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The Nikola Tesla Fanclub, for fans of the greatest inventor to ever live.

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The TRUE master of electricity, Edison (More of a theif then an inventor) cheated Tesla out of his much deserved place in the history books.

Born on the Tenth of July in 1856 in the Austrian Empire (what is now mordern day croatia) The young Serbian went to college in Graz studing the field of electricity. After his third year, he cut off all ties, and moved to paris a few years later. Where he went to work with some ideas from Edison brought over from abroad. Two years later he went to america and worked for the bastard himself.

At first he helped edison with minor electrical devices and soon was solving some of the biggest problems the company had. Edison Offered Tesla 50,000$ if he could improve the ineffecient motor and generator designs. A handful of months later, Tesla had completed the task. Upon asking for his payment Edison responded "Tesla, you just dont understand our American humor." Tesla resigned immeaditely.
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i hope im the first nigerian here!!! proud to be here

I... I've found it. At least, a group that appreciates an incredibly intelligent genius like Tesla.

The TRUE master of electricity, Edison (More of a theif then an inventor) cheated Tesla out of his much deserved place in the history books.

This sentence claims that Edison is the true master of electricity. Also, thief is misspelled.

Probably the greatest mind ever lived and its a great shame that a lot of his inventions were never revealed, theres a blog about what was found in his hotel room by feds.

Now now gentlemen, can't we all live in peace? I'm sure even though Mr. tesla felt cheated by Mr. Edison, he wouldn't support this festering hatred! We can look past all this meaningless squabble, and direct our energy towards a better future; a future where science and progress will lead to all men's happiness!

Well, I said I was writing a Tesla in Equestria fic. A long time ago. Eh heh. Anyway! Here it is!

My Tesla story. Have a look. It ain't pretty though...

Tesla was bossest scientist.

So, I stumbled upon this and thought "How CAN'T I join this? What does it seem to have to do with ponies?.. NOTHING! Who cares? NOT ME!!"

our new hymn for a group :rainbowwild:

Fear not, my fellows! I am writing a Tesla-in-Equestria fic! It is under construction RIGHT NOW. I should have the first chapter up in maybe two days. So, HEADS UP!

Why am I just now learning this is here?

I have begun to write in a character in my story who is based on Nikola Tesla. Actually, he is more of a ponified Tesla. I am not really very good with names, so I called him Nikerla Tailsla, or Nickerla Tesla. But, I much like Alternative Light, too! :raritystarry: May I use it?

P.S. I am also thinking of an actual, legit Tesla in Equestria story.

P.P.S. I am a HUGE Tesla enthusiast, and actually the preeminent Tesla expert of my region.

P.P.P.S. Tesla is best inventor:raritystarry:

Dicking around on Fimfiction. Finds Tesla fanclub. Jaw drops.
This is THE. BEST. POSSIBLE. THING!:raritystarry:


Tesla is best inventor.

On a different note, my fic features a few devices inspired by Nikola Tesla, can I add it to this group?


I love this man for he suffered from a disease we now know to be called "bat shit crazy"

Where has this group been all my life?

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