Spiders and Magic: Avengers Assemble

by Masterob

Meeting with The Brotherhood

Cap couldn't believe what he was seeing, a sworn enemy of the X-Men, the one who leads the Brotherhood of Mutants, the Master of Magnetism, Magneto.

"What are you doing in this world!?" Cap asked.

"Who is he anyway?" Sunset asked.

"He is Magneto, leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, they're enemies of the X-Men," Cap said.

"What!?" Sunset asked, turning to Magneto. "Wait, I think I might have heard of you during my time in The Marvel World."

"You've been to our world have you?" Magneto asked. "Yes, I think I might know you. I seem to remember you causing some trouble on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier with all of Green Goblin's goons."

"You still haven't answered my question, why are you in this world!?" Cap asked again.

"And why have you attacked my guards?" Celestia asked

"That was for my defense," Magneto said. "As for your question good Captain, I came to this world for a second chance."

"Second chance?" Cap asked. "What are you getting at?"

"Captain, I'm sure you're well aware of how poorly mutants seem to get along with humans in our world, I have gone through that, as have my children and many others I know. Try as we might, we just can't seem to coexist together, quite a shame. Even beloved heroes such as yourself and Spider-Man have had trouble, despite your status many consider you freaks. Humans know our power and know what we can do, that's why they shun us," Magneto gave a warmer smile to the group. "But then I heard of this world, that it is a world full of harmony and friendship, I figured if mutants had any hope for a chance at happiness, it would be in this world, ponies seem far less judgmental than humans, I hear they loved Spider-Man almost immediately when he first came here."

"Not all of them," Cap said. "There have been a few criticisms unfortunately."

"A few is better than many, there's always gonna be opposition Captain, but what matters is which place has more," Magneto said. "I came to this world hoping for a second chance, not for myself only, but for many mutants. Wolverine lives here does he not? I'm sure he's enjoying himself here."

"Yes, he got married not too long ago," Cap said. "Along with Gambit and Iceman."

"Perfect examples of mutants finding happiness in this world," Magneto said. "I'm sure they were lovely weddings, it pains me that I wasn't there to see the lucky ladies. Especially the one who captured Wolverine's heart, I almost wasn't sure if he had one to give. That's the magic of this world."

"Give him a little credit," Cap said. "Logan's a great man, and he found a lovely mare who could see that as well."

"Yes, in this world he had that opportunity," Magneto said. "Once again, that's the magic."

Celestia stepped forward, "You wish to live here it seems. Normally I wouldn't have a problem, but even aside from the fact that you attacked my guards, Cap seems highly suspicious of you. He had said you were an enemy of Logan and the X-Men."

"I admit, I may have made a few bad decisions in the past, though I firmly believe they were necessary for the survival of myself and my Brotherhood," Magneto said. "I don't know what I could do to earn your trust and live peacefully among you, but rest assure I will follow what you say."

Celestia turned to Cap, "What do you think Steve?"

Cap furrowed his brow, while he didn't trust Magneto, he didn't wanna turn him away without at least some chance. Celestia has always talked about second chances, how some ponies have benefited from that. He knows about how Peter helped Trixie, he sees how much Lightning Dust has changed since Wesker's invasion, he knows about Luna and Nightmare Moon, even the mare beside them, Sunset Shimmer has gotten a second chance after helping Goblin nearly take over the multiverse. Peter even wants to help Chrysalis change, if Peter believes a mare that was capable of a future like the one Peter's been through can change, then why not Magneto. He has been an ally on occasion to the X-Men, he knows Magneto has principles of his own, with his own brand of justice. He even knows that Magneto genuinely cares for mutants, maybe being in Equestria can help change him.

"I think we should at least ask Logan's input, but I say Magneto deserves a chance to prove himself," Cap said.

Magneto nodded in gratitude, "Thank you Captain, you truly are a noble man, er, in this situation, noble stallion."

"That reminds me, is your brotherhood aware that being in this world is gonna turn them into ponies?" Cap asked.

"Yes, we've heard about that. Doom did try asking my help during the time he worked with Wesker to take over this world, and he told me a little about this place," Magneto said.

"Alright, anyway I'll go contact Logan then," Cap said. "In fact I think all the Elements along with their husbands should come."

"Marvelous idea," Magneto said. "I'll even bring members of my Brotherhood, maybe if we find peace, we can work to help more mutants, just like our dear Professor Xavier."

"Just keep that promise," Cap warned. "I am always for helping those who truly need it, so long as nothing is done that will endanger the ponies of this world."

"Fair enough, rest assure that I harbor no desire to endanger the ponies of this world," Magneto said.

"Bring your brotherhood, we'll bring our allies," Cap said.

"As you wish," Magneto said, turning away. "Oh, and Princess, I deeply apologize for hurting your guards, I know they were just doing their jobs, but I was just desperate to speak with you."

"Just don't let that happen again," Celestia warned.

"Of course," Magneto said and flew off, leaving the others concerned and confused.

"I'm not so sure about this," Sunset said. "That guy kinda creeps me out."

Cap nodded in agreement. "I'm not completely sure myself, but it wouldn't be very hero like of me to turn it down, we should at least hear him out. Besides, Magneto isn't all bad, he has good intentions at times, he's just not very good at going about them."

"So, he's more misguided than evil," Celestia said. "Is that accurate?"

"Pretty much. I heard he and Professor X used to get along once, I believe they were good friends. Their different perspectives on mutants is what led their friendship to fall apart," Cap said.

"That's terrible," Sunset said. "Maybe this could be a new Friendship Lesson, if we help Magneto and this Professor X guy rekindle their friendship, then the X-Men would have less enemies!"

"It's certainly worth a try, let's send the message out to Twilight so she can get the others to the castle," Cap said, going back to the castle with Sunset.

Celestia still looked unsure, but if there's a Friendship problem to be solved, Twilight is the best pony for that. She has to trust her pupil to keep Equestria safe.

As the three went back to the castle, Magneto went to the outskirts of Canterlot, going over ideas on what to do once his Brotherhood of Mutants came to Equestria. During his thought pattern, he heard a voice recently familiar to him. "Enjoying yours stay so far Magnet Man?"

Magneto groaned at that, "Your jokes are pitiful Discord."

Just then, Discord materialized in front of Magneto. "Oh lighten up, it's all in good fun."

"Why I agreed to let you help me is beyond my understanding, perhaps my age is catching up to my judgement," Magneto said.

"If you'd like, I can probably help with your age, I might know a reversal spell...though if it goes wrong, you might end up with eight legs," Discord said.

"I'm fine thank you," Magneto said, quickly dismissing the idea. "Anyway what brings you here?"

"Well I figured that if you wanted to stay, you would need my help bringing over your Brotherhood, that is if Princess Celestia was alright with you being here."

"She doesn't trust me it seems, just as you predicted," Magneto said.

"Yes, you'll have to forgive her, she's really cautious and tends to freak out when things change," Discord said.

"It looks like she's even befriended Captain America, I suppose it's nice to know that one of our world's greatest heroes has found such an amazing home in this world," Magneto said.

"I'm sure it will happen with you, I mean you're mainly doing this for your son and daughter correct?" Discord said.
"In a way, yes," Magneto said. "I think Wanda and Pietro could use a place to start over, I've heard that they did have a brief encounter with Spider-Man and his Equestrian friends a few years ago when Doom and Wesker were attempting to take over the multiverse."

"Well if Sunset Shimmer can make friends despite her allegiance to The Green Goblin, I don't see why it would be any harder for your children. I'm sure this will be great for them," Discord said.

"I must admit, I myself don't fully trust these other ponies either, but if they do prove to be reasonable, then this will all be worth it," Magneto said.

"And if they're not?" Discord said.

"Then they too shall feel the wrath of those they've rejected," Magneto said, clenching his hoof. "Perhaps then all non-mutants should be dealt with."

"I don't know why you all can't get along, mutant or non-mutant, you're still one in the same in the end, to higher powers like myself, you're all mortal beings," Discord said.

"Don't lump us in the same class, if anything mutants are another step to Godhood, unlike Wesker and Goblin, I can be an actual God. But unlike those two, I still give the ponies a chance to prove they deserve to exist alongside me and my mutants," Magneto said.

"I look forward to seeing how this plays out," Discord said, then vanished from the area.

"I'm sure you would," Magneto said and walked off again.

Later on, the Elements and Heroes arrived back at the castle, with Bobby complaining a bit.

"Weren't we just here last week?" Bobby asked.

"What's the big deal if we were or not?" Logan asked.

"I don't like coming to Canterlot, way too many stuck up ponies," Bobby said. "Plus a good load of them keep eyeing my wife." Bobby angrily turned to a couple of stallions. "She's married!"

The stallions huffed and trotted away, leaving Rarity feeling a bit embarrassed. "I wish you wouldn't worry so much Bobby, you know I love only you."

"I know, but it's still annoying when other ponies glance at you," Bobby said.

"Shouldn't you feel flattered then? You got a mare nopony else can get," Rarity said.

Bobby suddenly started feeling positive, which quickly turned into arrogance. "That's right, I got the most attractive mare in all of Equestria as my wife."

Rarity blushed and giggled, "I appreciate that, but I don't think I'm the most attractive."

"Can't think of any other mare," Bobby said.

Almost on instinct, each of the other heroes grabbed their wives in a side hug, muttering the same phrase. "I can."

"Always lovey-dovey, aren't you," they all heard. They turned and were surprised to see Cyclops standing there.

"Scott? What are you doing in Equestria?" Logan asked.

"I was asked by Princess Celestia to come here," Cyclops explained. "She didn't give me a reason why though, she just said it was urgent and wanted my opinion on something."

"That's a bit odd, wait have you and the Princess becoming friends and she never told us?" Peter asked.

"Actually this is the first time I've formally spoken to her, in fact I don't think she's ever really contacted the X-Men, so I'm just as curious as to why the Princess of Equestria wanted to speak to me," Cyclops said.

"This already sounding bad," Bobby lamented.

"How? Maybe it's a good thing," Remy said. "It means she's warming up to our world and is willing to let more of what we have to offer come through."

"What could Cyclops have to do with that though?" Bobby asked.

"Maybe it involves helping our fellow mutants?" Remy stated.

"Yeah, maybe Professor X wants to expand his school here," Peter said.

That got Twilight's eyes sparkling, "A school!? That's so exciting, I wonder if I could be a teacher there? I mean I know I'm not a mutant but I'd still like to help any way I can!"

"Easy Twi, it's just an idea, we don't know if that's it," Peter said.

"But if it is, I'll send a good word for you Twilight," Cyclops said. "Not all the X-Men members are mutants, we made Chun-Li a member, and she's not even from our world."

"Let's not keep Celestia waiting then! Let's go!" Twilight said, eagerly trotting to the castle.

Cyclops looked a little surprised at Twilight's suddenly cheery attitude, then turned to Peter. "She must like the idea of teaching."

"Well she likes to tutor foals whenever she can, we even homeschool our daughter," Peter said.

"Why not turn your home into a type of school then?" Cyclops suggested.

"I wouldn't mind opening up my own school someday," Twilight said.

"Yeah, this way you can let your daughter meet other kids so that she doesn't end up anti-social," Bobby said.

Peter glared at the icy hero, "Worry about your own family Drake." Peter then trotted inside, causing a bit of an awkward silence.

"Bobby," Rarity said. "I've asked you to be nicer when talking about Mayday."

"I'm just letting Peter know about his daughter, suppose she grows up and doesn't know how to make friends, that would be really embarrassing that the daughter of the Princess of Friendship can't even make friends." Bobby did not seem to notice or care how irritated Peter and Twilight were becoming.

"It's great that you care dear, but you really shouldn't be that blunt about it," Rarity said.

"Your wife's correct Bobby," Cyclops said. "I understand your point though, but in the end it's Spider-Man's decision, and I'm sure he just wants his daughter to have a good education."

"Fine, but if she ends up with a personality like Logan then don't say I didn't warn anyone," Bobby said.

"The hell is that supposed to mean?" Logan asked, looking a bit annoyed.

"Focus y'all," Applejack said. "Princess Celestia's waiting fer us, let's keep moving."

The ponies agreed and continued en route to the castle, though Peter was still feeling pretty annoyed by Bobby's words.

"What's with these guys lately telling me how to raise my own daughter?" the spider hero muttered. "Been happening every other day now."

"Don't worry about it, you're doing a great job so far," Twilight reassured, easing Peter slightly as they entered the castle.
Inside Celestia was seen pacing around a bit, looking really worried and unsure about everything. Nearby Cap, Sunset and Luna all looked a bit concerned for the Sun Princess.

"She's really nervous about this," Sunset said.

"I don't blame her, she's bringing an enemy of the X-Men here, if anything goes wrong, we could be in for quite a fight," Luna said.

"Exactly, we gotta be ready just in case Magneto decides to attack, he's a very powerful mutant that can probably destroy this castle in a matter of seconds," Cap said.

Sunset looked a little freaked out, "Um, isn't that a bit of an exaggeration? I mean he just has magnet powers right?" Sunset asked.

"He has a lot of abilities with his Magnetism," Cap said, holding on to his shield. "We need to be absolutely careful."

"Careful about what?" they heard. Cap turned to see Logan and everyone else arriving. "What's going on?"

"Good, you're all here," Celestia said, though still didn't look any less worried.

"What's going on? Why did you need us?" Logan asked, then gestured to Cyclops. "And why is Scott here?"

"I have something to discuss, and I need the point of view of this stallion...er this man I should say," Celestia said.

"Either one is fine, I know I'm technically a stallion in this world," Cyclops said.

"What do you need his point of view though?" Peter asked. "I know Cyclops is a leader but why him specifically?"

"It involves an old...acquaintance of his," Celestia said. "Or rather the entire X-Men."

"An acquaintance?" Cyclops asked, then turned to Cap. "Do you know who she's talking about?"

"Yes, and chances are, you won't be very excited for who it is, but just give it a chance," Cap said.

Logan snarled a bit, then glared at Celestia. "What does that mean?"

"It means, an old friend has returned," they heard. The voice was way too familiar to the X-Men heroes present, and somewhat familiar to the other heroes.

"Oh no..." Bobby said. "Please tell me it's not who I think it is and it's just someone who happens to sound like one of our strongest and most dangerous enemies."

"Easy your worries young Robert," they heard the same voice say, then saw Magneto approach them with an almost sinister smile. "I mean no harm."

Logan squinted his eyes a bit, "Eric?"

"Good to see you Logan, it's been quite some time," Magneto said. He turned his attention to Cyclops. "Ah, Scott Summers, tell me how the good Professor is doing? I haven't seen him in ages."

"Magneto!? What are you doing in this world?" Cyclops asked.

"That doesn't quite answer my question, but I'll be a bit more polite and answer yours," Magneto said. "I have come to live here, with my Brotherhood."

"Live here?" Cyclops asked.

"With yer Brotherhood?" Logan added.

Magneto turned to face behind his shoulder, "Please make yourselves known."

Before long, five ponies had walked up and stood by Magneto. One stallion with brown hair and a black suit, one stallion with fiery blond hair, using his Unicorn horn to rotate fire around, one mare blowing a bubble with some gum, one stallion who looked amphibious, one stallion with silver hair and one mare wearing a pink suit.

"Sup X-Chumps," the pony in the black suit said.

Logan turned to Celestia, "Why are they here!?"

"Logan lower your voice!" Cap shouted. "If you're angry at anyone, be angry at me, I told her to consider it."

"Did you forget all the trouble they caused our world!" Logan shouted. "Magneto is one of the most dangerous villains in our world, he's right up there with Doom and Ultron!"

"I realize that, but unlike Doom and Ultron, Magneto has always been reasonable from what I've seen, even Professor Xavier believes so," Cap said.

"Wasn't it last week we were wondering how some of these villains got into our world and now you're willingly inviting another? I know Eric has been reasonable, but it was mostly for his benefit!" Logan shouted.

"My benefit?" Magneto asked. "Everything I've done was to help our fellow mutants. Our world treats them so terribly after all, someone had to step in and help them."

"So yer answer is to treat the non-mutants so much more terrible!?" Logan shouted. "Good humans who have done nothing wrong!"

"Even if you believed the treatment of mutants was wrong, what you did was no better," Cyclops said.

"I realize I may have gone overboard, but that's why I'm here. I want a second chance to do the right thing. For now I want to find a place my Brotherhood can live in peace, to my knowledge, the ponies of this world are much more harmonious than the humans of ours, if anyone could be accepting, it's them," Magneto said.

"Yes, the best ponies to help with that would be Twilight Sparkle and her friends," Cap said.

"And which one was Twilight Sparkle again?" Magneto asked.

Twilight stepped forward, "That would be me."

Before Magneto could say anything, the mare wearing pink spoke up. "Ugh, it's you! The one who was pretending to be me!"

Twilight squinted her eyes a moment at the mare, "Wait I think I remember seeing you once. Weren't you teaming with Doom and Wesker? You attacked me when we went to your world!"

"So it's true Wanda?" Magneto asked.

The mare, Wanda, nodded her head, "Yeah, but you should have seen her, dressing up like me and calling herself 'Amethyst Witch', knowing Spider-Man, he probably set his wife up to make that stupid joke!"

"Um, I had nothing to do with her suit or name," Peter said. "Doctor Strange made the suit for her and she picked out the name."

"What's the big deal anyway sis?" the silver hair pony asked. "It's just a name. Plus with the whole magic thing you both have, using the term 'witch' doesn't seem that unusual."

"She looked like me too Pietro," Wanda said. "It's not just the name, it's the appearance, I felt disrespected."

"Wanda," Magneto said. "I thought you were better than that."

"Leave it to Wanda to make a big deal out of nothing," the fire hair pony said.

"Shut it Pyro," Wanda said. "Though I guess I'd rather be parodied than be the parody, you're just a pitiful version of The Human Torch."

"Speaking of whom," Pietro said, then pointed to Johnny. "Isn't that him right there?"

"Yeah, I remember the both of you caused Twilight and her brother some trouble during that big battle in New York City," Johnny said.

"Which brings back an earlier point, the fact that they would world with someone like Doom or Wesker," Logan said.
"I did not condone them doing so, especially with someone like Wesker," Magneto said. "That man thinks he's a God, plus the idea that he believes he could create mutants with those pitiful viruses. Those aren't mutants, they're simply monsters."

"Like you said dad, mutants are born, not created," Pietro said.

"Little surprised you remembered something I said, considering your occasional rebellious streak," Magneto said.
"So I like to think for myself from time to time, be happy I can agree with you once in a while," Pietro said.

Magneto shook his head in annoyance, then turned back to the group, "Anyway, I do hope you can forgive my children, they meant no real harm."

"Also, for the record, I'm nothing like the Human Torch, nothing at all," Pyro said.

"Yeah, you're lamer," Johnny said, flashing a cocky grin.

"Dude you wanna go right now?" Pyro asked, pulling out some fire. In an instant, Sunset had grabbed him in a spell, lifting him into the air. "H-hey! What's going on!?"

"You'd be wise not to do that again," Sunset warned.

Pyro groaned, "Alright then, just put me down, sheesh!"

Sunset hesitantly started lowering Pyro, releasing her spell, then turned to Magneto. "Is that gonna be a problem?"

"I will teach Pyro to manage his anger, though perhaps it would help of the heroes were a tad bit friendlier," Magneto said.

"Pardon us for being a little on edge here," Johnny said. "Like I said, you've caused quite a bit of trouble."

"How can we be sure you're being genuine in wanting to reform?" Bobby asked.

"Could be a trap for all we know," Remy said.

"Is there anything we can do to earn your trust?" Magneto asked.

Celestia rubbed her chin, trying to think of a good way to resolve this. "Perhaps...Twilight, you and your friends can teach the values of friendship to each of Magneto's Brotherhood."

"You want me to teach them about Friendship?" Twilight asked, looking to the group. "I guess that could work, I can come up with Friendship Lessons for them."

"Friendship Lessons?" Pyro asked. "That girl can't be serious."

"That's the deal, accept it or you get no chance at living here," Cap said.

"I think it's a wonderful idea," Magneto said. "This would most certainly help us settle in."

"I should hope so," Cap said. "Remember this is a huge favor we're doing for you."

"And we greatly appreciate it," Magneto insisted. "Now then, how shall we proceed with these, 'Friendship Lessons' as you call them?"

"Simple, each of my friends will teach them the basic values of Friendship," Twilight explained. "Rainbow Dash here will teach Loyalty, Fluttershy will teach Kindness, Applejack will teach Honesty, Rarity will teach Generosity, Pinkie Pie will teach Laughter and I will teach Magic." Twilight took note of who in the group were Unicorns, "Though the last one will be a tad bit difficult since not all of them are Unicorns."

"Splendid idea," Magneto said. "I'm sure they will each benefit from your lessons, and to save time, I propose one member per teacher, since there are six of my followers and six of your friends."

"Would we be housing them too?" Fluttershy asked.

Despite the brief look of concern in the eyes of the heroes, especially the X-Men, Magneto was quick to reassure their worries, "I won't have them burden you, we can all find another place to stay, they will simply go to your homes and learn your lessons there."

"Good, so we're at an agreement," Twilight said.

"Wait, I never agreed to anything!" Bobby said.

"Same, this ain't a quick and easy decision," Remy said. "They are our enemies."

Twilight thought for a moment, trying to figure out a solution beneficial for everypony involved. She looked over to Peter a moment, then remembered something, "I think they deserve a chance, it wouldn't be the first time it worked out well. I mean me and my friends helped out Luna when she was Nightmare Moon, Peter helped out Trixie and Sunset Shimmer when they needed a friend, even Lightning Dust joined our side after aligning with Wesker. Maybe all they need is a chance to prove themselves."

"Yes, that's all we require," Magneto said.

Logan still looked a bit unsure, but he couldn't deny Twilight's argument. Sunset nearly destroyed his world alongside The Green Goblin, yet she was totally forgiven and even greatly reformed. He knows there's a chance for Magneto and his Brotherhood to reform, since they have been allies on occasion. He could only hope this turns out well.

"Alright, I'm good with this then," Logan said.

"Good, I'll make a proper schedule, and assign each of your followers with each of my friends," Twilight said. "In fact, to show good will to you, I will take Wanda in as the pony I will teach."

Wanda shook her head, "No thanks, I'd rather be with anyone else."

"Wanda..." Magneto lightly scolded. "You're being given a grand opportunity, do not throw it away."

"Come on, this is Spider-Man's wife after all, chances are she's probably as annoying as he is if she was crazy enough to actually want to marry the guy," Wanda said.

Peter pouted at that, "You're just jealous of me and my wife."

Johnny scoffed a bit, "You know, it's not very often a girl dreads the idea of being married to Peter, kind of refreshing actually."

"Let's not start about this apparent harem I seemed to have developed," Peter pleaded.

"Yes, please," Twilight added. "As for you Wanda, I assure you I am not as annoying as my husband tends to be at times."

"Hey!" Peter said.

"What do you mean 'at times'?" Logan asked. "Yer being too nice Twilight."

"Hey!" Peter said again.

"Come on Logan, Peter's not that bad...most of the time at least," Cap said.

"HEY!" Peter shouted a third time. "What is it, a pick on Peter Parker party?"

"Ha, nice tongue twister dude," Bobby said. "Besides with you, it's usually a pick on Peter Parker party."

"Bobby!" Rarity scolded.

"May we please get back on topic?" Cap said, starting to get irritated at the childishness.

"Right, back no topic," Twilight cleared her throat. "Wanda, I know we didn't get along but I'm sure you would like a chance to better your life, wouldn't you?"

"Better it how?" Wanda asked.

"Learn the Magic of Friendship, be able to make good friends, to be yourself without others judging," Twilight said.
"Maybe be someplace where you don't need to be locked away because your powers cause too much trouble," Pietro added.

"Be quiet brother," Wanda said, then turned to Twilight. "How do you plan to help me?"

"I have loads of lessons that I've personally learned over the years, I can teach them to you," Twilight said.

"I would suggest you take her up on that offer," Magneto said. "If you're not accepted here, then there's nowhere else for you to go my daughter."

"Well she can just go with one of the other ponies," Pyro said.

"No, I'd rather her take the offer that young mare gave her," Magneto said, gesturing to Twilight. "Well Wanda? Will you take her offer or not?"

Wanda turned away, not wanting to bother with her father's glare, then found herself staring at a curious looking Twilight and a somewhat concerned looking Peter. Giving in she nodded, "Fine, I'll go with Spider-Man's pony wife," Wanda said.

"Good, now for starters, I am not just Spider-Man's 'pony wife', I am Princess Twilight Sparkle, but you may just refer to me as just 'Twilight', no formalities needed," Twilight said.

"That's a waste," Pyro said.

"Be polite now," Magneto said. "There is nothing wrong with a little humility."

"Well that's settled, but what about the rest of them?" Sunset asked.

Magneto rubbed his chin, "How about all of Twilight Sparkle's friends come forward and introduce themselves and what they do."

"Sounds fair," Cap said, then turned to the Elements. "Alright ladies, mind introducing yourselves?"

Applejack was the first to respond, "Guess I'll go first." She trotted toward the Brotherhood, a few already snickering at the sight of her, mainly her hat.

"She looks kinda silly with that hat," the blonde mare said. "Ride'em cowgirl."

"Watch yourself," Remy warned, his eyes glowing a bit.

Applejack brushed off the mare's insult and started speaking, "Mah name's Applejack, ah help run mah family's farm, Sweet Apple Acres."

"She's also my wife, just so ya'll know," Remy warned.

"So you got married to Gambit?" Pietro asked. "Funny I thought he liked that one girl who if she touched you, she'd take your powers."

"Not that it's any of your business, but Rogue and I broke it off a while ago," Remy said. "Now I'm with Applejack."

"True, so anyway, whichever of ya'll stays with us is gonna have to do some farm work, which of ya'll is best suited for that?" Applejack asked.

"Avalanche," Wanda said, pointing to the pony wearing black.

"Huh? Wait, why me?" Avalanche asked.

"Farm work is hard, and you can move the ground so it's less hard," Wanda said.

"That doesn't make any sense, unless it's a type of rock farm," Avalanche said.

"No that'd be Pinkie Pie's family who runs that farm," Applejack said, gesturing to the exited pink mare. "We harvest Apples."

"Apples? Got anything better?" Avalanche asked.

Applejack glared at Avalanche, "Watch your tongue there, ah take great pride in what we do."

"And he'll learn to appreciate that," Magneto said, then turned to Avalanche. "You'll be going with her."

"Come on, what's she gonna teach me? Farming?" Avalanche asked.

"Actually ah could teach you about mah Friend Element, Honesty," Applejack said.

Avalanche rolled his eyes, "You can't be serious."

"I'm dang serious, and yer leader already assigned you, so best prepare yerself, because I'll be working ya hard until you learn Friendship," Applejack said.

Avalanche groaned, then glared at Wanda. "I'll get you for this."

"Hey she's more tolerable than what I got," Wanda said, annoying Twilight a little.

Rarity was the next to step forward, "My name is Rarity, I own my own store, The Carousel Boutique. Well now it's more of a brand since more stores have appeared in other parts of Equestria, such as right here in Canterlot where my good friend Sassy Saddles is managing it."

Pyro rubbed his chin with a seductive smile, "You know, for a pony, you're actually kind of attractive."

"She's already married to me!" Bobby shouted. "Don't get any funny ideas."

Pyro frowned, "You're married to Ice guy over there?" Pyro then let out an arrogant chuckle, "Sweetie, you're better off with a real man like me."

"Dude, you ever hear of frostbite?" Bobby asked, hardening his body with ice.

"You ever hear of fire melting ice?" Pyro asked, showing off some fire.

"Like you'll be able to get enough fire to melt me," Bobby said.

"Enough!" Cap shouted. "No more arguing!" He turned to Pyro, "Also I'm pretty sure Sunset warned you about bringing out your fire, do it a third time and I'll be dealing with you myself!"

"Best behave around Robert, Pyro," Magneto said. "Especially since you two will be seeing more of each other."

Pyro looked very worried at those choice of words. "Boss, you can't be serious!"

"I am, this will test you perfectly," Magneto said.

Pyro and Bobby groaned, neither of them were particularly excited about having to stay near each other.

"What exactly does she represent though?" Pyro asked.

"I represent Generosity," Rarity said, getting a loud laugh from Avalanche.

"Wow Pyro, sucks to be you right now," Avalanche said.

"Hey you're the one who has to do farm work," Pyro said.

"And you'll be modelling clothes most likely," Avalanche said, getting a worried look from Pyro.

"Yeah, I'm sure Rarity will have such a nice set in mind for you too," Bobby said with a sinister type grin.

Pyro sighed angrily, "Freaken Iceman."

Rainbow Dash was next to step forward, "Name's Rainbow Dash, fastest flyer in Equestria, as well as up and coming Wonderbolt."

"Fast huh?" Pietro asked. "How fast?"

"Faster than you can even blink," Rainbow Dash boasted.

Pietro looked interested, "I think I like this one." He turned to Magneto. "Hey dad, I'll train with her."

"Fine by me, at least you two will get along," Magneto said, then turned to Rainbow Dash. "But what would you teach him?"

"I represent Loyalty," Rainbow Dash answered.

"Loyalty huh?" Magneto said, then turned to Pietro. "That would be perfect for you to learn."

"Huh? What are you trying to say dad? I'm not loyal enough?" Pietro asked.

"You could use some practice," Magneto said.

Johnny flew forward, "Also, just stating a fact here." Johnny gestured to Rainbow Dash, "This mare, this extremely hot mare, she's my wife, mine alone."

"Are they all married?" Pyro asked.

"Yeah, we are," Rainbow Dash replied. "Most of us even have kids."

"Can't imagine what Gambit's kid looks like," Avalanche said.

"This close," Remy warned. "Watch your ass or I'll shove my staff up it."

Avalanche took a step back while suspiciously eyeing Remy, "You're out of your mind."

Pyro looked to Rarity, "You got kids too sweetheart?"

Rarity didn't take to kindly to Pyro's wording, but answered nonetheless. "Almost, I'm actually pregnant if you couldn't tell at first."

"Oh you're pregnant?" the blonde mare said. "I thought you were just getting fat."

Rarity's eye twitched slightly, "Well darling, you thought wrong. So I suggest you keep your thoughts in your pretty little head."

The mare blew a piece of bubble from some gum she was chewing until it popped. "Fine, whatever."

Magneto sighed, "Anyway will the last two step up please, preferably before we all end up quarreling amongst ourselves?"

Pinkie Pie stepped forward, "Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie! Like Applejack said, my family runs a rock farm, me on the other hoof, I work in a bakery and plan parties with my amazing husband Deadpool."

"Fun as hell too!" Deadpool added.

"So, which one of you wants to train under me and learn my great Element of Laughter!?" Pinkie asked, smiling so wide it began to stretch her face unusually wide.

Most of the Brotherhood looked freaked out, with Avalanche speaking first. "Kinda glad I got the farm, she's crazy!"

"She has to be if she's married to Deadpool! She must have been desperate to do that!" Pyro said.

"And meanwhile, you have no wife, and you're all alone and your life will probably end that way because you're a pile of dog crap who can barely even compare to the Human Torch," Deadpool said, leaving Pyro speechless.

"Damn bro," Johnny said.

The blonde mare chuckled at Pyro's expense, "He really got you there dude. Anyway I kinda like that mare, something about her seems a bit charming, plus the fact that she plans parties makes her seem fun."

"Fine then Boom, you can be with this mare," Magneto said.

"Hurray! New friend!" Pinkie said, rushing over to hug Boom. "We're gonna have so much fun!"

"Yeah, I'm sure," Boom said, chuckling a bit awkwardly. "Can you let go now? I like you so far, but I don't like you that much yet."

Pinkie backed away, "Right, sorry."

Fluttershy turned to the amphibious one, "That leaves me with you. What's your name?"

"Call me Toad."

"Toad huh? Interesting," Fluttershy said. "Well Toad, my name is Fluttershy, I teach Kindness."

"Kindness? Bit of a foreign thing to me, not many want to be kind to someone who looks like me," Toad said. "Guess I can't blame them."

"That's terrible, everypony deserves to be treated fairly," Fluttershy said. "I'll be happy to teach you all I know, and I promise to show you as much as I can."

"What a lovely young mare, I take it you yourself are also married?" Magneto asked.

"Yes, I'm even expecting, me and my darling husband, Logan," Fluttershy said, gesturing to the experienced hero.

"Wait! Logan? That girl's married to Wolverine?" Pyro asked.

"Damn right she is," Logan said. "So fair warning, any of you do anything to hurt my gal...well I'm sure you can figure the rest out."

Toad looked a little nervous, knowing he had to be around Wolverine fairly often.

"Wow, Logan's wife huh?" Pietro said. "Sabretooth doesn't know about her yet, does he?"

Logan cringed at the name, then glared intently at Pietro. "Keep yer damn mouth shut before I jam it shut!"

"Sabretooth? Who's that?" Fluttershy asked.

"No one, don't worry about it," Logan insisted, somewhat nervously.

"No one? He's your most dangerous enemy, didn't he get to the last girl you loved or something?" Pietro asked.

"Hey! Logan said to keep your mouth shut!" Peter shouted, surprising most of the others in the room.

Magneto held his hoof out, "Pietro, please mind your tongue. Sabretooth isn't exactly a welcome topic, I can barely stand the man myself."

"Alright fine, I won't mention him again," Pietro said. "Curious as to why Spider-Man got so defensive though, I know Logan hates the guy but I thought Spider-Man just hated the Goblin guy."

"I don't like anyone evil, whether it'd be Goblin or Sabretooth," Peter said. "That's all the reason you need."

Cap banged his shield down to get their attention. "If you're all done then I suggest we end this meeting. Twilight, you and Peter may go home, same with your friends. Cyclops, we would like to speak more with you regarding this however."

"Fine with me, I'm curious to see where this goes," Cyclops said.

"Miss Twilight, when can my followers go to your town?" Magneto asked.

"As soon as possible, maybe tomorrow if you're all ready," Twilight said.

"Good, um how shall I contact you?" Magneto asked.

"I'll send her a letter," Celestia reassured. "For now let's get you and your followers settled in."

"Thank you Princess Celestia," Magneto said, then turned to Twilight again. "I look forward to seeing you again Twilight, I really hope you can help my dear daughter."

"Don't start acting like a caring father, we know you could care less about what happens to me and Pietro," Wanda said.

"Such harsh words, but I suppose it somewhat understandable, maybe I did fail you as a father," Magneto said. "But all wrongs will be righted soon enough."

"Yeah, sure they will," Wanda said, little confidence in her father's words.

Magneto waved them good-bye, "My Brotherhood will see you tomorrow."

"Can we change the name of our group?" Boom asked. "Makes it sound like it's all guys."

As they continued to talk and leave, Twilight turned her attention to Princess Celestia. "Do you feel confident about this?"

"Not entirely, so I'm really counting on you to make sure everything goes well, and to make sure Magneto's Brotherhood doesn't do anything to cause disharmony," Celestia answered.

Twilight reassured Celestia with a nod, "You can count on me Princess. It shouldn't be too hard to reform them, I mean they seem like a bunch of kids who just need proper guidance."

"They're practically the same age as us though," Bobby said.

"Still have the maturity, or lack thereof that a child would," Twilight explained. "But we're gonna have to make double sure that they can feel welcome, I know it won't be easy for any one from the X-Men, but it would mean a lot if you can hold back any negative feelings you might have for The Brotherhood."

"I'm fine with it," Remy said. "Even if we disagree now, truth be told I wasn't much different than any of them at one point."

"I'm also good, as long as Pyro stops flirting with Rarity," Bobby said. "Which probably won't happen though..."

"If he wants to flirt then let him," Rarity said. "Not like anything will come of it."

"I know, just the idea that someone's flirting with my wife," Bobby said. "Honestly, I don't know how Twilight stays so calm when mares flirt with Peter."

"It takes practice," Twilight said. "Lots, and lots of practice."

"Yet you still lose your patience half the time," Peter said softly, causing Twilight's ear to twitch slightly.

"Did you say something Peter?" Twilight asked, looking somewhat annoyed.

"That you're a very beautiful mare and I love you very much," Peter said, following with a toothy grin.

Twilight's face glowed a bright red, even more when she heard some snickering, mostly likely from Bobby, Johnny and Rainbow Dash. She glanced over slightly to see Celestia smiling a bit, Cap trying to hold back a laugh and Sunset turning away with a blush of her own.

"Right...thank you, Peter," Twilight said, then cleared her throat. "Let's go home, I think Spike's coming by later, he'll probably be very hungry."

"Oh, speaking of my little Spikey-Wikey," Rarity said. "I should get home as well, I have some gems I picked out especially for him."

"How much longer are you gonna keep calling him that?" Bobby asked. "It's kinda weird hearing my wife refer to some other guy by a cutesy nickname. Also why are you picking gems for him anyway?"

"Spike's like a little brother to us Bobby, pardon me for still having some sisterly affection for him," Rarity said, doing her best to emphasize sisterly. "So I want to make sure he's well fed, I imagine training with those dragons must be rough, and I'm sure they're not very kind or friendly with him."

"Rarity's got a point," Rainbow Dash said. "If Garble's there then he's gonna make it so much worse for Spike."

"Maybe for one of our Friendship Lessons we can send Pietro to fight a dragon," Johnny said.

"...How is that a friendship lesson?" Applejack asked.

"If he beats up Garble, then he's helping Spike, thus helping a friend," Johnny explained.

Applejack just raised her eyebrow, "Pardon?"

"Don't worry, I'll make a list for everypony, one that won't involve needlessly fighting dragons," Twilight said.

"Shame, I'd love to send Pyro at a dragon," Bobby said. "Let's see him try to manipulate their fire."

Twilight groaned, "Well I need to get back, and I'm sure some of you might need to hurry back as well."

"Yeah, ah got farm work," Applejack said. "Though ah gotta work out a little schedule fer that Avalanche guy."

"And I need to get back to my chocolate cake," Pinkie said, hopping away with Deadpool by her side.

As everyone else started leaving, Peter quickly made his way to Logan, pulling him to the side. "You never told Fluttershy about Sabretooth?"

"Did you tell Twilight all about all yer enemies?" Logan asked.

"She already knows about them because she saw my memories, she's even fought a few like Electro, Green Goblin, Shocker and even Venom," Peter said.

"Wasn't that Venom just Luna with the Symbiote? She never fought the guy who normally had it right?" Logan asked.

"Who Eddie? No, last I saw him he was pretty badly hurt, I doubt he'll be using the suit again," Peter said.

"Anyway what's there to tell about Sabretooth?" Logan asked. "It ain't worth my time, or hers."

"I'm just surprised, I figured you'd be able to talk with her about it," Peter said. "You've been married for some time now."

"She knows I had enemies, I didn't need to go into any details. Fluttershy is a kind, sweet and innocent mare, I don't want to scare her with talks about Sabretooth," Logan said.

"But it's clearly still bothering you, and she's probably gonna ask about it later. I'm kinda surprised Laura hasn't mentioned him," Peter said.

"If there's one thing Laura and I agree on, is that we both don't need to worry Fluttershy about this, same with Lightning Dust," Logan glanced toward Fluttershy. "I know she might ask, I'll deal with it when it happens, fer now I just want to forget about it."

Peter shrugged it off, "It's your decision, but remember that Fluttershy is very understanding, and she'll want to help if she knows this is bothering you. I held a lot of stuff in too Logan, I know you have much more baggage than me but it won't hurt." Peter made an unsure face, "Besides suppose Toad mentions it?"

"He won't, I'll cut his oversized tongue off if he does," Logan said, with no signs of bluff in his voice.

Peter looked a bit worried for the Brotherhood Mutant, "I still think you should talk to Fluttershy, but I know it's a hard subject for you, like I said, do what you feel you need to do."

Peter trotted off while Logan thought over Peter's words. He had to admit that Peter had a good point, and as Fluttershy's husband he knows he really shouldn't keep secrets from her. He also knows that Fluttershy might pester him about it, knowing her kind nature, she'll be desperate to help Logan through his troubles.

But Logan also worried what she would think, he worried that telling her this would make her afraid, especially knowing the portals between the two worlds are opened. Logan prays that Sabretooth would never find Equestria, but if that gets into Fluttershy's mind, it would make things too difficult.

Things are already complicated with The Brotherhood now in Equestria, but Logan would rest easy knowing that they could at least be reasoned with. When the time came, The X-Men and The Brotherhood have worked together in the past, and if this goes well then there could be new allies to Equestria.

Logan had a lot to think about now, Sabretooth, The Brotherhood, even Cap and Celestia. This situation with The Brotherhood will put the ultimate test to his faith in Equrstria's rulers and the soldiers that serve those rulers.