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He was always considered an outcast, a black sheep. When his peers find his secret, that he likes to watch My Little Pony, they taunt and ridicule him for it. But, after a freak accident, he is taken away to the land of Equestria. Has he truly found his place? Oh, and he's an ork. That might be an important little detail. Warhammer 40k crossover.

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Oh yes!.....

If I pretend I didn't see this will my brain recover from the overload?

WAT.My brain is full of wat.

Must... read.... but following... too many.....

INB4 Featured



EDIT: Grundy Best Ork.

KILL KILL KILL someone:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::pinkiecrazy:

681817 YOU, SIR.


(Cant believe I just did that.)

What have you unleashed?

681843 The most Original fic in history!

That'll teach the Random fics. They were just warmin' the seats for this fic.

A happy Ork in Equestria?

Iz jus' crapped in meh 'ardpantz!



"He did it. Grundy couldn’t quite

believe it himself. He had just

watched all 52 episodes in one sitting" Ahh good times good times...:trollestia:

Sweet jesus... it's beautiful.
You, sir, are a master author. This is very funny. I'm nearly crying from the sheer awesome radiating from this wonderous work of literature.
This should be featured. Like, NOW!

This is the best "human in equestria" fic ever. It blows that one Ellis from L4D2 way out of the water. I bet the author is crying right now because he cannot hope to compete with a crossover of this caliber!:trollestia:

It is true! My life is meaningless now! Oh, woe is me!!!


Too much WoW for me :twilightblush:


he should lead his own waaagh of ponies and cut a bloody and cute path straight to Terra :flutterrage:

681993 Ah, understandable. Just know that orks are NOWHERE near as honorable as orcs.

One word: Magnificent.
Continue, if you please.

Still aliance FTW

But im a orc in skyrim :moustache:

Dear mother of God this is beautiful.
Fav, thumbs up, and watching.
You my good sir have possibly created the greatest piece of fanfic I have ever read.
Keep up the wicked awesome work!!!!:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Now I'm wondering if he loses a leg here if will be able to make some more orks from the spores that would come of it and make his own little Waaagh in Equestria... Hmmm, theres some food for thought.

Holy hell... You did it, you finally did it.



Well I knew this would come up sooner or later, so I'll explain the whole "ork spores" thing to you and how this fic will handle it.

Basically, orks thrive on fighting. Bloodshed is just as important to them as food or water. The amount of war that occurs on a particular planet is directly related to how well they can reproduce. On a planet constantly besieged, orks pop up like weeds. On a planet that hasn't seen very much action, new orks are few and far-between. And, as you know, Equestria hasn't, to our knowledge, seen a shred of war. Spores couldn't root there. It's basically like a daisy in a desert.

Comment posted by 1I1I1I deleted Apr 27th, 2013

Oh yeah, I just realized. I, ThePartyCannon, made a picture awhile back that is in relation to the whole Orkiness of this fic;
Thar ya go, ya gits.

682226 Huh, well there's my answer. I only really read the general codex a few years ago and what I could find on a wiki at the time. All I found out was that orks reproduction was really changed around in every new codex generation. So I haven't really been up to date with it, not really a Gameworks shop near where I live as far as I can tell. The most I most recently know is that if an ork dies its gonna grow spores off the body and make it a big pain in the ass clearing a world of an ork invasion/infestation. I wasn't really sure if that also applied to lost limbs or had to be the whole body.

Well thanks for the clearing up, didn't really know that little tidbit about orks. I really need to find another damn codex one of these days. As long as it doesn't have too much damn Ultramarine buttlove thats been so rampant from that one writer of W40k lore...

Actually... that's just something I made up so Equestria wouldn't have to deal with feral orks. Makes sense, right?

682100 First a Nord, now Argonian.

682329 khajiit mage and thief :heart::heart::heart:

682387 Warrior, part time thief, part time assassin, and healer. Hard for opponents to kill you when you have a weapon in one hand and 'close wounds' in another for the healer. I just have too much fun sneaking around for thief and assassin.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Luna_apple.png

My knowledge of Warhammer 40k is pretty limited, but I'm finding myself enjoying this nonetheless. You're doing an exceptional job at introducing me to ork society.


In the first two Warcraft games, before all the MMORPG crap, they were just as bad as orks and just as funny.

Agonians and Khajiits and Orks. YUSH. MUST BE.


You missed DRAGONS,wait....oh spike you are in trouble :moustache:

682503 hohohohohohoho.

Indeed, I did.


This is the greatest most original idea for a Crossover in a long time. Really loving it.:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

682455 I'd argue, but the only sources I've got to contradict that I haven't finished reading ("Day of the Dragon" by Richard A. Knaak), came out after WOW's launch ("Rise of the Horde" by Christie Golden), I don't own (Orcs and Humans), or I own but can't go over due to the age of the programming in it (Tides of Darkness).

So essentially, this fic can be summarized in the following is the greatest thing mankind has ever seen. Never been much of an orky player, but I love the green xenos none the less. Fo' da WAAAGH indeed...

Thank you for contributing to the Warhammer crossover genre....Please keep up the good work.

682309 Yes that does actually. Its an interesting little twist on ork reproduction that won't really have equestria swarming with orks. Though it is a bit of a shame. Should we just be expecting Grundy or should we be expecting some more orks or something 40k'ish so he use his shoota and other gizmos?

I think you can expect that Grundy isn't going to be the only element of WH40K to show up there.
One does not get shat through the Warp into a parallel universe without some... omnipotent powers taking notice...

682893 Well I'm glad for that. I just hope you don't downplay and nerf the violence and gore that is to be expected from 40k. I want to see blood, guts, and ponies being traumatised and scarred for life!

I'm just happy that an Ork found the data. Had the world been saved and an inquisitor found those files? And then somehow got sent to Equestria? geez louise would their be a lot of dead ponies and claims of the "false empress" and "chaos". That's not even assuming the inquisitor was part of ordro xenos... regardless, another great story. I just hope this doesn't cut into Ellis to much

:pinkiesmile: "Hi I'm pinkie pie an-"
Inquisitor: "Xenos scum!" *BANG*

:trollestia: "I'm princess of these lands and you can't jus-"
Inquisitor: "you bear the mark of chaos upon your flank!" *BANG*
:trollestia: "stop that! your firing upon the most powerful being in-"

I'm sorry, that's just hilarious what you just said.

You're glad that, of all the creatures that could be sent to Equestria, an ork got there? An alien that needs violence as much as it needs to breath, armed to the teeth with all kinds of deadly weapons and cunning knowledge of building machines of mass destruction?

Yeah, those ponies. Lucky them.

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