• Published 30th Mar 2021
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Spiders and Magic: Civil War - Masterob

An internal battle between The Avengers and The Elements of Harmony threaten Equestria's future.

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The Accords take Start

It's been a week since the recent villain invasion, Canterlot was slowly getting back to normal and most of it had been properly rebuilt.

In that time, Tony had gotten to work on the next phase of his Accords, that being recruiting more heroes to guard Equestria and keep it safe from villainous invasions. It required a lot of scouting but to keep it simple, he mostly recruited heroes from New York area.

Standing in Canterlot Hall were Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Elektra, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Firestar, five of them ponies, Iron Fist having the luck of taking form of a dragon, all of them awaiting what's coming next.

Luna took a good gander at these six heroes, and needless to say, she wasn't too sure about this plan so far. "So, this is all you could come up with Tony?"

"They were the only ones immediately available," Tony explained. "Of course I did also ask for Nova."

"He's off planet with Star-Lord and his buddies," Luke Cage explained.

"How about Moon Knight or Night Thrasher? Anyone get in contact with them?" Tony asked, Luna curious about the answer.

"Not yet," Iron Fist answered, Luna feeling disappointed. Night based heroes seem like they would be a better help to her than her sister, hopefully this can be rectified soon.

"What about that White Tiger lady?" Tony asked.

"She was busy," Elektra said. "Plus we gotta keep some heroes in New York, otherwise it becomes too defenseless."

"Thankfully we also got Ben Grimm and some X-Men helping out too," Luke Cage said. "Of course things have been slow since that big fight nearly eight years ago but it can't hurt to take a little extra precaution."

"Yeah, the biggest trouble since then was those Capcom guys showing up," Jones said. "We still got our share of baddies but with guys like Doom gone, Magneto gone and The Green Goblin gone, plus those other villains that disappeared, seems like a lot of crooks are staying in the shadows more often."

"Alright, well regardless I think this is a decent start," Tony said. "You're perfect for this role, with your mercenary ways."

"Mercenaries?" Daredevil asked. "We're not mercenaries Stark."

"Alright maybe not the best word, though you almost are, you're Heroes for Hire," Tony said.

"Technically I'm not," Firestar said.

"Let's not get technical, point is you're all here to help keep this world safe," Tony said. "We're gonna need round the clock protection to keep villains out of Equestria."

"And how are we suppose to do that?" Luke Cage asked. "I mean if we gotta protect this world, then shouldn't we be going back to Earth where the villains are coming from and stopping them there?"

"Hey these villains can come from anywhere, it might not even be New York. Think about it, it could be someone from Europe, or Japan, or one of the Nine Realms, hell even Antarctica for all I know," Tony said. "But we do know where they usually strike first. Over the last couple of years targets have included this city of Canterlot, a town nearby called Ponyville and The Crystal Empire."

"So you're expecting us to stand guard in these towns?" Luke Cage asked. "Also what kind of name is 'Ponyville'?"

"Yeah, sounds Generic, like Human City," Iron Fist said.

"Ask the Apples, they named it," Tony said.

"And they picked out a perfect name, the town is full of great and friendly ponies," Luna explained.

"It's also where Peter lives, with his wife and daughter," Tony said. "And whoever else lives in that house."

"Peter? That reminds me, what about Bobby?" Firestar asked.

"He lives in Ponyville too, with his own wife and kids," Tony explained.

"Wow, can't believe they're both married, especially Bobby, he seemed like too much of a player to settle down," Firestar said.

"I'm more impressed seeing Spider-Man settle down," Iron Fist said. "I don't think I've formally met his wife though, heard she's powerful."

"She is, she's an Equestrian Princess after all," Luna explained. "Just like me."

"Peter marrying Royalty, he really moved up in the world," Firestar fondly stated.

"So how do we go about this guarding thing then?" Luke Cage asked.

"Well for starters I'm going to split you into three groups, each one will be stationed at one of the three cities that I mentioned are the frequent target of attacks," Tony explained.

"Oh! Can I go to Ponyville!?" Firestar asked. "If Peter and Bobby are there then I want to protect it."

"Well that's not surprising, just try to remember that you're there to protect, not to hang out with Peter and Bobby," Tony reminded.

"Of course, I promise to take my job seriously," Firestar said.

"Alright, so it's you and Miss Jones here guarding Ponyville, Daredevil and Elektra can patrol Canterlot while Luke Cage and Iron Fist can patrol the Crystal Empire," Tony said.

"This place is Canterlot, right?" Daredevil asked.

"Yes, so you won't really have to go anywhere," Tony said. "Think you can manage watching over everything here?"

"It's no trouble," Daredevil insisted. "Little different than the Kitchen but I should be able to maneuver around."

"Alright then, now I'm going to get our friends here to their town," Tony said. "Luna would you midn helping Daredevil and Elektra here get acclimated to Canterlot?"

"It would be no trouble," Luna said.

"Alright then, Firestar, Jones, Cage, Rand, follow me," Tony said, about to lead the four out of Canterlot.

"Oh Tony, there's something you should know," Luna said. "We actually already have a volunteer to watch over Ponyville, so she may be assisting these two ladies you just recruited."

"Really? Where is she?" Tony asked.

"She's already there, with her daughter and ex-coltfriend," Luna explained.

Tony could tell who Luna meant, "Oh boy..."

In Ponyville, Felicia was strolling around the bottom floor of the Golden Oaks Library, taking in the sights of the home. "Wow, so many books. Do you actually read all of them Twilight?"

"Yes, I do," Twilight said, clearly not happy with this girl in her home.

"You must have a lot of time on your hands if you can go through all of these," Felicia commented.

"It really isn't that hard, plus it's something I enjoy doing," Twilight said. "The more your read, the more your intellect broadens."

"Somehow I never really believed that," Felicia said, taking a book from a shelf, looking through the pages. "Such weird writing too."

"That's Pony Latin, I doubt you'd be able to read through it," Twilight said.

"Wow, do you always talk so condescending like?" Felicia teased. "Poor Peter, having to put up with that for so long."

"He wouldn't know, I don't talk down to him," Twilight turned to her husband. "Isn't that right Peter?"

"Uh, right..." Peter hesitantly agreed.

"That answer doesn't sound confident," Felicia pointed out. "Is there something you're not telling us Peter?"

Before this could escalate, Thunderlane stepped in, "Come on Felica, you know this is going to irritate Twilight so lay off a bit."

"It's just a friendly conversation Thunderlane, nothing to worry about," Felicia insisted. "You just keep an eye on my little Felicity."

"Your Felicity!?" Thunderlane asked, looking a bit offended. "How often do you even see her to call her yours!?"

"I see her plenty," Felicia said. "Keep in mind that my work is what feeds you both, so I am providing for my daughter, like a good mother should."

"Yeah but..." Thunderlane groaned in annoyance, it was really hard getting through to her sometimes. "I appreciate you doing that for us but part of being a mother is being more involved in your daughter's upbringing."

"You act like I've totally abandoned her or something," Felicia said, sounding a bit displeased by his tone of voice.

"Well you do seem like the type to not really care about anything aside from your reflection in the mirror," Twilight said.

"Aw, you're cute when you're so full of it," Felicia said, further irritating Twilight. "Say where is Felicity?"

"She's with Trixie and Mayday," Peter said. "So she's fine, Trixie's really good with kids after all."

"Trixie...wait which one is she?" Felicia asked.

"She wears a wizard hat," Thunderlane answered. "Calls herself 'Great and Powerful', sometimes speaks in third pony. My brother loves that about her actually, I find it irritating but to each their own."

"Yeah, I think I remember her," Felicia said. "She's actually pretty cute, is she single?"

"Yes, and don't get your hopes up, she won't be interested," Peter said. "She tells me quite a lot that she's not interested in a relationship just yet."

"And even so, I'm fairly certain that she'd be more interested in Scott Lang than you," Twilight said.

"Scott Lang?" Peter asked. "Oh boy, Lightning Dust won't like that."

"What is she actually into Trixie?" Thunderlane asked.

"Yeah, it was suppose to be a secret but a lot of ponies know," Peter said. "Especially considering Laura blurted it out once, despite her lame attempt at covering it up."

"Wait, which one's Laura again?" Thunderlane asked.

"The girl with the same powers as Wolverine," Peter explained. "There's a lot I gotta catch you up on."

"Hey I got time, gonna be weird seeing all the changes," Thunderlane said. "I hear Rarity's married, I remember her wedding being a big deal in Canterlot."

"Yeah, she and my friend Bobby had a kid too," Peter said. "All of Twilight's friends have kids, Pinkie gave birth to twins recently."

"So Pinkie's a parent now huh?" Thunderlane commented. "Rainbow Dash too..."

"A lot happened these last four and a half years," Peter said. "Of course you'll have something to tell everyone too. I mean you're a dad as well now."

"Speaking of which, how come Rumble never told us?" Twilight asked. "Did he know?"

"I told Flitter and Cloudchaser, I asked them not to tell Rumble yet, I wanted to do it myself in pony," Thunderlane explained.

"But it's been two years, actually more than that since Felicia was pregnant," Peter said. "How did this even come up? Like how did you two end up together?"

"Thing is, we weren't totally together," Thunderlane explained. "Felicia just let me stay at her apartment."

"Which was nicer than a dungeon," Felicia added.

"Well yeah, anyway we stayed together for a bit, though Felicia often traveled, saying it was work related," Thunderlane said.

"You can ask Celestia, she and that agent of hers supervised it," Felicia said.

"What agent?" Twilight asked.

"Tell you later," Felicia said. "Go on Thunder."

"Around the time Rarity got married, I remember hearing it being all ponies talked about, I felt so envious of the fact that a mare I used to date had moved on," Thunderlane said. "I mean I dated a lot of mares but I really did like Rarity, I thought we had a chance together. It was one of the reasons I hoped my brother could get together with Sweetie Belle, of course that went downhill fast but I won't delve into that chaos."

"Even Sweetie Belle regrets it," Peter said.

"Well point is I felt kind of down, so I consulted with Felicia about it," Thunderlane said. "She was about to go off on some assignment, so the night before we left we got to talking and...one thing led to another."

"We had sex," Felicia said.

"Thank you, that was what I was alluding too," Thunderlane said, blushing a bit. "But yeah, we got intimate, and I guess she was in heat because when she came back months later, she told me she was pregnant."

"Where were you that you were gone for months?" Peter asked.

"Sorry, can't tell," Felicia teased.

"Can't tell? Peter and I are royalty! We have a right to know!" Twilight demanded.

"Twilight, it's not important right now," Peter said.

"But Peter, what if she was up to no good!?" Twilight said. "It is our duty to know what's going on when it comes to crooks!"

"I just went to Klugetown for a bit, its someplace far down south of here," Felicia explained. "There was some shady business that Celestia wanted me to investigate, mostly involving pirates."

"Pirates!? You saw pirates!?" Peter asked.

"It was nothing really," Felicia said. "But I was gone for a few months, then came back with a bigger belly."

"Really surprised me, I was gonna be a dad, but I was also happy because I thought I had a chance to start a family, a chance to start over and make things right," Thunderlane said.

"Let me guess, Felicia here had no interest in doing that," Twilight said.

"Not true, I was ready to settle down, I even considered marrying him," Felicia said. "But that's the problem, I felt like I was just settling, and deep down, I don't think I really loved him that much."

Thunderlane felt a cringe feeling in his chest, "Yeah, pretty much what she told me, that and she also said she preferred mares over stallions."

"Which I really don't believe by the way," Twilight said. "You probably said that so you have an excuse to break up with him without looking bad."

"Oh what's so hard to believe? Sine coming here I found that a lot of the mares are really cute and as I remembered life on Earth, the girls there were cute as well," Felicia said. "I felt like I could truly be who I wanted to be."

"So is that why you never loved Peter back?" Twilight asked. "Or is it still that you found him boring without his mask?"

"Hard to say," Felicia teased, further irritating Twilight.

"You're totally faking this liking girls thing! And I'm gonna prove it!" Twilight shouted.

"How? Oh, do you want to kiss me and find out?" Felicia asked, seductively eyeing Twilight.

"Yeah, in your dreams, I don't swing that way," Twilight said.

Peter scratched his head in confusion, remembering the time Twilight teased a three way with another mare, and he thought he had that with Future Sweetie Belle, even though Twilight constantly assured him that nothing happened, they just fell asleep together. He won't question it, he doesn't want to think that he slept with Future Sweetie Belle twice.

"Well that's a shame, I could make out with you all day," Felicia said, giving a wink.

"Even if I did swing that way, one I'm married and two, you're not my type of mare," Twilight said.

"Never thought I'd see the day where Felicia would flirt with Twilight," Peter said. "It's actually kind of weird for me to see."

"Yeah, I'm uncomfortable too," Thunderlane said. "Felicia, give it a rest, you don't need to prove that you're into girls."

"I thought boys liked seeing two cute girls kissing each other?" Felicia teased.

"I...cant deny that," Peter said. "But that is my wife and I'd rather she not kiss anyone that isn't me, much like I don't want to kiss anyone that isn't her."

"See this is what I wish I had," Thunderlane said. "Instead she breaks up with me while still pregnant with my child and one month after the baby is born, she goes off on another long mission, leaving me to take care of her."

"Didn't you enjoy bonding with her?" Felicia asked.

"Of course I enjoyed spending time with my daughter, honestly she's the best thing that's happened to me in years," Thunderlane said. "Like, I love her smile, her little giggles, that look in her eyes every time she looks up at me, like she completely admires me."

"Pretty awesome isn't it," Peter said.

"My daughter gives me a new reason in life, I have something worth protecting, something I want to fight for," Thunderlane said. "Though you understand what I mean Peter, given you have a daughter yourself.."

"You know it, there's nothing I wouldn't do for Mayday," Peter said.

"Which is why I'm going to do everything in my power so that my daughter has a dad she can be proud of," Thunderlane said. "I'm so grateful that the Princesses are gonna give me another chance. I already told Tony Stark that I want in on this plan of his."

"Oh, you're for The Accords?" Twilight asked. "The way you spoke at the rally made me think you were against it."

"I wasn't totally against it, but I just had my doubts," Thunderlane said. "But maybe I'll feel more confident if I'm part of it, gives me a sense of control and not just relying on others. Plus that invasion reminded me that The Avengers are kind of important."

"Well, it's great you want to help Thunderlane, I just hope you know that you don't have to do this just so that you're daughter would be proud of you," Twilight said. "All any child wants is for their parent to love them, and I can tell you love your daughter a lot."

"Well, all the more reason for me to do this, because my daughter deserves the best from her dad," Thunderlane said.

"How sweet, you're such a devoted father Thunderlane," Twilight said, then glared at Felicia. "And you gave that up! So foolish!"

"It'll all work out," Felicia said.

"Honestly Twilight, I'm more concerned with Felicia being a good mom rather than my wife or anything," Thunderlane said.

"Look, I promise to not seclude myself from her life, I won't make the same mistake my dad made," Felicia said.

"You already did, you're a thief!" Twilight said.

"What's worse? Being a thief? Or not being there for your child?" Felicia asked.

"Are you kidding me with that question?" Twilight said. "They're both bad regardless, so-"

"Actually Twilight, Felicia might be on to something," Peter said.

"Huh? Explain!" Twilight said.

"Felicia didn't have good role models so she became a burglar, probably to seek out her dad's approval," Peter said. "If she's around more for Felicity and can help Thunderlane teach her right from wrong, we'll have nothing to worry about."

"Uh...that sort of makes sense, I guess," Twilight said, thinking his explanation over. Thunderlane in her mind is enough to be a good influence on Felicity, so long as he doesn't revert back to his rebellious phase. But she still isn't sure if Felicia would really contribute much as a parent, though being an active mom may deter her from being a thief herself.

"Alright, are we done trying to play therapist?" Felicia asked. "Now enough of my personal parenting life, it is becoming quite bothersome. I don't tell you how to raise your daughter."

"Like I'd listen to what you have to say," Twilight said.

"For a Princess of Friendship, you're pretty cold," Felicia said. "What if I wanted to be friends with you? A pretty girl like you would make great company for me."

"I told you to stop hitting on me! I'm not interested!" Twilight said.

"It was just a compliment, but have it your way," Felicia said, trotting off. "Thunder, I have to patrol town for a bit, Tony Stark's orders. We can talk more later about Felicity and see if we can work out a deal that will make everyone happy."

"Uh, sure thing," Thunderlane said.

Felicia turned to the others, "Catch you all later." She made her way out to take to town.

"Well at least she's doing a good service to Equestria," Thunderlane said. "Still, this is not how I imagined parenthood."

"I still can't believe she didn't want to be with you," Twilight said. "Like, did it ever seem like you had a chance?"

"Yeah...I think..." Thunderlane scratched his head. "I honestly don't know, I mean she used to flirt with me and she seemed to like our time together. Even if it was mostly just, you know, intimate moments. But I thought her being pregnant would make it work."

"That's not always enough sometimes," Peter said. "I mean Twilight and I could have easily not ended up together since I got her pregnant before we got married."

"Well you two at least loved each other enough that you probably didn't even need to get married," Thunderlane said. "But you know what, it's fine. There's plenty of fish in the sea, I can easily find another girl to fall in love with. Maybe I can call up Flitter or Cloudchaser, see if either of them want to try again. Or maybe Blossomforth, or Helia."

"At least you're seeing the positives," Peter said. "Plus some super hero girls are coming over, maybe you can find luck with them."

"Just make sure she's not only a compatible mate for you, but also for Felicity," Twilight reminded.

"Right, any girl I end up with may be a step-mother to my child," Thunderlane said. "I hope she loves her just the same though."

"Hey it's very possible, I mean I was raised by my aunt and she loved me like her son," Peter said. "Maybe whoever you end up with will love Felicity just the same, helps that she's still pretty young so she might be more accepting herself."

"Also don't forget to tell Rumble about his niece," Twilight said. "Still surprised he doesn't know, hasn't he gone to visit you? He was with you last week."

"He never came over to my house, I usually met up with him somewhere in Canterlot, one time I brought him over, but at the time Felicia had taken our daughter shopping, so it never came up," Thunderlane said.

"Well it's gotta come up now," Peter said.

"Yeah, it does. Boy is that gonna be an awkward conversation," Thunderlane said. "I should probably take Felicity to see him now, by the way is he still dating Apple Bloom?"

"Yeah, they seem happy together," Peter said. "Though I should warn you, Rumble's become a bit of a jock."

"I'm aware, kind of got that vibe when I saw him the other day, Flitter mentioned that he's turning into me, and she said it like it's a bad thing," Thunderlane said. "He's not being a rebel is he?"

"Uh, well kind of..." Twilight said. "He has rebelled against the idea of Cutie Marks."

"Cutie Marks!?" Thunderlane asked. "Wait why is he rebelling against Cutie Marks?"

"He says they're limiting to a pony's personality," Twilight said. "That it makes a pony one thing."

"Doesn't help that a bunch of the heroes from my world and even the other worlds don't seem to have Cutie Marks yet and they're doing just fine," Peter said. "So it's validating Rumble's opinion."

"He hasn't even tried earning a Cutie Mark, in fact he's still a blank flank, which by his age, is quite strange," Twilight said. "Most ponies earn their mark without even trying, even Mayday earned her mark without trying."

"I certainly didn't set out to earn a Cutie Mark, yet I got one," Peter said.

"I think Rumble is somehow willing it away, it's really unheard of, I've never seen a pony not want a Cutie Mark," Twilight said.

"Well maybe I can straighten him out," Thunderlane said. "Other than that he's been good, right?"

"Of course, though brave to a fault as well," Twilight said. "If he sees a villain, he'll go after that villain."

"Oh boy..." Thunderlane shook his head. "That kid."

"Thunderlane!" Trixie called, making her way over with Mayday and Felicity. "Sorry to bother you but somepony really missed your presence."

"Dada!" Felicity flew over to Thunderlane, the older Pegasus catching her in his forelegs.

"Hey, miss me did ya?" Thunderlane asked.

"Dada! Dada!" Felicity said, hugging her father tightly.

"Aw, my little cloud puff," Thunderlane said, rubbing her mane. "Thanks for watching over her Trixie, but now I'm gonna get her to see her uncle."

"It's a pleasure, she's really a nice filly," Trixie said. "And you raised her by yourself?"

"Mostly, though Felicia promises to be more involved," Thunderlane said, pulling his daughter back. "Wanna go see Uncle Rumble?"

"Huh?" Felicity seemed a bit confused.

"Right, you don't really know him," Thunderlane said. "Fixing that now." Thunderlane plopped her on his back. "Ready to fly with daddy?"

"Fly! Fly!" Felicity cheered.

Thunderlane turned to face the others, "Again, I really appreciate you helping out, and keeping an eye on Felicity."

"Don't be shy about bringing her back," Trixie said.

"I won't, I mean I know a pair of foalsitters but if I need to leave her in Ponyville for whatever reason, I know just the family to ask," Thunderlane said, then flew off with his daughter.

"Wow, amazing how much he's changed over the years," Peter said. "He used to hate me."

"Well I used to hate you too, and that changed," Trixie said. "Maybe you just have that affect on others."

"Eh, sometimes, otherwise all my enemies would have a change of heart," Peter said.

"So, tell me Peter, how do you feel about these Accords that Tony Stark wants to pass around?" Trixie asked.

"Uh, well they seem alright to me," Peter said. "Tony just wants to keep this world safe, I mean he felt pretty bad knowing that the recent string of invasions started with one of his enemies, especially since that enemy got in through a portal at his building."

"He doesn't believe he's at fault, does he?" Twilight asked. "I mean it's not like he could have predicted this."

"It's his moral compass, Tony's arrogant but he cares about people and he's come to like Equestria, and all of you," Peter said. "He's especially fond Twliight, and Mayday as well. Tony thinks you both can contribute well to both societies, that's why he's all in for the Accords, he wants both worlds to flourish. Equestria has resources that can help a lot of people on Earth, and he believes Earth's resources can help Equestria."

"Oh, like some of your Earthly technology?" Trixie asked.

"Uh, yeah, in moderation," Peter said. "I mean we're not gonna overwhelm Equestria, mostly since Celestia isn't too confident in Earth technology, so Tony and I hope to change her mind. If it works then we can flourish Mayday's interest in science much more, imagine her working at Stark Industries, Tony says she's so smart she can be like a CEO."

"Doesn't Tony have a daughter of his own?" Trixie asked. "Wouldn't he want her to take over?"

"Well she was just born, and for all he knows, she might have a different career path in mind," Peter said. "Of course he dreams of the day she becomes President of his company but he told me that he can imagine a big position for Mayday, Franklin Richards too."

"Oh yeah, Franklin Richards," Twilight said, remembering the son of Reed and Susan. "He's a nice boy too, I think he and Mayday are becoming friends."

"Or trying to, remember Mayday usually does not like being around other foals," Trixie said. "She did like Felicity though, but that felt like her getting ready to be a big sister rather than wanting a friend."

"I really worry sometimes, Flurry still can't get through to her," Twilight said. "Maybe we should give it more of a push. What do you think Peter?"

"I would like for Mayday to have friends, but I don't want to force it on her," Peter said. "It's like I've said before, she doesn't really need it right now, if she's happy the way she is then let her be."

"But every time I see Mayday, it reminds me of myself, how I prioritized my studies over Friendship, and because of that, I barely even had time for the friends I had in Canterlot, and I'd rather Mayday not go through what I went through with Moon Dancer," Twilight said. "Didn't you wish you had friends when you were younger Peter?"

"Well yeah, but I was a bit more miserable since no one even liked me when I was a kid," Peter said. "Aside from Harry, and that went to hell."

"You had more friends than that didn't you?" Trixie asked. "I mean Johnny was your friend, so was Bobby, and this Mary Jane girl."

"Johnny was more my rival, he didn't act like my friend until he came to this world a couple of years back," Peter said. "Bobby was kind of like my friend, I remember doing some hero work with him and a girl called Fire Star. Mary Jane was just a girl I knew, she was really nice but I never really got that close with her. Not that it mattered, any other friend I had I drove away during my first year of college. My aunt was sick so I kind of ignored everyone because I had so much on my mind, and they took it pretty personally, even Gwen."

"That's a bit petty," Trixie said. "If your aunt wasn't feeling well then you had a right to be worried about her."

"Well maybe I shouldn't have pushed anyone away, and maybe..." Peter had a realization. "Maybe Mayday shouldn't have either."

"Now do you understand?" Twilight asked. "I mean, I'm with Trixie, your friends were petty to get upset because you were more worried about your aunt than hanging out with them. I know if I were worried like that, my friends would actually be more understanding, and I know that if they were around they would be more sympathetic. But at the same time, I do want Mayday to learn to let others in, true friends who care about her. That's where Franklin Richards comes in, that's where Flurry Heart comes in, even The Cake Twins can help her with that. If Mayday ever needs somepony to care about her, that's who she must turn to, her friends, because as much as we love her, she needs more than just us."

"Yeah, you're right Twilight," Peter said. "Alright, Mayday's about to make some friends then."

"Finally, I get to give Mayday Friendship Lessons!" Twilight excitedly stated. "It's gonna be so much fun!"

"Speaking of new experiences, I do wonder how Sunset Shimmer is doing," Trixie said.

"I think she's doing alright, she's out traveling the multiverse with our buddies from Capcom, hopefully we'll get to hear from her soon," Peter said. "The day she comes back, she'll bear witness to a brand new Equestria."

Elsewhere at Fluttershy's cottage, the mare had just laid Rina down for her nap and made her way outside where Logan was observing a training spar between Laura and Lightning Dust.

"Rina asleep?" Logan asked.

"Yes, I just laid her down," Fluttershy said. "Looks like Laura and Lightning Dust are enjoying themselves."

"Nothing more those two like than combat," Logan said. "Laura wants to surpass me and Lightning Dust just wants to get better."

"Combat training is tough work," Fluttershy said, checking her forelegs. "I'm still feeling sore from my last training, is that normal?"

"Of course, if yer sore it means you worked hard," Logan said.

"I thought I'd be used to it by now, I'm more frail than I thought," Fluttershy said.

"It takes a while to get used to it, especially fer someone who doesn't regularly fight," Logan said. "Besides you should always feel a bit sore after training, it means yer muscles are tearing and growing more fiber, that makes you physically stronger."

"Think I have grown in strength?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yeah, I mean yer still a few leagues under Lightning Dust but you certainly ain't the frail damsel I met when I first came here," Logan said. "You have a lot of potential within you, Laura, Dust and I are just helping you bring it out."

"I'm happy that I'm making progress, when I told Rainbow Dash I was training to fight, she started laughing," Fluttershy said. "Apparently me fighting seems to abnormal for her understanding."

"She just needs to get used to the idea," Logan said. "Give it time and soon you'll be the one laughing when you out perform her in combat, or even in speed. I remember the story of you helping a tornado of Pegusai bring some water from a Ponyville pond to the factory up in Cloudsdale."

"Speed really isn't my thing, I prefer to take things slow and steady," Fluttershy said. "And don't worry about Dashie, her laughing doesn't bother me too much, it's just her being prideful as usual."

"It is one of her more admirable traits, but a foolish one," Logan said. "Too much pride can be one's downfall, something I worry will happen to Laura and Lightning Dust if they don't pull back on their own snarky attitudes."

"...By the way, I wanted to ask you..." Fluttershy began. "Do you trust Tony Stark's idea? With his whole Accords thing as he calls it?"

"Well, I trust he thinks it'll work," Logan said. "But honestly this whole thing feels a bit pointless. If he really wants to do something like this, he should reserve this idea for Earth, not Equestria."

"Maybe he's tried to do it on Earth and failed?" Fluttershy suggested. "Or he thinks Equestria needs it more than your world."

"Most of the villains are from my world, before the Storm King the only other villain I saw was Chrysalis, and Peter was close to getting her on our side anyway," Logan said.

"I mean, there are other villains in Equestria, but I see your point, Equestrian villains come and go very few in between, yet your Earth has a lot of baddies," Fluttershy said. "Still, it can't hurt to keep this world more secured, especially if guards are set all around, it'd be easier to catch the villains as they come."

"That basically makes this world a glorified fly zapper, but what happens when the electricity dies out?" Logan said.

"We gotta try something Logan, if it's not working on your Earth, then it can work here," Fluttershy insisted. "Besides, don't tell her I said this, but I think Lightning Dust is really eager about this opportunity."

"Huh? How so?" Logan asked.

"Captain America is starting an Equestrian Avengers isn't he?" Fluttershy said. "I think Lightning Dust wants to be part of that, she wants to finally achieve something great."

"I thought she was happy starting them Wash-Out shows," Logan said. It's really picked up as of late."

"She loves doing her stunts of course, but she also wants to contribute more to Equestria," Fluttershy said. "She really wants to be a hero. Again don't tell her I told you, she might want to tell you herself."

"My lips are sealed," Logan said, focusing back on the spar between Lighting Dust and Laura. "Think Laura would join her?"

"I asked her, and she said she doesn't trust Tony Stark's idea, and she doesn't want him bossing her around or anything, but she is more than willing to help Lightning Dust train for this," Fluttershy said.

"Well I can't say I'm surprised that Laura wants nothing to do with this," Logan said. "I just hope Stark doesn't try roping her in with his smooth guy business charm."

"We'll keep a lookout for that," Fluttershy said, standing up. "Gotta say, they really look like they're getting into it, think I should join in? I need the practice."

"I don't know, you've improved but those girls are still quite a league away, and Laura can get carried away," Logan said.

"Oh you worry too much, I think I'll be fine," Laura said, making her way over, Logan looking a bit apprehensive. "Hey girls, mind if I join in?"

"Think fast!" within seconds Laura had lunged at Fluttershy, the sparring already going bad for the poor girl.

"Laura! Dial it back!" Logan warned, of course Laura was way too into the zone to listen, meaning Logan would have to take action. "Damn, gotta do this the hard way!"

Later in the day, Peter was seen walking home with some groceries, still considering the big changes about to incur. "I wonder how Thunderlane's doing, hope he's told Rumble by now."

"Peter!" Came the voice of Firestar. He would recognize it anywhere.

"Angel!?" Peter noticed the girl coming over with Tony Stark by her side. "No way!"

"Way! I'm in Equestria!" Firestar greeted. "Iron Man brought me! Oh, I suppose now it's Iron Stallion."

"Both work," Tony said. "Hey Pete, just thought you should know that our good friend Angelica will be patrolling Ponyville for quite some time."

"Not alone either, Jessica Jones is coming here as well," Firestar said. "She's still with The Defenders back in Canterlot, they're trying to make some plans. I would join them but I really wanted to come here and see you again."

"Well it's always nice to see you Angel," Peter said. "Wow, so you're patrolling Ponyville huh? That's pretty neat. Though, and not that I'm not happy, but is this necessary? I mean we already got a bunch of heroes living in this town, including someone who controls fire. Angel should go somewhere she's needed, she'd make more of a difference and it'd keep Equestria safer."

"Well I wanted to kind of start them off in familiar places before they were comfortable enough to spread out," Tony Stark said. "I mean I wouldn't just throw her into Fillydelphia by herself after all."

"Uh...yeah good point," Peter said.

"So she and Jessica Jones will stay here for a few weeks and then once they gain the proper experience, I'll consider sending them off," Tony said. "But think about it this way, now your friends don't have to worry that much about Ponyville if other heroes are here, more time with their families. Plus you and Johnny are the only ones who have expressed interest in The Accords, everyone else seems to be on the fence, even Scott barely trusts me."

"I don't think it's that they don't trust you, they just don't have faith in this idea," Peter said. "You just gotta find ways to encourage and motivate them into believing this could work."

"Just remind them that they get to travel to an exotic new world," Firestar suggested.

"I try to, but from the sounds of things, they're not too keen on going to a world where they transform into ponies, at least for the most part," Tony said.

"Huh, you'd think with Captain America coming to this world as often as he does the others would come to realize it's not too bad," Peter said. "Speaking of Cap, where has he been?"

"Back on Earth, he and Fury are looking into reports they got from Latveria," Tony said. "There are rumors of our old buddy Doctor Doom resurfacing."

"Yeah, I heard about that a while back," Peter said. "Hope it's resolved soon."

"Should be, this Doom situation may affect the Accords, if he really is back then Fury's gonna have a lot of heroes stationed around Earth, should he be ready for a fight," Tony said.

"Hey if you need help against Doom, I'm always ready to head back to Earth for a fight," Peter said.

"Same here, I can head back and stomp on Doctor Doom," Firestar insisted. "Me, Peter and Bobby could totally take him!"

"Bobby? I know you're all old friends but Bobby?" Tony said.

"Too be fair, Bobby is pretty tough, I mean he's lasted against Magneto, who's just as bad as Doom, maybe worse," Peter said.

"Still, Bobby is not who I would think of in a situation like this," Tony said.

"All this talk of Bobby has me wanting to go see him," Firestar said. "Where does he live Peter?"

"He lives a few houses down, a place called 'The Carousel Boutique," Peter said. "It's a clothing store his wife runs."

"What's his wife like?" Firestar asked. "Is he super hot? I mean for a pony?"

"Well according to the stallions of Equestria, yeah, she has looks befitting royalty," Peter said. "She's very glamorous and has a high society attitude, but she's also very generous and instead of insulting someone based on their style, she would offer to help them look better."

"Oh so she's like one of those prudes, except she's not," Firestar said.

"Pretty much," Peter responded. "I mean, she has her moments, like she will overreact if she finds something 'hideous' or 'unbearable' but she's pretty much chill."

"That's good to know," Firestar said. "It's great that Bobby found himself a really nice girl."

"One that is clearly out of his league mind you," Tony said.

"Come on Tony, stuff like that isn't gonna make Bobby want to trust these Accords," Peter said. "I mean, when it comes to society rules and typical conduct, the X-Men really aren't ones to follow suit on either of those."

"I guess even being married to a Society type girl won't change that mindset then," Firestar said.

"Yeah he..." Suddenly Tony had an idea, one he felt confident could work wonders. "Hey, Angelica, how about we both go see Bobby together? I just remembered I needed to talk with his wife about something."

"Sure, but would Bobby be alright with you talking to his wife? You are a bit of a player," Firestar said.

"Hey I'm a Happily Married Man these days, plus I talk with my assistant Coco all the time, and we've always kept it professional," Tony said. "That and she just got engaged."

"Aw, how sweet," Firestar said. "I mean, I don't know who this girl or her fiancé are but still, good for them."

"Yeah, real nice girl, maybe you can attend her wedding," Tony said. "Well let's get going if we're gonna check on Bobby, see you later Peter."

"Yeah, we'll catch up again soon!" Firestar said, going with Tony towards Rarity's Boutique.

"See you both around," Peter said, heading back to his own home. "So Angel's here how, and it sounds ike Jessica Jones isn't too far behind. Tony's really going full swing into this, hope it doesn't become much of a hassle, but if anyone can pull this off, Tony can, especially with the help of Celestia and Luna."

At the home of the Storm-Dash family, Johnny was seen laying on his couch, resting a bit while his daughter played with some blocks close by. Suddenly his phone began to ring.

"Yo, what's up?" Johnny answered.

"Hey Johnny, it's Susan," his sister greeted.

"Sup Sue, need something?" Johnny asked, briefly glancing his daughter's direction, making sure she's playing safe.

"Big news, Reed's gonna be working in Equestria, helping Tony with the Equestrian Accords," Susan said. "Tony has a bunch of ideas to fix the country up and wants Reed's input, so he's going to be working in Ponyville for the time being, and I'm of course going to be working with him."

"Sweet, we'll see each other more," Johnny said. "Maybe you can come by and see Firefly."

"I'd love to see my niece," Susan said. "Ben will be coming by a lot as well, same with Franklin. He's hoping to see some of his friends in Ponyville, including those twins."

"You mean Pound and Pumpkin right?" Johnny asked. "Funny now there are two sets of twins at Sugarcube Corner given that Pinkie Pie and Deadpool have twins of their own, and surprisingly cute. Thank God they got their mother's looks."

"Come on, looks are subjective after all," Susan said.

"Pfft, I remember you freaking out the first time you saw Ben as a rock person," Johnny teased.

"That was a long time ago Johnny," Sue said, somewhat annoyed and a bit ashamed. "Well just letting you know that you'll be seeing much more of me."

"I'm fine with that," Johnny said. "But where is Reed going to be working?"

"With a nice Pony he met back during the original invasion of the Capcom world," Susan said. "A Doctor Hooves."

"Doctor...oh right, the local scientist," Johnny said. "Forgot all about him, but I do remember someone hanging out with that mailmare that had a crush on Peter. So he and Reed are gonna team up huh?"

"Yes, Reed is excited to get to work on whatever they have planned, it's really going to change the two worlds," Susan said.

"Well Reed definitely has his work cut out for him," Johnny said. "Of course if anyone can pull this off, Reed can. Guy lives and breaths this stuff."

"Can't be more accurate than that" Susan said. "I know you and Rainbow Dash are going to be quite busy yourselves, given that you'll be helping The Wonderbolts with the Avengers plans."

"It is all Spitfire talks about, she calls it the Greatest Collaboration," Johnny said. "She thinks way too highly of herself if she really thinks that. The Wonderbolts are great but they're no Avengers, or a Fantastic Four for that matter. They seemed cool when I first met them but when you spend as much time with them as I have, you come to realize how overhyped they are. I'm only with them because Dashie is, not that I would ever tell her that."

"Are you really alright with that?" Susan asked. "If you're not happy with The Wonderbotls, then you should tell her."

"I can't do that to her, it would break her heart," Johnny said. "Besides I don't mind being with The Wonderbolts if it means I can hang out with Dashie, the best job is one where you can spend as much time as you can with the one you're married to. Something you relate heavily to sis."

"I...can't argue that," Susan said. "As long as you know what you're doing."

"I got this sis," Johnny insisted. "There's nothing I can't handle, I'm Johnny Storm after all, I got the power to do anything."

"Yes, you do have the power, just make sure you're wise with it," Susan said.

"Uh-huh..." Johnny said. "Well I guess I'll see you when you get here, if I'm not busy with The Wonderbolts."

"Yeah, see you in Equestria, bye Johnny," Susan said, hanging up.

Johnny placed the phone aside as he turned to his daughter, the filly looking his way, "Too bad I can't bring you with me to The Wonderbolts practice, having my wife and kid there would be ten times better."

Finally at the depths of Tartarus, Discord is seen searching through the Marvel world, looking for anything he can use to his advantage. He would have to be careful, with the links out of Equestria weakened, creating more portals may be a bit more consuming, and would be more noticeable and easily spotted by the Princesses.

"Just when I was having fun with the other worlds, I'm back to searching through Marvel," Discord lamented. "Feels like I've gone through all the good ones too, and they're all either dead or captured. But there must be something within these realms that I can make use of."

"As long as you don't bring in anymore of those Saiyan guys," Shocker said, making his way over with Sonata. "That Goku guy nearly overpowered Loki. Unless you know any other of them that would be on our side, stay the hell away from them."

"I may have to, the only other Saiyan is very primal and would be difficult to control," Discord said. "Plus I doubt his father would let him cooperate with my plans. Not that it matters, accessing the Dragon World again will be difficult."

"I won't miss it," Shocker said.

"But I do wish I could locate Loki, he seems to have just scampered off, probably plotting to overthrow Asgard," Discord said. "His magic would have really come in handy, that and he's such a fun guy to be around."

"He took that Storm King guy with him, and those other villains," Sonata said.

"Oh I don't doubt the Storm King will return, he has unfinished business in Equestria after all," Discord said. "But fret not, I could just throw in a few more appetizers, after all sometimes tells me I have yet another chance at some glorious chaos."

"Who do you have in mind?" Shocker asked.

"I have someone in mind, another person Peter knows quite well," Discord said, accessing his magic. "His arrival may have some, Negative Repercussions, but I think the long term goal will pay off."

"Negative? What are you-" Before Shocker could inquire further, Discord had snapped away. "And he's gone..."

"What did he mean by Negative Repercussions?" Sonata asked. "Does he mean the Negative Zone? Where Annihilus is from? Is he getting more help from there?"

"I don't think so, I have an idea of who he might mean though," Shocker said. "Let's head back, think there might be a big showdown soon."