friends and allies, especially Ken and Dante," Ryu said.

"Speaking of Ken...does he still hate me?" Peter asked.

Ryu shrugged, "I don't really know, I should hope he still isn't holding such a grudge since he should know better, then again a lot of my fellow Capcom warriors felt humiliated when fighting you. While you didn't mean to Peter, you made them feel weak, then all this talk of you saving the multiverse just hurt their pride more, myself included admittingly."

"I didn't intend to do that, I thought all of you were pretty strong, and I'm sure any of you could have handled what I went through," Peter said.

Ryu shook his head, "No, we couldn't, you're so much more stronger than a lot of our best guys, at this point the only one who can really give you a challenge is Asura."

Peter looked curious, "Asura, who's that?"

"Someone you don't wanna meet, believe me on that, I've faced him and I was lucky to get out in one piece, he's pretty much at Thor's level, maybe higher," Ryu said.

Peter's eyes widened, "Whoa, I don't think I wanna tangle with that."

Ryu shrugged, "Well you seem to be as strong as Thor, he does praise you a lot, maybe you can handle Asura."

"Or I'll just stick to keeping this world safe and not picking a fight with someone who sounds that tough," Peter said, then yawned a bit.

"You're tired, go get some rest," Ryu instructed.

"I'm not that tired honestly, I can stay up a little longer," Peter said, sounding even more drowsy.

"Peter...you need to rest, we can talk more tomorrow alright?" Ryu said.

Peter gave in, "Alright, where will you sleep?"

"I can sleep on the floor, don't worry I do it all the time, it's pretty comfortable for me," Ryu said.

Peter nodded, "Right, goodnight Ryu, remember what I said about Sunset Shimmer."

Ryu nodded and as Peter went to bed, Ryu laid on the floor, thinking over his talk with Peter. He wondered if maybe he can increase his own strength, perhaps love can help him, but how?

Ryu decided not to worry about that, taking his own advice he went to find a place to sleep, hopefully put his mind at ease for a while. During the night, Twilight had gone downstairs, looking for a glass of milk to help her fall asleep. While downstairs she noticed Ryu sleeping on the floor in her living room, no pillow, no blanket, nothing. Twilight didn't like the sight of that, so she grabbed a couch pillow and an extra blanket, carefully placing the pillow under Ryu's head and placing the blanket over him.

She quietly finished what she was doing and went upstairs, leaving the martial artist sound asleep, taking her place beside her loving husband once again.

The next morning, Ryu started to stir awake. He noticed that there was a blanket and a pillow that wasn't there the night before. He was curious as to who put it there for him, he guessed someone came down and wanted to make sure he was comfortable. Before he could attempt to figure out who it was, he heard a friendly voice greet him.

"Good morning." He turned around and noticed Peter's Aunt May.

"Oh, good morning. You are Peter's aunt correct?" Ryu asked.

"Yes, my name is May Parker," Aunt May said, picking up the pillow and blanket.

"Did you place these here for me last night?" Ryu asked.

Aunt May shook her head, "No, I assumed they were always here, did you go to sleep without these?"

Ryu nodded, "Yes, I was fine with just the floor."

"Well somepony disagreed it seems, anyway breakfast is ready, Peter already finished eating and went to work in his lab, hopefully there's enough food there for you, I had to practically pry that boy away from the table, he's got quite an appetite you know," Aunt May said with a giggle.

"I say he needs one, despite his toned muscles he seems a bit...scrawny at times," Ryu said.

"He's always been like that, there was a time I wanted him to eat more, now he won't stop. The only time it's really a problem is when Logan comes over, those two one fought over the last slice of pizza," Aunt May said.

Ryu scratched his head, "Really? I assumed Peter was more civilized than that."

"That boy? Civilized? He is usually a dear but he can be rowdy, especially with his superhero friends around," Aunt May said.

Ryu chuckled slightly, "Sometimes friends can do that, even my friend Ken gets me a little...out of control, caused me to fall down some stairs once though."

Aunt May put her hooves to her mouth, "Oh my, what were you two doing?"

"I hardly remember, we were teenagers, but I do remember getting a cut on my head," Ryu said, rubbing his forehead.

"I should hope that Ken boy apologized for that, you could have been a lot more hurt than that," Aunt May said with a look of disapproval.

"Yeah, he apologized, though I forgave him instantly, he didn't intent to do that, I was just a little clumsy, plus it was my fault really, I got upset because he gave me a noogie and called me a Teacher's Pet, or something like that, so I attacked him, we fought and then, well you know the rest," Ryu said.

"I see, well I'm glad everything worked out," Aunt May said.

"Yeah, believe it or not, we became closer friends after that, once he saw that I got hurt, he gave me this headband I'm wearing right now," Ryu said, pointing to his headband. "I used to wear a white one to match my gi, but he gave me his as a way of apologizing. I don't know why but something about that kindness really got to me, he didn't have to do that for me, but he did it anyway."

"Sometimes little things matter more than we know," Aunt May said. "You friend just cares a lot about you."

Ryu nodded, then felt his stomach rumble. "My apologies, I guess I am pretty hungry."

"There's no need to apologize, you may go get your food dear," Aunt May said.

Ryu was about to continue walking when he wondered something else. "Mrs. Parker, you do know who I am and where I'm from correct?"

Aunt May nodded, "Yes, you're Ryu from the Capcom World, why do you ask?"

"I haven't been very kind to your nephew, I've shown him a lot of disrespect and resentment, all of it unjustified, how can you be so kind to me despite that?" Ryu asked.

Aunt May placed her hoof on his shoulder, hoping to give him a sense of reassurance. "Because Peter has already forgiven you. The moment he knew you were sorry everything was behind him, he moved on and just wants to accept you as a friend. If my nephew can find it within him to forgive your attitude, I think I can too. Besides you do seem like a nice man, you were just a little misguided."

Ryu looked down in some mild shock, some shame still remaining within him. How could he have disliked someone as gentle as Peter? What was he thinking? Now he's even more determined to make things right.

"Thank you Mrs. Parker, you are indeed a very wise woman, I can learn much from you," Ryu said.

"Don't mention it dear, now go on, you need to eat and get your energy back," Aunt May said.

"I will," Ryu said and trotted off to the kitchen, leaving Aunt May with some wonder.

"Peter sure makes some interesting friends, oh that boy."

Ryu entered the kitchen to see Twilight cleaning up a little. From the looks of things only Trixie and Mayday were still eating, though Mayday was also reading a book.

"Mayday, you can read later, eat first," Twilight said.

"I will, I just want to make sure I understand this, Mr. and Mrs. Cake asked me to tutor their kids," Mayday said.

"That's nice honey, but you need to eat," Twilight said, then noticed the book cover. "Besides, that looks way out of their level."

Mayday rose her eyebrow, "I can read it just fine."

"Yes, but Mr. and Mrs. Cake don't have your resources," Twilight said.

Trixie finished her food, "I'm surprised they're ok with letting you tutor them, aren't you actually younger than them?"

"By a little over a year, Pumpkin seems annoyed but for some reason Pound Cake is just happy," Mayday said.

Twilight giggled, "I might know a reason why."

"Me too, it's really obvious...He probably thinks the more science he knows, the more baking skills he has," Mayday said.

Twilight shook her head, "Er, no dear, I think it goes beyond that."

"Oh, well it doesn't matter," Mayday said and put her book down to finish her food. "I can ask dad to help me understand the last part."

Ryu scratched his head in confusion, "Am I missing something here?"

Twilight noticed Ryu standing nearby a little confused, "Oh, Ryu, you're awake."

Ryu nodded, "Yeah, Mrs. Parker told me you had breakfast ready."

"Yeah, I saved you a little, I wasn't sure what you eat though, rest assure there's no grass, wheats or flowers in your food though," Twilight said.

Ryu looked confused, "Pardon me?"

Twilight blushed a little, "We eat a lot of the same food you do, but our diet also consists of flowers, grass, hay and other stuff. We know humans don't normally eat that stuff, but we still have plenty of dairy products and some nice fruits for you to enjoy."

Ryu looked amazed, apparently they do have some equine-like traits, they're not just ponies with human minds. "Much appreciated though, thank you Princess Twilight."

Twilight shook her head, "Don't be so formal, you may call me 'Twilight'."

"Oh, that might take some getting used to, it doesn't feel right not acknowledging you as a Princess," Ryu said.

"I appreciate that, but I do insist you try. I want us to feel more like friends, so dropping the titles is a good way to do so. Anyway here's your food, I hope you enjoy it," Twilight said, using her magic to set Ryu's plate on the table.

Ryu bowed to Twilight and sat at the table. He didn't have too much trouble grabbing utensils with his hooves since he's had to before, but he was a little out of practice.

"Thank you Twilight," Ryu said.

"I just want you to feel at home, I could barely stand see you sleeping on the floor like that last night, please feel free to ask for something more comfortable to sleep on next time," Twilight said.

Ryu looked to Twilight in some surprise, "Oh that was you who put the blanket and pillow out for me?"

Twilight nodded, "Yes, I didn't want you sleeping uncomfortably."

Ryu nodded, "Thanks, I appreciate your kindness."

"No problem," Twilight said and started on the dishes.

As Ryu ate, Mayday looked to him with some wonder. "Hey, Mr. Ryu, I've been meaning to ask, how can you shoot fireballs from your hooves? Are you part dragon?"

Ryu shook his head, "No, my fighting technique however is modeled after a dragon. My 'Hadouken', the fireball attack, is suppose to resemble a dragon's fire, while my 'Shoryuken' is my Dragon Fist."

"Oh...still doesn't explain how you can shoot fire, that's not scientifically possible," Mayday said.

Ryu looked to this filly with some unease, the way she talks he could easily forget she's only six years old, "Well it's not science, it's spiritual energy."

"That doesn't make sense, if it was magic then it would make sense, but your powers seem more fantasy based, not science," Mayday said.

"Like I said, it isn't science, look it's hard to explain but it's possible even for you to learn, anyone here can learn this technique with enough dedication," Ryu said.

Mayday tapped her chin a bit, then thought of something else, "How does it work anyway? Do you just have to say the name and then it works? Is that why you shout the names of your attacks?"

Ryu groaned, he really hated when Spider-Man brought that up, now his daughter's doing the same thing. "You know Mayday, your father sometimes does that too."

"He said it's your fault, you gave him the 'Name Shout' virus," Mayday said.

Ryu looked bewildered, "That doesn't even make sense!"

"Neither does your Hadouken," Mayday said in a sassy tone.

Ryu's eyes widened in confusion, amazed that this little girl is being so sassy and smart mouthed. Twilight however stepped in, "Mayday that's enough. You're being rude to our guest."

"All I'm saying is that his powers don't make any sense, it's not scientifically possible," Mayday said.

"To be fair Mayday, I once thought your father's existence was scientifically impossible as well. Remember Ryu's from a world different from ours and your father's, some things are much different and beyond our comprehension," Twilight said.

Mayday shrugged, "Whatever you say mom." She got off the table, "I'm going to see dad before I leave to tutor the cakes, bye-bye."

Mayday left the kitchen, leaving all the ponies either confused or with a smirk.

"That girl really is Peter's daughter, isn't she?" Ryu said in a droned voice.

"Yes, she is," Twilight agreed.

Ryu crossed his arms, "Well maybe it's not a bad thing, Peter turned out to be a decent guy, so I'm sure she will too. But it's weird, the stuff she was saying, Peter said some similar stuff to us the first time we met him, hence why we hated him at first."

"To be fair, Peter was a smart mouth when he came here too, so that doesn't surprise me," Twilight said.

"Was? He still is a smart mouth at times," Trixie said, with the others agreeing a bit.

Once Ryu finished, he took his plate to the sink, which Twilight grabbed.

"I'll take care of this, you can go find Peter if you want, I'm sure he'd like to speak to you some more," Twilight said.

"Are you sure? You're a Princess, you shouldn't be washing dishes," Ryu said.

Twilight rolled her eyes, "Just because I'm a princess doesn't mean I can't wash dishes, it's not like it's any trouble."

Ryu looked a little unsure but respectfully nodded, "If you wish Princ-" One mild glare from Twilight caused Ryu to rethink something. "Er I mean, alright Twilight." Ryu had to wonder at times how an almost strict mare like her married a laid back goof ball like Peter.

"The lab is in the basement, the door to the basement isn't too far, just look for something that has an intercom," Twilight said.

"Right," Ryu said and left. "Thanks again, Twilight."

“No trouble Ryu,” Twilight said.

A bit later, Ryu found the lab door. He tried to open but it was locked, so he turned to the intercom on his left and pressed the button.

"Peter? It's me, Ryu. Are you there?"

After some static, Peter's voice was heard, "Ryu, is that you? Hold on." Peter pressed a buzzer and the door opened.

Ryu walked down and marveled at the sight of Peter's lab, it was pretty impressive, even to a simple life guy like him. "So this is your lab? Looks hi-tech, similar to the lab Mega Man lives at."

"If he'd like he can come here, I really don't mind, as long as he doesn't touch anything," Peter said.

Ryu continued to look around, noticing a lot of scraps and things on the table. "So, you invent things here?"

Peter nodded, "Yeah, I make some technology that can benefit Equestria, I even help out Tony Stark sometimes."

"It's really fun," Mayday said. "One day I'm gonna invent some awesome things, just like my daddy."

Peter ruffled Mayday's mane, "That's my little dreamer."

Ryu looked around and noticed something at the edge of a table, "That looks like high-tech stuff."

Peter noticed as well, "Oh, that's Kryptonian technology from Superman's world. It's hard to understand though."

"Kryptonian Technology? What is that exactly?" Ryu asked.

"Well Superman was born on a planet called 'Krypton' and it had a lot of technology that no one on Earth believed even existed yet, stuff that could make even Wayne Enterprises jealous," Peter said.

"Wayne Enterprises?" Ryu asked.

"It's a business from their Earth that's ran by a man named Bruce Wayne. The business started mostly in Gotham City before spreading out ," Peter explained.

"Hm, you seem pretty knowledgeable about this stuff," Ryu said with a coy smile. "Quite the fascination you have."

"Yeah, well I still need time to figure this stuff out," Peter said.

Mayday looked at it some more, "I think we can, it looks complicated but I think with our smarts, plus maybe some input from Mr. Stark, we'll know how to properly utilize these resources."

Peter shrugged, "Don't worry about it May, besides we have other things to examine and look over, like the Blastia that Rita Mordio girl gave me and Twilight."

"Blastia?" Ryu asked. "I think I've heard of it, but what is it exactly?"

"Blastia is a type of orb that can do several things, depending on the type," Peter said and brought out some. "This one is a Bohdi Blastia, it can enhance your natural abilities. Yuri Lowell uses one and it enhances his natural abilities and allows him to do some great things."

Ryu looked interested at the Bohdi Blastia, part of him wanted to use it for himself, but deep down he doesn't like using strength from other means besides his own.

"This one here is a Barrier Blastia," Peter said. "As it's name says, it can create barriers, even around whole cities, this one I really want to figure out, I'm sure several towns could benefit from this."

"Even more interesting," Ryu said, looking over the Blastia.

Peter pulled out another, "There are some others that can just enhance other technology, whether it's light, water control, and stuff like that."

"It's so cool, it can make for really great items, imagine how well it can work on the simplest items!" Mayday said excitedly.

"Incredible, probably should show this to Chun Li and Mega Man, they'd probably like it," Ryu said.

"I know I do, I hope Miss Shimmer can open a portal to that world, I'd love to meet with that Rita girl and make some more cool stuff, that would be great," Mayday said.

"Totally, that's not all though," Peter said and went into a bag to pull out some strange orbs.

"What are those?" Ryu asked. "I feel like I've seen them."

"It's called 'Materia', Cloud Strife and his friends use these," Peter said.

Ryu remembered Cloud, that's where he recognized the orbs. "Did he give you these?"

"Actually his friend Tifa did, I don't think Cloud likes me too much," Peter said with a blush.

Ryu sighed and shook his head, "Sorry to hear that, hopefully he'll understand you better someday."

"Eh, that's the price of being a Parker, you get the Parker Luck," Peter said.

"The Parker Luck? Don't tell me you think you're unlucky," Ryu said.

"Actually, it's more like luck that's either very good, or very bad, and sometimes it leans towards the bad, despite Johnny telling me that I have more good than bad," Peter said.

"You do, you have no idea how many ponies love you, how respected you've become in your world and the building respect you have in mine. Even Superman likes you, that says something, and people from other worlds seem to like you enough to trust you with technology from their world," Ryu said.

Peter scratched his head in thought, "Probably a good point, I mean considering how much Rita loves Blastia, I'm a little surprised she lent some to me. Tifa could probably care less about Materia but still."

Mayday nuzzled against Peter, "They just don't understand you like I do daddy. Personally I think you're the coolest guy...er sometimes, but I still think you're pretty likable."

Peter picked up Mayday to peck her on the cheek, "That's why you're my little pal."

Mayday giggled a bit, "Dad, not in front of Mr. Ryu."

Peter looked to Ryu with a mock serious face, "Do yo have a problem with this?"

Ryu shook his head, "She's your daughter, you have a right to love her as much as you do."

"Damn right I do," Peter said and kissed his daughter's cheek again.

"Daddy, this is embarrassing," Maydays said with a blush.

"No one can see us, only Ryu and he doesn't mind," Peter said.

"Of course not, it wouldn't be 'Scientifically Possible' if I did," Ryu said with a coy smirk.

Mayday glared, "That doesn't make any sense at all."

"Neither does your cuteness," Ryu said with a rare cocky smile.

Mayday blushed more and glared, "Once I figure out how a 'Shoryuken' works, I'm gonna get you good with one!"

"Hey I'd be more than happy to teach you if your parents would allow it," Ryu said confidently.

Peter looked a little surprised, "You would train my daughter?"

"Why not? She seems like a nice young girl, I don't see any trouble in doing so," Ryu said, grinning some more.

Mayday looked a little freaked out. "You're not just saying that so you have an excuse to beat me up right?"

Ryu playfully chuckled, "You're too much like your father at times, but that's endearing to see. Anyway the offer's there but I think you're more of a scientist than a martial artist."

Mayday huffed, "I could be both."

Peter pecked his daughter's cheek again, "I bet you can my cutie-patotey."

Mayday glared at her father some more and forced herself down. "Whatever, I'm going to tutor Pound and Pumpkin, later dad, later Mr. Hadouken."

Mayday stormed away, leaving Peter shrugging and Ryu shaking his head and both uttering the same word.


Mayday suddenly came back and pulled Peter down to give a quick kiss to his cheek, "Now we've even, I love you daddy, bye." She the left as quickly as she came, leaving Peter with a small blush and Ryu with a satisfied smile.

"You're a good father," Ryu said.

"Thanks, means a lot, how long before you find the same happiness?" Peter asked.

"There's still much that I want to do before I consider that, more places to travel, more worlds to see," Ryu said.

"What other world would you like to explore?" Peter asked.

"I'm not sure, Chun Li has been actively looking through the multiverse, though she did mention a power scale reading from one, but the power seems way too high, even for us," Ryu said.

"Really? What world was it? Does it have a name?" Peter asked.

"We don't know much about it, we can just detect high Power Levels, I'm very eager to know what could be in that world, if the power is human or a type of alien," Ryu said.

"Well I guess you'll find out someday, especially with Twilight and Sunset helping out," Peter said.

Ryu smiled at the possibilities, "I eagerly await the moment where I would be able to do battle with them."

Peter and Ryu both wondered about this world, the world in which two Super warriors themselves continued to train in hopes of mastering the power of the Gods. To find strong opponents to fight. They themselves have a ways to go to achieve that, because there's no challenge they won't overcome.