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Spiders & Magic: Adventures - Masterob

Series of Spin-Off One Shots from Spiders & Magic.

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Family and Heroes

One bright early morning, a young Pegasus colt had just woken up. He let out a yawn rubbed his eyes a bit. He heard some slight snoring and turned to the side and was met with one of the cutest sights he usually has the pleasure of seeing.

A small Pegasus filly with light blue and light purple mane, braided up in an adorable fashion. She had been sleeping in her own bed with the most peaceful smile on her face.

The colt smiled at the young filly and quietly approached her to give her a gentle kiss on her head. Though it didn't wake her, she still felt the affection as she smiled harder in her sleep. He can't help but love this filly.

She is his sister after all. And she's not just any filly either. She's the daughter of The Princess of Friendship and The Element of Magic,Twilight Sparkle as well as the daughter of Peter Parker, a Knight, Prince and better known to Equestria, Spider-Mane.

Little Mayday Parker Sparkle, the first born child of the Equestrian Power Couple, and one of the best little sisters this colt can have. A colt by the name of Rumble.

It's been a couple of weeks since Rumble has lived in The Parker-Sparkle home, having been adopted by the couple after his older brother Thunderlane went rogue. Thunderlane hated Spider-Mane, believing him to have caused more harm to Equestria than good, and in his efforts to expose him, had gotten him wanted by Equestria Royalty and thus went on the run.

Until he was taken in shortly after the defeat of the Capcom villains, taken to Canterlot to face the consequences of his rebellious behavior.

Rumble's two foal sitters, Flitter and Cloudchaser, had wanted to take him in so he had a home, but were unable to support a colt until they had enough bits to do so.

That's where Peter and Twilight came in. They not only offered to look after Rumble, but also adopt him as their son until Flitter and Cloudchaser were able to take him in themselves.

Rumble had been living with them since, close to 3 weeks as a member of the Parker-Sparkle Family. He's loved it since then though, to have a family that loves and cares for him, just like he once had. Peter and Twilight also made sure never to treat Rumble as second to their daughter, he was treated with the same privileges that she had.

Although Peter and Twilight are technically his parents, he still mostly addresses them by name, only on occasion referring to them as 'mom' and 'dad', though mainly to goof around.

Peter sees Rumble as a little buddy, more of a little brother rather than a son. In the time they've spent together, when Peter is not saving the world or healing from an injury, they like to goof around, play a bit of hide-and-seek with Mayday, and just chat. Peter often tells Rumble stories of his adventures and Rumble listens with open ears.

Twilight however, treats Rumble like her son. She's constantly checking on him, always making sure he's well fed, seeing him off to bed, she just loves having him around. He's a very well mannered colt and she also loves to mentor him. Truth be told, she hopes he can stay around forever, but she knows he has to eventually go with Flitter and Cloudchaser.

For Mayday, she just loves being with Rumble, he's a great older brother to her. He's always kept her company, always made sure she's eaten, always wants to make sure she's well rested, he's basically a helper when it comes to taking care of her.

Rumble has other family within the group. He's taken a liking to Trixie, occasionally calling her 'Auntie' like Mayday does, though somewhat sarcastically. Trixie likes Rumble for his respectful nature and being easy to deal with. With Spike, the young dragon has tried acting like a cool older brother, though fails at it. Rumble doesn't rub it in though, he will humor it. Logan barely interacts with him, but like the others, doesn't mind his presence.

Even Peter's Aunt May has gone on record to state that he's an adorable young colt, and he's a very proper boy. Rumble likes Aunt May, saying she's almost like a grandma, except she's too pretty to be one.

Rumble was very happy to live in this home and be with this family. Although the shame he felt from his brother's actions still lingered, he didn't let it get him down. He's gonna spend the time that he's with the Parker Sparkle family to it's fullest. He won't just be some colt taken in, he will be considered a true member.

Rumble went downstairs shortly after getting up to get ready for breakfast. The food was already made, it was pancakes. He really likes the pancakes that Twilight makes him.

"Good morning Twilight," Rumble greeted.

Twilight turned her attention, "Oh good morning Rumble, how did you sleep last night?"

"I slept well, I always sleep well when I'm here," Rumble explained.

Twilight approached him with a plate of pancakes and a smile on her face, "That's good to know sweetheart."

She placed them down, "Now eat up, Peter has a surprise for you after you're done."

Rumble's eyes lit up, "A surprise!? Really!? What is it!?"

Twilight shook her head, "Sorry honey, you'll just have to wait."

"Aw, oh well. I guess I can wait," Rumble said.

Twilight kissed his head, "That's my good little colt," She made her way back toward the kitchen, "Is Mayday still sleeping?"

Rumble nodded as he started eating. "Yeh, shesh ashleep."

Twilight turned to Rumble with a stern stare, "Don't talk with your mouth full, it's improper."

Rumble swallowed his food and nodded, "Right, sorry."

Twilight smiled and nodded, "That's fine dear, I'll leave you to your food."

Rumble nodded and finished up, he was eager to see what Peter had for a surprise.

Later on after Rumble finished, Peter took the young colt out somewhere. Rumble was curious as to where Peter was taking him, though he guessed it had to do with all the ponies flocking somewhere.

"What's going on?" Rumble asked.

"We're almost there little guy, just be patient," Peter said.

Rumble pouted a bit, but respected Peter's wishes. Peter felt fortunate that Rumble was a reasonable colt, thus far he hasn't had any problems with him. Not to say the other foals Peter knew were trouble, they were just a little more eager.

Apple Bloom is reasonable in her own right, though a little rambunctious, Sweetie Belle is a little too flirty for his liking and Scootaloo is like a mini Rainbow Dash, or a mini Johnny.

His daughter however, is very easy to deal with, maybe Peter just has that luck when it comes to young kids.

Soon they arrived where Peter wanted to take Rumble, a Wonderbolts 'Meet and Greet'.

"Is that...the Wonderbolts!?" Rumble asked, somewhat in disbelief.

"I heard they were coming to town, so I figured I would surprise you. I know you like them based on how excited you were for Johnny when we told you he was gonna try out," Peter said.

Rumble beamed a nice smile. While he wasn't an avid fan like Rainbow Dash, he still appreciated how much of an honor this was.

There at the autograph table were Fleetfoot, Soarin and the Captain herself, Spitfire.

"This is so cool, I get to meet the top three Wonderbolts!" Rumble said, barely as he hovered over the ground slightly, barely able to contain his excitement.

"Let's hurry up then little guy, we shouldn't keep them waiting too long", Peter insisted.

Rumble nodded, "Sure thing Peter!"

Rumble followed Peter to the line where the ponies were waiting for The Wonderbolts.

Meanwhile at the front of the line, Spitfire had just signed an autograph when she noticed Peter and Rumble toward the back of the line.

"Hey it's Spider-Mane! Yo Spider-Mane come up here!" Spitfire said.

Peter shook his head, "I can't go ahead in line, it's not fair to the other ponies!"

Much to Peter's surprise, all the ponies in line actually moved out the way for him, clearing a path to the autograph area.

"That's nice of you all but you don't need to do this for me," Peter insisted.

"We don't mind!" one mare said.

"Yeah, we can wait for you!" another mare said.

"You're awesome!" a stallion said.

Peter blushed and smiled a bit sheepishly, "But it's not fair to all of-"

Rumble grabbed Peter's hoof and eagerly pulled him forward, "Come on, they're being nice, let's just go."

"Hey easy Rumble," Peter said as the young colt dragged him along. He looked to the surrounding ponies, all giving him honest smiles.

"Thanks though, it's nice to be among friendly ponies," Peter said.

"Yeah thanks! You're all the best!" Rumble said eagerly and got Peter to the front.

Spitfire grinned in seductive satisfaction at seeing Peter up close. Soarin however didn't look too pleased to see Peter. Fleetfoot was pretty neutral, though she herself took a nice look at Peter. Like many mares, she found Peter very easy on the eyes.

"You didn't have to make them clear a path, we could have waited like everypony else," Peter said.

"Truth be told, we would really like to talk to you though, I'm sure everypony here would be interested in what I have to say," Spitfire insisted.

Peter raised his eyebrow, "Talk? About what? Wait this isn't about me joining the Wonderbolts is it? Like I said I really wouldn't fit in well."

"Actually this is more for your friends Rainbow Dash and Johnny Storm. You see we're gonna have a show soon where the newer and the potential Wonderbolts will be performing. It's only for part of a show but it's a good way for them to have the feel of a big crowd. Since your friends will be there, we were hoping you'd come too and maybe be our guest of honor. Maybe even a sponsor for us, it'd be for a good cause," Spitfire explained.

Peter scratched his head, "Sounds tempting, though it seems like everytime I go to a Wonderbolts thing something bad happens, so I'm gonna have my doubts."

Spitfire nodded, "I understand if you don't want to, but the offer's on the table. You have til the end of the week to let me know if you changed your mind. It would be really great, especially for your friends."

Soarin looked to the skies, "Actually, here they come now."

Peter looked up and saw Johnny Storm and Rainbow Dash fly over to the Wonderbolts signing. Peter looked happy as always to see two of his closest friends, though Rumble looked a bit uneasy at the sight of Rainbow Dash.

Truth be told, Rumble has had struggles with Twilight's friends. While Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie were friendly to him, her other three friends were harder to get through to.

First there's Rarity. While she says she forgives him, there is a belief that she does hold some slight resentment towards Rumble for getting her sister Sweetie Belle captured by some villains. Rarity isn't outright unfriendly to Rumble, and she does feel for him and everything he's going through, but deep down she is still pretty bitter over him lying the way he did.

Then there's Applejack, while she doesn't hate Rumble she does feel unsure about him at times. She's mainly concerned for her sister, seeing how Rumble lied his relationship with Sweetie Belle the first time around. Now she understands that he was pressured it also shows he lacks the ability to handle situations like that and he lacks the same sense of responsibility that Peter has.

Though Applejack does have hope that Peter can teach Rumble the basics of responsibility.

Finally there's Rainbow Dash. When Rumble and Sweetie Belle's secret was discovered, Rainbow Dash took it upon herself to interrogate Rumble about it, even going far as to hurting him when she twisted his foreleg. Since then Rumble had been afraid of Rainbow Dash, and always avoided going near her. It doesn't help that Rainbow Dash actively doesn't trust Rumble either.

Rainbow Dash and Johnny Storm touched down in front of Peter and Rumble.

"Hey Johnny, Skittles," Peter greeted.

Johnny pulled Peter into a 'bro-hug', "Hey Peter, great to see ya."

Rainbow nodded, "Same here Pete," she then noticed Rumble, who had a worried look on his face, causing her friendly attitude to drop. "I see you brought Rumble with you."

Rumble backed away a bit, Rainbow's tone and unfriendly gaze made him uncomfortable. Peter noticed this and went to Rumble and pulled him close to give him a sense of security.

"He's just here to see The Wonderbolts like everypony else," Peter explained.

Rainbow still glared suspiciously at Rumble, who at this point was practically trembling at the sight of Rainbow Dash.

Spitfire couldn't help but notice that. Why is that colt so afraid of Rainbow Dash? Does it have to do with her attitude? She is being a bit unfriendly so that could be a reason.

"Anyway it's a good thing you're both here, Spitfire wanted to see you both," Peter said.

Rainbow looked excited, "Really?" She turned to Spitfire, "You want to see us? Are you gonna make us official Wonderbolts!?"

Spitfire shook her head, "Not yet, but you have a chance to earn that rank. All you have to do is perform well at an upcoming show. This is a good way to see how well fans like you and thus break your way through."

Rainbow grinned, "Awesome, that's definitely something I can do!"

Spitfire nodded, "I'm sure you can Rainbow Dash, you got skill and potential to be great. Same to you Johnny."

Johnny grinned, "Yeah I know, we're just that awesome."

Peter cleared his throat, "Johnny...ego."

Johnny nodded, "Right, sorry bro." He turned back to Spitfire, "We appreciate that, thanks Spitfire."

Spitfire nodded, "No problem, I'll give you some info on the time and date for this event after we're done with the autographs."

Rainbow Dash and Johnny nodded and then hoof bumped each other. Johnny then turned to Peter, "You will be there, won't you Pete?"

Peter looked a bit unsure, "Johnny, when I go to these events, crazy things happen, between me getting hurt pretty badly once and then when Deadpool showed up to attack, mainly as a diversion so Vega and Shocker can destroy this town, part of it is still being rebuilt too."

Johnny looked a bit glum, "I see, anyway I won't blame you, it's for the safety of others, I can respect that. But if me and Dash do get in, you'll be at our coronation, right?"

Peter nodded, "I'd definitely do that, after all you are my best friend."

Johnny felt touched at hearing those words, it's still a nice feeling for him. Though he wanted to hug Peter, he wasn't gonna do it in front of everypony, he doesn't need a reputation for being sappy.

"That's awesome, see you there," Johnny said and turned to Rainbow, "Let's go babe."

"Right behind you," Rainbow said, but before she could leave Spitfire called to her.

"Hold on Rainbow Dash, I need to speak to you about something, it's a bit personal."

Rainbow Dash seemed a bit curious, "Sure thing," She turned back to Johnny. "I'll see you in a bit."

"Sure thing," Johnny gave Rainbow a kiss good-bye and flew away while Rainbow approached Spitfire, "Yeah what is it?"

"Come with me," Spitfire said and gestured Rainbow Dash to follow. Rainbow followed Spitfire behind the shop they were doing the Wonderbolt autographs.

"Wait Spitfire, what about the other ponies!?" Soarin asked.

"Stall them! This is important!" Spitfire called as she continued to move.

Soarin sighed and turned to the crowd, all very curious. He then turned to Peter, who had a sheepish smile.

"So...what's it like being a Wonderbolt?" Peter asked.

Soarin raised his eyebrow, "Dude, really?"

Spitfire brought Rainbow to the back where the eager pegasus had anticipated what the Wonderbolt had to say.

"So what's this about Spitfire?" Rainbow Dash asked.

Spitfire decided to go straight to the point. "It's about that colt from a moment ago, I couldn't help but notice that he seems a bit uncomfortable around you."

Rainbow raised her eyebrow, "You mean Rumble? Oh he's just some colt that Peter watches over."

"I can see that, but my question is about why he felt uncomfortable when he saw you. In fact you didn't seem too fond of him either, what's that about?"

Rainbow Dash looked curious, "With all due respect Spitfire, why are you so concerned about some colt being comfortable around me?"

"I just wanna be sure that you're not unfriendly. If you are it's gonna be really hard to be a Wonderbolt because nopony's gonna wanna get near you if you have a reputation for being unfriendly, and it's gonna make it hard for other ponies to work with you," Spitfire explained.

Rainbow Dash looked a bit unsure about this situation. "Um, I'm not unfriendly, I'm very easy to be around. Maybe that colt's just upset because I interrogated him once and he's still upset about it or something, he'll get over it."

Spitfire raised her eyebrows a moment, a little surprised by what she heard, "You did what?"

"It's like this, you remember those bad guys from that Capcom world, thing is that Rumble had let my friend's sister see one of those guys and it allowed them to kidnap her just to have an advantage over us," Rainbow explained.

"Yeah I remember that little Unicorn Filly Sweetie Belle went missing, but Peter's colt had to do with that?" Spitfire asked.

Rainbow nodded, "Yeah, he apparently dated Sweetie Belle, but it turns out she was using him as a cover to see one of those guys, the same guy that led an attack on this village a couple of weeks ago."

"Wait, if she was using him then why was he blamed? It sounds like she made a stupid move," Spitfire pointed out.

"Fact is that Rumble still lied, he knew she was seeing somepony else and he didn't say anything until it was too late," Rainbow said.

"Did he know it was one of the bad guys? Did he intend for her to get captured?" Spitfire wondered.

Rainbow shook her head, "No, not exactly, but he still-"

"Hold on," Spitfire interrupted, "Who's idea exactly was it for that kid to date her?"

Rainbow scratched her head. "Um, me and Johnny introduced them actually, but then-"

"Who's idea was it that he be used as a cover to see this guy?" Spitfire asked.

"Uh...technically Sweetie Belle but still, he-"

"So wait a minute, you introduced the two, it was her idea to use the kid to see that bad guy, and somehow he's being blamed for this?" Spitfire asked.

Rainbow started to sweat a bit nervously, "Well when you put it that way..."

"Sounds to me like this kid was unfairly blamed for something, even if he has some fault it's not entirely on him, did you give him a chance to explain himself? Did he intend for this to happen?" Spitfire asked.

More sweat trickled down from Rainbow Dash, "Um...maybe not...but still you gotta remember, he is Thunderlane's little brother and-"

"That shouldn't mean anything Rainbow Dash," Spitfire explained. "You can't take your anger out on someone just for being related to another pony you dislike. Plus it sounds like he was put in an unfair position, one he didn't ask for and he's being blamed for something that some others should be blamed for, you said it yourself that you and Johnny introduced the two, he wasn't working with the villains to do that. Plus there's a good chance he was pressured into keeping that a secret, he seems like the type to not really show any guts on a situation like this."

"But still, he lacks Peter's responsibility, so I think that-"

"What I think is that you overreacted, you need to make things right with that kid, I can't have a Wonderbolt with a reputation for being a jerk, it's not good for image and it's gonna make it hard to book shows with you. Plus he seems like a nice boy who made a bad mistake, Peter constantly mentions his mistakes and he seems to regret them, that hasn't stopped you from being his friend now has it?"

Rainbow shook her head, "No, but he at least tries to make amends and-"

"Rumble is still young, he's gonna learn this stuff and I'm sure Peter will teach him, I'm sure Princess Twilight will also help, but you need to make things right. It's not just about you getting into The Wonderbolts, but it's just from one pony to another trying to make things right," Spitfire explained.

Rainbow Dash sighed, maybe Spitfire's right, she probably should cut Rumble some slack. Besides if she doesn't, no Wonderbolts for her.

"Ok, I'll go apologize to the kid then," Rainbow said.

Spitfire smiled and nodded, "Good to hear."

Rainbow made her way back to the autograph area, Spitfire following close behind. They noticed Soarin telling a story to Rumble.

"So that's what it's like being a Wonderbolt kid."

Rumble nodded with a nice little smile, "That's so cool Mr. Soarin."

"Please, just call me 'Soarin', I'm not an old stallion or anything."

Rumble nodded, "Sure thing Soarin, you're really cool though."

Soarin beamed a smile of pride, he had a slight sense of confidence mainly due to a colt that knows Spider-Mane still finds him to be pretty cool.

Rainbow Dash approached the group, "I'm back."

"That was quick, what did Spitfire wanna talk to you about?" Peter asked.

"Nothing much, just giving me a few pointers," Rainbow explained.

Rumble looked to be backing away a little, which Rainbow Dash noticed. Remembering what Spitfire told her, Rainbow prepared to make things right, "Hey Rumble, mind if I say something to you?"

Rumble gulped and made sure to keep a safe distance, "Um, sure? What is it?"

Rainbow rubbed her head, "I'm sorry if I upset you before, you know, when I got mad at you for the Sweetie Belle thing, it won't happen again."

Rumble seemed a bit suspicious, that apology didn't seem too genuine for him. It almost seemed a little forced.

"What exactly are you sorry about?"

"You know, yelling, interrogating, just making sure that you weren't trying to hurt Sweetie Belle intentionally," Rainbow said.

That last part seemed more like Rainbow was justifying her actions, at least that's what Rumble thinks.

"So, you're sorry? Like Really sorry?" Rumble asked, making sure he had complete clarification over Rainbow Dash's apology.

Rainbow nodded again, "Yeah, I'm totally sorry kid, won't happen again."

"You promise?" Rumble asked.

Rainbow nodded, "Yeah, in fact I think we could be good friends."

Rumble wasn't sure if he could trust Rainbow Dash, it just seemed odd to him that she would be so unfriendly one second and so nice the next. He was hoping this wasn't a trick or anything of the sort.

Peter nudged Rumble a little, "Rumble, if Rainbow Dash is apologizing, you should give her a second chance. Remember that everypony deserves another chance, just look at Trixie."

Rumble sighed and nodded. He remembered how important second chances are, as taught to him by Trixie.

"Ok Peter," Rumble turned to Rainbow Dash, "I'll forgive you Rainbow Dash."

Rainbow smiled and then turned to Spitfire, awaiting a sign of approval. Spitfire nodded her head to Rainbow Dash. However once Rainbow Dash turned away, Spitfire had a look of uncertainty on her face. She hopes that Rainbow Dash is gonna be genuine with this.

"So everything's behind us right?" Rainbow hopefully asked.

Peter nodded, "Sure, and to prove it, maybe you can treat him to some milkshakes or something."

Rainbow raised her eyebrow, "Wait, what?"

"Yeah, I mean you said you two could be good friends, why not prove it? Maybe you don't have to get him milkshakes but do something. In fact you're a great flyer, maybe you can train him, be his mentor," Peter suggested.

Rainbow looked unsure. She really doesn't care to spend so much time with Rumble, but she can't turn back now.

"Um, ok, fine with me, we'll figure something out," Rainbow said, feigning interest.

Peter nodded, "Good, happy to hear that." Peter turned to Rumble, "Go get your autographs now, later we can do something else, alright little guy?"

Rumble nodded, "Ok Peter." Rumble approached the Wonderbolts while Rainbow got Peter's attention.

"What was all that about? Why did you set me up with that kid to do stuff?" Rainbow asked.

"Hey you said you two can become friends,I just want to make sure that everything said is genuine, that you're willing to be his friend. Who knows, he can be like a little brother to you" Peter said.

"What do I need Rumble as a younger brother for? I already have a cool filly in Scootaloo to be my younger sibling, I don't think she'd be eager to share," Rainbow explained.

"Hey if I can divide my attention between Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Babs, Dinky, Rumble and my daughter Mayday, I think you can have two younger siblings. Besides Scootaloo likes Rumble, they'll get along just fine," Peter explained.

Rainbow sighed, "I really don't know about this Peter. Besides he has Flitter and Cloudchaser as older sisters as well."

"Rainbow, look at this. Apple Bloom has three stallions here she looks up to. Myself, Remy and her older brother Big Macintosh. In fact Applejack told me that she's also a fan of Dante. Sweetie Belle looks up to me, her sister Rarity as well as Twilight. Scootaloo looks up to me, Johnny and you. I think Rumble can handle looking up to me, Twilight, Flitter, Cloudchaser and you."

Peter realized something, "Wow, a lot of foals look up to me...gotta make sure I keep a good example," Peter shook his head, "Not the point. Point is that you both need this. You need to put this behind you, and I want him to see you how I see you. A tough mare with a sweet personality."

Rainbow blushed a little but turned away, "Still trying to sweet talk me Parker?"

Peter chuckled, "I can't help it, I love Twilight and she's always gonna be the mare for me, plus I know Johnny loves you. But I have to be honest, you are a nice and sweet mare, and one of the best friends I've had the pleasure of having. I just want Rumble to appreciate that. I'm doing this for both of you."

Rainbow blushed harder but tried to counter it with a tough face. "I wouldn't say I'm sweet, but I am pretty damn cool. Alright Pete, I'll make this work," Rainbow looked behind Peter, "Looks like I'm not the only one who needs to make things right with somepony."

Peter looked behind and saw Lightning Dust watching from a distance. Part of her wanted to go there but three things prevented that. One, she doesn't know if the Wonderbolts are still upset by her actions, two she is still ashamed of her soured friendship with Rainbow Dash and three, she was still afraid of Peter.

"Come on Lightning, we're all friends here!" Rainbow encouraged.

The Wonderbolts noticed Lightning Dust, as did Rumble. Mixed reactions playing through at the moment.

Lightning cautiously approached the group, but once Peter made his way to her, she stopped in his tracks. Peter was attempting to encourage her, hoping to get close enough, but once he got too close, she back tracked and tried flying away. However her wing hadn't fully healed and she fell down hard.

Lightning felt more humiliated and ran away in tears, with Peter pitying her. Rainbow approached Peter sympathetically, "Give her some time."

Peter sighed, "This is another reason I wanna help Rumble. I don't want him ending up like that. I myself need to make things right with her, I just want her to feel safe."

Rainbow Dash sighed and herself felt pity for her old academy partner. "You're not the only one Pete. I need to make peace with Lightning Dust as well. If Twilight can make peace with Trixie and Celestia can make peace with Sunset Shimmer, I think I can make peace with Lightning Dust."

Peter smiled and nodded, "Good way to think about it."

Rainbow looked to Rumble, "Maybe you're right, he's not a bad kid. I'll try to make peace with him too."

Peter lightly nuzzled Rainbow, "I'm so happy to hear that."

Rainbow blushed more, "Come on Pete, suppose Twilight or Johnny see this?"

Peter chuckled, "It's just friendly nuzzling, Twilight nuzzles Logan sometimes, though he hates it."

Rainbow chuckled, "Wow really? I gotta see that sometime, anyway I should go. Johnny's probably waiting, and I don't like to keep him waiting."

Peter nodded as Rainbow Dash flew away. Peter went back to Rumble, who proudly showed off his autographs, "Look what I got Peter."

Peter nodded, "Yeah, it's awesome."

Rumble turned back the the three Wonderbolts, "Thank you very much."

Spitfire nodded and smiled at the kid, "If you practice hard kid, you'll be able to join us one day."

Soarin nodded in agreement, "Just train hard."

"And don't give up," Fleetfoot added.

Rumble nodded, then was gestured by Peter to get moving. "Let's go home for now, you can show Twilight and Trixie."

Rumble nodded, "Yes Peter. Bye Spitfire, bye Soarin, by Fleetfoot!"

Rumble flew off while Spitfire watched with some happiness. "You got a nice colt there Peter, it was nice of you to take him in."

"I'm just doing what I can for him," Peter said and turned away, "See you three around."

Peter quickly followed Rumble while Spitfire observed Peter, "Damn he looks so good. The day Princess Twilight starts that herd, I want in."

Soarin groaned, "Seriously? Are you that into him?"

"Come on Soarin, I know you're jealous of him but you have to admit he's a great stallion," Spitfire said.

Soarin glared a bit. "First off, I'm not jealous. Second I know he's great. As Spider-Mane, he can be a bit overrated, but as just plain Peter Parker, he is a decent guy. He's at least a good friend and a good role model, I'll give him that."

Spitfire crossed her arms with a smile, "Good to hear from you Soarin."

Soarin ignored this and focused on the fans before him, he has his reserved opinion on the hero but he'll give him some credit where it's due.

Back home Rumble had shown Twilight his autographs, "Isn't this cool Twilight? Peter helped me get this. All the ponies in town let us to the front of the line."

Twilight smiled at that, "That's so great to hear honey, glad you liked the surprise."

"That's not all, I saw Rainbow Dash and she said 'sorry' to me for all the things she did. She said she's gonna try to become my friend," Rumble said.

Twilight looked curious, "Oh did she now?"

"Yeah, I wasn't sure about it, but Peter told me that ponies deserve another chance. That's why Trixie is our friend, because she got another chance. So maybe Rainbow and I can become friends, wouldn't that be cool Twilight?" Rumble asked.

Twilight nodded, "That would be very cool, I'm so glad that Rainbow Dash is trying to make peace with you. You're such a little sweetheart, she should see that too."

Rumble nuzzled Twilight for that, "Thanks Twilight, I love you."

"Aw," Twilight hugged Rumble, "I love you too."

Peter came into the room, "Aw, that's so cute. Rumble is a cuddly little guy isn't he?"

"Come see for yourself," Twilight insisted.

Peter nodded and approached the two and then hugged Rumble as well, leaving the young colt to be in the middle of a double hug.

"You two are too much, but I love you for that. Thanks for taking care of me," Rumble said.

"It's no trouble little guy, we're happy to have you in our family," Peter said.

"Very happy," Twilight added.

The two then kissed Rumble's head, causing him to feel an extra sense of happiness. But it didn't end there.

Soon Mayday entered the room and noticed the two simultaneous hugs that Rumble was receiving, "Hey I wanna hug Rumble too!"

"Come join us kiddo, you deserve Rumble too," Peter said.

Mayday wasted no time in rushing over to hug her older brother figure. Rumble felt flattered at all the attention, reminds him of when he was showered with affection from his two foal sitters, plus the days where his older brother Thunderlane also treated Rumble with love and care.

Peter and Twilight held their darling daughter close as well. The two most important goals in their lives right now in their arms and embrace. They love their daughter with all their hearts, and they want Rumble to have that same love.

Trixie passed by the area and noticed all the hugging going on. "Wow, isn't this a nice little moment between you."

"Join us Trixie, you know you want to join the Hug Party," Peter said.

Trixie chuckled, "That was a lame way to put it, but Trixie will indulge you." Trixie then went beside the couple and hugged them close as well, trying to get all the members of the family in on the hug.

Spike was making his way out of the Treebrary for a 'date' when he also noticed the love and affection, "Cool, a group hug."

"Come on Spike, I could really use a hug from you as well," Twilight said in an innocent type tone.

Spike couldn't resist, Twilight is like an older sister to him, and he misses her affection at times. "Sure, that sounds good."

Spike rushed over and hugged Twilight, though he also tried hugging Mayday close as well.

It was a nice little moment between the family members. Peter remembered something, "I wish Aunt May was here, maybe we should go get her and resume this."

"Yeah, we should," Twilight said.

While this is going on, Logan had passed by as well, raising his eyebrow. "Great, more sappy moments."

Peter noticed him, "Hey Logan, come join us."

"I don't think so," Logan said and kept walking.

Peter pouted and broke away from the hug, "Come on buddy!"

"Don't call me buddy! I ain't joining yer hug!" Logan shouted.

Peter groaned, "Johnny gave me that hug I was owed, now it's your turn old man!"

"Shove it Parker!" Logan said.

Peter looked unhappy, "I want my hug!"

Peter jumped at Logan with the attempt at hugging him, though that only infuriated the X-Man.




There was a bit of a scuffle nearby between the two heroes, earning a look of annoyance from the rest of the family. Except Spike, he found it humorous.

"I'll go break them up," Twilight said and approached the two heroes.

"I gotta get ready, don't wanna keep Janet waiting," Spike said and readied himself.

Trixie also got up, "That ended the moment rather quickly, oh well, I should be off."

Before Trixie left, Rumble got her attention, "Hold on."

Trixie looked curious, "What is it?"

Rumble flew up and kissed Trixie on her cheek, earning a blush from the magician.

"Thanks, um any reason you did that though?" Trixie asked.

"Just want you to enjoy your second chance, remind you that you're loved among us," Rumble said.

Trixie smiled at the young colt and returned the favor with a kiss of her own on his head, "Trixie likes you very much Rumble."

Rumble chuckled at her old usage of the 3rd person talk as the mare walked away.

Mayday then took the time to kiss his cheek, "I love you Rumble."

Rumble hugged the little filly close, "And I love you too Mayday."

The two foals sat in the embrace while nearby the scuffle between Peter and Logan had worsened as it went outside, gaining the attention of other ponies, who were eager to see how this plays out.

For now, Rumble is very happy with how things are going. As far as he's concerned, The Parker-Sparkle Family is one of the best families to be a part of.

Author's Note:

A little one-shot featuring Rumble and The Parker-Sparkle family.