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Spiders & Magic: Adventures - Masterob

Series of Spin-Off One Shots from Spiders & Magic.

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A Dragon and a Wasp

Spike was at the Golden Oaks Library, spending a little time with his niece Mayday, playing a nice game with some plush toys. He wasn't alone though, joining him was not only Mayday's older brother figure Rumble, but a good and close friend of Spike, Janet Van Dyne. Or better known as The Wasp.

Janet has really befriended Spike ever since they met informally in Canterlot, then better formally in Ponyville. The two clicked almost immediately and became great friends. Though Spike is starting to want a little more than that.

Recently he has asked her on dates, though it seems like she's humoring him for the most part, she is herself curious as to what type of relationship she could have with Spike. She's always had a thing for cute guys, though she wants to make sure the relationships can work out, and she just doesn't have that luck a lot of the time.

Spike seems to be different, he's a charming guy who can enjoy a good joke. He really likes her sense of humor and she feels like she can be whatever she wants around him, he isn't that judgemental.

She loves spending time with him, and he loves having her over or going to see her. Even if things sometimes don't go too well.

Somehow Janet hasn't fully earned the trust of Spike's friends, particularly his sister-figure Twilight Sparkle. It may have to do with the fact that Twilight can be a little overprotective of those she loves, and only hopes that Janet is a good friend to Spike.

Rarity has also expressed concerns, hoping that this mare isn't leading Spike's feelings astray. She finds Janet to be unusually perky.

The others don't mind, especially with fellow heroes like Peter and Johnny insisting that Janet's fine to be around. But perhaps it's concern from the two mares Spike had been closest to. Janet's pretty well liked among the others, especially Rainbow Dash.

Regardless, Janet is still happy to be with Spike, he's quickly become her favorite thing about this world. Likewise Janet has become one of Spike's favorite things from her world, with all due respect to Peter of course.

As Janet continues to play Mayday alongside Spike, she can't help but wonder, how long before she can have a child of her own? Who should be the father? Is the most likely candidate right there with her?

Janet looks to Spike, her cheeks flushing red a little at the dragon. He's very cute, much cuter than she'd expect a dragon to be. He is a Baby Dragon after all, though despite that he's a lot older than you'd expect, being around the same age Peter and Twilight were when they first became a couple.

Spike looked to Janet, his cheeks flushing red as well. She's a very attractive looking mare and unlike Rarity, seems to be a little more aware of his advances. He'd never thought he could have a relationship with a superhero, now there's one in his presence.

It didn't take long for them to realize they were gazing affectionately at each other and quickly turned away, their blushes still remaining.

"So...how are things at Pinkie's?" Spike asked.

"Fine...she's really nice, very hospitable," Janet said.

"Good...um so have you spoken with The Avengers recently?" Spike asked.

"A little, I radioed Iron Man, things are well back home," Janet said.

"That's nice..."

They both sat awkwardly, blushes still remaining, which Mayday caught on to.

"Um, do you want me to leave? I think Rumble will be home any second now so I won't be playing by myself too much."

Spike shook his head, "No that's fine, besides we promised your parents we'd keep an eye on you until either they, Trixie Logan or Rumble got home."

"This house can be pretty empty sometimes," Janet said.

"Yeah, Peter and Twilight are usually helping the town or doing some royalty stuff, Logan is with Fluttershy, Trixie is with Lightning Dust and Rumble lately likes playing with the Cutie Mark Crusaders," Spike said.

Janet giggled, "Right...'playing'."

Mayday had a look of suspicious. Those girls better just be playing with Rumble, and nothing else.

Spike stifled a laugh and then cleared his throat to speak clearly, "Easy Janet, Rumble probably really is just playing. When it comes to fillies, he can be just as clueless as Peter. It's gonna take a while before he realizes they each have a crush on him."

Mayday lightly growled, any mention of the Crusaders liking Rumble gets her riled up. Rumble all hers, she's not sharing him.

"Wouldn't surprise me, he seems like the shy type. Luckily he also seems like the noble type," Janet said, then eyed Spike. "Just like a certain dragon I know."

Spike did a light laugh, "Aw thanks Janet." A thought then passed through his head, "Wait, you are talking about me right?"

Janet giggled, "Of course I am little Spikey-Wikey."

Mayday raised her eyebrow, "Isn't that what Auntie Rarity calls Spike?"

"Well, now it's what I'm gonna call Spike," Janet said emphatically.

"Wow, hope Rarity doesn't get too jealous," Spike said.

"Pfft, like I'm worried about that drama queen," Janet said with attitude.

Mayday looked at Janet with a puzzled expression, "Um...ok then?"

Spike ruffled her mane, "Don't worry too much about it May.:

At that moment, the door opened and a small voice rang through. "I'm home!"

Mayday squealed in excitement, "Rumble's back!" She immediately ran to the front door, "Rumble!"

Mayday had a big smile on her face as she approached her older brother figure, though that smile faded when she saw he was joined by the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Rumble approached Mayday and kissed her head, "How's my favorite filly?"

Mayday felt her smile return as she glanced up at Rumble with loving and affectionate eyes, "I'm doing good, especially now that you're here."

She heard Apple Bloom giggle, much to her annoyance.

"It's so cute how she looks up to ya Rumble," Apple Bloom said and approached Mayday to ruffle her mane. "She really likes yah."

Mayday didn't care too much for Apple Bloom rubbing her mane though feigned a smile during it.

Sweetie Belle also approached Mayday, "She is a cute little filly, though considering how beautiful her mom is and how dreamy her dad is, it shouldn't be surprising."

Rumble looked to Sweetie, "Wow, you still call Peter 'Dreamy'?"

"Don't worry my sweet Rumbly-Wumbly, I think you're handsome in your own right," Sweetie blushed as she continued. "Very handsome in fact."

Rumble blushed a bit on that, though Mayday felt some more ire. She just wants these fillies to leave already so she can be with Rumble.

"Anyway, we should get going now, it was really nice spending time with you Rumble," Apple Bloom said, with a bit of a blush on her face.

"Yeah, you're quite the guy to be around," Babs said.

"Later we can try some more flying, your tips have been really helping me," Scootaloo said while flapping her wings a bit.

Sweetie played with her hair a little, "I'll see you later I guess."

Rumble nodded, "Bye girls, remember, stay pretty."

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle blushed and giggled from that, while Babs and Scootaloo blushed and grinned.

Mayday grew irritated and started pulling Rumble, "Let's go!"

"Easy May," he said and walked off with Mayday while the Crusaders left with a giggle.

Spike and Janet watched from above and giggled as well.

"Wow, it's cute how Mayday seems to get jealous. Also that kid's a chick magnet," Janet said.

"Of course, I taught him everything he knows," Spike boasted.

Janet giggled, "Wow really? Well then, show me some of your skills."

Spike gulped at looked to Janet, who had really flirtatious eyes, "Uh...alright then..."

Spike wasn't really sure what to do at this moment. She twiddled his claws while trying to figure out what Janet meant by 'showing her'.

"I'm waiting," Janet said playfully.

Spike did a sheepish smile while he continued to figure this out, "You...have great hair!"

Janet raised her eyebrow at the statement that Spike delivered rather quickly and abruptly. She then started to giggle a bit, as did Spike who hoped to just go along with it.

"You're so funny Spike," Janet said and then kissed his nose, making the young dragon blush.

"Aw thanks...glad that worked...I think at least," Spike said.

Janet sat down besides Spike and pulled him into a hug, "You don't need to try too hard, just be yourself, that's what I like about you the most."

Spike felt a great deal of happiness, he finally has a chance to be with a mare who honestly likes him and is returning his affection. The mood was ruined by Spike's growling stomach, causing the young dragon to feel a degree of shame.

"Someone's hungry," Janet teased.

"Sorry, didn't mean to make things awkward," Spike said while turning his head.

"You don't need to be sorry, it's normal. Come on let's get you some food," Janet said.

Spike nodded, "I have a stash set somewhere, come with me." Spike led Janet to his room and he checked under his bed for a stash of gems.

"Aw sweet, I still got plenty," he pulled them out and immediately crunched one down. "Still tastes great."

He turned to Janet with a gem, "Wanna try?"

"Sorry, I'm on a 'No Gem' diet," Janet said a bit playfully sarcastic.

Spike then realized the situation, "Oh, right, you don't eat gems, sorry about that."

Janet patted his head, "It's fine, you're considerate at least."

Spike smiled a bit and took a bite out of his gem. Janet found it weird that he could eat a gem like that, but she didn't mind really. Peter had told Janet about the time he gave Twilight a rose, which she ate, so she can accept the different eating habits of others.

"What do those taste like anyway?" Janet asked.

Spike belched a little and did a nervous chuckle before replying. "They taste pretty good."

Janet grabbed one and looked at it, "Still weird to see these get eaten." She licked it a bit and even put it in her mouth to taste it, though it wasn't good. "Eh, you could eat these, open up."

She popped the gem into Spike's mouth, and though he was a little surprised, he still chomped it down. This gave Janet an idea, so she picked Spike up and placed him on the bed. Spike had been confused a moment, but that faded once Janet started popping gems into his mouth.

Spike felt great pride in having a beautiful mare like Janet Van Dyne feed him gems filled him with a lot of pride. Janet loved this, she liked the idea of spoiling him with the gems but she had something else planned.

Soon came the last gem, which Janet mischievously eyed.

"It's my favorite of the bunch," Spike said.

Janet grabbed the gem, but instead of her hooves she used her teeth to grab it and held it in front of Spike's face.

"Want it? Take it," Janet said with the gem still in her mouth.

Spike blushed a little as he went to grab it, but Janet pinned his claws down.

"Uh-uh," Janet said and held her face closer. Spike gulped, he knew what she wanted. Though to be honest, he wasn't too against this. As he went in, she brought it even further into her mouth and smiled down.

Spike blushed harder, he knew one way to grab that gem. He then went in and engaged her in some open mouth action, grabbing the gem from inside but maintaining the kiss. After he finished eating the gem, he went back to kissing Janet, which she graciously returned, wrapping her forelegs around him.

The two continued to make out on the bed, though they rolled to the floor and maintained their make-out session. They rolled around on the floor and left the room, still engaged in their deep kiss.

As they kissed Janet looked up and noticed two ponies randomly standing there. She tapped Spike's shoulder and gestured to the ponies.

"Trixie? Lightning Dust? When did you get here?" Spike nervously asked.

"A few minutes ago, we heard a thump from upstairs and went to see what happened. Then we see you two engaged in a make-out session," Trixie said.

"You're both really into it as well," Lightning said.

The two stood up while blushing and looking away from the mares.

"Anyway, since you're both home, mind keeping an eye or ear out? Rumble and Mayday are home and playing, me and Janet would like to go outside a bit," Spike said.

"Sure, you may resume your make-out session outside," Trixie taunted.

"Meanwhile you two can have a make-out session in here!" Janet taunted back, earning an angry glare from the two mares, a huge blush appearing on their faces.

"Wow, real mature Janet Van Dyne!" Trixie complained.

Janet did a snarky smile as she left with Spike, leaving the two mares to stand awkwardly next to each other.

The two walked outside and looked around, most ponies were heading inside since the sun was lowering.

"Come on, I'll take you to a nice spot in the park," Spike encouraged.

Janet nodded and followed Spike through the park. They walked until they reached a pond. The sunset looked really beautiful radiating off the water, Spike sure knew how to pick a great place.

Spike sat at the edge and wet his feet a little, "Come sit next to me," Spike asked.

Janet nodded and sat next to the young dragon, to which he scooted next to her and wrapped his arm around her waist. Janet responded by wrapping her foreleg around his shoulder and pulling him close.

Spike felt so great, he can't believe he has a mare that really likes him. While she's technically a human from another world, that meant very little to Spike. One they're already different species so it doesn't matter and two, his older sister figure is happily married to someone who came from another world.

Janet believes she probably found someone she can be with, someone to like for more than just being cute. Spike is also funny, he can bring a laugh out of her. But he's very caring, he really seems to like her and wants to make her happy.

"Spike, you have made me very happy, you should know that," Janet said.

Spike blushed, "Thanks, I try."

"And you do well, I just hope you know how much that means to me," Janet said.

Spike chuckled a bit, "Wow, I mean that much to you?"

Janet nodded, "Lately I've had really horrible luck with guys. I even thought I had a chance at real romance recently, but that didn't turn out too well. Guess we were both too different." She looked down to Spike, "With you, I see an opportunity, to have something great and meaningful."

She rubbed his face a little, "Never thought I would find myself liking a dragon. Though I'm sure Peter never thought he would like a pony."

"No kidding on that," Spike said.

Janet pulled Spike up and nuzzled her nose against his, "You're the best Spike."

Janet looked around and saw that she wasn't alone. Sitting on a park bench was a familiar couple, Rarity and Bobby. They seemed to be lost in each other's eyes, they seem really happy.

She looked around and caught Applejack and Remy standing by a tree, with Remy stroking Applejack's face, probably commenting on her beauty.

Above them, Rainbow Dash is laying on a cloud, with Johnny laying next to her, both gazing at each other with love and affection.

Janet found it amazing how many of her fellow heroes have also joined the pony dating game. Though in her case, she's dating a dragon.

Spike also noticed the other couples, especially Rarity. He remembered how much he loved her, and how he hoped she could be his. Unfortunately it never happened, but maybe for the best. He has a great mare to be with, and Rarity found herself a good stallion.

Janet held Spike closer and watched the couples as they did something she really enjoyed seeing.

She watched as Rarity and Bobby went in for a kiss, a passionate one that revealed their love for each other. Despite Bobby's player attitude and Rarity's prissy nature, she can see how much they enjoyed their kiss. There was genuine emotion behind it, especially the way he stroked her mane and her back, gently feeling her.

She then saw Applejack sitting against the tree while she engaged in a passionate kiss with Remy. Janet could see how much the two really cared for each other with that kiss, how the suave X-Man and the tough Apple farmer could put that aside for a gentle and caring moment.

Finally she noticed the way Johnny had kissed Rainbow. Of the three couples, those two definitely had a connection, she could see how tender he was during the kiss. Johnny is a wiseguy player, Rainbow Dash is a tomboy who acts tough, but both things were thrown to the side for a nice loving moment.

Janet knows she could have this with Spike, and she wants it, right now. She grabbed Spike and looked him in the eyes as she planted a kiss on him. Unlike before, this one had more emotion than playfulness behind it. Spike could feel her love, he could feel her affection, he loves her tenderness.

Janet laid Spike on his back and continued to kiss him, using her previous experience to make it all the more enjoyable for Spike. The young dragon relished in this moment, having a beautiful mare kiss him, sensing her affection and enjoying the love she gave him.

Rarity noticed this at the corner of her eye, seeing Janet make out with Spike near the pond. Part of Rarity felt a sense of worry and uncertainty, seeing the the dragon she cares so much for being kissed by a mare she knows has a habit of being a general flirt. Rarity wasn't sure if she could trust Janet, but for now she owed Bobby this time. She will deal with Janet later, for now she just wants to be with her favorite stallion.

Later on, Janet returned home with Spike, figuring it's best to turn in for the night.

"Thanks Janet, that was really amazing," Spike said.

"No problem, anything for my favorite dragon," Janet said.

Before she left, Spike called out to her, "Wait...one question."

Janet approached him with a bit of curiousity, "What?"

Spike twiddled his claws, "Don't hate me for asking but...how long should we date before we can...you know."

Janet blushed, she knew what Spike was alluding to.

"Not sure, I know we only have a short time span before I have to go back home. But I don't want to just rush into this, I like you but I want to make sure I really like you and you really like me," Janet said.

"Oh...well we're halfway there, I know I really like you," Spike said.

"That's good, but it's not like we need to do that right now, it can wait," Janet said.

Spike nodded, "Sounds good, alright, you're worth the wait at least."

Janet felt some happiness from hearing that. At least Spike doesn't view her as some quick lay. He's willing to take his time with this, though ironically that actually makes her want him.

"Still, do you have to leave now? I don't mind you staying a little bit longer. Honestly I wish you could stay the night," Spike said.

"Believe me I would love to spend the night with you, but I don't think Twilight would like that," Janet said.

Spike pouted, "That really sucks honestly. But still, mind staying a few extra minutes?"

Janet tapped her chin, "I don't see why not."

The two went to the living room and sat on the couch. Spike rested against Janet, to which she pulled her in for a hug. She laid her back against the arm of the couch and pulled Spike up to face level.

"Spike, question. How come you aren't with other dragons?" Janet asked.

"I tried once, never doing that again," Spike said, having not so fond memories of his time with the other dragons.

"So you rather stay with ponies?" Janet asked.

"Of course, all my friends are ponies, and I love them very much," Spike said.

Janet nodded, "That's good, at least it helped me meet you."

Spike nuzzled his nose against hers, "I'm happy to have met you."

This time Spike took the initiative to kiss, taking Janet by surprise but graciously allowing it.

This lasted for a bit before they heard the sound of somepony's throat clearing. They turned to see Twilight standing there with Peter.

"Having fun you two?" Twilight asked, obviously annoyed.

Spike blushed and got off Janet, "Um, here's what happened, you see..."

"Save it Spike, I don't need details," Twilight said while holding her hoof out. She then turned to Janet, "Let's have a chat, shall we?"

Twilight walked away from the area as Janet curiously followed.

Spike turned to Peter with a look of confusion, "Twilight doesn't seem to like Janet much."

Peter shrugged, "She's just protective of you."

"But I don't need protection, Janet's a great mare, isn't she?" Spike asked.

"She is, but she's just a little...flirty and a bit too wild sometimes," Peter said.

"You're pretty wild yourself Peter," Spike said.

Peter looked at him with a raised eyebrow, "I'm not that wild."

"Sure thing Pete," Spike said as if humoring him.

Outside with Twilight and Janet.

"You're becoming a little too close with Spike Ms. Van Dyne," Twilight said.

Janet raised her eyebrow, "Did you just call me 'Ms. Van Dyne'? And Yeah I am, it's no problem right?"

"I know how flirty you are, the last thing I want is for you to break his heart because you saw a cuter guy," Twilight said.

"I'm not gonna do that to Spike! He's a nice guy and I would never do anything to hurt him!" Janet said.

"I should hope not. He's my little brother, if anything happens to him, I won't be very happy," Twilight threatened.

Janet scoffed, "I don't see the big deal. Johnny Storm is dating your friend Rainbow Dash, he's a flirt too!"

"Rainbow Dash can handle herself, besides Johnny Storm has earned my trust. You have yet to fully do so," Twilight said.

Janet glared, "Are you kidding me!? I came through to this world to help you against some villains and you're gonna act like-"

"You came with a group because you were tasked to, Johnny came on his own accord because he was worried for Peter. I know he's a great pony despite his annoying qualities, but you Ms. Van Dyne need to show me your great qualities," Twilight said.

Janet turned away defiantly, pretty annoyed at Twilight's attitude. Twilight got in closer, "Don't do anything stupid."

Janet glared at Twilight before turning away, "I would never hurt Spike, you better figure that out fast Princess!"

She turned into a Breezie and flew off, leaving Twilight in a huff. "She reminds me too much of Felicia Hardy honestly."

She went inside and saw Spike waiting, "Janet went home, if you were hoping for a goodbye from her."

Spike sighed, he was hoping he could say good-bye. He went up to his bed, ready to call it a night.

Peter could sense Spike's frustrations, so he turned to Twilight, "She isn't the type to intentionally hurt anypony Twilight."

Twilight sighed, "Maybe not, but I'm just worried for Spike."

Peter nodded and kissed Twilight, "You're just too caring sometimes."

"You're no different," Twilight said.

Both made their way to bed, ready to call it a night. Later in the night as Spike slept, Janet had returned, still in her Breezie form and came in through the balcony. She made her way through and went to Spike's bed before reverting back to her pony form.

She had kissed him on his head, "I would never hurt you Spike."

Spike moaned happily in his sleep as Janet turned back into a breezie and flew away. Spike woke up a moment to see her fly off. He felt a sense of happiness, Janet does care for him, and that's all the proof he needs.

"See you tomorrow Janet," Spike said before drifting back to sleep.

Spike wants the same happiness that Twilight and her friends have, Janet wants the happiness Peter and his fellow heroes have. Both will aspire to get it.

Author's Note:

A story centered around Spike and Wasp. Romance is blooming between the two.

I sure hope christian_j-brony and edCOM02 are happy, mainly since this was originally their idea.