• Published 3rd Jun 2018
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Spiders and Magic: Avengers Assemble - Masterob

With more superheroes in Equestria, plus other worlds, thing might get even more chaotic. The adventures of the Elements and Marvel Heroes continues.

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Prepping an Unpredictable Future

In the Capcom world, Peter and Twilight are sitting in a meeting room with Chun Li, as well as several of her allies. While Peter remembered most of them, Twilight was having a slightly difficult time trying to pinpoint who was who. She of course recognized Spencer, Strider and Mega Man, but that was all.

"Um, Peter?" Twilight whispered to her husband. "This might sound embarrassing, but I don't remember all their names."

"Don't worry, I got this," Peter said, then called their attention. "Great seeing you all again, now I know you've seen her already but I still feel the need to introduce my wife. This is Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship."

Twilight bowed her head, "It's nice to formally meet you all."

A man in a green vest stood up, "My name is Carlos Oliviera, I work with the BSAA alongside Chris Redfield and my friend Jill Valentine."

A woman in a red beret and green one piece stood up next, "I'm Cammy White, a member of Delta Red, and a good friend of Chun Li's."

A robot in red stood up next, "I'm Zero, I'm a fighter robot like Mega Man, and I'm a close friend and ally to X."

A man in a green tank top, with pants to match stood up. Twilight somewhat recognized him from the hair alone, it was very unique. "I'm Guile, I'm part of this world's army. It's a pleasure to meet you Princess Twilight."

"You don't need to refer to me as 'Princess', I don't want you to hold me in a higher regard than any of you," Twilight said.

"You're quite a modest girl, good manners too." He turned his attention to Peter. "How the hell did you get her to marry you?"

Peter furrowed his brow in annoyance, "Why does everyone sound so surprised whenever I introduce Twilight as my wife? Is it that hard to believe that-"

"Yes," everyone in the room interrupted.

Peter crossed his arms in frustration, "Jerks."

Chun Li gestured everyone to relax themselves, "Come on, let's be nice to Peter, we don't want to hurt his feelings."

"Hey don't make me sound like a little kid, I can handle a little criticism, I had to do it for years with old JJ dragging my name through mud," Peter said.

"I thought you were really popular in your world?" Carlos asked.

"Please, a good amount of the public used to hate me because of what those articles used to say," Peter said.

"I doubt anyone took those seriously," Twilight insisted. "You need to give yourself more credit, a lot of people seemed fond of you when I went to your world the first time."

"If it makes you feel better, many in our world seem to revere you and the Marvel heroes," Guile said.

"Especially the X-Men," Strider added. "A lot of aspiring heroes in this world look up to them, especially Wolverine."

"Huh, so Logan has his share of fans," Peter said.

"Yes, one young girl I know, she's always wanted to have an all out battle with Wolverine," Strider said.

"Wow really?" Peter asked. "She someone I know or a newer hero?"

"I'm not sure if you've ever met her, she's part of the Street Fighter tournaments, but I don't believe she's had a chance to interact with you," Strider said.

This gained Chun Li's curiosity as well, "A Street Fighter? Wait Strider, who are you talking about?"

"Wait, is this that ninja girl you've been helping Guy train recently?" Spencer asked.

"Ibuki?" Chun Li asked. "She wants to do battle against Wolverine? All out?"

"Believe it or not, yes," Strider said. "She trains hard with Guy and myself to reach that goal."

"Wow, I'm sure Logan will be flattered to know that," Twilight said. "But anyway, we should get to why we're here."

"Yeah," Peter said, before focusing on the entire group. "The reason me and Twilight are here is because of something we just found out. We know that the villains who attacked our world a few years ago have escaped."

There was a brief silence in the room, most of the fighters having looks of discomfort. They hoped that Equestria, or at least the Marvel Heroes wouldn't find out about this just yet.

"Yeah, that was our slip up," Spencer admitted.

"Do you know how they escaped?" Peter asked.

"From the surveillance footage, as well as the explanations we got from the guards, a woman named Juri Han was responsible," Guile said.

"Juri is a member of a group called S.I.N., which is a partner organization to Shadoloo," Chun Li explained.

"Shadoloo's the group that Bison leads right?" Peter asked.

"Correct, my guess is that Bison had alerted them to the Equestrian Invasion and they were most likely going to come into your world. Obviously that didn't happen given Wesker's defeat, but it did show that he had a back up plan should something have gone wrong for him," Chun Li explained.

"After they escaped they somehow disappeared, no trace of them at all," Carlos added.

"So they could be anywhere?" Peter asked. "Is there a chance they could have escaped back into Equestria?"

"We're not sure," Zero said. "We don't know if Wesker even has access to that technology."

"Doom was the reason he was able to enter Equestria, that type of technology would be hard to come by," Cammy said.

"What about magic?" Peter asked. "Doctor Strange was capable of opening a portal with magic, and others have traveled with magic as well."

"Yes, can Vergil's magic create a portal?" Twilight asked.

Spencer rubbed his chin in thought, "Good question, though I don't know if Vergil's strong enough to create that type of magic, especially since he's the only one in Wesker's group that can do something like that."

"I believe you all had trouble opening the portals with just your own magic," Chun Li said. "And even if he could make a temporary portal, I do wonder if they would risk that, it would mean they can't leave Equestria."

"Unless they find an ally there," Peter said. "I mean they were in Tartarus, who knows what kind of allies they probably made there."

"They could still be in Equestria though," Twilight said. "Remember what Cap said, they never found Doom after the invasion ended, he could be helping them."

"Wait, Doom survived?" Spencer asked. "The way Dante made it sound he should have been dead."

"I don't blame him for thinking that," Strider said. "That attack seemed deadly."

"If Doom's alive, he might be on his way into our world," Zero said.

"At least we're not the only ones who screwed up then," Spencer joked. "The Avengers just had one guy to take care of, we had four."

"Mistakes happen, let's not pass blame," Peter said.

"Villains are not easy to catch, or at least keep detained," Zero said. "It's on us to make sure we stay at the top of our game at all times."

"Right, for now we'll continue to keep watch for any sign of trouble," Guile said. "We will protect everyone across the dimensions."

"And, everypony too," Chun Li added with a slight wink to Peter and Twilight.

"Huh, learning Equestria lingo, cool," Peter said.

"That confused me though," Zero admitted. "Why 'everypony'? What's the difference? Plus what if they're not ponies? You said you have a dragon in your world."

Twilight shrugged, "It's just how we say things, but you do bring up a point about the other creatures. Though we say stuff 'anyone' and 'everyone' as well, we just have some extra vocabulary."

"Huh, didn't expect a grammar lesson out of this meeting," Carlos said.

"Well, it's little things like that which help us understand the different universes and the lifestyles they bring," Chun Li said. "Nothing wrong with a little extra knowledge of some things."

"Knowledge is a great source of power, use it well my friends, for it shall carry you to glorious victory!" Peter said in a deep, heroic like voice. That just got him an odd stare from everyone in the room. "What?"

"What...was that?" Chun Li asked.

"I was trying to be motivational, like Captain America," Peter said.

"Well, it sucked," Spencer pointed out bluntly, getting murmurs of agreements among the others.

"Why is everyone from Capcom so mean to me?" Peter said, crossing his arms while making a pouty face.

"Aw, my poor Peter," Twilight said in an affectionate mock tone. "Don't worry, I'm still here for you."

"I guess that's ok," Peter said in fake sadness.

"Alright, take the mushiness back to your world, I think this meeting's done," Guile said.

"I'll escort them back, besides it's getting late," Chun Li said.

"Right, Mayday's probably wondering where we are," Peter said.

"Mayday? Who's that again?" Guile asked.

"My daughter, you probably saw her at the tournament," Peter said.

"Oh right, small little Pegasus, I remember her. Cute kid, I got a daughter myself, though she's much older now," Guile said.

"Your daughter acted strange when she saw me some time ago," Mega Man said.

Spencer chuckled a bit, "I remember that, easy to tell she gets her dorkiness from Spider-Man."

"Hey! Why is it me?" Peter said. "Maybe she gets it from Twilight!"

Twilight glared hard at Peter, causing him to flinch. "If by 'dorky' you mean 'overly passionate' then yes, I would agree she gets that from me."

"Mind your wife Spider-Man," Carlos teased.

Peter rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to Guile, "So you have a daughter of your own too? Not sure if I knew that."

"Yeah, my own little girl, though not so little any more," Guile said. "Man, it felt like is was just the other day I saw her taking her first steps."

"Mayday is growing up pretty fast as well," Peter said. "Getting worried that one day she won't need me anymore."

"Don't be silly, I don't think any child would stop needing their parent, I mean your aunt who's like your mother still lives with you, correct?" Chun Li asked.

"Yeah, I guess," Peter said.

"And I still love going to see my parents, you've been with me Peter, you see how excited I get," Twilight said.

"Besides your daughter idolizes you, for good reasons too," Spencer said. "You may annoy the hell out of us sometimes, but you're always a good man Parker. I'm sure if you have more kids they'll idolize you too."

"Me and Peter would like to try for another child soon, we're just waiting for the right moment," Twilight said, with a slight blush.

Chun Li stood up, "Well until that time, let me get you home."

"Gome home and be a family man Parker," Guile said.

As the good-byes were said and Chun Li escorted the couple back through the portal, Spencer spoke up again. "Peter's daughter is quite honestly one of the sweetest and brightest little girls I've been privileged to meet. Peter and Twilight do everything to protect their daughter be it from threats in the Marvel world or Equestria, and the last thing we need is something bad happening to her because our world failed to capture our own enemies. I don't think I could forgive myself if anything bad happened to Mayday because of our enemies, I know Ryu, Chris and Dante wouldn't be able to live with themselves if guys like Bison, Wesker or Vergil got to Mayday." Spencer clenched his fist hard, glaring hard into it as he continued speaking. "It's our duty to make sure kids like Mayday grow up to have a future, they shouldn't have to worry about our mistakes." He again focused on the fighters in the room. "So let's do our best to keep them safe, you're all with me right?"

"Damn right we are," Carlos said. "We got your back Spencer."

"Yeah, I have a daughter to protect as well," Guile said.

"No one should suffer so long as we can do something about it," Cammy said.

"I don't want to see Mayday get hurt either, even if she is a bit weird. I'm with you all the way through," Mega Man said.

"We'll protect all the worlds we can," Zero said.

"We will also recruit others to our cause," Strider said.

"Our world may not have The Avengers, but that's where we come in. We need to step up and become just as united as they are, it's time Capcom got their own Avengers," Spencer said.

"That sounds like a great idea, but then what are we going to call ourselves?" Carlos asked. "The Capcom Avengers?"

"How about, the Capcom Combo?" Mega Man asked. "Sounds pretty cool right?"

Spencer shrugged, "Eh, we'll think about it. Anyway let's start discussing some plans, and reaching out to find more allies."

The group was in total agreement, they would do their best to keep the multiverse safe, and do it their own way.

Meanwhile with Sonata, the ditzy Siren was staring into Discord's crystal ball, trying to figure it out. "Wish I knew how Discord worked this thing."

"The hell are you doing?" she heard from nearby. She turned to see Shocker making his way over.

"Hi Hermie, I'm just trying to figure out this crystal ball of Discord's," Sonata said, then moved it around some more, getting increasingly frustrated. "But I can't figure the stupid thing out."

"First, I told you not to call me 'Hermie', second why are you touching Discord's crystal ball?" Shocker asked.

"I want to see more of those Saiyajins," Sonata said.

"It's 'Saiyans', and why do you want to do that?" Shocker asked.

"Because I'm curious, Discord keeps mentioning them, and I want to see how strong they are," Sonata said.

"Just be careful, I don't want you accidentally summoning them over here, not in the mood to fight a couple of freakishly strong guys," Shocker said.

"Relax, it'll be fine," Sonata said, going back to figuring out the crystal ball.

Shocker shrugged it off, "Fine, have at you." He started to trot away, leaving Sonata to the crystal ball.

“Wonder if there really are only two left?” Sonata wondered as she continued to mess with the ball.

The train stopped at Ponyville late in the evening, getting off were Peter and Twilight, the couple eager to make their way home and get some rest. Between Peter having fought off some villains and spending hours talking to Capcom, he was understandably tired, and Twilight herself just wanted to lay down and relax for a change.

"Busy day, and we still need to go back tomorrow," Peter said.

"Well talking with Chun Li and her friends did have some enlightening information, plus it's nice to meet with some of the others, usually when it comes to Capcom we mostly interact with the same five fighters it seems," Twilight said.

"I've met most of them already so it's nothing new to me," Peter said. "I still think Guile has a goofy looking hairstyle."

"Peter..." Twilight said, almost ready to lecture.

"Sorry, but I just find it kinda weird," Peter said.

"Well I like Guile, he seems like a really nice guy," Twilight said. "Anyway we should talk to the others soon about what Chun Li's told us."

"Yeah, maybe tomorrow," Peter said. He faced the train behind him, "Also, how long are you staying Sunset?"

Sunset Shimmer made her way off the train, the mare having joined the two on the ride to Ponyville. "I just have to get a message to Logan and his family, not sure what it's about but it's something Celestia asked me to do."

"When you're done, why not come over and stay at our home for the night?" Twilight suggested.

"Yeah, no need for you to go all the way back so soon," Peter said.

"I appreciate the offer, but I don't want to intrude," Sunset said.

"It won't be any trouble, maybe we can talk more about the portal progress," Twilight said. "I mean we did consider what else could be there for us to access."

"Well, maybe," Sunset said. "I'm very satisfied with Capcom, but I do like exploring these possibilities."

"Even if it's not for your inter-dimensional studies, you can still just spend time with out family, I'm sure Mayday will be happy to see you there, and Trixie seems to like your company as well," Peter said.

"Something tells me you're not gonna let up," Sunset said. "Fine, I'll stay, only because I like your company as well."

"Great, me and Twilight are going back home now, you go tell Logan what you need to tell him," Peter said.

"We'll see you when you're done," Twilight said.

Sunset nodded and trotted towards the direction of Fluttershy's cottage.

"What do you suppose she wants with Logan though?" Peter wondered.

"She said it's a message from Princess Celestia, though I wonder why she didn't give Logan the message when The Captain came over?" Twilight wondered.

"Maybe Cap forgot something?" Peter suggested. "Or Celestia thought of something just now, who knows?"
"I can ask Sunset later," Twilight said.

"If she's able to talk about it," Peter added.

"I hope she would, I don't think Celestia would keep secrets, at least from me," Twilight said.

"Probably not about keeping secrets, just keeping it between whoever's relevant, we don't wanna butt in to where we're not needed," Peter said.

"Guess not, though in the end we're all trying to do the same thing, figure out who our enemies are," Twilight said.

"We'll figure out the rest tomorrow, right now I just wanna go home and relax a bit," Peter said.

"I just wanna check on Spike, make sure he's calmed down enough from his worries, he doesn't need that going into his training with Princess Ember," Twilight said.

"Yeah, he was pretty worn out when he came home, can't imagine what type of training they're putting him through," Peter said. "At least he'll become much stronger out of it."

"I'd like to see this training for myself honestly, just to observe what they're doing," Twilight said.

"Is it to check on Spike or just to study up on the dragons?" Peter asked.

"A little of both," Twilight admitted. "But mainly to check on Spike, that's my main worry."

"Maybe I'll go by myself, seeing dragons train sounds really cool, and I think I should support my little brother," Peter said.

"I like that idea, I'll run it by Spike, just to make sure he's ok with this," Twilight said. "Hopefully he doesn't think I'm trying to baby him."

"Just play it cool and he'll be ok with it," Peter said. "Let's get home now, my head needs time to relax. A lot of what Chun Li said just went right over me."

"Don't worry, I took a lot of notes," Twilight said, using her magic to hold out a pen and paper.

"Always prepared, that's why I love you," Peter said, getting a kiss from Twilight.

"Love you too Peter, now let's hurry," Twilight said and rushed to their home, with Peter quickly following.

At Fluttershy's cottage, Sunset had explained what Celestia wanted to Logan, and he did not look happy.

"What do you mean we shouldn't tell Parker?" Logan said, glaring hard at the unfortunate Unicorn.

"Princess Celestia's orders," Sunset said. "I know it sounds strange but it's what she wanted."

"You mean to tell me that she knows about whoever's in that place, some of Peter's worst enemies, and she wants to keep that a secret!?" Logan shouted.

"If Peter finds out he'll just start getting worried about what could happen to Twilight and it might affect his judgement," Sunset said. "Princess Celestia has a good watch over that place, for now let's-"

"A good watch!?" Logan shouted. "Did she forget what happened two years ago with Wesker having gone there and bringing back a freaken army with him!?"

"We stopped them, didn't we?" Sunset said. "Look, whatever Goblin's planning, it won't happen. He's essentially powerless, as is everyone Celestia places there."

"I'm not ok with this Red, you need to give me a damn better explanation than what Celestia gave you!" Logan shouted.

"Just the fact that it's from Princess Celestia should be enough!" Sunset argued.

"I ain't one to blindly follow orders, just because Celestia's in charge doesn't mean every decision she makes is the right one," Logan said.

"I know how you feel Logan," Sunset said. "I questioned her myself on occasion, but I'm pleading, not as one of Celestia's subjects, but as a friend, just go along with this. You know none of us would do anything to hurt Peter."

Logan looked aside, "I don't doubt yer loyalty, I know you just wanna look out fer him." Logan sighed, "If enough time passes by and this works out, then I'll take Celestia's word. But, if I get just the tiniest feeling that Peter or his family could be in danger, I'm gonna go there and take every one of them bastards out by myself."

Logan showed off his claws just to emphasize his point, to which Sunset nodded. "I know you would Logan, fair enough. Thanks for hearing me out."

"No problem," Logan said, then put his claws away. "Make sure Cap and Celestia keep a really sharp eye out, somehow I feel like some real bad stuff is gonna happen, especially if those guys find a way to come back."

"With The Avengers, The Wonderbolts, and even the warriors from Capcom watching out, I think we'll all be just fine," Sunset said.

"Guess so," Logan said.

Sunset made her way out of the home, "Well I've stayed long enough, gotta get to Twilight's house."

As Sunset left, Fluttershy made her way to Logan, sensing her husband's surpressed anger. "Not really a good day for us is it?"

"One day, that's all it took fer me to start questioning Celestia and her rule," Logan said.

"Celestia means well, this is just new to her. Almighty as she is, even she must be confused about these worlds," Fluttershy said. "Can you blame her? After everything that Goblin and Wesker have done?"

"I get she's worried, but she's gonna have to do a damn better job than this," Logan said.

"She will, give her time," Fluttershy said, rubbing Logan's face tenderly. "If anything, maybe try to help her understand certain things."

"Help her huh?" Logan wondered out loud.

"You can help her like you've helped your friends in the X-Men," Fluttershy said. "Remy did tell me that you help Cyclops become a good leader, and you were close with Professor X and helping him when you could."

"This might be a tad bit higher seeing that she's a Princess, but I'll see what I can do fer her," Logan said.

"As long as you try, that's all I ask for," Fluttershy said, then gave Logan a nice kiss. "Come on, we should get to bed. Laura and Lightning are already asleep themselves."

"Right, lead the way darling," Logan said, following his wife to their bed.

Later at the Parker-Sparkle home, Peter had just tucked Mayday in bed, and made his way to his room where Twilight and Sunset were discussing various things.

"Good to know that Chun Li is aware of all this, and that she's willing to help if needed," Sunset said. "But it does worry me that Wesker and his allies got away and might be waiting around for their chance at revenge."

"What also worries me is that Wesker isn't just power, he has a good amount of intelligence, being able to show up with an army, knowing where to hide, knowing when to retreat if he thinks he's gonna lose, and he's got strong allies as well," Twilight said.

"But where would he go?" Sunset asked. "Surely Capcom's been looking for him for all this time haven't they?"

"From what Chun Li told me, Wesker was able to hide for many years at one point, he's got another organization helping him out," Twilight said. "Plus he might have allies. I did hear about Doctor Doom probably returning as well."

"Doom huh?" Sunset said. "He mostly stayed over on the Marvel side during the big battle if I remember."

"Johnny has told me many times that Doctor Doom is just as sneaky and manipulative, if he and Wesker are working together again, this could be trouble. Somehow I don't think they'll make the same mistake twice," Twilight said.

"Maybe they just need a tracking device," Peter interjected. "One thing they have in common is that once we lose sight of them, they're not seen again until they make their mark."

"Peter, you don't have any other enemies who hate you enough to do this right?" Sunset asked.

"The only ones left that have this type of technology are Goblin and Doc Ock, and they're both dead, at least I think they are," Peter said. "If they're like Doom then not even them dying could keep them down, even Wesker came back from it as well."

Sunset looked a bit worried, knowing that Goblin was in fact alive, but she knew he couldn't be behind any of this, it was impossible. "So that's all you know?"

"Most of my other enemies are low level, like the guys you saw today. They're the type who might have come here because of somepony else," Peter said. "We're just gonna have to check around, tomorrow I suggest that all three worlds do a sweep, because chances are even this world might have someone with that capability."

"Like maybe Discord," Twilight said. "Or even Chrysalis for all we know."

"Speaking of Chrysalis, how long before this so-called invasion?" Sunset asked.

"A few months," Peter said. "I'm more than ready for that though, so don't worry," Peter said.

"Um, suppose something goes wrong though, I mean you know how bad Changelings are," Sunset said.

"I really don't think they're that bad, feeding off of love is instinct to them, they're just trying to survive. Not to say I condone the bad things they've done, but I think they deserve a chance at least, I'm sure Chrysalis can be reasonable," Peter said.

"You really think so?" Sunset asked. "She's an enemy of Equestria after all."

"Everypony deserves a chance, it worked for you and Trixie after all," Peter said. "Granted Trixie never did anything as outrageous as you and Chrysalis did...uh no offense, though I'm sure most of your bad deeds were due to Goblin's control."

"No, I knew what I was doing, but you giving me a chance did help, so maybe it can help Chrysalis," Sunset turned to Twilight. "Do you agree?"

Twilight shrugged, "If I'm being honest, then no, not really."

"Huh?" Peter said. "Come on Twilight, you are the Princess of Friendship, you've learned to forgive as well haven't you? You've forgiven Luna for what she did as Nightmare Moon, then later when she was controlled by the symbiote."

"Luna wasn't acting at her own free will, as you just said she was being controlled. If anything I more hated the Nightmare and the Symbiote, but I never faulted Luna," Twilight said. "Chrysalis though, she captured Cadance and left her in an underground cave, then tried to marry my brother to use him for a source of love energy, then tried to take over Canterlot."

"That's right, how would Shining Armor and Cadance feel about this?" Sunset asked.

"I'll explain it to them, I know it won't be easy, but in the end it's to keep them safe as well," Peter said.

"I still don't even get why you're so adamant about it sometimes, haven't you forgotten what you went through in that future world?" Twilight asked.

"I'll never forget what happened, it's the main reason why I wanna have peace, I don't want Equestria to fall into ruins, I don't want unnecessary fighting," Peter said. "I don't expect this to be easy, even I'm not that foolish, but I know I can make this work. If it doesn't then I'll be ready to fight, but I wanna try this out. If all goes well, we can have new allies to Equestria, and best of all, new friends."

Sunset turned her attention to Twilight, "You really taught him well about Friendship at least."

"I feel like it's mostly his sense of justice," Twilight said.

"It's a bit of both," Peter said. "My need to protect and your influence in what friendship is about helps my feelings into all this."

Twilight furrowed her brow, thinking over what Peter has said. While it makes sense, she can't shake off the feeling that anything could go wrong. She can't stop remembering the images in the crystal ball, nor can she forget how close Chrysalis was to winning during her brother's wedding. Peter is a good pony, he's kind and caring, also very forgiving and always willing to help, even those who have opposed him.

"I wish I can say I understand this Peter, but-" Twilight was shushed somewhat by her husband.

"It's perfectly understandable if you have doubts, if you need time to think about this, then take it. I know you Twilight, I'm very confident you'll come to understand this, even a little bit."

Twilight blushed a little, nodding at Peter's words. "You're so sweet."

"That's why you love me," Peter said with a goofy grin.

"That and many other reasons," Twilight said. "Anyway it's getting late and I'm very much exhausted." She turned to Sunset, "First we gotta get you settled in."

"I'm fine sleeping anywhere," Sunset said. "I've even fallen alseep on a table full of books."

"Sounds like you study way too much, you need to relax your mind or something," Peter said.

"I study because I enjoy it, so it's no big deal," Sunset said.

"Still, let's find you a good place to sleep," Peter said, he and Twilight then leading Sunset to a proper bed.

A week had passed by, everything returning to normal. Ponyville was properly fixed up and the six villains had been sent back to the Marvel world, with S.H.I.E.L.D. taking them in.

However, despite all that, most of the ponies were getting worried, as this was the second time something like this happened within a few weeks. They're already worried about when the next villains would show up. Peter did take time to address the ponies, promising them that he'll keep each of them safe along with his allies.

A majority of the ponies trusted Peter, acknowledging how quick he and his allies were to stopping the villains. They always knew they could depend on Peter, but with his friends with him he seemed to do the job much quicker and with less ponies getting hurt. In the end the only damage was a few destroyed walls, nothing more.

While that was settled, The Avengers and Wonderbolts continued their search for the ones responsible. Extra guards had been placed about, knowing a portal can be placed anywhere.

One day though, a strange portal appeared within Canterlot, specifically the castle. A mysterious pony had appeared before the guards, getting their attention.

"Excuse me for intruding, but is this Princess Celestia's castle?" the pony asked.

From what the guards could see, the pony was quite elderly, yet something odd remained about him. "Why yes, this is?"
"Are you new to here?" the other pony asked.

"In a way, see I've never been to these parts before," the pony said.

"Never been to Canterlot huh? Where did you come from?" the pony asked.

"Very far away, I was hoping I could speak to the Princess about an urgent matter," the pony said.

"Sorry, but we can't just let anypony go to Princess Celestia, besides she is very busy," a guard said.

"I must insist, like I said, it is an urgent matter," the pony said, somewhat glaring at the two.

The guards felt a little uneasy, despite his elderly appearance, this pony almost looked intimidating. They couldn't chance the fact that this pony may not even be a pony at all.

"Even if it's urgent, we can't allow that, now I suggest-" Suddenly the pony extended his foreleg and the guard was lifted into the air, surprising the other, who readied his spear.

"Stop that at-" suddenly his spear was grabbed and aimed at the guard with the other hoof.

"If you value your existence, stay out of my way!" the pony said and slammed the two guards against each other, then proceeded towards the castle.

Other guards noticed and sounded an alert, "We have an enemy incoming, stop him!"

Many guards came with spears all aimed at the pony. At the command, they all tossed them but each of them were stopped in an instant.

"How strong is his magic!?" a guard said.

"Quick, someone cast a spell to remove his magic!" another guard said.

A sorcerer guard did as commanded and cast a spell to the pony, what surprised him is that none of the weapons dropped.

"You think this is magic?" the pony asked, with a slight grin. "You poor foolish creatures." He then created a big shockwave that knocked all the guards back, knocking them all unconscious. "If this is the royal guard, then I wonder how the Princess has managed to avoid harm for this long?"

"Because I can fight for myself!" he heard, then dodged a magic blast.

The pony looked up with a warm smile, "You must be Celestia."

Indeed Celestia was making her way over, with Cap and Sunset not too far behind. "Who are you!? Why have you attacked my guards!?"

"I assure you I meant no harm, I merely acted in defense," the pony said.

"They wouldn't attack unless you gave them a reason to," Celestia said.

"I merely asked to see you, it was an urgent matter," the pony said, then noticed Cap nearby. "Are you Captain America?"

"You know me?" Cap asked. "Wait, something is familiar about you."

"I should hope you recognize me, but if you need a reminder," the pony held his hoof out and Cap's shield quickly flew to his hoof, like a magnet. "Amazing how metal just comes to me at my whim, like a magnet."

"Magnet?" Cap asked, then his eyes widened in worry. "Wait...Magneto!?"

"Huh?" Celestia asked, then turned back to the pony, who simply nodded his head.

"Now that we have that out of the way, let's have a nice conversation," Magneto said, giving an uncomfortable grin to the ponies.