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This story is a sequel to Spiders & Magic: Adventures

One year after saving Equestria from Tirek's forces, Peter Parker and his family hoped to have some peace again. Unfortunately plans changed when Albert Wesker returned to Equestria, with old and new allies in hopes of fulfilling his goal of Multiverse Domination.

Peter must now team with his wife Twilight Sparkle, as well as friends from Equestria, Marvel and even Capcom in hopes of ending this trouble for good. Unfortunatley for Peter, as the fight draws on, he finds himself with other conflicts, those of who he deems family and friends.

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So, it's time for Marvel vs Capcom again? Very well. (Well, at least it's not hero against hero this time... I hope).

Great start so far! Surprised to see Wesker and his group show up and lay the smackdown already. He's got quite the roster of villains with him this time (not like his last team were pushovers), and he's got Ultron with him!

I assume the main Marvel heroes from the last story are returning as well as Ryu, Chris and Dante playing the biggest roles as Capcom heroes. Is anyone else from Capcom going to join the fight with the trio this time? Or will they be backup like before?

Looking forward to see how this all goes. And may Wesker get his smug face beaten again.

Well that got out of hand pretty fast. Wesker sure wasted no time in starting his revenge on Spider-Man, even bringing in Ultron and letting the murder bot beat up the ponies brutally. But seriously, six years waiting and nothing else better to do? He really needs to get a life!
And Eris steps in and somehow brings the gang to Marvel Earth (with Human Torch just conveniently in the area. How is the portal to Earth open, how did Eris know what to do and how did Wesker and his allies find a way to come back? Hopefully some answers will be told soon.

It has been Eleven Years after all

Okay, either the whole 'time for Earth flows faster on Equestria' has been disregarded or they somehow found a way to travel to Equestria and synchronise both world's flow of time together. These timelines are so confusing... :pinkiesick:

ULTRON?!? Screwed on so many levels. This is gonna be an epic fight!

Yes, the Marvel heroes from last time will return, plus some others. Also yes, the same Capcom Heroes will also return, but it won't be just those three. Great as they are, they're not used to fighting against robots. But fortunately they have a friend from their world that's very capable with that, it is part of what he normally does after all. :ajsmug:

Those questions will be answered soon, including how Marvel Earth and Equestria seem to by synched when it comes to how time moves. Can't reveal everything right away after all. :raritywink:

7701533 :pinkiehappy: I'll play the theme song when he arrives. That's a showdown I never thought I'd see, Mega Man vs Ultron! I can't wait to see how he interacts with the others this time since the rivalry ended.

Oh please update more! Right now im kind of bored so yea

That was a cute reunion between the Marvel Heroes and Equestrian. Though, now I await the chaos that Pinkie and Deadpool will cause once they reunite. Even Eris will be impressed. :pinkiecrazy:

And I chuckled at Peter having to explain what happened after the heroes left. They would never believe what they missed. And will Deadpool bring up that he was involved in Discord and Tirek's plan even if it was very brief and somewhat harmless?

Then surprise appearande by Vega at the end. is he playing a role like last time? Also, Hi, Electro! Bye, Electro!

WeskerxStarlight: Supervillain shipping? Didn't see that coming...

And so everyone is gathering on Earth (with still no explanation how both world's flow of time is synched when Earth's time should be years ahead of Equestria's) and Peter's about to bring everyone up to speed on what has been going on since they last saw each other.

This is the third or fourth time she's done something this stupid

Not to mention that time she STABBED her own father just to prove a point, doing so willingly having chosen to go with Discord's logic and ignore her own family's warnings about his tricks, and that really backfired severely.

Electro couldn't move, he felt paralyzed, his electricity faded, his vision blurred, then felt Wesker pull his hoof out, leaving him standing and holding his stomach in pain.
"That was foolish, very foolish," Wesker said.
As Electro staggered back, Starlight then blasted him out of the castle into the distance. Feeling satisfied she turned to Wesker, talking as if nothing had happened. "So, I'll see you soon?"

:ajbemused: Well Electro was completely useless and one-sided here.

"Good guess, I couldn't resist. When you told me you were coming to this world, I wanted to see up close what you could do," Starlight said, batting her eyes at him. "Let's just say I was really impressed with what I saw."

Wesker grinned, "Ms. Glimmer, are you perchance flirting with me? This is suppose to be a professional relationship."

"Sorry, I can't help it," Starlight said, rubbing his chin. "You're quite handsome.

:applejackunsure: Nope. I don't buy. Starlight has less interest in flirting and has more interest in her own personal goals.

That bastard is still alive!? Oh I can't wait until Peter gets a load of this.

Expect a little story for Pinkie regarding her feelings for Deadpool.

The explanation about the time between worlds is coming soon. Also for what it's worth, Wesker and Starlight aren't in love with one another, Starlight flirting with him was just her messing around, Wesker knew that and humored her.

Oh that won't be pretty when Peter discovers this, or the rest of the family. Question is, who will he side with?

I now have the mental image of Shocker trashing Peter's room out of spite. Sonata's really gonna have a hard time explaining why she brought them to their house, that is if Peter doesn't smash Vega's face on sight. And nice reference to the herd idea from Part IV, that was a clever joke from Peter.

After last time they met, I think Ryu, Chris and Dante are more willing to listen to Peter, especially if their enemies are involved. And Black Cat, Thunderlane and Electro are joining forces. Hopefully Max is willing to cooperate till the end before he blows a fuse at the idea lf working with the same people who killed the Sinister Six. Also can't wait to see what Mega Man brings to the table this time.

All this talk about Deadpool. He and Pinkie are gonna have a grand reunion.

Can't wait for the big fight!

Okay I'm sorry, but I kind of have a problem with the somewhat forced shipping here. You make it sound like the girls were completely obsessed with their love interests even after they had six years apart (according to your timeline canon) to get over them and move on and then unexpectedly seeing them again would be shocking and awkward, same thing applies vice versa, it just seems OOC. Not that there's anything completely wrong with it, I just find it sorta cringy at best. I think it would've been better if they had been reluctant to resume the relationships they had once started but then overtime as the story progresses and danger lurks by, they realise how much they really missed each other. I think you rushed that part.
And I'm not too sure about where you're going with Shocker and Electro, both of their roles just conveniently rushed in, not to mention Vega who after what he's done shouldn't really deserve that much sympathy. But I'll let it slide for now and see where it goes.

On a positive note, I did get a chuckle out of that 'scrapped herd plot' joke given how that was originally going to be canon to the main storyline before it was scrapped'. And I can imagine this was everyone's reaction to Peter's terrible joke.

Appreciate the honest feedback. Maybe that other idea could have worked, but I do have plans for something similar and I wanted to go for a happy reunion with the rest of the Elements and the Heroes. I imagine while they were happy as they were, deep down they really missed their loved ones, so it means a lot for them to be together.

Plus everything else will have an explanation soon, hopefully it's one that would satisfy.

Well, crap. The battle's already just begun. And of course, Ultron has his army of robots, which are capable of going against the Avengers.

At the very least, Strange got in contact with one of the more reasonable Capcom heroes in this series, besides Nathan Spencer and Leon. I'm sure Chun-Li's more than willing to help Spidey, Twilight and the others. Speaking of Capcom, are Ryu, Chris and Dante more friendly to Peter after the tournament or is there some form of a rivalry going on?

At this point, Ryu has the most respect for Peter. Chris and Dante mostly just tolerate him.

Janet growled a bit and called out, "Ultron! I know you're in this world! Show yourself!"

A few seconds went by, no sign of the robot so far. The ponies and heroes began to worry a bit but remained their composure. Suddenly a blast hit the ground nearby, startling the ponies as a figure lands down hard, creating a smoking crater. Soon the ponies noticed a silhouette behind the smoke, red eyes glowing, an evil robotic smile sending chills to the heroes and ponies.

Soon the dust cleared, Ultron stood tall, revealing himself in his glory to the group. The ponies have seen him already, but it's been a while for the heroes, he's just as menacing as they remember.

"Ultron..." Stark said, feeling some animosity to the robot.

"In the flesh," Ultron said with a slight bow.

Nice to see that you took my suggestion on Ultron's entrance here into consideration. :twilightsmile:

I appreciate your help on that matter :pinkiesmile:

The Capcom heroes arrive to help, Sonata seems to have lost her mind thinking bringing Vega and Shocker along was a good idea and X-23, Deadpool and Ant-Man are on the way too. This can only end well.

"We heard Janet was here with the Equestrians," Scott said.

"Yeah, but she left to their world," Susan said.

The girl looked to Scott, "Where did mommy go?"

"She went to find your daddy, probably gonna try to bring him back here," Scott said.

The girl looked excited, "I get to meet my daddy!?"

:rainbowhuh: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Janet had a child....:applejackconfused:and SPIKE'S THE FATHER?!"

Twilight: ":twilightangry2:SPIKE!!! You have some explaining to do!"

Spike: ":applejackconfused:But- I...I....*sigh* :ajbemused: Well, f*ck me!"

Deadpool: :trollestia: "That's what she said! :rainbowlaugh: Nyah!"

"THERE'S AN OPEN PORTAL!?" Deadpool shouted.


"I WANNA SEE MY DADDY!" The girl shouted.



Capcom finally made it! At the very least, they seemed to have learned their lesson from last time and actually helped instead of being annoyed that Marvel fought their enemies.

And with Capcom is, personally, my favorite hero from that company Mega Man! with Zero joining the fray as well. Poor Rock what with being the butt-monkey of the three Mega Men represented despite having the most experience (X and Volnutt aside). :rainbowlaugh:

Also, hopefully we hear more of Leon's adventures in Dystopian Equestria. Seems like a small slice-of-life series in itself.

At the end, is that little girl Ant-Man's watching supposed to be Janet's daughter? Cause if so, I have a feeling who the father is, and oh boy, let's just hope drama won't ensue.

More on Janet's daughter will be revealed soon :ajsmug:

Mega Man needs more respect, even from his world. As for Leon in Future Equestria, that's a story of it's own.

7741765 Indeed he does. Hopefully this war will prove his worth as a Super Fighting Robot to the others. And Leon in future Equestria hanging with Future Sweetie is a cool idea. Hope that gets expanded later on.

7741517 "More like that's what she did!"

"We should feel bad for making that joke."

Deadpool: No regrets!


And Spike's a dad!?!?!?

I hope Superman can come around soon

Oh man, if there's one thing Zero's known for, it's dying. It's strange to see classic Mega Man react to that, but that's the charm of Marvel vs Capcom. A small note, Zero's arm cannon I believe is called the Z-Buster not the Mega Buster, like Rock's.

Anyway, if this is a fake-out, please add the infamous Zero line from X6 if he returns somehow.

Mega Man: Zero! You're alive! How?

Zero: I hid myself while I repaired myself.

Spider-Mane: ...What?

Twilight: Huh?

Can't promise he will, right now it's just Marvel, Capcom and My Little Pony. But don't rule out the future. :raritywink:

That would be a great moment full of 'what'? But seriously like I saw in Fall of Spider-Mane, if I want the story to be dramatic, I need to have a lot of consequences, and some characters falling to the enemy, and making it much more dire for all three worlds because they all have something they really need to fight for.

Also thanks for that Z Buster note, I'll fix that in the story.

Wow, Peter sounds like he's one moment away from slipping down the deep end. If this keeps up, things may somehow get even worse.

Spike also sounds really surprised to see Janet back and wanted to say something before he met his daughter. Had he moved on and started dating Ember or something?

I pity Sonata and (surprisingly) Shocker. Sonata mainly because she just wants the two to get along with the others. I pity Shocker because out of all of Peter's foes, he's probably one of the most rational and least threatening villains (if we're going with that he's a joke and not someone Peter has a hard time facing). Not Vega, he deserved that.

One more thing, is Mega Man a pony? Can the magic in Equestria change robots as well? Just curious.

Let's just say that Spike at least tried to move on and may have eyes for another.

Shocker is considered a low level threat to Peter at this point, one reason he knows better to really try to irritate him (Even if he doesn't like him much).

As for Mega Man, he has taken the form of a pony (Unicorn to be precise). The reason will be explained soon. But no, magic won't really turn the robots into ponies if the robot chooses not to, hence why Ultron is in his humanoid form.

It's strange how the relations between Marvel and Capcom have changed. Last time Peter and Jill met, I think she challenged him to a fight simply because Chris didn't like him last time Wesker attacked. Now she's like a mentor, which is cool. How the times have changed.

You're handling the romance far better than I ever could. Sunset and Ryu is a pairing I never expected, but you're actually making it work. I chuckled at Chris and Dante's little banter about the fact.

That was also a cute moment with Mayday, the Cakes, Franklin and Mega Man. Rock's innocence makes him child-like in someway, and it's nice to see Mayday bonding with a robot that's actually good and human-like. Her fascination with his abilities is adorable.

Thanks, I'm glad I could show how much Marvel and Capcom have grown to respect one another. Jill appreciates how much Peter himself matured over the years, so it's easier for her to talk to him.

Honestly I was worried how I pulled off the romance, especially Ryu and Sunset Shimmer. I'm glad I'm able to make it work without having them too out of character.

As for Mega Man, I do imagine he's the ideal friend for Mayday, I'm sure she'll live his part of his world the most.

I gotta admit, Peter's acting a little too angry and strange in this chapter. At first I thought it was stress, but something is up with him. I hope that gets addressed soon, so I'm just gonna wait to see what's up. Money's on him being possessed by something, affecting even Dream.

And I called Shocker's slight turn. Even if he's Spidey's enemy, he has some morals and he's not just gonna watch the world burn. Heck, I could see him fully reformed.

Once again, the Mega Man/Mayday interactions are adorable (loving the references). As well as Cap's advice to Spike, which was cool of Steve.

I recognize everyone in the picture except for the blue Pegasus and the beige Unicorn with glasses. Who are they?

Peter's frustration is gonna be brought up soon, it's leading to something. :raritywink:

The Pegasus is Johnny Storm/Human Torch. The Unicorn is Tony Stark/Iron Man.

:unsuresweetie: Okay, Peter is acting too angry for his character. You're making him sound like Emo Parker. If this keeps up, this along with the numbers of plots in this is all going to go downhill further than Spider-Man 3.

"It was enough for Lightning Dust, in fact within four months of you meeting Twilight, you got her pregnant. You even said it yourself, I'm pretty much a Parker-Sparkle, sometimes I wanna make that my official name. Rumble Lulamoon Parker-Sparkle," Rumble said.

:ajbemused: In your non-canon dreams!

7776671 Ah, had a feeling that was the case. Just felt too OOC for me to not bring up.

7777891 Damn. Heck, it looks like even Peter's getting annoyed by him doing that and claiming to be his son. Though I think he's keeping quiet for Twilight's sake.

The anger thing is for a reason, which should hopefully make sense. :twilightsheepish:

Didn't realize there were too many plots. Guess that's what happens when there's so many characters to explore with. Gotta handle It better.

I have the strangest feeling someone's going to die soon, I don't know why.

The Servbots are adorable, thinking they can harm the Avengers, but they're still cute in a way.

And let's see how the remaining heroes fare against Ultron. Never thought I'd see Spider-Man, Twilight, Cap, Mega Man, Shocker, Electro, and Vega join forces.

Oh crap... I was not expecting the Captain to fall... Things just took a really dark turn now.

So that brings the casuality count to two. Deaths that affected Marvel and Capcom. But Cap was a source of hope for all of them. Peter, Logan, and Stark must be devastated over this the most. Who will lead the Avengers now?

Is that portal to Equestria still open?

Wesker and his allies have one that Starlight created, they use that to bring in Ultron's robots. But that's the only portal. The only way the heroes can use a portal like that is through the help of Eris, Madame Web and Dr. Strange, but they've been captured so they're of no help.

There is that portal from the Fantastic Four building but it's one way, unless someone on the other side comes through the portal that's about it, and it's unlikely that anyone else will come unless they know to go to the Fantastic Four building.

Damn. This fic reminds me of Jussonic and his friends. This weaponized cringe gets my thumbs down.

Huh. Surprised to see the final battle already. Then again, there isn't really much that can up the stakes even higher. And the word-count more than makes up for chapters.

Loving the Spider-Man/Shocker/Vega moments where they're not at each other's throats for once. There may be hope for those two yet. And the MvC specials being mentioned (Maximum Spider and Mega Man's Hyper-combo ftw!). Were they in the previous stories or am I just forgetting?

(And a little fun-fact: We both started our final battles today in our stories. Though, yours is better written than mine.)

Yeah, there's don't have much left to do for this story, it was never gonna be that long though, just a way to end the Capcom stuff. At least for now in this universe.

The Hyper Combos were in the previous stories, such as when Dante, Chris and Ryu did a team switch hyper combo special on Peter and having Wesker do one of his on Luna.

I appreciate you saying I did this well, but for what it's worth I enjoy your stories as well, even if I don't comment I do have it on my tracking so I can see when a chapter comes out. I'm just a little behind, I wish to eventually comment on the other stories too, so long as I can think of a meaningful comment. (I try not to make them too generic).

7793088 Thank you. Means a lot from one of the first spin-off authors. Honestly, reading Capcom Invasion is what pushed me to make Edge of Time in the first place.

Also, this story's the end of your Capcom Saga, huh? Makes sense.

"Please, you may call me-" Cap suddenly spat some blood out his mouth. Twilight screamed loudly when she saw the sight of Wesker's hoof going through Cap's chest.

STEVE!!!! :pinkiegasp:

So, the battle ended at last. Let us take a moment to remember the fallen heroes (and Vega, who I was just starting to warm up to actually). Never thought I'd say that. And I like seeing Mayday, with help from Mega Man, be the one to end Ultron for good. X, Natasha, and the other heroes in the Marvel world are going to be devastated that Clint, Steve and Zero died in this war. And let's see if Shocker is truly willing to put a life of crime behind.

I noticed Chun-Li reference Zamasu, have they interacted with the Dragon Ball world like they've done the other worlds and know of Goku Black? Now I imagine Goku and Spidey vs Tirek. Or Trunks and Future Sweetie meeting.

You better give us a side chapter about Chun-Li meeting Zamasu

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