• Published 3rd Jun 2018
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Spiders and Magic: Avengers Assemble - Masterob

With more superheroes in Equestria, plus other worlds, thing might get even more chaotic. The adventures of the Elements and Marvel Heroes continues.

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A New Task

At Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie and Boom are hard at work, at least Pinkie was, in preparing some sweets to fill out an order.

"Alright so the cupcakes are for Lyra and Bon Bon, the flat cake is for Cherilee, and the lemon muffin is for Derpy," Pinkie said.

"I heard her name is actually Muffins, where did Derpy come from?" Boom asked.

"The internet," Pinkie answered. "Now hurry and apply the frosting, a proper decoration is part of the experience after all."

"You're the boss," Boom said, going back to decorating the cake. "Wow you really like your job, don't you?"

"Of course, it's fun!" Pinkie said. "Sweets make so many ponies happy, and I'm all about serving up smiles!"

"Yeah, smiles, sounds fun," Boom said, not hiding the sarcasm.

"Hehe, you almost sound like my sister Limestone," Pinkie said.

"Speaking of sisters, are we still gonna see yours?" Boom asked. "That Maud girl I mean?"

"Totally, we'll pass by later," Pinkie said. "Just as soon as we finish up the rest of these orders!"

"Yo Pinkie! We're gonna need a full tray of crumb cakes!" Deadpool called out. "Octavia's pretty hungry!"

"On it Wade!" Pinkie said, heading toward the oven with some other goods. "Boomie, get started on those for me will ya?"

"You're the boss," Boom said, trotting toward the table.

At the Parker-Sparkle home, Twilight is getting ready to leave for Canterlot, with Peter and Wanda right beside her. Twilight was ready to present her desires to Celestia about opening a school, being fully prepared to do so.

"We'll be gone a few hours Trixie, I trust you can handle things during that time," Twilight said, using magic to grab some notes she prepared.

"Of course I can," Trixie assured. "Mayday is no trouble."

"And I can help," Scott said, walking toward Trixie.

"Why are you even here? Twilight isn't holding a Friendship Session today," Trixie said.

"Honestly, I'm kind of used to coming by Twilight's house, plus it's also a library, so it's public access," Scott explained.

"Scott does check out books usually," Twilight said. "Which reminds me, your last book is due back tomorrow."

"What? I thought I had another week! I still have like five more chapters," Scott said.

Twilight curiously raised her eyebrow, shrugging it off, "I can extend it by an extra week then, but try not to make a habit of this."

"You're officially the best Princess Librarian," Scott said. "And the only one to my knowledge."

"The Princess of Librarians," Peter joked, getting nothing but eye roles from Twilight, Trixie and Wanda.

"You and your fails," Scott joked.

"Least I put a better effort than you," Peter said with sass.

"Let's just hurry on, I want to meet Princess Celestia sooner than later," Twilight said. "Might be hard since she's not expecting me, usually Spike would send her a letter to alert her to my arrival, but he hasn't been home in quite some time."

"Yeah, starting to miss the little guy," Peter said. "Hopefully he'll be done with his training soon."

"I doubt it, he has a lot to make up for according to what he and Janet told me last time he was here," Twilight said. "But he might take some time off, he does have to rest his body and mind."

"Yeah, I mean it's Spike, dude's lazier than I am, he'll be home soon," Peter said.

"Peter, nopony is lazier than you, Spike at least doesn't sleep until noon," Twilight pointed out.

"Hey I earn my laziness at least," Peter said. "A superhero needs their rest after all, that way they can be super efficient."

"Yeah, sure thing Peter," Twlight said, getting a bit annoyed. "Just hurry up, I don't want to get there too late, you know how I hate tardiness."

"You know you can just teleport, you'll be there in like two seconds," Peter said. "Or I can swing us there, we're way faster than trains."

"There isn't much to swing from Peter," Twilight said. "And I don't think Wanda would want either method."

"Teleporting makes me a bit nauseous," Wanda said.

"Alright fine, we'll take the train," Peter said, then turned to Scott. "We'll be back later, this shouldn't take long."

"Sure thing pal," Scott said, saluting the spider as he along with the two mares made their way to the train station, hoping to get there before it leaves for Canterlot.

"I hope Twilight succeeds in what she wants to do," Trixie said, waving good-bye.

"Same here, that lady deserves it," Scott said. "Should be a fine school too, interesting as well. A School that teaches Friendship, that's something the world needs more of."

The two had made their way into the Parker-Sparkle home, but as one group left, another visitor had arrived, one not so friendly.

At the moment over at Sugarcube Corner, the bell alerting Deadpool to his presence as he quickly grabbed a pen and paper. "Welcome to Sugarcube Corner, can I get something...wait why do you look familiar?"

"I'm actually here to deliver somethin'," the pony said, sporting a thick New York accent. "An ass-whooping all the way from Earth!"

The pony then knocked Deadpool with a viscous punch, the pony landing on a table where Lyra and Bon Bon were eating.

"Oh sweet Celestia!" Bon Bon shouted, running out the restaurant with her marefriend, other ponies in the store following suit. This got the attention of Pinkie, Boom and the Cake Family.

"What's going on out there!?" Mrs. Cake asked, before noticing a pony with a skeletal looking face and a white hood. "Who in the world?"

"Hey! What did you do to my husband!" Pinkie asked.

"If you're smart, you'll bolt the hell outta here!" the pony said. "I got some business with this punk husband of yours!"

"Wait, I think I know you," Deadpool said, standing up. "Taskmaster? Holy shit I can't believe it's actually you!"

"Glad you recognize me," Taskmaster said, bringing out his sword. "Too bad this reunion will be short lived."

"Oh no you don't!" Pinkie shouted, jumping on Taskmaster's back and bopping his head. "You get away from my husband!"

"Hey get the hell off me!" Taskmaster shouted, tossing Pinkie Pie off. "I'll get to you later, first I gotta-"

Deadpool took the moment to kick Taskmaster across the face, then rushed in and rammed him out of the bakery. "Pinkie, go keep the others safe, I'll take down that Bone Head over there." Deadpool chuckled to himself, "Heh, bone head, it's funny because his face looks like a skeleton's."

"Sure thing Wade, but before I forget," Pinkie said, then rushed to the back to grab something. "Here you go!"

She tossed Deadpool his swords and guns, the ninja quickly grabbing them.

"Sweet, now to go kick some ass...for justice!" Deadpool shouted, rushing out the door. "Taskmaster!"

"Don't gotta shout, I'm right here dumbass," Taskmaster said.

"Too bad! Over the top shouting is what makes fighting fun!" Deadpool exclaimed, then brought out his swords. "Alright, let's do this!"

"Good, might have been boring if I took you out too fast," Taskmaster said, holding out his own sword. "Hope you're not rusty."

"Quite the contrary, I'm Ruster!" Deadpool said, much to Taskmaster's confusion.

"The hell does that even mean?" Taskmaster asked, then quickly blocked a sword strike from Deadpool.

"It means you're going down...all the way to town!" Deadpool shouted then kicked Taskmaster in the face.

"Annoying as ever, that hasn't changed one bit has it?" Taskmaster said, then rushed in, clashing his swords with Deadpool.

"It's my signature style!" Deadpool parried Taskmaster's sword away but the mercenary did a quick 180 and kicked Deadpool on the side of his face. Taskmaster then thrusted the sword into Deadpool's chest.

Normally that would be detrimental to a foe, but for Deadpool, it just pinched. The ninja hero knocked Taskmaster back and pulled the sword out of his chest. "That hurt like hell, good thing I'm basically immortal."

He tossed the sword back toward Taskmaster, but the trained fighter was able to knock it up into the air and then jumped up to grab it. "Even you have your limits."

"Before we continue, three questions. One, how did you get here? Two, how are you already so good in pony form? Three, who hired you to kill me?" Deadpool listed.

"In order, I took a portal, I took sometime to analyze pony movements and compared them to human movements so I can maintain my groove, and I'm not hired to get you per say, I was just told to come here, fight a hero and raise some hell," Taskmaster said. "I just started with you because well, you were one of the only guys I recognized here, and you do give me a challenge, so I thought this could be fun."

"Aw, how thoughtful, so there are still those in Marvel Earth who remember Deadpool, I feel so touched," Deadpool said. "Not as good as the way Pinkie touches me, but similar."

"Alright, any other time I wouldn't care much for your perverted comments about women, but can you not talk about how a horse gets you going?" Taskmaster said.

"She's a pony, not a horse, ponies are cuter!" Deadpool said. "Also, too bad bitch! Pinkie's my wife and I love her more than I love my guns."

"Yeah, I'm putting an end to this, right now!" Taskmaster rushed in and attacked Deadpool again with a sword strike, the merc with a mouth quickly blocking and rolling back, rushing back in and clashing his katanas against the long sword.

This fight started to attract attention from nearby citizens, all of whom were worried about seeing yet another villain in Ponyville, a strange looking one at that. Thankfully one of the heroes was already on it, even if that hero was Deadpool.

Pinkie had rushed out of Sugar Cube Corner once she deemed it safe to check on Deadpool's fight, keeping far enough distance to make sure she doesn't become a liability. "Go get him honey!"

"Ugh, you're wife's back!" Taskmaster said, distracted long enough to take a punch from Deadpool.

"She's a great support, and she's also best pony," Deadpool said.

"But, can she fight!" Taskmaster rushed at Pinkie, sword in hoof. "I heard about her being a legendary pony, but she looks like a normal...hey what the?"

"Eat confetti party pooper!" Pinkie shouted, having pulled out her party canon and blasted Taskmaster across Ponyville.

"Ha, most heroes would worry about the bad guy going for their loved ones," Deadpool said as he saw Taskmaster fly. "But for guys like me, the bad guys should be worried for even thinking of crossing our wives."

Taskmaster crash landed on a kiosk, shaking off the blast he received from the canon. "Where the hell did she even pull that canon from? That pony's freaking weird." He started standing up, accidentally crushing a few apples as he did so, "Ugh, now I got apple slime all over me."

"Ah beg yer pardon!" He heard. He turned and saw an unhappy Applejack, glaring right at him. "You just messed up our Apple Stand! How you planning to pay fer the damages!?"

"Yeah pal!" Apple Bloom interjected. "Between the stand and the apples, yer looking to pay a hefty price."

"Eeyup," Big Macintosh added, staring down Taskmaster with his sisters.

Avalanche, who was trying to pick up some of the apples, just stared briefly at Taskmaster, trying to figure out who he is. He knows he's seen that face before, or rather that mask.

"Sorry, I ain't got cash, put in on my tab," Taskmaster said, brushing them off, about to make his way back to his fight with Deadpool.

"You mean your dirty thug money?" He heard, this voice sounding more Cajun. "I know who you are, Taskmaster."

Taskmaster turned to greet the pony, "Remy Lebeau, or do you prefer Gambit? I heard you were here too."

"You heard correctly mon ami," Remy said. "Like my lovely wife said, you owe her for the damages."

"Wife? You married a horse too?" Taskmaster said. "All this time I thought Spider-Man was the only one, then I hear Deadpool talking about his lovely wife and now you. Guess that weirdo goat guy wasn't pulling my leg after all."

"Weirdo goat guy?" Applejack said.

"I would appreciate you not calling my wife a 'horse', unless you're looing for trouble," Remy said, bringing out his staff.

"Come on, you really wanna bring a stick to a sword fight?" Taskmaster asked, bringing out his sword.

"Applejack, Apple Bloom, Big Mac, get to safety, I got this," Remy said. "Avalanche, you go with them."

"Hold up, you ain't doing this alone," Applejack said. "I'm helping too. Big Mac can take Apple Bloom and Avalanche to safety."

"Hey I'm not some helpless kid, I could help if I wanted to," Avalanche complained.

"Ah bet you could, but I'd rather you not get into a fight right now," Appejack said. "Just go with mah brother and sister!"

"Can't I help too?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Nope," Big Macintosh said, dragging his sister off by her tail, Avalanche reluctantly following after them.

"H-hey!" Apple Bloom shouted. "I'm sixteen and ah still don't get to do nothing!"

"Age don't equal experience lil sis," Remy said. "Let us handle this poser!"

"This should be good, let's see if you can put up a halfway decent fight!" Taskmaster shouted, going for a sword strike. Remy quickly dodged and whacked Taskmaster with his staff, but that wasn't enough to keep the man down and he knocked Remy back with the helm of his sword.

Applejack rammed into Taskmaster, but he retaliated with a punch to the farmer girl. However she quickly rebounded with a buck kick to his face, knocking him toward Remy who proceeded to whack the villain away with his staff.

"Pick a card!" Remy said, tossing a few kinetically charged cards at Taskmaster.

"Go Fish!" Taskmaster shouted, grabbing his gun and shooting the cards out of the air. He then put his gun away and quickly brought out a bow and arrow. "Heads up!"

Taskmaster fired an arrow at Remy, which he knocked out the air with his staff, same with all of the following arrows. Applejack took the time to lasso Taskmaster, but the trained fighter wasn't going down that easily. He pulled hard to knock Applejack off balance and aimed his gun at her.

Fortunately Remy was quick to knock the gun out of his hoof and whacked Taskmaster in the face with the other end of his staff.

"Starting to piss me off here!" Taskmaster shouted, slashing at Remy with his sword, the card fighter narrowly dodging. Applejack rushed to attack again but Taskmaster leapt over her, and by the time she noticed and turned around, she took a kick to her face.

"Better change up your strategy," Taskmaster said, then quickly dodged an attack from Remy and punched him away. "Your moves aren't hard to pick up!"

Applejack reached for her lasso again but Taskmaster beat her to it, rushing over to kick the mare to the ground.

"Damn, I forgot he can memorize someone's movements just from seeing them once," Remy said.

"He can what now?" Applejack asked.

"You heard the man, I got photographic memory, I just gotta see something once and I'll remember it forever," Taskmaster said. "Including your techniques."

"Memorize this!" He heard Deadpool shout, then quickly turned around to block a sword strike. "Huh, guess he saw that coming."

"Next time don't shout like a maniac," Taskmaster said, kicking Deadpool away.

"Aw, but that's the fun part," Deadpool whined.

"So is this!" Taskmaster shouted, leaping into the air and aiming his arrows. "Time to make it rain!"

He began shooting down arrows all over the place, everypony ducking to take cover. Applejack wasn't too lucky, as she took an arrow through her foreleg.

"Ow! Dang!" Applejack shouted, falling over in pain.

"Cherrie!" Remy quickly rushed over to his wife. "Oh God, don't worry I got you."

"Let your guard down!" Taskmaster shouted, rushing over to Remy with his sword. Luckily Deadpool blocked the attack with his swords.

"Now who's shouting like a maniac?" Deadpool taunted, then punched Taskmaster back. He aimed his gun to finish off the villain but Taskmaster was quick to toss a nearby leftover apple at Deadpool's gun, knocking it out of his hoof and followed up with a kick to his face.

Remy was furious though, while Taskmaster was getting ready to attack again, Remy had viscously whacked the mercenary in the face, twice with his staff and then used his magic to surround Taskmaster with cards.

"Crossed the wrong pony pal, take this!" Remy sent all the cards at Taskmaster, resulting in a huge explosion of kinetic energy. Deadpool was quick to pull Applejack away from the force, carefully as to not further aggravate her injury.

When the dust settled, Taskmaster was out. Feeling like he won Remy trotted over to Applejack, checking on her injury. "How does it feel?"

"Not good, but it's nothing ah can't come back from," Applejack said. "Ah mean, I took worse damage when Vega and Shocker came to Ponyville years back, but you remember that since you were there."

"Oh yeah, that was rough on everyone," Remy said. "Heh, all these villains and the closest we got to a reenactment of that was Mysterio and Annihilus, but that just means we're getting better."

"And you have me to help too," Deadpool boasted.

"Well, ah reckon you did, thanks Wade," Applejack said.

"Think nothing of it, I mean, you're one of my wife's best friends, hell you might even be cousins!" Deadpool said. "Plus it's nice actually doing something, feels like I'm just stuck in the background all the time, like Lyra and Bon Bon."

"Sorry if you felt that way, but we all like yah just fine, especially knowing you'll be there to give a helping hoof whenever needed," Applejack said.

"Wow, you mean that?" Deadpool asked. "Well, this is cause for celebration, I learned a little more about the Magic of Friendship. Spike, take a letter."

"...Spike's not here," Applejack said.

"Since when does Spike do what you ask him to anyway?" Remy asked.

"Never mind, I got caught up in the moment," Deadpool said. "So, now all we need to do is-"

Suddenly Deadpool took an arrow to his back, Remy turned and took one to his shoulder, the two heroes instantly downed.

"I'm not done fighting!" Taskmaster said, clearly hurt and bruised, but not ready to give up. He grabbed his sword, ready to continue his battle. "I was given a task, and I don't stop until it's done! They don't call me Taskmaster for nothin'! I'd sooner die than accept defeat!"

He rushed to attack the three, but suddenly Trixie had teleported in front of Taskmaster. "Teacup!"

Suddenly Taskmaster's sword had turned into a teacup, much to his confusion. "The hell is-" He then took a strong punch from the side, knocking him a few feet across. He looked around to see who attacked him but couldn't find anyone. "Who's there!?"

He took a few more punches from an 'invisible' fighter before that fighter grew into pony size, that being the Ant hero, Scott. "Sup bro?"

"Ant Man!?" Taskmaster shouted, he reached for his bow and arrow again but Trixie zapped that away from his hoof. The two then rushed in and hit Taskmaster with a mighty uppercut, one strong enough to finally knock him out for the moment as he landed hard on the ground, not moving an inch.

"Yeah! We did it!" Ant Man shouted, hoof bumping Trixie.

"That's the Magic of Friendship AND Teamwork!" Trixie said.

"Hey, that's great and all, I'm really happy for the two of you," Deadpool said, getting their attention. "But we kind of have injuries here!"

"Gambit! Applejack!" Scott said, rushing over with Trixie. "Taskmaster do this to you?"

"No, Hawkeye just suddenly sucked at his target practice," Remy said. "Of course it was Taskmaster!"

"Don't be salty just because we did what you couldn't," Scott teased, much to Remy's annoyance.

"Alright, let's behave now," Trixie said, turning to the injured ponies. "We'll get you some medical treatment right away. Does it hurt a lot?"

"I can take it, I'm just more worried about my wife," Remy said.

"Ah can take it too Remy, who's got the stronger muscles huh?" Applejack reminded.

"You calling me weak?" Remy playfully asked. "I'm the one guy who can sweep you off your hooves, you got muscles but your will falls to my charm."

"Keep it up and you're gonna feel mah muscles," Applejack joked.

"Well at least they're in a playful mood," Scott said. "Let's get all this cleaned up before Peter and Twilight get back."

"Hey how'd you know to come get us?" Applejack asked.

"Pinkie let us know, she said some weirdo with a skull face came to town and was raising hell," Scott said. "I honestly thought for a moment that Ghost Rider came to town, but Pinkie didn't mention anything about motorcycles."

"Ghost Rider's on our side though," Remy said.

"Yeah, I thought he was finally going after Deadpool," Scott said, much to Deadpool's concern.

"I seriously hope that dude never finds me," Deadpool said, worried about the day the cycle riding hero would show up in Equestria.

"Let's just get you three healed up," Trixie said.

"I don't need healing, my wounds heal on their own," Deadpool said, looking down. "Though they're slower than normal...that might not be a good sign."

That did raise some concern for the others, wondering what this mean for Deadpool. Trixie cleared her throat to speak up. "We'll get you checked out anyway."

"What should we do about Taskmaster?" Scott asked, gesturing to the villain.

"Use mah lasso to restrain him," Applejack said. "We'll talk to Twilight and see what she wants to do."

"I just hope things are going well for her in Canterlot," Scott said, thinking of the mare, who so wanted to open a school in Equestria.

Off in the distance, Discord had observed the battle from his Crystal Ball, seeming a bit disappointed. "I thought he'd last longer."

"Guess he's not as good as you thought he was," Sonata said. "He didn't even get to Spider-Mane."

"Even I think Spider-Man would have whooped him," Shocker said. "Kid's grown past Taskmaster by this point."

"Yes, I do believe you make a fair point," Discord said. "Question is, who should I grab next?"

"Someone who can fight?" Shocker said. "Better yet, wouldn't it be better to send everyone out now?"

"No, not yet, there's still so much to keep track of," Discord said. "We still have the potential Changeling Invasion, I have to see if Peter can really talk things out with Queen Chrysalis first. If he can, then we know who else to battle against, if he can't, well that's just another potential ally."

"Who else are you looking to get?" Shocker asked. "Are you gonna keep picking from my Earth? There aren't that many decent guys left, actually most of the other ones are probably too much, even for you."

"Yeah, why not try from Equestria?" Sonata asked. "Aren't their any more here who want to take down the Princesses?"

"There might be, I'll have to look into this some more, right now I know that a mare named Starlight Glimmer might prove to be a valuable ally," Discord said. "Plus that Kai in the Dragon World could come to me with a bit of a push."

"The Dragon World? With those Saiyan guys?" Shocker asked. "You said they won't join us right?"

"In the past, maybe we could have had Saiyans but now, that's really unlikely," Discord said. "Especially after that battle against Majin Buu."

"Majin Who?" Shocker asked.

"Not Who, Buu," Discord said. "But speaking of other words, I think I'm done limiting myself to just Marvel, I might need to pick from Capcom. Perhaps a new Nemesis is in need at the moment, I just need someone to properly lead him...hm, Lead..." Discord grinned from ear to ear. "This is gonna be so much fun!"

Discord snapped away, leaving Shocker with Sonata, both just confused at the moment.

"I'm almost regretting my decision to work with this guy," Shocker said.

"It won't be so bad, but I kind of really want to see that Dragon World, it sounds amazing," Sonata said.

"I don't, those Saiyans sound freaking terrifying," Shocker said.

"Ooh, if only we could go..." Sonata said, looking to Shocker. "Unless..."

"No, whatever you're thinking, don't do it!" Shocker said.

"Oh come on, it could be fun, we'll go see it for just a little bit," Sonata said.

"Not a good idea, they might discover us and then what? We're dead!" Shocker said.

"Well I'm gonna go, you can just stay here," Sonata said, going to find some way to make a portal.

Shocker knew he could just leave it at that, let her be on her own and not worry about this girl whatsoever. But the more he tried not thinking about it, the more his conscious would not let him leave this girl to endanger herself.

"Dammit, I'm suppose to be a bad guy here, I'm getting to soft," Shocker said, then rushed to find the naïve siren. "Hey Sonata, wait up!"

Another adventure was at hand, or hoof depending on the view. Things continue to change for better and worse.