• Published 3rd Jun 2018
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Spiders and Magic: Avengers Assemble - Masterob

With more superheroes in Equestria, plus other worlds, thing might get even more chaotic. The adventures of the Elements and Marvel Heroes continues.

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Assisting the Future Part I

That morning in Canterlot Castle, Logan was seen waiting in the main hall alongside Chun Li. Both of them were expecting an arrival from the Capcom World, though Logan started to get a little impatient.

"How long before this guy shows up?" Logan asked in his brash tone.

"He’ll be here soon Logan. Leon said he'll show up when he can, he doesn't exactly live close to Mega Man you know, in fact none of us live close by to each other," Chun Li said.

"He does know he has to go to Mega Man's home right?" Logan asked. "Not where your base is. I heard you have a portal where you work."

"I do, but I gave Leon specific instructions to go to the other portal," Chun Li said.

"Hope so, really worried about this, I want to make sure Sweetie Belle's alright," Logan said.

Chun Li looked curious, "You really seem concerned for Sweetie Belle, the future one I mean. Are you two friends? Are you close with her family?"

"Not with the one from this timeline, they don't like me too much, but the Sweetie Belle from the future...I just can't stand knowing she's living like that. I've seen people come from the future where things are in ruins, I know there's a future where the Sentinels were wiping out mutants," Logan said.

"Sentinels? You mean those big robots?" Chun Li asked.

"Yeah, it's how we met our friend Forge, he came because he needed help, in a way Sweetie Belle's struggles remind me of what Forge went through, I need to help her," Logan said.

Chun Li folded her forelegs, "I respect that, you're a good man Logan." She turned to the side. "I've seen that Sweetie Belle before, much like most girls she seems to really like Peter, it's a little irksome honestly."

"Lots of girls like Peter, don't you like him? That's what yer friends say," Logan said.

"Well I don't try to get in the middle of his marriage at least, I should hope Sweetie Belle would do the same," Chun Li said, getting Logan a little worried.

"Sweetie Belle cares about Twilight, plus the marriage Peter and Twilight had is built from a bond stronger than even Cap's shield, or the metal on these claws," Logan said, showing them off. "There's nothing to worry about at all."

"I hope so," Chun Li said, with a look of uncertainty. A moment later, she got a radio call from Mega Man.

"Chun Li, are you there?" Mega Man asked.

"Yes I'm here, is Leon there yet?" Chun Li asked.

"Yeah, he just got here, I'm gonna send him through the portal," Mega Man said and disconnected his radio.

A few moments later, Mega Man is seen entering through the portal, alongside the familiar looking Leon Kennedy.

"Leon, you made it," Chun Li said and bowed to him.

"Good to see you Chun Li," Leon said and looked around. "Wow, back in Equestria, been a couple of years." He looked down to see that he had taken his pony form, "Back to being a pony, can't say I missed the look, nothing against the ponies but I like having fingers."

"You'll get used to it," Chun Li said and then turned to Mega Man. "Thanks for your assistance."

"Anytime Chun Li, but why do you need Leon here? Don't tell me there's B.O.W.s in Equestria," Mega Man said.

"Not that I know of, but we need Leon's help for something else," Chun Li said.

"I'll explain it to him," Logan said and turned to Leon. "I'm gonna get right to the point, you're gonna go 25 years into the future to fight creatures called 'Changelings'," Logan explained.

Leon blinked a bit, very confused, "Pardon me?"

Before Logan could explain, Mega Man interrupted. "Um, pardon me, but if it's in the future, wouldn't it make more sense to find a way to prevent it? That would solve all the problems."

"You would think that, but it ain't that simple, we need to send Leon to the future because regardless of what we do in the past, the future won't be affected," Logan explained.

"Huh? That doesn't make sense though," Mega Man said.

"Look, how this future came to be is a long story, but when Parker went to the future a few years ago, he created an alternate timeline in which Equestria is in ruins and Changelings roam the place. Coming back to the past didn't fix anything, the only reason they won in the future is because he disappeared, he hasn't disappeared and everything is going well, in fact it's even better in Equestria now because it has more to protect it, which means that their future is stuck like that and changing the past won't solve anything," Logan said.

"Still, why send him to a future like that? Shouldn't the main concern being to protect this timeline and ensure it doesn't have a similar future?" Mega Man asked.

"Because there's still plenty of ponies in that future trying to start a new life and enjoy themselves, they can't do that if there's still Changelings in the future. A couple of allies are still trying to protect the future, though they really need assistance, especially considering that one of them is a mother," Logan said.

Mega Man looked surprised, "A mother? Someone had a baby in that bad of a future?"

Logan nodded, "Yeah, she loves her baby, she fights extra hard so that baby can grow up in a more peaceful world, but it's not easy, that's why we need Leon's help." Logan looked to Leon, "Do you think you can handle it?"

Leon lifted his arm up in a half shrug, "I don't see why not."

"Good, we'll get you to them girls soon, any questions before that?" Logan asked.

"Yeah, mind telling me about these Changelings?" Leon asked. "What exactly are they?"

Logan nodded, "I don't know much other than the fact that they can shapeshift, and I know they had a leader, Queen Chrysalis, but she's been defeated by Peter, all that's left is the rest."

"Shapeshifters huh? Sounds fun," Leon said sarcastically.

"It is, now do you think you can help these girls?" Logan asked.

"I think so, my skills are on par with Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, I think I can handle some bug creatures, even if they can shapeshift," Leon said.

"Alright, anything else you wanna know?" Logan asked.

"What are the names of these girls I'm helping?" Leon asked.

Logan tapped his chin, "You remember Sweetie Belle?"

"That little Marshmallow girl with the older sister that also looks like a Marshmallow? The ones that Chris seems to like spending time with? Yeah I think I know," Leon said.

Logan rolled his eyes at the 'Marshmallow' thing, thankfully neither mare was around to hear that, "Anyway do you remember another girl that looked like her? Maybe you've seen her? She wears latex."

Leon nodded, "I think so, I've seen her around...wait is that suppose to be her from the future? I thought that was another relative?"

"That's her, Future Sweetie Belle her friend is a future Pinkie Pie," Logan said. "Do you know who Pinkie Pie is?"

Leon scratched his head a little, "Pinkie Pie...Wait is that the hyper pony that always talks about parties?"

"Yeah, but the future one doesn't care much for parties anymore, she's a warrior just like you and me, a serious one at that too," Logan said.

Leon looked surprised, "Wow, didn't think she could be serious. I was convinced she couldn't frown if she really wanted to."

"Well she is much more serious than the one you've seen, they need your help, now one final time, you sure you can handle this?" Logan asked.

Leon nodded, "Like I said, I can handle this, just take me to these girls."

Logan nodded and grabbed the radio Future Sweetie Belle gave him months back, "Girls, hello? You there?" Logan waited for an answer, but he heard nothing. "Sweetie Belle? Pinkie Pie? Either of you there?"

After a few minutes, Logan heard a response from Future Sweetie Belle. "Logan is that you?"

Logan sighed in relief, "Sweetie Belle, good to hear from ya."

"Hey Logan, what's up, do you need anything?" Future Sweetie asked.

"Sure, think you can make a portal to bring me and some friends into the future?" Logan asked.

"Huh? What for?" Future Sweetie asked.

"I got something to show ya, or someone, please just make the portal," Logan said.

Future Sweetie's sigh could be heard over the radio, "If you say so."

Within minutes a portal leading to Future Equestria started to open, much to the amazement of Leon and Chun Li.

"Amazing how simple time travel has become," Chun Li said.

"Yeah, kinda has me worried," Leon admitted.

"Nothing to be worried about, just get through the portal," Logan said and jumped through along with his allies.

Seconds later, the four ponies found themselves 25 years into the Future, in a room that looks similar to a hall in Celestia's castle.

"Is this the place? Seems like we're still in the castle," Logan said.

"You are," they heard. They all turned to see Future Sweetie Belle standing nearby an activation portal. "This is Celestia's old castle, granted I live here now with Pinkie Pie, I do watch over Equestria after all as it's new Princess."

Logan approached Sweetie Belle with a friendly smile, "Good to see ya kid."

"Same to you, though I don't think I qualify as a kid anymore, plus I'm older than your wife in this timeline," Sweetie Belle said.

"Eh, it's all relative, besides it's just nice to be able to talk with a Sweetie Belle, yer other self doesn't like me too much, or my family, except Fluttershy," Logan said.

"No offense, but you do look intimidating, luckily I know better," Future Sweetie said, then pulled Logan into a hug. "It's nice to see you though, I miss having friends around." She pulled back, "But what brings you here?" She looked over to see the others, "And what's with the guests?"

"I'm sure you probably remember Chun Li,” Logan said, gesturing to the Street Fighter.

Chun Li did a bow, "Hello Sweetie Belle." Somehow Future Sweetie Belle could sense a little dissatisfaction in Chun Li's voice.

"Hello again," Future Sweetie said, somewhat uneasy around her.

"This here is Mega Man," Logan said, pointing to the little robot pony.

"Nice to meet you," Mega Man said, a little more friendly.

Future Sweetie Belle waved, "Hello there. You're a cute little guy."

Mega Man blushed a bit, "Appreciate that, though I would prefer if that wasn't a regular thing."

Logan gestured to Leon, "And this, is Leon Kennedy. You'll be getting to know him very well."

Leon approached Future Sweetie with a slight smile, "It's nice to meet you, Logan told me about you."

Future Sweetie looked confused, why does Logan expect her to know Leon very well.

"Um...nice to meet you Leon, I believe I've seen you before though, what brings you here?" Future Sweetie asked.

"I heard about what's happening here, rebuilding this world, giving ponies happiness again, make more homes, more families, I heard somepony here is a mother that's trying to raise her child in a place like this," Leon said.

Logan stepped forward. "You see me and Fluttershy were worried fer ya, you know, being a mother who's child doesn't have a father around, not easy when you have to keep the world safe, so we thought Leon could help out, especially you. He can be there fer ya, whatever you need him fer and-"

"Wait, are you trying match me up with Leon?" Future Sweetie asked, getting a blush from everypony in the room.

"Uh, no, I'm not here to be your boyfriend or anything, I'm just here to help you with your needs," Leon said.

Future Sweetie blushed, "Are...are you asking me to sleep with you?"

Everypony in the room blushed intensely, especially Leon since he was the subject of the converstation, "No! I'm not trying to get in bed with you, I'm not trying to date you, I'm here to help you fight Changelings!"

Future Sweetie realized how foolish she was being, "Oh...I see..." She blushed heavily, "Sorry about that, I guess I had the wrong idea."

"Keep a purer mind next time," Chun Li said in a loud mutter.

Leon rolled his eyes, "This is not how I envisioned us meeting."

"Hey I didn't even expect to meet you, but what's this about you helping me with the Changelings?" Future Sweetie asked.

Logan stepped forward, "Like I said, me and Fluttershy were worried when you said you still had Changelings in this world, so my goal is to get Leon here to help you. He has a lot of experience when it comes to fighting B.O.W.s, so I figured he can help against the Changelings."

"B.O.W.s? Like the ones Chris Redfield fights?" Future Sweetie asked.

"Yeah, Leon fights them too, I think he can help you against the Changelings," Logan said.

Future Sweetie looked to Leon with curiosity, "So...you think you can handle shapeshifting bugs?"

Leon nodded, "I've fought giant bugs before, like giant spiders, giant moths, really freaky looking stuff."

Sweetie Belle looked a little weirded out, "What type of monsters have you dealt with?"

"A lot, honestly with all the giant insects I've fought it's amazing that I don't hate insects that much, not even Spider-Man, Ant Man or Wasp," Leon said.

Future Sweetie found some relief that this guy liked Peter, despite being from Capcom. "Well Shapeshifting creatures might be a little different for you honestly. It won't be easy by any means after all."

"Nothing I've done was easy, right from the beginning when I was a rookie cop trying to survive the B.O.W.s of Raccoon City alongside Claire Redfield, that was a hard first day on the job for sure," Leon said.

"First day? Wow you were pretty unlucky weren't you," Future Sweetie said.

"That's an understatement. Despite the odds against me I made it, me and Claire along with a young girl named Sherry were able to escape Raccoon City, since then I've found myself against more and more impossible odds, but each time I come through and in the end I feel much stronger," Leon said.

Future Sweetie nodded, "It does sound like you've been through a lot, I respect you being able to pull through all that honestly...but this might be much harder than anything you've encountered, do you think you can handle this?"

"I don't know, but I still want to try. Keep in mind I'm from Capcom, so it's in my nature to wanna push myself, we're all a little competitive like that, whether you're a Street Fighter, Robot Fighter, it doesn't matter, I want to try," Leon said.

Future Sweetie looked impressed, Leon seems very much determined to try this, but some guilt still nagged at her. "It might take a while, who knows how long you'll be here."

"I can handle that," Leon said.

"I'm talking months though, maybe even years, I can't ask you to do this, this isn't your world for you to trouble yourself," Future Sweetie said.

"If there's one thing I learned from Spider-Man, it's that every world deserves a fair chance for a bright future. I don't mind helping out really, like I said I look forward to the challenge. Being here for years, not the most ideal thing but I think I can handle that," Leon said.

Future Sweetie Belle bit her lip, "Are you sure?"

Leon nodded, "I'm just happy to help, I was running low on work anyway."

Future Sweetie Belle gave in, "Alright, but just so you know, you can go home whenever you want, just let me know and I'll-"

"Don't, I kinda want this job, you making it sound hard is just making me more eager," Leon admitted.

Future Sweetie smiled a bit, he seems so genuinely interested, "Thanks."

Leon nodded and turned to Chun Li, "You don't mind if I'm gone that long right?"

"I don't think it's any trouble, I'll let Chris know, there are other B.O.W. fighters after all though, maybe Carlos can handle your missions," Chun Li said.

"Sounds good to me," Leon said and turned to Future Sweetie. "So where's your friend?"

"She should be downstairs, she's with my baby," Future Sweetie said.

Leon had one question for her, "Um, what happened to the baby's father anyway?"

Future Sweetie quickly thought up an excuse, "He's...not exactly here anymore, I mean...it's like..."

Leon put his hoof up, "Never mind, I think I know, I'm sorry for bringing it up."

Sweetie Belle seemed relieved that she got out of explaining that, though felt pity for making Leon believe what he did, "It's no big deal. I'm just glad I have my baby, he's all I have left, aside from Pinkie Pie. Everyone else I love in this world is gone."

Leon patted her shoulder, "We'll get through this, I'll help you rebuild this world and then you don't have to worry about this crap anymore, alright?"

Future Sweetie had a relieved and affectionate smile. Leon is a lot nicer than he looks. "Thanks, come on, I'll take you to Pinkie Pie. All of you can come as well."

The others agreed and followed Sweetie Belle, mostly to see the baby. Chun Li and Mega Man are very curious as to who this baby's father might be, though Chun Li has her own wonders, and she wasn’t too happy.