Spiders and Magic: Avengers Assemble

by Masterob

World Syncing Part II

In Celestia's castle, Chun Li and Mega Man have called out for their Capcom allies. Chun Li had gotten in contact with some of her fellow Street Fighters like Cammy and Guile, Mega Man had gotten into contact with other robots like Proto Man.

"This is so amazing," Twilight said. "To think we actually have access to something like this. It's so incredible."

Luna looked unsure, "Why do we need them here? Suppose they cause more trouble?"

Twilight shook her head, "Luna, we have to give them a chance, we all gave you another chance and it turned out great. You have a lot of friends like myself and Peter, especially Peter, he just loves talking about you, always has something great to say, I even get a bit jealous sometimes."

Luna blushed at hearing that, Peter's too charming sometimes, but she wont' complain. "Peter does speak a lot of you as well, no need to feel too jealous."

"Still, let's have faith. I know Mega Man seemed a bit brash but Chun Li corrected the problem very quickly, and it sounds like Ryu himself won't tolerate disrespect to Marvel any longer, especially Peter," Twilight reassured.

Luna couldn't argue that, "I suppose you're right."

Chun Li had gotten into contact with another ally, "Spencer, are you there?"

"Chun Li? That you? What's up?" she heard.

"Oh good, I finally contacted you. Listen, the portal to Equestria is opened, permanently, you can come here whenever," Chun Li said.

"Wait really!?" Spencer asked. "Mind telling me where it is?"

"The lab that Rock lives at, he's here too trying to contact the others," Chun Li said.

"Awesome, I'll be there as soo as possible, tell Twilight I said 'Hey', see you soon!" Spencer said and turned off his radio.

Chun Li smiled and turned to Twilight, "Spencer's on his way here."

That earned a squee from the Friendship Princess, "Oh I'm so happy, I can't wait to see Spencer after so long, I'm sure Mayday will be happy too."

"How is Mayday doing?" Chun Li asked.

"She's doing great, ever since Peter's friends lived here she's been much happier to have her 'uncles' around. Plus she had her own little admirer," Twilight said with a giggle.

Chun Li too giggled at that, "That's cute, she's already found a pony she likes?"

"Well he likes her, but she doesn't seem to notice. He's trying right now, it's cute to watch," Twilight said.

"Sounds like it," Chun Li said with a small giggle.

Mega Man approached Chun Li, "I just spoke to Strider, he's gonna be here soon as well, he also said he's gonna go find Ryu."

"That's great, keep trying for the others, let everyone know," Chun Li said.

"Yes Chun Li," Mega Man said and went back to his contacts.

Sunset felt great joy in hearing that Ryu will be coming over soon. "Only a little bit longer."

Meanwhile Peter and the others are trotting through the castle.

"Hey you think Sunset Shimmer figured out the Capcom portal like she wanted?" Peter wondered out loud.

"Hopefully for her sake, she's been interested and hopeful of that for the longest time," Cap said.

Spitfire looked around, "Still where are they? Think they're in that council room?"

"Very likely, come on," Cap said.

In the council room, Chun Li had just finished speaking to Dante, "You remember where Mega Man's lab is right?"

"Totally," Dante replied.

"Good, that's how you'll get here," Chun Li said. "See you soon."

As she finished, she looked over to a curious Luna.

"Why ask him to come? He's not exactly the nicest pony," Luna insisted.

"I know, but he's gonna find out anyway, if we don't tell him he's gonna make a big deal out of it," Chun Li said.

Luna sighed and overheard Mega Man talking.

"Portal's open, how soon can you get here Chris?"

"Very soon, your lab isn't too hard to get to, for me at least," Chris replied.

"Good, hurry please," Mega Man said and ended his contact. "Another one down."

As this continued, they all heard the door open, the heroes had arrived.

"Whoa, what's going on in here?" Peter asked.

Chun Li noticed him and immediately ran towards the Spider hero, "Peter! You're here!" She jumped over and pulled Peter into a hug, "I've missed you so much!"

Peter looked surprised, "Chun Li? You came back?" He slowly returned the hug, still a little confused but happy as well.

"Sure did, Sunset Shimmer helped us, I'm so happy to see you again!" Chun Li said, hugging him tighter.

"Wow, she figured it out, awesome," Peter said.

Chun Li continued to hug until she heard Twilight getting their attention. She looked over and saw a look of disapproval on the mare's face. Figuring she wasn't too happy with the sudden hug she had given to Peter, Chun Li sheepishly broke away.

"Anyway I'll let you get to your wife, I'm sure you'd like to see her just as much as she wants to see you," Chun Li said.

Peter nodded and trotted towards Twilight, "Hey honey."

"Hey Peter," Twilight gave Peter a welcoming kiss. "Did you handle those dragons?"

"Yeah, wasn't too hard, but we made peace with them once we met with Princess Ember and her dad," Peter said.

"Oh, you've seen the dragon royalty?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah, but you shouldn't have seen her dad, he's HUGE! Like humongously huge! He's so big that this castle would have to be ten times it's size just for his feet to fit inside, barely!" Peter exclaimed, using his forelegs to further explain what he saw.

Twilight looked unsure of what Peter was saying, and a little weirded out. "Aren't you overexaggerating a bit?"

"Actually Twilight, the Dragon Lord is very grand in size, though Peter is probably exaggerating a tiny bit, he's not far off," Celestia said.

Twilight's eyes widened, the idea of a dragon that big, and they're already pretty big as it is. "I hope Fluttershy never has to see him."

"Well Spike might have to , he offered to have his daughter train him to be a knight," Peter said.

Twilight looked to Spike, "Is that true?"

Spike nodded, "Yeah, I've thought about accepting the offer, Janet's fine with it but I'd like to hear your opinion."

Twilight felt some uncertainty. She doesn't know this dragon well so she's a little reluctant to let them train Spike. "I'll have to think about it Spike."

"Huh? What are you his mother?" Scott asked. "Besides he's married, the only woman he has to answer to is his wife and she already said she's fine with it."

Twilight glared at Scott, "Excuse me but Spike's my little brother, so I'm allowed to have a valid opinion on his ventures."

Scott shrugged, "I'm just giving my honest opinion."

"Save it, anyway I'll think about it a little, I just want to make sure Spike doesn't get into anything he shouldn't," Twilight said.

Chun Li however felt curious by Scott's statement. "Did he just say Spike has a wife?"

"Sure did," Janet said. "And I'm the lucky lady."

Twilight had a realization, "That's right, you don't know. Spike and my friends got married over a year ago."

That surprised Chun Li a bit, "Wow, was it to Peter's friends?"

"That's right; Johnny married Rainbow Dash, Remy married Applejack, Bobby married Rarity, Deadpool married Pinkie Pie, Logan married Fluttershy and Janet married Spike," Twilight said.

Chun Li felt happy for all of them, it's nice to know they all made it official, though she did find the idea of Deadpool getting married to be a little odd.

"Also some of them have children," Peter said. "Johnny and Rainbow Dash have a beautiful daughter named Firefly, Remy and Applejack have a son named Oliver, even Spike here has a daughter with Janet named Hope."

Twilight nodded, "Not to mention, Rarity is pregnant and due in a few months, Fluttershy is also currently pregnant, just a few months in."

Chun Li felt happy for the couples, "That's so nice...little amazed that even Wolverine got married and is expecting a child."

"Yeah. believe it or not, Logan is a pretty mellow guy," Peter said.

"I find that hard to believe, he's the most aggressive hero in your world, he doesn't even act very hero like honestly," Mega Man said.

Chun Li glared, "That's enough Rock, you don't know Wolverine that well to say such things."

Mega Man looked down in shame, "Well he hasn't really shown otherwise..."

"Anyway, maybe I should call back home, I'm sure the other heroes would like to see that Capcom's portal is open," Peter said.

Cap looked around, "So is it only Chun Li and Mega Man here or are there others?"

"Mega Man's sister is right there," Twilight said, pointing to Roll. "But the others have been contacted so they should be here soon."

Chun Li looked at all the other Avengers, "So do they live here too now?"

"Cap does, Ant Man does, Carol's been planning to move here and Stark runs a business here, but that's about it," Peter said.

"My business is doing great too!" Stark said. "On the verge of some great technology, though I just wish these ponies would work a little more efficiently."

Something about that caught the attention of Celestia, Cap and Peter.

"Efficiently? How so?" Chun Li asked.

"Like it seems like they should know what they're doing but it's like some of them are intentionally holding back, making several mistakes in the process. Some things have even gotten delayed or scrapped because of that, so curious," Stark said.

Cap looked a little curious, then glanced over to Celestia, who seemed to be looking the other way. He can see the worry in her eyes. What Cap didn't realize was that Peter also looked unsure of something.

"If you need help I can probably send a few guys, maybe this world can benefit from Capcom technology," Chun Li said.

"I can also ask Dr. Light to help, you know, the Professor that created me," Mega Man said.

"What about Peter? He's a smart kid, hire him," Scott said.

Stark looked over to Peter, "He does work with me, I show him some of my blueprints, he works on those he says he can handle, right Peter?"

"Something like that, my daughter also helps a bit," Peter said.

"Your daughter? Isn't she like two years old?" Mega Man asked.

"She's six actually, and she's very smart for her age," Peter said.

"I can vouch for that, she actually once figured out something someone in my world couldn't," Stark said. "Rhodey was not happy."

Twilight then remembered something, "By the way, your friend Rhodey wanted me to say something to you."

"Really? What?" Stark asked.

"He says, 'Hello Pony Stark'," Twilight stated, getting a look of annoyance from Stark.

"I'll get him for that, they better be doing their jobs right over there though," Stark said.

"Your assistant Pepper Potts is handling that, don't worry," Sunset reassured.

"Anyway Mr. Stark I'm sure I can help you with your stuff, just let me know," Chun Li said.

"Sounds great, soon this world is gonna see technology no one has ever seen yet," Stark said with triumph.

Celestia again looked concerned, all she could do was hope that things work out the way it should. Cap gave another glance to Celestia, doing a slight groan of disapproval. He once again did not notice Peter's uncertainty.

Hours later, the rest of the heroes and elements had arrived. Johnny was trying to calm his daughter while Rainbow Dash made her a bottle. Applejack took the time to feed her son some apple sauce with Remy just watching. Bobby was giving Rarity a hoof massage, her pregnancy was really showing and causing some pain for her to walk. Fluttershy sat with Logan massaging her neck while she rubbed over her showing stomach. Pinkie and Deadpool just ate some pies.

Mayday was also there, playing with the Hope while Trixie, Laura and Lightning Dust watched them, awaiting the arrival of some of the Capcom guys.

"How much longer before those Capcom dudes show up!?" Lightning asked.

"Yeah, I'm getting bored waiting!" Laura complained.

"No one asked you two to come you know!" Scott said.

“What’d you say!?” both mares angrily asked.

Chun Li groaned, "Relax, they're almost here!"

It wasn't long before some had started stepping through the portal. The first among them was a familiar man with a Bionic arm. That man then became a pony and offered a grin to the other ponies. "Ya miss me?"

Twilight beamed in happiness, "Nathan!"

Mayday also took notice of the man, "You're back!"

The two rushed over to greet the Bionic Commando.

"Twilight, Mayday, good to see you both." He looked to Peter, "Hey Parker, how's life?"

"Unpredictable I guess," Peter responded.

"Sure is pal." Spencer looked around, saluting each of the ponies, "Nice to see you all again, cool to be back here."

"It is," they heard. Strider Hiryu had stepped through the portal and then reverted to his pony form. "I must admit, this place has a nice atmosphere."

Twilight bowed to Strider, "Pleasure to see you again."

Strider himself then bowed, "Pleasure is all mine Princess."

Spencer walked more in, looking around the castle. "Been a while since I last came here."

Strider also walked in more, "I'm don't recall formally being invited into this castle, it's well decorated."

Mega Man looked around, "Where are the others?"

"They're coming, give it a moment," Spencer said.

"Actually we're here," they heard. Two familiar guys stepped through the portal, suddenly reverting to their pony forms as well.

"Dante and Chris Redfield, welcome," Celestia said.

Luna rolled her eyes, "So you two did show up, how nice."

Dante looked a little displeased, "So great to see you too Princess."

Chris also looked displeased, "Yeah, really been looking forward to it."

Twilight approached them, "Hello guys, it's been a while."

"Sure has, how are things here? How's your daughter?" Chris asked.

"She's great, she's right there with Nathan," Twilight said, gesturing to Mayday who was talking to Spencer.

"She's grown a bit, but I'll admit, your daughter is a cute little filly," Chris said.

"Yeah, how long before she gets her share of admirers like that dad of hers?" Dante said.

"She has two actually, she just doesn't realize either of them like her," Twilight said.

Chris and Dante chuckled a bit.

"That's nice," Chris said, then noticed Peter approach. "Hey Parker, still doing your superhero thing?"

"Yeah, fought some dragons a couple of hours ago, I think they know you guys, or at least Ryu," Peter said.

"Probably those annoying teenage sounding dragons," Chris said.

"Speaking of Ryu, where is he?" Twilight asked, looking around. "According to Mega Man, that Strider Hiryu person was suppose to find him."

"He's coming, Strider just got ahead of him," Dante said, then heard the portal make noise, "Here he comes now."

Stepping through the portal was a man familiar to all of those in Capcom, Street Fighter warrior himself, Ryu.

"I have returned to Equestria," he said as he reverted into a pony.

Peter looked happy to see his old rival, but before he could greet him, Sunset ran past them. "Ryu you're back!"

Sunset pulled Ryu into a strong hug, one that surprised the warrior. "Sunset Shimmer?"

"Ryu! I'm so happy to see you again! I've been waiting for years just to see you!" Sunset said with tears in her eyes. She was so overwhelmed with emotion she can barely contain herself.

Ryu, however, didn't know how to feel or how to handle this, "Um...I am deeply flattered?"

Sunset nuzzled against Ryu, "Now the portal's open, we can see each other as much as we like. Oh Ryu, you have no idea how happy this makes me."

Ryu was still confused, he looked to his teammates for some answers, though all he got was a sly grin from Chris and a look from Dante that suggests he's holding back laughter.

He looked over to Twilight, but she just looked really happy for some reason. He noticed Peter right next to her, looking just as confused.

"Um Shimmer, maybe you should lighten up a bit, everypony's staring at you," Peter said.

Sunset turned around and noticed the awkward looks from all the ponies in the room, from the Marvel Heroes, to the Capcom Fighters and The Elements of Harmony.

Blushing heavily, she let go of Ryu and attempted to speak as if nothing had happened. "Anyway it's nice to see you again Ryu."

Ryu looked on, even more unsure. "Um...same to you Sunset Shimmer."

Sunset nodded and walked away, "Give me a moment please." It didn't take long for her to rush out the room, her previous overwhelming feeling of happiness now completely replaced with embarrassment.

Ryu scratched his head, "She reminded me of Sakura for a moment, she’s really happy to see me." He looked to his two allies. "What? What's so funny?"

"Dude, she likes you," Dante said.

Ryu nodded slowly, "Yes, she is a friend, so she would like me, we've been over this."

Dante groaned, "Dude, seriously? Didn't your sensei teach you about girls?"

"Teach what?" Ryu asked.

Dante face hoofed, "You're so hopeless."

Ryu sighed in defeat, then noticed Peter and Twilight. "Good to see you both again at least."

"Same here, we really missed you Ryu," Twilight said.

Peter nodded, "Yeah, it's been a while, how are you anyway? How's your training? Did you get much stronger?"

"A little, I can show you later if you'd like, how's your training going?" Ryu asked.

"It's great, I exercise with Twilight regularly," Peter said.

"I meant martial arts training, not that exercise isn't important," Ryu said.

"I don't really train for martial arts, just to be strong enough to protect my loved ones," Peter explained.

"Peter you seem to be a gifted fighter, it would be a shame if you wasted that," Ryu said.

Peter shrugged, "Sorry, I'm just not that into fighting. I would prefer to do things without fighting honestly."

"That's not gonna get you anywhere," Dante said.

"Dante, enough," Ryu said, then looked to Peter. "I can respect your decision, but you might need to reconsider if you're gonna keep being a superhero. You don't have to fight for sport like I do, but knowing more martial arts can help you protect your loved ones."

Peter shrugged, "Maybe, I just don't have that type of focus, and martial arts sounds like it needs a lot of it. Chun Li did tell me I tend to lose focus or complain a lot."

"Martial arts does need mental discipline, and I can see why that could be a problem since you're kinda, immature at times, no offense," Ryu said.

"None taken, I know I'm a bit immature on occasion, maybe all the time actually," Peter said with a chuckle.

Ryu gave a reassuring smile, "Don't worry about it, perhaps I just envy your view on life. You've been through a lot yet you always have a reason to smile. Keep being yourself Peter, there's a reason so many look up to you."

Peter rubbed his head shyly, "Thanks Ryu, I knew you were a cool guy."

Ryu noticed Mayday nearby, "Your daughter's grown a bit, how long before she takes over as the Spider-Hero of the family?"

Peter frowned, "If I can help it, never, I could never forgive myself if something bad happened to her."

Ryu nodded, "True, in your position I wouldn't want that either."

"Same here," Dante said. "If I had a kid I would prefer if they didn't do the stuff I did, though knowing my family's luck it's gonna happen regardless."

"If I had a kid I wouldn't want them doing what I do either, I can understand your feelings Peter," Chris said.

Peter nodded, "Thanks, wow something all four of us agree on, who would have thought?"

The Capcom trio shared a laugh at that. Even Twilight found some humor in this, to see that Peter can get along with Ryu, Chris and Dante.

"What does your daughter wanna be though?" Ryu asked.

Peter thought a moment, "She likes our family's lab, she said she wants to become a scientist, something I've always wanted to do, but gave up on."

Ryu looked curious, "Why did you give up on that?"

"I became a superhero, plus for a while I didn't feel like I deserved to be happy," Peter admitted.

Ryu looked surprised, then unhappy, "That's horrible Peter, you're a great boy, you should be happy."

"It's a long story, let's just say I made some mistakes and I didn't feel comfortable being happy, until I married Twilight," Peter said.

"It's true, he was always so down on himself, took me months to get him to snap out of it," Twilight said.

Ryu shook his head, "As long as that's over with, I don't wanna hear you talking like that again though Peter."

"Yeah seriously, you shouldn't look down on yourself and give yourself grief...that's our job," Dante said with a coy smile.

Peter chuckled some more, "I guess so."

Chris patted Peter's back, "Just be there for your daughter at least. One thing we know you're doing well at is being a father."

Ryu nodded, "Spencer has mentioned that your daughter is intelligent for her age, nurture that talent, maybe she can be a great scientist, or anything else she wants to be."

Peter offered another smile, amazing how often he smiles around them compared to before. "I definitely will."

Dante smiled a bit at Peter before noticing a familiar pony approach him, "Sup Applejack, been a while."

Applejack nodded, "Howdy Dante, yeah it's been over a year at least."

Dante noticed the baby pony on Applejack's back, "Who's the kid? Family member?"

"You can say that, he's mah son Oliver," Applejack said.

Dante rose his eyebrow, "Son? You had a son?"

"Yup, me and Remy got married about two years ago and this little bundle of joy was born about a year after," Applejack said.

"Wow, you actually got married? Too bad I wasn't there, was it a nice one?" Dante asked.

"It was beautiful," Remy said as he approached the group. "All the apples were there, and some of the X-Men."

"The X-Men came? Then why wasn't I invited?" Dante asked.

"Making a temporary portal to Marvel was easier since the worlds have already been linked together more than once, making a portal to Capcom would have been much harder," Twilight said.

Dante shrugged, "Guess that makes sense, anyway what's the kid's name?"

"His name is Oliver, Remy picked it out," Applejack said.

"I did always want a son named Oliver," Remy said.

"Oliver, sounds cool, nice name you two," Dante complimented.

At that moment, Rarity and Bobby also made their way over.

"Rarity, good to see yo-" Chris noticed her pregnant belly, "Whoa, didn't remember that last time I saw you."

"Last time you saw me was a little over two years ago, I wasn't married to Bobby yet," Rarity said.

"Oh so you got married as well?" Chris asked.

"Yes, me and Bobby got married about two years ago, it was wonderful," Rarity said.

"Totally, we actually got married in this castle, just like Shining Armor and Princess Cadance," Bobby said.

"Amazing how much has changed since we've been gone," Ryu said.

Dante looked to the other heroes, "I'll say, Human Torch looks like he has a kid as well...wow she's really crying."

Chris looked over as well, "I see that Fluttershy pony, looks like she's pregnant too, nice for her."

Ryu looked to Deadpool and Pinkie Pie, "Do they have kids?"

"Not yet," Peter said.

Ryu sighed, "Good, I can only imagine how that would turn out."

Twilight looked over at Johnny and his daughter, "Johnny and Rainbow do their best to take care of their daughter Firefly, but sometimes she just has her moments."

"Sometimes?" Bobby joked.

"Bobby!" Rarity scolded, then turned to the Capcom guys. "She's really sweet once she stops crying."

"If she ever does," Bobby said.

Rarity gritted her teeth, "Bobby! That's enough!"

"Seriously lay off, your kid could turn out that bad too," Peter warned.

Bobby shrugged and looked to the Capcom trio, "So, how long are you guys gonna stay?"

Before they could answer, they noticed Logan make his way over. "Ryu, Chris, Dante, good to see you three."

"Hello Wolverine," Ryu said with a bow.

"Sup Old Man?" Dante said.

"Logan, it's been a while," Chris said.

Logan nodded and looked to Chris, "Hey, mind coming with me a moment? Me and my wife need to ask a favor."

Chris looked curious and turned to his allies, "Mind waiting a moment?"

"Go do what you need to do Chris," Dante said.

Chris looked to Logan, "Alright, let's go then."

Logan walked Chris over to Fluttershy and then they went to the corner of a room to talk.

Dante stretched out his hooves, "So now what?"

Peter shrugged, "Not sure, I guess we just wait for Chun Li to say something."

Applejack had an idea, "Would you like to go see Firefly up close?"

Dante looked over to the again crying baby, who grabbed a bottle Johnny tried giving her and tossed it away, hitting Spencer in the head. Mayday turned to them obviously displeased and led Spencer away as he rubbed his head, muttering something about that baby probably having some bionics herself for throwing so hard.

"I'm good," Dante said.

As Mayday led Spencer away, she saw Mega Man talking a bit with Iron Man. "Wow, it's him, he's here too!"

"Who?" Spencer asked, looking ahead. "You mean Iron Man? Don't you see him every day?"

"No not him silly, the robot boy!" Mayday said.

Spencer looked to Mega Man, "Ah, you're interested in Rock...wait since when?"

"I noticed him a couple of years ago, when your worlds had that big tournament. I had no idea he was a robot! He looks so well designed," Mayday said.

"Yeah he's a really impressive kid, one of our finest heroes," Spencer said.

Stark looked over to the two, "Oh, it's your Bionic friend, and Peter's daughter."

Mega Man looked over to the two, causing Mayday to get a little nervous. "He's looking right at me, what do I say!?"

"Um, say 'hi'?" Spencer suggested.

Mayday waved awkwardly at Mega Man, "Hi! I'm Mayday! I like technology!"

Mega Man looked a bit weirded out, Stark chuckled a bit and Spencer groaned as he rubbed his face.

"Ok, you made a fool out of yourself, you're worse than your father, let's go," Spencer said, dragging Mayday away.

"Wait, I just need another chance! Wait!" Mayday begged, grabbing the floor as Spencer dragged her away from Mega Man, who looked on in confusion.

"She's weirder than her dad," Mega Man said.

With Chris, he along with Logan and Fluttershy spoke in a private part of the room.

"Chris, my wife and I need a favor," Logan said.

"If you can do it, you don't have to if you don't want but we would really appreciate it if you could help us," Fluttershy said.

"I'll do what I can, but what favor do you need?" Chris asked.

Logan looked around to make sure no one was eavesdropping and whispered close to Chris. "You know that Sweetie Belle from the future? The one dressed in those skin tight clothes?"

Chris nodded, "What about her?"

"She's still having some trouble, apparently her future is swarmed with a group of creatures called Changelings, they're like Skrulls except-"

"I'm familiar with Changelings, I learned about them one time at Twilight's house," Chris said, not going into full detail how.

"Alright then, anyway she needs help and since you run a team that specializes in survival against swarms of monsters, we were hoping she can get help from you or anyone in your team," Logan said.

Chris tapped his chin, thinking over some stuff, "I could send someone from the BSAA, but that's easier said than done. They're usually very busy and even if we can find someone, it's gonna take forever just to get at least one person. Plus since they're gonna take on a pony form, it may cause a few problems."

Fluttershy looked a little disappointed, "So you won't be able to help her then?"

Chris scratched his head, then had an idea. "There might be a way, it won't be someone from the BSAA, but this person can handle this stuff about as well as I can, and since he's like Spencer and can work with whoever, we can get him here soon, once we talk to Chun Li first."

Logan looked satisfied, "Good, but can he handle being in Equestria? Being a pony?"

"That's the best part, he's been in Equestria, you've already met him actually," Chris said.

"We have, who is he?" Fluttershy asked.

"Leon Kennedy, I'm sure you remember him from a couple of years ago," Chris said.

Logan remembered the name instantly, "Yeah, he was also at that Marvel vs. Capcom thing we had a few years back, great fighter, quite a tactician."

"Yeah, he can handle this, I'll get in contact with him and then we'll talk to Chun Li, I'm sure he'd be up to this, he did say something about Equestria seeming like a nice place, plus he hasn't had a lot of work lately, so he'll very likely wanna take a new job," Chris said.

Logan felt relieved, "Thanks Chris, we owe you one."

Fluttershy nodded, "Yes, thank you Chris."

"No problem, just doing what I can to help," Chris said with an honest smile.

Later on Celestia had gathered everyone's attention. "My Little Ponies, as you can see we now have two portals that lead to other worlds, Marvel and Capcom. With this the magic of friendship can spread out more than we had hoped, teaching those worlds and learning from them. My hope is that you use that knowledge to help others, I'm sure there's a lot all three worlds can teach each other, and I trust all of you to accept such a big responsibility."

"Will do Princess Celestia," Peter said.

"Yes, we'll be honored," Ryu said.

"Good, now on to other business," she turned to Cap. "You had taken care of the dragons correct?"

"Yes, from the looks of things the Dragon Lord has no interest in taking over Equestria, neither does his daughter Princess Ember, perhaps we can do like what Peter plans to do with the Changelings and make peace with them," Cap said.

"Spike was even offered a chance to train with them as their knight, surely that can also benefit our world," Spitfire said.

Celestia looked intrigued, "That does sound like a great opportunity." She looked to Spike, "Will you accept it?"

Spike turned to Twilight, who still looked unsure. "Part of me wants to, I just hope I don't fail."

"I think Spike can do it," Peter said.

"Same here," Cap agreed.

The rest of the Avengers started to agree.

"In martial arts, a dragon symbolizes power, I think this young dragon can be something special," Ryu said.

"Spike should totally go for it, sounds awesome!" Rainbow Dash encouraged.

Peter looked to Twilight, "Only you can make the final call."

Twilight looked a little unsure, but sighed in defeat, "I believe in Spike as well, if he wants to train, then he should."

Spike felt some relief, one major reason he didn't wanna train was because he worried what Twilight would think. With Twilight approving, he feels a bit better.

"I won't let anyone down, I promise," Spike said.

He got several cheers of motivation from his allies, and a look of approval from Celestia.

"It's settled then Spike, you shall train with the Dragon Lord," Celestia said.

Spike nodded, "Yes Princess, I'm ready."

Celestia looked to the Capcom warriors, "I must ask you all though, one reason the Marvel world opened was because the Avengers wished to aid us, would you be willing to do so if needed?"

"You're not obligated to, but we would like to put the offer there if you desire," Twilight said.

The Capcom warriors looked surprised, so they huddled together to speak on this. Chun Li spoke first, "If you need us, as in really need us, we would love to come help you."

"It's harder for us though, unlike The Avengers, we at Capcom aren't always together in one building. In fact our world works a bit differently than the Marvel world, so it might be harder," Chris said.

"We'll do our best though, hopefully we can help when you really need us," Spencer reassured.

Celestia nodded, "That's good, for now we're just fine with The Avengers, we won't burden you unless absolutely needed."

"Rock's always closer if you ever need him though," Chun Li said. "But if it's really bad, you can always come to us, we'll be there very quickly."

"Right, until then you are still more than welcome to come if you wish to see us," Celestia said.

"Yeah, especially Ryu, I'm sure a certain pony would love to see more of him," Dante said coyly.

Ryu looked even more confused, "Are you trying to say something Dante?"

"Dude, you're beyond hopeless," Dante said.

Ryu scratched his head, then felt a pony nudge him. He looked down to sere Mayday, "I know how you feel Mr. Ryu, I get that a lot whenever Pound Cake talks to me."

Hearing that, Peter suddenly began to understand a few things. "Wait a minute...Pound Cake and...my daughter?" He looked to his only daughter and remembered how Pound Cake acted around her. Now he knows why, but he doesn't know if he should be a proud father, or an overprotective one. "Well, at least he doesn't have superpowers."

As everyone started leaving, Chris had approached Chun Li and explained the Future Sweetie Belle stuff to her. Once she gave him a nod of approval, she reached to her radio to make one final contact. "Hello, Leon, it's Chun Li, are you there?"

Moments later, she received a reply, "Yeah I'm here, you need something?"

"Yeah, I have a job for you."

"A job huh? Hope it's good. Where do you want to meet?"

"You've been here before actually," Chun Li said. "I'm sure you remember Equestria."

Leon's eyes widened, what was planned for him there? His mission would be interesting.