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Want to know how far someone can get writing fan-fictions without watching the show? Lets find out together!


Twilight knew that there would be times she would find herself in over her head. When Princess Celestia decides that her proximity to a Village Hidden in the Everfree makes her a perfect candidate for participating in the village's introductory tour and citizenship ceremony, the young alicorn finds out just how little she really knows about her own world.

Quick note: I've been having difficulties with my formatting since the update so if it's messed up or anything like that let me know. I'll try to fix it ASAP

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That was... interesting. Bad OC galore can result in quite some funny situations though.

Amazing. :rainbowlaugh:

Cant wait for more.

lots of world crafting. I highly doubt such a society could function without big major conflicts

8265655 Yeah, true, however, name one society which is functioning without a lot of conflicts :P


Could be possible, mostly depends on the size of the settlement right now. A smaller group of people are less likely to turn against each other, or at least do it in a way that can turn violent. Adequate supplies also help in keeping order, but most importantly, people living there probably still carry the usual "Do to others as you would have them do to you" mentality. Also the threat of several alicorn and dragon police units are probably useful for keeping order as well.

Benelux, Switzerland, Nordic states...

The problem is that all the citizens of the said city do not have equal power in terms of magic and physical abilities. A few powerful beings can destroy the city. Every society has conflicts but at least in humans a single individual is limited in terms of the damage it can cause but if you have a godlike creature or creatures who can kill thousand in a moments notice. And if you put these creatures in an unfamiliar society while they are in unfamiliar bodies, it would eventually come to a power conflict and that would in return turn into a war between former humans. And since they have godlike powers the war would completely fuck the world.


"Do to others as you would have them do to you" mentality.

that is a very optimistic perspective. It is something almost everyone disregards. If you have the power to do something and if you assume the action you take does not hurt you or if the benefits are greater than the cost you take it. That is how it functions in business and in politics.
The only exception is if the person has emotional connection to the action then they might make an ethical decision but as people say ''business is business'' and emotions and the ethical judgement must not get involved.
I personally this is not morally right but it does not matter. We must take the most optimal decision (among very different
criterion) for ourselves and for the ones we care.
That is why there is a conflict in every society and must be a conflict in each society that is the most efficient way and the most efficient ones win most of the time. So for survival be efficient do everything that needs to be done (according to your policy-decision making process) and avoid personal biases such as

"Do to others as you would have them do to you" mentality.

otherwise you will loose and be at the mercy of others and that is not a position you want to be.

Saw the title and immediately thought of Vault 108

Oh. Oh.

This... this was great.I was chuckling the whole time.
I'm not surprised someone from the US suggested they call it that :derpytongue2:

8265748 You say that like it should be any different. It shouldn't be different. This is a realistic civilization. This is how they realy work, dude. One small group has more power than the rest combined. It's just how this whole society concept functions. It's built on conflict and unfair rules, but fortunately the perks (Safety, security, plenty of food, conveniences like power, water, sanitation) outweigh the negatives.

Sure, pony society can be different but only because they are not humans. Different species, different instincts, different phycology. But, any society of humans or creatures with human minds or who work just like humans in physiology SHOULD be a mess. It's just how we are. We're territorial apes who dislike diversity, are intolerant, and massively hypocritical because we work so hard to not be those things while still being those things on some levels (Example, Gandi was super racist. Look it up.)

You are mostly right but still I would expect humans to devolve into beast rather than setting up an utopian society described in this story

8265765 Utopias are easy. We've had plenty of them through the course of our history. Thing is, perfection is 100% PoV. Utopia to one is diplopia to another. All I am saying is you should totally expect a slave army of diamond dogs doing the grunt work or something in future chapters. (Seriously go read the book Utopia, the trope namer. The city in Utopia is made possible via slavery of randos no one likes. The concept of a utopia is supposed to be "Everything is prefect for group X who get what they want via exploiting group Y.")

Huh. Reykan...Recon...sad to say, but if I hadn't seen the "self-insert" tag, I wouldn't have figured out the connection.

This is glorious! And here I thought about slaughtering the lot of them like the freaks of nature they are, but this is so much better! :pinkiehappy:

Now they all have their use! :rainbowlaugh:

8265766 Based on Recon's lecture on naming, I doubt any of the displaced persons share views with those Americans.

With a tap the gem flashed an orange glove-like construct over his hoof.

So somebody created Omni-tools?
Is/was one of the residents named Gary Stewart?

8265655 it doesn't. Recon mentioned several issues that have cropped up, including zombies. Because there will always be some idiot that thinks zombies IRL would be awesome.

8265753 not that Gary, sorry.

Far from utopian, and not everyone's a dick. But not everyone's a nice guy either. Hence the necromancer bit.

8265766 as fun as it is to make jokes like that, stereotypes are only a portion of the population. Just like not all brits drink tea and eat crumpets while saying 'pip pip, cheerio!'

8265871ive got a SI I'm working on called Fate's Stand-in where I use the name. I want to finish it before I post it though, or at least up to the end of the first two episodes.

8265921 everyone kills or imprisons them but that doesn't seem like a thing the ponies would support. Not without them going evil.

"We had someone attempt to create The Flood, The Plague of Undeath, X parasites...you name it, we've had some idiot try it. Most of the time we don't manage to save the researcher, but if you make something like that your life is no longer a priority. Containment is. I don't speak alone when I say that a lot of us appreciate this second chance. We're not going to let an idiot bugger it up for us.

Heh, X parasites...


Why did it take me so long to get the pun in this chapter title?

Original Character do not steal.

That being said, I am interested in where this goes. Looking to deconstruct any OC's in particular?


Just like not all brits drink tea and eat crumpets while saying 'pip pip, cheerio!'

Yeah! Some of those weirdos 'pip pip'ing while drinking tea and munching crumpets are Americans!
Like me. And while people keep shouting at me about how it's not supposed to be green tea, I'll just keep sipping from my handle-less cup and wearing my kilt... although if they ask nicely I may take off the stetson. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm expecting the Spanish Inquisition at 6 and my lederhosen are still in the wash.:moustache:

:applejackconfused: wait, so you can snark, but if I snark back I'm mean?

Well congratulations yourself insert is second highest on feature list

While somewhat interesting, I dont really see where this is going (if anywhere). "Poke fun at the Mary Sue stareotype" tends to only really work as a short joke without becoming stale/repetitive. You have my follow for another couple chapters at least.

The only real idea I'll add is a few jokes of Twilight ight running into a few groups who are on vacation or one where I want Dash to end up there after a rain boom. I mean, at that speed, if she's headed to the forest she could easily fly close enough to see it and she's apparently really good at noticing things as she zips by. That or she goes to Twilight raving about spies in the Everfree.

I'm as shocked as you are. I wrote this in a day, mostly starting with the Stew-s-a and Stew-k joke.

This could be entertaining.

So people from Chima and Russia and Brazil and Canada all come out the other side speaking the same Equestrian tongue?

I am so glad I am not the only one thinking the Fallout Gary.

I'm pretty sure if I were there I'd try to just keep following my habits. Playing videogames, reading, and so on. I'd probably try and ignore most of the changes and get back to as much normality as I could, as quickly as I could.


the garys in fallout 3 were freaky man... Im not sure what but it's unnerving to see them creepily say Gary and then suddenly attack you...

well this is a interesting story

i like your picture

Oh god. Time to get my armored vault suit and shotgun.


Stew-S-A! Stew-S-A!

Don't pester her, and I swear to God that if anyone propositions her I'll leave you to Luna's gentle ministrations...no, they aren't gentle. I think she has seven butts on her wall at the moment from males who tried being cute with her...and I think she has a mare's butt as well. You'd be surprised what you can live through when magic is involved."

Given that Recon knows how Luna decorates her room and Reykan's track record, I think it's safe to say that Recon and Luna are or will be a couple.

So the dragons were naming themselves in Dovahzhul? Interesting.
Haha, Gary!

Nah, not in this one. I don't see Luna as a cougar and when you're over 1000 years older than the others I don't think there's anything else to call someone(Experienced?). Solar is one of the older OC's there, beaten only by Recon and a few others.

god damn you! I tainted my tracking list with a self insert tag. Hopefully there's more or so help you


That, or just really really good friends.

What's a Gary? Well... usually his last name is Stu. :trollestia:

I must play too much fallout cause when I saw the title I immediately thought of vault 108.


This is brilliant!

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