Spiders and Magic: Avengers Assemble

by Masterob

Negative Illusions Part I

In the Baxter Building, the families were gathered around the table, all the food spread out for them to pick from. The dishes included fine steaks, salads, mashed potatoes, some caviar, breadsticks and an assortment of drinks.

"Nice spread here," Pietro said. "Really went all out."

"Man, even the meat looks good!" Scootaloo said. "I can still technically eat meat right?"

"You should be able to," Reed confirmed. "Your human body is able to properly process it."

"Plus Twilight told me she tried meat when she was first on Earth, it's all good," Rainbow Dash said.

"Sweet, I'm digging it!" Scootaloo said, grabbing a chunk on the food onto her plate.

"Make sure you include plenty of vegetables," Sue reminded.

"Yeah, I got it," Scootaloo said, finishing up her selection of food.

"I say we follow Scootaloo's lead and dig in," Johnny said, grabbing some of his own food.

"I might be with Scootaloo on this, I'm grabbing some of the meat too!" Rainbow Dash said, grabbing some steak.

"Ooh, this salad looks tasty," Windy said, putting some on her plate.

"Can I get the mashed potatoes?" Franklin asked, Ben handing it over to young boy.

"Eat up too kid, this stuff's good for building your protein and junk," Ben said. He then turned to Alicia, "Hey Alicia, need help serving yourself?"

"I'm good thanks," Alicia said, feeling around and getting the food she wanted. The plus side of losing one sense is the enhancement of others, so she could definitely smell something good, and she knows it will taste even better.

"Mama!" Firefly said, getting Rainbow Dash's attention as the little girl pointed to her mouth.

"Don't worry, I got ya," Rainbow Dash said, putting the proper foods on her daughter's place. "Eat up kiddo, your aunt and uncle made this with love."

"And a little science," Reed said. "Cooking can be a type of science since like chemicals, requires the proper amount of ingredients and planning."

"You're boring her Reed," Johnny teased, much to his brother-in-law's annoyance.

Rainbow Dash got a good chuckle out of that, reminds her of the time she's busted Twilight's chops on certain things. "He's just kidding Reed, I didn't find it too boring."

"I'm sure Firefly did," Johnny joked, glancing toward his now messy daughter. "Damn girl, try to make sure the food goes in your mouth."

While the families got a good laugh from that, Rainbow Dash looked around the table. "Reed, Sue, been meaning to ask, you got a daughter right?"

"Yes, we do, her name's Valeria. I take it Johnny's told you about her?" Reed asked.

"Yeah, I've never actually seen her so I'm wondering where she is, I was hoping I would see her today actually."

"She's off at a special boarding school, one that Franklin once attended," Sue said. "Prior to that, we just never really brought her over to your Dimension because well...she..."

"Is a real pain in the neck," Franklin bitterly answered, getting a disapproving glare from his mother.

"Franklin Richards, do not say such terrible things about your sister," Sue said.

"But she is! She's always making a mess, always messing with my stuff, always running around doing something stupid, she's a pain to deal with mom!" Franklin said.

Pietro could suddenly relate to this kid, seems he also has sister troubles. However Reed took the moment to speak up, "I know you and your sister don't always get along, but to say these things is unbefitting of you son, we know you're better than that."

"Your sister loves you and we know you love her, and if you really think there's a problem, then set a good example," Sue said. "You're a nice boy Franklin, you have it in you."

"Sounds like Valeria could use a Friendship Lesson too," Johnny joked. "But seriously Franklin, she's a good kid, besides we both know she can be worse."

"Like turning into Doctor Doom?" Franklin asked.

"Dude, harsh, but yeah, something like that," Johnny said.

"She's not going to end up like Victor, honestly there are times I wish he learned a few Friendship Lessons, maybe he'd be better off. Bad as he is, sometimes I wish things could have been better between us," Reed said.

"Hey, never know what can happen Reed," Johnny said. "Redemption for that guy is gonna be hard as hell, but not impossible...I think."

During this conversation, Pietro just sat there, feeling a bit out of place. While it was nice of the families to give him this chance, he wasn't quite sure what to make of all this. They all seemed really happy together, and despite a few jokes, they did really enjoy each other's company and he could just feel the affection in the air. Plus this talk about redeeming villains makes him wonder if he himself even has any redeeming qualities.

Rainbow Dash noticed Pietro's hesitation, so she took matters into her own hands. She grabbed some food and passed it over to Pietro, "Come on dude, eat up, otherwise you're gonna miss out."

"Yeah, sure thing," Pietro said, grabbing whatever looked appealing to him. "This food was cooked normally right? Like in an oven or something?"

Reed looked somewhat confused, "Yeah? Susan cooked most of it, in the kitchen."

"Not everything we do is in lab Pietro," Johnny said. "We do things like normal people too, most of the time."

"Yeah, try it, the food's fire!" Rainbow Dash encouraged.

Pietro did as suggested, taking a bite out of the dish. "Huh, very decent cooking." Pietro continued taking in the food, seemingly enjoying it. "Been a while since I had a decent home cooked meal, not that I've been eating garbage my whole life but didn't have the quality."

"Well that's very kind of you to say Pietro," Sue said.

"Good thing he didn't eat your food years ago, man that was a bad start," Johnny said, getting a glare from his older sister.

"Excuse me but my cooking was never bad!" Sue shouted.

"Yeah, sure it wasn't," Johnny teased.

"You're still so immature Johnny, I thought being a father would have helped you grow up a little," Sue said.

"Hey there's a difference between being grown-up and being a boring stick in the mud," Johnny said. "And Johnny Storm ain't no stick."

"Yeah, you ain't a stick, yer a matchstick," Ben said, chuckling to himself afterwards.

"Haha, real funny," Johnny sarcastically said. "Not! That joke totally sucked."

"Let's not start any bickering, this is meant to be a family bonding time," Reed urged.

"Come on Reed, bickering is part of family," Rainbow Dash said. "At least that's what I learned from my friendship with Applejack and her siblings."

"Yeah you never seem to bicker with your parents, or Scootaloo," Sue said.

"Guess that makes me and Dash closer than the Apples," Scootaloo proudly said.

Pietro rubbed his chin in thought, "So, families bickering is normal?"

"You bicker and argue with your sister dude, I figured you'd know that," Rainbow Dash said.

"Well when she gets mad it's like the end of the world, so I assumed that was one of the things I needed to learn, to get along better with my sister," Pietro said.

"Just because people argue doesn't mean they can't be a family, I mean yeah if it's extreme like you and your sister that's one thing, but families can have disagreements and still be close," Rainbow Dash said.

"It's about remembering deep down that families love each other, you can disagree with your sister, just try not to make her too upset and try to be understanding in the future," Sue said.

"What about my old man?" Pietro asked. "Kind of hard to have that mindset with him, he isn't the most decent person."

"That I can't really comment on, I don't know your father that personally, and no I don't count having to occasionally do battle with him as knowing him personally, especially since he's more of an enemy to the X-Men than us," Reed explained. "But it sounds like you and your sister might be in the same boat, at least try to find a common bond with her."

"Not to be a downer, but on the chance that you and your pops don't end up getting along, you at least have someone there by your side," Ben said. "Sorry to say but being family doesn't always mean close bonds, isn't that right Stretch?"

Reed nodded in agreement, "I have had issues with my own father, so I can relate to you on that. Though we have attempted to work things out, so there is always that possibility. You can't choose family, usually, but you can at least try to make the most of it. Who knows, one day you may have a family of your own, if what you learn from Rainbow Dash doesn't work with your immediate family, it can work with a family you started. When my son was born, I made a promise to never make my father’s mistakes, so far I've made good on my promise, so you just gotta do the same."

Pietro seemed somewhat surprised by what Reed had told him, who knew such a respectable hero could have something that made the young mutant relate to him. "Tell me this at least, how do you not let frustration take over you?"

"That takes internal strength," Reed said. "Remembering the good in your life, and if you don't have anything good, go find it. I had friendship, Ben has always been my best friend since I was a child and has helped me through a lot of rough patches."

"Kids used to pick on stretch, so I gave them a nice clobbering," Ben said.

"Yes, we had an unlikely friendship," Reed said. "I was a quote on quote, nerdy kid, and he was the jock that everyone loved. Yet he choose to be my friend, even though he could have easily been another bully."

"What can I say, he was a smart kid, and I had a lot of respect for that," Ben said.

"Thanks to Ben's friendship, I was able to find the confidence in myself to always push forward and excel in my goals, never letting anything in life get me down," Reed said. "Ben was the perfect friend to have, because he always had your back."

"Come on Stretch, yer getting too sappy fer me," Ben joked. "Reed here has been a big help to me as well, thanks to them tutoring sessions, I was able to get through school and also not get kicked from a sports team for having too many failing grades."

"The least I can do, plus being a tutor was very enjoyable, I liked it so much I eventually became a University Professor," Reed said.

"Wow, talk about the Magic of Friendship," Rainbow Dash said. "Twilight would be so proud, you ever tell her this story? She'd probably love to reference it sometime."

"I'd be glad to tell her more about my life experiences," Reed said, then turned back to Pietro. "I hope you've gained some insight as well."

"Well from what I can deduce, you're part scientist, part superhero, part teacher, anything else to add?" Pietro asked.

"Easy, father and husband, two more proud accomplishments," Reed confirmed. "Now tell me, what do you hope to accomplish while learning under Rainbow Dash?"

"Uh, well I'm learning Loyalty," Pietro said.

"Yes, you are, but what will you do with that Loyalty?" Reed asked. This question Pietro did not have an immediate response for. He even seemed kind of stumped. "It's fine if you do not have an answer straight away, I just hope you take the time you have learning from her to figure it out."

Pietro simply nodded and went back to his food, wondering what would he be doing after his lessons finish. He thought only so much about getting it over with, but never about the knowledge he would get. Though if he had to be fully honest, he never really cared much about the Loyalty aspect, he only did this due to instruction from his father, though now he wonders if he can gain anything else from these lessons. Time would tell.

Back in Equestria, Cap and Sunset were checking the dungeon area with a couple of guards, making their way past the cells of several villains, such as Staine and The Sinister Six, looking for at least one of them.

"Mysterio's cell should be right here," one guard said, gesturing to the magician's holding place. From what they could see, Mysterio was sitting in his cell, just minding his own business while generating some sparks from his hooves.

"Um...it doesn't look like he's doing anything," Sunset said. "He's just sitting around doing nothing."

"He's been doing that for a few days now, and whenever we open his cell to feed him, he doesn't react," a guard said.

"Yeah, it's like he's been stuck in this idle position for ages," the second guard said.

"Open the cell," Cap instructed, to the worry of the guards.

"Are you sure about that?" a guard asked.

"Yes, just open it, I'll check for myself," Cap said. The guards dared not to argue with the Avenger leader and did as instructed, Cap cautiously making his way inside, holding his shield close in case anything happened.

He got closer and closer to Mysterio, the pony not moving or doing anything. Then in a quick swift motion, he slammed his shield down on the villain to the surprise of Sunset Shimmer and the guards. Even more surprising was the fact that Mysterio had completely disappeared, leaving only an electric device.

"That wasn't the real Mysterio, it was a hologram," Cap said.

"You seemed really confident about that when you slammed your shield down," Sunset said.

"One thing that gave it away was that Mysterio doesn't actually have magic powers, everything's an illusion," Cap said. "He came to this world as a Pegasus, not a unicorn, or an alicorn as he pretended to be."

"Wait, his powers are fake?" Sunset asked. "But what about the damage he caused in Ponyville?"

"It was his suit, when we apprehended Mysterio we removed all of his devices like we did with the other villains, but somehow Mysterio still managed to escape, question is when?" Cap wondered.

Sunset looked almost in a panic, "I think right now our biggest worry is where he might be!?"

"Good luck finding him," Sandman said from his cell. "That guy's a master of disguise, with that fancy tech he could be anywhere, he could even still be here pretending to be a guard for all we know!"

"Now you just gave away the surprise Marko," one of the guards said. He immediately knocked out the other guard with a whack to the back of the neck and then grabbed Sunset, holding a spear to her neck as he dropped his disguise, revealing himself to be Mysterio, completely in costume. "Hello Captain."

"Mysterio! Curse you!" Cap shouted, immediately grabbing his shield.

"One wrong move and you can say good-bye to this little pony," Mysterio warned.

Cap looked frustrated, though that anger slowly turned into a smug smirk. "The only one here who has made a bad move is you, for not escaping when you had the chance." Cap then held his shield out as if presenting it to Mysterio.

"What are you getting at?" Mysterio asked, then in an instant, Sunset had used her magic to quickly grab the shield and slam it into Mysterio's head, cracking his bowl a little.

"Next time you take a hostage, try not to take one who can take care of herself just fine," Cap said as Sunset returned his shield.

"And unlike you, I actually know magic," Sunset added. "You're going back in your cell!"

"Real clever," Mysterio said. "Don't think I haven't come my own back-up!" In an instant, Rhino had appeared behind both Cap and Sunset, getting both their attention.

"Another escape!?" Sunset asked as she and Cap dodged a punch. Cap quickly threw his shield but to his surprise, it faded through and Rhino had disappeared.

"Another illusion!?" Cap shouted, the two turning around to see that Mysterio was gone. "He escaped!"

"Not good, we gotta warn everyone!" Sunset urged.

"Right, let's not waste time!" Cap ordered, then saw the guard that Mysterio knocked down earlier stand up. "You alright solider?"

"I'm fine, lucky shot," the guard said. "Where's the villain?"

"We're not sure, round up the rest of your men...er I mean ponies and search the castle, we can't allow him to leave," Cap said.

"Make sure we scan outside too, last thing we want is for him to escape Canterlot," Sunset said.

"What could he be planning?" Cap wondered. "Is he working with someone or on his own?"

"What if he wants revenge on Peter?" Sunset asked.

"Peter...that's right, we gotta let him know as well, if anyone knows Mysterio it's Peter," Cap said. "Let's hurry, we have a villain to stop."

"Pfft, good luck finding Mysterio, by the time you find him he'll have the power to destroy the lot of you," Sandman said.

"Do you know anything about this Marko?" Cap asked.

"Nah, guy mostly kept to himself, selfish bastard," Sandman said. "But I gotta give him credit for this escape, too bad he didn't think to bring the rest of us with him."

"Some ally!" Rhino said from his cell. "Even using my likeness to his advantage! If he let me out I could have actually done something!"

"Sure you could have," Cap sarcastically said. "Let's hurry Sunset." He quickly grabbed a radio from his sides, "Clint, it's Steve, are you around? I need your assistance."

The groups quickly spread out in an effort to stop whatever Mysterio was planning.

Back at the flower shop, all the ponies remaining there had finished up with the planting, Wanda feeling satisfied at her work.

"These powers do look pretty nice," Wanda admitted.

"Don't they?" Twilight said. "Daisy and her friends do a great job of planting and growing flowers, and they get really nice seeds with great soil to work their magic."

"Wait is this literally magic?" Scott asked.

"Not everything in Equestria is magic Scott," Trixie said, albeit in a belittling way.

"Someone's on their high horse, or rather is the high horse," Scott said, much to Trixie's annoyance.

"Real cute, at least I'm not an insect," Trixie replied.

"Behave you two," Twilight lightly warned.

"Hey he/she started it," both said.

"Those two are quite the pair," Wanda said.

"They're funny," Mayday added. "I like Scott, he's fun like my daddy."

"That was extremely adorable of her to say," Scott said. "Mayday has reached a new level of adorableness that only my daughter has reached."

"We appreciate that Scott," Twilight said. "Our daughter is adorable."

"Well she does take after me," they heard Peter say, the hero making his way over. "But of course she also gets her looks from Twilight."

"Oh, Spider-Mane," Daisy said. "How are my friends?"

"Daisy, you can call me 'Peter', I'm not Spider-Mane all of the time," Peter said.

"Hey I've been meaning to ask, why are you called 'Spider-Mane'?" Wanda asked. "Doesn't 'mane' mean 'hair'? By Earth terms you'd be Spider-Hair."

"Yeah, you could have been Spider-Stallion or Spider-Colt, or even Spider-Pony, where did 'Mane' come from?" Scott asked.

Peter sighed in annoyance, "I feel like I get asked this a million times. I didn't pick the name, Pinkie Pie did. I know Spider-Mane sounds ridiculous but it's stuck with me and hard to change."

"Is it really? I'm sure heroes have adjusted their names before," Ant Man said. "Pretty sure my predecessor Hank Pym also went by Giant Man, and at least once used the name 'Yellowjacket', so it's not impossible for you to do a slight tweak."

"I think Jean Grey's changed her codename at least once as well," Wanda said. "She went from Marvel Girl to Phoenix."

"Phoenix? Isn't that more of a curse than a hero name?" Scott asked. "She's spent years keeping it under wraps out of fear of it unleashing again."

"You're thinking of Dark Phoenix, but yeah she definitely needs to keep that under control," Wanda said. "She's done a good job so far at least, because that type of power won't just endanger a single planet, it might wipe out a galaxy," Wanda said.

Scott started to sweat nervously, "Uh...isn't that a bit of an exaggeration? I mean is it really THAT powerful?"

"You have no idea what Dark Phoenix can unleash onto the world, just hope she never finds her way here, the catastrophe she can bring to this land could be unspeakable," Wanda said. "Especially if combined with the magic that comes from being here, the power of a Unicorn, or the speed of a Pegasus, or the strength of an Earth Pony, I wouldn't wanna be around here with someone like Jean Grey and her Dark Phoenix abilities."

This conversation made Peter realize how much Jean Grey must be struggling deep inside, especially after his time getting to know Luna, who has had similar struggles with The Nightmare. "If that were to happen, if Dark Phoenix were to emerge, we'd be there to help Jean like we would do for any friend."

"I hope Friendship is enough to stop that," Scott said.

"Friendship can do anything if you believe in it," Twilight said.

"Wow...that's incredibly sappy," Scott said, to Twilight's annoyance.

"Why does every outsider say that?" Twilight wondered. "Friendship obviously exists in other dimensions aside from this one, even Capcom values friendship from what I've heard. Ryu, Chris Redfield, Dante, they all admitted how much they care about their friends and that they would do anything to keep each other safe, how is that sappy?"

"Just the way you worded it," Scott said. "Hey I'm friends with The Avengers and I don't get all sappy, none of us do, except maybe Cap once in a while."

"Um, excuse me?" Daisy interrupted. "Sorry to intrude on your conversation, but Spider-...I mean Peter never answered my question."

"Huh?" Peter said, thinking back to a moment ago. "Right, your friends. They're fine, they'll be out of their rooms by tomorrow, most of the damage went to the wall of the store."

"That's a relief," Daisy said. "Not my store, but my friends being alright."

"You can build another wall, but not another friend," Peter said.

"Unless it's a robot," Scott said, much to Peter's annoyance.

"Dude, come on, you know what I mean," Peter said.

"Yes, now stop being so annoying," Trixie said. "It's quite bothersome."

"But funny," Mayday said, getting a smug grin from Scott.

"Kid likes me, take that wizard girl," Scott said.

Trixie rolled her eyes, "Even Peter can make a more creative quip than that."

"What do you mean, 'even Peter'? Quips are my thing!" Peter said. "I can make a hundred quips right now if I wanted to."

"Don't, I don't need the second headache," Trixie said.

"Same, now let's finish up here, then we can go to Sugarcube Corner for some treats," Twilight said.

"Yay! Treats!" Mayday cheered. "Get a move on ponies, I want my double fudge chocolate cake!"

"You heard the filly," Peter said. "We should also get some treats for Rose and Lily, just to show them we're sorry for injuring them."

"They would like that, I can even write down what they'd like too," Daisy said. "Um...you wouldn't mind grabbing me a cupcake would you? The pumpkin flavored one?"

"Sounds good to us," Peter said. "Let's get to cleaning."

In the Capcom world, Chun-Li and her team of Spencer, Zero, Cammy and Carlos were searching through some 3D maps, showing different parts of their world and extra dimensions. Their goal was to locate any nearly multiverses they can get in contact with, or at least mark on their maps to know what resides there. Partially to potentially expand allies, partially to find new challengers to test their abilities, but a big part was the hopes of finding where Wesker and his allies had gone.

"I can spot a few rifts, those would make good weak spots to infiltrate," Chun-Li said. "Find some information on those worlds, and make sure if they are other worlds or not."

"What else could they be?" Carlos asked.

"Different timelines or internal dimensions," Zero explained.

"Internal dimensions, the dimensions that are contained within our own reality correct?" Cammy asked.

"Yeah, hard to explain I know, but those are dimensions still within our world, like how the Marvel world has Asgard and such," Zero said.

"This dimensional thing is so complicated, almost miss the more simpler days of my work, you know, fighting zombies and stuff," Carlos said.

"It's confusing even to me at times," Chun-Li said. "But it's also fascinating to see what different worlds we can find. Besides we all know the other reason why we're doing this."

"Yeah, finding Wesker and stuff," Carlos said. "Question is, does he really have access to these other dimensions?"

"He's got Vergil and Tron Bonne by his side, between one's magic and the other's science, we can't rule out the possibility of his potentially unlimited access to the multiverse," Chun-Li said.

"Thing about Tron Bonne is that while she's intelligent, I don't think she has the capability to build dimensional portals," Zero said. "Then again I don't know her too well, for that me and X would have to contact Mega Man Volnutt. But it seems like she spends her time and resources on those silly looking robots and those other weird inventions of hers."

"We also can't rule out the possibility of Wesker having extra resources," Cammy said. "Juri Han assisted in his escape, he might be working with S.I.N."

"That would be odd since he was working with Bison, both S.I.N. and Shadoloo don't exactly get along that well," Chun-Li said.

"He likely just works with whoever he can to get the job done, probably in secret too, for all we know he might have had contacts in both places and just used both resources, sneaky guy that Wesker is," Zero said.

"We gotta check every group possible, he knows who his enemies are, and might make use of ours," Spencer said. "I sure as hell am keeping a lookout for any chance he might have teamed up with Bioreign."

"Or even Sigma," Zero said. "That would be a nightmare."

"Say, is Hiryu coming today? We can ask him to keep an eye out for his own enemies, Wesker might have contacted them as well," Cammy said.

"Hiryu should be here shortly," Chun-Li said. "I know yesterday he was doing some training somewhere in Tokyo, hopefully he found time to come today."

"He's actually on his way over now," Spencer said. "I just contacted him a few minutes ago, he should be here shortly."

"That's good," Chun-Li said, sighing in exhaustion. "This just became more complicated than it needs to be. If Wesker forms an army of sorts, not only is this world in danger, so is every other world he had his eye on. Including Marvel, Equestria and a few others."

"You really think Wesker's after the other worlds?" Zero asked.

"Years ago, during Capcom's invasion of Marvel, myself along with Spencer teamed up with two of The Avengers, Hawkeye and The Wasp, and the four of us infiltrated Doctor Doom's lair and overheard his plan with Wesker. They intended to take over the rest of the multiverse after they finished with Marvel, Capcom and Equestria, so yes I do believe Wesker is planning that far ahead. I already promised Spider-Man that I wouldn't let anything happen to his old or new home, I can't let him down."

"Spider-Man would do the same for us, if The Green Goblin had invaded our world back when he had the power to, Spider-Man would have stopped at nothing to bring him down," Spencer said.

"Spider-Man helped us out big time a few years back, even if most of us were too proud to admit it, we owe it to him to make sure this threat gets squashed," Zero said.

The others murmured in agreement, just as Strider arrived. "I apologize for my lateness."

"It's fine Hiryu, we're glad you could make it," Chun-Li said.

"How's your training going? Getting stronger I hope," Spencer said.

"My strength does grow, but I was also training others, including that young ninja Ibuki," Strider said.

"Ibuki? I from the Street Fighter Tournaments?" Chun-Li asked. "That's nice of you."

"Yes, well it was at the request of her sensei, she has the talent, but not the discipline," Strider said. "She already has high ambitions as well."

"What does she want to be the next World Warrior Champion or something?" Spencer asked.

"No, she wants to do battle with Wolverine," Strider explained.

"Wolverine!? Are you being serious?" Spencer asked.

"When am I not Nathan?" Strider asked.

Spencer shrugged it off, "Got me there, why does she want to fight Wolverine though?"

"She believes him to be the strongest warrior in all of Marvel, and after learning of our bouts with that world, she wants to take part in that next, she even desires to go to Equestria someday," Strider said.

"She wants to go to Equestria?" Chun-Li asked. "That's surprising."

"I'm surprised she's considering Wolverine," Cammy said. "Isn't Spider-Man the strongest?"

"She does not have a very high opinion of Spider-Man," Strider explained. "Unfortunately it seems that we still have those who still see Spider-Man as more of a nuisance than a hero."

"It's dwindling," Chun-Li said. "You can thank Ryu's influence for that."

"The only other guy that doesn't seem to like Spider-Man much is Frank West, why I don't even know," Spencer said.

"Frank's a pretty unusual guy, best not delve into it," Chun-Li said. "As for Ibuki, I see no reason she can't come to Equestria some time in the future, might make for an interesting training session at least."

"I'm just worried she will attempt to do battle with Wolverine though, she is not at that level," Strider said.

"We'll just let him know, Logan's actually a very relaxed man when he's not fighting, and he's pretty understanding I'm sure, he does work at a boarding school and usually interacts with kids," Chun-Li said.

"Doesn't he have a kid of his own, that girl with the claws?" Spencer asked.

"Yeah, he's also expecting another child since his wife's pregnant," Chun-Li said. "Maybe Logan will indulge Ibuki one day but for now I agree that she shouldn't be in a serious spar against him."

"The more you think about it, I honestly don't think it's all that surprising she wants to do battle with Wolverine," Cammy said. "The Marvel and Capcom rivarly started with us Street Fighters battling against the X-Men, perhaps Ibuki strives to make a name for herself battling against our first true out of world rivals."

Chun-Li looked intrigued by the statement, even she hadn't thought of that, "That's actuallya good point. Funny, at this point when we think of the Marvel world, usually Spider-Man or The Avengers come to mind to many of us, yet we forget it started with The X-Men, at the very least when Ryu showed his sign of respect to Cyclops."

"They went from friendly rivals, to fierce rivals, and back to friendly," Spencer said. "Amazing how that works."

"Ryu really changed during that, epsecially during his bout with Spider-Man, I've never seen him so bitter, not even when fighting Bison," Cammy said.

"I don't think Ryu really hated Bison all that much, he just didn't like him, his true rival is that creepy Akuma guy," Spencer said.

"So Spider-Man is the equvilant of Akuma?" Zero asked.

"That's a weird way to put it," Chun-Li said. "Peter's way to gentle to be anything like that demon of a man, unless you're a villain."

"Just tell Ibuki she's got her wish of going to Equestria, but she needs to be prepared for anything," Spencer said.

"Will do, I thank you for your consideration," Strider said, with a bow.

"Anytime Hiryu," Chun-Li said. "Now let's get back to work."

Back in Equestria, Twilight's entire group had reserved a booth at Sugarcube Corner where Pinkie and Boom both delivered their sweets.

"Here you go!" Pinkie said, passing the plate along. "Enjoy!"

"Thanks Pinkie Pie, you too Boom," Twilight said.

"You didn't put in anything that we'll regret eating, did you?" Scott asked.

"Hey, you never know," Boom deviously said.

Pinkie cleared her throat, "Boomie..."

Boom rolled her eyes, "No Ant dude, I didn't. I have Deadpool breathing over my shoulder, sometimes literally, waiting for an excuse to off me if I screw up, your food's fine."

Pound Cake suddenly made his appearance, poking through Pinkie's mane, "I made doubly sure Mayday's cake would be to her liking."

Mayday looked somewhat worried, "Uh, did you make this cake by any chance?"

"Oh no, my mom did, but if you want I can bake you one of my own, I'll even use my special recipe," Pound offered.

"Uh, that's ok, I don't want you going through the trouble," Mayday insisted.

"She's fine Poundie, maybe next time," Pinkie offered.

"Um, alright, I'll make her something yummy when I do," Pound said, flying back into the kitchen area.

"How sweet," Boom said, turning to Mayday. "You got a boyfriend that would make treats for you, lucky girl."

Mayday began to blush at Boom's statement, "Um, he's not my boyfriend, he's barely even my friend."

"Mayday! Don't say stuff like that," Twilight scolded. "You know Pound and Pumpkin see you as a friend, and they're really nice foals."

"But Pound's really weird when he's near me and Pumpkin's too sassy," Mayday said. "Besides I don't need friends, I have you and daddy."

"You really wanna be the lame kid who hangs out only with their parents?" Scott asked, getting a slight glare from Peter and Twilight. "Hey I'm a father too you know, I wouldn't want to be my daughter's only friend, I would want her to expand and make friends closer to her age."

"He's not wrong," Trixie pointed out. "Wow, can't believe I'm actually agreeing with him."

"Is there something you wanna tell me you sorcerress wannabe?" Scott asked.

"Excuse me! I am Great and Powerful" Trixie declared.

"Let's not start arguing," Twilight interjected. "Look, I agree with Scott as well, Mayday should be making friends, and it looks like I'm going to have to take action." She turned her attention to her daughter. "Mayday, I expect you to take the time to get to know the twins a lot beter, when I was your age I thought I didn't need friends either, and it led me to making foolish choices, including blowing off a friend's party, a decision I still feel guilty of to this day. Princess Celestia encouraged me to make friends here in Ponyville and it's benifited me greatly, and now I'm helping in teaching others like Wanda about friendship, so now I'm going to do the same thing for you.'

"But mom, making friends is hard and boring, and no one's gonna be as cool as daddy is," Mayday said.

"Wow Spidey, that's the first girl who's called you cool!" Deadpool shouted from the kitchen.

"What!? No she isn't!" Peter shouted.

"My point is...!" Twilight said, trying to pause another potential argument. "While yes, I understand you idolize your father, and for very good reasons, you still owe it to the twins to give them a chance, same with Johnny's nephew Franklin, he seems to want to talk to you when he's here but you never give him a chance, you barely interract with your cousin Flurry Heart, and she loves you a lot. You need to embrace those around you honey, it's for your own good."

"Your parents might not be around forever, I know it's not something a kid wants to think about, my daughter hates when she's told this too, but what a parent wants is for their kids to be happy, and for them to find others who care about them almost as much as they do," Scott said.

"Well Twilight's an Alicorn and I have magic similar to an Alicorn, so we might be around forever for all we know," Peter said.

Scott glared slightly at the webbed hero, "You constantly put your life at stake when villains show up, sometimes stupidly. I'm honestly surprised you're still alive. I mean yeah I put my life at stake too but even I don't make that many stupid decisions." Scott turned to Mayday, "Just take what your mother is saying into consideration, if you want you can even hang out with my daughter, sure she's a little older but it'll be like having a big sister, and I know my daughter will be really nice to you."

Mayday shrugged in annoyance, "Fine, I'll try."

"I'm happy to hear that, I'm sure you'll love it sweetie," Twilight said.

Moments later, a new guest had arrived in the store, getting Pinkie's attention. "Welcome to Sugar-Oh hey, aren't you one of The Avengers?"

This got the attention of everyone else at the Parker-Sparkle booth.

"Hey it's Hawkeye," Peter commented.

"Oh Peter, good you are here," Clint said, flying over to Peter. "We have a problem back in Canterlot."

"What type of problem?" Peter asked. "Did another villain come through the portal?"

"No, but it does involve a villain, one of yours in fact," Hawkeye said. "I'll just get to the point, Mysterio escaped from his cell and it sounds like he wants revenge on you for foiling him for so many years."

"Mysterio!? Wait how did he escape!?" Peter asked.

"Cap's not sure, it must have been pretty recent since he was still in Canterlot when everyone found out, unless Mysterio was planning this for a while, he did try to do away with both Steve and Sunset Shimmer," Hawkeye explained.

"Great, now bowl head's gonna cause trouble," Peter lamented. "What about the other villains?"

"They're still in their cells, the guards even double checked to make sure they weren't illusions," Hawkeye said.

"Speaking of illiusions," Scott said, suspiciously eyeing Ant Man. "How do we know you're not an illusion?"

Twilight quickly did a quick scan of Hawkeye, shaking her head afterwards, "He's not an illusion, that's the real Hawkeye."

"Oh cool, you can do that?" Hawkeye said. "Spidey, if you're going after Mysterio, you should definitely bring your wife."

"We she is my sidekick," Peter joked, much to Twilight's bemusment.

"Cute, but if anything you're my sidekick, I am stronger than you," Twilight said, getting up from the booth. "Trixie, take Mayday home and keep an eye out for trouble."

"Don't worry, as an illusionist myself, I can tell reality from fraud," Trixie said. "But what about Wanda?"

"I can help you find Mysterio if you'd like," Wanda said. "Three is better than two."

"I don't think your father will appreciate us bringing you to stop one of my villains," Peter said.

"Come on, I doubt he would care, we can take him down easier if we team up," Wanda said.

"It could also be a Friendship Lesson," Scott said. "A Super Friendship Lesson."

"The more help we have the better this will be," Hawkeye said. "Lang, you should try helping as well, I'm gonna let the others know, we gotta stop Mysterio before he does whatever it is he wants to do."

"Yeah sure thing," Scott said.

Peter turned his attention to Pinkie Pie, "You should let Deadpool know, maybe he can help too...but only if he brings him back alive."

"I'll let him know," Pinkie Pie said. "Good luck and be careful Peter.

The heroes quickly spread out in hopes of finding Mysterio, ready to put a stop to whatever evil plans he may have had. But that wouldn't be the only trouble for the heroes to overcome.

Back in The Baxter Building, the families had finished up their lunch and were about to go home. Pietro had been unusally quiet throughout the lunch, likely thinking over what Reed had asked him. He can't fathom why he's thinking this through a lot, he believed he didn't even care that much about Friendship, perhaps he was wrong about his thoughts.

"Thanks for having us over Reed, we should do this again soon," Rainbow Dash said.

"Next time we'll host it at our house!" Windy suggested.

"Might be hard, I don't think they all take the forms of Pegasus Ponies, so it'll be hard for them to come to Cloudsdale," Bow said.

"But dear, Dashie's friend has a spell for that, remember?" Windy reminded.

"Huh? Oh right, silly of me to forget, Princess Twilight Sparkle can help," Bow said, then turned to the group. "It's settled, you can all come over to mine and my wife's home next time."

"I hope all of you can make it," Windy said.

"That'd be great," Ben said. "But I am a little worried about Alicia."

"Ben I can handle it, I just need to get used to the anatomy," Alicia insisted.

"Think going to Equestria could even improve her eyesight?" Scootaloo asked. "Maybe the magic or something?"

"It doesn't really work like that Scoots, at least I don't think it does," Rainbow Dash said.

"Yeah, Daredevil was still blind when he went to Equestria," Johnny said. "But I think Alicia will be fine."

"Yes, I think so as well," Windy said. "If it'll make you feel better, you can even bring a relative of your own, like do you have a parent that can-"

"NO!" The Fantastic Four and Alicia shouted in worry, much to Windy's confusion.

"O...k then?" Windy wasn't sure what to make of that, neither were the other Equestrians.

Rainbow leaned in to whisper to Johnny, "What was that about?"

"Tell you later, it's a really weird story," Johnny said.

During this, Firefly got bored and began to crawl off, with only Franklin noticing.

"Hey, come back," Franklin said, going after his little cousin, leaving the adults to themselves.

"I'll be fine on my own Mrs. Dash," Alicia said. "Or rather with Ben and the rest of the family."

"Ok if you say so dear," Windy said. "Well we best be off."

"Right, I'll grab Firefly and-" Rainbow Dash looked around and saw that she wasn't around. "Hey where's Firefly?"

"Franklin was with her," Johnny said, then noticed that Franklin had left as well. "Franklin? Firefly?"

"I see them, they're going towards the portals," Scootaloo said. "Wait they just made a left, where are they going?" She began to follow after them, the others joining.

As Firefly arrived in the room, she noticed the button and her curiosity began to rise as she pulled off her shoe and threw it at the button, opening up a portal.

"H-hey! You're not supposed to do that!" Franklin said, running over to grab Firefly. The young girl however hastily crawled towards the portal inside with Franklin following after her.

Once the others arrived, Reed looked on in shock and fear at what transpired, "NO! That's the Negative Zone!"

"I got them!" Johnny said, flaming on. He flew over to grab them when a monster peered it's head out, surprising everyone in the room. "Holy shit!"

The monster attempted to attack, with Johnny dodging and throwing a fire ball in it's face. Soon a few more monsters began to emerge from within the dangerous dimension.

"Not good!" Rainbow Dash said, then turned to her parents. "You two stay back!"

"Alicia, stay with them!" Ben said, gesturing his girlfriend over to the two as he readily slammed his fists. "It's Clobberin' Time!"

Ben joined Rainbow Dash and the rest of the Fantastic Four in fighting away these monsters. While everyone was distracted, Firefly again snuck into the zone, with Franklin noticing. "Hey come back!"

He ran after her but a monster blocked his path, frightening the boy. As the monster lunged to attack, Pietro had sped between the two and did a hundred punches in a matter of seconds, knocking the monster away. "Go get the girl ."

"Thanks Quicksilver!" Franklin said, rushing to the portal. Scootaloo also rushed inside, wanting to protect her honorary niece as well. Firefly didn't get very far when Franklin grabbed her. "Finally got you."

"Ah! No!" Firefly shouted, struggling a bit.

"Hey cut that out, you caused a lot of trouble!" Franklin scolded.

"Franklin!" Scootaloo said, rushing to the two kids. "Good you got her, jeez what is this place?"

"Tell you later, let's get Firefly to safety," Franklin said, trying to control the struggling child. "Ugh, she's almost as bad as my sister."

As they attempted to leave, another monster stood in their way, Scootaloo placing the kids behind her. "Crap, another monster!"

Pietro noticed from where he was and rushed inside the Negative Zone to attack, knocking the monster away. "Man these things are pests, let's hurry back outside so Mr. Fantastic can close-" Within moments, the portal leading back to the Baxter Building had closed down, leaving the four stranded. "Oh boy."

"H-hey! The portal!" Scootaloo shouted. "What the heck happened to the portal!?"

"Beats me." Pietro then turned around quickly when he thought he heard something, "Stranded and in danger, really bad combination."

Franklin looked extremely worried himself, he knew the Negative Zone was a dangerous place, to be stuck there was like a nightmare. "I hope my mom and dad fix this soon."

Outside, after all the monsters had been defeated is when Reed realized the situation. "The portal's gone!"

Sue looked around, "Oh God, where are the kids!?"

"Quicksilver's gone too!" Ben pointed out.

Johnny nervously turned his attention to the portal, "You think they got stuck when that thing went down!?"

Reed wasted no time checking on the panel that opened the portal, "It looks like one of those monsters damaged the portal's passage during the fight!" He frantically searched around to observe the damage, "Ugh, this is not gonna be a quick and easy fix!"

"Wait, so my daughter's stuck in that weird dimension!?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Unfortunately yes, your daughter, my son, Scootaloo and Quicksilver are all trapped in there!" Reed said, slamming his fist in frustration. "Dammit! We need to get them out of there now!"

Rainbow Dash looked like she was starting to panic, "Not good, not good!" She frantically looked around to see if there was anything else she could do, there had to be something
"I got it! Sunset Shimmer! She can help! Or maybe we get Doctor Strange, anyone who is able to make portals! I can search Equestria for Shimmer, Johnny or anyone else can go to that Sanctorum place that Strange lives in!"

"Actually that's not a bad idea," Johnny said, then turned to Reed. "Get started on fixing that, Dashie and I are working on plans B and C."

"I'm open to anything that can get this portal open," Reed said.

"Good, let's fly Dash!" Johnny said, flying out the building toward the Sanctum Sanctorum while Dash went through the portal.

"Um, Doctor Richards?" Windy said. "Are there really that many monsters in that dimension?"

"Surely Pietro can take care of them, or at least keep the kids out of danger, he's got the speed for it," Bow insisted.

"It's not the monsters I'm worried about," Reed said. "It's Annihilus."

Deep in the Negative Zone, a creature on his throne had felt a disturbance in the dimensions. "Well now, have my old friends returned?"

The creature known as Annihilus stood up from his throne, preparing to meet his guests in the way he knows how to.