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The story is inspired by the Spiders and Magic series started by Maximus_Reborn

Following his adventure twenty-five years into the future, Peter Pony Parker has been doing his best to live a normal life with his wife Twilight Sparkle and daughter Mayday. Of course, their friends are still by each other's side, but for now they enjoyed the peace.

That is, until Spider-Man 2099 warps in during a picnic. With the barriers between Earth and Equestria broken, as well as the very fabric of time. Peter must become Spider-Mane once more with his successor to defeat the mastermind Walker Sloan and his growing army.

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get rekt clairvoyant

The mare watched Peter and Spike looked at the treats, their eyes widening and she even saw Spike try to grab something in the basket, but Peter despite his hunger, resisted the urge, pressuring Spike to do the same.
"I gotta have just one!" Spike mumbled, his clawed hand slowly reaching inside the basket.
Peter shook his head. "No, Spike! Once we start we'll never finish!" he jokingly pleaded, exaggerating the situation at hoof. "The cupcakes are just too good!"
"That's why I gotta have a bite!" Spike told his brother. Both of their stomachs were rumbling. The dragon held his gut. "Oh man... Soon, Peter, soon." he grumbled.
Peter laid on his stomach, slowly reaching for Spike. "I'll make sure your sacrifice wasn't im vain, Spike!" he delcared, Spike pretending to pass out.

spelling errors aside:

Trixie replied, "Yes, Rainbow! Trixie knows how to take a joke. After all, I've lived with Peter for what feels like an eternity."
"Hey, you love my jokes and you know it!" Peter told his roomate with a smile. "What would you do without my witty and charming sense of humor?"
"Not go insane?" Trixie answered.

oh, burn...

"Though, we wouldn't change that for the world." Twilight added, hugging Peter.


"Heh. Trixie knew that would annoy you." she jested to her roomate.

:ajsmug: ...looks like Trixie's still got it...

You really went all put with these cupcakes

I hate to be THAT guy, but how do you go "all put with" ANYTHING?

"I promised that we'd help. Last thing we need is a repeat of what happened last time you did it on your own." Twilight told Applejack. "You were really sleep deprived the first one you did when I started to live here..."
"Ugh... Baked bads..." Pinkie groaned, resisting the urge to gag.

Hi, "Applebuck Season" reference...

"Who is Mysterio?" Trixie asked.
Peter raised a hoof, "An old special effects artist who grew bitter because he couldn't get an acting career. He decided to use his genius as a criminal. He used his effects to create near-lifelike illusions to mess with me and other vigilantes that got in his way, like Daredevil or even the Punisher. Quentin Beck became the man with the fishbowl on his head himself, 'The Master of Illusion', Mysterio." explained Peter.
"What a narcissist." Trixie huffed, each of her friends glaring at her after saying that. "What? Is there something in Trixie's teeth?" she poked her hoof in her mouth, wondering if that was such the case.

:rainbowlaugh: this amuses me more then it should...

The first was a version of me from a darker time on Earth in the past, which I won't expand on because it was a very grim era in our history and that's something I don't wanna get into today.

Spider-man Noir; also, considering how that world took place in the Great Depression, which was one of, if not THE, era most synopsis with violent crime, I don't blame you, Peter...

Another was a version of me still a teenager in high school, but I wore the black suit..."
"Black suit..." Rarity paused, as though she was trying to figure something out. "Oh..." she recalled seeing that in Peter's memories, how it changed him and created one of the most vile creatures she had ever witness. "Why on Equestria would he take it back?"
"I'm not too sure on Venom's status in that universe, but Madame Web made sure that he stayed in complete control of the suit while he wore it for that time. He really needed it too, but from what he told me and the other spiders it became a near pain because of what he was up against while wearing it. I kinda felt sorry for him."

Ultimate Spider-man; also, you are not alone, Parker; you are NOT alone...

"Venom..." Twilight hissed. "Luckily there are no other symbiotes like that one, right honey?"

Carnage, Anti-Venom, Toxin...wait: why am I listing all these out? you know what? here's a list of them:

"Yeah..." Peter hesitated to answer, not wanting to see Twilight worried right now.

:rainbowderp: ...well, I don't foresee this backfiring in anyway whatsoever... :ajbemused: ...wait: actually, I do...

"He also had gotten stuck fighting Deadpool. Poor kid..." he lightly laughed at the thought of fighting someone as loony as Wade again.
"That crazy assassin..." Twilight groaned.
"Hey! Wade's awesome!" Pinkie defended.
"How do you two...?" Peter started to say something, but shook it off realizing that he was better off not knowing anyting about this, lest he lost his sanity. "Never mind."

it's Pinkie Pie: don't question it; also, knowing ANYTHING

"Well, the third Spider-Man wasn't a different Peter Parker, but my successor from the future. Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man from the year 2099."

...surely this needs no further explanation...

"Oh that's right, sometime after we went our separate ways, I remember Madame Web telling me that a cartoon pig version of myself showed up, wondering what was going on. Spider-Ham was a little but late in that regard."

:twilightangry2: no: I will NOT make an obvious joke!!!

Something fell out of the portal. 'Not something. Someone.' he looked at the figure. It was a human. He wore a glowing blue costume of sorts, a red emblem covering his chest connecting to the back of his arms with spikes protruding off the wrists, and strange eyes that mimic the chest symbol.
The man reached a hand out, his vision blurry and unable to see where he landed. The hand nearly touched Peter's muzzle, to which the stallion backed away slowly, the figure's hand dropping onto the ground in exhaustion.
"No way..." Peter mumbled.
"Parker... I need to f-find..." the man groaned before slipping into unconsciousness. A white aura lifted the man transforming him into someing else, his costume unable to fit his new body. The magic of the world changed him. They could see a pony underneath the now baggy costume.
"Uh, Peter? Who is that?"
Gulping, Peter answered with wide eyes. "That's Miguel O'Hara... The Spider-Man of 2099!"

:duck: ...you have my attention...

You have my absolute attention!

Sir! You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention! :ajsmug:

A Spiders and Magic spin-off with Spider-Man 2099! From the looks of it, I think this may take place after the events of Part II and possibly sometime before or somewhere after Part III. And as the summary and title suggests, it will be based on the 'Spider-Man: Edge of Time' game. I like to see how this all goes.

7371376 I'm glad to see you're enjoying it and I fixed the spelling errors, thanks for pointing them out.

7372190 The story is set after Part III, and it will be a loose adaptation with more villains. Thanks for checking the story out.

I am liking this more and more! Keep it up!

With a defeated sigh, Rarity answered, "Yes, darling. Of course you can help. Actually, I am fascinated by these unstable molecules you mentioned," the unicorn used her magic to life up the costume to get a better look at it, "AndI love its design. I can't change the look too much, it's too good."

I'm conflicted: on one hand, it's nice that the ponies are going to take interest in Miguel's reality; on the other, of freaking course Rarity's interested in the fashion; then again, maybe I'm being too harsh: seeing future clothing could be a good way of being fashion FORWARD :applejackconfused: :twilightoops: :facehoof: oh, geez: that was terrible
also, "And I love", not "AndI love"

"T-Tarantula..." O'Hara quietly spoke.
'Tarantula? Is that like some evil Spider-Man from the future he fights? Is that who did this to him?' Peter thought.

is that a Chekhov's Gun I see?

Suddenly, Miguel snapped awake sitting upward. His panting grew heavier by the second, sweat pouring down his face. He went to wipe it, but he felt no fingers do such an action for him, he looked to his appendage and saw a hoove instead of a hand. He screamed in shock, and in his panic shook himself out of the bed and landed face first on the floor.
"I did the same thing too." Peter said.

Wow: Miguel IS Peter's successor...

Miguel accidentally unfurled his wings in confusion and anger, "Why the shock are we horses?!" he asked.

:rainbowderp: I still have a hard time understanding how the common (over)use of the word "shock" is a thing in 2099...

Peter shook his head in disbelief upon seeing Miguel's wings, "Oh come on! How come you get to be a pegasus!?" he sighed, "Life's unfair sometimes..."

first off, to borrow a phrase from Brawny Buck, priorities Peter; second off, he's a pegasus likely because he does a lot of free-falling and/or gliding in the year 2099...

"So, this is where you went after you left? All the sources never specified where you went to." O'Hara realized.
"Wait, you mean that there are history books about me now?"
"Shock yeah. There wasn't much to go by, but your final battle and legacy on Earth has been documented and preserved for the future generations including up until my time." Miguel revealed.

:pinkiegasp: ...I...I honestly don't know how to respond to this...

"Of shocking course Venom was involved..."
"Wait, Venom is around in your time?" Twilight asked.
Miguel nodded and gave her a vague answer, "You have no idea what goes on in my timeline."

:rainbowderp: ...well, that's nice and ominous...

"Daddy?" a young female voice called.
"Huh? Mayday?" Peter picked up the young filly.
"What the- You have a daughter?"
Peter nodded, "Yeah... Mayday, meet your Uncle Miguel."
"Uncle Miguel? I actually like the sound of that." O'Hara admitted.
"Are you the future Spider-Man dad talks about?" the child asked.
"Yeah. I guess I am." Miguel said with a smile. 'I'm a shocking uncle now? Man, Parker got lucky. He deserves it too, what with all the crap he went through.'
"Alright, sweetie, don't you think you should be asleep?" Twilight questioned her daughter.
"Ok, mommy. I just heard Daddy taking in here and wanted to see what it was about." May said before hugging her parents and trotting back to her bedroom.
"Nice kid."


Miguel sure likes to say 'shock' a lot. How about a little game; let's count how many times he drops the shock bombs in a chapter and then round up the total times he's said it throughout the story at the end of each chapter.

'Shock' chapter counter - 7
Total 'Shock' counter - 7

Miguel better be sure to watch his "shocking" language when around the little fillies.

Miguel accidentally unfurled his wings in confusion and anger, "Why the shock are we horses?!" he asked.

Peter shook his head in disbelief upon seeing Miguel's wings, "Oh come on! How come you get to be a pegasus!?" he sighed, "Life's unfair sometimes..."

:ajsmug: I see somebody's been looking at one of my pics on deviantart.

7373981 You know, I was gonna do a 2099 story, this guy beat me too it!

But, he's doing a better job than me

7373908 That counter will explode by the end of this! :rainbowlaugh: And that's just from shock alone. Who knows how much more Miguel can use future slang besides that? Oh, and the banter summed things up perfectly between the two, I hope you don't mind that I used it.

7373981 I'm glad you're liking it so far, Max. :pinkiehappy:

7373103 Thank you. I'll do my best!

7373584 About Tarantula... Maybe we'll see sooner rather than later! :scootangel:

7374260 Sorry! But I'm glad that you're interested at least.

7374834 :twilightsmile: Not at all. I just appreciate that my certain thought out banter between Peter and Miguel was put to good use, and so far you're doing a fine job of that.

Yeah, the Venom story arc is a bit more darker than most 2099 arcs…

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How come this story doesn't have a sex tag, but Spiders and Magic does?

7371376 where can I find the story with venom?

"Magic? Parker, this isn't a child's fantasy."
Peter shook his head, "Have you forgotten where we are and who we are?"
Miguel paused, realizing that he was a pegasus with the abilities of a spider standing next to a unicorn with spider powers as well. "Point taken."

...I can't make a joke: this is gold on it's own...

"Uncle Miguel?" Mayday called, walking near the door with wide curious eyes. "Are you leaving already?" the filly's innocence broke Miguel's barrier.
'Oh come on! Even I can't say no to that face.' thought Miguel. "Okay, fine. I'll stay. For now." he walked back into the kitchen, "Get your friends, Parker. I'll explain the situation once they get here, got it?"

no one can resist the puppy dog pout...

Earlier... In the future

hey look: the same oxymoron that was used in the game...

"Stark-Fujikawa could dismantle our entire corporation Joesph," Sloan started to say to his companion. "I've been thinking... About this business, how we could use this company to shape a better future. Better than what we already have. If I were in charge."
"But sir, Tyler Stone is in charge, remember?" Joseph told the scientist, who chuckled darkly.
'Oh jam it. That can't be good.'
"Luckily for us, so far the portal seems to be a success though unstable, judging by the one experiment that we managed to retrieve from the past. If this is successful, then we could use the other dimension as a gateway, using the device to harness the energy within it, and use it as a testing grounds for a new era of Alchemax. Once that proves successful, we go back in time..."
"And you could dismantle Stark-Fujikawa and any other competing corporation before they exist, and shape the present and future in your image. You're a genius, sir." Joseph realized, and complimented his user, which pleased Sloan.

huh, you used the opening cutscenes as a means of plot device but didn't use it word for word: I applaud you, good sir...

Tarantula? What kind of name is that?"
On cue, Miguel felt the ground shake. He turned around, looking at he massive being in front of him. It appeared to be a large Man-Spider waring a blue hoodie covering its head and torso and jeans on its legs. It had four spider legs protruding of its back and lengthy talons.
"Oh right... Tarantula..." Miguel sighed.

well, he asked...

'Right. No Spider-Sense to help me. Why'd Madame Web get rid of that?'

Accelerated Decoy. Makes up for lack of a Spider-Sense, I suppose.'

that it does, Mr. O'Hara; that it does...

In the rift, Miguel tried his best to stay conscious long enough until he reached his destination. Something grabbed his limbs, almost as though the portal was holding him back. Miguel looked at a man wearing a red-and-blue costume get beaten, before fading to a horse wearing the same suit and a purple unicorn fighting a strange white monster. "Peter Parker..." the man groaned in realization before vanishing into the vortex.

...this won't end well...

The man felt himself land on solid ground, his vision blurry from the beatdown he was just given. He saw a group of blurry figures and he pointed up as he slurred, "Parker... I need to f-find..." he remembered saying before everything went black.

...and I believe we already know the rest...

"And that's how I got here..." Miguel finished his story to everypony listening.

"I said I'll be fine." Peter dismissed with the shake of a hoof.
'I'm not too sure about that Parker,' Miguel thought, not buying a word Peter was saying. 'But I'll worry about him later. For now, I just have to figure out to use this shocking body and find out where Sloan went.'

...this can only end so well

'Shock' chapter counter - 10
Total 'Shock' counter - 7 + 10 = 17

And since Miguel is also saying 'jam'.

'Jam' chapter counter - 2
Total 'Jam' counter - 2

I wonder if Pinkie will take Miguel's slang of jam quite literally.

Miguel sighed, 'I forgot how shocking stubborn he was.' he thought and rubbed his temple with both of his hooves in frustration. "Fine. But only if you don't slow me down or annoy me with your jokes." he declared.

"Says a lot coming from the guy who said the most quips while looking for the fragments."

Miguel held his head with a hoof, "I don't know what was wrong with me then. Madame Web must've done something to my mind when she augmented my powers." the time-traveller said, recalling how he threw out constant jokes for a while, even more so than his predecessor.

Peter: "By the way, is it just me or does your voice now sound like that Other Me from that alternate past? I mean last time we met, you sounded like you were voiced by a old man"

Miguel: "Shut up, Parker! I'm not that old! I don't even shocking know why my voice sounded like that back then. Besides, you're one to talk! You sound like the younger other you that wore the black suit when last time you sounded like that famous celebrity from that early 21st century comedy sitcom 'How I Met Your Mother".

Peter: "What, you mean Neil Patrick Harris, the guy that played Barney in that show? Seriously, I sounded like him?"

Miguel: "Yes you did! What, you didn't shocking notice before?"

Peter: "I...never really noticed....Weird."


I wonder if Pinkie will take Miguel's slang of jam quite literally.

Miquel: Oh, jam it
Pinkie: :pinkiecrazy: You mean like thi...
:twilightangry2: NO: we are NOT re-creating the "Cupcakes" creepypasta!!!

Peter: "I...never really noticed....Weird."

7376592 I had a gag about their voice changes planned, but there is no way I can top that! :rainbowlaugh:

7376777 Time will tell if the ponies catch on to Miguel's constant 'swearing'. Though, Twilight would play hide-or-die with Miguel and Peter should she find out and Mayday starts saying it.

Well crap... we've got two baddies on the loose now!

'Shock' chapter counter - 2
Total 'Shock' counter - 17 + 2 = 19

'Jam' chapter counter - 1
Total 'Jam' counter - 2 + 1 = 3

'Glitch' chapter counter - 1
Total 'Glitch' counter - 1

So now Doc Ock 2099 is involved. Oh boy, here we go. Makes sense that she's here working with Sloan like Octavius did in 'Edge of Time' and the fact that Octavius in the Spiders and Magic Universe is already dead at this point since Part I.
Did you know that Tara Strong voiced Doc Ock 2099 in Shattered Dimensions? Because I think I see a inevitable voice actor joke coming!

7378369 :rainbowderp: Oh really? HA! :rainbowwild:
Well feel free to use mine if you can't top it! :raritywink:

"I have no shocking idea what that means!" O'Hara replied, annoyed by the rainbow-maned pegasus's advice. Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes in aggravation.
Peter laughed, "Keep doing it, Skittles. He's really learning." he joked, getting some amusement out of Miguel's cluelessness. "Just keep doin' what you're doing, O'Hara, you'll get it soon enough." he dug his hooves into the bag of popcorn he brought with him once more, continuing to watch his successor struggle.
"I'm so glad you find this funny, Parker!" Miguel snapped.
Rainbow groaned, "What I'm saying is to not focus too hard on your wings, let them naturally go."
"See, now that's helpful!" Peter and Miguel shouted at the same time.

:twilightsmile: different spiders: same web...

"Not bad, O'Hara!" Peter cheered on, pointing at the cyan pegasus, "I told ya Dash was a good flight teacher! See? I was right! Admit it!"
Miguel spoke back, "I'm not admitting anything just to prove you right, Parker! So for now, just stick with what ya have!"
"Huh. Didn't know there was a funny bone left in you, O'Hara." Peter quipped back to his successor. Miguel managed to ascend higher than before with Rainbow Dash tailing right behind him.
"Whatever Madame Web did must still be here, or maybe your lame sense of humor is contagious." Miguel teased, getting a snicker from Rainbow Dash.
"He's not wrong, Peter." Dash told the stallion, holding back her laughter as much as she could.

:rainbowderp: ....well, that happened...

Peter crossed his hooves, huffing and with a pout formed on his face, "Still, I'm way funnier than you." he said, pretending to be childish. Miguel looked down at him from his spot.
"Hey, you can keep that title, Parker." Miguel told him, "I mean I'm supposed to be the reasonable Spider-Man, while you're the one that doesn't know when to quit." he reminded his predecessor sternly. "I mean you're a legend in my time for a reason, after all."


Peter stood back on his fours, moving his head so that he could look at Miguel, "Actually, in Equestria, the name's Spider-Mane, Pinkie gave it to me. It was a way to hide my true origins from the ponies until they found out, but at that point the name just kinda stuck."
"So, Miguel should get his own superhero name?" Dash suggested.
"Exactly, I was thinking, Spider-Mane 2099. So that way, we could tell each other apart." Peter offered. Underneath his blue mask, Peter could tell that Miguel was frowning, and was ready for a declining answer from the time-traveller. O'Hara descended, landing back on his hooves to the best of his ability.
"Shock no, Parker. I'm not using that name." O'Hara denied in almost an instant.
Raising his hooves, Peter shook his head, "Alright, but everypony in this world's probably gonna give to you anyway." he told the future pegasus, smirking while he did so. "So, unless you want Pinkie to bug you about it, then it's best to just get it over with."
"Jam it... Fine, but only while we're here. If you so much as tell the other Spider-Men about this..." Miguel started to threaten before Peter cut him off.
"Calm down, O'Hara. Heck, we're gonna get enough of a field day from Spider-Ham as it is. If we ever meet him again. So far, you're the first alternate Spider-Man I've seen since before I was warped to Equestria." Peter replied in a calm tone.
"Son of a glitch..." grunted Miguel.

first off, is using Pinkie Pie as incentive a call back to "The Last Roundup?" if it is, I applaud your use of continuity; second off:

Peter and Dash stood next to O'Hara, a silence broken by Peter speaking once more, "Now how about we take you to Sugarcube Corner, I think we could use a bite to eat to celebrate you flying for the first time."
"I don't need to-" Miguel's words were cut off by a loud rumbling sound coming from his gut. Peter and Rainbow Dash looked at him, Peter giving his successor a dull look.
"You were saying...?" Dash asked in a snarky tone.

someone get the aloe, because Miguel just got BURNED...

Pinkie clasped her hooves together, "Now we just gotta have you try all of the cupcakes!" as she finished saying this, a large pile of assorted cakes and treats popped into place, dragged by Pinkie herself, almost out of thin air. Miguel removed his mask, trying to comprehend what he just witnessed.
"Uh, Parker... What just happened?"

it's Pinkie Pie: don't question it...

Shrugging, Peter grabbed one of the many delictable treats from the table and bit into it, enjoying the taste. "We have a saying for something like this; it's Pinkie being Pinkie

"Such an embarassing form..." Sloan groaned, he was now an older blue unicorn wearing a lab coat. 'I have been stuck in this form for two days. It seems my Chronal tracker has found something within this world already... It's pointing me north in this forest.' Walker thought to himself. 'I assume that Tarantula creature I was given distracted Spider-Man long enough since he has yet to find me.' he added in his mind.
'My... Unique biology has given me an appendage on the top of my head.' he reminded himself about his horn, 'It seems that I am able to harness some form of potential energy within this world to perform various types of effects. I shall test it on the Quantum rift once I find it. Which according to my tracker should be right...'

Ruh roh...

Sloan focused the energy into his horn, feeling power surge through it. A light blue beam shot out of it, a small vortex opened up in the middle of the forest. "Perhaps I can use this to send who I please." he wondered, focusing hard again to shoot the vortex. Soon, a woman fell out of the rift.
The woman landed on the ground, trying her best to get up. "Who did that!?" she shouted in confusion.
"Ah, Miss Serena Patel. Once the head of the Alchemax Dark Matter Research Department, now a lowly crook as the generation's Doctor Octopus." Sloan greeted.
The woman morphed into a yellow earth pony. Her goggles somehow managing to fit over her eyes, and her harness that held her hologram tentacle arms remained in her back. The suit was not able to fit her anymore, but she didn't realize this quite yet.

Rouble ruh roh...

"I'll have you know-" the mare paused, "Where are we? And why am I a colored equine?" she finally asked, observing her surroundings and getting a closer look at Sloan and herself.

:rainbowderp: huh: I was wondering when she'd notice...

Sloan nodded, "Exactly. You nearly brought him to his knees last time. I need time to harness enough Chronal energy in this dimension in order to make a safe trip to the past and power the Gateway permanently for my use."
"Yes... I think I could lend a few hands..." Patel replied, moving her holographic arms around and morphing her suit to fit her new body. "I have been working on something for an old foe of Spider-Man's brought back for revenge. I shall send him here as soon as I can." she added.
"I do seem to recall how you were involved in the ordeal with the strange fragments."
"Yes... But Spider-Man got in my way." Serena growled.

"Do not fret about Spider-Man. He's probably lost in this world. With no clue how to use even his own body. Whoever you send shall bring him down for good."

...yeah: good luck with that...

"I guess so, but it's gonna take me a while to get used to this whole 'I'm a pegasus' thing." Spider-Mane 2099 said to his predecessor, who answered back.
"I hear ya, believe me, being a unicorn was just as a surprise for me, dude. In fact it pretty much happened the same was as you found out. Pretty funny if you think about it." Spider-Mane replied to Spider-Mane 2099. "So, I can pretty much relate."
Spider-Mane 2099 ascended a little higher, getting used to his wings. "That's good, I guess. Least I'm not alone in all of this. Still though, the other Spider-Men are just gonna love hearing about this." he said in a playful manner.
"I said that as well when I got here. In fact, there may be some cruel god playing a twisted game with us for making fun of Spider-Ham. So maybe their karma's due soon." said Spider-Mane, hopping off the side of a small building, landing on another one and repeating the actions, using his webs to guide him.

"This is your way of 'hanging out'?" Spider-Mane 2099 inquired "Going to Thor knows where and fighting for your life?"
"She's very adventurous, O'Hara. When we first met she got jealous of me and woke up a dragon just to prove she's a better hero. Remember that, Dash?" Spider-Mane asked Rainbow Dash.
"Eh, that was years ago, I'm not gonna do something that stupid again." Dash assured, "Probably."

first off, that's not very encouraging; second off:

Under his mask, Miguel frowned, 'We're wasting time just to boost her shocking ego. Alright, I'll play your game, Skittles. Whatever that nickname means.'

:rainbowderp: ...he doesn't know what Skittles are... :twilightangry2: the future just got 20% LESS cool...

Readjusting herself properly, Rainbow Dash prepared to remove the final two clouds at once. Peter nodded, showing his faith. Miguel rolled his eyes. "Let's just get this over with..."
In the blink of an eye, a rainbow trail followed the pegasus as she removed the two clouds from the sky. Landing on the ground Rainbow Dash heard, "Ten."
"Ah shock..."

I know: I'm impressed too :applejackunsure: wait: that was a declaration of displeasure?

"Heh heh. This is one of my greatest plans in a long while." Doctor Octopus bragged. "You may come out now."
"Finally!" a voice hissed.
Coming out of the portal was a man, wearing a silver helmet shaped like a vulture's beak, and silver wings wrapped aeound his body in a harness. He wore green body armor and had metallic talons worn on his fingers. A moment passed, and he too transformed. Unlike the others who morphed into various equines, this man took the form of a griffon, though his suit had been accounted for the change giving him the same outward appearance despite being a different form.
"What happened?"
"You brought the Vulture?" Sloan asked.

...credit where it's due: I didn't see this coming...

I've given him abilities better than ever before. His wing harness has been upgraded to nanofiber for better protection, and I may have enhanced his abilites based on an old creation of mine."
"Almost similar to your Hobgoblin." Sloan recalled.
"You could say that, but I think it's worth a field test. Right, Vulture?" Serena inquired.
Vulture nodded, "Yeah, Spider-Man's gotten in my way too many times... Gotta say, doc. Thanks for the upgrade. The annoying web-head won't see any of this coming."

props for the continuity callback, but have they MET Spider-man (either version)?

"Yeah, I got it Sloan." Vulture responsed to Sloan. "I'll make sure Spider-Man isn't aware of your location. Hell, I'll do anything to get another shot at eatin' 'em."

wait a minute: that was the Noir version!?

"Peter, it is good to see you. I see that you brought someone new." Zecora referred to Miguel, who was confused.
'Why is she shocking rhyming?' he thought. Miguel cleared his throat, "I'm a friend of Peter's, from the future. Miguel O'Hara. I take you're one of his many friends in this world as well?"
"Ah, that is right. I think I've seen you before in the Web of Life." the zebra noticed, having a connection to the Great Web herself.
"Wait... You know of the Web of Life?" Spider-Mane 2099 asked.
"Yep. Zecora's pretty much the closest we have to a Madame Web. She's all about the cool mystic stuff. And she's really good at making tea and remedies whenever I get too beaten." Peter complimented.

...I'm not sure if there's a proper response to this...

"Wait a minute..." Spider-Mane 2099 began to say, "I recognize that costume! You're the Vulture! The one from my time!

so this ISN'T the Vulture that Spider-man Noir fought...which sort of makes this a lot worse, if you think about it...

Vulture 2099 raised a talon, and slashed Spider-Mane 2099, but his suit protected himself from the damage, showing no holes made. "Nice try, but I got a nice little upgrade." Miguel said, looking at Vulture 2099's confused face.
"So have I!" Vulture 2099 responded, he opened his beaked mouth before letting out a scream. A sonic scream to be exact.

well, that doesn't sound good...

what? too soon?

"That oughta shut you up!" Spider-Mane practically shouted, his ears still ringing.
"What!?" Spider-Mane 2099 yelled.
"Never mind!" Spider-Mane punched Vulture 2099 in the chest, feeling some recoil. "He's got some armor on, Spider-Mane 2099!" he shouted, hoping Miguel didn't hear his superhero name.
"Okay, I heard that one... Spider-Mane." Miguel said, kicking Vulture 2099 in the chest, but like his suit it was protected. "Wait a minute... You're wearing nanofiber armor! How'd you get your talons on that?"
"Oh wouldn't you like to know!?" Vulture 2099 mumbled, his jaw still wrapped in webbing.
"Uh, yeah. That's kinda why he asked." Spider-Mane answered,

ah, quips: I missed you so...

Hunters like it when they're prey fight. Gives them more satisfaction." Vulture snarled, beginning his screaming once more, this time going into the air. While the two Spiders were stunned, he decided to fly his way into Ponyville.
"Alright, Kraven..." moaned Peter as a response.

no: he's Vulture

Last thing we need is a villain like your Vulture in a town full of ponies. Seriously, he threatened to eat us. The Vulture from my time never did that...

...and again: that's supposed to be Vulture Noir's thing...

Dash kicked him once more, "Are you just gonna observe everything you see, because that's gonna get annoying real fast! Girls, this creep... Just help!" she trailed off, not able to find the right words to describe him, not getting enough info herself. "This dude will probably eat us!"
Rarity's eyes widened, "Really!? How uncouth of somepony like him." she shouted, disgusted that another creature would enjoy feasting on another life. She watched Vulture 2099 throw more of his wing blades, this time at the group. Twilight saw this and raised a shield, protecting everypony around her. "That's it..." the unicorn sighed, "Normally I don't want to get my hooves dirty, but he's just asking for it!"
Rarity lit up her own horn, aiming a beam of blue at Vulture 2099, which caught him off guard. "Who dares?" he questioned before taking one last slap by Rarity's hooves.
"We do..." Applejack declared, "Ya think we're just gonna stand here while you cause chaos here? Well, partner you got another thing comin'!" the farm pony added.
"Very well. You shall die like the pegasus!"
The Vulture landed on the ground, Applejack leaned forward, ready to attack Vulture 2099 on her own. She leaped a little turning her whole body so that her hind legs collided with his face and chest. She spun around, smirking while doing so. "That oughta teach ya somethin'." she mocked him knowingly.
Vulture 2099 opened his beak, letting out a loud scream, "Girls. Hold on!" Twilight shouted, holding up a barrier to block them from the shockwave of the sound. Pinkie Pie held her ears anyway. Once she felt the noise settle, Twilight removed the barrier, allowing Pinkie to pull out her cannon and gestured Spike to enter it. The dragon hopped in, allowing Pinkie to launch him straight to Vulture. He butted his head right into Vulture's barrel. He landed on his feet, running back to Twilight to safety. Fluttershy stood behind her as well, trying not to shake too much. The Vulture laughed.
"Pathetic. Thinking any of you stand a chance." Vulture 2099 raised his wing harness, aiming each and every single blade that made up his wings right at the ponies. "Now, die..." he looked at each and every single pony with a angered look on his face. Mayday held onto her mother as tightly as she could, hoping the princess could erect a barrier before any of them could be harmed.

well, that escalated quickly...

Before Vulture 2099 could launch them, he felt something on his back. "Aw man. Your manners suck. Seriously, at least I don't murder people I just met." he heard a quip. Mayday perked up at the sound of the familiar voice.

nuts: the fight would have been interesting...

Spider-Mane and Spider-Mane 2099 hopper back into the battle, "Yep! The one and only, sweetheart! Now, let Daddy and Uncle Spider-Mane 2099 finish him up!"
"I like that name!" Pinkie commented.
"Got it from you!"
Spider-Mane 2099 sighed, "Can we get on with it?"

:pinkiehappy: this amuses me more then it should...

The crowd started to cheer for the two Spiders that stopped the Vulture
"Yeah! Spider-Mane!"
"Spider-Mane 2099!"
"They defeated that griffon! They're heroes like the Elements!"
"Of course, they're both Spider-Mane!"
"Wow..." Miguel whispered. "No police chasing after me..." a small smile grew under his mask. "I can get used to this..." he admitted to Peter, who kissed his wife while he was speaking.

:fluttershyouch: ow: right in the feels...

7381338 That's mainly because of the enhancements Doc Ock gave him, such as the upgraded armor and scream ability.

7381482 About this Vulture... I admit I know very little of him as I had only read two stories where he was in it. I heard he was a cannibal, and I think I may have flanderized him to the point of becoming Vulture Noir. Sorry.

'Shock' chapter counter - 8
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This Vulture's wings just got clipped! :rainbowdetermined2:

I take it this is the Vulture that you used for Vulture 2099, the one where his designed is mostly based on the Web of Shadows Vulture. Though here, his personality seems partly that of Noir Vulture.

7381586 it's okay; I'm sorry I snapped at you; just be sure to do a little research on a character(s) before putting him/her/them in the story next time around

7382279 It's Vulture 2099 with a design inspired by the classic incarnation. The Noir personality wasn't really intentional.

7382283 I didn't think you were snapping at me. But it's fine. It was just mainly Vulture and another villain I was having trouble with, but I am trying to research the characters just in case.

7382732 fair enough; just so you know, however, I'll be STICKING around regardless...

shut up: you knew it was going to show up eventually...

Crap... and this Fujikawa sounds familiar... like Halo familiar...


'Shock' chapter counter - 1
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Uh oh, Tarantula is nearby! And it sounds like Kron Stone/Scorpion 2099 is gonna be coming soon.

nice job so far, but I can't help but notice that this "Venture" sounds like a cross between Kraven and Silver Sable... (hope this makes sense)

7384258 I don't know much about Halo, but Stark-Fujikawa is an actual corporation in 2099. Though, I'm not sure how the merge happened.

7385340 Only one use of shock the entire chapter? O'Hara is losing his touch. :rainbowwild: And Tarantula isn't revealing himself yet, but Doc Ock's other arachnid will show up in a few chapters.

7385150 I'm glad to see you're enjoying it so far! :pinkiehappy:

7385667 I can see the similarities. Venture is a bounty hunter usually hired by Alchemax to stop any threats to their corporation. And it's mostly Spider-Man that becomes his target for obvious reasons.

7386172 It's either that or these ponies and their "Magic of Friendship" is starting to rub off on him. :rainbowlaugh:

Damn, just how tough is this Venture guy?!

Peter's eyes snapped open, still feeling the aches in his head. "Ah! Stupid migranes... What's wrong with me?" he asked himself, rubbing the sides of his head. 'What's happening to me? My Spider-Sense is going nuts right now!' he sat up and pulled the covers off from his bed.

huh: wonder if this will come into play later...

Pinkie got a hold of a robot's arm cannon, and aimed it at Venture, "Say hello to my little friend!" she chuckled. A laser shot out of the cannon, hitting Venture in the chest, dazing him.

:ajsmug: I see what you did there...

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Oh, and no offense to AJ, but the 1880's called, they want their cowboy phase back!

:ajbemused: "Ah heard that, bug boy!"


Oh, and no offense to AJ, but the 1880's called, they want their cowboy phase back!

:ajbemused: "Ah heard that, bug boy!"

:facehoof: knew I was forgetting something...

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"Heh. You're starting to act like the 1930's Spider-Man." joked Peter, "In fact... It's weird. You kinda sound like him now. From what I remembered, you sounded a lot older and sounded like Bumblebee from that old Transformers cartoon."

"Shut up, Parker. You're not much better! You sound like the younger Peter wearing the black suit now, when your voice was similar to that suit-wearing guy from that old early 21st-century sitcom How I Met You Mother!"

"Hold on! Y-You mean, Barney Stinson? Neil Patrick Harris?" Peter blurted out in disbelief. "Wait a minute, how do you even know about that show in your time? Is there future DVR where you can just watch whatever you want on some awesome hologram screen? Cause if so, I want one when you get back."

"Yeah! No one ever shocking told you that before?!" Miguel practically shouted.

"No... But then again to prove your point..." Peter held up his costume, "Nothing suits me like a suit. The girls can tell you that much." he teased, earning a few glares from the others, except from Twilight who giggled, and Fluttershy who blushed in embarassment, remembering the 'wing-incident' she had when she saw Peter at the gala.

:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh: You used my joke and done it even better along with mentioning Bumblebee that Dan Gilvezan is best known as the voice of in the 80's Transformers cartoon! Good on you, man! :ajsmug: And speaking of suits...

Imagine if Peter actually did sing that out of nowhere (since Neil Patrick Harris did voiced Spidey in Spider-Man MTV and Amazing Spidey in Shattered Dimensions and since MLP is known for it's characters singing songs for some weird reason). :trollestia:
In fact...you've just given me an idea! :moustache:

"Is it true that you have FAIRY GODPARENTS?!"

:derpytongue2: Oh I get it! Because Twilight's voice actor Tara Strong also voices Timmy Turner from Fairy Oddparents.

"Can you two cut out the references?" Rainbow Dash groaned. "It's making my head hurt hearing all lf these things that just don't make sense to us."

...somebody get some Tylenol: I think Rainbow's going to need it; also "hearing all OF these things"

"Do you even know what a TV is, Trixie?" asked Spike. "They're so cool! Peter, Twilight and I watched so many shows while we were on Earth! Even though I still regret watching Barney just to understand what Aunt May was talking about." he grumbled that last part, earning a laugh from Peter.

I'm torn between cringing at the very idea of the above and joining in with Peter at how absurd this sounds...

Miguel looked out the window and ignored Peter's tangent, seeing a city up in the mountains, "What the shock? That city is on the side of a mountain!" he observed. "That's not even possible!"
"Says the guy from the time where buildings reach near space and cars fly past his apartment window and he talks to his computer program." Peter teased.
Miguel gave his predecessor a deadpan stare in silence, "...Shut up, Parker."

hey, don't be upset just because he's right, Miguel...

"You have an AI? Is it like JARVIS?" Twilight wondered.
Rainbow pointed a hoof upward, "Oh yeah! I think he used it when I wanted to go with them to find that portal in the Everfree Forest! What'd ya call it again, Lylat?"
"Lyla." corrected Miguel. "Lylat sounds like some kind of solar system." he added.
Shrugging, Peter said, "It sounds like something you hear in a video game."
"You mean like a game about a group of space pilot animals that fight a giant alien head?" Pinkie questioned.
"Uh... Sure."

:rainbowderp: ...well, that was...oddly specific...

Celestia and Luna control the Sun and the Moon." Peter laughed.
Miguel raised a brow, "Are you shocking kidding me!? That's ridiculous!" he yelled.
"Again. Coming from the time-travelling man with spider powers disguised as a horse. Seriously, O'Hara, you should just stop while you're ahead." Peter responded with a smirk.

hate it say it, but I'm with Peter on this one, O'Hara...

Can I ask you a question?" Peter trailed off.
"Yes, Peter?"
Holding in a chuckle, Peter continued, "Is it true that you have FAIRY GODPARENTS?!" he shouted at the top of his lungs, bouncing in place as he did.

:raritywink: ah, I see what you did there...

"Strange..." Walker trailed off, "My tracker is pointing me right... Here." the two stopped and Sloan used his magic to open the rift. "That wasn't there earlier when I began my search." he stepped in, and left Ock for a moment. He came out after she waited for about a few minutes.
"Did it take you back to the Gateway room like the others?" Serena wondered.
Sloan shook his head, "It did not. It looked like this very spot. Except the plantation was growing back from withered remains and the town over there appeared to be under reconstruction, and the castle that towers over it appeared to have been replaced. It was as though they suffered a war that they had just won."
"That rift must have taken you to this world's future." Ock suggested.
Sloan put a hoof on his chin, "Perhaps you're right. We'll send the Professor there to do more research for us once we open the portal in Canterlot. For now, we must make haste. Spider-Man could already be on his way there and if he is then we lose our headstart in harnessing the rifts."

"head start"; also, this has the potential to go really bad really fast...

7392442 Good to know you enjoyed the voice gag. And what is this idea?

7392993 The battle's gonna start getting rough once Doc Ock reveals her next minion. Not to spoil much, but a lot of stuff will be going down from there.

7393073 :ajsmug: Oh just a little idea to ask someone for a commission involving Peter and few select mares in suits.

"Is it true that you have FAIRY GODPARENTS?!"

Quick, someone bring out the montage!

Spider-Man 2099, one of my favorite (actually first in the list) Spider-men/women of my life :pinkiehappy:

7378369 Who should I take to be voicing Miguel?

Dan Gilvezan, Christopher Barnes, or Freddy Rodriguez?

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