• Published 3rd Jun 2018
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Spiders and Magic: Avengers Assemble - Masterob

With more superheroes in Equestria, plus other worlds, thing might get even more chaotic. The adventures of the Elements and Marvel Heroes continues.

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A New Era Dawns

To say that Ponyville needed to be cleaned up was a massive understatement. Most of the homes had been completely destroyed by Magneto's power.

Twilight looked around, observing the damage caused by the Brotherhood leader. This is one of of the worst that Ponyville has taken in the years she's lived in this town. Peter was not kidding when he spoke of Magneto's power, even the other villains hadn't done this much damage.

Mysterio and Annihilus caused some damage, but nothing that couldn't be repaired within a week. Vega, Shocker and Lightning Dust also caused some damage, but it was mostly just a few homes destroyed with more injuries to the ponies than anything.

This however, entire blocks of houses were wrecked, thankfully most of the ponies escaped town before things got too bad, a few didn't however and were in the hospital with injuries, hopefully nothing to major.

Toad of course had the worse, having been impaled by a spear that Magneto created. It was unknown if he would survive or not, but at the moment the rest of The Brotherhood were with him, as were Laura and Lightning Dust.

Twilight looked through town and saw that part of her house was destroyed, thankfully Mayday and Hope were with The Cake Family, who had fled town when things got bad. Aunt May however was home at the time but her injuries were thankfully minor, she would need a cast for her wing however.

She took note that her school was mostly undamaged as well, feeling some relief. Even if it was currently closed, she still maintained hope that it would open again soon, so the less repairs it needed, then the better, though given the fact that the town was in such terrible shape, she still had major doubts about the school's future.

"Uh, Professor Twilight?" Sandbar said, getting the mare's attention.

"Oh, Sandbar, this is a surprise," Twilight stated.

"I just came to see if the school was still standing," Sandbar said. "Man, just yesterday it seemed like that school closing was bad but today with that one pony destroying everything..."

"Life can be unpredictable," Twilight said.

"Um, just so you know, I'm really sorry for cutting class yesterday, I didn't know it would get the school shut down," Sandbar said.

"While it is wrong to cut class, it wasn't major reason the school got shut down," Twilight said. "Had it been you and a few other ponies then the worst Chancellor Neighsay would have done lprobably be a warning, his issue was the fact that some of the students and staff were non-ponies or just non-Equestrian."

"I don't see why that should be a big deal," Sandbar said. "I really liked hanging out with Yona, Ocellus, Sandbar, Silverstream and Smolder."

"It shouldn't be, but some ponies are just...well, let's say they're just ignorant," Twilight said. "But I am happy that you made friends, that is the whole point of the school."

"What happens now though?" Sandbar asked. "With all this destruction, opening up the school again would be the least of everypony's worries. What if ponies don't want to live in this town anymore? I mean I think my parents would stay, they have faith in you and your husband to keep us safe but I've heard talk from ponies before."

"Talk?" Twilight asked.

"A few months ago, after that pony with the glass bowl on his head came to town with that freaky monster, I heard talk from some of the ponies saying that they're not finding this town safe," Sandbar said. "I heard some ponies moved when that freaky claw guy came with his exploding friend and tore everything up, this is like the fourth time the town was put in danger from Earth villains, ponies are afraid more of them are gonna cause trouble."

That statement spoke volumes to Twilight, ponies living in fear of Earth, both Marvel and Capcom, not to mention the recently opened portal to Square. The irony of Magneto's actions, those that began when the enraged Brotherhood Leader heard the hateful words of Neighsay, and his mistrust of Earth, now thanks to Magneto more ponies might think that way. Of course this should be without surprise, Magneto in his anger just indirectly proved Neighsay's point, which could make it harder for other ponies from Earth to live here.

Twilight just had to hope that the amount of heroes living in Equestria, incluing the ones that actively fought for their safety would be enough to calm their fears.

"Hey Twilight," Peter said, arriving through a portal, courtesy of Neighsay's artifact. "Man this thing's awesome."

"Oh Peter, were you able to return the Crystal Heart in time?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah, I mean the Kingdom did take in a lot of snow by the time I got there, but we were able to get the Crystal Heart back in place with no problems at all," Peter reassured.

"That's a relief," Twilight said. "Now all that's left is to find some way to fix Ponyville up."

"We can get some construction workers from Canterlot," Peter said. "I mean they've done a good job so far with each invasion."

"But this is the most damage Ponyvile's seen," Twilight said. "It's gonna take forever to fix up, many of the ponies are gonna be homeless."

"We'll figure something out," Peter said. "If anything we can send them to a temporary shelter, I mean some might even have relatives outside of town, or the Apples can take a few in."

"Yeah, those are great points," Twilight said. "I'm going back to check on Wanda, I imagine this whole ordeal was a great big toll on her."

"That's an understatement," Peter said as his wife trotted off. He took a good look around Ponyville, the place was terrible, almost as bad as the future he went to. Suddenly flashes of that timeline flew through his head, Peter quickly shaking it off. "It won't happen, that future won't happen, it..." Peter then remembered the Peace Treaty he had planned, how it was ruined by a group of rebels. "I can't let it happen."

Peter went to check on any other pony who might need help, which would be a lot given all the damage done to town.

In time the friends of Peter and Twilight had made their way back to Ponyville, being joined by the Yaks, Changelings, Dragons, Hippogriffs and Griffons.

"Holy crap, what happened here?" Deadpool asked.

"Wait, where's Rarity!?" Bobby shouted, quickly moving to find his wife.

"Speaking of wives, PINKIE!" Deadpool rushed into town to find Pinkie Pie, hoping that she was alright.

Logan was baffled by the damage done to Ponyville, all the destruction caused. He wasn't too surprised, he knows what Magneto is capable of, but to see it happen to Ponyville was a lot for him to take in. "Dammit Eric..."

"Oh wow, Magneto did this?" Thorax asked in disbelief.

"He didn't take what Neighsay said very well," Applejack explained. "Probably took it worse than y'all did."

"Yeah, it served as a reminder of how harsh others could be," Remy pointed out. "Still, for him to flip out like this over one pony?"

"I don't think even I would have done something like this," Ember said, looking around, seeing all the destroyed homes, many ponies either injured from the attack or lamenting their fallen homes. "Regardless of what Neighsay said, I wouldn't want these ponies to suffer like this."

"Yeah, I mean I don't think all of them feel the same way he did," Thorax said. "These ponies had nothing to do with what he said."

Rainbow Dash had took to the sky to get a bird's eye view of the town, and it really did look much worse. From what she's gathered, about eighty percent of the homes have been wrecked, the only ones fine are the ones closer to the Golden Oaks Library, which was still standing, aside from some minor damage. Fortunately the hospital was standing too, makes it easier to tend to the injured ponies. Other places like Fluttershy's cottage and her own house was fine, as was Sweet Apple Acres, well mostly.

Sugarcube Corner was a wreck, as was the Carousel Boutique. Rainbow Dash began to worry as she remembered that Rarity and Pinkie Pie had stayed behind. Not to mention she also thought about The Cake Twins, plus anypony else around.

She quickly flew back down to her friends and allies, "It's bad, Ponyville's been wrecked pretty badly, almost everything's been destroyed!"

"Did you see mah farm?" Applejack asked.

"It's fine, Magneto's power didn't reach too far, though one of your barns got destroyed by some debris," Rainbow Dash said.

"Mah barn?" Applejack asked, then began to worry. "Wait! Mah animals! Are they fine!?"

"We're missing the bigger question here," Remy said. "What about our friends and family?"

"Firefly's with my parents, no way the damage reached their house," Rainbow Dash confirmed. "Where's your son?"

"Oliver's back home," Remy said. "He wouldn't be in the barn though right?"

"I I don't think so," Applejack said, trying to think rationally. "He would be safe at home with Granny, mah brother and mah sister. Same with my nephew and his mom."

"Rainbow Dash, did you see my cottage?" Fluttershy asked.

"It's still standing," Rainbow Dash confirmed. "Your critters looked safe too."

"Thank goodness," Fluttershy said. "I should go check on them, same with Laura, Rina and Lightning Dust."

"They're actually at Ponyville Hospital," Scott said, flying over. "At least Laura and Lightning Dust are Toad got injured during the fight, Magneto tried killing him for defiance."

"Defiance?" Logan asked.

"During the fight, Magneto tried getting the Brotherhood to help him take over," Scott said. "Wanda and Pietro refused, then the rest of them did, starting with Toad, which resulted in Magneto trying to off him."

Fluttershy turned to the direction of the hospital, "I should go check on him too." She turned back to Scott, "Do you know where Rina is?"

"She's at Twilight's house with Trixie," Scott said. "And if you're worried about Rarity, Pinkie Pie or the Cakes, then don't, they're safe too. They're all at Sweet Apple Acres right now, once things started getting bad they got out of the way quick."

"That's a relief," Fluttershy said. "Um, what happened to Magneto, Peter and Twilight did stop him didn't they?"

"Actually, Wanda did...permanently," Scott confirmed.

"Permanently?" Remy asked, immediately getting the idea. "She killed him?"

"Pretty much, I mean I wasn't there for it but Twilight confirmed it with me right afterwards," Scott said. "Magneto was doing this weird attack which resulted in the town turning out like this, then Wanda unleashed her fury."

"So, first Mordo, now her father," Logan said. "Wanda certainly has some impressive latent abilities."

"So what happens now?" Thorax asked.

"Now, we rebuild," Scott said. "Not sure how long that will take though, my house got wrecked pretty badly too."

"Oh, do you need a place to stay?" Fluttershy asked.

"I'll figure it out, I mean if worst comes to worst, I can stay at my ex-wife's house, might be awkward but she'll put up with it," Scott said. "I mean, we're still on friendly terms at least, and I've somewhat gotten along with her new husband."

"That really a good idea?" Remy asked. "You ask around and you can find some nice pony folk who will take you in."

"We got room in mah...wait, might need to double check," Applejack said.

"In any case, we're sorry we weren't around to help," Fluttershy said. "We certainly didn't expect to be scattered across Equestria."

"It's fine, The Avengers came by, along with some of the X-Men, so they helped," Scott said. "Even Chun-Li from the Capcom world showed up, though Magneto plowed through them all."

"Oh no, did he hurt Professor Jubilee!?" Silverstream asked. "I hope she's alright, she was one of my favorites."

"No, she's not hurt, she's fine, mainly since she didn't even show up," Scott said. "Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler and Jean Grey were the ones who showed up. Honestly I'm surprised Jean didn't last longer, I thought she was had this unstoppable force in her."

"Really wouldn't be a good thing if that got out Scotty," Remy said.

"Yeah, could have done much worse to this place," Logan added. "Still, that Crystal Heart really gave Eric one hell of a boost. Come on, let's go check on the rest of the town, maybe I can catch up with Scott." Logan briefly glanced at Ant Man. "The other Scott I mean."

"Man it's annoying sharing a name with someone," Scott said. "Probably why Peter rarely hangs around Star-Lord."

"Yeah, that's the reason," Logan said, shaking his head a bit. "Let's hurry."

Meanwhile The Avengers and X-Men had recovered, same with Sunset Shimmer and Chun-Li, all of them gathered around and trying to recompose themselves after losing their battle. They did feel a sense of shame in their loss, even against a powerful villain like Magneto, who was even more powered up with magic from this world.

"That could have gone better," Sunset said. "Maybe I should have waited for the rest of the Capcom guys."

"At least they didn't see me lose that badly," Chun-Li commented. "Also please don't tell them how badly I lost, they'll never let me live it down, even if it is Magneto."

"I got you covered," Sunset reassured.

"That battle was so upsetting, I gotta upgrade my armor to be more magic resistant," Stark said, checking for any faults in his suit. "That Crystal Heart really amped up Magneto's power, if he got to Earth with that then the damage would have been unforgiving."

"Yeah, several cities would look as bad as Ponyville is right now," Hawkeye said, checking over the surroundings. "That's a lot of homes destroyed."

"The ponies in this town are strong, they can rebuild," Cap said. "What matters is they have the chance now that Magneto's been defeated."

"I still can't believe how quickly he went back to his old habits," Nightcrawler said. "I mean, I thought he was willing to change."

"Maybe that one pony's words just bothered him that much," Hawkeye theorized.

"Or he's been planning this for a long time," Stark said. "I mean, even Magneto wouldn't flip like that would he?"

"I don't think so either," Cyclops said. "Magneto might have been intending something like this from the start, and probably used that Neighsay guy's words as an excuse to carry out his plans."

"Perhaps there is much more to this," T'Challa said. "But those answers would likely need to come from his followers."

"Right, those guys," Hawkeye said. "What are they gonna do now?"

"We'll ask Twilight later," Cap said. "Right now might not be the best time to talk to any of them right now, especially Wanda."

"Yeah we'll wait on that," Stark said.

Within moment, clouds appeared over the skies of Ponyville, getting the attention of everypony nearby.

"What now?" Johnny asked, expecting a fight.

To their surprise, it was Princess Celestia who looked down upon them, and she was not in a good mood. "Twilight Sparkle!"

Twilight cringed a bit at Celestia's tone, not the first time she's heard that tone but it still worried her nonetheless, "Princess Celestia?"

"I require your presence in my castle," Celestia calmly stated, though one could tell there was much irritation in her voice. "And I would also like Sunset Shimmer, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers to come as well."

"Oh boy, she sounds mad," Stark said, then turned to Cap. "Be ready to work your charm."

"I'm ready to work my shield against your face!" Cap shouted, getting an odd stare from Stark.

"Wow, that comeback sucked harder than a vacuum cleaner," Stark commented.

"Guys, focus," Sunset said as she made her way over to Celestia. "Let's just see what she wants."

"Probably pissed from all the damage here, I know I would be if I were King of Equestria," Stark said, following after Sunset.

"Technically Kings and Queens don't run Equestria," Cap said, following after.

"You know what I mean," Stark commented.

Twilight also made her way over to Celestia, Peter quickly catch up to her. "Need me to come with you?"

Twilight shook her head, "She just wants me, Sunset, Steve and Tony, for now let the four of us handle the situation."

"Alright, we'll be waiting for you back home," Peter said.

The four summoned made their way over to Celestia, who them warped them instantly to her castle. Peter felt worried for this, Celestia truly looked displeased, he only hoped that this could be resolved quick and easy.

Cozy had made her way over to Peter, nudging against his side, "What's gonna happen now Peter? Where is everypony going to live? Is Princess Celestia gonna help?"

"I'm not really sure Cozy Glow, knowing Twilight she'll find a way to get this all fixed up, it won't be easy though," Peter said.

"Golly, I hope things can go back to normal soon, first the school gets closed down, then a really dangerous villain attacks, now a lot of ponies are homeless, this sure doesn't feel like Harmony," Cozy Glow said.

"Hey it could be worse, materials can be replaced after all," Peter said. "What matters is the safety of other ponies."

"Aren't a good chunk of them in the Hospital though?" Cozy Glow asked.

"...Well they're alive, so that's what matters," Peter said.

Cozy tapped her chin, "But what if they don't make it?"

"Cozy Glow, maybe you should go play with your friends for now," Peter said, trying to suppress his annoyance. "Go see The Crusaders or something."

"Uh, alright, I'll see you later Peter," Cozy Glow said, trotting off to find the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

"Child like naivety," Peter said. "Would be a bit cuter if she wasn't like fourteen...then again I used that myself at that age so I guess I really can't talk." Peter looked toward the direction of Ponyville Hospital. "I should stop by and see how the others are doing. Maybe I can get Rumble home, hopefully he hasn't taken too much damage, I don't think Mayday or Trixie would be able to handle the heartache." Peter remembered what the Crusaders had told him sometime after the fight, how Rumble was ready to take on Magneto. "Brave kid, bit stupid though...ugh, now I'm starting to sound like Tony."

At Canterlot Castle, Celestia was standing before four she summoned, still looking rather displeased with the events that had transpired. "A couple of years ago, Twilight, you convinced me that the ponies of the Marvel world deserved to stay here, because they deserved to find happiness, do you recall that time?"

"Yes," Twilight said, remembering the conversation the two had right after Twilight had destroyed the portal to the Marvel world.

"I was skeptical at first but you reassured me that it would turn out well, you believed that your friends deserved the same chance at love you got with Peter," Celestia said.

"Y-yes, I did," Twilight admitted.

"Outsiders in our world that have been closed off from there's could have lead to a imbalance in our natural universe, so your idea of counteracting that was to restore the portals you destroyed in a more permanent but stable condition," Celestia reminded.

"I helped with that," Sunset admitted, then cowered before Celestia's glare.

"I am very much aware of that fact," Celestia said. "I am also aware of the fact that you went a step beyond that. You took it upon yourself to open yet another portal, one leading to Capcom Earth, and not to long ago you opened one to a world known as Square."

"Yes, I've been working on portals from worlds who have been here before," Sunset explained. "Some of the warriors from Square were at the Marvel vs Capcom Tournament a few years ago, and I remember there were at least four other worlds present as well."

"And I take it that you wish to make contact with all those worlds again?" Celestia asked.

"Well, that was the idea, I feel like there's so much from each world we could learn from," Sunset said. "Marvel Earth has so many amazing heroes with great moral ethics, Capcom's world are full of proud warriors who always push to better themselves, Square has some amazing magic that can be on par with our own, plus their own sense of comradery. Each world can benefit the Magic of Friendship in different ways."

"I understand your reasoning Sunset Shimmer, but if I'm being honest, this endeavor of yours is very pointless," Celestia said. "These worlds were separated for a reason, we were not meant to mingle with them."

"But Capcom travels to new worlds all the time and they get along just fine!" Sunset said.

"That is their business and from what I've gathered with their interactions with the Marvel world, it just leads to a lot of unnecessary fighting," Celestia said.

"If this is about their invasion a few years ago, I can assure you the Capcom Warriors are not normally that aggressive," Cap said. "Stress, frustration and a bit of pride shook their moral judgement."

"And I had a theory that due to the imbalance in the air that it affected their mental psyche, in fact it might have affected everyone, myself included," Twilight said.

"Which is why when we open the portals now it's much more balanced so that they aren't as aggressive," Sunset brought up.

"But that created a new problem," Celestia said. "Look, I feel it's time to explain a few things to you. For starters, I have always been aware of the existence of many of these worlds, I've known for several decades. Once I considered entering one of these worlds, just to explore their civilization and see how it compares to ours."

"What happened when you did?" Twilight asked.

"I soon discovered trying to open the rift would cause chaos to seep into our world of harmony, and I did not want another Discord situation on my hooves," Celestia said. "There's a special type of magic that protects this world, it's the same magic that allows us to take the forms we have."

"Wait, so does that mean your ancestors were human?" Stark asked.

"That might be a possibility, its always been theorized," Celestia said. "Years ago some evidence popped up that humans may have existed here at one point, but that was well before my time as ruler."

"So the magic in this world might have turned us all into ponies?" Sunset asked. "If not for this magic, we could have all been born humans?"

"That is the belief, yes," Celestia said. "That's why whenever you leave Equestria, you don a human form, likewise when humans enter Equestria, they turn into ponies, usually at least."

"This is all so fascinating," Twilight said.

"It may be, but back to my point," Celestia said. "Connecting with other worlds is dangerous, the fact that Peter was able to be summoned here years back should have been impossible. I believe that if there was a magical spell surrounding this world, it existed for a good reason, to protect us from the dangerous of the outside."

"Lot of good that did, this world is still full of danger," Sunset said. "The Harmony certainly didn't turn King Sombra good."

"I'm aware of our world's dangers, and those are bad enough, when other worlds come in and cause havoc, that's when a stand needs to be taken," Celestia said. "Over the course of this past year, we've had various invasions from the Marvel world, and a few from the Capcom world."

"But The Heroes have dispatched them quickly," Twilight said.

"With consequence, ponies have died Twilight, homes have been destroyed, this past incident resulted in Ponyville being nearly obliterated!" Celestia said. "Since all this began, Discord's power had been taken and almost used by one of Peter's villains on Earth to destroy the multiverse, a man led an entire army of villains here and nearly conquered our world, then there's that magician, that winged monster, that evil sorcerer, those B.O.W. thigs, Thor's brother and now Magneto. On top of that this Peace Treaty Peter spent years setting up was thwarted by beings whom we don't even know where they came from! But there's a good chance they might not have all been Equestrian given the fact that a few of them used firearms!" Celestia took a moment to recompose. "There's more danger out there, I worry about beings like this Dread Dormammu monster, or the machine known as Ultron, something I believe Steve and Tony know more about."

"I assure you that if Ultron somehow showed up, we would dispose of him instantly," Stark said. "He won't get the better of us again."

"I can't deny there are others out there, but we will fight to protect this world," Cap said. "I give you my word as a solider, an Avenger and a man."

"We'll help too of course," Twilight said. "I still believe it's worth it for our friends and family to keep these portals active."

"To be honest with you Twilight..." Celestia began, her somber tone setting the mood. "I do not believe it is a good idea to have these portals. I won't send anyone back home if they're happy here but I will have to ask them to make a choice."

"But Princess, many of the heroes have friends and family back home, ones who can't just pick up and leave to this world," Twilight said.

"I am aware of that Twilight, but I can't risk this world's safety," Celestia said. "I think we should close the portals."

"Can't you get more guards?" Sunset asked.

"Whatever's causing this isn't only from these portals, rather these portals are just weakening this dimension and making it easier for other portals to be made in secret," Celestia said.

"Wait hold on, is it really the danger you're worried about or the damage, because I think I know a way to work around that," Stark said.

"Tony, what are you planning?" Cap asked.

"Princess, if I may have an audience with you, I think I know a good fix for all of this," Stark said. "I guarantee you'll love it."

"Tony, I know you mean well but I doubt there's much you can do for me right now," Celestia said.

"At least hear me out, you don't have to agree to what I'm saying but I think it's worth listening to," Stark said. "I mean come on, do you really want to crush these lovely ladies' hopes of interdimensional Friendship?"

Celestia had her doubts but there was no harm in hearing Tony out, it's only fair to give them a chance after all. "Very well. Until this matter is resolved however, Sunset Shimmer, no more portal work."

"Fair enough, I guess," Sunset said, feeling a bit let down. She was so close to connecting with a fourth world too.

Stark turned to the others, "I got this, you should head back to Ponyville and see if you can't fix anything up."

"Alright then?" Twilight said, somewhat confused. "Sunset, mind helping me teleport?"

"Wait, isn't that Neighsay's artifact you have there?" Sunset said, gesturing to the item. "You can use that instead, less draining."

"Oh right, I need to return this to him," Twilight said.

"Later Twilight, he's getting treated for his wounds," Celestia said.

"Oh right, forgot he had been hurt," Twilight said, feeling some shred of pity. While she wasn't happy about his reasons for shutting down her school, she wouldn't want anyone to get hurt. She then warped back to Ponyville with Sunset and Cap.

"Alright Tony, what do you have in mind?" Celestia asked.

"A little something I like to call, The Accords," Stark said. "With a few regulations and some assignments made, we can keep doing our thing while minimizing damage done to Equestria and keeping this world just as safe as it once was...or as safe as it could be."

"Hm, you have my interest," Celestia said. "How would you go about it though?"

"Give me some time to plan, and I promise you'll love it," Stark said. "But if you want, we can go over some things now, give you a taste of what you may or may not like."

Back in Ponyville, while Cap and Sunset returned to The Avengers, X-Men and Chun-Li, Twilight had made her way to Ponyvile Hospital, finding Wanda in the front. She looked very disheartened, Twilight having a bad idea of what might have happened.

"Wanda, you look bothered, care to tell me?" Twilight asked, approaching the mare.

"It's Toad, his injuries were pretty bad," Wanda said, fighting away some tears. "The doctors don't think he'll make it, right now he's still asleep but..."

Twilight placed a hoof on her back, trying to comfort her friend, "It's not too late, as long as he's still alive he can fight to survive."

Wanda shook her head, "But the doctors said-"

"Listen, don't worry abut that, the doctors don't think he'll survive, but they don't know if he won't," Twilight said. "I mean Peter's come back from near death injuries, even his healing powers have their limits, but that never stopped him from fighting to stay alive."

"Peter had something to fight for though," Wanda said. "He wanted to be with you, he has a daughter that he loves and another baby on the way, just more for him to fight for. Who does Toad have to fight for? What if what my father did just demotivated his will to live?"

"Toad got injured trying to hep us right?" Twilight reminded. "He did it because he wanted to protect us, he did it for Friendship. Fluttershy's teachings may have helped him understand that, and I believe he'll fight to stay alive because he wants to see you again. You and all your friends."

"You really believe that?" Wanda asked.

"I know that, I have the utmost faith in that," Twilight said. "Toad will be fine."

"I hope so," Wanda said, glancing back into the Hospital. "Honestly I don't even know what to do now. Can I even stay in Equestria after what my father did?"

"Of course, you have a home with me and Peter," Twilight said. "We can make room for you, we made room for Cozy Glow, and we've made room for Rumble in the past."

"Oh, speaking of Rumble, I just saw him in there, he's been bragging on how he was part of the fight against my father," Wanda said.

Twilight giggled a bit, "He's so adorable, he wants to be a hero just like Peter. Though I'd rather he not get into fights like these just yet."

"Well at least Peter has a fan," Wanda said. "But it seems like a lot of foals look up to him."

"He's a very lovable guy, at least when he's not telling stupid jokes or making these annoying references," Twilight said. "I mean thankfully my time in his world helped me understand a few but it still drives me insane when he does that, it's like he knows it upsets me and that's what gets him off."

"Peter once said you're cute when you get mad, that might be a reason," Wanda said.

"He's such a goof sometimes, but I didn't marry him just for his looks, thankfully he can be just as sweet, he's always quick to think of me, he gets me flowers on occasion, he never forgets my birthday or our anniversary," Twilight said. "He's quite the guy and I'm very lucky he choose me, I mean he could have chosen any of us. Trixie was close with him, Applejack was, Fluttershy was, Zecora was, even Princess Luna had her eye on him. Sweetie Belle too but she's pretty young so that wouldn't have been possible."

"I mean even if she was an adult, Peter probably would have chosen you over her anyway," Wanda said.

"Yeah...I guess," Twilight said, briefly thinking of Future Sweetie Belle, then feeling some displeasure.

"Uh, Twilight, are you ok? You look kind of...mad," Wanda said.

"Huh?" Twilight snapped out of it. "Sorry, I just remembered something annoying."

"Was it about Peter?" Wanda asked.

"Yeah...there's this girl who did kind of get his attention, she got too close to him on occasion and well...it just got uncomfortable," Twilight said.

"Is it that Black Cat woman I've heard about?" Wanda asked. "She's in Equestria too correct?"

"She's off living in Canterlot with Rumble's brother...honestly I haven't really heard from either of them in a long time, I should check in on Thunderlane, at least for Rumble's sake," Twilight said, grabbing the artifact. "I really hope I don't have to talk to Felicia though, do not like that woman."

"Well I won't hold you up, I'm going back inside to check on the others, they're not taking this too well either, even if they're trying to hide it," Wanda said. "Even Dom is much more down than normal, and Tabby...she plays it off too nonchalant."

"If you need me for any reason, please don't hesitate to let me know," Twilight said. "Same with Peter."

Twilight made her way through the portal, enroute to Canterlot while Wanda went inside. "I'll take you up on that."

Twilight arrived back in Canterlot, near where Felicia lives. "Wow this thing really is better than teleporting, less strenuous." She knocked on the door to her apartment, feeling a bit weird. Thankfully the door was opened by Thunderlane.

"Twilight? This is unexpected," Thunderlane commented.

"Oh good, just the pony I wanted to see," Twilight said.

"What's this about?" Thunderlane asked.

"It's Rumble, he got hurt," Twilight said.

"He what!?" Thunderlane stepped outside. "Where is he?"

"Ponyville Hospital, nothing serious, just some bumps," Twilight said. "I just figured you should know what happened before word of mouth spreads and details are lost."

"How did he get hurt?" Thunderlane asked.

"Villain attack, nopony saw it coming, since it was someone we thought could be our friend," Twilight said. "Rumble tried beig a hero and well, he got hurt."

"That dofus," Thunderlane said. "Uh, do you wanna come inside? Kind of want some details."

"Sure, is that alright though?" Twilight asked. "What about...you know, Felicia?"

"She's not home, she's off running some errands," Thunderlane said. "Don't worry, it's not anything illegal. She won't be home for some time."

"Right...say are you two dating?" Twilight asked.

Thunderlane rubbed his head, "Eh, it's hard to say, I mean, we kind of get...intimate but I can't tell if it's romantic or if she's just bored. I mean I'll take it for now but I kind of will want to get something steadier."

"Honestly, given how much of a flirt she is, you should move on, find somepony better," Twilight said.

"Eh, kind of hard when you're the pony who's known for hating Spider-Mane," Thunderlane said. "Uh, no offense to you Twilight."

"It's fine, maybe we can talk a bit about that too, I do feel bad that the reason you're not in Ponyville is because of my husband," Twilight said.

"It's not your fault, don't blame yourself," Thunderlane said. "Come on in and let's catch up a bit."

Twilight did just that, making her way inside and explaining the situation to Thunderlane, the two talking for a couple of hours while things in town were still being put back together.

Eventually the five other main Capcom Warriors arrived, along with the three members of Avalanche, all wanting to check on Chun-Li. Jubilee, Kitty and Black Widow came too, all of them checking on their friends.

"So what happens now?" Jubilee asked.

"Now we rebuild," Cyclops said. "Get this town back to normal."

"This place is a wreck, hate to see another town destroyed," Chris said.

"You and me both pal," Barret commented.

"Still can't believe Magneto did all this," Ryu said. "To think he probably earned the trust of many of the ponies here."

"Even we started to believe he would change for the better," Nightcrawler said. "It was so disappointing to see him revert back to his villainous side."

"His power was really incredible," Chun-Li said. "I've never seen anything like it."

"Well if these ponies need help rebuilding, then it's on us to lend them a hand," Spencer said, before waving his foreleg. "Or a hoof.

"I think I can pull a few resources from Wakanda, it should help speed up the process," T'Challa said.

"We'll get the X-Men to help too, Twilight could really use all the help she can get here," Cyclops said. "Bad enough she lost her school but to see her town destroyed like this is heart breaking."

"Poor girl, she did not deserve this bad luck," Nightcrawler said.

"I hope she's not too bummed out," Tifa said.

"If she is, we gotta per her back up," Spencer said. "Make sure this didn't affect her good-hearted nature, that'd be a damn shame to lose."

"Hey she's married to Spider-Man, and he's always a fun guy to have around," Jubilee said.

"Totally, he'll get her bounced back," Kitty said.

"Speaking of who, here he comes," Dante pointed out. "And he's got a friend with him.

"A cute one too," Tifa said.

Indeed Peter had arrived with Cozy Glow by his side. "Hey everyone, good to see you."

"Hi Peter, who's your friend?" Chun-Li asked.

Peter turned to the filly beside him, "This is Cozy Glow, she's kind of been glued to my side all day, even though I told her to go play with her friends."

"They're busy, Apple Bloom is helping her family get some ponies settled in at the farm, Sweetie Belle's staying with Rarity and Pinkie Pie, and Scootaloo is busy worrying about how her parents are gonna react when they find out about all this," Cozy Glow explained.

"Scootaloo has parents?" Dante asked. "So she's not an orphan."

"Yes, she has parents, and she hates when ponies keep assuming she doesn't have any," Peter said.

"We've never seen her parents though, I don't believe she mentioned having any," Chun-Li said.

"She told me," Ryu pointed out.

"And you never told us?" Dante asked.

"Uh, you didn't ask, why else would I need to bring it up?" Ryu asked.

"Her parents travel so Scootaloo often has ponies stay at her parents' house to take care of her," Peter said. "Sometimes it's her aunts, sometimes it's the Cakes, sometimes it's the Apples, sometimes it's Johnny and Rainbow Dash, even me and Twilight have watched over her."

"I imagine it's not easy being away from their daughter though," Chris said.

"I would think so, as a father I would hate to be away from Mayday," Peter said.

"I fell you on that Spider-Man," Barret said.

"So would Scott, and any other parent," Cap said. "Good on you to help out, seems like you're helped out a lot of kids, like the time you took in that Pegasus boy."

"Yeah, funny all the kids I've watched over are Pegusai, even my daughter," Peter said, then started to lament. "Man, it's like fate is taunting me about the fact that I didn't get to be a Pegasus in this world."

"Are you still on that?" Sunset asked.

"Yeah, you're a Unicorn at least," Tifa said.

"I can't do magic though, I might as well be an Earth Pony," Peter commented.

"He's got a point, his magic got sealed off," Sunset said. "Sometime after he was brought back from the dead."

"Hey don't talk about that in front of Chris, he might try to kill me!" Peter commented.

"You're clearly not a zombie, why would I try to kill you?" Chris pointed out.

"By that logic, Chris would hate Jean since she's come back too," Kitty commented, much to the girl's annoyance.

"Seriously Kitty?" A deadpanned Jean stated.

"Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes," Peter said.

"I have not had luck with Phoenixes," Dante said, recalling his time on Mallet Island. "You take them down, they come right back, though I've had that trouble with a lot of my enemies, but Phoenixes are the worst."

"Golly, it sounds like you had quite an adventure," Cozy Glow said. "Are you one of The Avengers?"

"Me? No I'm not even from their Earth," Dante said. "I'm from Capcom, like a few of my friends here."

"Capcom?" Cozy Glow said. "Oh right, the different worlds, that's so amazing!"

"It is amazing how many worlds exist," Dante said. "Name's Dante by the way."

"Cozy Glow," the girl replied. "I know Peter told you but I was told it's polite to introduce yourself to friends."

"Aw, how well mannered," Chun-Li commented.

Cozy Glow took note of Chun-Li's hind legs, "Wowie! Your legs are huge!"

Chun-Li frowned in annoyance when she heard the stifling laughter of a few ponies, especially Dante. "Well I work out a lot, it helps me kick harder, including places the sun doesn't shine."

"Can't imagine a kick to the...forbidden region from Chun-Li," Peter said.

That caused a cringe for many of the guys in the area, even Ryu looked visibly uncomfortable by the thought.

"You must be really strong then, just like Peter," Cozy Glow said. "Are you the strongest in your world like Peter's the strongest in his?"

"Whoa now, I'm not the strongest in my world, that honor goes to Hulk or Thor," Peter said.

"I am the strongest woman in my world," Chun-Li said. "But I have yet to meet even a man who could best me."

"Uh, joking much?" Dante asked. "You've lost to guys, you're still recovering from your fight against Magneto. You've even lost to guys like Spidey over there. Remember the Tournament years back?"

"The one you lost?" Chun-Li reminded. "The final battle was Ryu against Peter, you got knocked off despite having a three against one advantage?"

"Hey you still lost to a guy, plus I'm pretty damn sure I'm stronger than you are so you're definitely not the strongest in our world," Dante said.

"Excuse me? You think you're stronger than I am?" Chun-Li asked.

"I've done things you couldn't even hope to do Chun-Li, you wouldn't have lasted against my enemies," Dante said.

"Want to prove yourself right now Dante?" Chun-Li asked, looking ready to fight.

"You don't want this Chun-Li, besides you already got your ass handed to you by Magneto, I doubt you'll even provide a decent warm up right now.

"I have plenty of fight in me, I can beat you even in my condition!" Chun-Li said, getting into a stance.

"Don't make me knock you out," Dante warned.

"Enough!" Ryu shouted. "This isn't the time to be fighting, given the strength you both have you'll just end up causing more potential damage and I really don't think the ponies in this town need that right now!"

"Yeah, you two really shouldn't be fighting each other like this anyway, you're a team and a team shouldn't be so easily divided," Peter said.

Chun-Li calmed her temper, seeing the points made, "You're right, sorry for going off like that." She turned to Dante, "Forgive me."

Dante also calmed himself, "It's fine, I really didn't want to fight you, not because I think I can win, but I'd rather not fight a comrade, unless it's a friendly spar. Plus I prefer not to fight a girl."

"Right, cause you'll lose," Chun-Li taunted.

"Cute, remember just because I prefer not to fight one doesn't mean I won't if I need to," Dante said.

"I believe you," Chun-Li said, then turned to Cozy Glow. "Sorry you had to see that, we can get a bit competitive."

"A bit?" Peter joked.

"Watch it," Chun-Li warned.

"Just teasing," Peter said. "I gotta go help some ponies, uh could one of you keep Cozy Glow entertained for a bit? I have some stuff to take care of and she seems to get bored pretty easily."

"Hey, I do not!" Cozy Glow insisted.

"She can come with me," Chun-Li said. "We can educate her a bit on our world."

"That's fine, just be weary of the details, especially Chris and Dante, the stuff you two went through is pretty freaky," Peter said.

"We'll mind what we say," Chris reassured.

"Good, I should be done by the evening, I'll get Cozy Glow then," Peter said. "Behave now Cozy."

"I will...oh and Peter?" Cozy Glow said. "Would I be able to see Rumble sometime soon?"

"Rumble? Uh sure I guess, I could ask him to come over, he loves coming by after all," Peter said.

"Gee wilikers, I sure can't wait to see him again," Cozy Glow said.

Spencer turned to Strider, "Gee Wilikers?"

"You act like cutsey talk is so unusual in Equestria," Strider said.

"But still, gee wilikers?" Spencer asked.

"Let me know if you need anything," Peter said and swung off.

"I think the rest of us should also see what we can do," Cap said.

"Good idea, let's spread out," Cyclops said, Sunset, the X-Men and Avengers doing as suggested and searching around for any way they can assist.

"Hey everyone, I can handle watching over Cozy Glow, you should see if there's anything you can do yourselves," Chun-Li said.

"You got it Chun-Li," Chris said. "Come on everyone."

The Capcom Warriors began to spread out as well, leaving Avalanche with Chun-Li. Tifa turned her attention to Cloud and Barret, "I'm gonna stick with Chun-Li and help watch over the girl. Maybe you two can help fix the town up."

"Sounds good to me," Barret said, then turned to Cloud. "You gonna help too?"

"Or you can join us in babysitting," Tifa said.

"Not interested," Cloud said, then turned to Barret. "I'll help restore the town."

"Good, let's leave the girls to the kid," Barret said, heading into town with Cloud following.

"He's pretty quiet," Chun-Li said. "Cloud I mean."

"He's just not always in a talkative mood, but he can be when he wants to be," Tifa said. "Sometimes he can be a bit full of himself, but he makes for a great leader."

"So, is he the strongest in your world?" Cozy Glow asked.

"Cozy, the term strongest is really subjective, not really worth focusing on," Chun-Li said. "Come on, I'll show you some neat things."

"Ok," Cozy Glow said, following after Chun-Li, Tifa joining them.

In the coming days, things seemed to settle down a bit, some homes had been restored but the town was far from completion. Toad was still in the Hospital, his condition not changing much, but still received frequent visits from Wanda, The Brotherhood and Fluttershy.

While Wanda stayed at Twilight's place for a few days, eventually she and the rest of her friends found an apartment to rent in Canterlot where they would live for the moment. They just needed some time to themselves and for the moment, their Friendship Lessons were put on hold, though it's likely they won't need them as much after what happened recently.

Things began to change soon, starting with the Accords Stark laid out for Celestia, the stallion going over it more in her castle, joined by Reed Richards. "With this Princess, we can properly dispatch anyone needed for a specific event, and we'll always have heroes on call."

"Will this work?" Celestia asked. "Have you tried this on Earth?"

"Eh, some kinds needed to be worked out and due to the eventual issues caused by The Green Goblin, things never took off the way they should have," Stark said.

"We can't promise immediate results but with keen diligence, it can be pulled off," Reed reassured.

"Alright then, I'll give you about a year then," Celestia said.

"Wow, a whole year? That's very generous of you," Stark said.

"I should warn you, if things do get too bad then I will put a stop to it immediately, but for now I'll give you this time frame," Celestia said.

"You won't regret it, I bet I can have this down in about a month," Stark said. "I mean I'll need some time to prepare, give me about a couple of weeks."

"Very well," Celestia said. "I'm counting on you Tony Stark."

"I wont let you down," Stark said, grabbing his briefcase and notes. "Now I have a conference to attend to in Manehattan, I'll be giving you frequent updates." He turned to his partner in this explanation, "Thanks for stopping by Reed, always dependable."

"Thanks, I appreciate that," Reed said, making his way home.

"Tell the missus I said 'hi'," Stark said, making his way toward the city.

Then at Twilight's school, she had broken the lock placed by Neighsay, allowing the students to return and classes to resume, with the assistance from her friends and the X-Men.

Twilight looked on in pride as her school had reopened, seeing all the students pour in. Many ponies passing by to see the commotion.

"This is amazing Twilight, you got the school up and running," Cyclops said. "But if I may ask, how did you get Chancellor Neighsay to change his mind?"

"Honestly I couldn't get him to fully agree, I'm just asserting some authority as a Princess," Twilight said. "This school isn't fully EEA approved but I'm starting my own curriculum of education. Though after recent events, he might not fully oppose to this, maybe he's worried that something like Magneto could happen again, while he's not ready to change he is willing to be a bit lenient."

"Hm, well sometimes you have to take charge, even if a few rules are bent," Cyclops said.

"I know it's a bit sneaky but I believe whole heartedly that we need a school like this," Twilight said. "I'll do what I must to keep Equestria safe."

"I respect that, an remember, if you need any help, you have friends in the X-Men who are ready and willing to be there for you," Cyclops said.

Twilight nodded in approval, "Thanks Scott."

Nearby the Cutie Mark Crusaders had watched on in interest, seeing al the students pour into the school.

"Those ponies are lucky, going to a school like that looks fun," Apple Bloom said.

"Too bad we can't join," Scootaloo added.

"I mean, we could ask," Sweetie Belle said. "We know ponies who work there, our sisters work there, our brother-in-laws work there, we should get in."

"We'll ask them about it soon, maybe Rumble can join us," Apple Bloom said.

"Hey are things cool with you and Rumble?" Scootaloo asked.

"Yeah, why?" Apple Bloom wondered.

"He looked pretty unhappy the other day when he saw you taking dance lessons from Tender Taps," Scootlaoo said.

"Ah don't know why he would be jealous, I mean I'm not the only one, he tutors Laura and Pound Cake too," Apple Bloom said.

"Why can't you join the school again?" Sweetie Belle asked. "Or the others?"

"Laura can't go because she's not young enough and was a bit aggressive, Pound Cake doesn't like the clothes and apparently I'm too clumsy," Apple Bloom said.

"You are clumsy, you knocked over Laura the other day, I thought she was gonna shred you," Scootlaoo said.

"Oh can it," Apple Bloom said, then saw Tender Taps in the distance. "Hey Tender Taps!"

"Hi Apple Bloom, hi girls!" Tender Taps greeted.

The other Crusaders waved, Scootaloo looking a bit interested, "Well I can see why Rumble's jealous, the kid's cute."

"Yeah, he is," Sweetie Belle said with a blush.

"Even Laura thinks so, he reminds me of how Rumble used to be, before puberty turned him into Johnny Storm," Apple Bloom said. "Don't get me wrong, ah still like Rumble but ah do miss his more softer side."

"Yeah, me too," Sweetie Belle said.

"Same, well we should get going, we have our own school to go to," Scootaloo said.

"Right, say did yer parent come by?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Yeah...they were not happy, but they were happy I didn't get hurt this time," Scootaloo said, remembering the conversation she heard months ago, right after the fight against Annihilus and Mysterio.


"I don't understand it though, how did she get hurt?" Scootaloo's mother Mane Allgood asked.

"She got stuck in some weird dimension, it was a total freak accident," Rainbow Dash said.

"That freak accident could have gotten our daughter killed by some monster," Snap Shutter shouted.

"We know dude, we're sorry," Johnny said. "I know how you feel, my daughter was in danger too."

"But we promise never to let that happen to Scootaloo again," Rainbow Dash said. "We'll keep a better eye out for her."

"I don't know, maybe it will be better if she came with us," Mane Allgood said.

"Wait what!?" Johnny said. "If she goes with you that means leaving Ponyville!"

"We're aware of that," Mane Allgood said. "But even if does mean leaving Ponyville then at least we'll know she's safe."

"Don't you two track down dangerous beasts? How is that any safer?" Johnny asked.

"We can handle those beasts, you seem to attract a bunch of dangerous villains," Snap Shutter said.

"Plus we wouldn't let her go to another world like you did," Mane Allgood said. "Honestly, taking her to Earth?"

"It was for a family dinner, and we consider Scootaloo family," Johnny insisted. "Look, I get it, you're worried, you have a right to be. What Annihilus did was terrible but we give you a solemn oath that it won't happen again!"

"Scootaloo means a lot to us and to her friends, if you take her away she'll just be miserable," Rainbow Dash said. "Ponyville is a great place, even if villains come at least we'll be there, so would our friends."

"Spider-Mane lives in Ponyville," Johnny reminded. "Same with Princess Twilight, and they care a lot about Scootaloo."

"Please, give it another chance," Rainbow Dash pleaded. "We won't take her to Earth, at least not without your permission."

The two concerned parents exchanged a look, then nodded in agreement, seemingly ok with this plan.

"Fine then, but do not allow her to get hurt again or we will take her!" Mane Allgood warned.

"We're serious about this, Scootaloo means everything to us, it's bad enough we can't be around as often as we'd like to see her grow up, but to know she's been in danger and we weren't there to keep her safe..." Snap Shutter couldn't bear the thought. "It's always the low part of our job."

"Unfortunately our job needs ponies like us, and as much as we love traveling, we would quit in an instant to be with our daughter," Mane Allgood said.

"But only we can manage the dangers and get Equestria what it needs for it's own survival, it's because of our efforts medicine can be made to cure even the most awful of disease," Snap Shutter said.

"You two are heroes in your own right, easy to see why Scoots admires you so much," Johnny said.

"She admires you too, don't let her down," Snap Shutter said.

"I promise on my honor as an Element of Harmony not to allow danger to befall onto Scootaloo again."

"We want to believe you, ad we know you will follow through on your word, to the best of your abilities," Mane Allgood said "Thank you Rainbow Dash."

End Flashback

"I hope I never have to leave Ponyville," Scootaloo admitted, her friends quick to comfort her, alleviating any worry.

The students continued to fill in with Peter leading Cozy Glow to the entrance, "Have fun in school Cozy."

"Will do Peter," Cozy Glow said. "Thanks to you I can make friends again!"

"Its a team effort," Peter said. "More like a friend effort. There' a lot you can accomplish when you have Friendship on your side." Peter made his way off, "I have my own duties to fulfil, see you later."

"Bye!" Cozy Glow said, the turned to the school, a mischievous grin on her face, "Yes, Friendship can be useful..."

She made her way inside, ready to take in what she can to further her own goals and agendas. Things were seemingly back to normal, with Sandbar happily joined by his friends, the nations agreeing to give the school another chance.

Mayday now finds herself with a new frequent playmate. With Reed coming to Equestria more often now due to his newfudn partnership with Tony, he is able to bring his son to spend time with the young filly, which he hopes won't be too much for his tender heart.

However on the other side of the light was the darkness, Discord had been busy. Tartarus was still full of many who were eager to bring down Spider-Man and his allies. Shocker made plans with The Dazzlings, Osborn talked strategy with Mysterio, Annihilus and Tirek spoke over their ideas of conquest, even Chrysalis seemed to be making herself at home, finding interest in the still scarred ninja Vega, who sat there, awaiting his vengeance.

Word of Magneto's defeat and death reached Earth, where his most trusted ally Mystique was making her way to a base, holding out a picture. "I almost can't believe I'm doing this, but if I'm going to get revenge, I will need assistance." She put away the picture, looking to the base. "I'll start with an enemy even Wolverine couldn't handle, get ready for work Creed."

Meanwhile Discord had arrived in another world, floating over a rocky field. "Time to finally put this plan to work." From the distance he can see two men training, combating each other in the skies, creating shock waves across the air. "There they are." In a snap, he teleported between the two, surprising them both.

"What the?"

"Who the hell!?"

"Pardon the intrustion, I mean you no harm, my name is Discord, I believe you two go by Goku and Vegeta correct?" Discord asked.

"Uh...yeah?" Goku replied.

"What do you want, and how do you know our names?" Vegeta asked, looking ready for a fight.

"I want to give you two, an opportunity," Discord explained, getting ready to go into detail.

Things would be changing again soon, The Avengers in Equestria, all the heroes in Equestria, they had gotten their taste of this world, and had truly begun to understand it better, and really wanted to protect it and keep it safe.

Twilight and Peter were ready, or so they thought. The seeds have bee planted ad a forest will grow. Recent events had changed Equestria, but one thing stays the same, the desire to protect, and that's what they will do, whatever it takes.

Author's Note:

Finally done. Some sequels in the works though, short stories and longer ones. Look forward to it, more on the way.

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