• Published 3rd Jun 2018
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Spiders and Magic: Avengers Assemble - Masterob

With more superheroes in Equestria, plus other worlds, thing might get even more chaotic. The adventures of the Elements and Marvel Heroes continues.

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A Step in Education

Peter and Twilight had hoped to go to the EEA but with yet another invasion of Ponyville, they had to wait for the following day to do so.

The damage to Ponyville was severe, many homes were destroyed and a lot of ponies got hurt. Rarity and her family moved temporarily to Sweet Apple Acres where she had to start over a on a lot of her designs, though not without help from her fellow seamstresses.

Pinkie and Deadpool went with their family to stay at The Parker-Sparkle home, despite Peter's reluctance and his attempted insisting that there's no room. Twilight worked to make room until Sugarcube Corner was rebuilt.

Cap had explained this to Princess Celestia, this revelation disturbing the Sun Princesses. Hearing of a monster created through this type of technology, almost similar to what she's heard of how Cap got his powers, in addition to Logan's Weapon X origins.

Of course Celestia was grateful that a Capcom fighter had come over to help but now she's worried about that portal being open, something Cap is fully aware of. Unlike the Marvel portal, Celestia may not hesitate to close the Capcom portal if she really needed to.

Everypony spent the rest of that day cleaning up the mess left behind by the villains, though there was still much more work to be done, so a shelter was started up for ponies who's homes had been destroyed, others moved in with relatives out of the city, it would take a while for things to be fixed, that's more villains don't show up.

The following day came, Twilight, Peter and Wanda had gone to the headquarters of the EEA, Twilight still hoping to open up her school in Equestria. On the train ride there she spent time looking over her notes, making sure everything was in tip-top order.

"How many note cards did you bring?" Wanda asked, checking out the stack Twilight had. "It almost seems like you have more than last time."

"You also brought like a million books," Peter said, gesturing to the stack that was as high as he was.

"Don't overexaggerate Peter," Twilight said. "These books are essential if I want to open the school and I have to bring note cards so I can impress the EEA." Twilight glanced out the window, "Though if I'm being honest, I don't even feel right going to the EEA today, considering all the damage that was done to Ponyville."

"Yeah I get that," Peter said. "But everyone else is handling things, they just want you to focus on building the school. I know how you feel, I kind of want to be back there myself but right now my goal is to stand by your side and helping you along."

"And I have to stay by your side because I don't have a choice," Wanda said.

"Pfft, don't act like you don't like being around us," Peter said. "We're both very lovable ponies."

"It's so weird hearing you refer to yourself as a pony, I mean you were born as a human after all," Wanda said.

"Yeah, but now I'm a pony, and I've come to accept that," Peter said. "The only downside is that I'm naked all the time, least I don't have to do laundry."

"Can you not talk about being naked?" Wanda said, covering up a bit. "Sometimes I feel so exposed, I don't like not having anything to cover my lower half."

"Just don't think about, remember a majority of ponies are just as 'exposed' as you are," Twilight reminded. "But I can understand what you're going through, I've gotten just as nervous when I was on Earth and my skirt was too short for my liking."

"I had no complaints," Peter commented.

"Of course you didn't, you got to enjoy a show," Twilight said, getting somewhat annoyed. "Anyway we're almost there, Peter be a dear and carry those books."

"By myself?" Peter asked.

"Uh, you have super strength Peter," Twilight reminded.

"But not super balance," Peter said, lifting the books up. "These things keep toppling over."

"I'll stand right behind you and catch whatever falls," Wanda offered.

The train had reached it's destination, the trio making their exit and into the building with the EEA. It was an unusual sight for the three, a row of ponies sitting above and looking down at the trio, making Twilight a bit too nervous to speak right away.

"Wow, these ponies look like they mean business," Peter said, placing the books down.

Twilight cleared her throat and began speaking, "Greetings, my name is-"

"Twilight Sparkle," a pony interrupted. "Apprentice of Celestia, Princess of Friendship, Wife of Spider-Mane."

"You forgot Adorkable Waifu," Peter joked, getting a glare from Twilight.

"Don't talk!" Twilight looked up at the pony. "Uh, so you know me?"

"Of course, who wouldn't?" The pony said. "I am Chancellor Neighsay."

"I can already tell he's gonna be a pain in the butt," Peter said.

"Didn't I just say 'don't talk'!?" Twilight shouted, then turned back to Neighsay. "I'm sorry for my husband, he likes to run his mouth."

"So I've heard, he is quite the subject of conversation in most places I attend, I do say that we of Equestria owe the both of you quite the debt," Neighsay said.

"It's no trouble, we are honored to be of service," Twilight said. "In fact I hope to further be of assistance to Equestria, see I hope to start a school."

"I'm aware, that's why you are here after all," Neighsay said. "That and Princess Celestia alerted me to your arrival. I understand you intended to come yesterday, but an incident prevented that."

"My apologies for that," Twilight said.

"Uh, why are you apologizing for something you couldn't control?" Wanda asked.

"I do agree, no apologies needed," Neighsay said. "Though it does concern me, where did you intend to build this school?"

"Well, I did hope to do it in my hometown of Ponyville," Twilight said.

"Ponyville, where several invasions have happened?" Neighsay asked.

"Well we're hoping to find the source and put a stop to it, but I promise it will be a safe place," Twilight said. "I do hope you'll give me a chance."

"Yeah, me and my friends can keep Ponyville safe, no trouble," Peter said.

"Yes, you and your human friends..." Neighsay said, his answer somewhat rubbing both Peter and Wanda the wrong way. "I will hold you to that Spider-Mane, do not disappoint me. Normally I shouldn't be approving of this, but since you and your wife are such renowned heroes, I shall allow you to prove yourself. HOWEVER, you must do things by the book!" Neighsay brought out a huge book, placing in front of Twilight, which she quickly skimmed through.

"My curriculum should meet all your requirements," Twilight said, passing around her book copies.

Neighsay skimmed through the book quickly, "Can we trust you to stick to this curriculum?"

"Yes, I promise you that after everything I've seen, and my time tutoring this fine young mare, I believe more than ever how important Friendship is," Twilight said. "We must build bonds with others, the more ponies who are friends, the less likely our foundation will crumble, and the Magic of Friendship will remain preserved."

Neighsay turned to the other ponies, each of them nodding in approval, "Then it's settled, ponies should protect our way of life, so if you're work is in order, then on behalf of the EEA, I grant you permission to build your school."

"Thank you so much sir, you won't regret it!" Twilight said.

"I should hope not, we will be checking in from time to time," Neighsay said. "Be warned, if your school does not live up to our standards, we will have it shut down."

"Works for us dude," Peter said.

Twilight groaned in annoyance, "Peter...if you're going to talk at least talk like if you're talking to Steve! Or Princess Celestia!"

"Hey they're cool with my hip lingo," Peter said, flashing a cocky smile.

Neighsay shook his head in annoyance, "Just leave before I change my mind."

Everyone made their way out of the building, Twilight both relieved and satisfied at the success of her presentation. "This is so perfect! soon the School of Friendship will be a reality! I gotta make some more plans, get my friends approved as teachers...you think any of the X-Men would be able to lend their assistance? Given their prior experience running a school?"

"Couldn't hurt to ask, maybe when we get back to Ponyville we can ask Logan," Peter said. "Or maybe we can find time to talk to Cyclops."

"This is all so exciting! Once we get Ponyville fixed up we can finally get started on our plans!" Twilight said. "And Wanda, once your Friendship Lessons are done, maybe we can find you a place in the school, does that sound interesting to you?"

"Yeah, sure..." Wanda said, looking a bit distracted, much to Twilight's concern.

"Uh, Wanda, are you feeling alright?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Wanda said.

"Is something bothering you?" Twilight asked.

"I'm fine, really," Wanda tried insisting.

"Wanda, I can tell something's bothering you, and you know you can trust me with whatever it is," Twilight said.

"Well, honestly, it's that pony we were just speaking to," Wanda said. "I don't flly trust him."

"Who Chancellor Neighsay?" Twilight asked. "I know he seems kind of strict but that's no reason not to trust him."

"I don't know, the term Chancellor already feels like a cause for concern," Peter joked.

"Peter enough," Twilight scolded. "Wanda, what about him seems untrustworthy to you?"

"The way he called myself and Peter 'humans', like if he doesn't trust us because we're from Earth," Wanda said.

"Some ponies are like that," Peter said. "It sucks but you get used to it after a while."

"I know you all gave a warning when I first came here but...I really hoped that Equestria would be better than Earth," Wanda said. "The fact that a high ranking pony like that would say something like that just has me worried for my future in Equestria. It seems no different than the high ranking officials back on Earth who looked down upon mutants, leading to the public shunning us."

"Ponies aren't as judgmental as humans are," Peter said. "I mean yeah, some don't trust humans like us but they're pretty much a minority."

"Equestria is a world of magic, with many different creatures," Twilight said. "So ponies are a little more used to the diversity than humans are, they're not used to superpowered beings it seems like."

"Plus that's the beauty of this school that Twilight wants to build," Peter said. "It'll help ponies understand others, so the minority will dwindle even more, not only will ponies be accepting of humans, they'll also be accepting of Dragons, Griffons and maybe even Changelings, if I can get them to join our side."

"Right, The Changeling Invasion," Twilight said. "I hope we can get that resolved soon."

"Leave that to me," Peter said.

"Well until that day comes, I still have more planning to do," Twilight said. "Peter, I have great plans for you at my school."

"Chemistry teacher?" Peter hopefully asked.

"I was thinking more you could teach kids about basic Responsibility, put your superhero philosophies to more use," Twilight said.

"Oh..." Peter said, somewhat dejected. "I mean, I don't mind, but I'm kind of hoping to show off my chemistry skills, show the world a different side to Peter Pony Parker."

"Uh, is your middle name actually...'Pony'?" Wanda asked.

"Actually my middle name is 'Benjamin', but when I came to Equestria I went under the guise of 'Peter Pony Parker'," Peter explained.

"That's..kind of stupid honestly," Wanda said. "Even by Equestrian standards, wouldn't Pony be a weird name? That'd be like if somone's middle name back on Earth was 'Human'."

Peter groaned in annoyance, "Between Spider-Mane and my middle name it seems like there's always something to criticize about what I call myself."

"Don't worry about it Peter," Twilight said. "As for your Chemistry dreams, I think we can make that happen too."

"Really? Sweet," Peter said. "Lookout Equestria, here comes Doctor Parker."

"You're such a dork," Wanda said. "Good thing you're attractive enough to pull in a girl."

"Believe it or not, I fell in love with Peter due to his kind nature and his somewhat charming personality more so than his looks," Twilight said.

"Thanks Twilight, it's good to know I'm beautiful on the inside too," Peter said.

"That and you have the cutest butt that I've seen on a stallion," Twilight added, getting a blush from Peter.

"It's weird hearing you talk like that sometimes," Peter said.

The trio made their way to the station, ready to go home, and maybe even check on Ponyville's progress.

Back in Canterlot castle, Celestia had made her way into the portal room where she saw Sunset Shimmer working on some plans.

"You look busy," Celestia commented.

Sunset Shimmer greeted Celestia, "Hello Princess, I've finally gotten some more portals finalized, with help from Twilight, some other Unicorns and even Doctor Strange, we might be able to access even more worlds soon!"

"Sunset, while I admire your determination, I'm gonna have to ask that you put a halt to your portals plan for now," Celestia said.

"Huh? Why Princess?" Sunset asked.

"Given the recent invasions, building a portal to another dimension would not be the safest decision, I don't want to risk any more danger coming to Equestria," Celestia said. "We just had a multitude of Invasions from Marvel Earth, and now with the recent Capcom Earth villain, I must ask that these portals get put to a stop until we can be absolutely sure of Equestria's safety."

"But.." Sunset wanted to assert her opinion but she did stop to think and realized maybe Celestia had a point. Right now it might be too risky to open more portals, so the safer thing to do would be to wait and see how everything plays out first. "Fine, I'll hold off on my research."

"Thank you for your understanding," Celestia said. "Let's just wait to see if we can find the cause of all this trouble, though from what I've heard from Applejack, this might be Discord's doing."

"Discord, why would he do something like this?" Sunset asked.

"Hard to say, Discord is not one for 'making sense', though he may be plotting something much more devious," Celestia said. "I will send somepony to look into this, before long this shall all be rectified."

"I hope so, Discord's part of the reason The Green Goblin took over the multiverse, I'd hate to see a similar situation unfold," Sunset said.

"It won't," Celestia reassured. "Not if we act fast. Hopefully we won't have anymore from either world coming after Peter and his friends."

"Uh, funny you should say that," Sunset said. "Because not too long ago, the Capcom warriors came by with a couple of young girls who have this goal of sparring with Peter and Logan."

"Pardon me?" Celestia said. "Young girls? Sparring with Peter and Logan?"

"They're out in the courtyard," Sunset said, leading Celestia to where the warriors were. As stated the warriors Chun-Li, Nathan Spencer, Strider Hiryu and Mega Man were standing at the side while two mares were sparring with each other. One unicorn with black hair to her neck and a pegasus with a long ponytail, not counting the one all ponies have.

"Who are they?" Sunset asked.

"The girl with the long hair, the one dressed like a ninja is named Ibuki, she came here with the goal of sparring with Logan," Sunset said. "The girl with the shorter hair, the one wearing the karate gi is Makoto, she has the goal of sparring with Peter. Basically they're looking for a little Marvel vs. Cacpom competition," Sunset explained.

"Looks like it, will they be wanting to reserve a stadium for that?" Celestia asked.

"I don't think so, it's nothing too fancy, they just want a chance to spar, so they came here to get used to their pony forms," Sunset said. "They seem to be adapting well, feels like a gift for both Marvel Heroes and Capcom Fighters."

"Well then, I shall go introduce myself," Celestia said, making her way to the courtyard, Sunset following after her.

Ibuki and Makoto continued their practice spar, Strider coaching the two, "Mind your stances, remember a pony's structure and anatomy differs from that of a human's."

"They're adapting pretty fast at least," Mega Man said. "Almost like they're still human."

"Perhaps, but they still need to learn how to utilize their pony advantage," Chun-Li said. "Make use of their magic and flight capabilities."

"Ibuki flying is one thing since it might compliment her style, but how can Makoto's magic help her?" Spencer asked.

"Yeah, she doesn't look like the spell casting type," Mega Man added.

"There are other ways, my unicorn magic in this world can be channeled through my chi, allowing me stronger strikes, plus giving my Kikoken a massive push," Chun-Li said.

"Lot of good that might do me," Mega Man said, gesturing to his horn. "This horn isn't exactly easy to use."

"I still find it strange that you transform given that you're not exactly a human," Spencer said. "My guess is that horn is mainly for style."

"We can ask Princess Celestia about that, she might have an explanation," Chun-Li said.

"Well good, because here she comes," Spencer said, gesturing to the oncoming Princess with Sunset Shimmer. "Yo Strider, incoming Princess at 6 o'clock!"

Strider turned to the direction of Celestia, then back to the two girls, "Cease your actions girls, we have Royalty." The two girls stopped to see Princess Celestia, then immediately bowed, guessing that would be the proper thing to do. Strider flew over, bowing on his knee. "Greetings Princess Celestia."

"Greetings Strider Hiryu," Celestia responded, then turned to the other warriors, each of them bowing as well. "Greetings to you all."

"Hello Princess, hope you don't mind that we're using your courtyard," Chun-Li said.

"I don't mind at all, I'm just surprised I haven't noticed your arrival," Celestia said. "Perhaps I have been too preoccupied."

"Celestia's dealing with a lot of stress given the recent invasions," Sunset said.

"Yeah, Jill told us about Nemesis showing up," Chun-Li said. "We have no idea how that could have happened, it concerns us just as much."

"Good thing Cap contacted us," Spencer said. "Not to say Spider-Man and the others couldn't handle it but it's good to have a professional."

"None of the ponies were infected with anything, were they?" Strider asked.

"No, not that I know of," Sunset said. "Wait, could that creature have turned a pony into a zombie?"

"Yeah, pretty much," Spencer said. "Maybe something even worse."

"If I were you, I'd make sure everypony is checked thoroughly," Chun-Li said.

"Jill already advised us to do that," Sunset said. "Thankfully there have been no signs of infection."

"That's good," Spencer said. "Someone must really have it out for this world, or at least Spider-Man and his friends."

"We may have an idea who's behind this, I've already asked Sunset to put a halt on her portal research until this is figured out," Celestia said.

"Good idea, don't want other worlds bringing in their dangers," Spencer said. "We've been to other dimensions, so we know how bad things could get."

"But once things clear up, you should definitely try reaching out to these other worlds, you might make some new friends," Chun-Li said. "Check Namco if you can, there's some martial artists there as well but friendly folks too."

"You've met a few of them before during our Marvel vs. Capcom tournament here," Strider said.

"You mean Jin Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu and Brave Vesperia?" Sunset asked. "Yeah, I remember them. Peter still has a Blastia thing that one girl gave him, he's been experimenting with it."

"Hey, speaking of Marvel vs. Capcom," Makoto said. "When can I have my spar against Spider-Man?"

"I want Wolverine!" Ibuki said.

"They're busy rebuilding Ponyville, they might be a bit busy at the moment," Sunset explained.

"In addition, I do not think you two are ready," Strider said. "Remember, Spider-Man and Wolverine are at a whole different level than you're average normal opponents."

"Just give us a shot, we did our training," Makoto said.

"One day is not enough," Strider explained. "Spider-Man and Wolverine have had years to get accustomed to this world, you have not had that luxury."

"But sensei..." Ibuki tried pleading.

"My answer is 'no'," Strider said. "Give it time, you will get your spar, but not today, or tomorrow."

"Eh, what's the harm," Spencer said. "Not like Peter or Logan would kill them or anything."

"Spencer..." Strider lightly warned. "They must learn patience in addition to battle, know when to fight."

"He's absolutely right," Chun-Li said. "You girls will be ready soon, just not yet."

"I'd say give it about a week before your first showdown," Mega Man said. "Just enough for you to stand a chance."

Both girls groaned, and reluctantly nodded their heads in agreement.

"Fine..." Makoto said.

"We'll wait," Ibuki said.

"It'll be worth it," Sunset said. "Now, you can all resume your training, now I have a new goal. Find Discord and see if he'll explain himself."

"I can help you get some information out of the prisoners in your Dungeon too if you'd like," Spencer said.

"I'd like that, thanks," Celestia said.

Strider looked unsure of this, he didn't think a week would be enough but maybe it would be a good compromise right now. Plus if they lost, the failure would motivate them to train harder.

Back in Tartarus, Discord had just opened the portal, both Shocker and Sonata coming out of it. He was quite agitated at the moment, "I can't believe you two did that, going of into Dragon World?"

"We were curious, you made it sound so fun," Sonata said.

"Well this nearly ruined my plans to bring the Saiyans over," Discord said. "You two nearly aroused a lot of suspicion, if Vegeta for example saw you two and sensed any evil intent, he might have vaporized you two on the spot."

"Which is why I don' think you should be bringing guys like that here!" Shocker said. "Those warriors are monsters! They make Capcom look tame! Honestly they make a lot of guys in my world look tame!"

"Oh come now, I'd say if you could survive being around Hulk and Thor you can survive around The Saiyans," Discord said. "Just stay out of trouble and don't go around to other Dimensions. As it stands I'm going to have to cut back on the invasions for a bit, if Celestia gets too worried she might seal away the portals permanently. We're lucky she hasn't so far given all the trouble we've caused. Curse my habit of pushing my luck."

"So, no Saiyans yet?" Sonata asked.

"Not yet, of course I only have one more major test before bringing in the Saiyans, at least for the moment," Discord said. "It depends on Magneto as well, and how the coming events shape his future, along with Peter's."

"What else could you have planned anyway? At least to top nearly causing a zombie apocalypse in Equestria because you thought it would be a good idea to bring in that monster from Capcom," Shocker said.

"I can't tell you yet, but you'll see in the coming months," Discord said.

A week had passed by, and as promised, Ibuku and Makoto were gonna get their chance against Logan and Peter. The four were at Canterlot's Courtyard in a private showing of abilities. Mayday was sitting with Twilight and Fluttershy, who were watching the fight from nearby, along with their Element friends and their Hero Husbands and their children. Trixie sat with Rumble, Scott, Laura and Lightning Dust. Also present were Cyclops, The Avengers, Magneto and The Brotherhood, as well as the Capcom Warriors, not just Chun-Li, Strider, Spencer and Mega Man, but even Ryu, Ken, Chris, Dante, Carlos, Jill, Cammy, Guile and Morrigan. Spike, Janet and Ember were also present, as were Shining Armor, Cadance and Flurry Heart. Sunset Shimmer stood by with Celestia and Luna, all of them ready to see a fight.

"So why did you girls want to fight us?" Peter asked.

"Kind of curious myself," Logan said.

"It's easy Spider-Man," Makoto said. "You are one of the strongest heroes in the Multiverse, and if I want to properly present the abilities of Rindo-Kan Karate, I must use it to defeat you. Anyone who could stand his ground against the likes of Dante, Chun-Li and Ryu is worthy of a fight against me."

"And for you Wolverine, you started the Marvel vs. Capcom rivalry all the way back with the X-Men vs. Street Fighter rivalry, and as you know I am a Street Fighter, and to further cement my legacy among them, I must do battle against the leader of The X-Men," Ibuki said.

"Uh, Cyclops is the leader, not me," Logan sad.

"Yeah but you're way cooler," Ibuki said, Bobby chuckling at Cyclops's expense.

"Bobby!" Rarity scolded.

Logan turned to Cyclops, "Sorry for the lack of respect Scott."

"I'm used to it," Scott Lang said.

"Not you dumbass! Scott Summers!" Logan shouted, Trixie snickering at Scott Lang's expense.

Cyclops waved it off, "It's fine, don't worry about it. Even if I am the Leader, you definitely have the most skill."

"Plus he's got claws, name a power cooler than that!" Ibuki said.

"I can shrink!" Scott said.

"Lang, can it," Stark ordered.

Flash Sentry stood in the center of the yard, "Alright, here are the rules, you fight until the other person is knocked out or until they surrender, let's try to keep things fair, so no cheap shots of the like, including eye poking, attacking low or, in Spider-Mane's case, no flirting."

"Hey! I don't flirt!" Peter shouted.

"Sure you don't," Flash said, flying to a higher ground.

"Ugh, really hate that guy sometimes," Peter said.

"Now, begin!" Flash ordered.

Makoto rushed at Peter, jumping with a diving kick which Peter was quick to block, though she quickly turned around and tried to kick Peter in the head. He swept her feet and knocked her to the ground, to which she quickly rolled away.

Ibuki had rushed at Logan, going for a bunch of quick strikes, which Logan was able to block or parry, then knocked her back with a punch to her abs. She flew to attack again but he dodged out of the way and knocked her aside again.

Makoto leapt into the air, trying to land a kick on Peter but he quickly blocked and tossed her aside. She landed on her feet and rushed to attack with a dual handed punch. Peter blocked with both hooves and quickly kneed her stomach, knocking her back, Makoto trying to catch her breath.

"He's even better than I imagined," Makoto rushed to attack again, getting a kick to his face, but barely stunning him. She went for a few more strikes, managing to land a few but Peter had grabbed her arm and tossed her away.

Ibuki flew around, getting in random kicks to Logan, but not enough to knock him over. "Gotta keep trying, I know I can do this!" She jumped up and landed back down with a diving kick, which Logan grabbed her leg and tossed her away.

The two girls had landed near each other, both of them in a daze at their attempts in combat.

"How you holding up?" Ibuku asked.

"He's stronger, as expected," Makoto said.

"Weird how that shrimpy guy could even put up a fight," Ibuki said. "But Wolverine, man is he good."

"We gotta amp it up, let's go!" Makoto shouted.

"Right, for our future!" Ibuku said, both girls running back in.

Makoto had her eyes locked on Spider-Man, ready to attack with the boy on the defensive. However just before attacking, she jumped aside, landing on a pole, "Time for Ultimate!" She jumped at Peter, landing a kick, "ABARE TOSANAMI!" She tried a few more kicks, but Peter had parried the finals strike and landed a strong blow to her stomach.

"Sorry, but here's one of mine," Peter started attacking with a flurry of quick strikes, "CRAWLER ASSAULT!"

Peter kicked Makoto back hard, the girl hitting the ground hard and not getting up, laying there in pain.

Ibuki tried her own assault, generating a gust of chi energy in her hooves, "Get ready, YOROITOSHI!"

She tried to attack Logan, but he quickly parried and went for a strong punch, "Here's a tame version of one of my attacks, BESERKER BARRAGE!" Instead of using his claws, Logan just did a quick series of punches, ending it with one final strike, knocking Ibuki down and out.

"The winner of this sparring session is Timber-Wolverine!...Oh, and Spider-Mane" Flash said, little enthusiasm at the last part.

"Yeah let's see you try this stuff bro," Peter said.

"Excuse me but I am not one to fight mares," Flash said.

"Yeah, they'd probably kick your ass!" Johnny called from his seat, Rainbow Dash hoof bumping him.

"Well, that was quick," Spencer said.

"Personally I think they lasted a decent amount of time," Mega Man said.

"Certainly lasted longer than I thought they would," Carlos said.

Logan trotted over, helping up Ibuki, "You alright kid?"

"Not really, I wanted to beat you," Ibuki said, feeling dejected.

"You can't win them all, but you got potential, keep up your training, I see big things for you kid," Logan said, patting her back.

"Sure, thanks Wolverine," Ibuki said, smiling a bit.

Peter helped up Makoto, "You're pretty good, what's your name again?"

"Makoto," the girl responded.

"Well Makoto, I hope you keep training hard, I don't know what Rindo-Kan Karate is, but if what you showed today is any indication, you could be one of the best martial artists from Capcom, then you're one step closer to being one of the best in the multiverse," Peter said.

"Oh, uh thanks Spider-Man," Makoto said, bowing to him.

"You can call me Peter," the hero said. "Keep up the great work."

"Thanks...Peter," Makoto shyly said. "I promise one day, that I'll defeat you and prove myself!"

"Aw, how nice, they're already making friends," Chun-Li said.

"It's really sweet," Twilight said. "Oh, speaking of friends, I don't know if anyone's told you but I am building a School of Friendship, I was hoping that maybe you and your team can stop by and help educate some of the students on some things, like Teamwork, you're world is very adept at it after all."

"Us? Teach Friendship?" Chun-Li asked. "Never thought I'd get that offer. But teaching about Teamwork does sound ideal, we may take you up on that offer."

"Thank you, I would really appreciate that," Twilight said. Bright things were awaiting in the future, but unfortunately a darkness still loomed. The ponies, heroes and fighters had more changes to adjust to, and they had to adjust quick.