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Spiders & Magic: Adventures - Masterob

Series of Spin-Off One Shots from Spiders & Magic.

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Training Session

The park in Ponyville was a favorite spot for many ponies. It was great for playing and some picnics. Due to Ponyville usually having good weather, many ponies can be seen having a good time at the park.

For two ponies however, there was no playtime, only time for training. These ponies hail from different worlds, one of Marvel and one of Capcom. The ponies in question were Peter Parker and Chun Li.

"Alright Peter, hope you're well rested, because I promise this training will be intense," Chun Li said while doing some stretches.

Peter was also performing some stretches, though had some uncertainty on his face, "How sore will I be after this?"

"With any luck...you'll barely be able to walk back home, which means you really worked hard," Chun Li said.

Peter sighed at that, then remembered something. "I should warn you, I have a high stamina level, so I won't tire too easily."

"I'm aware of that Peter, and you should know that I don't tire easily either, so I hope you have your whole day cleared," Chun Li said.

Peter face hoofed, "What did I get myself into?"

"Come on Peter, it won't be so bad," Chun Li said and approached him. "Besides it's just a few days of training. You already have most of the key skills down, I'm just gonna help you channel it better."

"I'm just a little worried though. I mean what do your friends think of you training me?" Peter asked. "Suppose you get on their bad side for this?"

"Don't worry about that Peter, I know my choice and what it may mean with the others, but I really don't care," Chun Li said. "I just want you to be at your best so you can prove to Ryu, Chris and Dante why you should be respected."

"Honestly it doesn't bother me too much," Peter said. "I get disrespected by others quite often."

"I know, but I just hate seeing that," Chun Li said. "I just want everyone in my world to recognize you as great, and remind us that this rivalry was built off respect, not dislike."

Chun Li's demeanor changed a little, she seemed pretty sad and upset. "Peter, I always had respect for your world, especially the X-Men. I still remember the first time Ryu and Cyclops shook hands, it was meant to show how this rivalry was meant to be friendly. The X-Men even made me an Honorary Member, it was so exciting."

Chun Li looked straight into Peter's eyes, "Then I remember meeting you. Seeing you in that tight suit, those cool moves and those funny jokes." Chun Li placed her hoof on his shoulder. "My first thought of you was...how immature and annoying you were, and what a goofy looking suit."

Peter pouted on hearing that, "Hey! I'm not..." Peter thought a moment. "Ok maybe I am a little immature and annoying, but my suit wasn't so bad!"

Chun Li giggled, "Sorry, it was my first impression of you. Honestly I didn't start liking you until after I got to know you a little better. You were weird, annoying and had an unusual sense of humor, but you always wanted to do the right thing, you had that sense of justice and I knew then that it was wrong of me to think such mean things about you. I mean look at you now, you're not only a big hero, you're also a great father and husband. You're a role model both in your Spider-Suit and out of it."

Peter blushed a little, "I'm just doing what's right, I mean lots of heroes do what I do, not just in my world either."

"That's another thing about you, that sense of modesty. You do what you do because it's the right thing, just to help others," Chun Li said. She rubbed her mane a little, "It just boggles my mind that someone as great as you can have so many people not like you."

"It just happens I guess, doesn't bother me," Peter said.

Chun Li crossed her hooves, "You're one of a kind Peter. The way you stick to justice and always helps others no matter what anyone thinks, to be so strong yet so gentle. There's no other hero like you...aside from Superman at least."

Peter chuckled, "Hey, even I look up to Superman. That reminds me, have any of your friends considered challenging him?"

"Would you challenge him?" Chun Li asked as if Peter just said something foolish.

Peter rubbed his head sheepishly, "I see your point."

Chun Li stood on her hind legs, "Anyway, enough talking for now, I'd like to get started."

Peter also stood on his hind legs, "Alright, teach me then."

Chun Li did a small bow to Peter, to which it took him a while before he realized he also needed to bow. Chun Li stifled a snicker at that, Peter was too cute sometimes.

"Little warning Peter," Chun Li began a bit seriously. "While I like you a lot, and you are my favorite superhero, I am NOT gonna go easy on you. This is gonna be hard work, but I will be fair with you as well. Also, despite my admiration for you, if you try my patience, I will make you regret it."

Peter had a nervous chuckle, "Sure thing."

Chun Li nodded and got into a fighting position. "For now, mimic my movements, I assume you're pretty flexible."

"Pretty much," Peter said.

"Good, let's begin," Chun Li said.

Elsewhere Sunset Shimmer was escorting Ryu, Chris Redfield and Dante through the outskirts of Ponyville. They too wanted to find a spot to train.

"How well do you know your way around this area anyway?" Chris asked, looking around at all the nothing in the area.

"Not sure, I spent my life in Canterlot, usually with my face in a book," Sunset said.

"You study hard I would guess?" Ryu asked.

"I wanted to be the best at magic, I was a former pupil of Celestia, though I wasn't the best student. I always believed I was better than I actually was and I wanted to learn more than I was ready for," Sunset said.

Ryu looked at her with some curiosity. "It happens, if I may ask, what became of that? You said you 'were' a pupil, did you leave or did she replace you?"

"Both in a way. I left but she just replaced me right afterwards, with Twilight Sparkle nonetheless," Sunset said.

"Well that sucks for you then," Dante said. "So now you're just some helper pony?"

"I work with Celestia and am currently trying to amend my mistakes," Sunset said, almost defensively.

"That's all that matters, you learn from your mistakes," Ryu said.

Sunset nodded, "I just really regret certain things...anyway no use worrying about it now."

Chris rolled his eyes a little, he really didn't ask for her whole life story, just if she knew her way around. "So you don't know where we are?"

Sunset looked around, it was a bit of a desert type area. "Not exactly, I'm just trying to find a remote place like you wanted."

"We can train here, it seems far away enough," Ryu said and turned to his allies. "Prepare for your training men."

Ryu stood on his hind legs and got in a defensive position. Chris and Dante tossed their weapons aside and also got in a defensive position.

"So just bare hoof training for now?" Sunset asked.

"They need to brush up on it a little, they have a tendency to rely too much on their weapons," Ryu said.

"Hey I can fight with my bare hands...er hooves," Dante said.

"Same here, though I'd be happy to demonstrate that right now," Chris said.

Ryu turned to Sunset, "Try to keep a distance, we don't want you getting hurt."

Sunset nodded and walked back a little as she watched the three stallions go at it.

Back in the park, Chun Li is doing a few martial arts moves, while Peter mimics. She does a punch, he does a punch. She does a kick, he does a kick. Then a spinning back hoof, then a jump kick, then a leg sweep, then an elbow, plus a few other poses. This went on for several minutes before Chun Li stopped and turned to Peter.

"Impressive, you seem to copy my movements well, you have good reflexes," Chun Li said.

"It's mostly thanks to my spider powers, without them I would have failed after the first punch," Peter said.

"I'm going to assume that before you got your powers you weren't much of a fighter," Chun Li said.

Peter scoffed, "That's an understatement. I was a total nerd..." Peter rubbed his head. "Actually I still am, not the point though. I was just some scrawny kid that got bullied by jocks."

"Those jocks are just lucky I never went to your school, honestly I'd tempted to find them right now and teach them a lesson," Chun Li said with a scowl on her face.

Peter shook his head, "It's fine, it's in the past, appreciate that though."

Chun Li took a breath, "Anyway, those movements were just basics, you're gonna try to copy my combos now."

"Are you gonna teach me your Flash Kicks? Or the 'Spinning Bird-Kick'?" Peter asked.

"Not yet, those are pretty advance, you're talented but you need to know everything you're doing otherwise you might mess up. Now let's begin, do what I do," Chun Li said and did a combo.

It was a simple combo of a right punch, left and a jumping side kick, to which Peter performed pretty well.

"Good, let's go harder," Chun Li said and continued on.

Back with the other Capcom guys, Chris and Dante were both double teaming Ryu, throwing hard strikes at the martial artist, though he was able to block their strikes, almost with ease.

"I know you both can do better than this!" Ryu shouted.

"Don't get cocky Ryu!" Dante said.

"Yeah look who's TALKING!" Ryu said and struck Dante's side at the first opening, causing the half-breed to fall over.

Chris tried attacking Ryu afterwards, though Ryu countered into a flip toss, sending Chris far off. Ryu took a deep breath and looked to his allies, "You're both stronger than this! Get up right now!"

Chris and Dante stood up and got back into a fighting stance.

"Do you really want my full power Ryu? Can you even handle it!?" Dante asked.

"I always want my opponents at their best!" Ryu said.

Chris stretched his forelegs a little, "Alright then, time for round-"

"HELP!" they heard a voice say. It sounded like that of a mare.

"What was that?" Ryu asked.

Sunset looked around, "That voice sounded familiar."

They listened again when they heard a filly voice scream, "Put me down!"

"That was a younger girl, I'm sure of it," Ryu said.

"That's not one of the Crusaders though right?" Chris asked with a little worry in his voice.

"I don't think it is, but we still need to go find out what's going on," Ryu said and turned to his allies, "Let's go!"

Chris and Dante nodded as they went with Ryu over to the direction of the voice with Sunset Shimmer following.

Off at the location in general, we see the mare in question, Derpy Hooves alongside her friend, Doctor Hooves surrounded by some teenage dragons, with little Dinky in the claws of the leader Garble.

"Aw look at the cute little pony, isn't she cute guys?" Garble asked as he showed off Dinky to his friends, earning a nod and chuckle from them.

"Put my daughter down right now you jerks!" Derpy shouted with a mix of anger and worry in her eyes.

"Or what?" Garble asked, getting in Derpy's face. "You're gonna scream out again? Puny little pony."

Garble then flicked Derpy and knocked her back to a wall, earning the rage of Doctor Hooves.

"Now see here! That was uncalled for, hurting a defenseless mare like that, you should be ashamed of yourselves!"

"Yeah, we should. But we're not!" Garble said and let out a big laugh alongside his friends.

"Hey!" they heard a voice say. The ponies and dragons looked around and saw Ryu standing at the top of a cliff area. "Put the filly down!"

Garble took a moment to register the situation, then let out a bigger laugh. "Hey look guys! A pony with a goofy looking bandana on his head! What do you think you're a karate guy or something!?"

Soon Ryu was joined by his friends, Chris at the right, Dante at the left.

"Leave that little filly alone right now!" Chris shouted.

"Uh Garble, that pony seems to have some friends with him," a dragon said.

"Like three other puny ponies are gonna do anything against us!" Garble boasted.

Sunset also arrived and surveyed the situation. "I know those ponies. Doctor Hooves, Derpy Hooves and Dinky Do."

"I've seen them before, one of them helped a bit when those monsters and robots invaded Ponyville", Chris said.

Derpy struggled back to her hooves and approached Garble, "Put my daughter down, RIGHT NOW!"

"I'm getting really tired of you, gonna teach you a lesson!" Garble said and raised his claw to attack. Doctor Hooves noticed this and ran over to Derpy to shield her from the blow, bracing for impact. Before anything could happen however, Ryu had rushed over and blocked the strike before it could land.

Doctor Hooves noticed Ryu standing there in a defensive position, having blocked the throw with a martial arts styled block, also surprising Garble.

"Hey! What the-" Garble couldn't finish his sentence as Ryu did a hard strike to his abs, causing the dragon to stumble back.

"Ow! My ribs!" Garble said, stumbling back as he dropped Dinky.

Ryu caught the young filly and placed her down, "You ok there little pony?"

Dinky nodded, "Yes, thank you sir."

"You don't have to call me 'sir'. My name is Ryu," Ryu said.

"Oh, my name's Dinky, thanks for helping me and protecting my mom," Dinky said.

"Don't thank me yet," Ryu said and looked around. "I don't think these dragons are done."

Ryu approached Derpy and Doc, "Take your daughter to that pony over there," Ryu pointed to Sunset Shimmer. "Me and my allies will deal with these dragons."

"Right, will do," Doc said and gestured Dinky. "Come on, let these stallions deal with those dragons. They seem to have it under control."

Dinky did as ordered with no question, Derpy also did so but had a look of suspicion. Something about these ponies seemed familiar, it's something she really didn't like much.

Chris and Dante quickly joined Ryu's side as the dragons surrounded them.

"I hope you're ready for a beating," Garble said.

"Yeah, the beating we're gonna give you," Dante retorted.

"Get them!" Garble shouted as his friends rushed after the trio.

Chris did some hard strikes to the ribs of several dragons, and followed up with some buck kicking. He tackled one down and rolled out the way when another attempted to elbow down, causing him to elbow his friend by mistake. Chris rushed to that dragon and did a strong punch to his face and rolled out the way of another strike, then rushed over to knee that dragon in the face.

Dante dodged some punches with some ease and then did a jumping kick to his face and immediately turned around to do a spin kick to another dragon's face. Dante then picked one dragon up over his head and tossed him to some others, knocking them all down and then doing a jump back hoof to a dragon's face.

Ryu blocked the attacks thrown at him and parried them a little to allow access to some strikes to their abs and sides. He went for their legs with quick kicks to cause them to lose balance and did some quick jabs and elbow strikes. He then unleashed a fury of strikes to one dragon and quickly hit some quick kicks to another.

Garble could only watch in shock as his allies were taken down one by one, these three ponies were no jokes.

"I'll teach you to make fools out of us!" Garble said and rushed at the three ponies. First Chris ran in for a running punch to his stomach, causing him to stop in his tracks. Then Dante did a jump kick to his face, causing him to stumble back. Finally Ryu rushed over and did a mighty Shoryuken to finally take Garble down.

The three ponies surveyed the area, their job was done and felt satisfied. Ryu then led his allies to the other ponies, a mix of excitement, impressiveness and some suspicion among them.

"Wow, you three were so awesome!" Dinky said.

"Very impressive I should say, I'm very happy you got out of there without any injuries," Doc said.

"It was no problem," Ryu said, then noticed Derpy somewhat glaring. "Um, is anything wrong ma'am?"

"Who are you three again? You look familiar," Derpy said.

"I'm Ryu, these are my allies, Chris and Dante."

"Ryu, Chris and Dante...I think I've seen you guys before, and I've heard of you, and how unfriendly you three were to Spider-Mane," Derpy said.

Dinky turned to Derpy with a confused glare, "Mom, they just helped us against those dragons, don't go around accusing them of anything!"

"I agree with Dinky on that, Derpy my dear," Doc said. "Those dragons were acting very rough towards us, we owe these three a huge degree of thanks."

Derpy had an unsure look on her face, "I guess, but still."

Dinky approached them, "Don't mind my mom," she then spoke in a hushed tone. "She has a crush on Spider-Mane."

"DINKY!" Derpy shouted.

Dinky cringed, "Guess I didn't whisper low enough."

Dante turned to Doc, "Man that must suck for you bro, that your wife has a thing for some other guy."

Doc blushed a little, "Derpy isn't my wife, I've dated her but she isn't my wife."

Dante looked to Dinky, "Who's your dad then?"

"I don't have one, I only had a mom, Derpy. She's never been married, I don't think she's ever really had a coltfriend," Dinky said.

Derpy face hoofed, "Can you keep anything a secret Dinky?"

"Were you adopted?" Ryu asked Dinky.

Dinky replied with a nod, "Yeah, I was. But it never really mattered to me, I still love Derpy as my mother."

Ryu smiled at that, "Good to hear. I was adopted myself, the man who took me in not only treated me like a son, he also taught me and my best friend Ken everything we know about martial arts."

"Wow, that's cool," Dinky said.

"Yeah, really nice. Anyway thanks for helping my daughter and my friend, we'll be leaving now," Derpy said with little meaning and walked off with Dinky and Doc.

Before leaving, Dante approached Doc. "Listen, you seem to like this chick, be honest with her."

"It's not that easy, I mean how do I compete with Spider-Mane?" Doc groaned. "I really don't like that stallion at times."

"Forget Spider-Mane, show her why you're good for her, she can't love the guy forever, he's already married and has a daughter and his own adopted son," Dante said.

"If you say so," Doc said and walked off with Dante heading back to his allies.

"Let's see if there's another place to train."

Back at the park, Peter is still mimicking Chun Li's movements, doing pretty well with her combos, though some proved a little harder than others, even with his spider reflexes.

"Try the combo again!" Chun Li ordered.

Peter had done a strike, into a back kick, followed by a twirl kick into a sweep and then upwards kick and got back on his hind legs and did a double punch.


Peter groaned, "Come on I did it like 5 times, don't you have any other-"

Chun Li's glare caused Peter to shut up and do the move again. While Peter was doing the combo she wanted, she wanted to make sure he did it quickly and gracefully, so these moves would come to him naturally.


Peter rolled his eyes and did the move, improving little by little as Chun Li watched carefully. After some more tries at the move, Chun Li ordered a halt. "That's enough."

Peter sat down and took a breath, "Finally, if I kept doing that move I might end up doing it in my sleep."

"That's a good thing Peter," Chun Li said. "If you can do these moves without a second thought, imagine how much better you will be at fighting."

Peter wiped some sweat. "You're quite the teacher, you weren't kidding about being tough."

"Of course, an instructor needs to be tough, no matter how much they care for those they teach," Chun Li said.

"I've seen it back in my world and in this one, Logan's pretty tough when he trains the X-Men, and then there's a mare named Spitfire who's tough on those she trains in flying," Peter said.

"Exactly, but just so you know, you're doing great so far," Chun Li said.

"Thanks," Peter stood up. "So what now?"

"I have a few more combos for you, they're gonna get really tough," Chun Li warned.

"Um, shouldn't I be doing some more stuff other than copying your combos?" Peter asked.

"It's not about copying them, it's about learning how to do them. Soon I'm gonna give you a little more freedom in your combos. Once I feel like you can handle them I'll train you on some of the more advanced technique, like my 'Spinning Bird-Kick'," Chun Li said.

"What about your 'Kikoken'? Are you gonna ever teach me that move?" Peter asked.

Chun Li shrugged, "Not sure, as great as you are, even you would take quite a long while before you can do that move. For now I'm gonna stick to what I know I can teach you."

"Sounds good, maybe soon I can try to teach you some of my moves," Peter said.

"Wow, that would be fun...though wouldn't I need webbing?" Chun Li asked.

"Hey I can do non-webbing attacks, though maybe one day I can give you your own web-shooters and spider costume," Peter said.

Chun Li thought about that a moment, the idea of being a spider- based superhero. "Wow, that would be unique...anyway time to focus."

Peter nodded and got into a fighting stance, "Alright then."

"Good, are you ready?" one he nodded, she continued, "Ok, let's go again."

Back with Ryu and his allies, they had found another area to train at, battling against each other.

Dante and Ryu had engaged in some matched blows with Ryu getting the upperhand when he managed to back kick Dante. Chris rushed in with some punches but Ryu blocked them and did a knee attack to his gut, though was left open for Dante to rush in and to a kick to Ryu's face.

Dante attempted to kick Chris but he side-stepped and did an elbow to Dante's gut and a strong right hoof to Dante's face and then shoulder rammed him down. Ryu rushed over to attack but Chris did a spinning back hoof to his face and allowed Dante a chance to leg sweep Ryu.

Ryu stood up and punched Dante down while ducking an attack from Chris and jabbing him hard in the gut and then doing an upwards kick to hit Chris under his chin and quickly turned around with a strong punch to Dante's face.

Sunset looked pretty awed, she can see why the fighters of this world were considered such tough competition to the Marvel world.

Chris shook off some sweat, "You never stop impressing me Ryu."

"Yeah seriously, even I'm left speechless sometimes, and that's a hard thing to do," Dante said.

"You're both great fighters yourselves, now let's continue with this-" Ryu stopped when he heard some yelling from a mare. "You hear that?"

They listened and heard another mare shout, "Get your freaken paws off me!"

"More ponies in danger," Sunset said. "Let's go check out the situation."

The four ran to where they heard the yelling and they saw two ponies struggling to get away from some dogs.

"What are those things!?" Dante asked.

"Those are Diamond Dogs, bunch of greedy creatures," Sunset said.

Chris looked to the two ponies, "I think I've seen those ponies before."

Sunset took a look herself, "That's Vinyl Scratch and Octavia! We have to help them!"

"Right, let's go!" Ryu said and led his allies down to them.

Octavia was attempting to fend off a Diamond Dog but she was outnumbered and was grabbed by one. Vinyl zapped a few in the face but she was also grabbed and both were presented in front of the leader Rover.

"Ponies find gems for Diamond Dogs! Ponies do all work for Diamond Dogs!" Rover said.

"We ain't doing your work, now let us go!" Vinyl shouted.

"Ponies have no choice, Diamond Dogs smarter! Diamond Dogs learn lesson from loud pony Rarity!" Rover said.

"HEY! That loud pony Rarity is a friend of mine!" Chris shouted as he made his way over with his allies.

Vinyl looked to them, "Hey it's the Capcom dudes!"

Octavia raised her eyebrow, "What are they doing here?"

"We're here to help you," Dante said.

Rover marched over to the Capcom trio, "You ponies won't take away our workers! Especially ponies that are friends with Rarity!"

"I don't know why you don't like Rarity, I'm gonna guess you tried this crap with her and she gave you an ass-kicking," Chris said.

"No! Worse! She whined! It was horrible!" Rover while holding his ears.

The trio just stood there with pitiful looks on their faces.

"Anyway...just let those two ponies go! We won't ask you again!" Chris shouted.

"Never! You ponies want these so much! You work with us too! Diamond Dogs! Grab three weird ponies!" Rover shouted.

"Who you calling weird!? You're the ones who can't talk properly!" Dante shouted.

One Diamond Dog jumped at Dante, but he side-stepped and kicked it's face. Another came but he back elbowed it. Two more went at him but he jumped up and allowed the two to collide with each other and he came down with a double knee drop.

One dog went after Chris but he punched it down. Another ran in but Chris kneed him and hit an uppercut. One dog managed to grab Chris but he stomped down on it's foot and elbowed it's gut to escape its hold, then side stepped and allowed one dog to collide with his friend.

Ryu dodged and parried several strikes from the dogs and did a quick series of punches and kicks, punching one dog in the jaw, one in the stomach, one in the side of it's head, then kicking one dog in the abs, one in the face and one on their side. More dogs came but Ryu proved to be too much when he did several elbows and kicks, even kicking one dog into the air and jumped up and punching the dog down.

The two dogs holding Vinyl and Octavia suddenly dropped them in fear and ran away, with other dogs following suit, leaving Rover all alone.

"You...you stupid ponies! You ruin plans! You pay for this! Now you get overpowered!" Rover said and ran after the trio, though Chris and Dante each punched Rover hard in the stomach while Ryu ran in and did a Shoryuken to bring the leader down.

"Pitiful mutt," Ryu said, looking down on his opponent.

Sunset rushed over to Vinyl and Octavia, "Are you both ok?"

"I'm fine, though I'm never coming out here again," Octavia said.

"Man those three Capcom guys really kicked ass there!" Vinyl said.

Ryu approached the two, "Glad you're both ok."

"Thanks to you guys. You're not bad," Vinyl said.

"Yes, saved Spider-Mane some trouble it seems," Octavia said.

Chris raised his eyebrow, "Pardon me?"

"I'm sure Spider-Mane would have come, he has a knack for sensing danger, though at least you three could help give him a chance to relax," Octavia said.

Dante approached her with a scowl, "We're not Spider-Man, or Spider-Mane's, little helpers. Next time someone saves your sorry ass make sure you show them a little appreciation before comparing them to some overrated superhero."

Octavia gasped, "Now see here, I know Spider-Mane personally and I don't think you should-"

"Tavi," Vinyl interrupted. "They're right, be a little more grateful. Spider-Mane's not the only one who could do this stuff, honestly I think these three are better than Spider-Mane."

"Thank you, pony with awesome glasses," Dante said, then got a glance of curiosity from Chris. "I don't know her name."

"Name's Vinyl, and your welcome...uh what's your name again?"

"Dante, nice to meet you Vinyl. Question, are you a DJ or something?" Dante wondered.

"Yeah why? You have a gig for me?" Vinyl asked.

"Not yet, but you seem cool, if I find a gig, you're the first one I'm gonna contact," Dante said.

"Sounds good to me bro, see ya around," Vinyl said and held her hoof out. Dante wasn't sure what to do at first, so he went with his instinct and did a hoof bump.

Vinyl lowered her sunglasses a little, "You know Dante, you ain't so bad looking."

Dante had a confident grin at hearing that, though Vinyl got shooed off by Octavia, "Go! Now!"

"Geez relax, don't act all jealous, I got a little something for you too," Vinyl said with a grin.

"GO!" Octavia said and moved Vinyl along, then turned to the trio. "Anyway thanks for your help."

The two ponies left the area, leaving the Capcom guys with mixed feelings. They didn't care for Octavia's attitude but they seemed to appreciate Vinyl a little.

"Come on, let's find another spot for you three to train at," Sunset said and led away the Capcom guys.

Back in the park, Twilight had arrived with a picnic basket, joined by Trixie and Spencer. The three saw how hard Peter had been training, and how tough Chun Li seemed as an instructor.

"Come on Peter, I know you're better than that!" Chun Li said.

Peter groaned a bit, still trying to do the move Chun Li required. "Man this is hard work."

"I do stuff like this all the time Peter, with enough practice it gets easier, with your skills it should take less time," Chun Li said.

Spencer snickered a bit, "Wow she's really working him. He almost looks like he's crying...maybe he actually is."

Twilight rolled her eyes and approached Chun Li, "Excuse me Chun Li?"

Chun Li turned around, "Oh, hello Twilight, here to see Peter's progress?"

"Yes, and I also have a little snack. You've been training for hours now and I imagine he's a little hungry," Twilight said.

Chun Li looked at the basket, then back to Peter. "I suppose he could take a little break, he's been working hard." Chun Li called to Peter, "Peter, time for you to take a break, your wife brought food!"

Peter's ears perked and looked over to Chun Li and Twilight, eager smile. "Fine by me!"

Peter made his way over to Twilight and greeted her with a kiss. "Thanks Twilight, you always know how to make me happy."

"That's my job, now eat up, you look hungry," Twilight said.

"I'll say," Peter grabbed some food and immediately started eating.

Twilight offered some food to Chun Li, "I imagine you might be hungry yourself."

"Thank you Twilight," Chun Li said and took a bite. "Delicious. Anyway Peter is making great progress, he's learning pretty quickly, though I guess it's to be expected."

"At least you're having better luck training him in martial arts than I did trying to teach him magic," Twilight said.

Peter glared a little at Twilight, "Sure, bring that up."

"What difference does it make if he can or can't do magic?" Spencer asked. "He's got super strength, super speed and he's highly intelligent, kid's got more good than bad."

Twilight nodded, "Thank you for pointing that out. Peter you should listen to Spencer, he knows what he's saying."

"The only thing he can't do is fly, that would make him the best," Spencer said.

Twilight gave Spencer a glare of disapproval, which he returned with a look of confusion, "What?"

Peter sighed and decided to change the subject, "Anyway where are Mayday and Rumble?"

"They're off playing with The Cutie Mark Crusaders," Twilight said. "Spike's watching them, so is Ursa."

"Who's Ursa?" Spencer asked.

"Our pet, she's a giant bear," Peter said.

Spencer and Chun Li just stated in confusion, what did Peter just say?

"Did you just say a giant bear!?" Spencer asked.

"Yeah, she's made of space, like actual starry space," Peter said.

Spencer turned to Chun Li in confusion, who only offered a shrug.

"I...I don't even know what to say...what kind of weird creatures do you have in this world!?" Spencer asked.

"To be fair Spencer, we have several weird creatures in our own right," Chun Li said.

"BUT A GIANT FREAKEN SPACE BEAR!?" Spencer shouted in disbelief.

"Spencer, we've seen a Thunder God in Peter's world and our world has a Sun Goddess in the appearance of a Wolf," Chun Li said.

"So like Celestia if she turned into a doggie?" Peter asked, getting a clonk from Twilight.

"Shut up."

"Wow Parker, your wife must be the dominant one in your home," Spencer said and started chuckling, getting a clonk of his own from Chun Li for that.

"Shut up."

Near Fluttershy's cottage, the Cutie Mark Crusaders along with Rumble and Mayday were playing with the Parker-Sparkle pet Ursa. They were running around on her head and back, and also sliding down off of her, to which she lifted them with her paw back onto her back.

Spike and Janet were watching from nearby, with Laura, Lightning Dust and Logan watching from in the fence while also tending to Fluttershy's animals.

"So why do Peter and Twilight have a giant Pet Bear again?" Laura asked.

"Hey that's a pretty cool pet to have, gotta admit, Peter and Twilight really know how to pick'em," Lightning said.

Apple Bloom notioned to the others, "Come on y'all! Let's slide down together! Ready, Set, Go!"

With that all five of them slid off her back and rolled around laughing.

"I feel like a little filly again," Sweetie said.

"Yeah, reminds me of our earlier days when we were looking fer our Cutie Marks," Apple Bloom said.

Mayday went to Ursa's paw, "Come on, let's do that again!"

The Crusaders followed while Spike watched with Janet.

"Those kids are so cute," Janet said.

"Yeah, they're pretty cool, at least when they're not being a pain," Spike said.

"Come on Spike, they're not that annoying are they?" Janet asked.

"Hey do you have any idea what it was like dealing with the Cutie Mark Crusaders? They have a tendency to be spoiled little fillies. Rumble and Mayday are cool at least, but the Crusaders, no thanks," Spike said.

Janet placed her foreleg around Spike, "You have to admit, they're sweet girls though. Mayday's also a little cutie, and Rumble...he reminds me of Peter."

"He gets that a lot, it's a big compliment for him, I just hope he doesn't grow up to be as dense," Spike said.

The foals continued playing as Fluttershy came out with some drinks, "Oh my, those kids are really having fun."

Laura turned around and saw the drinks, "Awesome, let me have one!"

Laura rushed over but Fluttershy kept the tray away, "Now, now Laura, you get yours when everypony else does."

"Make it quick," Lightning said. "Kinda thirsty myself."

"Alright, come on everypony," Fluttershy said as everyone there except the foals walked over.

Fluttershy noticed that the foals were still playing, "Guess they're not thirsty. I'll let them have their fun first."

Rumble looked around while sitting on Ursa. "Nice view up here, I mean I can get a better view flying but it's nice to sit down and see it, makes it easier to take in."

Mayday looked around, "It is pretty, I can't wait til I can fly, I can see all the things Auntie Rainbow Dash and Uncle Johnny see."

"Let's take a ride on Ursa!" Sweetie suggested.

"That sounds fun!" Scootaloo said.

"Wait, we need to ask the others first," Rumble said and called out. "Hey! Fluttershy! Spike! Logan! Can me and the girls take a ride with Ursa and let her walk around!?"

Fluttershy looked to Logan, "What should we do?"

Logan turned to Spike, "Got any calls kid?"

Spike nodded and called out, "That's fine if you do! Just don't go too far! Also DON'T go into The Everfree Forest!"

"Ok Uncle Spike!" Mayday said and gave the order to Ursa. "Let's go!"

Ursa nodded as the foals went on top of her head as she marched off.

Off at a forest area, the Capcom trio are still doing their training, though instead of fighting each other, they practiced moves on their own. While Dante and Chris were off practicing on their own, Sunset approached Ryu, who was trying to channel his energy.

"I have to admit, out of all of your friends, you seem the nicest and the most respected."

Ryu turned to Sunset with a nod, "Much appreciated."

"But...like your friends, I know you don't like Spider-Mane, or Peter as I know him...why don't you like him?" Sunset asked.

Ryu crossed his forelegs, "I have many reasons, other than my dislike of spiders in general. One reason being his lack of respect. I don't think he takes anything seriously, whenever he fights he treats it like some silly game. Now I myself know those who act like cocky brash and arrogant people, my best friend Ken is one of the, and you see how Dante acts."

Ryu turned to Sunset with a glare, "However they themselves know when to stop joking around at least. Spider-Man always likes to make nothing out of everything, he lacks proper discipline."

"But that's not true, I've seen up close how Peter can be when the time calls for it," Sunset said. "Now I know he is like that, I remember fighting him five years ago when I was being controlled, and how much he worried his wife during his crazy fights. But beyond that he always knew when to stop joking, especially when it came time for him to help others. I still remember how hard he fought when our Princess Luna was taken over by some symbiote thing, and also how hard he fought during the final battle against the very being who controlled me. Deep down he just has a lot of rage, his jokes are just a way of him trying to stay optimistic despite all the bad situations he finds himself in."

"Rage? What rage does he have?" Ryu asked.

"I don't know all the details, but he's had to deal with a lot of pain throughout his life," Sunset said. "He has a lot of anger built up, plus it doesn't help that he has never had good control over his emotions, and those are the very things that drive him. He also has a bad habit of never talking about his problems, he sooner help someone else with their troubles than burden others with his."

Sunset closed her eyes as she took a breath, "Believe me when I say, he's not perfect. What impresses ponies is how hard he tries despite that. He's also always there for ponies, just just for his heroics, but to be their friend. In this world, friendship is the most important thing to a pony, I would even say that Peter was always meant to be in a world like this."

Ryu took time to register everything. Truth be told, he's starting to understand certain things about Spider-Man, and realizes he may have been too harsh with him in the past. But before he could say anything, Dante chimed in.

"I can't listen to this crap anymore."

Dante angrily approached Sunset, "He's not the only one who's dealt with crap in his life! I've been through a lot myself! Ever since I was a freaken kid! I have NEVER had a normal life! What makes Peter Parker's burdens so much greater than ours!?"

Before Sunset could respond, Chris also approached her, "The things I've been through as well. Parker is not the only one to have fought for the safety of the world, so have myself, Dante and Ryu! We've all had that burden, because Spider-Man is NOT the only superhero around!"

Sunset groaned, "Are you even listening! No one said he's the only one, and he knows that there are others! He himself doesn't consider himself better than anypony else! He always talks about how great the other heroes are, including his friends and even heroes from other worlds! I remember him talking about this one superhero Superman, who sounds really awesome and-"

"Don't get me started on that guy, he's more overrated than Spider-Man!" Dante said.

"Yeah seriously, he also dresses more ridiculous than Spider-Man," Chris said.

"Wow you guys have no respect for any superheroes do you?" Sunset said with a look of bemusement.

"Hey you wanna be a fangirl over these superheroes then that's your problem, us we know better," Dante said.

Sunset turned to Ryu, "You're more reasonable, may I hear your opinion?"

Before Ryu could say anything, they heard loud stomping. "What's that?"

They all listened again, it became louder and louder.

"Sounds big...think it's one of those dragons?" Dante asked.

"Not sure, let's go check it out," Chris said.

Back with Ursa, she had strolled along near the forest, occasionally glancing up to make sure all the foals were comfortable. They were all sitting together, with Rumble sitting in the middle. Mayday was on his lap while holding him tightly. Scootaloo was hugging Rumble from behind, resting her chin on his head. Sweetie Belle hugged him on his right side, her head resting on his shoulder. Apple Bloom hugged him from the left, her head resting against his.

Rumble didn't mind this too much, he's slowly starting to accept that these fillies might like him, he just needs to manage the emotions, they all have something special about them that makes it hard for him to know what he wants to do.

Rumble grabbed both Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom and pulled them closer to him, earning a blush from the fillies. He also nuzzled closer to Scootaloo, causing her to hug Rumble tighter and look down on him with a blush.

"For an energetic bunch of fillies, you can be really calm when you want to be," Rumble said. "You're also cuddly to hug."

Apple Bloom giggled, "Rumble, yer such a flatter."

"You can hug me all day Rumble," Sweetie said.

"We're also here to hug you," Scootaloo added, hugging Rumble tighter.

Mayday nuzzled against Rumble's chest, "You're cuddly to hug too."

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle each also hugged tighter as a way of showing that they agree with that statement. Usa could sense the love between the foals, and it brought a smile to her face.

As Ursa walked, she suddenly stopped when three not so familiar ponies appeared before her, all of them looking a bit weirded out.

"Chris...Dante...do you have the slightest idea what that is?" Ryu asked.

"One giant ugly looking bear that looks like it formed in space," Dante said.

"Yeah seriously what types of freaks live in this world," Chris said.

Ursa didn't take to kindly to what they had said, growling at the three ponies.

All of them got into a fighting stance, with Dante giving a smug grin, "Bring it on, give me your best shot."

Ursa got the foals off her head and stared down the three ponies, with Chris stepping forward. "You don't scare us, we've taken on worse than you."

Apple Bloom immediately recognized them, "Ryu!? Chris!? Dante!? What are y'all doing here!?"

Dante raised his eyebrow, "Apple Bloom, what were you doing with this-" Suddenly he had to evade an attack from Ursa, with Ryu and Chris also rolling out the way.

"Ursa, wait! They're friends!" Apple Bloom shouted, though it didn't get through to Ursa as she approached the three again.

"Ok, you wanna go!? Fine!" Dante said and rushed at Ursa with a jumping kick to it's face, knocking Ursa back a little.

"Guys! Wait! Don't hurt her!" Scootaloo shouted.

Sunset finally caught up to her three escorts and saw Ursa and the foals. "What's going on!?"

Ursa went to attack again but Dante grabbed her paw and managed to toss her a little against a tree. Chris rushed over to her face and started attacking it with hard strikes, though he got whacked away.

Sunset took a moment to recognize the creature, "Wait, that's Peter and Twilight's pet Ursa!"

"We've been trying to tell them that, but they ain't listening!" Apple Bloom shouted.

Ursa stood up and slammed her paw down on Dante, but he rolled out the way and went for another kick, but Ursa whacked him to a tree. Ryu took the chance to run over and do a diving punch to her snout, stunning her a bit.

Sunset turned to the foals, "Stay back! I'll handle this!" She rushed over to the Ursa. "Ursa wait! Let me talk to them so I can-" Suddenly Sunset was whacked back when a still stunned Ursa threw her paws out randomly.

Sunset hit a rock and knocked her dizzy, getting the foals worried as they rushed toward her. Chris noticed this and ran over to her as well, "Shimmer!"

Sunset looked out of it, she had a bad bump on her head.

"Damn, that looks like it hurts," Chris said, and turned to the foals. "Is there anyone nearby that can help!?"

"Yeah, Fluttershy, but Chris you need to know-" Apple Bloom was interrupted when Chris noticed Ursa make her way towards him.

"No time to talk! Go! Quickly!"

Apple Bloom turned to her friends, each of them unsure about what needs to be done. They decided it'd be better to find Fluttershy anyway, see if she can help cool things down a bit.

"Alright, we'll do it," Apple Bloom said and turned to her friends. "Let's hurry!"

As they ran off, Chris turned to Ursa. "You want some you giant piece of crap!?"

Ursa went to attack but Dante kicked her hard in the side, while Chris rushed over and rammed against her arm. Ursa got angrier and slammed down on Chris, but he rolled out the way as Dante jumped to do high powered kick to her head.

Ryu then ran over and did his Spinning Hurricane Kick to Ursa's face and followed up with a knee strike to knock her over. Chris and Dante both ran in to attack as well, both doing some strikes to Ursa.

Ursa got angry and whacked both of them far back and focused her attention on Ryu. She ran at him but Ryu did a hard kick to her jaw and then kicked her up, causing her to stand on her hindlegs.

Ryu then ran in and did a big combo of a few light punches, then a medium low kick, knee to her gut, then some high powered jabs, quick light kicks and a heavy punch and finished with a Hadouken.

Ursa stumbled and fell on her back, falling out the forest with a huge thud.

Ryu approached Chris and Dante, "You two ok?"

Dante nodded, "I'm pretty durable, I've had worse."

"Same here," Chris said. "I've learned to handle pain."

Ryu nodded, then noticed Ursa stand up again, and march towards them. She looked furious and wanted some more. She ran at them while Ryu had his allies stand back.

"I got this," Ryu said and ran at Ursa, "Shin...SHORYUKEN!" Ryu shouted as he hit his strongest Dragon Punch to Ursa's jaw, finally giving her a KO, and defeating the giant bear.

Dante crossed his forelegs with a chuckle, "That was freaken awesome dude."

"Yeah, you never cease to amaze me," Chris said.

Ryu looked over to the Ursa and walked back to his friends, "This has actually made for some good training."

"Yeah, and we didn't even need our weapons," Dante said.

"You don't need them...at least all the time," Ryu said. "Your true power lies in your fist."

"Don't get corny with me Ryu," Dante said, then turned to see Sunset coming around. "Good, she's alright, kinda had me worried."

Chris approached Sunset, "Hey, you ok? You took a bad hit."

"I'm fine, I've been in worse, it just took me by surprise," Sunset said.

Ryu helped Sunset up, "What matters is that you're ok, a little hurt but nothing you can't handle."

Sunset nodded, "Thanks...hey wait where's the Ursa Minor?"

"Is that what it's called?" Ryu asked, then pointed to Ursa. "Anyway it's right there, I knocked it out with my Shoryuken."

Sunset's eyes widened, "You did what!? Why would you do that!?"

Ryu raised his eyebrow, "That thing was dangerous, it hurt you and could have hurt the foals."

"The foals?" Sunset said and looked around. "Wait, where are they anyway!?"

"I sent them to find that Fluttershy pony," Chris said. "I figured they could help you out, though you look to be fine at least."

"Why are you so worried about that bear though?" Dante asked.

"That bear belongs to Princess Twilight and Spider-Mane! You beat up their pet!" Sunset said.

Each of them had a look of amazement and confusion.

"Spider-Man has a giant freaken bear as a pet!?" Dante asked.

"Holy shit, who keeps a giant bear as a pet!?" Chris asked.

"That boy continues to amaze me at times, but why a creature that big? Does it even fit in his home!?" Ryu asked.

Before Shimmer could answer, some more ponies arrived. We see Fluttershy, Laura, Lightning Dust, Spike and Janet with the foals.

Fluttershy immediately rushed over to Ursa, "Oh you poor thing."

Spike turned to the three Capcom, guys, "How...I mean, that's impossible!"

"That we beat up a giant bear?" Ryu asked.

"That's not even the most impressive thing we've done," Dante said.

Spike groaned, "When Peter and Twilight find out about this they're gonna be totally mad! Have you SEEN Peter when he's mad!?"

"Um, they have Spike," Lightning said. "Peter knocked them all out cold remember?"

Dante glared at Lightning Dust, causing her to immediately hide behind Spike. The young dragon made sure to stand his ground, to give Lightning Dust a sense of safety.

Back with Peter and Chun Li, they had done a little spar against each other. Peter was attempting to fight in a style similar to Chun Li, incorporating the combos he taught her. Twilight, Trixie and Spencer continued watching as the two really went at each other, though both of them held back. Especially Peter, he didn't want to hurt Chun Li.

Though Peter's attempts to make sure he didn't hurt Chun Li left him open on occasion, allowing her to deliver some quick strikes. He may be stronger than her but she can be just as fast as him and knew how to wear down her opponents.

During the fight, Peter had attempted to do an upwards kick that he learned from Chun Li but he had held back a little, allowing her to quickly sweep his leg and then quickly stood over him in a defensive position.

"You're a little sloppy, are you holding back?" Chun Li asked.

"Kinda, not to brag but I do have super strength, I don't wanna hurt you," Peter said.

Chun Li helped Peter up, "That's very sweet of you Peter, but foolish. Right now we're doing a sparring match, you're supposed to defeat me."

"You're my trainer, and my friend, I don't want to hurt you really," Peter said.

Chun Li rubbed his face, "You truly are a gentle boy, amazing given your strength." She wiped the hair out of his face, "But don't worry about hurting me. I'm a martial artist, I get hurt a lot, I've fought guys twice your size." She then muttered, "Though they only have half your strength it seems."

Peter looked unsure, "If you say so, I'll try not to use too much of my strength."

"Use enough to defeat me if anything, but don't hold back too much. I want you at your best, that's why I'm training you, so you can be the best," Chun Li said.

"Well I am learning from the best at least," Peter said with a kind smile, causing Chun Li to blush a little.

Chun Li cleared her throat and tried to maintain a serious face, "Anyway, get back in position, and come at me again."

Peter nodded and prepared for more, but suddenly Logan had arrived.

"Peter! We got some trouble!" Logan said.

"What type of trouble?" Peter asked.

"It's your pet Ursa," Logan said.

Peter rolled his eyes, "Aw man, did she break something!? How bad is it?"

"She hasn't broken anything yet, if anything she's the one in danger," Logan said.

Twilight approached him with a worried glance, "What's wrong?"

"I'll explain on the way, better hurry though," Logan said and ran off with the ponies following.

Soon enough, the ponies arrived where the Ursa was taken down, and Twilight immediately approached it. "Ursa!"

Trixie also ran to it, having joined Twilight, Fluttershy and Mayday.

Chun Li and Spencer looked surprised to see this pet bear of there's, it was huge. Quite a pet they would say.

Peter looked furious, he looked to Rumble. "What happened to Ursa!?"

"They did," Rumble said, pointing to the Capcom trio, who along with Sunset were still explaining the situation to Spike and Janet.

Peter angrily approached the trio, "HEY!"

All three looked at Peter taking note of his furious glare.

"What do you want Parker?" Dante asked.

"What did you stupid freaken nimrods do to my bear!?" Peter asked.

"Beat the shit out of it, what does it look like we did?" Dante said bluntly, earning a glare from all the ponies nearby.

"You...you just attacked my pet Ursa! And you think it's a joke!? That it's nothing!? Are you proud of that!?" Peter asked, his anger seeping through more and more.

"Hey that thing attacked us first, what are you even doing with a giant bear anyway!?" Chris asked.

"Yeah I mean do you think that highly of yourself that you need some giant bear as a pet!?" Dante asked.

Peter got in Dante's face, "That bear is my family! I don't like when others hurt my family!"

Before anything could get out of hoof, Ryu approached Peter calmly. "Look, we were unaware that the bear belonged to you, had we known-"

"Had you known you'd probably would have done worse, RIGHT!?" Peter asked, getting in Ryu's face. "Wouldn't you!?"

"Watch it Parker, we got enough left to take you on right now!" Chris warned.

Peter turned around and started to approach Chris but Chun Li ran over, "Peter, don't! It's not worth it to fight them right now!"

Peter glared, "They hurt my pet Chun Li! I am not gonna stand back when-"

"Peter!" Chun Li shouted. "I know you're mad but you need to control your temper, if you attack them out of anger you'll just make yourself look worse to my world than you already look!"

Peter got in Chun Li's face, "I don't CARE about that crap! I just want to teach these BASTARDS a lesson for messing with my family, now stay out of my business or-"

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Chun Li shouted, getting further in Peter's face. "As your trainer I order you to calm down and stand aside!"

Peter raised his eyebrow. "Hey outside of my martial arts training you can't-"

"STAND DOWN!" Chun Li shouted, her glare driving her point home. Peter wanted to argue but he just couldn't bring himself to further upset Chun Li. Out of respect for her he stood aside and made his way to his bear.

"Man, you really got him on a tight leash there-" Dante's insult was interrupted when Chun Li struck him hard on the head.

"I don't wanna hear your mouth Dante! Now shut up and get moving! We're going back to Canterlot right now, but you can damn well be sure that you'll be back to help take care of that bear!" Chun Li turned to Ryu and Chris, "That order also goes for you two!"

"You can't be serious, I am not taking care of a-" this time Chris got stuck hard on his head by Chun Li.

"DON'T ARGUE WITH ME! Get moving to the train station now!"



Chris groaned, rubbing his head a little and started walking to the station alongside Dante, both muttering colorful language about Chun Li.

Ryu turned to Shimmer a moment, "You're right about one thing...he is emotionally driven."

Ryu then followed his allies, leaving Sunset a little disappointed. She approached Peter apologetically, "So...how's Ursa?"

"Where were you!?" Peter asked, looking at Sunset. "Weren't you supposed to be watching them!?"

Sunset seemed a little concerned, "I was, and I tried to tell them but-"

"You had one simple job Shimmer! One Job! And you failed!" Peter said. "That's the thing with you isn't it, you constantly fail! You're just not as good as you think you are, then when things don't go your way, you start whining to others and blaming others when everything-!"

"HEY!" they heard Ryu shout. He had angrily approached Peter. "That's enough out of you! What happened falls on me and my allies! Sunset Shimmer had nothing to do with it! How DARE you blame her for this!"

"Buzz off jackass, I wasn't talking to you," Peter said.

Ryu groaned, "For a pony who needs so many others to point out their good qualities so they don't feel so bad about their flaws, you seem to easily jump on others for their mistakes! I don't care if you blame me or my allies, I do care if you blame Shimmer for something beyond her control!"

"I just told you to buzz off!" Peter said.

"This is why I don't like you. For a big time superhero you're very childish! I mean who are you to be acting like this anyway?" Ryu asked.

"For one, I'm Spider-Man and-"

"YOU'RE NOT A MAN! YOU'RE JUST A CHILD!" Ryu shouted. "Until you grow up you'll NEVER be respected among us! You are nothing but-"

"RYU THAT'S ENOUGH!" Chun Li shouted. "Go back to Chris and Dante right now!"

Ryu glared a little at Chun Li before walking back to his allies. Sunset decided to follow them, not wanting to be around much longer. Peter just continued to look over his pet Ursa, with Twilight feeling worried for him.

Later the Capcom trio along with Sunset Shimmer were waiting at the station. Shimmer had turned to Ryu with a saddened face, "Um...thanks for helping me out back there."

"No trouble. I myself apologize for any grief we caused you," Ryu said.

Sunset nodded, "Also, I appreciate the concern you all had for me. I'm surprised you actually cared though, I figured you didn't like me that much."

"We may not be the friendliest, but we do have some concern over others," Chris said.

"Yeah, we got your back Shimmer," Dante said.

"Thanks...I'm not a perfect Pony, I've made so many mistakes. I'm glad to know I have friends to help me out of those mistakes," Sunset said.

"What mistakes have you made that you're so concerned?" Ryu asked.

Sunset bit her lip, "Let's just say, I always thought I was better than I was to a point I would do anything to be stronger. It got to a point where I even turned into a monster...it was horrible."

Ryu sighed, "You're not alone. I know a man who had that same problem, he cared more about power than anything, and it cost him his humanity."

Sunset looked surprised, "Wow...that must have been something."

"I too struggle with a darkness, it's not an easy struggle but as long as you try to do the right thing, then you'll always come out strong. Remember that Sunset Shimmer," Ryu said.

Sunset nodded as she waited for the train. Soon two ponies came up to them.

"Hey! You three!" one said.

"Shimmer, who are they?" Ryu asked.

Sunset looked to them, "Oh, I think that's...Lyra and Bon Bon."

Chris remembered Lyra, "Oh yeah, the mare who liked the idea of being a human."

Bon Bon approached them, with some treats on a plate. "Hey, I made these for you three."

Chris looked them over, "That's really nice of you, what for though?"

"For helping some friends of ours," Bon Bon said. "You helped Doctor Hooves, Derpy and Dinky with the dragons, and you helped Vinyl and Octavia with the diamond dogs."

"Oh, that wasn't anything really. We're just happy to help," Chris said.

Bon Bon nodded, "Still, they seemed really grateful. So are you leaving?"

"Yeah, we'll be back soon though, we have to help Spider-Mane take care of his...pet bear," Chris said.

Bon Bon raised her eyebrow, "You mean that Ursa Minor? Any reason?"

"We accidentally attacked it, thinking it was a threat. We didn't realize he was Spider-Mane's pet until afterwards," Chris said.

"Then he got all mad about it, yelling and what-not," Dante said.

"Well why would you guys attack his pet?" Lyra asked. "I think he has a right to be angry, especially considering how rude you three normally are to him."

"Lyra!" Bon Bon said, then turned to the others. "Ignore her, she's a huge fan of Spider-Mane. Me, not so much."

"I don't get that about you, how many times has he saved us!?" Lyra asked.

"How many times did he endanger us?" Bon Bon retorted.

Ryu rolled his eyes, "He's not even that good a person, or pony. He was so angry he took it out on this poor mare," he pointed to Sunset. "She tried to comfort him but he just yelled at her and made her feel worse than she should. I can't respect that."

"Hey to be fair, she hasn't always been the nicest pony," Lyra said, upsetting Sunset.

"Lyra! be nice!" Bon Bon said and turned back to Chris, giving him the treats. "But thanks for helping my friends. Come back sometime."

She left with Lyra, but not before turning back to Chris, "By the way, you're pretty handsome."

Chris did a sheepish smile as Bon Bon was shooed away by Lyra angrily.

"Man, these ponies really like us," Dante said.

"Starting to like them myself, they're pretty nice," Chris said.

Before long, Chun Li made her way over along with Spencer, the Parker-Sparkle family and Fluttershy's family. The Crusaders also made their way over, joined by their sisters and their coltfriends, plus Future Sweetie, Pinkie and Deadpool.

"Here they come," Ryu said, then heard the sound of the train. "Just in time too."

The train came to a stop, with the Capcom trio preparing to go inside. Applejack and Rarity approached Dante and Chris, hugging them both goodbye while Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle did the same thing. Scootaloo approached Ryu and also gave him a hug goodbye before the three boarded the train.

Before Sunset boarded the train, Peter walked over to her. "Sunset, wait please."

Sunset was a bit concerned at what he might say, "Sure, what is it?"

Peter rubbed his head, "Listen...I'm sorry for yelling at you like that. I shouldn't have gotten mad, what happened wasn't your fault."

Sunset smiled at him, "It's fine, all is forgiven."

Peter pulled her into a hug, "It isn't fine to me. A friend should never talk like that to another friend."

"Friends also make mistakes," Sunset said, returning the hug. "I know you Peter, and I know you can get a little emotional. You're just too caring sometimes. Plus I know it was mainly your frustration towards the Capcom guys."

Peter rubbed her mane, "For the record, I don't think you're a failure, you're a great pony."

"It's fine Peter, stop apologizing," Sunset said and broke the hug. "We're still friends, don't worry."

Sunset boarded the train with a relieved smile. She's happy to know he's calmed down and they were able to resolve this as soon as possible, hoping it would sooth his guilt complex.

Ryu had noticed this from nearby, still having some doubt on Peter, but hoped maybe he can fully earn his respect. Until then, he's just an opponent that he intends to defeat.

Spencer also boarded the train, but before Chun Li could, Peter approached her. "Wait..."

Chun Li motioned for Spencer to go in as she turned to Peter. "Yes Peter?"

"Listen...I'm sorry for getting mad at you. I was out of line and I shouldn't address you like that, you did so much for me to day and-"

Chun Li placed her hoof on his shoulder, "Peter, I know you were mad. You had every reason to be. Plus I already forgive you for your outburst, despite your anger I could also sense the sorrow and worry in you, plus your frustration. They hurt your pet after all, so I understand that you got angry."

"I was worried, especially when I realized that those kids were so close to the fighting, they could have gotten hurt," Peter said.

"Yes, there's that too," Chun Li said.

Peter sighed, "Still, I shouldn't have gotten angry at you. You are my trainer, and I should treat you with respect."

"Peter, you didn't say anything that bad, you just got a little angry, don't worry so much alright?" Chun Li said.

Peter nodded, "Sure thing, thanks Chun Li."

Chun Li gave Peter a hug, "No problem, remember when I'm tough with you, it's out of care for you."

"I know," Peter said, returning the hug. "You're a good friend to have."

Chun Li nodded, then looked to the side a little, "Looks like our training had to be shortened today."

"Yeah...too bad I guess," Peter said.

"Which means next time we'll just have to train much longer, and you'll have to get up much earlier," Chun Li said.

Peter's eyes widened, "Wait! We can just train right now! I'm up for it!"

Chun Li shook her head, "No...we'll wait. I'll let you know when the next training session is though Peter, just be ready to be up at the same time as the sun."

Chun Li boarded the train with a grin, leaving Peter with some despair.

"Great...oh well," Peter said.

Johnny patted his back, "Hey at least you got a good teacher bro."

"Yeah, should help you truly become the best," Remy said.

Peter nodded," Guess so."

Rainbow Dash flew over to Peter, "Hey, when are you gonna show off some of your moves?"

"Did she teach you some of those weird kicks she does?" Bobby asked.

"Have you gotten more...flexible?" Future Sweetie asked with a flirtatious voice.

"How hard did she work you?" Applejack asked.

Peter looked around a bit as the questions came in quickly, "Hey easy everypony, I'll get to your questions in a moment, for now I'd like to settle down a little. Chun Li's training is no joke."

"Speaking of which, have any of you other heroes been training?" Trixie asked.

"I train with Rainbow Dash, we like to spar sometimes," Johnny said.

"I usually train when I have the time to," Logan said.

Peter looked to the others, "I hope all of you have been preparing, the warriors at Capcom are pretty tough, you all know that."

"Hey I know first hand how tough them Capcom folks are," Remy said.

"But we could use a little more practice so we don't get too rusty," Janet said.

"A few practice runs couldn't hurt, we need to be in shape anyway. Not just to face our rivals, but to be ready to save those we love," Peter said.

The others nodded in agreement. During this, Mayor Mare had arrived. "Spider-Mane we need your help, a Dragon and a Diamond Dog are in town, they look pretty mad."

"Did you say dragon? Aren't they big though?" Bobby asked.

"It was a smaller Dragon, he sounded like a teenager," Mayor said.

"A Dragon and a Diamond Dog?" Peter said. "What do they want?"

"I'm not sure, they're just asking around for a group of ponies, something about wanting a rematch against three ponies who know how to punch and kick all fancy like," Mayor said.

"Sounds like they're looking for Ryu, Chris and Dante, but they left," Peter said.

"Those Diamond Dogs, they've caused nothing but trouble," Rarity said.

"Same with those teen dragons, I bet know who it is," Spike said.

Peter grinned, "So my fellow superheroes, what do you say in helping me teach a lesson to a dragon and a diamond dog?"

Logan responded with a 'snikt', Laura did something similar, Johnny flamed on, Bobby became icy, Janet shrunk down, Deadpool did a hero pose and Remy grabbed his cards.

"Seems like you're ready for some fun," Peter slipped on his web shooters, "So am I."

Pinkie had a giddy giggle, "This should be fun to watch!"

Peter pointed forward, "Let's go team!"

Peter and his friends rushed to the city to handle the two bullies, and get a little practice in while the Ponies and Spike followed, eager to see a little action.

In Equestria, things can be super exciting.

Author's Note:

Training with Spider-Mane and the Capcom fighters. Hope you like the action.