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A collection of short stories.

It's been a few months since Twilight freed herself from captivity by creating a mystical suit of armor. Now she's dedicated her life to warring against a group of domestic terrorists called A.I.M to make sure what happened to her never happens to anybody else as the Invincible Iron Mage!

Proofread by Berry Delight and Dinode.Cover art by JodtheClod.

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I love this! I always thought Twilight would be the Iron Man character instead of Rainbow Dash like so many other people seem to think.

I'm definitely following this!

The first chapter was very good, keep up the good work.

Hmmmm.... You have my attention

So, this story will be slightly based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe?


...Oooh, I'm intrigued. Though I'm not sure the land Novo rules should be called Atlantis, but whatever.

I hope the traitor isn't Starlight. Or Spike. And does Sunny liiiiike Twilight? Cuuuuuute.

Well, actually one of my motivations was to do an Iron Man story that stood out fTom the innovations RDJ made. He's so popular that it's hard to conceive of Iron Man without him, and I wanted to do something new.

I mean, the other name is Seaquestria, isn't it? Atlantis is just a really good name.

Cover isn't mine, and trying to track down the source nearly gave my computer a virus. I tried, ya'll.



What about Marelantis?

Thanks, I'll add that to the front page when I get to a computer.
Eh, the deed is already done. That's a nice name though.

Looks like a solid start so far! Definitely will be tracking this story and seeing where it goes next.

Oh, this is going to be a lot of fun. Not sure how to feel about Sunset as Hawkeye of all people, but I'm eagerly looking forward to more.

I went back and forth on casting her as Mockingbird. I mean, there's at least a little Hawkeye in Sunset Shimmer, but Mockingbird does fit her scientific, lets get our hands dirty, driven nature more. I might try and make them into composite characters going forwards, I'll see how I like her in this story first.

You really saved the choice cuts from the original version. That Twilight and Spike scene is still great and switching the the more serious government talk is a great touch. You're really good at switching between characters fretting about what they have to do (complete with Twi having a panic attack, even) and grumbling about their dumbass job. It's like Taskmaster never left!

Making it a conversation instead of a fight scene also makes Blizzard's gear just being there even funnier.

Celestia just being in the sun is awesome. I vastly prefer Cosmic Housekeeping Aunt style Celestia to the Fandom Allmother.

Looking forward to wherever this goes!

Hey, got a question? Are you doing the entire MCU? Because if you are, I'd recommend Rainbow Dash as Captain America.

That is one of my plans, but I'm not committing to anything until after I finish this story and have time to think about the future of this series. There are plenty of directions and characters I could use, and while I like my version of Rainbow Dash as Captain Equestria, I also have a solid pitch for a certain glowing space hero known for not giving up.

Also, this isn't an adaption of the MCU specifically. I really want to use more obscure people and situations. Iron Mage having and keeping a secret identity is one of those things.

Enchanted with Truth-Sight. I can see through anything I want to, including illusions.

"So, about that Arc Reactor in your chest..."
I kid, of course. That would kill all the drama. But it'd also be hilarious.

Twilight leaned forwards, and Hypnotia finally dropped her smile. “Just know that the Great and Powerful Hypnotia is coming for her too.

Whoever thought making Trixie part of a secret society was a good idea deserves everything that's coming to them.

In any case, wonderful job showing just how badly the Iron Mare project has failed in certain respects. Now to see how Twilight refines her methods.

This is a really cool story so far, though wondering if we're going to get more in depth as too what happened in Yakistan exactly. Is their another story that goes into it or are you planning to release it later on in the story. Still keep up the good work

Great work with this installment. If I wasn't before, I'm definitely invested in this story now!

This is a very Twilight/Tony kind of situation.

EDIT: uh, the guilt and concern, not the hostage crisis.

Also is Awesome Andy gonna show up?!

9574554 9574552
I mean, he's the magic equvilent if a drone right now, so he's not really him. I might let AIM get away with him for research purposes? I haven't decided yet.
But he is in the story more later.
Yakyakistan will be covered in flashbacks in the... next story? It-s very similar to the movies, except with Hypnotia's presence and the casting of Yinsen.


I mean, by a happy accident she mentioned a vest and tie last chapter, but crap. I'll remember that going forwards.

I'm also glad from you and the Manhattanite like the drama half of the story, it was the reason I cast Twilight in the role of Tony Stark. I think it turned out great.
Well, thank you!

That's cool. Personally, I can't wait to see what happens next.

“Just know that the Great and Powerful Hypnotia is coming for her too.”

It's Trixie

good story I wonder how it going to go.

Twilight as Iron Man. It's not out of the question for her character but I see her more as the Sorcerer Supreme/Dr Strange type character than anything else. It's also ironic that, since she uses magic in conjunction with technology, she's technically more like Dr Doom than Iron Man. At least in terms of how the suit works. :twilightsmile:

Sunset Shimmer as Hawkeye. That's just weird, when the first scene said that they were friends, i was almost certain Sunset was going to be the War Machine to Twilight's Iron Mage. That would make more sense IMO or even Black Widow since she's an agent of shield with Rainbow (or some other Pegasus due to their crazy good eyesight) as Hawkeye?

I'm prepping a blog post about Sunset's casting as Hawkeye, but I will say that Sunset's competitive nature as well as her team mom tendencies do give her a claim to the role.

As far as Twilight, I think she's a good fit for how the role Iron Man is changed by virtue of being in Equestria. It's not magic instead of technology, it's a place where Magic is technology.

It’s giun to be hilarious when Sunset realizes that she was the one to hurt her waifu.

I feel like Blueblood is Stane but I can’t be sure until we see more character interaction.

Okay, so I can't comment on this story now. In a rush. Short version: is fun, looking forward to more

Back from dinner with mom and brother, so longer comment.

I like Tempest as the Nick Fury analogue. In hindsight it's actually kind of obvious, though I am wondering if her real name is still Fizzlepop Berrytwist. It's also interesting to me that the Storm King is running around but Tempest isn't with him. Maybe she used to be, though. Sunset Shimmer as Hawkeye is a little stranger to me, but I am interested in seeing where it goes. Then again in the comics he got his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet once and it...didn't go well. Much as how Sunset got the Element of Magic had had a similarly poor experience with it. Celestia personally amuses me because despite this obviously being a Marvel setting, she's reminding me a bit of Superman with her hanging out in the Sun to repair it, specifically Superman from DC One Million (and All-Star Superman).

Twilight is neat; she's obviously channeling a fair bit of Tony Stark but there are some notable Sparkle moments as well. Spike seems to mostly just be Spike, though I find it strange that he doesn't know about Twilight being the Iron Mage. Then again I suppose it might be an Aunt May sort of deal - Twilight goes to a lot of effort to hide it and Spike mostly just plays along, while it's fairly obvious that he actually knows.

I always love a good magitek setting. Magic, when advanced enough, is indistinguishable from science after all, and you're integrating it very well.

The big concern I'd have going forward is whether or not Twilight can remember the distinction between a mere vigilante and a superhero. Vigilantes fight crime. Superheroes save people. The difference is very important. There are plenty of times when characters forget this, of course, but the price of doing so is often depressingly high.

Belated realisation and not sure this factored into Kai's decision at all, but comic Hawk did originally start out as an unfortunate Iron Man villain and Sunset has a record herself, so there's an accidental thematic precedent if you squint!

The Iron Mage tore through the wall and began to make her way towards the showroom floor, only one thought dominating her mind.

It’s time to end this.


The next chapter is gonna be so damn awesome!

Incidentally, did you see Far From Home? Mysterio was great in it.

”See, that wasn’t so hard!”

This caused a lot of panic, screaming, and general panic

Tad repetitive to use “panic” twice. Might I suggest alternatives for the second, like mayhem or chaos?

Those should have been the other way around.

The first step towards correcting mistakes is realizing you’ve made them. Twilight’s still just starting out as a hero, so mistakes are bound to happen. She’ll learn over time, and hopefully this mistake won’t cost her anything more than time and guilty feelings.

It’s time to end this.

Just don’t go Frank Castle on anypony!

In seriousness one of the reasons I tend to be leery of reading crossovers is because of the tendency for one universe to insist upon itself, causing the other to become little more than set dressing. So far this story can fit pretty comfortably in either universe...but just keep that in mind.

The problem was best encapsulated in a person’s comment in a Code Geas/MLP crossover I came across years ago, not long after joining this site. It’s stuck with me ever since as good advice, despite probably just being intended as a joke.

Lelouch: "And now I command you all - DIE!"
Twilight: "Wait, die?! Why are we killing them?"
Lelouch: "Because they're our enemies."
Twilight: "But shouldn't we be trying to understand them and become friends with them? Then they won't be our enemies anymore, and we'll have more friends!"
Lelouch: "Not that kind of show, Twilight."
Twilight: "I think it is since I'm here."
Lelouch: "Twilight - "
Twilight: "No! I'm sick of this! Whenever we have these stupid crossovers it's always MY morals and MY world that needs to change instead of other people's! It's humanshit!"

Mysterio was fantastic.

Twilight: "No! I'm sick of this! Whenever we have these stupid crossovers it's always MY morals and MY world that needs to change instead of other people's! It's humanshit!"


Excellent work in showing how diminished Twilight has become, the damage that necessitates the Reactor.

Now to see how well she can clean up this mess. And whether anyone finds it suspicious that Twilight got away shortly before the Iron Mage showed up. And whether Twilight will get any awareness of Hypnotrixie's superior...

This was outstanding stuff. I'm really enjoying this fic, and especially the hook for the next chapter!

Good third act, really great action. Twilight's Sunset feelings are fantastic. Interested to see if Hypnotia's boss is who I think it is.

The Iron Mage tore through the wall and began to make her way towards the showroom floor, only one thought dominating her mind.

It’s time to end this.

Heard the guitar riff from the Fox Kids show right here.

How is this a crack fic? Twilight as Iron Man has been done before.

Did...something happen? This is showing as updated on the feed but there doesn’t seem to be a new chapter and it’s not showing as updated in my favorites.

Not everything I do is crack, and any way just because it's been done before does't mean the idea isn't a little weird.

I clicked published before I meant to. I'll post the chapter tomorrow.

Ah, fair enough. I’ve made the same mistake myself once or twice.

You know, if Sunset focuses only on Twilight's head, she may get away with seeing only her, and not Iron Mage, neutering some of the brainwashing.

Also, you used subtly instead of subtlety a couple of times.

Holy shit, I didn't expect Twilight reveal her identity like that! I know it was to save Sunset from hypno spell, but it was a shock! Always, great update & it was awesome the iron suit in action!

This is good, solid read, interested to see where it goes (But you knew that, didn't you?)

That reveal has a little to do with the brainwashing but mostly that Sunset isn't the mole and that's awesome, can't wait for more

The main reason she didn't was because she didn't know who the mole was. She has sufficient evidence to believe Sunset isn't the mole and revealing her identity would improve Twi's chances of saving her.

Dun dun dun...

This was a fun update. We got to see Iron Mage in action, and I’d like to reiterate that I really like how you’re having her switch between multiple pony types of magic. Though I’m not sure I’d agree with her that unicorns are the most boring — but that’s probably just familiarity breeding contempt. She was born a unicorn, she’s used to it.

Personally pegasus is my favorite. Spells are cool and super-strength is cool...but I wanna fly.

and she’d do anything for her friends.

Yes she would, Sunset. Yes she would.

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