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Just a simple guy, wanting to write stories of ponies in epic adventures and cute romances


This is a sequel to Spiders and Magic IV: The Fall of Spidermane

There are relics that predate the universe itself.... An infinite force with infinite destruction that could destroy all life in Equestria.

Now new enemies have come to Equestria to claim such power, and it's up to Peter and his friends to stop them from claiming the ultimate power, but questions begin to arise.

Why is it here? And who are these strangers who are trying so hard to take these stones?

All Peter knows is that he can't face this threat alone...

Editor: FrostTheWolf
Proofreaders:Bad Dragon , MetalJrock2299

Series is made by Maximus_Reborn this may or may not be Canon.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 31 )

Have you gained permission to write this from the author of the fic it's a sequel to?

This is gonna be a fun ride. Equestria against the Mad Titan! To the popcorn!

And you're welcome, I'm glad to help. Thank you for giving me a chance.

7742585 As a matter of fact I did and he said it was okay for me too write it, but I'm not sure it'll be Canon or not.

7742667 Ah. Will you be keeping in mind the Avengers group he has formed?

7742670 Well this is set before he forms the avengers

Overall, not a bad chapter. Lots of proofreading errors though.

This looks interesting so far. I'll give it a watch and see how this goes along. :pinkiesmile:

Great job so far, Peter's just as entertaining and I like his dialogue with Dream. There's also a nice and sweet Parker x Sparkle moment too, Twilight's being the understanding wife, though still her playful and bratty self. Good start, time to see where this goes. :pinkiesmile:

I liked the story for the most part, but I think you've crammed in way too much in, MJR

7790250 I dunno, CW based characters, dialogue too much like a generic anime, having every male superhero who's a friend of Peter being Mayday's freaking uncles, Vibe and Wells, CW Rival, Alchemy and Prometheus, Sigma showing up to set up a possible Worlds Unite adaptation, too many freaking characters! I loved Edge of Time, even when it shorly incorperated the Clone Saga. This story started out good, but it lacks the charm of Max's stories, the fact that we just HAD bring in the STAR Labs characters feels forced, I love the show, but really wish he'd done more research on the comics, because although I like him, Grant Gustin relys too heavily on teamwork and angst, some Peter already has ENOUGH of

I might be sounding like I'm nitpicking, which might as well be, but I had to say all this, it was really starting to bug me


He's talking about my story, Dimensional Crisis, I'm well aware of the criticisms you gave me and I'll be taking them to heart by After the Crisis and Worlds Unite, the latter which believe it or not, will have way less characters than the DC crossover. Because after the slice-of-life, After the Crisis, I won't be using Marvel or DC characters like this.

In fact, honestly, I'm glad you're bringing this up to me. It shows that I have much to improve on (a lot it seems, especially dialogue). But next time, you should leave criticisms of my story on my story, and not anyone else's. (I'm only a proofreader here).

Also, everything is CW-inspired, not fully CW, besides Flash Season 1, Alchemy, Rival, and Star Labs being important. Supergirl's the same, no Legends, Green Arrow operates on his own, and no Megatron-looking Savitar there or in my story. Honestly, the Flash is more TV-based than the others, and I deeply apologize for that. Though, like the Marvel side it's still a blend of comics and media (Rogue War and Grodd's invasion still happened for instance, Wally's the Kid Flash, and Jay Garrick is from the Earth-2 JSA).

7791197 I think your confusing my story with someone else's, did you even read my story? I only have one chapter down and I haven't mentioned anything about D.C. and just so you know..... I would never crossover Dc and Marvel for many reasons.

7791379 Like I said, he's talking about my story. Not sure why he's mentioning it here here though. Sorry.

7791379 Oh my god, dude, I am SOOOOO sorry! Oh god, I accidentally clicked on your story

7791628 I am sorry that I commented here on complete accident, I'll read YOUR chapter and give you an actual opinionw

7791403 I accidentally forgot I wasn't on your page

First Comment! This is a really good story to continue the series. Looking forward to reading more.

Thanos is coming.

And hopefully Peter can figure out that what he's dealing with is an Infinity Stone. Thanos probably has no idea he's getting revenge on the hero who singlehandedly foiled his plans.

Overall, nice chapter. However, seriously needs better proofreading.

Also, for the figure of his dream, wouldn't he have changed species like Peter and everyone else has upon reaching their dimension? The only creatures in Eques we know of that have arms and are sapient are quite limited.

Comment posted by Spidey Viewer deleted Jun 30th, 2017
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