• Published 3rd Jun 2018
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Spiders and Magic: Avengers Assemble - Masterob

With more superheroes in Equestria, plus other worlds, thing might get even more chaotic. The adventures of the Elements and Marvel Heroes continues.

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Family Lessons

The following day in Equestria, Sunset Shimmer had done her job of bringing everyone back to the homes of the assigned heroes.

"Here you are Wanda," Sunset said, gesturing the mutant mare to the tree shaped house. "Have fun with the Parker-Sparkle family."

"Don't talk to me like a child," Wanda said, making her way inside the home.

"Huh, that was grumpy of her," Sunset said.

"It's just a mask," Pietro said. "She acts so tough but deep down she's just a timid child. Been like that for years."

"Well that's why Peter and Twilight are doing their best to help," Sunset said. "Now to take the rest of you to your Element teachers."

"Um, any chance I can convince you to tell them I'm sick or something?" Avalanche said. "I really don't wanna go back to that farm."

"Yeah, no dice pal," Sunset said with a smug grin.

"I hate you," Avalanche said as he was led away with his group.

Inside the Parker-Sparkle home, Twilight had already brought Wanda to her den, with a chair, a desk and a blackboard all ready. "Ok class, time for our next lesson in the Magic of Friendship?"

"Uh, what class? I'm the only one here," Wanda said.

She heard somepony clear their throat, then turned to see Mayday sitting in another seat. "Hello!"

"Um, why is your daughter sitting at a desk like mine?" Wanda asked.

"To make you feel less lonely," Trixie answered, surprising Wanda. Trixie also had her own desk. "Hello classmate."

Peter was also sitting at a desk, jotting down some notes, "Glad to be at a school where I don't have to worry about wedgies, swirlies and locker stuffing. Plus the teacher's super hot!"

"Manners Mr. Parker," Twilight scolded. "This is a learning ground, not a social gathering at a pub of sorts."

"Ha, daddy got in trouble with the teacher!" Mayday teased.

"Hey can it you little squirt!" Peter shouted.

Mayday angrily squinted her eyes, "You wanna meet me after class, punk!?"

Wanda couldn't' help but stare with widened eyes, "Um, what am I seeing?"

"The Parker-Sparkle family at their finest," the voice of Scott Lang said. Wanda turned to see the ant based hero at a seat of his own. "Bet you're wondering why I'm here."

"I honestly don't care," Wanda said, much to Scott's annoyance.

"Fine, be that way, not my fault if you miss out on a cool story," Scott said.

Wanda held her head in shame and annoyance, "How did I get roped up into this? Why would my father agree to have me endure such nonsense!?"

"Focus class!" Twilight said, gesturing to the blackboard. "For today's Friendship Lesson, we're going to take a nice field trip and provide assistance to ponies in need, and there are a lot of ponies who could benefit from a helping hoof."

"Can we get pizza and ice cream afterwards!?" Peter asked.

"If you behave," Twilight said. "Now everypony be sure to grab your notebooks, I may quiz you all later."

"Quizzes?" Scott asked. "Aw I hate those."

"Well if you pay attention to my lesson, maybe you won't," Twilight said. "Let's move out."

Twilight led her 'class' out of the house, everypony following closely behind her as she led them through Ponyville.

"This is so weird," Wanda muttered, getting Trixie's attention.

"Twilight has an odd way of doing things, but I promise it will be to a great benifit," Trixie reassured.

"Hope so," Wandas said, taking note of her surroundings. It was a little embarrassing to be in a type of classroom field trip scenario like this. "So she's not gonna have us do anything to embarrassing is she?"

"Define embarrassing," Trixie said. "Honestly Twilight is probably the least of your concerns when it comes to something embarrassing happening."

"Please run that by me again," Wanda said, looking a little worried.

"Remember you have Peter as a classmate, knowing him he's gonna play this scenario up and do something extremely stupid," Trixie said, somewhat deadpanned. "Just keep an eye out for it and brace yourself for the worst."

Wanda eyed Peter a moment, the stallion smiling and waving at everypony passing by. She couldn't help but notice how excited ponies were when they passed by him, especially a lot of the foals. "Huh, looks like he's pretty popular."

"Well he is Equestria's most popular Superhero, which means a lot more now that other heroes are here," Trixie said. "But they have yet to do anything too grand since arriving, Peter was still the big hero during the invasion of the Capcom group, and since then the only other villains were one of Iron Man's and those six ruffians, neither of them lasted long anyway."

"Has there really not been any major issues since?" Wanda asked.

"None yet, we'd like for it to stay that way, but knowing how unpredictable both our worlds are, I'd say the odds of that are unfortunately slim," Trixie said.

Wanda looked slightly concerned, as if Trixie's words would be something of a premonition.

"First stop," Twilight said, gesturing to the flower ship. "Some friends of ours need help with their flowers, we're gonna pay them a visit and offer whatever assistance we can."

"This seems like a Generosity thing," Scott said. "Wouldn't that be Rarity's lesson to teach?"

"Rarity has other plans today with her student, plus Rose told me they've been backed up and can use a little assistance," Twilight said. She led the group inside where the three ponies Daisy, Roseluck and Lily Valley were watering their flowers. "Hey girls."

"Twilight!" The three said, stopping what they were doing to approach the Princess.

"I have some guests here who would love nothing more than to help you with your planting," Twilight said, gesturing to her group. "Meet your special helpers today."

"Hello!" Mayday said, being the first to greet them.

"Aw, little Mayday's here!" Lily said, ruffling her mane. "I see you still have the flowers in your mane, your mommy and daddy came here to pick it out for you."

"Wait that's a real flower?" Scott asked.

Rose quickly approached the filly, "Oh Mayday, wanna come with me and plant some seeds?"

"Hey I was here first, so I get to spend time with Mayday," Lily said.

"But Mayday likes me better, so I get to spend time with her," Rose said.

"Says who!?" Lily shouted, getting in Rose's face.

"Says me!" Rose shouted back, not backing down from her fellow flower lover.

"This is getting awkward!" Scott said, getting a glare from the two flower mares.

Twilight turned to Wanda, "Looks like you have your first Friendship Problem to solve, how should Rose and Lily come to an agreement that makes them both understanding and keeps their friendship in tact?"

Wanda observed the two mares, still slightly glaring at each other. "Um...fight it out?"

Twilight shook her head, "No, fighting isn't good for Friendship."

"Unless you're from Capcom," Peter pointed out.

"I don't know um..." Wanda began to think. "Rock, Paper, Scissors?"

"Ponies don't have fingers," Scott reminded.

"...Flip a coin?" Wanda suggested.

"Remember, we want a solution that satisfies both sides," Twilight reminded. "We don't want any lingering bitterness."

"Hey if they really are friends then a little competition shouldn't change that," Wanda insisted.

"She's got point," Scott said.

Twilight looked back to the two mares, from the looks of things Peter was about to step in if they kept arguing. "But friends also try to keep each other happy."

"Well they can at least decide who gets to spend time with her first and take turns," Wanda said. "Or let Mayday decide who she wants to be with."

"Alright, making progress," Twilight said. "I'll let you decide how to go about it Wanda."

"...Are you sure about that?" Wanda asked.

"Practice makes perfect, now hurry please before they start using my daughter for tug of war," Twilight said, noticing that Peter was already between the two mares, trying to calm them down alongside their friend Daisy and wondering why his wife is using this as a teaching point.

Wanda reluctantly approached the group, gesturing Peter to step aside, which he did, after grabbing his daughter while the mares were distracted. "Ahem...excuse me ladies, or mares, whatever you prefer to be called."

"Their names are Roseluck and Lily Valley," Twilight loudly whispered.

Wanda tried again, "Excuse me Roseluck? Lily Valley?" This got the attention of the two mares, both still looking a bit annoyed. "I seem to notice that you two have a Frienship problem, so I am here to assist you in your quarrel."

"Oh God," Scott said, chuckling a bit, getting a nudge from Trixie.

"We don't need help," Lily insisted.

"Yeah, Lily was just about to let Mayday work with me," Rose said.

"Fat chance!" Lily shouted, getting a loud gasp from Rose.

"Did you just call me 'fat'!?" Rose shouted, the two getting in each other's faces again.

Wanda looked a bit nervous, not sure how to go about this, "Um, maybe you two can, you know, takes turns? This way you both get to spend time with Mayday, I'm sure she'd like to spend time with both of you."

"I would," Mayday confirmed.

Lily and Rose glanced slightly at each other, before giving in. "Fine...but I get her first." Upon realizing they said that at the same time, they leaned in to yell again, "What do you mean you first!?"

"Can I just point out how silly this is?" Scott said. "I mean I heard rumors that these mares were overdramatic but holy cow is this insane."

"Will you can it!?" Trixie said.

"You can't take Mayday first, you'll just hog her like you hog everything!" Lily said.

"Oh I hog everything? I think you have me confused with yourself!" Rose shouted.

"Why exactly are you fighting over this?" Wanda asked. "Yeah Mayday's a nice girl and all but I don't think she's exactly this worth it."

"Hey! That's my daughter you're talking about!" Peter scolded.

"Yeah!" Lily shouted, glaring at Wanda. "Mayday Parker-Sparkle is adorable!"

"How dare you besmirch her name!" Rose shouted.

Wanda took a step back, looking really freaked out, "Easy now, I'm not trying to say anything bad about Mayday, I just think it's ridiculous to fight over something like this."

"She is the daughter of this world's top hero and of a powerful Princess, silly as this is, I guess it's to be expected that anypony would love to spend time with her," Scott said. "I mean I can't even tell you how many people want to be friends with Cassie because of my fame."

"Right, that's why you can't tell anyone," Trixie said, rolling her eyes.

"Honestly, now I think you're jealous!" Lily said.

"Yeah, maybe you want Mayday all to yourself!" Rose said.

"I'll pass on that actually," Wanda said, getting a sad look in Mayday's eyes.

"Huh? Why what's wrong with me?" Mayday asked.

The two ponies glared daggers at the mutant mate. "How dare you make her sad!" Rose shouted.

"Let's get her!" Lily said, the two mares lunging at Wanda.

"Um, maybe you shouldn't-" Twilight's warning wasn't quick enough as Wanda had instinctively blasted the two mares through the wall of the shop.

Twilight stood there awkwardly, almost as awkwardly as Wanda felt. The third flower pony Daisy wasn't sure what to make of this either, she just saw this mare use some incredible power against her friends. Peter kept Mayday at a distance, not sure if he should say anything, this is Twilight's student so he expects her to deal with this.

"Well someone's getting an F," Scott bluntly said, much to the annoyance of the mares and Peter.

Elsewhere Pietro had just been dropped off with Rainbow Dash, the two testing their speed against one another as Scootaloo stood by and cheered them both on.

"Come on Rainbow Dash! You too Pietro!" Scootaloo shouted, holding up a Wonderbolts flag.

During this Johnny was on the phone, talking with his sister, the older sibling having told him something interesting. "You sure about this Sue? I mean I know Dashie wanted this but this is Quicksilver we're talking about, Magneto's son. You really think Reed's cool with him being at the Baxter Building? Near his sciencey stuff?"

"It'll be fine Johnny," Sue said over the phone. "I mean Twilight makes a good point, maybe if we try showing hospitality to these guys, they might turn out for the better. Magneto's Brotherhood causes trouble but deep down they're not so terrible, they've had alliances with The X-Men so they're capable to fighting for the greater good."

"Yeah but still, Quicksilver isn't exactly the most trustworthy guy," Johnny said.

"I think he just needs a chance, he'll be in a secure location, we'll all keep an eye on him of course but let's give this a try, trust your wife's judgement, this was mainly her idea right?" Sue said.

"I trust Dashie, I just don't trust our speedy friend here," Johnny said.

"It's only one meal, look later on we can just enjoy a nice lunch at The Baxter Building, it'll be great," Sue said.

"Lunch? What happened to our usual dinners?" Johnny asked.

"Alicia has somewhere to be tonight, so she can't make dinner," Sue said. "Just one meal Johnny, then he can go back to Equestria to resume his Friendship training."

Johnny shrugged it off, figuring why not. "Alright fine, you win Sue. Lunch it is."

"Remind Rainbow Dash to bring her parents if they can make it, and to bring Scootaloo," Sue said. "Oh and little Firefly of course."

"Like I'll leave my little firecracker behind," Johnny said.

"Try to be here around 2, see you in a few hours," Sue said.

"Right, see you then sis," Johnny said, hanging up and checking his Earth clock. "Alright, got time to prepare."

Outside Rainbow Dash and Pietro had finished their laps, both panting but not totally out of breath.

"Man, you're a natural!" Rainbow Dash said.

"So are you, it's great when I have someone to rival against in speed," Pietro said.

"I'm used to it, between Lightning Dust, my fellow Wonderbolts and even Johnny, but I'm sure you had someone to race against," Rainbow Dash insisted.

"Not many can match my speed, at least among those I actually care to be around," Pietro said. "I mean I barely interact with Spider-Man or The Human Torch, the only other fast guy I've seen was The Flash, and he's from a different Universe than my own."

"Yeah, he's from Superman's world, really wanna test his speed against mine someday," Rainbow Dash said. "Well it's safe to say that the two of us are pretty much the fastest of our respective Universes."

"But next is who the fastest of the multiverse is?" Pietro said. "Between you, me and The Flash, we need to figure this question out."

"Oh I'd love to see that," Scootaloo said, getting their attention. "Imagine you race so fast, you travel through other Universes as well! Even Capcom's!"

"Wonder if they got anyone fast?" Rainbow Dash wondered. "Gotta ask them next time I see them, though I feel like I'm forgetting one other potential racer."

"I'm sure it'll come back to you," Pietro said. "But what do you have planned next for me?"

"I got something for ya Silver!" Johnny said, getting their attention. "In a few hours, you're coming with me, Dashie, her parents, our daughter and Scootaloo to my sister's home in Manhattan."

"Wait, you mean he's on for our dinner thing!?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Lunch technically, I'll explain everything later but Sue wants us there, 2:00 pm Earth time," Johnny said.

"Eastern or Western?" Pietro jokingly asked, getting a smug glare from Johnny.

"Real cute, or did you forget that we're going to New York," Johnny said.

"I'm just busting your chops buddy," Pietro said. "We'll be ready by then."

"Good, let's try not to be late, Sue hates tardiness," Johnny said.

"Hey, thanks to Twilight, I've gotten better at punctuality," Rainbow Dash insisted.

Pietro found that statement a bit off as he turned to his speedy mentor, "You're super fast, how could you possibly be late?"

"Uh..." Rainbow Dash rubbed her head somewhat bashfully. "Sometimes I don't always notice the time, all the speed in the world doesn't mean anything if you're reading an awesome book and don't even notice you had to be somewhere five minutes ago."

Pietro stared a second, then started stifling a laugh, "So even the fastest in the world can be late. I get that, I have had similar problems, you think you're fine because you got the speed, then all of a sudden, time is against you."

"Yeah, exactly!" Rainbow Dash said. "Guess we're not so different."

"Guess not," Pietro said. "So, we don't need any fancy formal stuff for this right?"

"It's not those kinds of dinners, or lunches, Johnny and I aren't for that," Rainbow Dash said. "Though we will need clothes so we don't arrive on Earth completely naked."

"I wouldn't mind that," Johnny said, shifting his eyebrows up at Rainbow Dash, getting a blush from her.

"Dude! Not in front of others!" Rainbow Dash shouted, getting a chuckle from Johnny.

"Sorry babe, couldn't resist," Johnny said. "Seriously Silver, you don't need anything fancy."

"Oh good, I don't have any fancy suits or anything like that," Pietro said.

"Me neither," Scootaloo said. "Johnny and Rainbow Dash do though, you should say her Grand Galloping Gala dress."

"Grand Galloping Gala?" Pietro asked. "Now that sounds fancy."

"It is, it's a big event Princess Celestia hosts a lot, it's invite only, though now when you invite someone, you can bring a guest. Hey if you keep up the good work, maybe next time I'll bring you as my plus one," Rainbow Dash said.

"Hey! I thought I was your Plus One!?" Scootaloo asked.

"Actually I should get that honor first, I am her husband," Johnny pointed out.

"Johnny you get your own invites, you're a superhero after all," Rainbow Dash said. "If anything you can bring Scootaloo, that way all four of us can go."

"I think you're spoiling him too much," Johnny said, much to Pietro's annoyance.

"Uh, can you not make me sound like a child?" Pietro asked.

"Relax everyone, it's just a suggestion, like I said it's only if he keeps up the good work," Rainbow Dash said. "So far he hasn't really given me any headaches, actually from the sounds of things, the ones getting headaches are the husbands, like Remy and Bobby."

"The X-Men and The Brotherhood aren't exactly the best of friends, so that's understandable," Pietro said. "Thankfully none of us really ticked off The Fantastic Four."

"Never know what can happen," Johnny lightly warned. "Anyway, Dashie I'm gonna go see if your parents can make the lunch, you stay and keep doing your thing and I'll be back in a flash."

"Uh, sure thing Johnny," Rainbow Dash said.

Johnny extended his wings and took off, leaving the three behind, Rainbow Dash still concerned about Johnny's lack of trust towards Pietro. Then again she can't really talk, she too has felt distrust of others, namely Luna, Trixie and Lightning Dust. So perhaps she could try being more understanding of Johnny's emotions.

Back in Tartarus, Discord is observing everything unfold from his Crystal Ball, making very careful plans and calculations. Depending on the success of Magneto's plan, he would need to adjust his own to avoid any unnecessary trouble with the Master of all Magnetism.

"Discord!" Sonata said, suddenly appearing beside Discord alongside her 'buddy' Shocker.

"You two seem to be together a lot, is there something going on between you two?" Discord teased.

"Cute, but no, her friends just ask me to keep an eye on her to make sure she stays out of trouble," Shocker said.

"You know you like me Hermie," Sonata said.

"Will you stop calling me-" Shocker sighed in annoyance. "Forget it, I give up." He pulled his mask off to properly take a deep breath. "I have no idea why I have to play babysitter, why can't Max watch over you for once?"

"Someone's grumpy," Sonata said, then turned back to Discord. "Have anything exciting to tell us?"

"Well for starters, Magneto and his Brotherhood have successfully made their way into Equestria, working hard to make themselves right at home," Discord said.

"Magneto in Equestria?" Shocker asked. "What is he gonna build that empire of his here? Did he not know some of the X-Men are already in Equestria? Especially Wolverine!?"

"Magneto has his reasons, though he didn't go into too many details," Discord said. "Unfortunately I do not fully have his trust just yet."

"Well can you blame him? You're a bit of a weirdo," Shocker pointed out, much to Discord's light offense.

"Is that anyway to talk to the spirit who could soon set you free?" Discord asked. "If I wanted I can warp you two anywhere in this world, Marvel, Capcom, even that Dragon World I've been looking into lately."

"Ooh! Can we go there now!?" Sonata asked.

"I wouldn't do that just yet, there are beings in that world that exceed my power, and I am not willing to risk incurring the wrath of Lord Beerus or any of the other Destroyer Gods," Discord said. "Perhaps soon though, I can feel that something exciting is going to happen there."

"Still, I can't help but feel uneasy at the idea of Magneto being in a world where he has access to powerful magic," Shocker said. "I mean the guy isn't a fan of non-mutants, and I fall into that category, I sure as hell don't wanna be around him with his power hungry nature."

"Don't worry, you're safe here, I doubt Magneto would waste his time coming to Tartarus," Discord said.

"Is he gonna join us when we take over Equestria?" Sonata asked, much to Shocker's worry.
"Good question, but no," Discord said. "I doubt he shares our vision, plus I'm not too eager to let him take over, it would mess with my plans after all, and I don't like seeing my work go to waste."

"Good, there's no way he would get along with Goblin, he's probably still mad about the chaos he caused all those years ago while trying to get Spider-Man's attention," Shocker said.

Discord panned over the different views, seeing Fluttershy teaching Toad how to properly feed the birds, Pyro reluctantly modelling some clothes for Rarity, Boom sneaking in some sweets from Sugarcube Corner, and Applejack scolding Avalanche for knocking over another tree, with Remy nearby holding his staff, almost welcoming Avalanche to try and do something. "His followers however, I think I can make good use of them."

"Tell me Scarlet Witch isn't among them, I trust her even less than I trust her old man," Shocker said.

"Unfortunately for you, she is, being trained by Twilight Sparkle," Discord said, getting some ire from Shocker.

"Ugh, Spider-Man's wife, the one who blasted a hole through my chest!" Shocker said. "When I get out of here I'm gonna get my revenge on them!"

"So you are gonna join us when we take over Equestria!?" Sonata eagerly asked, hoping for a 'yes'.

Shocker shrugged in defeat, "Fine, I guess."

"Yay!" Sonata said, hugging Shocker briefly, then getting pushed away, not that she seemed to mind. "I gotta tell my friends, brb!"

Sonata sped off, leaving Shocker in a confused and worried state, "I hope I made the right choice here."

"I'm sure you did," Discord said, panning across to the Capcom world. "Now, where is my dear friend Albert Wesker?"

Time had passed by, the damage to the flower shop had been nearly fixed, aside from the giant wall in the store, and the fact that Lily and Rose were at Ponyville Hospital, having been taken there by Peter, and were still recovering from their injuries. Twilight and Trixie had cleared the debris while Scott, Mayday and Daisy were planting the flowers.

Wanda stood on the sides, feeling terrible. She realized how badly she might have messed up, and on something so potentially simple too.

"Wanda?" Twilight said, getting the girls's attention.

"Oh, hi Twilight," Wanda said, still sulking.

"Remember, accidents happen, I know you didn't mean to actually hurt them, or cause damage to the shop," Twilight said.

"But I did, all over a silly argument that I'm sure you or Spider-Man could have handled with no problem," Wanda said. "I bet even Ant Man could have done a better job."

"Don't compare yourself to others, you're not any of us, you're you," Twilight said.

"And I hate it!" Wanda shouted, her frustration increasing. "Twilight, if you knew what it was like being in my situation, maybe you'd realize there's no hope for me."

"It's only your second day, I didn't expect you to make super fast progress, everypony learns at their own pace," Twilight said. "Look the fact that you're still here and the fact that you feel terrible about this shows that you have potential to be better, you realize your mistakes and I'm sure you want to fix them."

"Well this will be hard to fix, those ponies are never gonna trust me again," Wanda said.

"Peter has ponies that don't trust him and he still makes the best of it, in fact even I have my fair share of critics," Twilight said.

Wanda scoffed, "You? What could you have done to make ponies not trust you?"

"Well for starters, when ponies found out that not only did I marry and have a child with a human, that I knew he was a human from the start, and the fact that I'm the one who summoned him here, they thought I was crazy," Twilight said. "That I basically fell in love with an alien and took him as my Knight, then later my Prince, everyone questioned my judgement there."

"Huh, so even in Equestria ponies judge, no one bothered to look at Spider-Man for who he was, rather only what he was, like humans do with me in my world. They just see a mutant, not a girl who wanted to fit in," Wanda said, feeling saddened by the memory of rejection. "Ugh, can't believe I just related to Spider-Man."

"Well even he has feelings, just like you," Twilight said. "Peter held in a lot of his emotions, and masked them with jokes, which is why he manes so many annoying quips, because if he doesn't then he'll just feel sadness from the things that happened in his life."

"Sadness? About what?" Wanda asked.

Twilight shook her head, "It's not my place to tell you, if you want to know, you can try asking Peter, whether he'll tell you or not is a different story. But if he doesn't tell you, it's not because he doesn't trust you, he's just not comfortable talking about it."

"Great, now I feel bad for him," Wanda said.

Twilight looked genuinely confused, "Is my husband really that annoying? I know he makes immature jokes and says stupid things, but is he really that bad?"

"It's nothing personal, I would feel the same way if it were The Human Torch, or Iceman, or Star-Lord, or...well you get my point."

Twilight chuckled, "Well it's fine, anyway why don't you try joining us again? I talked to Daisy, and she seemed pretty understanding, though I will have to tell you that she's not totally comfortable around you yet, but she'll come around."

Wanda thought about it, then nodded in agreement, "Alright, lead the way."

Later on, the Storm-Dash family had arrived at Canterlot with Pietro. Johnny led the way with Rainbow Dash right beside him, the mare carrying her daughter on her back. Scootaloo walked near them with both Bow and Windy in tow. Pietro walked right by their side, little interested in meeting the rest of Johnny's family.

They made their way into the castle, walking past the guards, Johnny doing a quick salute to them, which they did as well, but much longer.

"Feels good to be a respected hero," Johnny said, walking past them with his family.

As they walked, Pietro decided to break the ice, "So...how often do you do this family thing?"

"Once in a while," Johnny said. "See me and Dash are all about family, so we love bringing them together for meals and stuff. It's usually here but this time we're going over there."

"It's a good bonding experience," Rainbow Dash said. "One we're trying to teach to our daughter."

"Rainbow Dash is the best at Loyalty," Windy said. "She's even got a medal for it!"

"Mom, it's an Element of Harmony, not a medal," Rainbow Dash reminded.

"It's still proof of your talent, and that's all that matters to us," Bow replied.

Pietro turned to Scootaloo, "So you come as well? What about your family?"

"My parents travel a lot, I live with my aunts, but they can't make it," Scootaloo said. "That's why I love being around Dash and Johnny, they're like a secondary family, like the Cakes are to Pinkie Pie."

Johnny raised his eyebrow at Scootaloo, "Did you just compare us to The Cakes?"

"Well yeah, that's not weird is it?" Scootaloo asked.

"Well...no, but it's a bit unusual," Johnny said.

Rainbow Dash chuckled at Johnny's answer, "It's all good, Carrot and Cup are great ponies, not every comparison needs to be to guys like Cap or Stark to be worth a lot."

"Guess so," Johnny said as they approached the portal room, where Sunset Shimmer was reading over some stuff.

"If I calculate the atom shifts here then that should make it easier to locate the next dimension, likely that Namco one. Times like this I wish that girl Rita had given me more details so we can access her world easier," Sunset said, reading over some papers.

"Yo Shimmer!" Johnny said, getting her attention.

"Johnny Storm? What are you doing here?" Sunset asked. "Wait why is Quicksilver here too? And Rainbow Dash with her family?"

"We're going to The Baxter Building for lunch with my family," Johnny explained.

"Wait, Reed Richards was ok with this?" Sunset asked. "I thought he was hesitant or something?"

"Well I wad hesitant because I thought Reed would be, but my sister talked to him and she was ok with Pietro here coming over for some food."

"I promise to be on my best behavior," Pietro said, raising a hoof like a scout.

Sunset looked a little unsure, but if The Fantastic Four were ok with this, then maybe it would be fine. Reed Richards is a very intelligent man so he could likely calculate all possibilities of this visit.

"We'll be back in a couple of hours," Johnny said, leaping through the portal, his family and Pietro not that far behind.

Sunset still felt some uncertainty, so she went to go find Cap or Celestia. Hopefully they can ease her worries, or at least reassure her that they'll be able to take care of anything that goes wrong.

On Earth, the group had successfully made their way through the portal, landing in the Baxter Building. They each took a human form almost instantly, though it took most of them some getting used to.

"It feels so weird walking on two legs," Scootaloo said.

"Hey Pinkie Pie can do it, and I've seen ponies dance on two legs before, it really shouldn't be that different," Johnny said. "Remember the Marvel vs Capcom Tournament? Most of us fought on two legs, it's not that different."

"Still, it feels awkward," Scootaloo said.

"Probably some sciencey reason for it, you'll get used to it fast," Rainbow Dash said, perfectly balanced on two legs. "See? Quick and easy."

"Our Dashie's the best at being a human!" Windy said, using a wall as support.

"You got that right, she can do anything, pony or human!" Bow said.

Pietro turned his attention to Rainbow Dash, "Your parents are really supportive."

"Yeah, they're like that a lot," Rainbow Dash admitted with a slight embarrassed blush.

"Well lucky you I guess, my father barely has anything nice to say about me, barely says anything other than what orders he wants me to follow," Pietro said, then shrugged it off. "Oh well, can't be helped, let's get going, I'm kind of hungry."

Rainbow Dash pitied Pietro, seems like all he really needs is a supporting parent. She turned to her own, both having heard what he said, feeling just as much pity. It's a shame to them that not many kids have the same support from their parents that their daughter does, they just do what they feel all parents should do, and encourage their kids no matter what.

"Johnny! Rainbow Dash!" Sue said, going over to greet them. "Good, you all made it."

"Told ya we'd be here," Johnny said. "I brought Dashie's parents Windy and Bow, along with Scootaloo."

"Sup?" Scootaloo greeted.

"And our precious little filly," Rainbow Dash said, holding Firefly out to her aunt.

"Aw, she's gotten bigger," Sue said, taking Firefly, the toddler immediately resisting. "And still feisty."

"Firefly, be cool!" Johnny scolded.

"Mama!" Firefly said, holding her arms out to Rainbow Dash.

"Heh, guess she still wants me to hold her," Rainbow Dash said, taking her daughter back. "Sorry about that Suzie."

"Oh that's perfectly normal, when Franklin was a baby he hated being away from me," Sue said. "Mothers just have that charm to them, it makes their babies feel safe."

"And my baby knows she has an awesome mom," Rainbow Dash said, then gestured to Johnny. "With an equally awesome dad."

Johnny flexed his arms at the compliment, "Hell yeah."

Sue rolled her eyes at her brother's behavior, "Well the food's just about ready, come with me to the kitchen."

"Lead the way sis," Johnny said, his family and Pietro following Sue. Though as they walked, Pietro noticed something interesting, there seemed to be more portals, including one that had a danger sign on it.

"Huh? Wonder what that could be?" Pietro asked, getting Scootaloo's attention.

"What's up?" Scootaloo asked, not noticing the group leaving her behind.

"There's some other portal there, but it has a danger sign on in," Pietro said. "That's kind of peaking my curiousity, did Mr. Fantastic find some strange dimension or something?"

"Probably, Johnny says there's a whole lot of weird stuff they found, like The Negative Zone," Scootaloo had an idea. "I bet that's it! Ooh, I wonder what type of freaky stuff they have inside!?"

"Yo Scoots, you're getting left behind!" Rainbow Dash called out.

"Hurry up Pietro!" Windy called, then giggled. "Kind of silly asking a speed powered guy to hurry up when you think about it."

"Find out later, let's get going," Pietro said, though as he and Scootaloo left, he eyed that portal once again, wondering about the what lies inside.

Back in Equestria, Sunset had explained her worries to Cap, the Avenger leader nodding in agreement. "I get your concerns, but if Rainbow Dash says that Doctor Richards is fine with it, then we have to respect their word."

"Still, lunch at The Baxter Building? With Pietro there? Even if he has no ill intentions, what if his curiosity gets the better of him?" Sunset asked.

"Rainbow Dash and The Fantastic Four are more than capable of handling trouble, but if too much time passes or we sense trouble in that world, we will not hesitate to take action," Cap assured. "For now we have to trust that they know what they're doing, if we show too much lack of trust, it can affect not only Pietro but it might also give the wrong impression to Rainbow Dash as well."

Sunset couldn't argue there, "Alright Captain, but promise me we'll take immediate action the moment something goes wrong."

"You have my word," Cap said. "Also, I believe I told you that you can call me 'Steve', we're all friends here Sunset."

Sunset nodded her head, "Right, thank you Steve."

"Now I have to check on some of the guards, they've been keeping an eye on the villains we captured recently, but it sounds something weird is happening with one of them," Cap said.

"Weird? Like how?" Sunset asked.

"I'm not sure, it had to do specifically with Mysterio, I hope he's not up to something," Cap said.

"The illusionist? You don't think-" Sunset grew worried.

"I hope not, I need to hurry," Cap said, rushing to meet with the guards, Sunset not too far behind.

From not too far away, Magneto had overheard everything, rubbing his chin in curiosity. "My, my now, Mr. Fantastic has actually allowed my son into his home, and now some brewing trouble with Mysterio? Things just might get a little exciting here." Magneto then floated away, ready to sit back and see things unfold.