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This story is a sequel to Spiders & Magic: Capcom Invasion

This will be a series of one-shots (maybe an occasional mini-arc) inspired by the Spiders & Magic series from Maximus_Reborn .

Set a week after Capcom Invasion, It will contain many Slice of Life situations for The Mane 6 and The Marvel Heroes. It will cameo Capcom characters from time to time. It will detail situations such as Peter's friendship with his fellow Marvel buddies, Rumble being a member of the Parker-Sparkle family for the time being, Johnny Storm's Romance with Rainbow Dash, what the Capcom People are up to, Logan's friendship and possible romance with Fluttershy, plus many more stories.

Cover Art Drawn By christian_j-brony

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What have we here, a series of one-shot Spiders and Magic slice of life stories that is a follow up to Capcom Invasion? Definitely tracking this!

I like this first one-shot, seeing Johnny actually trying to be more mature just to rekindle his friendship with Peter after so long which he never fully understood before Peter disappeared while they were still rivals. Johnny still has a long way to go...

That's one long one shot.

I actually can believe Johnny would act like this. I kinda feel there's a lot more to him than what's on the surface. Once again, Twilight is showing more stubbornness, and less wisdom in friendship. She seems to be a little too outspoken and Peter's a bit insensitive and ignorant, but that kind of adds to the realism. Pleasantly surprised by the fact that Logan was the one to act logically and inform spidy of what's what.

One of the things that you pointed out that kinda nagged at me about the main spiders and magic story was the fact that when Peter left, he didn't seem to care or acknowledge that there were people (besides May) who actually did care about him, even though they didn't show it all the time. Either that or I missed it. But that's kind of Peter's thing: a lot of times, he fails to see the good and just lets the bad hang over him.

Lovin' this so far. Can't wait for more.

Johnny does have ways to go, but he's getting there.

At one point I wanted to make this two chapters but I didn't know where to make the split, so I kept it a long one-shot.

Yeah, Johnny's pretty misunderstood, I had to make sure I can showcase his feelings without him breaking character too much. I just wanted a nice feels moment between Peter and Johnny. But yeah, I never liked how Peter barely acknowledged his friends in the Marvel world after leaving, I know he had to stay in Equestria but still, it just seemed odd. Except that to be brought up some more, there's a little saga in the works among these one-shots.

Thanks, just something I threw together.

6689133 I'm working on some group pics of the marvel ponies, so when I submit the Capcom villains pic for you I'll show those also.

God, this is such a great chapter. :twilightsmile: alot of nice little moments. Hopefully, dashie will be able to patch things up with rumble. I like how you got trixie to speak in a 3rd person manner again. I missed that in the main spiders and magic continuity.

It was kinda funny seeing spitfire be the one to talk sense into skittles, considering her checkered nature. But, hey. That's character development, right?

Had to laugh at at the whole I WANT MY HUG scene. Bravo on that. I may have to do a pic of that.

Twilight, I get you're brave. But you must be out yo damn mind mad doggin' Laura like that. :twilightangry2: grr!


"It's nothing really, just a little assertiveness, and...My Stare," Fluttershy said.

Laura looked curious, "Your stare? This I have to see."

Fluttershy shook her head, "I don't think that's a good idea, I only use it when my animals are being bad, but luckily it's not that often."

"Aw, kinda wanna see this 'Stare' though, maybe I can get your animals to rile up or something," Laura suggested.

Fluttershy looked at Laura with disapproval, "I don't think so, it's not something to just show-off Laura, and not something I willingly wanna put my animals through."

"Aw, fine then. Do it to me," Laura said.

Fluttershy raised her eyebrow, "I don't think it would work, and even if it did I don't wanna put you through that."

"Hey I've seen worse, I think I can handle your stare," Laura insisted.

Fluttershy shook her head, "Not a good idea Laura."

Laura groaned, "Come on, just once for a few seconds, if you do that then I'll join you on your next shopping spree!"

Laura realized what she said and tried to cover her mouth but too late, Fluttershy's interest was peaked.

"Really? You hated it the first time I tried taking you, are you that interested?" Fluttershy asked.

Laura could have taken it back but foolishly she continued on, "Yeah I mean it."

Fluttershy still looked conflicted, but a part of her really wanted Laura to join her. It's nice to have the company.

"Alright, but only for a few seconds," Fluttershy said.

Laura grinned and waited in anticipation. Fluttershy faced Laura with her eyes closed, then moments later, her eyes shot open and her stare was in effect.

Laura felt her gaze, and it was nothing like she's experienced before. At first she was fine but suddenly she felt a bit frozen, she didn't understand why. Laura was essentially lost in Fluttershy's gaze as the normally timid mare continued for a few more seconds.

Eventually Fluttershy broke the stare and closed her eyes a bit before looking at Laura again, "So...are you satisfied?"

Laura was still frozen a moment before shaking her head a little and regaining her composure, "Yeah, I guess. Damn you got quite a stare, hate to ever piss you off."

"You could never um...you know...piss me off," Fluttershy managed to get out.

love it. I had a few scenes like this planned. That last statement Fluttershy made brings something to mind. It would be awesome to see her completely blow up at someone, "you're going to love me" style or thereabouts. You know she's holding back some anger issues if she can go all flutterrage on Mane-iac's device. Hopefully, Laura will become more tame with Logan and they become more father-daugher like before the end.

Wow... Rainbow is being such a hypocrite casting suspicion on Rumble when he didn't deserve it. Good thing Spitfire showed her how out of line she was being.

Found the hug moment between Spidey and Wolvie funny, Logan's such an old grump. :rainbowlaugh:

Nice to see Rumble get some care and seeing him enjoy his stay with the Parker-Sparkle family while it still lasts.

Nice chapter! The moments of Laura and Fluttershy bonding were sweet. Now imagine Andrea Libman talking to herself like this.

I had to bring the 3rd person talk back, it just seemed like a perfect opportunity. I wanted Spitfire to have a decent appearance but there's more of her to come. As for the hug thing, that would be an epic pic. :pinkiehappy:

Rainbow Dash and Rumble will have more screen time together, it won't be an instant fix. But you gotta love Logan.

Thanks, hopefully I won't accidentally take any more ideas though, don't wanna steal your thunder. That moment just came to me. But I do plan for Laura (and Logan for that matter) to see more of Fluttershy's assertiveness and rage. I'm still trying to figure out how to get Laura and Logan to have a decent relationship as well, but it will be addressed some more.

I enjoyed making those moments between Fluttershy and Laura.

Though when I imagine Laura talking, I honestly forget her first VA was Fluttershy's, I imagine the one she shares with Twilight. Besides Fluttershy's VA technically does talk to herself, usually when Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie talk to each other. :yay: :pinkiesmile:

6719003 you didn't take any of my ideas. I prefer to think of it as great minds think alike. I'm just psyched about seeing it play out in a story.

Oh, well I'm flattered then :pinkiehappy:

Laura's really gonna push Twilight's buttons. Next time she'll slam the door on her. :rainbowdetermined2:

:applejackconfused: Whoa... the last half of this chapter screams clop. The make-out session with Twi and Gwen does seem a little out of character even for them and even though this something Gwen would probably do (especially when her A-Force counterpart is implied to be dating Mary-Jane :3). :rainbowwild: But hey who am I to talk when I did a shipping commission of them just for fun? Nice chapter, man! And thanks for crediting me for the idea.

You know for a moment there, I thought Twi and Gwen's heated argument there would actually escalate into a one-on-one brawl. Who knows what kind of damage that would have taken on Ponyville?! :derpytongue2:

Gawd, those 3 douches need an ass whupping in the worst way...

I'll be honest, I was worried about having it seem too cloppy, I just wanted a make-out session. Then I decided to amp it up a little. I had to hold back a lot to prevent it from being too cloppy.

As for the battle, now I wish I went with that idea, maybe another time.

But glad you liked it, you deserve the credit.

They'll get it, soon enough. :ajsmug:

"Who's Alicia?" Pinkie asked.

"The love of my life," Ben replied with obvious happiness.


Everypony turned towards the source of the outburst and laid eyes upon a now blushing Maud. She quickly stood up and made her way out the room, leaving the others speechless.

:rainbowwild: God Maud's reaction, made her slip out of her monotone expression. Sorry, Maud. But Ben was already taken by Alicia, and she's a sculptor by the way, a blind sculptor!

Wow! I'd say you did quite well portraying the SpikexWasp ship. Kudos to you!
I would've like to see Janet have a heart-to-heart conversation with Spike about her past relationship with her ex, Hank Pym, like how his change of persona into Yellowjacket and his increasing hostile personality drove him to hit her which led to their break up, and before that how their relationship was strained after Hank's creation Ultron almost destroyed the world. It would give her a reason to be reluctant in starting a new serious relationship, Spike would then sympathise with Janet saying that he would never hurt her.
Aside from that, good job, man! I hope there will be development of this pairing in future chapters and hopefully the sequel.

Janet grabbed the gem, but instead of her hooves she used her teeth to grab it and held it in front of Spike's face.

"Want it? Take it," Janet said with the gem still in her mouth.

Spike blushed a little as he went to grab it, but Janet pinned his claws down.

"Uh-uh," Janet said and held her face closer. Spike gulped, he knew what she wanted. Though to be honest, he wasn't too against this. As he went in, she brought it even further into her mouth and smiled down.

:ajsmug: Oh you sly devil...

Thanks for that.

Some things I didn't do because I know you're planning a Spike x Wasp story and I want to make sure you have plenty for your story, plus I was still trying to figure out the direction I wanted to go with this. I am gonna give this a little more time, I have more planned for them. Maybe I can try to use Janet's previous love-life a little more. But I have been eager to make something like this for a while, so it's a relief you seemed to enjoy it.

As for that scene, I just had to write it. I just couldn't decide how kinky I wanted to make it. That's the tame version honestly.

I am very pleased with how it turned out, but at the same time I feel like a dick. Do I really want to pass up this awesome ship for a "like siblings" relationship? I may have to slightly adjust my story to accommodate this.

btw, if you have different plans for fluttershy and wolverine than what I have, you can go that route. I won't feel bad.

6782511 I actually planned on doing that on their first outing alone, won't go into any details but it was my intention all along.

I wouldn't call yourself that, the siblings thing can be good too. I do look forward to seeing how you portray them. Besides relationships that aren't romantic are still cute in their own right (hence why I like the Peter/Trixie relationship in the main series).

As for Fluttershy and Wolverine, I appreciate you giving me a go ahead on whatever, though right now I'm just trying to figure out how I want their relationship to be. Right now I'm still focused on the Fluttershy/X-23 friendship thing, also trying to properly develop their relationship as a family.

I'm getting really annoyed with Rarity being negative to Rumble, it is really starting to get tiresome. Can't that marshmallow just let it go for goodness sake. In fact, this is what I hear when she or anyone else says something bad about Rumble:

Seriously though, she really has to let it go and be more open with Rumble.

"Cheese Sandwich..."
Cheese stared down the ninja. "Deadpool..."

Deadpool's Crazy voice: "Oh crap! It's Pony Weird Al, and he's out to steal our girl!"
Deadpool's Sane voice: "And to think we actually used to listen to his music."
Deadpool: "Hey will you two schmucks shut up and get lost?! I'm trying to have a dramatic stare-down here!"
Crazy/Sane: "Sorry!"

Meanwhile with Spike, he is currently watching something bad going down. He is watching as his marefriend is beating up every mare that comes his way.

Okay, that was a bit over the top. I could not see Janet doing that even if its out of jealously. Maybe sting them with her bio-sting blasts, but not physically beat them up. She's better than that.

Rarity's dislike for Rumble will be addressed further. These little moments are to build up to something, it's gonna be a slow build but hopefully I can make it worth it.

I really should have had Deadpool make that reference, and I forgot he has those two voices in his head.

As for Janet, yeah my bad then. I originally was gonna have her blast them with her stingers but I went with a more humorous route. I'll address it later on, I still have a nice moment planned for those two.

Twilight's got a short fuse in this universe.

I seriously hope it doesn't turn out to be like that one episode from FiW.

Apparently, Twilight wears the proverbial pants in the family.

Limestone let out a heavy frustrated groan, she's had enough of this mare. "You have GOT to be the most USELESS pony ever! When you were cloned were you dubbed a failed experiment!? Is that why you're alone because you got abandoned!? HUH!? I bet you never even got into a superhero group because they ALL found you useless! I bet even the X-Men I heard about wouldn't even take you in!"


"Honestly she's wasting her time with you, that's all you've proven to be lately! A waste of time and a spoiled little mare! We're just better off without you! You're USELESS!" Limestone shouted in her face.


Chun Li crossed her hooves, "You're one of a kind Peter. The way you stick to justice and always helps others no matter what anyone thinks, to be so strong yet so gentle. There's no other hero like you...aside from Superman at least."

Peter chuckled, "Hey, even I look up to Superman. That reminds me, have any of your friends considered challenging him?"

"Would you challenge him?" Chun Li asked as if Peter just said something foolish.


Peter: :applejackunsure: "I know Batman would."

Chun-Li: :trixieshiftright: "You mean that vigilante from that Gotham place? And what makes you think that someone like him would be crazy enough to challenge Superman?"

Peter: :ajsmug: "You wanna know why?"

Chun-Li: :duck: "Why?"

Peter: :rainbowwild: *puts on a deep voice* "BECAUSE HE'S BATMAN!!!"

Chun-Li: :facehoof: "Ughh..."

6908944 Everyone kind of does in this.

Pretty much what would have happened if that conversation continued. :derpytongue2:

"Batman? Sounds interesting, though I'm more into Superman, he's a superior hero," Sunset said.


6969138 derpicdn.net/img/2016/2/7/1082789/large.png
Kinda ironic if you ask me. I mean Sunset has a sun for a cutie mark and respects Celestia. Twilights like that to but technically her husband has more in common with superman.

Cloud Strife!? God, that would be awesome, seeing my favorite Final Fantasy character in this.

6971554 I found it hilarious when the capcom guys froze up at the mention of superman. It's like they just KNEW not to open up that can of worms.

6971554 That would be surprising as that time when Cloud was revealed as a playable fighter in Smash Bros.

6969758 Yeah. Sunset's cutie mark and reformed background was why I asked for that commissioned pic of her dressed as Supergirl, while Twilight dressed as Batgirl is a reference to the DCAU.

In my view, Batman and Spider-Man have more in common in terms of tragedy and I consider them polar opposites of each other. Bruce's parents' death was the catalyst that drove to become Batman and Uncle Ben's death was what drove Peter to use his powers more responsibly Both of them bare the guilt of their greatest failures of losing someone close to them at the hands of their nemesis's (Joker and Green Goblin), Bruce's failure being Jason Todd death's ("Death in the Family") and Peter's of course Gwen Stacy's death ("The Night Gwen Stacy Died"). Heck, both of them were buried alive and they dug out of their own grave ("Batman R.I.P." and "Kraven's Last Hunt").

6973212 Interesting comparison. I think Superman and spider-man share more in common in my opinion. They were both nerds who got bullied in high school and lost their father figure around the same time. They are both misunderstood by the world they protect. They both have an incredibly huge burden of responsibility to use their powers for the good of all. They even both dated a redhead in high school. They take the blame for deaths they weren't even apart of. For example Spider-man hears about a death in a prison from one of his villains and instantly blames himself. Superman on the other hand with his super hearing can hear the deaths of all those he's not able to save day in and day out. They both just want to be normal guys who can move on and start a family. But they can never do that as long as they have the powers they have which makes them responsible for their cities. Batman can quit at any time. They can't. They both work at a newspaper in order to get close to the action (come on that one was an obvious comparison). Batman wants control and power through fear. While Supes and spidey want to be trusted and follow the law. They even both have bald corrupt business men for villains (that was another obvious comparison). Bruce Wayne is the mask and batman is the person. But Clark Kent and Peter Parker are who they really are. Spider-man is even a huge fan of captain america who is basically a human superman. In terms of tragedy.... Superman lost his whole planet. He may have been a baby at the time But Peter was barely 4 years old when he lost his mom and dad in their own explosion. But there is one thing I really take comfort in. In one alternate universe Peter never lost his uncle ben...and he still became a hero. That shows he always had the heart of a hero. He didn't become spider-man because of how uncle ben died. He became spider-man because of how uncle ben LIVED. It's funny how they can use their powers to get better jobs. Peter could have used his powers to become an athlete or something. Instead he limits himself...He KNOWS he's more gifted then most people. and yet he anchors himself and handicaps his potential. Much like superman. Both protagonists were told that they were special beings. In Superman 1, Pa Kent told the frustrated teenager Clark: “You are here for a reason,” while in S-M, Aunt May told the frustrated teenager Peter: “You were meant for great things.” Both these comforting comments were soul soothers and turned out to be profoundly true. They both have problems with clones. zacharymule.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Superman-TAS-publicity-still-3.jpg
Oh and as for that thing regarding digging out of his grave

6973502 Maybe so. But let's not forget that Clark was only a baby when his planet was destroyed and it's not even his fault. Sure he would feel loneliness about the potential thought of being the last living Kryptonian, but not guilt. And Clark had his powers (as well as guidance from his adoptive parents to control them) since childhood, Peter didn't. He only got his powers from the spider bite when he was only a teenager and so started out young and inexperienced.

And it's true, a part of Bruce died that night his parents were shot and it's pace, Batman was born. However that doesn't mean that all of Bruce Wayne's soft side is completely devoid. In "Mask of the Phantasm", he was willing to put aside his vigilante plan and move on with his life just to be with Andrea that he grew to love (something he didn't count on being happy about) which of course doesn't go so well when she's forced to leave him when she and her father had to run from the mob (which ended with her father's death at Joker who was still Jack Napier at the time). And yes, he could quit whenever he wanted to but the simple fact is that he won't, not until the time comes when Gotham is completely devoid of crime and corruption and the city no longer needs Batman or until the day his body and age can no longer take it and has to hang up his cowl.

And BTW that last part from "Superman Doomsday", that doesn't count since it was Superman's clone who came out, not the real one. And besides, it just doesn't have the same feeling that Batman and Spider-Man's moment did.

6978325 lol dude don't take it to seriously. I'm just having fun here. The main point is that Spider-man and superman are brighter characters when compared to batman. They don't let their grief effect them to much so that they are not able to have fun. (also superman has experienced Kryptons loss as an adult through stories like for the man who has everything and from brainiac recreating that world). Batman had to train to do what he does while Superman and spider-man's powers are nothing more then a matter of circumstance. If Clark had landed on any other planet with a red sun then he wouldn't be so special. In a way neither of them were "born" with their powers but both their abilities are based on radiation exposure. In Smallville Jonathan Kent dies because clark had been brought back to life and needed another life to take his place. He blamed himself very much so for the next season because he died in the first place simply for not doing what he was told by his birth father Jor-el. So in essence his inaction allowed this to happen (well that and the comic version simply died due to to much excitement from Superman's adventures from brainiac. Kinda hard for Clark NOT to feel guilty about it when he has the kind of power he has). Pah Kents death in comics is what spurned Clark to leave smallville and go to metropolis where he would become superman. So in reality his death also pushed Clark closer to his destiny in much the same way Uncle Ben did for Peter. Clark Was pretty inexperienced with his powers through his smallville years. Superman and spider-man are both in the public eye wile Batman is considered a myth. Half of the city hates spider-man while the other half loves him. The same goes for superman except that his reach is global and alot of people simply don't trust him simply because he's an alien and has alot of power. Another thing I like to point out is the "good cop bad cop" similarity that batman and superman have. Whenever Daredevil and Spider-man team up Spidey is basically in Supes role while Daredevil is in Batman's role. One because Daredevil is the more human and grittier ninja of the two while Peter is the more powerful and higher moral standard of them. In issues where Spidey is either mind controlled or just straight up angry Daredevil is normally the underdog who knows he can't win fairly in a fight with spider-man. He's simply out of his league in terms of power. So he either tries to outsmart him or bring him back to his senses. Much like with superman/batman. Despite what some people might think Superman and spider-man are the loners while Batman is the one with at least 4 different robins. Another funny comparison I noticed was that Peter lost his powers in spider-man 2 simply because it was "all in his head" while in the superman book "Up up and away" Clark couldn't get his powers back no matter how much sun he got. Basically it was also "all in his head". I take comfort in that Peter still has his doting Aunt May while in some versions Clark is still with his mother as the man of the house (someone has to plow those fields and I know she sure as heck doesn't do it). They even both have Electric based villains (Electro and Livewire) who just wanted to be noticed. They have a funny little quirk I always giggled at reading. One of Peter's favorite meals are wheat cakes while Clark is a kansas guy who's into PB and J's and Apple pie. A sign of their humble backgrounds on where they grew up in. Funny how in the future timelines of their respective universes Spider-man is said to be the greatest hero of them all and a legend in the year 2099. Clark is kinda in the same boat in his universe with the legion of superheroes. What Clark Kent and Peter Parker have always represented to me is that they look like frail shy nerds with huge glasses that you would never guess were badass superheroes. It's like it's a hidden message to all those other small people out their that all they have to do is rip open their shirts and be the hero they really are hidden inside. Both Peter and Clark's dads are scientists. Another funny thing is that both superman and spider-man have referenced the bat signal.I shit you not.

BTW don't interpret this as me not liking Batman. I'm still a pretty big fan of the character to. I KNOW he has a softer side to him. The difference between him and brighter characters like Superman and spider-man is that they allow themselves to heal and move on while Bruce is a man who can't and won't let himself recover. That's the tragedy about the character. Spider-man in the comics at one time at least got to get married with Mary Jane while the same applied to Clark getting hitched to Lois Lane. I know these have been rectoned but they were still very important parts of the characters history. Now I know you just gave that example of Wayne almost being happy which is a very valid point. I'm just saying that Superman and Spider-man were both at one point in time legit married for years to their most well known love interests. I just think that Clark and spider-man have more in common as people and not just as superheroes. Look if there's anything all three of these heroes share it's that they are orphans who desperately want to make a difference in the world and make it a better place. The core of their characters as heroes are the same. Which is why they have always been my three favorite superheroes.
To me THEY are the worlds finest. If I could pick a team of 3 I would say they are my trinity (I know wonder woman is supposed to be the 3rd member but in all honesty these three are the three biggest superhero icons in comic history)

6978761 Alright, man! Keep it short and simple, I believe I get the idea. I'm just saying in my opinion why I think the distinctiveness between Spider-Man and Batman would show how they could relate to each other. I respect your opinion nonetheless.

Let's just leave this at that, okay? I don't want to drag this on any further.

6979283 Sorry my bad dude.Got a little carried away there. But could you blame me? This type of stuff is kinda fun to talk about. Talking about our favorite superheroes makes for great conversation between us fellow comic nerds.

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