• Published 3rd Jun 2018
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Spiders and Magic: Avengers Assemble - Masterob

With more superheroes in Equestria, plus other worlds, thing might get even more chaotic. The adventures of the Elements and Marvel Heroes continues.

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World Syncing Part I

Later in the evening, Sunset had arrived through the portal back to Equestria along with her friends. Celestia had gone over to greet them and scout their success. "You have returned, were you successful in your attempts to merge the worlds?"

"See for yourself," Sunset said, gesturing over to Chun Li, who was examining her body.

"It’s been a while since I was a pony," Chun Li said.

Celestia looked amazed to see the Street Fighter, "So you've linked the portals, great work." Celestia approached Chun Li, "It is great to see you again Miss Chun Li."

Chun Li bowed, "Pleasure is all mine Princess Celestia."

"Now that I've figured out how to link those worlds it will be easier to link our world to Capcom's," Sunset said.

Twilight beamed a smile, "This is so exciting, we're that much closer to having a multiverse type civilization of sorts!"

"Exactly, plus with my new notes on the Capcom world and their technology on the matter, there's no limit to what we can discover!" Sunset said.

Twilight turned to Chun Li, "Your technology can help with that though, right?"

Chun Li nodded, "It sure can, it won't be easy, but it's very possible. Some worlds have been easier for us to access than others, but I think we can all figure it out, not without help first though."

"Great, question is, which world do we access first? I'd like to go back to Namco, but there's also the chance of seeing The Justice League!" Twilight said.

Chun Li tapped her chin a bit, "Going to the Justice League's world might be harder, especially since we haven't gone there. Namco's likely since we're very familiar with them, they make for great opponents."

"What makes you want to challenge a world to combat?" Sunset asked.

"Depends on how strong the world is, we're not going to challenge a world that's too strong for us, we like competition, but we need to stand somewhat of a chance," Chun Li said.

"Then why challenge Peter's world? Are the heroes of that world not exceptionally strong?" Luna asked.

"None of them are as strong as say Superman to my knowledge, though that's not to say that they aren't strong though, just not beyond our capabilities," Chun Li said. "Besides we already had an established friendship between the X-Men and my fellow Street Fighters, so nice friendly challenges were easy."

Twilight remembered something Peter had told her about this, now she has a chance to ask what she's been wondering for a couple of years. "Why did both your worlds come to such a disagreement anyway?"

Something about that question surprised Chun Li. She hoped she wouldn't have to answer this among ponies of Equestria, especially to Twilight. She debated giving a vague answer, but she also knows that Twilight is smart enough to figure it out eventually, she might as well just admit it. "Twilight, what I'm about to say might not make you too happy but I do owe you the truth, just know that it happened in the past and things have changed for the most part."

Twilight nodded, "I'm ready to accept the answer, just be honest."

Chun Li gave a nod, "While the tension between our worlds was showing, the one thing that caused the worlds to rival each other as much as they did...was Peter."

Twilight cringed, she knew that Peter might have been a reason based on how Chun Li approached the answer, but now she worries how Peter would take such a revelation. Even Luna, Celestia and Sunset seemed surprised at what was heard.

"So...Peter was a reason after all?" Twilight asked.

Chun Li nodded, "It wasn't all him, our pride did start to show and it might have irritated the Marvel heroes, and some of their own pride got on our nerves, but Peter in a way caused everything to fall apart."

Sunset looked pretty sad at what she heard, though this reveal might explain why Ryu and his allies seemed so hard on Peter. "What exactly did Peter do?"

Chun Li sat down, ready to explain things. "It started after the X-Men helped us with a problem. Somehow both our enemy groups got together and caused trouble, so we Street Fighters helped the X-Men settle that problem. Eventually both of us decided to have some friendly martial arts fights, thus starting the Marvel vs. Capcom thing. Soon The Avengers joined in, then Mega Man joined, and before long all the greatest heroes on both sides were having great fights. It was so fun too, we've never been challenged like this, something about the Marvel Superheroes brought out the best in all of us."

Chun Li felt a sense of pride remembering some of the more fun fights, Ryu hitting a powerful Shoryuken on Cyclops, Mega Man hitting a strong Mega Buster attack on Iron Man, even Wolverine and his wild way of fighting against someone like Strider Hiryu. Even her own great battles against heroes like members of The Avengers is such a fond memory for her.

"Eventually Peter decided to join us, and unfortunately, his arrogance started getting the better of him," Chun Li said. "Whenever he would fight us, he would come up with some annoying joke, his smart mouth quips, and his endless taunting. At first some of us were fine with it. Strider Hiryu himself brushed it off as Peter having fun, maybe we should have all just thought like him, but we didn't," Chun Li explained. She looked down angrily, "We were too prideful to do so, and the moment Ken lost his temper against Peter, that's when things went bad for both worlds."

Sunset knew of Ken, he is Ryu's best friend and she had seen him a few times. Weird, he seems like the type to be arrogant himself, though he probably is the type to handle giving it out, but can't take it himself.

"What did Ken say to Peter?" Sunset asked. "Or what did Peter say to Ken?"

"After beating him, Peter said something like, 'Change your name from Ken Masters to Ken Amateur, because that's how you fight' or something like that, and this was after Peter beat him in less than a minute," Chun Li said.

"Less than a minute? That sounds pretty fast," Twilight said.

"It was, Ken usually beats others in a minute, but it also bugged Ken because it was the quickest loss from any of our fights. All I know is that Ken got angry and told him 'go back to your parents you freak, if they even want you around', among those lines. For some reason Wolverine got really angry and got in Ken's face, telling him not to say something like that, that it was uncalled for an insensitive," Chun Li said.

Twilight furrowed her brow, "It is, he didn't realize it I know but he did say something terrible."

"I've seen Peter's memories, only now do I understand how harsh such words were, anyway from that moment a lot of us became unfriendly towards Peter, myself included unfortunately," Chun Li said with a saddened look.

"You too? I thought he was your favorite?" Sunset asked.

"Now he is, back then I didn't like him, didn't help that he called me 'Tree Legs', I told him to grow up and go away," Chun Li said.

Twilight looked to the side, a sorrowful look in her eyes. She knew Peter's mouth likely has gotten him into more trouble than it's worth, but to hear this sounded frustrating. "I'm sorry for how Peter has acted."

"Don't be, we didn't know he was only a kid, he was about 17 or 18 when this happened, I guess the name 'Spider-Man' threw us off, he wasn't really a 'man', just a kid, or a boy as Ryu referred to him. Besides we should have handled that better, we acted immature, it just really frustrated us with how immature he was, didn't help that he was stronger than a lot of us too, hence why when Capcom came to this world years ago, most of them would do just about anything to look better than Peter, even if it endangered all three of our worlds," Chun Li said.

"At least you knew better, though why were you one of the only ones who did?" Twilight asked.

Chun Li rubbed her head, "Let's just say that Peter helped me out big time the last time our worlds crossed paths. Plus don't tell him but...I saw him without his mask at one point, before his secret identity became public knowledge."

Twilight looked very curious, "You did? How? Did he show you?"

"No...he was unconscious and I...took his mask off," Chun Li admitted, blushing in the process. "He looked really cute, and younger than I though..."

Twilight looked a bit unhappy for some reason, but became curious on something else. "You said he was unconscious, why? Did he lose a fight?"

Chun Li shook her head, "Actually he's never lost against any of us in an official fight, he's the only one who hasn't been defeated. But something happened between our worlds and we had to work together to save them. Peter actually saved me at one point, hurting himself in the process, which is how he got knocked out. Since then I've felt terrible for saying such horrible things to him, luckily he did end up forgiving me. It amazes me how much of a sweet boy he is, especially knowing his strength."

Twilight crossed her forelegs, "At least you made up, but as of now, does Capcom still dislike Peter? Or have they all changed their minds as well?"

"Ryu likes him, he feels terrible for how he's treated him, saying he disgraced his honor doing so," Chun Li said. "Others that like him include Leon, Spencer, Strider, plus a few others. I mean they never had any dislike for him in the first place, aside from Spencer. There are a few that don't care for him but with Ryu liking him then they're less likely to say or do anything."

Twilight nodded, but remembered something, "What about Chris and Dante? To my knowledge they seem to have a lot of influence as well."

"They don't mind Peter, they just don't like the whole 'Greatest Superhero in the Multiverse' thing, Chris says Peter's too young and immature to have a title like that, Dante says that Peter hasn't done anything he couldn't have done himself," Chun Li said.

Luna couldn't keep quiet anymore, "This is absolutely ridiculous!" That got everypony's attention to her. "While Peter can be a bit...childish at times does that Chris Redfield truly believe he can't put that aside when the time comes!? Or that Dante, he really thinks he could have handled all the adversity Peter's been through? Knowing his arrogance he wouldn't have lasted that long! Shame on them for believing such nonsense!"

"Princess Luna," Chun Li said. "I understand your frustrations, I will see to it that both of them lighten up on their vocal opinions. Perhaps this is a good opportunity for them along with everyone else from my world to learn a friendship lesson, something Princess Twilight as well as your sister Princess Celestia seem to cherish."

That gave Twilight an idea, "Maybe I can ask each of them to learn a Friendship Lesson! I'd love to see their views on that subject!"

Luna looked unsure, "Is it possible? They aren't exactly friendly from what I've seen."

Chun Li looked displeased, "With all due respect Princess Luna, not every hero from my world is unfriendly and unreasonable, they can show friendship if they want."

Sunset was also displeased at what she heard, "Chun Li is right, Ryu is very friendly once you get to know him, he obviously knows friendship considering how close he is with his friend Ken. Plus Chris has told me how close he is with Jill Valentine, so he obviously values friendship. There's also Dante and his friend Trish, so all three of them know the value of friendship already."

Luna still felt a bit unsure, she couldn't fully trust Capcom yet, but perhaps they did deserve a chance. "If they can prove themselves friendly, especially to Peter, then I'll reconsider my statements."

Chun Li nodded, "That's all we ask for."

Sunset got Chun Li's attention, "So Chun Li, about opening the portal to Capcom..."

Chun Li then remembered, "Oh right, we're gonna need to contact Mega Man. Give me a second." She grabbed a little radio, "I can do with this, let me just adjust it so that..."

"Can you contact him from this world?" Twilight asked.

Chun Li nodded, "Yeah, these things work between worlds, we designed them for multiverse traveling." She adjusted the radio to the correct airwaves, "Ok, time to test. Ahem...Mega Man? Are you there? Mega Man."

Off in Capcom, Mega Man is seen in his home lab testing out each of his abilities, plus some new ones he's learned, hoping to get stronger. Before long he heard someone calling him in his built in radio. "Hey Mega Man, can you hear me?"

Mega Man looked surprised, though it was a pleasant one, "Chun Li? Is that you?"

"Oh good, I got you. Yeah it's Chun Li, I need a favor from you Rock."

Mega Man was all ears, "Sure, anything I can do to help."

"You know that device we use for multiverse traveling?" Chun Li asked.

Mega Man looked around to find the machine. He eventually saw it in another room not too far away from where he was. "I see it."

"Good, activate it and search for openings in the multiverse, you should find some," Chun Li said.

"Are you in another world?" Mega Man asked.

"Yeah, I'm in Equestria."

Mega Man looked surprised and unhappy, "That weird pony place? What did you go there for?" Mega Man came to one conclusion, "Did you go to see Spider-Man!? Why are you so interested in him!? This is why everyone thinks you have a crush on him."

"Rock!" Chun Li shouted, obviously unhappy. "Don't start with me on any of that, just do what I ask of you!"

Mega Man groaned, he didn't get Chun Li sometimes. "Fine."

He started activating the portal, hoping to find the weak spots Chun Li mentioned. Those would lead him to Equestria. While doing so, his sister Roll had entered the room.

"Rock? What are you doing in here?"

Mega Man noticed his sister, "Oh, just doing something for Chun Li. She's in that Pony world."

Roll's eyes widened, "I love that world, it's so pretty!"

Mega Man rolled his eyes, "Figured you'd say that." As he searched he found where Chun Li was, "Found you." He then activated the portal and created an opening to Equestria.

"There it is!" Chun Li said, then turned to Sunset. "Quick, use your magic to keep the portal opened!"

Sunset nodded and along with Twilight started casting their spells. Thanks to the power of the machine and the already weakened links between the worlds, it was much easier to keep the portal opened. Within minutes the portal to Capcom was fully ready, permanently established, right next to the Marvel portal.

"We did it! Capcom's portal is in Equestria!" Sunset shouted, leaping for joy.

Chun Li spoke to her radio, "Great job Rock, now why don't you come on over, I'm sure the ponies here would like to thank you."

"I'm fine, I don't need to," Mega Man said.

"Rock, just come through the portal please," Chun Li said.

Mega Man shrugged it off, "Whatever you want Chun Li." Mega Man then entered the portal with Roll quickly following after him, both arriving in Equestria within moments and taking a pony form. "Hey there."

Twilight noticed him, "You're Mega Man right? I'm Twilight Sparkle, nice to meet you."

Twilight extended her hoof, which confused Mega Man. He wasn't sure how to respond since they don't have fingers, so how do they shake hands? Or in this situation, hooves? He just went with it and pressed his hoof against hers, luckily he seemed to have gotten it right.

"Nice to meet you as well, to my understanding you're Spider-Man's wife correct?" Mega Man asked.

"Correct, glad you remember," Twilight said.

Mega Man looked around, "So where is this place?"

"Princess Celestia's Castle, looks like it will be neighbored to where you live," Twilight said.

"Sounds ok...I just hope the Professor doesn't mind," Mega Man said.

"He won't," Chun Li said. "He's fascinated with this stuff as well, and this world can trust him."

"Professor? Who is this professor?" Sunset asked.

"The one who created Mega Man, he's like his father," Chun Li said.

"Father huh?" Sunset said, and then noticed another come through the portal. "Who's she?"

Mega Man looked behind, "Roll? Why did you come through the portal?"

"To be in the Pony World again, why else?" Roll said.

Mega Man shook his head, "Sorry about that, that's my sister Roll, you probably saw her at the Marvel vs. Capcom fight we had in this world."

"I remember her," Twilight said. "Didn't get to really talk with her though." Twilight approached Roll, "Nice to meet you though."

"Same Miss...what's your name?" Roll asked.

"Twilight Sparkle," Twilight said.

"Princess Twilight Sparkle by the way Roll, she's also Spider-Man's wife," Chun Li said.

Roll quickly bowed her head, "Nice to meet you Mrs. Spider Princess."

Everyone in the room had to stifle a laugh, even Twilight herself, "You don't need to worry about the Princess part, I myself rarely use the title. Also it's technically 'Mrs. Parker-Sparkle', but I would appreciate it if you just called me by my name, I'm not one for formalities."

Roll nodded, "Ok Twilight, wow you're really nice." She called out to Mega Man, "See Spider-Man's wife isn't stuck up!"

Chun Li glared at Rock, "Have you been saying bad things about Spider-Man and his family?"

Rock nervously chuckled, "Just a few jokes with Dante, nothing major."

Chun Li was not amused, "Rock, I asked you to speak respectfully about Spider-Man, do I need to tell Ryu about this?"

Mega Man shook his head nervously, "Please don't tell Ryu, I'll try harder, but Dante keeps saying funny things and I, well, I just join in."

Chun Li shook her head disappointedly, "I'll speak with Dante later, just behave yourself."

Mega Man nodded, "Yes Chun Li, I'm really sorry."

Chun Li nodded and looked to Twilight, "My apologies Twilight, Rock is a nice boy, he just makes a few mistakes and speaks rashly sometimes."

"It's fine, we all have our moments, speaking of Ryu though, should we tell him and the others?" Twilight asked.

Chun Li's eyes widened in realization, "That's right, we should." She called to Mega Man, "Help me contact the others."

"No problem, though how are we gonna contact Ryu? He doesn't exactly carry around these radios and he's always traveling," Mega Man said.

"Dante or Chris can find him if they need to, so can Ken, especially since Ryu keeps contact with him," Chun Li said. "For now I'll contact Spencer, look for others to contact."

Mega Man nodded and started making a few calls himself.

Meanwhile Peter and the others are making their way to Celestia's castle by train, still thinking over what had happened before.

"At least we stopped that dragon problem, so we can report a job well done to Celestia," Stark said.

"Still, did you see the size of that Dragon Lord? He's the size of a mountain!" Peter said.

"What about that offer he gave to Spike? Training him to be one of his knights, that's big!" Janet said.

Spike nodded, "Yeah, but can I do it? Am I strong enough to handle a job like that?"

"I don't see why not, you're much stronger than you give yourself credit for you know," Janet said.

"Yeah Spike, you were a big help to me all those years ago when I first went back to my world," Peter said.

"I still lost though, I wasn't that much help in the end," Spike said.

"You still tried, you're only gonna get better," Peter said.

"Peter's right Spike," Cap said. "I think you can do it, we all do."

The others agreed with Cap's words, hoping to encourage Spike.

"Alright, if you think I can. Still I don't wanna be away from Janet and Hope too long," Spike said.

"We'll be fine if that's what you're worried about, just go for it, alright?" Janet said, giving Spike a reassuring smile.

Spike could tell from her smile that she was very genuine in wanting him to go. She understands what this could be for him, and he would like to be strong enough, not just to protect her, especially since she can take care of herself for the most part. But if he's gonna be married to an Avenger, he would like to be strong enough to deserve it.

"I'll talk to Twilight first, then we'll go back to see that Dragon Lord," Spike said.

"That’s the spirit Spike, I'm so proud of you," Janet said and pulled Spike into a deep and loving kiss.

Scott chuckled at that, "Weird seeing Janet act all girly and in love"

Janet glared at Scott, "Want to get blasted in the face?"

Scott backed off, getting a slight chuckle from the others.

"Careful with your words Lang," Carol said.

Cap looked out the window, "We're almost there."

The others looked out the window, least suspecting a big surprise waiting for them. Their rivals are returning.