• Published 3rd Jun 2018
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Spiders and Magic: Avengers Assemble - Masterob

With more superheroes in Equestria, plus other worlds, thing might get even more chaotic. The adventures of the Elements and Marvel Heroes continues.

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Realizing Potential

Back at Ponyville, Peter was still in Sugarcube Corner, talking with Pinkie Pie while his daughter tutored the Cakes upstairs, with Flurry tagging along.

"What's gonna happen with that Capcom portal open? Are they gonna fight you and the other heroes again? Because Deadpool wants another chance against that Strider Hiryu guy," Pinkie Pie said.

"I can take him, he's not so tough!" Deadpool shouted from the kitchen.

"I don't know of there's gonna be another Marvel vs. Capcom, but I do know that they plan on actually trying to be our allies so time will tell," Peter said.

"Oh, so they actually do wanna be our friends!? That's great! Maybe I can throw them a party! Dante says he likes parties," Pinkie said.

"That sounds cool, though I get the idea that Dante parties really hard," Peter said.

"I wanna fight Dante too!" Deadpool shouted from the kitchen.

"They're not here to fight us! Don't start throwing around challenges!" Peter warned.

"No promises!" Deadpool shouted, much to Peter’s annoyance.

Pinkie took a bite out of a cake as she thought over her next statement, "Still, what about Ryu? Is he being nice?"

"Yeah, he's actually a pretty friendly guy, unfortunately he feels like he has to make things up to me, even though I'm not even mad anymore. I don't think I ever was really that mad in the fist place, just a tad bit disappointed," Peter said.

"It's still nice at least, he just wants to make up for being such a meanie-pants," Pinkie said.

"He wasn't really being a 'meanie-pants', he was just too proud, besides from what he told me, I probably deserve it, I guess I upset them on occasion with my taunting," Peter said.

"Aw, don't blame yourself, you were just having too much fun, but I know how it feels, sometimes I talk too much and hurt somepony's feelings by mistake. I always feel bad when that happens, maybe you should just tell them you're sorry if you hurt their feelings, then they'll be happy and hopefully they'll say sorry for being mean about it," Pinkie said.

Peter looked a little impressed, "You're so much smarter than most ponies give you credit for, thanks Pinkie."

Pinkie squeed, "Anything for you Peter, I love you THIS MUCH!" Pinkie pulled Peter into a really strong hug.

"Ok Pinkie, I get it...ow, that actually kinda hurts..." Soon Peter felt some pain in his back. "Um Pinkie, can you ease up...please, apparently you're also much stronger than..."

Pinkie realized and let go, "Sorry, I got a little carried away."

"That's fine, I'm really flattered, but wow you're strong, makes sense since you grew up on a rock farm," Peter said.

"If you think I'm strong, wait til you see how strong Maud is! Also Limestone when she's really mad," Pinkie said.

"She once threw me into a mountain!" Deadpool shouted.

"That doesn't surprise me," Peter said, rolling his eyes a bit.

Meanwhile in Canterlot, Celestia had approached Mega Man and Chun Li, "How was it, the future, was it that bad?"

"Very bad, those Changelings are no joke," Chun Li said.

"Yeah, they're really mean creatures," Mega Man said.

"I see, what are the odds of them being reasoned with?" Celestia asked.

Chun Li shrugged, "Not too good honestly."

"I doubt they'd listen to reason," Mega Man said.

"I see..." Celestia said, a little concerned.

Chun Li looked curious, "Wait, why did you wanna know?"

"Peter believes he can reason with them, prevent a fight before it starts," Celestia said.

"Huh? Why would he consider such a dumb idea?" Mega Man asked, getting a glare and light growl from Chun Li, causing him to think of a better way to say it. "What I mean is, I get that he wants to avoid a fight, and I can't blame him because I don't always like fighting when I don't have to, but he's gotta understand these things are probably too dangerous to listen to reason. I'd hate to see any of your ponies getting hurt because he was too naïve to realize their danger."

Chun Li nodded, "Peter's a pure guy, but he can't let his good nature cloud his judgement, he might be putting himself and his loved ones at risk."

"I see, very well then, I will speak with Peter on the matter, but I do have one request from you, try not to say anything to anyone or anypony though, it might sound a bit...excessive, but I need to ensure the safety of my subjects," Chun Li said.

"Of course, what is it your majesty?" Chun Li asked.

"The day they're supposed to come and Peter attempts to make peace, bring some of your strongest men and be on stand-by, make sure nopony sees you though, so keep a distance but be ready to fight. If the Changelings attempt to hurt Peter...I want you to immediately target their Queen, even if it means ending her, the rest are likely to leave," Celestia said.

Chun Li looked a little surprised, she hadn't expected this from Equestria's Ruler, she assumed like many of the ponies she's met that they would rather friendship to fighting, but even ponies would worry for the safety and well-being of not just themselves, but others.

"Will do Princess, I do hope Peter's right though, if he can get them to change then at least your kingdom has a new ally," Chun Li said.

"Yeah, no need for unnecessary enemies," Mega Man said.

Chun Li glared at Mega Man slightly, "Does that mean you'll try to be more respectful of Peter?"

Mega Man looked aside, some resentment on his face, "I have my reasons for not liking Spider-Man, and it's not just because of Ryu, Chris or Dante."

"While I can't speak for Chris and Dante, I do know Ryu has learned to appreciate Peter, and considering how much you look up to Ryu, and how much you value being his friends then I should think that you would pay mind to that as well, I know you don't wanna lose Ryu as a friend" Chun Li said.

Mega Man huffed and spoke in a low tone, "Ryu's not the only one who's friendship I would lose because of Peter..."

Chun Li looked curiously at Mega Man, "Did you say something?"

Mega Man shook his head, "Nothing important...if you don't need me, I'll just go back to my world." With that Mega Man trotted over to the Capcom portal, his home right on the other side.

Celestia could tell that Mega Man was troubled by something, "Something seems to be bothering him, is he alright?"

Chun Li shrugged, "I'm not sure anymore, he's usually a kind boy, and a great hero who would do anything to protect others, but whenever Peter is brought up, he just gets angry. I mean during the Marvel vs. Capcom rivalry, he always had some degree of respect for the Marvel Heroes, even Iron Man, despite a few jokes on his behalf. But like I said, Peter just rubbed everyone the wrong way."

"Peter has such an unusual charm, you either really like him, or dislike him," Celestia said.

"Yeah, it seems like there's usually no middle with him, I admit I've grown to really like Peter, he's so nice, charming and funny...sometimes, he still pokes fun at my legs but I've gotten used to that, it's just how he does things," Chun Li said.

"Has Peter said anything bad about Mega Man?" Celestia asked.

"That's the thing, Mega Man is actually one of the few Capcom Fighters that Peter liked almost immediately, aside from Ryu and Spencer...well he liked Spencer's arm, I still remember the first thing Peter said to him."


"Whoa...You have a Metal Arm!? That is awesome dude! Hey guys, there's a guy with a metal arm, it looks so cool!" Spider-Man called out, looking for his allies.

Nathan Spencer just stood there, really confused at that exchange. "That guy's such a weirdo."

End Flashback

"Spencer thought for a moment that Peter was poking fun at his arm, but when he saw how fascinated Peter was with other technology, like Mega Man's mechanics, he was convinced that Peter was a nerd," Chun Li said.

"Technology...sometimes I wonder if that's even a good thing at times," Celestia said.

"Not always, I've seen what some have used science for, like the T-Virus that makes those B.O.W.s Chris Redfield and his allies fight, or the Bionic Project that Spencer went through and their plans to use Biomech robots to rule our world, even a lot of robots Mega Man fights off," Chun Li said.

Celestia nodded, not saying much more about the subject. "Anyway, maybe you should go check on your friend, he looks bothered."

Chun Li looked back to the portal Mega Man went through, "Yeah I'm pretty worried myself, Rock's always been like a little brother to me, though that's changed in recent years. I'm not sure if it's me or what?" She looked back to Celestia, "You're an older sister, what's your take?"

"If he is like my sister, then he'll really need your affection. I'm not proud to admit this, but I have at times neglected my younger sister, I didn't realize how much it was hurting her until it was too late. Thankfully we got a second chance and I've done what I could to make up for it, but I still wish I could have done things better the first time around," Celestia said.

Chun Li glanced aside, wondering even more about Luna. "Your sister, she really cares about Peter, I noticed that she'll always come to his defense...is there a reason for that?"

"Yes, because Peter was one of the first to show her true friendship. He was the first not to be afraid when he saw her. He was the first to relate to her troubles. He's also always the first to be there for her when she needs it most. My sister loves Peter almost as much as his wife does, and her one regret is never telling him that when she had the chance, but even so Peter continues to be there for her," Celestia said.

"Wow...it almost sounds like they could have ended up as a couple, just like Peter and Twilight," Chun Li said, somewhat understanding Luna's emotions, but at the same time growing suspicious of the night Princess.

"It came close yes, but Luna is still very happy for Twilight, I just wish she herself could move on," Celestia said.

Chun Li did a half shrug, "Peter seems to have that affect, once you know a guy like him, most other guys just don't live up to that. He's smart, very cute, got a great personality, humorous and strong. Seems like the only thing he's not good at is managing his emotions, but no one's perfect I guess."

"Peter does wish he could fly after all," Celestia said.

Chun Li snickered a bit, "So he can be like Superman?"

"Perhaps yes," Celestia said, with an amused smile.

Soon Spencer had approached Chun Li, "We need to start heading back to our world, we still have things to do there after all."

Chun Li nodded, "Right, we'll leave back to our world soon." Chun Li turned to Celestia and bowed her head, "Thank you for your time Princess."

"My pleasure Miss Chun Li," Celestia said, doing a slight bow of her own.

"Call us whenever you need us, we're just a portal away," Spencer said.

"Will do," Celestia said.

Hours later, the Cacpom Fighters had returned to Canterlot, going through the portals one by one. Even Peter arrived, seeing Ryu off.

"Take care Ryu, come by and visit anytime," Peter said.

"I will," Ryu said, then noticed Sunset standing there shyly. "I hope to see you again soon Sunset Shimmer, perhaps you can come visit my world," Ryu said.

Sunset nodded a little, using her mane to hide her blush, "Thanks, I'll take you up on that, I hope to see you soon."

Ryu nodded and walked through his portal with his allies, all of them having said their own good-byes.

"Now we have two portals opened, next up the Namco portal," Twilight said.

"Hope that one won't be too much of a challenge," Sunset said.

"Capcom's technology could help, plus we know at least some parts of Namco are strong in magic," Peter said.

"We’ll know soon enough," Cadance said.

With that, everypony started returning home, Cadance and Shining Armor returned to the Crystal Empire with Flurry, Ponyville's heroes also returned home, though once back in the Golden Oaks Library, Twilight can't help but wonder what Mega Man meant by something he said. Despite Logan's attempts to cover up, Twilight now had her worries and wonders.

Once she and Peter were in their room, Twilight decided to come fourth about her problem.

"Hey, Peter, mind if I ask you a quick question?" Twilight asked.

Peter turned to Twilight, "What's up?"

"It's...listen when I ask, please promise you won't get too upset, I just need to know something and all I ask is your honesty. I promise I'll listen and won't get too mad, but I am curious," Twilight said.

Peter felt a bit worried, wonder what Twilight meant, "Um, sure, I guess."

Twilight sat on the bed and urged Peter to sit next to her, which he wasted little time doing. "It's about Sweetie Belle...the one from the future."

Peter felt a wave of worry pass through, why is she bringing this topic up? "What about her?"

"She was flirty with you right?" Twilight asked. Upon receiving a worried nod, she continued. "How flirty exactly? Like did she seem like she really wanted you? Was it just playfulness? Was it love? How did she act when you were there?"

Peter felt really uncomfortable, he still hasn't fully gotten over what happened and still feels guilty. "Um, she just seemed...like how can I say this...?"

"Was it like say Felicia Hardy where she only did it to have fun? Or like how this timeline's Sweetie Belle is with her crush? Or how Rarity once was with her charm?" Twilight asked.

Peter rubbed his head, he felt really confused by all this, "I don't even know, she just kept kissing me, catching me by surprise and stuff, why?"

"It seems weird that when she was here last, she flirted with you, but it seemed mostly playful. I never would have guessed she would try to get you in bed with her. Granted she has gotten close to you, though she's also been close with me, in fact she only felt comfortable flirting with you if I were around it seems," Twilight said.

"Different situations, the only times she's really been close with me was when things were really bad," Peter said.

"True, but you honestly don't remember anything from the first time?" Twilight asked.

"No, I just blacked out, whenever I did get close to her it seems like it was never intentional," Peter said, still looking a bit worried.

Twilight noticed his discomfort, so she placed her hoof on his, "Please don't be worried, like I said I'm not mad, just curious."

Peter nodded, "I still don't remember much though, the only thing I remember is her flirting with me, I fought my urges because I still wanted to be with you...I guess I was too weak in the end."

Twilight felt terrible when she noticed a tear come from Peter's eyes, "You went through a lot, like I said I'm not mad anymore, I wish it didn't happen but I'm not angry, I just want to figure some stuff out so this could be avoided with another mare, not that I think a similar situation will happen again."

Peter wiped his eyes, "I really wish you were with me Twilight, I couldn't stand a world where you weren't with me...I never really realized how much I needed you until after that."

Twilight gave Peter a reassuring hug, "I'm here now, I love you. It's just that because I love you I want to figure certain things out. You did something you regret, I just wanna help you make sense of it so you stop beating yourself up over it."

"I just want to take that back, I don't love Sweetie Belle in that way," Peter said.

"I know Peter, I'm just wondering if she really loved you or if she had another reason," Twilight said.

"Another reason? Like what? You mean trying to keep me from feeling too...down?" Peter asked.

"No...I'm just wondering if...she was in heat when it happened," Twilight confessed.

Peter looked curious, "Huh? In heat? What makes you say that?"

"I just find it weird that she flirted with you so much, I know she always had a crush on you, but it just doesn't seem like her, even Luna would never do that, and she loves you almost as much as I do," Twilight said.

Peter thought back to her flirty nature, the parts he could remember it seemed like she really wanted his affection, though she always struggled with something. But if she was in heat, could that mean...

"I...I really don't know if she was. But why, do you think she was in heat?" Peter asked.

"I'm not sure, I'm just guessing," Twilight said, not wanting to explain her real reason.

Peter shrugged, "I don't understand what happened that night, I still feel a bit angry at her for that. But I'm just happy I get to be with you, that's all I care about in the end. I would have to be pretty foolish to not realize how much of a great girl you are, who else can look past my mistakes and see anything of value in somepony like me. I know you hate when I say things about myself like that but still-"

"Lay down," Twilight instructed, interrupting Peter.

"Excuse me?" Peter asked.

"I said, lay down," Twilight ordered, pushing Peter down on the bed, taking him by surprise.

"Whoa Twilight, what's gotten into-" Peter's question were interrupted by a strong kiss, one Twilight went really deep with. She pulled away, her tongue pulled from Peter's mouth, taking some of his saliva with her.

"I told you, if you doubt yourself, I will make you stop doubting yourself," Twilight said, giving another strong and sloppy kiss.

Peter wasn't gonna complain, he just let his wife have a little fun, holding her close and letting her assert herself. Twilight again broke away, "Show your love to me Peter."

The two continued their passionate and somewhat messy make-out session, allowing it to become something much more, despite the annoyances from everypony else in the house, namely a certain Avenger and her husband.

"That's it! They wanna play it that way, we can do better!" Janet said.

"What are you-" Spike was interrupted when Janet placed a forceful kiss on him.

"You're making love to me, right now!" Janet ordered.

Before Spike could say anything, Janet once again resumed her make-out session, hoping to outdo Peter and Twilight when it comes to making love.

Later on, Fluttershy heard a knock on her door, and answered it to see Trixie. "Let me guess, Peter and Twilight are having a romantic moment?"

"Yes, and apparently Janet and Spike had a similar idea," Trixie said.

Fluttershy looked around, "Are Mayday and Aunt May here?"

"They went to Sweet Apple Acres, Aunt May had to come up with something, but we're kinda used to it by now," Trixie said.

"Well come on inside then," Fluttershy said, gesturing her friend inside her home.

"Thanks again for your hospitality," Trixie said.

"Anytime, I know you do the same for Laura and Lightning during my...romantic moments," Fluttershy said with a blush.

"Must be fun having a husband I guess," Trixie said, trotting off, Fluttershy escorting her to a bed.

Back into the distant future, Future Sweetie Belle is staring out into the long night sky, looking over the ponies of Canterlot and listening out for others in need of help.

She then heard somepony trotted and looked to see Leon making his way over, "It's kinda late, doesn't your friend Pinkie Pie watch over the night?"

"Yeah, but I think the night is pretty, don't you?" Sweetie Belle asked.

Leon nodded, "Yeah, sometimes at least." Leon sat next to Sweetie Belle, watching the night with her.

"What about you? Aren't you tired?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"I've pulled all nighters before, like my first time in Raccoon City. I entered the city in the day, didn't leave until the morning," Leon said.

"That must have been rough," Sweetie Belle said with a chuckle.

"Yeah, busy night for me, first of many," Leon said with a partial smile.

Sweetie looked far out, "Funny, Luna believed once that nopony loved the night, hence why she wanted everlasting night when she was controlled by The Nightmare."

"Nightmare huh? What is that anyway?" Leon asked.

"Some type of mystical force that controls you. Luna was controlled by it once, turned her into Nightmare Moon," Sweetie Belle said.

"Wow, sounds similar to something Parker went through I believe," Leon said.

"He was taken over by The Symbiote, I think he was called Venom or something," Sweetie Belle said.

"Actually it was a name used by another, but I did hear about Peter's alien suit," Leon said.

Sweetie turned to Leon, "How about you? Ever had something like that?"

"Sorta, some time ago. I got infected with a virus and at times it nearly controlled me, real pain honestly," Leon Belle said.

"Sounds like it," Sweetie Belle said with a slight chuckle. Leon himself let out a chuckle, much to her surprise, "I'm glad you're here Leon, it means a lot."

"I haven't done much yet, the true test starts soon," Leon said.

Sweetie Belle nuzzled him a bit, "I know you'll do great."

"Thanks, we at Capcom would accept any challenge after all," Leon said.

"Even Superman?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Let's not get carried away," Leon said with a slight chuckle.

Sweetie Belle giggled, then thought of something. "Sometimes I wonder, how many other worlds are like this one? Are there many other Dystopian Futures?"

"It's possible, Capcom has some time travel stuff too, not always alternates though, some futures can change, but I guess not all of them," Leon said. "But I'm confident you're not alone, who knows, maybe one day you'll encounter someone like you, someone who stayed strong despite the challenges, someone who's only gotten better, someone who knows a bad future, but does what they can to make the best of it."

Sweetie Belle blushed a little at Leon's compliments, "I hope so." Sweetie Belle cuddled closer to Leon, prompting him to wrap his foreleg around her as the two continued to look out into the night for a bit, wondering what's ahead for them, and if there truly are others like them.

In another room, Pinkie Pie, who had just finished getting baby Junior to fall asleep, looked into the reflection of her sword, wondering how much longer until there is true peace. As she twirled it, a brief glimpse of another future warrior could be seen, as in another world, a young man, who has had his world destroyed by Androids was looking into his sword in a similar way, knowing he's the only one who can continue to keep his future safe.

Meanwhile as everything was happening, a certain Draconequess had been watching, looking very curious.

"So now both Marvel and Capcom have had their portals opened thanks to the magic Twilight Sparkle, her fellow Princesses, Sunset Shimmer and Doctor Strange, plus the technology from the Capcom world, now there's even more for me to use in my grand plan," Discord said with a grin.

"What exactly are you planning?" Discord heard. He turned and to his surprise, saw an enemy of Spider-Man, Shocker.

"Interested now are we Shocker? Anyway my original plan was to bring a little chaos to Equestria, and have a little fun with our favorite Superhero Spider-Mane. I hoped to have my little group go in and cause some trouble, but with Spider-Mane's friends here, plus the portals to both Marvel and Capcom being opened, it might be a little more difficult than I expected unfortunately," Discord explained.

"I still don't get why you're so interested in Spider-Man, then again this whole world loves him for some reason. Back in our world even those he saved treated him like trash, almost felt sorry for the guy...almost," Shocker said.

"Well in this world he's much more valuable, and more fun. But now my team isn't enough, I'm gonna need more if I want my plan to work, though I do hope you reconsider your original plans and decide to join us," Discord said.

"I'm still not entirely sure, I don't get this plan of yours. Plus I think Goblin himself would be enough considering he almost took over the multi-verse," Shocker said.

"He's not as strong as he once was, plus I don't want him to have too much power, I don't think Tirek would like that very much," Discord said.

"That Tirek guy is weird, what's his deal anyway?" Shocker said.

"Don't worry about it, for now I need to search the Marvel world for some allies, plus now I have the Capcom world, I think I know a certain group who would love to see Peter again, and get a little revenge for their recent failure," Discord said.

Shocker shook his head, "You're really going all out. Not sure if I want to see Wesker or Vergil again, they might be pretty pissed that me, Vega and Lightning Dust went on off on our own."

"You had goals and ambitions, I'm sure they'll respect that, probably," Discord said, moving some locations around in his crystal ball.

"Still, recruiting these super villains from three worlds? That seems like a lot," Shocker said.

"Of course, and who knows, maybe I'll try searching other worlds, even ones they don't know about. One world in particular has really strong fighters, and some are good for destruction. They're quite, Super, I would say," Discord said.

"I don't get your pun, and I really don't care, I'm leaving," Shocker said, trotting off as Discord made his plans.

"Looks like Celestia's worries were valid since Twilight's little experiments did weaken the links a little, so I may be able to make portals soon myself, and that much closer to those Saiyans, but this could be a chance to see if I can access other portals and see the warriors there," Discord said.

As Shocker trotted off, he passed by one of The Dazzlings, Sonata Dusk.

"Hey Shocker, what's Discord doing?" Sonata asked. "He's been looking at that Crystal Ball all day."

"Something to do with Spider-Man, I really don't care," Shocker said.

"Oh, Spider-Mane again. Hey are you gonna help us fight against him? You were one of his enemies, like the Goblin guy and the one made of Electricity," Sonata said.

Shocker shrugged, "I'm not really sure. I might have to since Discord's probably gonna need my help. Maybe getting another chance to go after Spider-Man won't be that bad."

"Ok, I bet it's gonna be fun!" Sonata said.

Shocker sighed, "Sure kid, whatever makes you happy."

Shocker walked off with Sonata following, trying to ask more questions, much to Shocker's annoyance.

Discord still looked into the Crystal Ball and had a smirk. "I think I found the first to help in my plans."

Author's Note:

That’s the end of the Portals Arc, next is the start of a new arc, Avengers action will get moving.