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I'm not a professional writer, I'm just someone writing fics for fun and nothing more.

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Xerox is a Zoroark, though probably not your typical Zoroark. For one, for nearly over half of his life he'd been masquerading as a human, living amongst them as if one their own. For a good reason of course, all he wanted to become a detective, solving crimes like his famous hero in the books he love so much. However all that change when he was suddenly transported to a new world full of colorful ponies along with other Pokemon and humans, who are suddenly now Pokemon. Now he has to adapt to this new setting and world while trying to still keep to his old life as much as he can. The question is, do they need of a Pokemon Detective?

A side story for Zeusdemigod131, "A New World, a New Way".

Thanks for tdnpony for editing.

Cover art by Lurking-Leanne

Got any question for Xerox or Scarlet? >Go here<

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It was just a normal day for Twilight Sparkle. She had some fun with her friends and was able to do everything on her to-do list. As she stayed up late during the night doing some minor free time work an unexpected visitor popped right in front of her. More importantly she later learns he has the power to control chaos and apparently needs her help to track down a new threat that has appeared in her world. Now she must work with a power she think is evil and take down this threat before the night is over.

A/N: This is not the typical type of chaos you might be used to. Since in reality, there's no such thing as chaos. Also, Sir Not Appearing in This Fic.

Chapters (6)

When ED-E's circuits burned in the fires of the Divide, there was one small part that held on until the end. It was the fragment that held the Old World memories and the words of his creator in his last moments. At lest that would've happen if a weird man didn't pluck ED-E out of Earth and drop him in the middle of a strange place for some bizarre reason.

Rated Everyone (yes a Fallout crossover that's rated everyone). This is just a silly little idea in my head. Hopefully y'all will enjoy it. Also thanks for HeavyMetalCommunist for proofreading.

Chapters (8)

Scarlet had seen many things in her travels throughout the Wastelands and thought she had seen every during her recent year in the Mojave Desert. But due to a strange energy phenomena right as she was teleporting, she arrives at a world unlike her own.

Rated Teen: It's a Fallout crossover, do I need to explain why?

Has a Tumblr (If anyone is interested that is...)

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Twilight successfully made a dimensional transportation spell after months working on it. And decide to take a trip to visit a friend with some of her friends.

It been a week since Jack defeated SMUDD (Super Mega Ultra Darkness Dracolich) and save Lore form being cover by darkness. After cleaning up the miss left from the war he gets a visit from some old friends who weren't ready for their little trip.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can change.

A crossover with Dragonfable and MLP:FIM
A sequel to PonyFable. Note: there a short (and clumsy) summery of the story in the middle of the prolog.
Knowledge of the Dragonfable game will (hopefully) not be needed; however, there will be spoilers.
There will be some..."dark scenes" (only in small snippets) but the story will be for everyone. (Just like the game)
Please rate and comment and have fun reading it.

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Due to a teleporter mess up, the hero from the town of Falconreach ends up in Equestria. Trying to find his way back he meets up with a group of friendly ponies and a not so friendly villain. Can he get home and save this world from the coming evil?

Crossover with my DragonFable character and MLP. So there might be some spoilers to the game if you haven't play it yet (if you care that is).

Chapters (19)
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