• Published 30th Mar 2021
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Spiders and Magic: Civil War - Masterob

An internal battle between The Avengers and The Elements of Harmony threaten Equestria's future.

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The Spark Ignites Part II

The heroes were still cleaning up the mess from the damage earlier, what was suppose to be a simple meeting about the future and safety of Equestria turned into a total war involving many worlds coming together.

While many were hard at work outside on the streets, inside another hint of destruction was looming, Peter nervously standing across from his old flame Felicia Hardy, said girl was holding his daughter close to her as the mother of his daughter, his wife Twilight was fuming.

"Felicia...Didn't expect to see you here," Peter nervously said.

"Well I do live in Canterlot, and I was asked to come to the castle," Felicia explained, rubbing Mayday's hair. "That's when I came across your daughter, such a little sweetheart."

"This lady's really nice," Mayday said. "How come you don't invite her to our house more daddy? She said she misses you."

"It's...complicated," Peter nervously answered, still feeling the tension his wife was giving off.

"Wow, um, this is kind of awkward," Jubilee said, earning a glare from Twilight, the X-Men member backing off. "Alright, not the appropriate thing to say."

Nightcrawler focused his attention toward the seven kids that he and Jubilee sent over. "I'm just glad you kids are safe."

"Barely, that beam was so close, I thought I was gonna die!" Gallus said. "My life flashed before my eyes...it was kind of boring."

"You need a little excitement then," Felicia said. "That's always good for the soul."

"They're a little too young for any 'excitement'," Jubilee said.

"We're practically adults, why do you keep treating us like kids?" Smolder asked.

"She's just looking out for all of you," Peter explained. "She had the same thing happen to her during her X-Men days."

"I think it's sweet," Cozy Glow said. "It's nice having a big sister like Jubilee keeping us safe."

Jubilee gushed a little, "Big sister? Wow that's so adorable. I've taken the role of big sister!"

"Pretty awesome isn't it?" Peter boasted. "I've been there myself."

"You were called 'Big Sister'?" Gallus asked, earning himself an annoyed glare from Peter.

"Gallus, don't say stuff like that to Peter, remember he is married to what's essentially the school principal," Jubilee warned.

"Well speaking of big brothers, where is Apple Bloom?" Peter asked. "Didn't she come here as well?"

"I'm here," Apple Bloom said, making her way over with Applejack and the other Crusaders. "We were checking on the damage."

"This place took some pretty bad damage from a big blast," Applejack said. "Boy was that startling."

"Yeah, Goku's Kame-whatever beam destroyed part of the castle while he was fighting Loki and that weird guy with the one Pegasus wing," Peter said.

"Who was that guy? Twilight wondered, remember facing off against Sephiroth not too long prior. "The way he looked at me was so...unnerving."

"We're really going to need some answers," Shining Armor said. "Starting with The Storm King and just how long he was planning this invasion of his, and where exactly he's from."

"Well we know he's definitely from this dimension, so he's not a villain from any of the Earths," Twilight said. "Just a further reminder that our world does have it's own danger."

"I just want to know how and why The Storm King has this alliance with Loki," Peter said. "Plus those other villains that were there, I think I saw that guy Ryu constantly does battle against."

"My mother was there as well, this Storm King fellow seems to have very interesting contacts," Nightcrawler said.

"Well let's start with what we know," Twilight said. "So we know Loki, and what he's capable of since this isn't our first run-in with him. And Nightcrawler obviously knows his mother."

"Not just him, all the X-Men know about Mystique," Jubilee said.

"I know enough that she's a shapeshifter, just like The Changelings," Peter said.

"Alright this helps," Twilight said. "Now what about that guy you said was fighting Ryu."

"That's Akuma, he's basically Ryu's biggest and most dangerous rival," Peter said. "He's told me a bit about him, saying he succumbed to the Satsui no Hado, basically to him what the Nightmare is to Luna and what the symbiote is to me."

"Right, I think I heard Ryu and Logan talking about him," Twilight said. "It would explain why I saw him doing battle with Logan."

"I remember him from the days the X-Men were invited to participate in the Street Fighter tournaments," Nightcrawler said.

"He's not as bad as Bison but he's still very dangerous," Jubilee said. "Like Ryu, he enjoys a good fight, but he usually prefers fights to the death."

"Ryu also mentioned once his technique was for assassination," Twilight said. "Guess it makes sense that a master of that style would use it for fatal combat."

"There's also that other guy with the white hair," Peter said.

"He was fighting Cloud I believe, we can ask him later," Twilight said. "Though it seems like now there's a villain from the Square world to worry about."

"That just leaves the last guy, The Storm King," Shining Armor said.

"And his friends, especially that one mare who called herself 'Tempest Shadow'," Peter said.

"I don't know about Tempest..." Silverstream began, getting their attention. "But I think I know a thing or two about The Storm King."

"Know something kid?" Came Tony's voice, the Avenger on his way over with Steve, Celestia, Ryu, Chun-Li, Spencer and Cloud. "Good, because we're gonna need some answers."

"Hey how is it outside?" Twilight asked. "Was anypony hurt?"

"Some ponies took some pretty bad damage, some direct, some caught in the crossfire, though I am curious about the state of this castle after that giant beam destroyed part of it," Stark said.

"I haven't finished surveying the damage, I don't think it's too bad, aside from the damage but I'm more worried about any lives lost," Shining Armor said.

"Well the part destroyed really isn't occupied for the most part," Celestia said. "But that doesn't change the fact that it could have been worse. I am curious as to how Goku even found his way back to Equestria."

"We cna figure out those details later," Tony said, then focused on Silversteam. "Kid, you were gonna say something about The Storm King?"

"Only rumors I've heard from Queen Novo, apparently The Storm King sent some of his guards to infiltrate our Kingdom to find a Magic Pearl, which according to what I heard from Princess Skystar, has magical properties well beyond what most Equestrians have even come close to accomplishing. In a way, it's almost more valuable than The Crystal Heart."

"What exactly does it do if I may ask?" Steve inquired.

"I can't say, Princess Skystar told me everything she could, but her mom is pretty secretive about it, she's worried that more villains will try to come for it," Silverstream said. "Luckily the invasion was thwarted, actually I think it was thanks to help from your world Mr. Stark."

"My world?" Tony asked. "You're from Mount Aris right? I don't recall actually going there though."

"Me neither," Steve said. "Peter, have you been there?"

"Once, just to help Twilight convince the Queen to let Silversteam come back, but I don't recall any danger," Peter said.

"It was that magic guy, called himself a Doctor," Silverstream said.

"Doctor Strange?" Tony asked. "Wait, he was at Mount Aris!? When!?"

"I believe I remember," Celestia said. "It was the week Peter and his friends were on vacation, Stephen had come to this world because he wanted to explore more of it, and along the way he came across Mount Aris. Perhaps by luck, it sounds like he prevented an invasion, something he alerted me to."

"Wait, then why didn't he tell us?" Tony asked.

"He did mention to you that he helped some foreigners," Celestia pointed out. "But my guess is that since Queen Novo didn't want too many to know about her Pearl, she likely asked him not to make a big deal out of it."

"Not that it matters now," Tony said. "Cat's out of the bag."

"What's worse is that now he has stronger friends, if he wants to go back for that Pearl, there isn't much stopping him," Silverstream said. "I mean, for all we know, that's where he's going now!"

"We'll send some scouts to Mount Aris," Steve reassured. "Nothing will happen to your home, we'll find this new band of villains and put a stop to them."

"We still need more information," Peter said. "Ryu, can you think of why Akuma would join with The Storm King?"

"I can't explain, Akuma isn't really one to join villainous groups, or any groups for that matter, he's his own man," Ryu explained. "His sole motivation right now is a fight to the death with me."

"Yeah I remember you mentioning that unhealthy motivation," Peter awkwardly pointed out.

"The only good side is that Akuma isn't one to attack helpless people, he only fights those who challenge him first," Ryu explained. "The exceptions being his master Goutetsu and his brother and my master, Gouken. He had attacked them with the intent to kill, and succeeded."

"So he truly killed your Martial Arts Master?" Twilight asked, having remembered Ryu mentioning this once.

"I thought he did, but I also believe I saw him not too long ago," Ryu said. "Perhaps it was a hallucination, but I do remember Akuma targeting him when I was a boy, that's not someone one easily forgets."

"Does this have to do with the Satsuki Hadou?" Twilight asked.

"Huh? You mean the Satsui no Hadou?" Ryu asked.

Twilight blushed in embarrassment, her intellect usually won't forgive a mispronunciation of words, "Right, that, sorry."

"It's fine, if it's easier you can say 'Dark Hadou', it's similar enough," Ryu said.

"No, I can memorize the other saying," Twilight insisted.

"Well alright, but to your point, it is the Satsui no Hadou, a curse to anyone who learns our style," Ryu said. "Those who master it our style come close to embracing the darkness, it's nearly happened to me on occasion. Deep down, Akuma wants it, figuring I would give him a more worthy fight. Whenever I do battle, I usually make sure to keep it non-leathal, I hold back, much like you do Peter."

"Wait, you hold back in your fights Spider-Mane!?" Gallus asked. "Why don't you just go all out!?"

"Because I don't want to kill anyone, now hold your questions til after Ryu's done talking," Peter said.

"I prefer not to kill either, but Akuma sees that as a weakness," Ryu said. "So I train hard to avoid turning into something I don't want to be."

"What if you could control it though?" Cozy Glow asked. "Then you'd be really strong!"

"I could but I don't want to risk falling into darkness," Ryu said. "Akuma is a constant reminder of what I don't want to be, and truthfully I fear the concept of turning into something like that."

"You won't, you have your friends Ryu," Chun-Li said.

"We'll keep you with us," Spencer said. "Akuma can take his Dark Hadou nonsense and shove it."

"Yeah, we got you on this bud," Peter said. "To quote my wife, Friendship is Magic."

"Nice one Peter, perfectly delivered," Twilight praised.

Ryu bowed his head in respect to his friends, feeling a sense of relief, "Thank you, I truly believe what you say about Friendship. Without Ken, I might have failed in surprising this long ago."

"Speaking of Ken, he knows the same style too right, has he ever had those moments?" Peter asked.

"Once...during the time when the two of us and many of the other World Warrior combatants entered the King of Fighters tournament," Ryu said. "He nearly lost control but maintained it at the last second, thanks to encouragement from myself and a man named Terry Bogard."

"Good for Ken at least," Peter said. "But, I don't think I'm familiar with the King of Fighters, is that a Capcom thing or..."

"It involved us traveling to a world we called 'SNK'," Ryu explained. "Many great warriors there aside from Terry, such as my rival from that world, Kyo Kasunagi, Chun-Li's rival Mai Shiranui. Plus other strong warriors such as Athena Asamiya, Ryo Sakazaki, his little sister Yuri and an ice powered woman named Kula Diamond."

"Wow, sounds neat, does Sunset know about that world?" Peter asked.

"She does, but has yet to travel there," Ryu said. "One day I hope to introduce you, I once mentioned you to them and they seemed pretty impressed."

"But they also said pretty weird, so keep that in mind," Chun-Li said.

"They're not gonna be like how Capcom was when they first came here, are they?" Twilight asked. "I mean, no offense to you three, you're all great but-"

"It's understandable Twilight," Ryu interjected. "I doubt they would be that disrespectful, if there is a problem I will speak on your behalf."

"Well in that case, I also hope we get to meet such amazing warriors," Twilight said.

"That just leaves us with one thing to figure out," Peter said, then focused his attention to the former employee of Shinra. "Hey Cloud, what can you tell us about that guy with the long sword? Is he that person Sunset mentioned a while back?"

"Yes, that's Sephiroth, a former SOLIDER of Shinra, someone I met back when I was part of the organization," Cloud explained. "He was also my personal hero, someone I looked up to. I wanted to be as great as he was, saving peole and looking cool in the process."

"So wait, is he a good guy or a bad guy?" Gallus asked.

"He was a good guy...until he learned of his origin," Cloud said. "Apparently he was born as a science experiment involving the lifeform known as JENOVA, an alien species that came to our world some time ago. The knowledge of his birth and his sudden realization that his life may have been a lie hit him pretty hard, and then he snapped. In his rage, he burnt down my entire village, killing so many people, including my mother."

"He killed your mom!?" Silverstream asked in disbelief.

"We're so sorry to hear that," Ocellus sympathized.

"Appreciate it," Cloud said. "It's just really frustrating, you spend your life idolizing someone, just for them to turn into the very thing they fought against. I tried fighting Sephiroth, we both nearly died in the process, but here we both are, still fighting to this day."

"What is his motivation?" Twilight asked.

"To become a God," Cloud said. "That was his motivation, that and revenge against me for foiling his plans."

"Becoming a God?" Peter asked. "What is he like Wesker then?"

"In a way, though ironically enough, from what Chris Redfield told me about him, Sephiroth might actually hate Wesker due to how similar the Shinra Corporation is to the Umbrella Corporation," Cloud explained. "Of course, I know Wesker left to do his own thing but I guess there are similarities between the two."

"How would you become a God?" Cozy Glow asked.

"Depends, I know Sephiroth wanted to use the Lifestream, the source of my world's power," Cloud said.

"And according to Chris, Wesker was trying to develop some virus to help him achieve that goal," Chun-Li said. "I did my own research as well, it was called 'Uroboros'."

"Didn't Hiryu go against something like that?" Spencer asked.

"Yeah, not the actual virus but something of a similar name," Chun-Li explained.

"Well all this helps, we just need to inquire a bit more about Mystique, maybe run this by the X-Men," Twilight said. "Plus we should meet up with Thor and discuss the Loki situation with him."

"That's not all we'll need to discuss," Celestia said, turning to the other worldly warriors. "I think some changes are needed."

Ryu, Chun-Li, Spencer and Cloud seemed a little confused by Celestia's statement, though the female of the group seemed to have an idea of what the Princess was planning.

Outside Thor and Sunset Shimmer were talking over the situation, the former angrily wondering where his brother had gone.

"I can't believe I let Loki escape, I was a fool!" Thor self berated.

"Don't be too hard on yourself, mistakes happen," Sunset said. "Plus it's not like he was alone, he had help."

"Yes, foes that appear to be from this world," Thor commented. "That is indeed most curious."

"We've been fighting so many villains from your Earth, seeing villains from this world seems refreshing in an unsettling way," Sunset said.

"I am curious about this Storm King fellow, and where he is from," Thor said. "Here I thought I knew all of the creatures of this world, but it seems like there is still much I must learn."

"Even I don't really know who they are, but we'll figure this out together," Sunset said. "For now maybe we should check in with Princess Celestia."

"Yes, there is not much for us to do out here," Thor said, taking another look around. Logan and Fluttershy were assisting injured ponies, Johnny and Rainbow Dash were flying overheard, likely scouting for any other injured ponies or any lurking enemies. Strider was assisting some injured guards while Applejack and Remy cleaned up some debris with the help of some of the Avengers. They even took note of Cadance and Doctor Strange nearby the stone Lyra, with Bon Bon nervously hoping for things to be resolved soon.

"I kind of feel bad for Tony, this really wasn't the type of reveal for his Accords that he imagined," Sunset said. "But if ponies were hesitant to accept the accords before, then this may have changed either changed their minds, or worsened their opinion."

"Time will tell, but if Stark wishes to maintain their good graces, he needs to address this chaos and promise to deliver on a much better future," Thor said. "A word is only as good as the man, or pony, who makes it reality."

"Hey quick question," Sunset said. "I heard something about Ragnarok, what's that all about?"

"Something my father has warned me time and again about," Thor said. "My home is in danger, I must return and prevent the destruction of my Kingdom."

"Anything I can do to help?" Sunset asked.

"I cannot ask that of you, it's too risky," Thor said.

"But what if your brother shows up with all his allies?" Sunset asked. "I mean, Ryu's told me all about Akuma and how dangerous he is."

"I am familiar with Akuma, he has yearned to do battle with me, citing how fun it would be to kill a God," Thor said.

"That's unnerving," Sunset said. "Still, it's just just Akuma, Storm King or even Mystique. It's that one swordsman with the long white hair."

"Oh yes, I don't know much about him or why he was associated with my brother, but he did seem rather menacing and intimidating," Thor said.

"I think that's Sephiroth, one of Cloud's enemies," Sunset said. "Cloud mentioned having a dangerous rival who has the power to destroy a planet, so it sounds like Sephiroth is a dangerous foe, for all we know he's the one who may bring Asgard to ruin."

"If he is, then I will strike him down with my hammer," Thor said, wielding his Mjölnir high. "Be it Akuma, Sephiroth, The Storm King, even my brother Loki or that accused Fire Giant Sutur. I will protect my home for years to come."

"It's admirable that you want to defend your home, but don't turn away a helping hoof, this mission sounds dangerous, you shouldn't go on your own," Sunset said.

"But I must, it is my duty as the Prince of Asgard," Thor said. "Plus I won't be alone, I have the other Knights of Asgard to assist me to defeat the foes that threaten my world."

"What about The Avengers, will you at least consider their help?" Sunset asked. "Even Twilight and Peter might be willing to-"
"Hey, you off on an adventure?" Goku asked, making his way over. "I heard something about foes, and if someone as strong as Thor is worried, then the enemies must be really strong, especially if it's the ones we just fought."

"It may not be my brother Goku," Thor said. "It may be something much more powerful."

"Still, I'm always up to fight strong guys," Goku said. "Hey Sunset Shimmer, are you going too?"

"I want to, first I might need to get you back to your world first Goku, I did drag you away rather abruptly, your wife didn't sound too happy," Sunset said.

"Oh yeah, she gets mad when I get distracted from my home and work life," Goku said.

"Plus you might need to explain to Celestia the damage you caused to her castle," Sunset reminded, pointing to the destruction. "Fortunately I don't think there are any casualties."

"That's a relief, I would never want to actually hurt an innocent person, or pony," Goku said.

"Well for now I suggest we round up our allies and meet with Princess Celestia," Thor said.

"Yeah, good idea," Sunset said, the trio looking to gather all they could.

It wasn't long before the rest of the heroes along with The Wonderbolts and a few other ponies gathered in Celestia's castle, the guards outside cleaning up whatever remained.

As Thor expected, the Princess looked rather furious at Goku. "I still can't believe all the damage you caused to my castle! Was destroying it the first time not enough for you!?"

"Hey ease up, not like I intended it both times," Goku insisted. "No one got killed, that's all that matters at least."

"Someone could have gotten killed though, just because we were lucky once doesn't mean we'll be lucky again," Celestia said.

"I almost have to agree with Celestia here," Twilight said. "You endangered our daughter Goku."

"Sorry, I mean this is why I don't like fighting in populated areas but it seemed so urgent that I help right away," Goku said. "Those guys were already causing trouble, I had to step in."

"He's not wrong," Cap said. "Goku was part of the reason Loki and his allies were driven off. We do owe him some gratitude."

"He also stopped the attack the moment it went bad," Peter said. "Takes some good control."

"Not to mention, Loki and Sephiroth are more at fault for what happened than Goku is," Cap said. "He tried fending the two off, plans failed obviously but Goku tried his best.

Celestia of course still seemed rather irate, but decided to take Cap and Peter up on their word. "As long as the damage is repaired. Does anyone know who else got injured? Guards or civilians?"

"Fluttershy and I helped get some ponies to an infirmary," Logan said. "But...even though ponies got lucky with Goku's attack, they weren't so lucky in regards to the other villains."

"Some of the ponies are in really bad condition," Fluttershy said. "The doctors there already had doubts of some making it."

Celestia's eyes widened a moment, but she maintained herself, "I see...Yet another invasion with casualties." She turned her attention to Tony. "I really hope this plan of yours works Tony."

"It will, because as of right now, The Accords are being set into motion," Tony said. "I'm going to make contact with my world and get some assistance from there. I have some heroes in mind that would do wonders, ranging from fighting villains to other lines of work. We even have a woman who specializes in monster hunting."

"You talking about Elsa Bloodstone?" Logan asked. "What you gonna send here here to fight a Hydra?"

"If I have to," Tony said. "She's really good at her craft, I bet she can handle any monster."

"Let's see her battle Rathalos then," Dante joked, Spencer and Ken snickering as a result.

"I can even get help from The Defenders," Tony said. "A few of them have been to Equestria already, actually I think they all have."

"You can consider whoever you want, just remember that they have to adjust to Equestrian style," Cap said. "Meaning they have to get used to being a pony."

"Which has me wondering," Tony turned to Celestia. "Think there's magic that would let us not be ponies? Might make it easier to get more recruits."

"That is not possible," Celestia said.

"Really? That's a shame," Tony said. "Might be a deal breaker for some heroes."

"You don't need that many honestly, in fact the heroes here should be enough," Cap said, gesturing to all of the Avengers, X-Men and Fantastic Four, plus the non-affiliated heroes.

"I can help too," Felicia said. "I could use some extra work, it's been hard lately, I have a little one to help take care of."

"Huh? What little one?" Peter asked.

"This, little one," came Thunderlane's voice, the stallion walking into the room along with a small filly. "Though if you want to help, you'd actually be around more often for her."

"Mama!" the little filly said, making her way over to Felicia.

"Wait, 'mama'!?" Peter shouted in disbelief.

"You're a mom!?" Twilight asked. "Since when!?"

"Since about two years ago," Felicia said, lifting the filly onto her back. "I was blessed with this little bundle of joy."

"That I'm practically raising alone!" Thunderlane said.

"Wait dude, you're the dad?" Peter asked.

"Yeah, Felicia and I have been..." Thunderlane not only had to consider that his daughter was there, but so was Mayday. "We've been close and it led to her being pregnant."

"You slept with my ex?" Peter asked.

Twilight glared at her husband, "You say that like it's a bad thing! Besides I would hardly call her your 'ex' since she never really cared about you to begin with."

"I know how Peter feels then," Thunderlane said.

"Oh come on, I told you it's nothing personal, I'm just not into stallions much," Felicia said.

"Maybe you should try going to the human world, might help your relationship," Stark said.

"She doesn't mean pony, she means guys in general," Thunderlane said.

Peter glanced curiously at Felicia, "Gonna need a lot of explaining."

"I just thought that maybe I could settle with a nice...lady, as oppose to a guy," Felicia said. "I think girls are more my speed."

Peter couldn't believe his ears, neither could Bobby, Johnny or even Twilight for that matter.

"So, it took you being with Thunderlane to realize that?" Peter asked. "I mean...that might be a blow to his pride. I mean I guess after me it was hard finding a guy to measure up to but-"

"Dude!" Thunderlane shouted. "So not cool!"

"Yeah Peter, since when are you some arrogant playboy?" Tony asked.

"Just joking," Peter insisted.

"Aw, too bad, kind of like seeing your more vain side," Felicia said, batting her eyes at Peter. "I always believed you woud be more attractive if you showed off a bit more, live more on the wild side."

"Hey! Stop flirting with my husband Miss 'I prefer ladies'," Twilight said.

"Well Peter is kind of girly looking as a pony," Johnny pointed out.

Peter's eye twitched slightly, "I swear if I had a nickel for every time I heard that..."

Felicia turned her attention back to Thunderlane, "As for you Thunder, you know if I could I would be around more for Felicity, but I do have a job to do, this job provides food for her, and you by extent."

"Hey I'd like to be able to work again but someone's gotta watch over our daughter," Thunderlane said. "I can't ask my friends to foalsit either, mainly since they're probably still mad about my whole 'rebellion' thing."

"Maybe Peter can help," Felicia suggested, glancing to the boy. "He's helped your relatives before."

"He lives all the way in Ponyville, and he works too, as a Superhero," Thunderlane said.

"I can watch over her," Mayday insisted.

Thunderlane looked down to the filly, "That's really nice of you kid, but I'd rather an adult watch over my daughter."

"I don't know, I think Mayday would be great, good chance for them to bond," Felicia said. "Wouldn't that be nice? It'd be like they're sisters."

"I don't know about that," Twilight said. "I mean she is your daughter, and if she's anything like you she might spend half her time flirting with my daughter."

"Twilight, she's two," Thunderlane said. "And she's not gonna be like her mother, since her mom's not around enough to be an influence."

"You are so stuck on that little detail," Felicia said.

"It's not little!" Thunderlane frustratingly insisted.

"Uh, do you two need a couple's counselor?" Tony asked.

"Worry about that later," Felicia said, turning to Tony. "Now about any jobs you might have for me."

"How do I know I can trust you? I mean, you are a cat burglar," Tony said.

"She'll be fine," Celestia said. "Trust me on this."

"Yeah, what she said," Felicia agreed. "You can count on me Tony Stark."

"Alright, don't make me regret this," Tony said.

"If you need other assistance, that's what we're here for too," Spitfire said. "The Wonderbolts are at your service."

"That works because I have some big plans, especially for those two up and coming Wonderbolts," Tony said.

"You mean Sky Stinger and Vapor Trail right?" Rainbow Dash asked. "Those two climbed the ranks fast, thanks to the coaching they got from Johnny and myself."

"Those two did great work with them," Spitfire said. "They really connected, helps being an Element of Harmony and a Superhero."

Rainbow Dash arrogantly brushed her chest, "Well I am the best at a lot of things, flying, speed, agility-"

"Crashing," Fleetfoot finished, getting a chuckle from the group, much to Rainbow Dash's annoyance.

"Wow, good one," Rainbow Dash sarcastically replied.

"Sorry Crash, but you know how it is," Spitfire said. "It's our way of making you one of us. Right Matchstick?"

"It's so great that the name spread," The Thing mused.

"Yeah, haha, real funny," Johnny replied.

"Not sure if I like that type of talk, seems kind of mean," Fluttershy said.

"It's fine Fluttershy, just some joking around," Johnny said. "Rainbow Dash and I learned to get used to it."

"Yeah, we still have a lot of respect for them," Spitfire said. "But it's just too fun resisting the chance to mess with them."

"I do the same myself, common in the Avengers," Tony said, turning his attention to Thor. "Isn't that right Goldilocks?"

"Sure is, Shell Head," Thor replied.

Tony turned his attention to Peter, "Hey! Did you tell him about that!?"

"Dude everyone knows I called you that," Peter said. "Just like everyone calls me 'Web-Head'."

"And now you're Spider-Hair," Johnny said.

"Don't!" Peter warned.

"Oh, is this because The Storm King said your name sounds like a spider-style hairdo?" Bobby asked.

"Not like it has to make sense!" Peter insisted. "I've seen those Power Pony comics Spike reads, my name is not that much weirder than theirs!"

"Hey can't those things be brought to life?" Johnny said. "Maybe we can get help from them too."

"That might cause more trouble than it's worth Johnny, let's keep them in their world while we focus on fixing ours," Twilight said.

"Speaking of which," Thor said, getting everyone's attention. "I'm afraid that I must leave Equestria for the foreseeable future."

"Wait, you're leaving?" Twilight asked.

"Is this about Loki? You gonna try looking for him?" Peter asked.

"No, it's about something dire to my Kingdom," Thor said. "Years ago my father Odin received a prophecy that great ruin would befall Asgard. We called it Ragnarok. My brother just mentioned to me that the Fire Lord Sutur may be on his way to bring such ruin to my home. So, I must set on a Journey to stop Sutur and prevent Ragnarok. I do not know how long it will take but I may not see the lot of you for a long time."

"Can we help in any way?" Steve asked.

"It's too risky, plus it seems like you're needed here more than anything," Thor said. "I shall venture off with my comrades from Asgard. We alone should be able to put a stop to Sutur, and hopefully find my brother in the process."

"Your brother is probably with Sephiroth," Cloud said. "You're definitely gonna need help if you run into him."

"Same with Akuma," Ryu said.

"I am aware of the risks," Thor said. "But I am The God of Thunder, with the power blessed to me and the power of Mjölnir I shall defeat all my foes. If Sutur is the cause for Ragnarok, then I shall decimate him. If it is Sephiroth I shall strike him down. Even if it's my own brother, I will stop at nothing to protect my Kingdom alongside my comrades and my father."

"Do what you must Thor, I do wish you the best on your journey," Celestia said, bowing to her friend. "But this talk of other worlds brings up one more issue that must be resolved." She turned her attention to the Goku, the Capcom Warriors and the Square Warriors. "That is the three of your worlds."

"You're not holding responsible for Akuma are you?" Ken asked.

"Or Sephiroth," Barret added.

"I do not hold you directly responsible, but it's the indirect danger you caused that has me worried," Celestia said. "I have my hooves full with the troubles from Marvel Earth, to have other worlds sneak in their enemies is going to wear us dry. Capcom has had multiple threats to this world, and now with the risk of Square and it's enemies, I really can't afford any distractions right now, especially knowing that Albert Wesker and his allies have yet to be detained, unless you have caught him since the last time it was addressed."

"We haven't..." Chun-Li shamefully admitted.

"That's a shame, unfortunately I can't afford any more risks to my world," Celestia said

"Hey, where are you going with this?" Dante asked.

"Until this is resolved, until I have fixed the troubles plaguing this world, I'm afraid I must ask you all, Capcom, Square and Dragon World, to return to your own dimensions, permanently."

"Wait, what did you say!?" Sunset nervously asked.

"You want us to go back forever?" Chun-Li asked.

"Not forever, just the foreseeable future," Celestia said. "If things are resolved and there are less threats to worry about, then I'll consider letting you all return."

"Hey I get you're worried, but most of the villains came from Marvel, our world has barely had villains come here, aside from the initial invasion," Dante said.

"I am aware of that, but I do have to reduce the risks where I can," Celestia said. "I will allow Marvel Earth to remain open for the time being but all other dimensions must close. I don't want to risk any more danger."

"Plus one Dimension to keep an eye on will be easier on everyone," Tony said. "We don't have to worry about being sidetracked by another realm."

"Plus the reason it seems like Discord can summon other worlds is because the more portals being active weakens the dimensional rift between our worlds, allowing him to transport villains here with much ease," Luna said.

"Put simply, more portals means more vulnerability, having one portal not only increases magical defense but it's much easier to keep an eye on trouble," Celestia said.

"But Princess, I just got the Dragon World portal open, now I have to close it again?" Sunset asked. "And we were just getting properly acquainted with Square! There are still so many heroes from that world I wanted to see."

"I'm sorry Sunset Shimmer, but you knew the deal, if this was gonna cause trouble then we would have to cancel your multi-dimensional plans," Celestia said. "Capcom has too many dangerous villains, and if that Sephiroth creature is any indication, Square has many strong villains in it's own right."

"Maybe Sephiroth was the most dangerous of them all?" Sunset nervously hoped, though the look on the faces of the Square Warriors hinted that perhaps there are other big threats from their world.

"Sephiroth is bad, but he's not the only one," Cloud said.

"Plus, if someone as strong as Goku exists, others may exist too, especially villains," Luna said.

"I can't argue that, there's always some type of baddy to worry about, even after times of peace," Goku said.

"Well then, you know what must be done," Celestia said. "I'm sorry Sunset, but my decision is final."

"Well...if they have to go, then...I want to go with them!" Sunset said.

"Sunset, no," Ryu tried insisting.

"No, I have to go, I...want to continue my multi-dimensional research, if I can't do it here, then I'll just go to the Capcom world to do it," Sunset said.

"Our world would be better for that," Ken said. "Given all the traveling we do. She can even come to our tournaments too, there's a new one coming up."

"It would be easier for her to explore other worlds," Mega Man said. "There's tons of possibilities for her if she comes with us."

"So I can come with you?" Sunset asked.

"Sunset, you know we like your company, but you heard Princess Celestia, it's a permanent close and who knows how long it will be before the portals open up again," Ryu said. "You could be stuck in our world for years."

"I'm willing to take that risk," Sunset said. "The chance to travel the Multiverse is too good for me to pass up."

"I say bring her, who knows, maybe Stark will figure this Accord thing out fast anyway and she'll be back here if she gets tired of us," Spencer said.

"I would never get tired, Capcom is such a fascinating place, I mean Marvel and Equestria are great too, but Capcom is like nothing I've ever seen before," Sunset said. "You're all so diverse yet you just match up so well."

"She's not wrong," Dante said. "But where will you live?"

"She can stay with me, if she doesn't mind being around the orphan children I care for," Chun-Li said.

"Or she can hang with me, could use some extra assistance for my business," Dante said.

"Doctor Light should have room in his lab," Mega Man said.

"I'll alternate, see what fits me best," Sunset said. "Alright, I am a hundred percent confident in my decision. I am going to the Capcom world!"

"If you're certain," Celestia said, feeling uncertain about her old pupil going to another world. "I just hope you truly are aware of the consequences."

"More like the opportunities for me," Sunset said, standing by the Capcom Warriors. "This is my calling."

"Very well..." Celestia said. "If that is all, then let us move on with our plans. Tony, come with me while I survey the damage, I want to hear more of your plans."

"You got it Princess," Tony said. "Wanna join us Steve?"

"In a moment, gotta talk to Thor," Steve said, making his way to his Asgardian friend.

"Right, I'll be back soon to say 'good-bye' bud," Tony said to the Thunder God.

"See you later on then Stark," Thor said.

Peter stepped over to the outer world warriors, "Sucks you all gotta go back home, for good."

"It's not permanent, but this is a problem you need to fix on your own, so it would be better if we weren't around to mettle," Chun-Li said.

"It's a shame, especially when Square brought over a new guy," Peter said, turning to Squall. "This must be one heck of a first day for you."

"Whatever," Squall replied.

Sunset leaned in to whisper to Tifa, "Is that like his favorite word?"

"I think so," Tifa replied.

"Well it was nice meeting you anyway," Peter said, then turned to the Saiyan beside him. "As for you Goku, too bad this got cut short. I wanted to test some of my new suits on you, see if I could actually beat you in a fight."

"One day, maybe you can come to my world," Goku suggested. "You too Ryu. I could imagine you want another chance at Vegeta."

"One day," Ryu said.

"I know Vegeta did want another crack at Cloud, he sees a lot of potential in him, same with Dante," Goku said.

"I'd be down with that, hell I'll come over right now and show him what I can do," Dante said.

"Dante, we have things to do back home, you can fight Vegeta another time," Chun-Li said.

"Alright fine," Dante said, shrugging it off. "Gotta show some new employees the ropes anyway."

"Hold on," Logan said, making his way over. "Before you all go back to your world, you should be aware that you have an ally in this world's future. I think you should let him know before you leave."

"Yeah you're right," Chun-Li said, grabbing a special type of radio. "Leon, you there Leon?"

"Leon?" Peter asked. "Wait what's happening?"

"You'll see," Logan said.

"Leon, answer me," Chun-Li said, shaking the radio a bit.

"Hey Chun-Li, it's been a while since I heard your voice," Leon replied, having finally gotten through.

"Oh good. Leon, there's something I gotta explain to you," Chun-Li began.

An hour later, Celestia and Tony had returned, all the heroes still waiting in the halls, but now there were some new faces.

"Hey, it's that other Sweetie Belle from the future," Tony said. "What's she doing here?"

"I see a few others as well," Celstia said. Not only was Leon there, but Lady and Roll were there as well, the group explaining things to Peter.

"A couple years back Logan and Flutterhsy told us that Sweetie Belle from the future needed help rebuilding, that and there were a few remaining Changelings," Leon said. "Since I have experience with outbreaks and ruined citites, I figured I'd lend my assistance."

"It got bad so when Leon requested for help, Dante sent me over," Lady said.

"I was there to clean up since that is technically part of my programming," Roll explained. "Plus I wanted to help too."

"Leon's been a great help, same with Lady and Roll, our world's looking so much better, it's almost back to normal," Future Sweetie Belle said. "You gotta come by and check it out one day."

"Sure, it'd make a nice little vacation, going to the future," Peter joked. "Maybe this time I'll be able to come back without the trauma."

"Hey Peter, what's happening here?" Tony asked, making his way over.

"Hey Tony, Leon and a couple of his friends were still in this world's future, so they came back in time since Celestia's closing the portal," Peter said.

"We wanted to stay but Sweetie Belle insisted we go back," Roll said.

"Not that I don't want you there but I also would rather you not get stuck," Future Sweetie Belle explained. "You can come back once this 'Accords' thing is settled."

"Which it will be, I talked everything over with Celestia and she feels more confident," Tony said. "Just gotta get some signatures."

"By the way Peter, how is the Changeling situation here?" Leon asked. "Anything different?"

"It's much better, the Changelings have a new leader and he's much nicer than Chrysalis," Leon said. "Now they live harmoniously with us."

"They do?" Leon asked, a little surprised.

"Yeah, there's one of them right there," Peter said, gesturing to Ocellus, who along with Cozy Glow was talking with Fluttershy. "Her name's Ocellus, she's a bit shy but she's a really nice girl."

"Wow, that's so great!" Future Sweetie Belle said. "She's so cute too, I didn't know Changelings could be so cute. Oh I knew you could do it, everything resolved, no fighting needed." She glanced at Leon. "Words do wonders."

Leon rolled his eyes in annoyance, knowing what Sweetie Belle was alluding to. Even Logan knew what she meant, the hero still feeling like Leon went too far that day.

"Well what about the Queen?" Leon asked.

"She...kind of got away, but we're looking for her and her loyal Changelings," Peter said. "It's kind of frustrating, I really thought I could get her to switch sides."

"Didn't she destroy the future? A creature like that isn't redeemable," Leon said.

"Hey it was possible," Peter said. "She could have been better."

"You honestly think so?" Leon asked.

"If I may say something," Goku said. "I told Peter once about two Androids...or Cyborgs as he calls them, that in my world's future, they killed everybody and destroyed most of the world. But in my current timeline, they didn't do any of that stuff. In fact Trunks, the boy who came back in time to warn us, told everyone that the Androids in my timeline were more mischievous punks rather than cruel destroyers. Anyway they're good in my timeline, one of them is even part of our group of friends. She's kind of cold but she's still a good friend to have. Her brother I think went off traveling on his own."

"...So who is he again?" Leon asked.

"That's Goku, a Saiyan from Dragon World Earth," Peter explained.

"His world had a destroyed future as well huh?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Lots of timelines do," Logan explained. "I know a guy named Forge who came back in time because our world was destroyed by Sentinels."

"X and Zero's future has had it's rough moments as well," Chun-Li said.

"I think you guys and Trunks would get along well, I haven't seen him in forever but I think he's doing well right now," Goku said.

"One day," Peter said. "Anyway no use dwelling on the past, at least Sweetie Belle's future is safe and our world is on the verge of being better. I do hope that Tony fixes this soon, I really don't want any more major surprises. I mean I just found out that my ex-girlfriend had a baby with a stallion who hated me, and it turns out she's probably a lesbian."

"Uh...who are you talking about?" Future Sweetie Belle asked.

"Felicia, your old mentor," Peter said.

Sweetie Belle began to blush a bit, "I'm...not surprised about the lesbian part, she told me that she slowly started liking other girls. I mean we never had a fling but..."

"It's fine, you don't have to go into detail," Peter said. "Like I said, you're safe now and I'm happy your world is getting back to normal. Maybe you'll be able to take it easy."

"She should, especially with the fact that she's a mother," Roll said, surprising Peter and worrying both Logan and Future Sweetie Belle. "Cute baby too, she named it after you Spider-Man. But she never told us who the dad is."

Peter's face started to turn pale, realizations and worries plaguing his mind, "I see...how old is this baby exactly?"

"Uh, almost five I think," Roll said. "She told us she met someone shortly after you left, got pregnant but it didn't work out because he had to leave and-"

Sweetie Belle covered Roll's mouth and brought her close, "Boy is she a blabber mouth, kind of cute though."

"Yeah..." Peter said, his face still pale.

"Peter, what's with you?" Leon asked. "Man is hearing about babies that much of a surprise for you?"

"Yeah...let's go with that," Peter said. "I should go now..." Peter turned around and immediately came face to face with Twilight, her smile worrying him even more. "Twilight!?"

"Peter..." Twilight replied.

"Hey...how much did you hear?" Peter asked.

"Well, for starters, that's two new babies I've heard about, isn't reproduction great?" Twilight said, her eye slightly twitching despite her smile.

"Oh good God..." Logan muttered.

"What's happening?" Leon asked.

"Nothing! Nothing's happening, what makes you think something's happening?" Future Sweetie Belle nervously said. "Right Peter?"

"Yeah, everything's all good," Peter said, the unsettling smile from his wife making things worse.

"...You two are so strange, but I am gonna miss that," Leon said. "Make sure you take care of yourself while we're gone Sweetie Belle, you and your baby."

"I have Pinkie Pie, so I'm not alone," Future Sweetie Belle said.

Twilight was still smiling, trying to hide her feelings of frustration, knowing full well the secret Peter and Future Sweetie Belle want to hide. This was noticed by Johnny as he made his way over. "Did someone break Twilight?"

Minutes later, it was time to say good-bye. The Capcom Warriors had bid their farewells, vowing to return. Leon, Lady and Roll in particular had a nice embrace with Future Sweetie Belle, the girl feeling absolutely terrible in knowing that her friends had to leave.

All of them would be missed, especially with Sunset Shimmer going with them. Reaching the portal the group started going in one by one, until all that was left was Sunset and the main trio.

"Bye Twilight, I hope your baby is born nice and healthy," Sunset said, having her friend in an embrace.

"I'll miss you, and when you come back, be sure to have a hug ready for little Benjy," Twilight said, breaking away.

Peter approached the main trio of Ryu, Chris and Dante, "We had a rough start, but I am gonna miss you guys."

"We'll miss you too Peter," Chris said. "Take care of your family, and be safe."

"Keep an eye out, we might come back sooner than you least expect it," Dante said.

"This isn't good-bye forever, it's good-bye for now," Ryu said.

Peter held his hoof out, "Yeah, good-bye for now." Each of the trio hoof-bumped Peter before heading into the portal with Sunset.

The Square Warriors made their way into their own portal, Cloud being the last to enter. "I'll be back if Sephiroth returns, I'll make sure of it."

"Bye Cloud, thanks for coming as often as you do," Peter said.

"Please be safe," Twilight said.

Cloud saluted them and made his way into the portal as well.

All that was left was Goku, the Saiyan stepping to his portal, stopping just before entering. "I'll be back one day, I still have a lot of you I want to spar with. Especially you Twilight Sparkle."

"Don't make challenges you can't live up to Goku," Twilight sassed.

Goku smirked confidently as he stepped through the portal, saying one final good-bye. "See you all later!"

After that was said and done, Princess Celestia used her magic to shut down the portals, sealing away the other warriors for good, at least for now.

But of course there was still one left, Thor Odinson. As he approached the Marvel portal, he turned back to face his comrades. "I wish you all luck with whatever you have planned, and please don't do anything foolish."

"No promises," Tony said.

Thor couldn't tell if Tony was being sarcastic or if he really wasn't that confident in his plan. "I shall return once I safetly prevent Ragnarok, and with any luck, find that brother of mine along with his meddlesome friends."

"You got this Thor," Peter encouraged.

"Come back to us if you need help," Twilight said.

Everyone else voiced their concern or encouragement for Thor, with some praise sprinkled in as Thor bid one final good-bye, "Good luck to you all, and farewell for now!"

Thor entered his portal, ready to return to Asgard and prevent Ragnarok, or die trying. Everyone quickly began to dissipate, looking for anything else they could do for the moment, mostly to take their minds off the sad good-byes and the worry they felt for their friends.

"I should return to my timeline then," Future Sweetie Belle said.

"No, stay dear," Rarity said. "There's a lot I want to know about you."

"Same here," Present day Sweetie Belle said. "Maybe share some fashion tips."

"Wow, our Sweetie Belle is almost the same size as the one from the future," Bobby said. "Almost like twins."

"Come on kids," Jubilee said as she and Nightcrawler led the Young Six and Cozy Glow away. "We need to get you home."

"Think we should let their Kingdoms know about the invasion?" Nightcrawler asked.

"Yeah, we probably should," Jubilee said. "I just hope they won't be too mad."

"Hey remember kids, Accords!" Tony called out to them. "Let King Thorax, Prince Rutheford, Queen Novo, Dragon Lord Ember and Grandpa Gruff know about them, we'll form a stronger alliance!"

"Sure thing Mr. Stark!" Silversteam said, unsure if Queen Novo would actually go through with it.

"We'll do our best," Ocellus said, hoping that King Thorax would be more willing to agree.

"Well one good thing happened today," Smolder said. "Those jerks from Capcom are gone."

"Smolder!" Silverstream scolded.

"Hey they beat up my brother, they could stay gone forever for all I care," Smolder said, to the disappointment of her friends, along with Nightcrawler and Jubilee.

Cozy Glow meanwhile seemed focused on Steve and Celestia, wondering what they would be up to. This whole thing has gotten very interesting to the young filly, she really wanted to know more about what the future of Equestria would be like. Well as long as she had her friends, especially Ocellus.

Of course one other pony had her eye on Ocellus, that being Future Sweetie Belle. Knowing that Leon led an attack on the Changelings with some rebels from her timeline did not settle well with her, especially knowing that a nice Changeling like Ocellus could have gotten hurt. She dreads the consequences of that attack, feeling like it would make her rebels no better than the Changelings of her time.

As everyone scattered about, all that was left was Peter, the hero looking over to Thunderlane. "So...you and Felicia?"

"We did live together, briefly," Thunderlane said. "So it was bound to happen, especially given that she's such a flirt."

"Well, sorry to hear about you two," Peter said.

"It's fine if we're not together, I just want Felicity to have a good relationship with her mom," Thunderlane said. "I don't want her growing up thinking her mom doesn't care about her."

"Felicia is a pain but she is genuinely a good person, and I think she loves the daughter you two share," Peter said.

"She does, but she...I don't know how to say it, it's like she's off doing whatever she's doing, and even when she's around I'm worried that she might negatively influence our daughter," Thunderlane said. "I want them to have a nice, normal relationship, I want Felicia around but I also don't want her influencing her to being a thief."

"I don't think she'll let that happen," Peter said.

"Isn't her dad a thief too?" Thunderlane asked. "What if it's a family tradition?"

"Well, if I were you, I'd sit Felicia down and have a nice talk with her about being a good mom," Peter said. "I think she'd be willing to listen, if for her daughter's sake."

"I hope you're right Peter," Thunderlane said, looking to his daughter and ex-girlfriend. "I just want what's best for my little filly."

"Well, we'll be willing to help you, if you need it," Peter said.

"I appreciate that, but your wife hates Felicia, I don't think that would be a good idea," Thunderlane said.

"Worth a shot," Peter said. "I mean it's how we explain it. Instead of saying, 'We're looking after Felicia's daughter', it's more 'We're looking after Rumble's niece'."

"Oh, clever, your wife cares a lot about my brother after all," Thunderlane said. "Also, I really appreciate you looking after him when you did, that was cool of you. I messed up years ago, I have so many regrets, I just want a chance to start over and be better."

"Well being a parent could be that first step," Peter said. "Now you have a child to look after, and it can make you a better person, worked for me."

"You were already a good person," Thunderlane said. "You're a superhero."

"But I wasn't perfect, still not, but being Mayday's father, and now having a second child on the way really puts things into perspective for me," Peter said. "It'll do the same for you too."

"Thanks..." Thunderlane said. "And, I'm really sorry for being a massive jerk to you years ago. You're a nice guy, you didn't deserve that. I was just so jealous, and frustrated, and...I don't know what came over me. My actions cost me so much, I could have been a Wonderbolt."

"All's forgiven, kind of glad too, you seem like a cool guy, and your brother really admires you," Peter said. "He missed you so much while you were away."

"I'm gonna make things right," Thunderlane said. "My first step is finding a way to help keep this world safe. I'll be a Superhero myself!"

"Gonna join the Equestrian Division of The Avengers?" Peter asked. "I'll vouch for you if you'd like."

"Something like that," Thunderlane said. "Thanks for the help."

"No problem," Peter said, hoof-bumping Thunderlane.

"Also, I could use some advice, father to father," Thunderlane said, then took note of his daughter now interacting with Mayday, Felicia finding it adorable while Twilight seemed a bit annoyed. "Guess we really gotta work on our family dynamic. Maybe I should move back to Ponyville, my daughter's been stuck with me in Canterlot for a long time, and that's not good for her growth."

"Well then, let's get started on that," Peter said, making his way to his daughter, Thunderlane following suit.

Everything seemed to be going well, Tony had already began communication with the heroes of Marvel Earth while everypony else attempted to go back to normal.

Discord however, was not deterred. Seeing this from Tartarus, he only could see the bright side. "Wow, I didn't think Celestia would actually close the portals, I must have given her more of a shock than I thought. No matter, this works all according to my plan. Portals or not, my plan is still coming together, in time I'll unleash my ultimate act of chaos upon Equestria, especially the little surprise I have in store for them, it will be absolutely marvelous."

Discord continued his plans, just the same as Tony, Peter and many others within. No more Capcom, no more Square, no more Goku, and no Sunset Shimmer or Thor around. Big changes are coming fast to Equestria.