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Things are not looking well for Appleloosa. Vicious bandits plague the town, stealing and killing whatever they please. The buffalo tribes are preparing for another assault, bent on flattening the town and every pony in it. And their only hope for rescue is a short-tempered thief, a baby dragon with sticky fingers, and a reliable cowgirl assigned to keep the two crooks honest.

Masky, Patsy, and Applejack are in a race against time to hunt down the bandits before Appleloosa is ripped apart. But everyone in the seemingly-cheery settlement has a few secrets of their own, and nothing is ever as straightforward as it seems in the wild west. The ex-convicts have their work cut out for them--that is, if they don't manage to sneak away first.

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Somebody's been reading Terry Pratchett recently.

Hiring murderers... :twilightangry2: whatever.

Not recently, but I've had Going Postal on my mind a lot lately. Great to see another fan of the man!

To be fair, it's more like enslaving murderers.

3203018 Ah... well, I guess I can ignore the moral event horizon then. Just this once.

3203018 As a connoisseur of Mister Lipwig's antics I sincerely hope you're successful in channeling his genius at finding refuge in audacity when writing these two jokers. I bet you're looking forward to Raising Steam as much as I am.

I hope I'll do better to differentiate our thieves from Sir Pratchett's con artist for the ready of the story. And I'm absolutely stoked!

3206018 I'm a little late to the party, but I would also like to offer my support for references to those amazing men, Terry Pratchett, Moist von Lipwig, and Lord Vetinari.

I am now hyped for this story. Good luck!

are you still working in this? because I like it

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