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Spiders and Magic: Avengers Assemble - Masterob

With more superheroes in Equestria, plus other worlds, thing might get even more chaotic. The adventures of the Elements and Marvel Heroes continues.

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Incoming Sorcery

The following day, the Brotherhood had gone back to meet with their teachers, ready to resume their lessons. Mostly ready at least, some were still not too eager to continue this, finding it a waste of time.

Like usual, the group was escorted by Sunset Shimmer, who stopped off at Twilight's home first, "Alright, you're up first Wanda."

"Alright, thanks Sunset," Wanda said, then turned to her brother. "Pietro..."

"Yeah?" Pietro asked, knowing what's to come from his sister's mouth.

"Please, try not to die today," Wanda said.

Now if Pietro didn't know any better, he could have sworn there was actually some level of concern in his sister's voice. "Uh...sure thing."

Wanda nodded and walked inside the tree shaped library. Inside, once again, she saw that Twilight had a classroom set up with the same ponies from yesterday.

"Welcome back Wanda, please take your seat," Twilight said.

Wanda sighed in minor annoyance, "Gonna go out on a limb as say that you really want to be a teacher."

"That is my ideal profession, yes," Twilight said.

"Then why not just go for it?" Wanda asked, taking her seat next to Scott. "I mean, you have the desire."

"It's not as easy as it sounds," Twilight said. "Believe me, I'd love to be a teacher, honestly I'd love to open my own school. But my Princess duties might get in the way of that, besides I promised your father I would teach you all I know about Friendship, so I have to put all my focus on you."

"Be happy, you get a very dedicated teacher all to yourself," Peter said.

"Still, I do hope you consider it," Wanda said. "Not a fan of this classroom set up, but at least it shows you're taking this seriously, I can respect someone who follows their passion."

"Aw, thanks Wanda, I really appreciate that," Twilight said. "Now that you have your seat, time for my next lesson in Friendship...Talking, Listening and Communication."

"Uh, is this a Friendship Lesson, or Marriage Counseling?" Scott joked.

"Well Marriage itself is a type of Friendship when you think about it," Twilight said. "But seriously, this applies everywhere, so listen up."

"First part of the lesson, listen to the lesson," Peter joked.

"Very creative, now be quiet," Twilight said, getting a slight pout from Peter. "Whenever you have friends, one common thing is conversation with them, it's pretty basic overall. You talk with your friends, whether it be about plans, or how you're feeling, or even to educate them on something. Communication is a normal and natural flow of society."

"So, where are you going with this exactly?" Wanda asked.

"Simple, we're gonna practice proper communication," Twilight said. "Let's simulate a conversation, say that you had an extra ticket to go see a play down at Bridleway, and you wanted to invite Scott, so-"

"Hey wait why does Scott get the extra ticket?" Peter asked. "Where's my Bridleway ticket?"

"Peter it's just an example," Twilight said.

"It's a lousy one, I'm the one out there busting my butt to make sure Ponyville's safe, now while I do it for the safety of my friends first and foremost, I still feel like I at least earned a ticket to a play," Peter said.

Twilight rolled her eyes, "Ugh, fine, let's say that you get the extra ticket and-"

"Hey wait a minute, I'm an Avenger!" Scott said. "So I take priority over Spider-Man, a non-Avenger."

"Hey i can be an Avenger if I wanted to, plus I'm a Knight and Prince, so I outrank you anyway," Peter said.

"Wait, Prince? Prince of what? Nerds?" Scott asked.

"Guys..." Twilight said, failing to get their attention.

"At least I have Royal Status, as opposed to being a low-tier Avenger," Peter said.

"Guys!" Twilight again tried and failed to catch their attention.

"At least I made it to The Avengers, all this popularity and you're still not a member," Scott said.

"Guys! Enough!" Twilight shouted, still trying to get their attention.

"I married to a Princess that is also an Adorkable Waifu, so I win!" Peter said.

"Adorkable Waifu? What are you a nerdy weeb?" Scott asked.

"Hey! You wanna see me outside!?" Peter warned.

"Alright that's it!" Twilight said. "None of you get the extra ticket, Trixie does!"

"Ha!" Trixie boasted.

Peter's eyes widened, "What!? But I-"

"Zip it!" Twilight said.

Scott was also displeased, "Can't we just-"

"I said 'zip it'!" Twilight shouted.

Both Peter and Scott pouted as Twilight resumed her lesson, with a proud Trixie smirking victoriously. Fake or not, Trixie still won out in the end and has at least a hypothetical win over Peter, and Scott as a bonus. Wanda couldn't help but find some humor in this, perhaps she could get used to this family's antics.

At the Storm-Dash home, Pietro had already been dropped off, though what was noticeably different was that he had some bandages applied to him. While he was still able to walk, surprisingly due to how much damage he received, he wouldn't be too active.

Sunset theorized that taking on the pony form may have healed his injuries somewhat, Equestria's magic working it's charm. The same did happen for Scootaloo, despite her injuries she still seemed fine, but couldn't do too many stunts yet.

"So, tell me again Storm," Pietro said. "How exactly are you able to handle monsters like that? Because I feel like a train hit me."

"It takes practice," Johnny said. "But come on, you've faced some pretty gnarly stuff, haven't you?"

"Probably not to that level," Pietro said.

"Well get used to it, Equestria has some pretty freaky stuff too," Johnny said.

"Maybe once you're healed up, we'll go out and find some tough enemies to fight, there's plenty in The Everfree Forest," Rainbow Dash said. "Oh, just don't beat up a giant bear, that's one of Peter's pets."

Pietro just had a look of disbelief, "Why would he have...ah forget it, I don't really care."

"You'd be amazed at the stuff Peter's done here," Scootaloo said, passing through the room. "Be happy you don't have to do battle against King Sombra, I heard he's the worst."

"Hey, you seem to be doing better," Pietro said.

"Of course, it's gonna take more than a few cheap shots to keep me down," Scootaloo insisted, putting on a tough face. "Plus I got me some battle scars now, I'm gonna be so cool. I can boast that I fought a Fantastic Four villain, and lived."

"Oh yeah, you can," Johnny said, smirking in satisfaction. "Instant popularity, gotta love it."

"Sucks I won't be able to do insane tricks on my scooter, but it was totally worth it," Scootaloo said. "Too bad my aunts flipped out when they heard, and my parents, they're gonna be just as bad."

"Right, I'm gonna have to explain this to them," Rainbow Dash worriedly said. "I hope they don't deem me 'unsafe' or anything."

"Hey there's been danger in Equestria too," Scootaloo reminded.

"Yeah, but you actually got hurt this time, they may never let you go into a Human World again," Rainbow Dash said.

"Hey, we'll talk to them together," Johnny said. "We'll even bring Bow and Windy along, I'm sure your parents can talk sense into her parents."

"Yeah, my parents can be convincing, sometimes at least," Rainbow Dash said. "Still, gonna be a pretty awkward conversation."

"Just remind them that you did keep their daughter safe," Pietro said. "That's gotta count for something." That reminded Pietro, "Speaking of daughters, how's yours? She's not too scared form yesterday is she?"

"Please, our daughter?" Johnny asked. "She's got nerves of steel, just like me and her mother."

"She's gonna grow up fearless," Rainbow Dash added. "Future member of The Wonderbolts."

"Speaking of which, we gotta introduce you to Spitfire soon, maybe you can try out for the team," Johnny said.

"Try out? Wait what exactly are The Wonderbolts?" Pietro asked.

"The Greatest Flying group of all of Equestria," Rainbow Dash answered. "Johnny and I got accepted before Firefly was born, then I had to leave for a while because I was pregnant, but now I'm good to go again."

"Once you're all healed up we'll go, for now I think Dashie's got some lessons for you," Johnny said.

"More like a review," Rainbow Dash said. "Let's go take a seat."

"You're the boss," Pietro said, following Rainbow Dash to the couch, leaving Johnny and Scootaloo behind.

"Did you expect him to play the hero yesterday?" Scootaloo asked.

"Well honestly, that was more of a hope than an expectation," Johnny admitted. "Good thing he pulled through."

"Pietro's a really cool guy, it's weird that he's considered a villain in their world," Scootaloo said.

"Eh, blame his father for bringing him down that type of path," Johnny said. "Hopefully the old man has a change of heart too, but I still can't shake the feeling that he's up to something. I just hope Pietro's being genuine in his learning, otherwise it will break Dashie's heart. That and I’ll totally scorch his ass if he upsets my wife."

"I believe in Pietro, he's gonna make a great friend, and possibly a great hero," Scootaloo said. "Do you think he has what it takes?"

"Of course, pretty much any villain would make an even better hero," Johnny said. "Pietro's just gotta realize that a hero life is much more rewarding, but I think Dashie's got that lesson covered."

"Awesome," Scootaloo said. "Can't wait for him to realize that."

At Sugarcube Corner, The Cake Twins are putting the finishing touches on a giant cupcake they made, with Boom nearby just blowing on a piece of bubble gum, observing the work of the twins.

"That looks pretty tasty," Boom commented.

"Well it's supposed to at least," Pumpkin said. "We just hope that it tastes tasty."

"Yeah, we worked in it ourselves," Pound said. "Our proudest achievement so far."

"So...who gets to taste-test it," Boom said, hungrily eyeing the cake. "Perhaps a very pretty lady with an explosive personality?"

"No, it won't be Mayday," Pound said, getting a confused reaction from Pumpkin. "What? Mayday's pretty and full of personality, especially when she teaches." Pounds eyes started to sparkle. "Ah, Mayday...She's too pretty for this world."

Pumpkin rolled here eyes and faced Boom, "Won't be you either, Auntie Pinkie Pie's gonna taste it."

"Ah, so you expect total honesty from your 'Auntie Pinkie'?" Boom asked.

"No, because knowing her, she'll find a way to dance around saying that it's bad, but we'll be able to tell from her reaction," Pumpkin said. "If she starts spazzing out and gets super excited, then we know it's good. If she squirms and tries coming up with ways to try to not say it was bad, then we'll know it's bad."

"What about somewhere in the middle?" Boom asked.

"Pretty sure Auntie Pinkie doesn't have a middle, she's a hundred percent on both sides," Pumpkin said. "Not that we mind, makes her more fun to be around."

"Did somepony mention me?" Pinkie said, popping out of a cabinet, then making her way to the group. "Hey Boomie, kind of snuck off there, you gotta stay near me, Sunset Shimmer said so!"

Even when trying to be authoritative, Pinkie seemed to do so with a cheery and peppy attitude, one Boom found slightly weird.

"Sorry, I heard the twins doing something, so I went to check," Boom said gesturing to the little foals.

"Aw, then I really appreciate...OOOOHHHHH!" Pinkie couldn't believe what she saw when she turned to the twins and their giant cupcake.

"Like it?" Pound asked. "We made it with you in mind."

"We want you to try it, if you'd like I mean," Pumpkin said.

"I'd love to..." Pinkie said, grabbing a giant spoon as she approached the pastry. A second later, she ditched the spoon and opened her mouth unnaturally wide to take a huge bite out of the cupcake.

The twins and Boom eagerly rushed to her side, eager to gauge Pinkie's reaction. The pink mare just chewed the food, relishing the taste, almost to an extreme as she used each and every one of her taste buds to feel each bit of her bite.

Then her eyes started rolling around like a slot machine landing on two bright stars as her ears turned into jet turbines and she started taking off, flying around the bakery as she yelled in excitement.

"Wow, she must really like it!" Pound said.

"Alright, we did it bro!" Pumpkin said, hoof bumping her brother.

Boom just stared in disbelief, she felt like she was in a cartoon of sorts. "Um, is this normal?"

"It's Pinkie Pie, there is no 'normal' with her," Pumpkin said. "Like I said, this is why we love her, because she's so hilarious!"

"She's so fun too! Best Aunt Ever!" Pound said.

Back at the tree library, Twilight felt some odd disturbance. "Why do I feel like my title was just taken?"

Peter chuckled, "Someone felt a disturbance in the force."

Elsewhere in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

"Huh, what a strange feeling, it's as if our way of life was being mocked by an outsider, very curious," a man with a green laser blade said as he walked the marshes of Planet Dagobah.

Then back at Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie was still spazzing out as both Cup Cake and Carrot Cake entered the room with Deadpool, the couple not believing what they saw but Deadpool found it hilarious.

"Go babe, go!" Deadpool cheered.

"Wade, don't encourage her!" Cup Cake scolded. "We need her to stop before she wrecks the whole bakery!"

"Ugh, fine, whatever you say boss," Deadpool said, calmly walking toward the middle of the bakery. He then held his hoof up and grabbed Pinkie by the tail as she flew by, pulling the mare down. Pinkie continued to jitter a bit, but Deadpool placed his hoof on her head, getting her to stop. "Take five Pinkie Pie."

Pinkie shook off the excitement, squeeing a sheepish smile. "Sorry, guess I got carried away." She turned to the Cake Twins, "That as so YUMMY! You two really blew my mind!"

"Thanks Auntie Pinkie!" Pound said, then turned to his parents. "Mama? Papa? Wanna try?"

"You too Uncle Deadpool!" Pumpkin said. "And you can try too Miss Boom."

"Only if you don't call me 'Miss'," Boom teased.

The four adult ponies grabbed a small spoon and scooped their own bite, each one enjoying the taste and flavor.

"Wow, you kids really did a great job with his," Carrot said. "Soon you won't need my help, or your mother's, you'll be baking well on your own."

"Aw, but we like your help, it's fun doing this together," Pound said.

"Don't worry little guy, just because you won't need our help doesn't mean we won't still offer," Carrot insisted.

"What we're trying to say is that we're so proud of you two," Cup said, trotting over to her children with her husband, the two adults then hugging the foals. "You're on your way to becoming great bakers."

"Thanks mom and dad," Pumpkin said, returning the hug, along with her brother.

"Ooh, group hug! I love group hugs! It lets me hug more than one pony!" Pinkie said, rushing over to join the group hug.

"Group hugs do feel nice," Deadpool said, then turned to Boom. "Eh feel free to join, I'm sure they won't mind."

"I'll pass, seems like a family thing," Boom said.

"Well soon that's what they'll see you as, so expect to be group hugged," Deadpool said, trotting over for his own hug.

"Family thing huh?" Boom said. "Kind of sappy if you ask me." Of course deep down she liked the little show of familial affection on display, all because two kids made a giant cupcake.

Back in the Capcom world, Strider Hiryu was making his way back to Ibuki's village where the girl was practicing her shuriken throwing. To his amazement, the target board she was throwing them at had it's Bull's Eye nearly completely covered.

"Alright, let's go for lucky number seven..." Ibuku said, tossing the shuriken, but missing by an inch. "Come on, I should have this by now!"

"Struggling?" Strider said, getting Ibuki's attention.

"Hello Sensei," Ibuku said, bowing to the ninja.

"I see you're Shuriken throwing is greatly improving," Strider said.

"It should be top notch, for some reason I'm feeling off," Ibuki said. "Maybe because I'm used to the throwing knives, but can the shuriken really be that different?"

"They require different technique, yes," Strider said. "While I myself rarely use them, I do know they take quite a bit of skill, but I think you're doing great."

"I was, at first, now I keep missing," Ibuki said, looking at the target board. "I should have gotten all of them."

"You're probably thinking too much," Strider said. "If you do that, it affects your performance. You become so worried about doing something your mind subconsciously does the opposite, you need to relax your mind and stop putting pressure on yourself."

"Hey I'm a martial artist, I should thrive on pressure," Ibuki said.

"Yes, a true warrior can handle pressure, but there's a difference between coping with pressure and letting it get to you," Strider said. "Use just enough to motivate you, but not too much that it becomes a burden, you're only human, you have to mind your emotions. Training isn't only physical, it's also mental."

"I get what you're saying, but it's hard not to think about these things," Ibuki said. "What if this affects my martial arts skills? What if I'm in a fight and I know what I have to do to win, but I can't do it?"

"You have to believe in your abilities and not second guess yourself too much," Strider said. "Perhaps one day, you can master the art of Self Movement."

"Huh? Self movement?" Ibuki asked.

"Yes, to be able to act without thinking," Strider said. "No matter how fast you are, thought always limits your abilities, one day you'll be able to move and react on instinct. Now, what I am telling you is quite difficult, even I would have trouble with that, many martial artists do. Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken Masters even Morrigan, but it helps to use that as a goal."

"Think Wolverine can fight on instinct?" Ibuki asked.

"He has instincts, but they're more animalistic," Strider said. "However, speaking of The Wolverine, do you still desire to do battle with him?"

"Of course, more than anything!" Ibuki said.

"Then I shall bring you to Chun-Li and she will help you set this up, after she speaks with Princess Celestia, the Ruler of Equestria," Strider explained.

"Princess Celestia? That name sounds God-Like," Ibuku said.

"Well she is also the Princess of the Sun, she is capable of moving it. She's a very powerful pony, and stronger than most of us, myself included," Strider said.

"Think she could beat even Ryu?" Ibuku asked. "Or Dante?"

"Honestly, I am not quite certain," Strider said. "Equestria itself has powerful warriors and magic, even I wouldn't be too quick to engage in combat with them."

"I bet you can beat them though," Ibuki said. "Oh, speaking of Equestria, my 'rival' Makoto found out and now she wants to go there too, says something about fighting Spider-Man."

This raised Strider's curiousity, "Spider-Man? She wants to do battle against Spider-Man?"

"Yeah, not sure why, what is the obsession with Spider-Man anyway?" Ibuki asked. "I mean I always thought he was just some punk kid?"

"Ibuku...I've told you before, never judge on appearance or personality alone," Strider said. "Think of our world's other rival, the world where the King of Fighters dwell. Their best fighter is a man by the name of Terry Bogard. He does not look like a traditional martial artist, nor does he act like one, but that does not make him any less capable. Not all martial artists or warriors are gonna be super serious like our world with Ryu and Chris Redfield, or fighters from other worlds like Jin Kazama. If you were to want to fight Spider-Man, assuming he'd be easy to defeat, you would have quite a shameful defeat awaiting you."

"So, what you're saying is, Spider-Man is like Terry Bogard?" Ibuki asked.

"In a way, yes," Strider said. "Honestly I feel like they'd get along quite well. Still, as for Makoto's request, tell me, what is her motivation?"

"Well, she seems to believe he's the best hero out of the Marvel world since he defeated so many strong villains, and she also thinks that if she beats him, not only would it make her stronger, it would get her a lot of publicity for her Rindo-Kan Karate Dojo," Ibuki said.

"Ah, still trying to bring business to her Dojo, I thought she'd be satisfied, but perhaps her ambitions are higher than I thought," Strider said. "I'll see what I can do for her, it's risky enough to allow you into Equestria, to allow more might be reaching."

"Hey don't go to too much trouble for her, I already told her it was unlikely," Ibuki said.

"Well as a fellow martial artist, I can't just turn a blind eye to her desires to prove herself, but we shall focus on that later, right now let us continue your training," Strider said.

"Sure thing sensei," Ibuki replied, getting her shuriken ready.

At Canterlot Castle, Cap was explaining the entire Invasion of Mysterio and Annihilus to Tony Stark, the latter having just returned from his business trip.

"I leave for a day and all this happens," Stark said. "Amazing how timing works."

"Tell me about it, then Celestia comes back the second it's all over," Cap said. "I think she's pretty furious about this whole thing, I don't blame her, this is the third invasion in a month."

"We we've done a good job of stopping it before it got too out of hand," Stark said.

"Think about though Tony, first invasion, some damage to the city buildings, but easily fixable, second Invasion, little disturbance to Ponyville, including house damage, but fixable, this time, there's more house damage, some homes need to be completely renovated and ponies actually got hurt. Now Annihilus I understand how he got in, but I still want to know who let Mysterio in the first time and how he still had access to his drones, it feels like he even had more," Cap looked outside the window. "Something strange is going on, I'm gonna find out what it is. I can't allow the worlds to be disconnected, it would affect too many lives."

"Listen, Steve, there's one way to keep Celestia from making such a rash decision," Stark said. "Just use your charm."

"My charm?" Cap asked.

"Stay on her good side, show her that she needs us here, that the pros far outweigh the cons," Stark said. "Celestia seems to like you Steve, and you seem to enjoy her presence quite a bit. We gotta stay on her good side, go with whatever she says, truly be Captain Equestria."

"That what you plan to do?" Cap asked.

"Pretty much, that's why I'm constantly inventing things for her...granted she seems to turn down a lot of ideas, or some just get broken," Stark said. "I think she's just clueless when it comes to tech, but I'll keep at it. Imagine this idea, an Iron Stallion Pony stationed in every town in Equestria, that way she'll feel less worried about any more invasions, because no matter where it happens, there's always a hero ready to stop it."

"Is that safe? Who's gonna control them?" Cap asked.

"Well I was thinking remote control, or a few volunteers," Stark said. "You know my assistant from Manehatten, Coco Pommel, I might ask her to do a few test runs, she seems quite interested and maybe it can be a massive boost for her confidence."

"You're...gonna ask your secretary, who's likely not techno savvy, to put on a suit that's capable of mass destruction?" Cap asked.

"I'll train her of course," Stark said. "Besides, she's more of a planner than a secretary, I mean she does make clothes, so she might know her way around a suit."

"That suit isn't some tuxedo or dress, it's basically a weapon! You're gonna turn her into a walking laser gun!" Cap said.

"Excuse me but my suits do more than lasers you know," Stark said.

Cap groaned in annoyance, "Not helping your statement!"

"Steve, relax, I got this, if ponies can't handle it then I'll just go with Artificial Intelligence, nothing can go wrong," Stark said.

"Yeah, because that worked so well with Ultron," Cap said.

"Ultron was Hank's bad idea, besides it's possible to have good robots, I mean Capcom has Mega Man an the other Super Fighting Robots, if anything I can even talk with Doctor Light, he'll have some decent ideas," Stark insisted.

Cap sighed in worry, shaking his head as he faced down on the floor. A second later he looked up, staring Stark right in the eye, "This better work Tony."

"Oh ye of little faith," Stark said. "I got this."

As Stark made his way out the room, Cap stared down at his shield. While it has a different color scheme to match Equestria's colors as opposed to America's, his goal still remained the same, to protect the freedom of his fellow humans, as well as the ponies and any other poor creature that needs his assistance.

Unfortunately, things were going to continue to get bad, as Baron Mordo continued his plans to enter Equestria, and not without assistance. As he stood in a void dimension, conjuring up spells to enter that world, he would soon hear a slightly familiar voice.

"Having trouble making your way in Karl?" Discord said, materializing before the Sorcerer.

"You again, I've seen you once before," Mordo said.

"Of course, I am the one who introduced the idea of you coming over to my lovely world," Discord said, swirling around Mordo.

"Why are you presenting me with this opportunity, what do you hope to gain?" Mordo asked.

"A few things, one, it's a bit of a test run, to see how well you adapt to Equestria, and if you do well enough, I will give you the option to join me in my little group I'm setting up," Discord said. "Two, I also want to test Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends some more, see how much planning I truly need. Three, I want the dimensional Barriers to weaken so I can travel to other worlds more quickly, including one I've been trying to access for some time, and one you might be interested in, I hear they have a dragon that can grant any wish."

"Sounds too good to be true," Mordo said.

"Hey it's only something I've heard," Discord said. "But the biggest reason of all..." Discord leaned in, looking Mordo straight in the eyes. "I just absolutely love having visitors!"

Mordo shook his head in shame, "You are a strange creature, not too different than the God of Mischief, Loki."

"You know I get that a lot, yet I've never had the honor of meeting Loki, not yet at least," Discord said. "No matter, I will open a path to Equestria for you, you will land in The Crystal Empire where the Crystal Heart resides, it is a source of great power, and if you are able to use it well, you can reach unimaginable heights."

"Sounds great to me," Mordo said.

"Good, now hurry along," Discord said, opening up the portal. "Do try to be careful, this world is not to be taken lightly."

"I am more than capable of enduring whatever trial await," Mordo said, stepping inside.

"Oh I do hope so," Discord said, disappearing back into Equestria, ready for the next round of chaos.