• Published 3rd Jun 2018
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Spiders and Magic: Avengers Assemble - Masterob

With more superheroes in Equestria, plus other worlds, thing might get even more chaotic. The adventures of the Elements and Marvel Heroes continues.

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Expanding Allies

A few months had passed by since the families had gone on vacation together, since then there have been more bonds built between the friends. The heroes continued doing what they could to keep Equestria safe. Fortunately there weren't too many problems, but whatever problems arose were handled either by Spider-Mane or The Avengers.

Spider-Mane, along with Wolverine, Equine Torch and Deadpool had just finished a recent task, fending off some Diamond Dogs away from a picnic set up by Lyra and Bon Bon. Despite them being outnumbered 12 to 4, they were still more than capable of handling this job with very little trouble.

"Diamond Dogs need ponies! Diamond Dogs have no one to do work!" one of them pleaded.

"Do it yerselves, don't let us catch you here again bubs!" Logan said, very intimidating like.

"But Diamond Dogs-"

The protest was interrupted when Logan revealed his claws, "Get out of here now!" The Diamond Dogs ran away whimpering as Logan dusted off his hooves. "That's taken care of."

"Man what's with those mutts?" Johnny asked. "I mean sure they were easy but that doesn't make them any less annoying."

"They seem to have a bad habit of trying to force ponies to do work for them, as least that's how Rarity described them," Peter said, removing his mask. "Bunch of lazy mutts, gotta learn to do things themselves."

Deadpool put his weapons back, "Whatever, that's done, I'm going back home, Pinkie's probably done with the baking and I'm super hungry."

"I should head back home too, Fluttershy probably needs me right now," Logan said, turning to the direction of the cottage.

"How's she doing? You know, being pregnant and all?" Peter asked.

"She's fine, little stubborn though, still wants to do work despite carrying our child," Logan said.

"At least she doesn't sound as bad as Rainbow Dash sounded," Peter said, despite the glare from Johnny. "Though from what I've heard, even Rarity has gotten a bit more easily irritated at certain things."

"Rarity's still about three months away from giving birth, that's to be expected, Fluttershy's been pregnant fer about four months now, so she's not gonna be so bad right now," Logan said.

Peter nodded and turned to Deadpool, "By the way, how long before you and Pinkie, you know, try for a kid?"

"What do you mean 'try'?" Deadpool said jokingly.

Peter rolled his eyes, "Still, are you two gonna have a kid or what?"

Deadpool shrugged, "Maybe, not sure when though. The Cakes keep going on about how much responsibility goes into being a parent and all that, and it keeps ruining our mood." Deadpool checked his wrist, as if looking at a watch that's not there. "Anyway I'm bored, call me next time I get kick ass again."

Deadpool trotted off in satisfaction, leaving the three heroes behind, wondering how they got someone like that for a teammate.

"The idea of Deadpool being a father just rubs me the wrong way," Logan said.

"Hey to be fair, since marrying Pinkie Pie, he's been almost tolerable...almost," Peter said, really emphasizing his point.

"Doesn't matter, another job well done at least," Johnny said and turned to the mares. "You two doing ok there?"

"We're fine, thanks Spider-Mane and friends!" Lyra said.

"Yeah thanks," Bon Bon said, pretty simple but at least honest.

The two made their way back home, happy and safe thanks to the local Superheroes.

Johnny groaned as he turned to Peter, "Spider-Mane and friends?"

"Hey I didn't pick it," Peter said defensively.

"Go easy on him Storm, you know that Parker's just more well known here than we are," Logan said.

Johnny shrugged, "I guess so. No trouble though, I have my own fan club."

"You mean Rainbow Dash's parents?" Peter teased.

"Doesn't Twilight's mother fangirl over you?" Johnny asked. "At least Windy isn't a fangirl, she's just extremely loyal, now I know where Dashie gets it from at least."

"Just be happy you both have the love and approval of yer loved one's family, I'm grateful myself, even if Fluttershy's brother's such a damn pain to be around," Logan said.

"I'm just glad he finally stopped flirting with Rainbow Dash," Johnny said. "Hopefully he found some other poor mare to flirt with."

"Anyway all of us should get back home, I don't think those Diamond Dogs are coming back anyway," Peter said.

"Better not be, otherwise..." Logan said with a Snikt.

At Sugarcube Corner, Deadpool had gotten home and removed his mask. "Good to have that off once in a while, I got some good looks after all, Pinkie deserves to see what she's got." He went through the kitchen area and saw Pound Cake attempting to bake cookies. "Another batch for Mayday kiddo?"

"She likes my cookies, and I'm gonna keep making them for her," Pound Cake sighed blissfully. "She's so amazing after all..."

Deadpool shook his head in shame, "Whatever kid, I'm gonna go find your Auntie Pinkie, she around?"

"She went to go see Miss Rarity, she wanted to make some treats for her, saying it would help her pregnancy," Pound said.

"Oh," Deadpool said, a bit disappointed. "Oh well, I'll wait til she gets back." He then mumbled a complaint about Rarity being so needy.

Before he left, Pound Cake asked a question, "When are you and Auntie Pinkie gonna have a baby?"

Deadpool sighed, again this question. He looked to Pound Cake, "I don't know, soon though, hopefully."

"Oh, ok...wait how are babies made?" Pound Cake asked.

Deadpool felt weird. He looked to the kid, unsure of what to say. Sure he usually tries to tell Mayday, though it's mostly to annoy her friends and family, especially her parents. But Pound Cake lives in the same home he does, as does his mother, who won't appreciate something like that. Normally he wouldn't care too much, but he worries it could affect Pinkie Pie too, and he just can't do that to her.

"Ask your mom," Deadpool said and just walked away, not wanting to continue this conversation.

Pound Cake shrugged and continued to make the cookies for his crush. He’s always eager to find a reason to talk to Mayday, and these cookies have helped big time.

In Celestia's castle, the Avengers; namely Captain Equestria, Iron Stallion, Hulk, Thor, Black Panther, Miss Marvel and Ant Man have gathered to speak with Celestia. The Princess had appeared before them, thanking them for coming.

"Why have you gathered us Celestia?" Cap asked, the others muttering the same thing.

Celestia trotted around, "Not too long ago, a few of The Wonderbolts were passing through dragon territory, keeping an eye out just in case something strange was about to happen. Apparently a few of them intend to invade the rest of Equestria, starting with the nearest locations, those being here, Ponyville and Cloudsdale. I need for all of you to go over and put a stop to this before it gets out of control."

"What's with dragons not liking ponies? I know they're tough and ponies are...believed to be wimpy but still," Stark said.

"Unfortunately ponies and dragons hardly get along, it's been like that for as long as I can remember," Celestia explained. "Nonetheless, I need you all to help put a stop to this."

"We will, but will it only be us or will you have others coming to help?" Cap asked.

Celestia tapped her chin, "It might be best to bring Peter along given his experience against dragons. And any of his friends who'd be willing to join."

"I think we're good as we are, got plenty of power, but if it'll make you feel better, we'll try asking Peter," Stark said.

"Knowledge is a useful tool as well Stark," T'Challa said. "Strength alone won't work."

"I'm almost inclined to agree with Stark," Thor said, showing off his hammer. "But it wouldn't hurt to have a few more allies to make this go much quickly."

"Sounds good to me," Cap said and turned to his allies. "Alright team, to Ponyville first, then we'll handle those dragons, now let's-"

Before he could finish, Sunset Shimmer came through the door. "Where's that portal to the Marvel world!?"

Celestia looked confused, "Sunset Shimmer? What has gotten into you!?"

"Talk later, where's the portal!?" Sunset asked while looking around. She spotted it a moment later, "There it is!"

Before she could go through the portal, Celestia teleported in front of her, "May I ask what has you all excited?"

"I'd like to know myself," Stark said, approaching the mare. "You're excitement level has gone up to Twilight Sparkle excitement."

Celestia took a moment to think about what Stark said, and he did seem to have a point.

"I figured it out! After all this time I've finally figured it out!" Sunset said eagerly, breaking Celestia out of thought.

"Figured what out? What's going on Sunset Shimmer?" Celestia asked, getting more confused.

"How to open the portal to Capcom! I know how to get it open, but I need to do it from the Marvel world before I can open it here!" Sunset said.

Celestia sighed, "Sunset I know you're excited but you have to calm yourself, keep in mind, is this something you can do on your own?"

Sunset's excitement wore out as she was faced with reality, "Oh no, I forgot about that part. I'm gonna need help."

Cap approached Sunset, "We're on our way to Ponyville to find Peter, if you'd like I can ask Twilight to come here and she can help you with what you need."

Sunset's excitement once again surfaced, "Yes! That sounds great! Thank you Captain!" Sunset hugged Cap, which he awkwardly returned.

"No problem, now we're off to find Peter." Cap turned to his allies, "Avengers Assemble!"

Observing this situation from a Crystal Ball, Discord started to stroke his beard in a very pleased manner.

"Looks like our little group of friends are starting to expand, two worlds is fun enough, but three?" Discord said. "Maybe four, if I can figure out how to get to those Saiyans, they seemed to have left their planet so it's harder to keep track of them. Oh well, I'll concern myself with that later." He looked back to observe, "For now I must see how Sunset Shimmer manages to pull this off, maybe get a few tips."

Discord did somewhat of an evil laugh as he began to make his preparations.

In Ponyville, The Avengers were at the Parker-Sparkle home, explaining the dragon situation to Peter.

"You need me to come help you stop some dragons?" Peter asked.

"It was Celestia's idea, you do have experience with dragons after all," Cap said.

"Yeah plenty, not just because I live with one," Peter said. "Anyway I'll gladly help you, not sure if I'll be of much help though, you have enough power on your own."

"It's not just about the power you have, like Cap said you have experience," Carol said.

"I see your point, so I guess it's just us right?" Peter asked.

"I believe the Wonderbolts are at the location where the Dragons are as we speak, so they might be joining us," Cap asked.

"Are they even good at fighting though?" Scott asked. "They seem more like show-off flyers than actual fighters."

"They're actually quite talented when it comes to battle," Twilight reassured. "I'm sure they'll be of good help."

Cap nodded, "Good, now we must be off as soon as-"

"Wait, I wanna come to!" All the ponies turned to Spike, who had a strong look of determination.

"Spike, you wanna come as well?" Peter asked.

Spike nodded, "Yeah, I wanna go with you to this dragon place so I can help you."

Peter looked unsure, "Uh Spike, I thought you weren't too fond of that place?"

"Yeah," Twilight said. "You don't exactly get along with the dragons, after all they see you as another pony."

"Still don't get the rivalry," Stark said.

"It's complicated," Twilight explained.

"Yeah Celestia said that too," Stark said. "Not a satisfying answer."

Peter focused back on Spike, "I'm not sure if it's good you come little brother, not to sound mean but they are much bigger than you, and while you're a strong little guy, they might be a tad bit stronger."

"I know I'm not strong, and I know they could probably crush me like nothing. But I have to go, I don't know why but I feel like it's my duty to do so," Spike said.

Janet approached them as well, "If Spike's going then I'm going."

Spike shook his head, "Who's gonna watch over Hope if you come too?"

"I can, I don't mind," Twilight said.

"Actually Twilight, Sunset Shimmer wants to speak with you, she said she figured out the portal to Capcom," Cap said.

Twilight looked surprised, "Wait, really? In that case we can just ask Trixie to watch Hope, I'm sure she won't mind."

"See, that's settled," Janet said. "I'm coming with you."

Spike turned to Janet, "You don't want to go Janet, the dragons aren't the nicest creatures."

"Hey I can handle myself, I'm an Avenger too," Janet said.

Peter sighed, "It can't hurt Spike, Janet's pretty tough after all. I can even call one of my friends over if you'd like."

Spike still looked unsure but gave in, "Fine, come if you'd like, but if it gets too wild-"

"Spike, I can handle myself," Janet insisted. "Besides it sounds like you might have trouble and I want to be there for you, like a good wife should be."

Spike still looked unsure, though Cap got his attention a moment later. "I've fought alongside Janet, she can definitely take care of herself."

"She's not going to be told 'no' Spike, you should probably know that by now," Carol said. "Besides I think she just wants to fight by your side, think of it as a date."

Peter chuckled, "That's quite a date. Maybe next time Twilight and I go on a date, we can go beat up Skrulls."

Everyone rolled their eyes at Peter's sense of humor, though it can't be helped, he is Peter after all. Always lightening the mood in some way.

Janet placed her hoof on Spike's shoulder, "We'll fight them together, alright?" She then brought him in for a kiss, just to get him to agree more.

Spike gave in to his wife's request, "Alright, if you really want to. Let's stay near each other."

Cap gestured to the door, "Let's go team."

Not too long later, Twilight had already made her way to Celestia's castle as Peter, Spike and The Avengers went to the Dragon's part of Equestria.

Author's Note:

Now for this story. This is gonna be a long one, covering quite a few story arcs. I’m hoping to have decent action and continue to expand this version of the Spiders and Magic: Universe. While Capcom will appear and there will be mentions, possibly cameos of other worlds, including Dragon World, this will primarily focus on the Marvel and MLP worlds.