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Spiders & Magic: Adventures - Masterob

Series of Spin-Off One Shots from Spiders & Magic.

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Family Bonding

Two big reunions were about to happen in Ponyville one day. First members of Johnny Storm's family were coming. His sister Susan Storm, better known as The Invisible Woman. His brother-in-law Reed Richards, better known as Mr. Fantastic. Finally the family friend Ben Grimm, better known as The Thing. They would be visiting from The Marvel world.

From within Equestria, Pinkie Pie was expecting her sisters from her family rock farm. There was her shy sister Marble Pie, her brash sister Limestone Pie, and her normally quiet and rock loving sister Maud Pie.

Two families are coming together, Pinkie finds the idea exciting, Johnny finds it pretty cool at least.

They made plans one day, Pinkie would wait for her sisters at the train station, Johnny would meet his family at some coordinates Reed sent. The families would then meet at Sugarcube Corner, creating a fun time for all. Or so Pinkie hoped.

Applejack, Apple Bloom, Big Macintosh, Babs Seed and Remy waited at Sugarcube Corner, promising to be the escort of both families. Applejack being so family focused as she is was happy to offer her help.

"How long before the Pie Sisters and The Fantastic Four arrive?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Give it some time, the train with the Pie sisters should be coming any moment now. Ah ain't too sure when that Reed fellow is gonna have his portal ready though," Applejack said.

"Ah can't wait, Johnny's family is really nice, and it'd be nice to see the Pie sisters again," Apple Bloom said.

"Why isn't Peter here? Surely he would want to see these families as well, especially The Fantastic Four. He has a lot of respect for Mr. Fantastic," Remy said.

"Not sure, something about...having to honor a bet he and Rumble made with Trixie," Applejack said.

Meanwhile at the Parker-Sparkle family home.

"Grr, why do I have the lousiest luck!?" Peter asked while wearing a french maid outfit. He had made a bet with Trixie while playing a game of charades, needless to say it didn't go well, and he's not the only one suffering.

"I can't believe I was stupid enough to go with this bet!" Rumble said, also wearing the outfit as well as having his mane done against his will to look more feminine.

"Hey you're the one who couldn't figure out what I was supposed to be!" Peter complained.

"Because you do a lousy job! How was this," goes on the ground and spreads his arms out, "Suppose to be a Changeling!?"

"It represents the shape shifting," Peter pointed out in a matter-of-fact way.

Rumble face hoofed, "I swear if anypony else finds out about this-"

"Hey that's life with me, you're gonna be really ticked off once in awhile," Peter said.

"Trust me, I'm beyond ticked," Rumble said with his animosity seeping.

"Hey less talking and more cleaning boys!" Trixie shouted from the other room.

Peter groaned, "Trixie and her stupid Trap Fetish."

Back with the Apples, Deadpool was eating a piece of cake.

"Better hurry, I really gotta meet Pinkie's family, her sisters need to get to know their future brother-in-law."

"Then you best leave a good impression on them," Applejack warned.

"Yeah Wilson, don't piss any of them off," Remy warned.

"Come on now, do I look like someone who pisses others off?" Deadpool asked.

"I don't know, let's go ask Wolverine," Remy said.

"Not your best argument, anyone can piss off Wolverine," Deadpool said.

"Still, tread lightly and don't do anything stupid!" Remy warned.

Applejack tapped her hoof while waiting, "Hopefully it won't be too much longer, kinda like seeing families come together."

Before long Johnny arrived in Sugarcube Corner, "We're here everypony."

Johnny opened the door and revealed the members of the Fantastic Four, first entering his sister Susan Storm. Second in was her husband Reed Richards. Finally coming in was the big guy himself, Ben Grimm.

Applejack approached the family, "Howdy there, y'all remember me right?"

Reed nodded, "Indeed, you're Applejack, the nice mare from when we were here last time, as you remember my name is Reed Rich-"

"Save the introductions Reed, we got other ponies coming," Johnny said.

Susan approached Applejack, "How has my brother been? He hasn't been causing trouble has he?"

"I heard that Sue," Johnny said, mildly annoyed.

Susan rolled her eyes and focused again on Applejack, "How has he been?"

"He's been fine. He's a really nice stallion, we're happy to have him here," Applejack said.

"HA!" Johnny taunted, though was met by the glare of his older sister.

Ben rolled his eyes, "Always causing trouble, ain't ya matchstick?"

Apple Bloom snickered, "Matchstick? Good one. Mind if ah use it?"

"Sure thing kid," Ben said, much to Johnny's annoyance.

"Great, now I gotta deal with that," Johnny complained.

Apple Bloom went to Johnny and hugged him a bit, "Ah still like ya, don't worry...matchstick."

Apple Bloom and Ben had a good laugh while Johnny face hoofed.

"Yeah, yeah, let's all have a good laugh at my expense, that's really nice and friendly," Johnny complained.

"Pfft, looks who's talking," Ben said. "You're pretty quick to have a good laugh at anyone else's expense."

Johnny groaned a little but felt Apple Bloom hug tighter. "Seriously, ah do like ya Johnny, don't worry too much."

Johnny returned the hug, "You're a cool kid Apple Bloom. I can see why Peter and Gambit speak so highly of you."

"Thanks...um do you know if Rumble has said anything about me?" Apple Bloom shyly asked.

Babs looked suspiciously at her cousin, she too wanted to hear an answer but not for the same reasons as Apple Bloom.

Johnny scratched his head, "He said you're a nice filly, that's about it."

Apple Bloom did a slight squeal at that, though Babs looked a little dissatisfied to hear what Johnny just said.

Applejack seemed to have a look of disapproval on her face. She was still a bit unsure about Rumble, but she still maintains hope that Peter is giving Rumble good lessons in responsibility.

Before long, Pinkie Pie arrived, peeking into Sugarcube Corner, "Guess who's here!?"

The group looked her direction and saw her lead in three other ponies. "My sisters!"

Three ponies entered Sugarcube Corner, one with an angry look on her face, one who looked really shy and one that appeared to be expressionless.

"Hey, it's Pinkie's sisters!" Applejack said. She then gestured to the Fantastic Four, "And Johnny's family are here too, looks like we're all set!"

Pinkie nodded, "Sure are, but first, let's introduce ourselves! My sisters haven't met some of you and Johnny's Family could do one themselves!"

"Sounds mighty fine to us, alright everypony, front and center," Applejack said, getting everyone in the room into one area.

Pinkie cleared her throat, "First let me introduce my sisters," She pointed to the pony with the angry looking face. "That's my sister Limestone Pie, she's in charge of running my family's Rock Farm!"

Limestone just glared at everypony in the room, making them slightly uncomfortable. Her unfriendly nature could rival that of Wolverine.

"Come on Limestone, don't be such a grumpy pants, just say 'hello'," Pinkie encouraged.

Limestone did a quick wave, "Hi..."

Pinkie looked nervously to her friends and sweated a bit. "Let's just move along." She approached the shy one, "This here is my sister Marble Pie. She's my baby sister, even if only by a few minutes."

Johnny looked surprised, "Wait, you're a twin Pinkie?"

"Actually we're all quadruplets!" Pinkie said, gesturing to all her sisters.

Johnny took a moment to take that in. "Huh, not that often I see that."

Pinkie nodded, "Marble's happy to see you all though, right Marble?"

Marble looked a bit nervous with all those eyes glancing at her. She responded with a simple, "Mmhmm" and backed away a little.

Remy scratched his head with his staff, "This chick can rival that Fluttershy mare in the shy department."

"I'd say she's much more shy than Fluttershy," Johnny added.

Pinkie went to the final sister, "And this is my sister Maud. She's a barrel of fun in her own right!"

"I'm so happy to meet you all," Maud said. Despite her statement, she didn't seem too happy. In fact she was completely devoid of emotion.

Johnny looked to Maud with an unsure look, "Uh...yeah, sure Pinkie." Johnny then turned to Remy with a whisper, "Can these girls be any more different than Pinkie?"

Remy shrugged, "Not every group of sisters can be like Applejack and Apple Bloom."

Johnny turned back to the Pie sisters, neither of them bearing the smile that Pinkie had. This was gonna make for an awkward situation.

"Anyway, let's introduce ourselves. I'm Johnny Storm, also known as 'The Human Torch' in my world and 'The Equine Torch' in this one. I have fire based powers as my name would suggest. I'm Spider-Mane's best friend and a member of The Fantastic Four with my family there."

Reed stepped forward. "I'm Reed Richards, also known to the public as 'Mr. Fantastic'. I have the ability to stretch my limbs like rubber. I am the leader of The Fantastic Four and Johnny's brother-in-law."

Susan stepped up. "I'm Susan Storm, also known as 'The Invisible Woman'. Though in this world I guess I am 'The Invisible Mare'. As my name implies, I can turn invisible, plus I am capable of making a forcefield. I am Johnny's older sister and Reed's wife."

Ben stepped forward. "Name's Ben Grimm, or better known as 'The Thing'. Obviously I'm a rock person, or pony in this case. I'm a childhood friend of Reed here and a close friend to the Storm siblings. Though if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Susie."

Susan giggled, "Aw, thanks Ben."

Johnny groaned, "Yeah thanks, that's so nice to hear."

Deadpool rushed over to the sisters, "And I'm Deadpool, mercenary, ninja and your future brother-in-law!"

The Pie sisters just stared briefly ar Deadpool, neither of them offering a different change of emotion.

"Pinkie, you could do so much better than this guy," Limestone said, much to Deadpool's annoyance.

"Everypony's a critic, who else is she gonna date? Cheese Sandwich?" Deadpool then had a realization, "Oh crap, hopefully he never shows up in this fic."

Meanwhile off in the distance, Cheese Sandwich felt a tingle, "Oh, what a doozie! My Cheesie senses are tingling!"

Meanwhile in the Parker-Sparkle household, Peter stopped in his tracks. "I feel a disturbance in the force, the disturbance of somepony ripping off my catchphrase."

Rumble glared at Peter, "You realize I don't get your references right? I don't think anypony does, other than your friends."

Peter rolled his eyes, "You're starting to sound like Twilight."

Back with Deadpool. "Yeah, because all that just HAD to happen!"

Ben chuckled a bit with everypony else, then noticed Maud staring at him. "Uh, do you need to say something to me or something?"

Pinkie noticed Maud staring at Ben and then giggled, "Oh don't mind her, she just loves rocks. She studies rocks too."

"Uh huh..." Ben said as he felt a little weirded out from Maud staring. Her facial expressions didn't change much, though they were slightly altered so most would know she's staring at him with much interest.

Remy approached Ben with a friendly smile, "Looks like you've got a fan mon ami."

Johnny chuckled, "Wow Ben, someone actually finds you appealing to look at."

Ben glared at Johnny, "See, you got plenty of wisecracks Matchstick."

"Yeah, you're right," Johnny said with a grin. "This is gonna be fun."

Limestone rolled her eyes, "Just what we need, one of those arrogant types. Let me guess, you think because you have fancy powers it means you're some type of big shot?"

Johnny nodded confidently, "Yeah you could say that. Soon me and my marefriend Rainbow Dash are gonna be Wonderbolts."

"Tch, you're dating Rainbow Dash? Figures," Limestone said.

"Come now, no need for jealousy," Johnny boasted, which only further agitated Limestone.

"I don't need to be jealous because one stuck up mare got a stuck up stallion for a-"

"Limestone!" Pinkie said, getting in front of her sister. "Come on Limey, I want everypony to be friends, and we can't be friends if you're getting angry at other ponies."

"He started it, him and his arrogant attitude. At least that Spider-Mane guy has some humility," Limestone said.

"And he's teaching Johnny that, but let's be a little patient," Pinkie said.

Limestone groaned, "Whatever, doesn't matter."

"Good, now let's go see everypony else!" Pinkie said and turned to Applejack, "We'll see you all later. Right now it's time for the Pies and the Fantastics to do a little bonding!"

"Fantastics?" Reed said with some confusion.

Applejack nodded, "Sure thing, we'll head back to the farm, come see us when yer done showing these folks around town."

Pinkie turned to Deadpool, "Mind helping the Cakes watch the store Wade?"

"Sure thing Pinkie!" Deadpool said with a salute, then called to the kitchen. "Alright Carrot and Cup, let's rock this freaken joint!"

He rushed in there and caused a ruckus, annoying the two shop owners. Pinkie nervously gestured everypony out the store as Deadpool created mayhem that Discord himself would enjoy.

Before long, everypony had left the store, though Reed took this time to approach Limestone. "I apologize for my brother-in-law Miss Limestone, I know he can be quite a pain at times."

"Yeah, yeah, forget about it. And DON'T call me 'Miss', if you must talk to me, just address me by my name," Limestone said as she walked.

Reed sighed a bit then tried striking up conversation again, "So you run a rock farm? What exactly do you do on a rock farm? Seems silly to have one honestly, do you grow rocks or something?"

Limestone glared at Reed, "It's not just about growing rocks, in fact we don't grow them. We just manage them and work mines. There's several rock types, some useful for certain things than others. Even if it's just decoration."

Reed nodded with a look of question and curiosity, "Sounds...fascinating, I guess."

With Susan, she had taken this time to approach Marble. "So, you're name is Marble right? It's a pretty name."

Marble gasped a little and tried walking away from Susan.

"Wait, come back, I don't bite!" Susan said.

"Unless you piss her off," she heard Johnny Joke.

"Johnny!" She wasn't too happy about that, if that's not obvious enough.

Ben is still walking, though Maud keeps staring at him.

"Um...Maud right? Can I help you or..."

"How long have you been made of rocks?" Maud asked.

"Uh...few years," Ben said cautiously.

"Is it fun? I've always wondered what it's like to be a rock. Sometimes I have dreams about it," Maud said.

"Well, it's not as fun as you would think, it can be a real hassle sometimes," Ben said.

"How would it be a hassle? Rocks are interesting, you're an interesting pony, that doesn't sound like a hassle," Maud said.

Ben groaned, this is an unusual mare.

Pinkie hopped over to Johnny, "Isn't this great? My family and yours being friends! It's so exciting!"

"Looks like it's taking a while," Johnny said.

"It's fine, it took a while for my family to be friends with Applejack's, but it happened eventually!" Pinkie said with enthusiasm.

Johnny had an unsure look on his face, "I guess so."

The two families continued to walk until they reached Fluttershy's cottage.

"Here's our first stop, you all get to meet Fluttershy!" Pinkie said.

Johnny had a nervous realization, "Um Pinkie...you sure it's a good idea for them to see Fluttershy? I mean she's ok but she's normally surrounded by some wild animals."

Pinkie looked curious, "Her animals aren't wild silly, they're all tame!"

"Pfft, you call Laura and Logan tame?" Johnny asked.

"Logan isn't always at Fluttershy's, and she's gotten Laura under control...a little at least," Pinkie said.

"Yeah, she's under control. Until someone sets her off," Johnny said and gestured to Limestone, who noticed Johnny at the corner of her eye. "And after seeing how 'charming' your sister there can be, what if she-"

"Hey! You got something to say to me Fireboy?" Limestone asked.

"You have lovely eyes!" Johnny said with a charming type grin, causing Limestone to look weirded out, as well as Reed seeing that he was right next to her during that.

Pinkie also looked a bit weirded out, "Um...any reason you just flirted with my sister? I mean normally that would be great but if Dashie finds out-"

"She won't, besides I don't care for your sister in a romantic way. I'm just trying to make sure she doesn't flip out. But you see my point right?"

"Don't worry, I'll make sure Limestone keeps a cool head around Laura and Fluttershy will keep Laura calm, she's done a good job so far," Pinkie said.

They all reached the cottage while Pinkie knocked on the door. Johnny stood next to her, still looking a bit nervous and unsure.

The door was opened by Laura, who was greeted by Pinkie's waving. "Hi Laura!"

Laura groaned, "Oh no it's you!"

Pinkie did a nervous laugh, "Oh Laura, you're such a kidder. Now get Fluttershy if you don't mind, I have some ponies for her to meet. Johnny's family is here, as are my sisters?"

"You have sisters? Are they as annoying as you are?" Laura asked.

Limestone pushed her way to the front, "What'd you say about us!?"

Laura shot a dirty glare, "Is this one of them? Aren't you a charmer?"

Limestone got in Laura's face, "You're really asking for it!"

Laura stood her ground, "Don't make me drop you!"

Before anything could happen, a force field appeared in between them.

"Knock it off you two," Susan said, holding her foreleg out to create the forcefield.

Laura and Limestone glared at each other.

"You got lucky!" both said simultaneously.

"No you did!"



The two snarled at each other as Fluttershy approached the front door, "What is going on here?"

She noticed Laura and Limestone glaring at one another, then saw Pinkie and Johnny waiting at the front door, then saw the other ponies in the back.

"Pinkie, Johnny, I see you've brought your family members," Fluttershy said.

"Yeah, we just wanted to say 'hi', now we can go," Johnny said and then turned to leave, but Fluttershy called out.

"Oh don't go, stay a moment. They can sit in the Garden with my animals. Logan's here so he can get reaquainted with Johnny's family and meet Pinkie's," Fluttershy offered.

Johnny sighed, "Logan's here? Great."

"Come on Mr. Grumpy pants, it won't be so bad," Pinkie insisted.

A moment later, they're all in the back garden. Laura and Limestone are still shooting dirty glares at each other, while Reed looks on nervously. Maud is still staring in awe at Ben, who's still a bit weirded out. Marble is keeping her distance from the group, though Susan is looking on, feeling some pity for her. Fluttershy and Logan are sitting near Johnny and Pinkie, both of whom are trying to feel optimistic about this, but so far not fairing too well. Lightning Dust is sitting against a fence, watching everything unfold.

"So Logan, are you still staying with Peter and his wife or do you live here now?" Reed asked.

"Still staying with Parker and Twilight, I just come by once in awhile to check on Laura and Fluttershy, make sure nothing's going wrong," Logan said.

"Ah, that's nice, good that you're being a proper father figure to Laura," Reed said.

Laura glared at Reed, "Can you not say that again? I don't need Logan as my father."

"Come on Laura, you need to make peace with him after all," Fluttershy said.

"Maybe that's the source of her bad attitude," Limestone said.

Laura glared, "Well what's your fucking excuse!?"

"Don't piss me off!" Limestone threatened.

Before anything could happen, Susan once again put up a forcefield, "I wish you two would stop fighting."

"She started it!" both said, then glared at each other.

Fluttershy sighed, "Laura, you're suppose to practice having patience, please try for me."

Laura took one look at Fluttershy, her sad eyes was all it took for her to lighten up, "Only for you Fluttershy."

"That's kinda sweet," Susan said, then turned to Marble. "Hey Marble, come join us, don't you have anything to say?"

Marble shook her head and kept her distance from the group.

Fluttershy gave Marble a sympathetic look, "The poor dear. I remember when I was that shy, I couldn't talk to anypony."

Susan turned to Marble, "You hear that, there's a pony who can relate to you."

Marble shook her head again, preferring to sit further away.

"Just leave her alone, she'll come when she wants to," Limestone said.

"Why is she so shy anyway?" Laura bluntly asked. Once Fluttershy cleared her throat, Laura rephrased her question. "What I mean is, is there a reason she is so shy?"

Limestone rolled her eyes but decided to indulge her question. "She's not used to seeing other ponies, she spent her whole life on the rock farm so she's never had much communication. Me, Pinkie, Maud, Maw and Paw are the only ones she really had communication with."

"So she just needs practice, that all?" Johnny asked.

"Guess so, wouldn't hurt for her to at least say 'hello' once in a while. Then again she was never much of a talker, she barely talks to any of us," Limestone said. She then turned to Susan, "I'm sure she would love your powers, to be able to turn invisible."

Susan sighed, "I can almost relate to your sister. Even before I got my powers I always felt like I wasn't there, so I know what it's like to lack communication with others."

"Give her time, try bringing more folks over to yer place or something. Make sure they're decent though," Logan suggested.

"Oh don't worry about that. I'll keep a close eye out on who gets near my sister, if there's one thing I would never stand for is some jackass taking advantage of her," Limestone said.

"Huh, kinda like Laura and Fluttershy, she always protects her, right Laura?" Pinkie asked.

"Damn straight, Fluttershy is the only one worthy of Rainbow Dash type loyalty from me," Laura said.

That earned a chuckle from the group, sans Maud, much to the relief of Pinkie and Johnny. Looks like things are getting a little better.

Marble saw that they seemed to be having some degree of fun, so she quietly and carefully made her way over.

Fluttershy noticed Marble, "Aw, you're gonna join us? We'd really like your company."

Marble carefully approached the group and sat between Fluttershy and Susan, being greeted by warm smiles, sans for Laura, Logan, Maud and Limestone.

"Thanks for joining us, so happy to have you here," Fluttershy said with a friendly smile.

Logan turned to Lightning Dust, "How about you? You gonna join us or just sit against the fence?"

Lightning shrugged, "Eh, I'm good. Honestly I'd rather go see Trixie right now, she home Logan?"

"Yeah she's home, though she's currently basking the benefits of a reward," Logan said.

"Huh? What reward?" Lightning asked.

Logan grinned, "You'll have to go see fer yerself."

Lightning got up and dusted herself off, "Alright then, see ya around." She took off toward the Parker-Sparkle home.

Reed looked a bit puzzled, "Um, Logan, may I ask what this 'reward' is?"

Logan shook his head, "Trust me Richards, yer better off not knowing."

Reed looked a little concerned by that fact but brushed it off. He figured that Lightning Dust was in for a big surprise.

A little while later, Lightning Dust arrived at the Parker-Sparkle home. She knocked a moment, "Trixie!? Peter!? Anypony in there!?"

She then remembered that it's technically a library, so she figured she could just go in and check, "Peter!? Trixie!?

Lightning went inside and walked around, "Where is everypony?"

As she walked, she noticed something surprising come to her view. She saw Peter and Rumble in their maid attires walk in holding a bunch of books.

"Where do we put these books!?" Rumble asked.

"Uh, over there," Peter said.

"Where? I can't see! Come on these books are heavy!" Rumble complained.

"They're not that heavy," Peter added.

"Says that pony with the super strength. This probably feels like pieces of paper to you," Rumble said.

Lightning approached Rumble, "I can help you with that little stallion."

"That would be...wait a minute? Why do you sound like Lightning Dust?" Rumble asked.

Peter felt a surge of worry, so he lifted the books high enough to see Lightning standing there, a blush on her face upon seeing Peter in his maid outfit up close.

"Wow...did you lose a bet or something?" Lightning asked, still very surprised.

"You could say that," Peter lamented.

Rumble placed the books down to rest, "Trixie has weird ideas."

Lightning did a double take, "Wow Rumble, between that outfit and that 'do, you could pass for a filly."

Rumble glared at Lightning for that comment, though deep down he knew that was a possibility. He let out a big sigh of despair, still having to deal with such a humiliating situation.

Back with the Pie Sisters and Fantastic Four, they had bid their good-byes to Fluttershy, on the way to their next stop.

"Bye everypony, hope to see you again soon!" Fluttershy said.

All the ponies waved, especially Marble, who gave a reassuring smile to Fluttershy. Marble would make a note to see Fluttershy again before going back to the rock farm.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?" Pinkie asked.

"I guess not, though that Laura chick needs to lighten up," Limestone said.

"Aw be nice Limey, I'm sure she's lightened up about you," Pinkie said.

Back with Laura and Fluttershy.

"Wow that Limestone chick is probably a bigger bitch than I am," Laura said with arrogance, much to Fluttershy's annoyance.

"Laura...room...now," Fluttershy ordered.

Laura pouted and walked to her room while Fluttershy followed, ready to teach her another lesson in proper behavior.

Back with the two families, they had arrived at Rarity's Boutique.

"And here's the Carousel Boutique!" Pinkie said enthusiastically.

"Isn't this where that prissy friend of yours lives?" Limestone asked, obviously not eager to go see Rarity.

Pinkie sighed but put on a smile as she turned to her sister, "Limey, please don't say mean things about Rarity."

"Seriously Limestone, Pinkie's trying to be friendly, ease up on your sis," Johnny said.

Reed looked impressed, Johnny acted surprisingly mature.

Limestone looked away, "Whatever Storm."

"Thank you Johnny," Pinkie said and turned to the door. "Let's get her attention."

Pinkie knocked on the door a bit and waited for an answer. Johnny stood next to Pinkie while looking back towards his and Pinkie's family. He felt a degree of concern, hoping that things wouldn't go bad.

Rarity answered the door and greeted the two, "Pinkie, Johnny, good to see you both," She looked behind them, "I see you've brought your family, both your families."

Pinkie nodded, "That's right, my sisters and Johnny's teammates, we just wanted to stop by for a quick hello."

Rarity nodded and opened the door wider so they can all go inside, "Go on in darlings, let's chat a moment."

The families went inside and looked around. The place looked a bit messy, probably a busy time for Rarity.

"I apologize for the mess, haven't had a chance to tidy up," Rarity said.

"What about your sister? And her future counterpart?" Johnny asked.

"They're busy," Rarity said with minor annoyance. "The Future Sweetie Belle has been working on something while my current Sweetie Belle is too distracted on how to get that colt Rumble to notice her." She then muttered, "Such a waste of time honestly."

Susan looked around the Boutique, "Lovely place though, you work here alone?"

"Yes, it's just me. Though Bobby helps me now and sometimes my friend Coco Pommel comes by, we work on designs together," Rarity explained.

"Bobby actually works here? How's he handling that?" Ben asked.

"He doesn't mind honestly, he just helps me sort my material," Rarity explained.

Suddenly a loud crashing sound was heard.

"Bobby did it!" they heard Sweetie Belle shout.

"No I didn't! It was Future Belle!" they heard Bobby shout.

"Don't pin this on me Drake! You knocked it over!" they heard Future Sweetie shout.

Rarity sighed, "Oh for goodness sake." She walked over to the mess with the others following. She looked inside and saw that a bunch of her supplies had been knocked over and standing over them were Bobby and the two Sweeties.

"I swear it was only an accident," Bobby insisted.

"And I believe you my dear, let's leave that for now though, we have guests. We can pick that up momentarily," Rarity said.

"Guests? Who?" Bobby asked. His question was answered when Pinkie's Family and Johnny's Family came into view.

"Dr. Richards? Ben Grimm? Sue? Nice to see you three again," Bobby said and then noticed something else, 'Uh who are those three fillies?"

Pinkie gestured to her sisters, "Bobby, these are my sisters, Marble, Limestone and Maud!"

Bobby couldn't help but notice that they all seemed so different than Pinkie Pie. One looked very angry, to which he compared her to Laura. One looked shy, to which he compared her to Fluttershy. And the final one...had no emotion.

"So these are your sisters, nice to see," Bobby said.

Future Sweetie just stared at Maud a moment, finding it a bit surreal to see her again.

"Wow, if only the Pinkie Pie of my timeline can see this," Future Sweetie said almost forgetting that others are nearby.

Bobby waved his hoof in front of her face, "Hey, anyone in there?"

Future Sweetie shook her head, "Huh? Oh sorry, just lost in thought."

Limestone pointed at the two Belle sisters, "How come there's another version of Rarity's little sister? Why is she older?"

"Long story, it involves Time Travel," Future Sweetie said.

Limestone raised her eyebrow, "Wow, seriously?"

"Yes seriously," Future Sweetie said and then grabbed something, "I need to deliver this to Peter, it was nice seeing you all."

"Oh, can I come!?" Sweetie asked.

Future Sweetie grinned, "Why? You wanna see your coltfriend?"

Sweetie pouted, "Rumble isn't my coltfriend...yet."

Rarity began to mutter, "And hopefully he never will be with the way he-"

"Is there something you wanna say Rarity?" Johnny asked almost suspiciously.

Rarity did a sheepish smile, "Oh nothing darlings. Wait here while I get you all some tea."

Rarity approached the kitchen while Johnny had an unsure look on his face, as did Pinkie. After the Sweetie Belles left, Johnny took this moment to approach Bobby, "So...how are things with Rarity?"

"Going great, we're officially an item, if that hasn't been obvious enough already," Bobby said.

"Yeah...um, how is her attitude though? I mean after mentioning Rumble she seemed to be a little displeased so..."

Bobby pulled Johnny close enough for a low tone, "Listen, you let Rarity worry about her sister and let Peter deal with Rumble, don't make this bigger than it needs to be."

Johnny had a look of uncertainty, he then made his way back to his family and the Pie sisters. Pinkie noticed his concern, she could only hope whatever was happening would fade away.

Reed cleared his throat, "Let us join Miss Rarity then."

As they went in, Limestone stopped to wonder, "Didn't that Logan guy say that there was something weird going on in the home of Princess Twilight and Spider-Mane? That means those two fillies that just left are in for a surprise."

At the Parker-Sparkle home, both Peter and Rumble are checking under the couch, making sure there's no mess.

"How much longer do we have to do this?" Rumble asked while cleaning a little.

"Not much longer," Peter responded.

The two Sweetie Belles arrived and knocked a moment.

"Wait, isn't this a library?" Sweetie asked.

Future Sweetie nodded, "Right, let's head in, I'm sure they'll be happy to see us."

The two entered and looked around.

"Peter! Twilight!" Future Sweetie said.

"Rumble! Mayday!" Sweetie said.

The two looked around and then noticed something that made them blush.

Peter and Rumble were still cleaning under the couch, but they were positioned so that only the top part of them were under the couch with the bottom half sticking out. This put their flanks high in the air and made for a very easy view, something the two Belles really enjoyed.

"Almost done, let's hurry," Peter said.

The two Belles looked lost in a trance, the younger Sweetie was staring at Rumble's rump while Future Sweetie stared at Peter's. Both of them seemed finely tuned as far as the fillies were concerned. They started to approached the two, wanting a closer view, letting their fantasies run wild.

Peter suddenly felt weird, "Um, Rumble, call me crazy, but I think somepony's behind us."

Both pulled out from the couch and looked to see the two Belles, both having a huge blush on their faces. Especially now seeing them in their maid dresses.

The two colts felt their humiliation levels rising, this is one of the most awkward moments thus far. How long were those two girls staring.

"Um...hi?" Peter said.

"You both really know how to keep in shape," Sweetie said, making the two colts wonder what she meant by that.

Future Sweetie still had a blush, "I just came to deliver you something, I didn't realize you were...um what are you doing?"

"Blame Trixie, we made one bad bet and this happens," Peter said.

Sweetie continued to stare at Rumble, his new mane-style could give anypony the impression that he was a filly. Sweetie still found him to be very cute, she had to give Trixie credit.

"You both look great at least," Future Sweetie said. The awkwardness still lingered a moment. Peter really regrets betting Trixie, Rumble regrets teaming with Peter.

Back at the Boutique, everypony was drinking their tea, or rather only Rarity, Susan, Reed and Marble. The others didn't really care to drink tea.

"It's so great to have more faces around, how long will you be staying Dr. Richards?" Rarity asked.

"You may just call me 'Reed', and to answer your question, I'll be leaving tomorrow, we just wanted to come by for a day to see Johnny," Reed said.

"Yes, as annoying as he can be, I do miss my little brother," Susan said.

Johnny groaned, "Gee thanks sis."

Rarity giggled, "Little siblings are a pain, but you would do anything for them." She turned to the Pies, "How about all of you?"

"We can't stay long, Maud was just gonna come by but Pinkie insisted me and Marble come too," Limestone answered.

"That's great, we don't really see you or Marble enough," Rarity said.

"I have a farm to run, and Marble isn't exactly social, don't expect to see me too much," Limestone said.

"Oh come now, Applejack takes time to travel, surely you can as well," Rarity said.

"Just because Applejack does it doesn't mean I need to, besides she at least has her older brother to run the farm, plus we move rocks. My parents aren't exactly in their youth to do something like that very often," Limestone replied.

"She makes a good point," Reed stated.

Rarity nodded, "I suppose so, I can certainly understand you making sure your farm is well tended to. Still, nice to see you when I can."

"You should always try to make time for family though," Susan suggested.

"Surely you miss your sister Pinkie, maybe consider hiring some help?" Reed said.

"Pinkie understands why I can't come that often, besides we're not that big of a farm to be hiring help. I'm sure Applejack doesn't hire help," Limestone said.

"What happened to not doing something because Applejack does it?" Johnny asked in a wiseguy tone.

"Watch it Matchstick," Limestone warned, much to Johnny's annoyance.

"Thanks Ben..." Johnny complained.

After a bit, The Pies and The Fantastic Four left and made their way to the Apple farm. Along the way they noticed two ponies speeding toward them, one in the air and one on the ground.

"Uh, what's that?" Ben asked.

The two stopped before the two families, bringing a big smile to Johnny's face.

"Rainbow Dash! Scootaloo!"

Rainbow approached Johnny and greeted him with a nice kiss, "Sup Torch?" She noticed the Fantastic Four, "I see you brought your family." She then saw the Pie sisters, "And Pinkie has hers."

Susan approached Rainbow Dash, "It's great to see you, how are things?"

"They're good, always nice to see my coltfriend's older sister," Rainbow said.

"I'm glad you're both happy together," Susan said.

Scootaloo approached the Pie sisters, "So awesome to see you all."

Limestone looked away in a non-caring attitude, Marble took a small step back and Maud just stared.

"Wow...amazing that any of you are Pinkie's sisters, you're all pretty different," Scootaloo admitted.

"Siblings aren't as alike as you would think at times," Susan said.

"What matters is that they care for each other, that's one common trait any good sibling would have," Reed stated.

"Way to be sappy Reed," Johnny stated, much to Reed's annoyance.

"Be nice little brother," Susan warned, causing Johnny to roll his eyes.

Pinkie hopped next to him, "Yeah Johnny, you're a caring pony too, it's nothing to be ashamed of."

Johnny rubbed his head a little while offering a sheepish smile to Pinkie Pie.

"So where are you going now?" Rainbow asked.

"To the Apple Family farm, going to see Applejack before everyone heads to bed," Johnny explained while pointing toward the direction of the farm.

"Sounds good to me, let's go," Rainbow Dash said.

Rainbow and Scootaloo accompanied the two families to the farm where they saw Applejack working the fields.

"Yo AJ! Over here!" Rainbow said.

Applejack noticed the families making their way over, so she approached them with her usual friendly attitude. "Howdy there, have a nice tour of Ponyville?"

"Sure did, you have very nice friends," Reed said.

"Mighty nice to hear, y'all make fer good company yerselves," Applejack said.

Soon enough, Apple Bloom and Big Macintosh made their way over to greet the families.

"Welcome back, hope y'all had a good time," Apple Bloom said.

"It was ok," Limestone said, very little enthusiasm though.

Applejack gestured her head, "Why don't y'all come to the barn, get you some nice Apple Pies."

"Sounds awesome," Johnny said, then turned to see some extra company, "Though we won't be alone."

Making their way over were Rarity, Bobby, Fluttershy, Logan, Laura, Deadpool, Spike, Janet, Twilight, Trixie, Lightning Dust, Sweetie Belle, Future Sweetie Belle, Rumble and Peter.

"Hey glad you all can make it," Johnny said, then noticed the red on the faces of Peter and Rumble, 'What's up with you two?"

"Don't ask," Peter said and walked past Johnny, Rumble doing the same. They were not in the best mood.

The two Belles had blushes of their own, to which Apple Bloom and Scootaloo approached them about.

"What's up with them?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Tell you later, when they're not around," Sweetie said.

Applejack gestured for them to follow her, "Come on, let's not dawdle too long now."

The groups of ponies all went inside the house, where plenty of pies were made as if the Apples predicted this. It's always handy to have some treats ready, never know who's gonna come on over. They were soon joined by Remy, Babs, Granny Smith and Aunt May, like one big happy family reunion.

Bobby looked around, a little amazed by the amount of ponies. "Wow, you got the Apple Family, the Pie Family, The Fantastic Four, The Parker-Sparkle family, plus the others, including the prettiest of them, Rarity's family."

Rarity giggled and pecked Bobby's cheek, "You're too kind my love."

Bobby blushed a bit at Rarity's affection. This encouraged most of the mares to hold their special stallion close. Twilight brought Peter closer, Applejack brought Remy closer, Rainbow Dash brought Johnny closer and Susan brought Reed closer.

Mayday and each of the Crusaders went to grab Rumble, hoping to have him all to themselves, but before any of them can grab him, he got pulled away at the last second, causing them to bump their heads against each other.

"Ow! What in the-" Apple Bloom said, then noticed that Rumble was in the grasp of Marble Pie, who had him in a close hug.

Rumble blushed at this, he doesn't even know this mare yet she seems to want to hug him. Oh well, he won't complain about a pretty mare hugging him.

"Wow, he's like a little sister Magnet," Johnny said after noticing that.

Janet even held Spike in her forelegs and rubbed his head. Fluttershy wanted to get closer to Logan, but she wasn't sure how he'd take it. Logan sensed this and quietly but stealthily moved closer to Fluttershy, as if giving her permission to hug him. Something she quickly acted upon.

Pinkie then grabbed Deadpool in a hug, causing him to grin under his mask.

"Ha! Take that Cheese Sandwich!" Deadpool boasted.

Suddenly a piece of cheese struck Deadpool's head, causing him to freak out.

"How the hell!? Who threw that!?" Deadpool asked, looking around frantically.

The others ignored that and continued to eat up. They enjoyed being in each other's company, together they were all technically one big happy family, just the way they want it.

"This has been great, nothing warms my heart like a big family reunion. Ah consider each of you like mah own family, I know some even went the extra mile. Such as a certain little sister adopting a certain superhero to be her big brother," Applejack said, gesturing to Apple Bloom and Peter.

"Hey the way I see it, you all adopted me, even though Apple Bloom is the only one to say it out loud. You all made me feel at home even when I wasn't, seeing Johnny here and the others makes me feel even more at home," Peter focused on Johnny. "You're becoming like a brother to me, I'm glad to see you bring your family over because they're what I wanted for a family. You four define family to me, and although I love my Aunt May so much for being my mom all these years," That comment had made Aunt May hold her hooves to her chest, her nephew is so touching. "I envied the family you all have. Then seeing the Apples and now the Pies, I hoped to one day have a family like that."

Twilight hugged Peter close, "And now you do."

Peter nodded, "Right, I do. And everyday I'm grateful for that, I wouldn't trade you away for anything."

Deadpool chuckled at that a bit, which Peter noticed.

"Something funny?" Peter asked.

Deadpool shook his head, "No I'm good."

Peter shook it off, he doesn't care what Deadpool has to say right now.

"You're so sweet Peter, marrying you was the best decision I ever made, now look at our Wonderful family," Twilight said.

Rarity sighed blissfully, "So romantic. I love your family Twilight. You, Peter, Mayday, Spike and Trixie. So perfect," Rarity said.

Twilight raised her eyebrow, "Um, I think you forgot somepony."

Rarity thought a moment, "Oh right, Peter's Aunt May. Mustn't forget her."

Peter pointed to Rumble, who was still in the arms of Marble. "You forgot Rumble."

"Oh," Rarity said, with a very non-caring attitude. "If you say so, though it is temporary, soon he'll be off and it will be back to what you already have."

Something about that comment not only rubbed Peter and Twilight the wrong way, but some of the other ponies. Rarity just implied that Rumble isn't real family to Peter, that his role is only temporary. Does him eventually leaving make him less family? Pinkie now wonders if not being at her family's farm makes her less family. Johnny wondered how his family would feel if he wanted to stay in Equestria and marry Rainbow Dash. Scootaloo wondered if her sisterly bond with Rainbow Dash meant nothing if they technically aren't related. Laura wondered about her relationship with Fluttershy, if that was only temporary too. Babs thought about her saying with the Apple Family in Ponyville. Even Future Sweetie Belle shot a glare at her sister, is she trying to say that if she goes back to her world that she's not family anymore?

Rarity looked around and noticed many ponies glaring at her for her comments. "What? Was it something I said?"

Before anyone could say anything, Bobby interrupted, "No Rarity, it's fine. Anyway it's getting late, we should head back to the Boutique and finish some clothes. I know you have time to finish your order but better not put it off too long." He went in closer, "Besides I want some alone time with you."

Rarity grinned, now she understands Bobby's reason for going back, or rather she thinks she does. "Sure thing darling," She got up and waved good-bye, "Ta-ta everypony, I'll see you tomorrow."

As Rarity left, Bobby let out a relieved sigh, "Oh good." He turned around and saw the others, "Hey, she isn't saying anything false, just remember that."

Bobby quickly left with Rarity, hoping to lead her away from the impending disaster. Peter turned to Rumble, who looked a little distraught over what Rarity said. Does he truly not have a real family? Is he just some colt that was taken in?

Marble could sense his sadness, so she hugged him tighter, she knows the importance of family. Despite her shyness, she always found some comfort when with her sisters, she knows how much family can mean to a pony.

Reed sensed the awkwardness so she cleared his throat to get attention, "So...Peter, Twilight, what's it like being parents? I know from experience but I'd like to hear your take."

Peter turned to Reed, still a bit unnerved from what Rarity said. "Um...it's great, Mayday is very well behaved and is also incredibly intelligent for her age."

Mayday blushed, "I'm not that smart daddy."

"Don't be modest sweetie, you're daddy's little egghead after all," Peter cooed, making Mayday blush a little.

Twilight giggled a bit, "She is a smart little filly," She then had an idea, "Hey Reed, would you consider bringing your son over for a playdate sometime?"

Reed thought a moment, "That doesn't sound too bad, I'm sure they'd be great friends."

Johnny then realized, "Where is Franklin anyway?"

Ben answered that, "He's being babysat by Alicia."

"Who's Alicia?" Pinkie asked.

"The love of my life," Ben replied with obvious happiness.


Everypony turned towards the source of the outburst and laid eyes upon a now blushing Maud. She quickly stood up and made her way out the room, leaving the others speechless.

"That's the loudest I've heard her yell," Johnny said.

The other Pie sisters remained in shock, it's not often that Maud raises her voice volume.

"Awkward," Remy, said, then earned a glare from Applejack. "What?"

The next day, it was time for both families to say their good-byes.

"Bye Marble, come by sometime soon," Fluttershy said while hugging the young pie sister.

"Mmhmm," Marble replied. She then received a hug from Rumble.

"It was nice to meet you Marble."

Marble ruffled his mane affectionately and kissed the top of his head, much to the jealousy of the Crusaders and Mayday.

Limestone and Laura just stood there, not saying a word.

"See you around...I guess," Limestone said.

"Yeah...you too," Laura said.

The two then parted ways, in a way they like each other and there's some respect, but it's still a bit awkward for them to talk with real caring emotion.

Reed and Susan bid their good-byes to Peter.

"Nice seeing you again Peter. I'm very proud of what you have become," Reed said.

"Thanks Reed, means a lot," Peter said.

Susan hugged him, "We miss you Peter. Keep an eye on Johnny for the time being," Susan said.

"Will do," Peter replied.

"Come by again soon," Twilight said.

"Oh I will, I have a great experiment to try with Doctor Hooves, I hope to do it soon enough," Reed said.

"Sounds fun," Twilight said.

Rainbow Dash approached the two, "Hope to see you again soon."

"Same here Rainbow Dash, and please take good care of Johnny. He really likes you," Susan said.

Rainbow crossed her arms with triumph, "He's got good tastes. But I like him too, great guy. You have an awesome brother Sue."

"Yeah, I know," Susan said, turning her head to Johnny who was busy talking to Pinkie Pie.

The Apple Family also bid their good-byes to the two families.

"It was great to see y'all again Pies, you too Fantastics," Applejack said.

"Again with the 'Fantastics'. Oh well, no big deal," Reed said.

Soon the families turned to each other.

"Good-bye Limestone, I wish you well on your farm work," Reed said.

"See ya Reed, keep up the good work with your science," Limestone said.

"Bye Marble, it was nice seeing you, try to work on your social skills," Sue said.

"Mmhmm...bye Susan," Marble said, barely above a whisper.

Ben stared awkwardly at Maud, "So...no harsh feelings right?"

Maud nodded, "I'm sorry for how I acted Ben. I hope we can still be friends."

Ben felt relieved that she was back to her normal tone of talk, or as normal as she could be.

"It's no problem Maud, nice to see ya anyway," Ben said.

Pinkie hugged Johnny, "Bye Johnny, I'll miss you."

Johnny sighed, "Pinkie...I'm not leaving, and neither are you."

"Yeah, but you're gonna be gone for 5 minutes to see your family off, and I'll be gone 5 minutes to see my family off. I'll really miss you during that time," Pinkie said with a sniffle.

Johnny rolled his eyes and hugged Pinkie back, "You're too adorable sometimes Pinkie."

Pinkie squealed at that and broke away, "You're the best Johnny." She turned to her sisters, "Shall we go?"

The two families turned away from each other and started moving.

Johnny arrived with his family at the point where the void first opened. "It was great seeing all of you again, I gotta admit, I missed you all."

Susan hugged Johnny, "We missed you as well, take care little brother."

Johnny nodded, but felt a nag of worry. "Hey...if I decided I wanted to stay with Rainbow Dash, you wouldn't be too upset right?"

Susan could almost feel the concern radiating off Johnny. "Johnny, of course not. If you love her then I can't fault you for staying."

"Good to know, I think I can make it work with her. But I'm just worried about what it would do to our family," Johnny said.

Susan felt some degree of pride seeing her brother acting maturely about something and she could sense his worry. "Johnny, you'll always be my little brother, it's not gonna change."

Johnny rubbed his head, "I'm just worried, once this portal closes I'm probably gonna be seperated from my family one way or another. If I say I can be with Rainbow Dash and get married, but then I may not see you as often. If I don't stay then we're still The Fantastic Four but then I'm not with Rainbow Dash, and I won't see Peter either."

Susan pulled Johnny into a comforting hug, "Follow your heart little brother. But I still love you regardless, alright?"

Johnny nodded and smiled at Susan, "I may not say this much, but I appreciate you always being there for me when I need you Sue."

Susan had a big smile as she wiped a tear from her eye, "Thanks Johnny, no matter what you're always family. Be strong for me ok?"

Susan kissed Johnny on the head and went through the portal. Reed approached Johnny with a smile, "We're very proud of everything you've done Johnny."

Johnny nodded with a smile as Reed went through the portal. Ben also approached Johnny.

"You got a good thing going here, my advice, take it. We'll be happy for ya Johnny."

Johnny nodded, "Thanks Ben, I rag on you, but you're still my friend. No, more than that, you're my family."

Ben looked like he was holding back some tears, "Easy kid, you're gonna make my eyes water, you know how hard it is wiping tears away?"

Johnny chuckled as Ben went through the portal, "See ya kid!"

Johnny waved good-bye, still feeling tears come to his eyes. He evaporated them with his heat as he walked back to the others.

Meanwhile with Pinkie, the train had arrived to take her sisters back to the rock farm.

"Here's the train. Please try to come by more, I miss all of you," Pinkie said.

"Can't promise that," Limestone said, then noticed the look of discouragement in Pinkie's eyes. Feeling sympathy for her little sister, she sighed and put on a friendly smile, "But I'll do my best."

"Same here, I really miss you at times Pinkie," Maud said, her tone expressionless but her words true to her heart.

"Mmhmm," Marble added.

Pinkie almost felt some tears but she held them back. One question did nag her, "You all still consider me family right? Even if we're not together?"

The sisters could see that Pinkie felt a bit troubled, if there's one thing they can agree on is that Pinkie should never feel sad.

"Of course Pinkie," Maud said.

"We love you," Marble said.

Limestone sighed, this was gonna be a little awkward for her, but she owes it to her sister. "Pinkie, just because you don't live on the rock farm with us, doesn't mean we think of you any less. You're always gonna be our sister, and we're proud of how well you've been doing. You have great friends here and you always brings smiles to faces."

Pinkie felt some tears coming, this time she couldn't fight it. Limestone approached her with a more genuine smile, though still maintaining her tough nature, "You're an awesome sister, and we love you. Don't forget that."

The last part sounded more like an order but Pinkie knows Limestone is true to her word when she says this stuff.

"I love all three of you!" Pinkie said and grabbed her three sisters in one big hug and planted kisses on all their heads.

She let them go, Marble feeling a bit odd, Limestone almost regretting her sappy speech and Maud just standing there.

Once the train came, the three sisters boarded and waved good-bye to Pinkie, who herself waved good-bye with tears falling out. She left the station, still wiping tears away.

Johnny and Pinkie met up again near Sugarcube corner, they each knew right away that the good-byes were a little hard.

"Your sisters are great ponies Pinkie," Johnny said.

"And your family is very caring Johnny," Pinkie said.

Johnny then suddenly pulled Pinkie into a hug. Pinkie was surprised but she eagerly returned it. Johnny knew she needed some comfort, and he could use it himself.

Pinkie herself could sense that Johnny felt almost as distraught as she felt. She wants to help Johnny, and prove that family goes beyond blood relations, and where one pony lives.

"Johnny...if you need family to be around, I can do that for you. I've always wanted a brother," Pinkie said and hugged tighter. "I'm not Susan but I can try to be a sister when you need one."

Johnny held Pinkie closer, "Thanks, you'd make an awesome sister Pinkie. As for your offer, I'll take you up on in, if you take up my offer."

Pinkie maintained her postion, not wanting to break the hug. "What's that?"

"That I'll be there for you when you need family, you'll be my sister, I'll be your brother, and we can be one big family. No matter how far away my family is, or your family," Johnny said.

Pinkie smiled and hugged closer, her tears staining his shoulders as he caused them to evaporate. "Thank you so much."

Johnny just stood there, his newfound sister in his forelegs as she continued to let some tears fall. Johnny himself felt his tears unleash from his eyes. Family is important. He knows that all too well. At least one way or another, he has a family to be with.

They still have family, no matter the situation.

Author's Note:

A family based chapter involving The Fantastic Four and The Pie Sisters.