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Death. All that remains on this planet are the martyrs who gave their lives to ensure the others could escape. Humanity’s greatest has fallen. 23 Billion humans died in the war, and only more would follow. The few strays on Reach were quickly found and slaughtered. The last soldier died fighting, a fitting tribute to the planet humanity fought so hard to protect. Still, the story is not over for mankind, just as the story is not over for this lone soldier. This, is the story of Noble Six.

Coverart by CCNC, link to her deviantart http://ccncc.deviantart.com/

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This, is the story of Noble Six.

What, another one?

I love Halo: Reach. Best game in the series by far.
This shall be interesting, I'll follow.

Nice story, Ms./Mr./Mrs Authorpony!

You'll excuse me for doubting a Forerunner Monitor's word. They are quite capable of lying to get what they want and to carry out their programmed function. I'm just hoping that 526 Broken Shard isn't lying about no Flood specimens being kept at his facility.

So, I'm thinking that Noble Six fell through a teleporter or something to end up on Equestria? I wonder if he/she has been in stasis or if bringing the facility on-line was what triggered the teleporter?

2701626 I've been planning mine, for..... 'bout half a year now. reason I didn't post earlier... paranoia... and when I saw Foxi Hooves' story get the feature I had two feelings at the time. One of happiness for a six story, and another.... let's just say :twilightangry2:

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this looks interesting

I like it. I noticed a couple of grammar, and spelling issues, but that doesn't mean anything to me. Still... I'd double check your work for the next chapter, the mistakes might be why you have those dislikes... I don't see why there would be any other reason for them. I can't wait for more.

Great story. Keep it up.

Love it, nice work. Amazing grammar, detail, and storyline. More please.

You're welcome for being each others editors...59 goddamn upvotes in 6 hours while its taken months to get up to 110 on mine...:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2: lul

2705102 Huehuehuehuehuhue. Here, i'll make it even, check the description in a few mins

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My friend this is what i did. like and fav cause its a halo crossover and like halo.

That reads like, more.

Did Jun die? I can't remember

2705796 Never actually confirmed in the game, almost everyone says he dies though... think someone official made a comic, fistful of arrows? dunno to be honest.

2705807 Strange how they never show him dying and how he just disappeared after the New Alexandria mission

2705852 Nah, it was the cutscene before the final mission. Jun went off on the other falcon with halsey onboard to castle base i think, while carter emile and six went on the other, to deliver cortana to the pillar of autumn

2705867 And now I remember that part........I love that game:yay:

Cool first chapter (even if noble 6 is really a guy, but whatever)

2705954 Noble Six may be a man or a woman, as far as I know there is no official cannon as to what sex they were.

I believe one of the Data Pad Easter eggs says that Zealots got Jun while Halsey barely escaped.

This is looking to be a really good story. Any Idea on update time? This is something I just gotta read

2708834 whenever I get him to write and I go over it

2708834 By the end of the week. Would have come out like, tommorow or so, but I got finals, and... let's just say I can't go easy on the studying :derpytongue2:

2706276 firefight voice is male and so is his character model in all showings of reach. But like i (kinda) said in my last comment, i dont really care what gender 6 is in the story.

The only thing I have to say is that you have to watch your capitalization, for instance: Noble Six, Plasma Repeater, Elite, Fuel Rod Cannon, Flood, Energy Sword. I am 90% sure that most of these should be capitalized due to the fact they are proper names (plus others I haven't mentioned). For me personally it was extremely distracting.


New chapter! :yay:

Six's hostile attitude is really making sense. I like Daring's involvement too.
I think it may be time to introduce some other ponies to the story.

Okay, obviously Shard is capable of thinking ahead. Additionally, those who think that Equestria is a Death World are probably right, given that the monster was able to kill a Forerunner AI.

Now, it sounds to me that the Equestrians may have a role to play in the Forerunners' and maybe even the Precursors' plans.

2774627 Your comment is really confusing. What gives the idea that Shard can think ahead? And the AI was already in bad condition, so it shouldn't be surprising that it fell easily.


What gives the idea that Shard can think ahead?

The fact that it already had an expository recording ready to go should it be destroyed.


I know I am dead, for I need to be for you to read this.

It's a recording made to be used just in case. The way you wrote your first comment made it sound like you thought he could predict the future.

Sorry for the short chapter everyone! i never got such bad writer's block in my lief. and for those of you that dont know im gonna be on vacation to..i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/292/144/67c.jpg

10 days


I can't help but think that something bad is going to happen soon because of those last few words: "Maybe this wouldn't be so bad."

2899127 His face is tear inducingly funny.

2899280 That's because oldcountrystrong.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/gaston.png

Oh, i'm sorry, did you not want to see his manliness?

Unfortunately, I think I have to agree.
This won't last.

2899371 Oh, yeah REAL manly. got more hair on my nuts...

2899434 well, at least he's not bald :/

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