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This story is a sequel to Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends

It's been a year since Twilight Sparkle returned from The Mojave Wasteland and she's having some troubles adjusting back to the quiet and peaceful life back in Equestria but she's in for a surprise when her past comes back to remind her what she escaped.

Now old faces come to Equestria and Twilight doesn't know if she's glad to see them again or worried about what else might come as well...

Pre-Read by Bum

Edited by Scootalooftw

(Looking for cover artist right now, if you are one I'm willing to pay but things will be blank until I have one made up)

Chapters (11)

While Twilight is testing a new long range teleport on the request of Princess Celestia something goes wrong and she is transported to a place where love and harmony is a thing of the past and killing is the way of life.

The Mojave Wasteland.

Now Twilight must find a way to get back to her friends in Equestria and survive her stay in the apocalyptic wasteland inhabited by everything that has learn to call this eradiated land their home.

(My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover with Fallout: New Vegas)

Editor: Grammer_Nazi
Pre-reader: Bum
Cover Artist: Wadusher0

Chapters (76)

What if Commander Shepard didn't die on the Citadel?
Commander Shepard wakes up on an alien world of colorful pony's, how will the Commander cope with her new environment?

This is a 1st person story in Shepard's point of view (Edit: later on in the story it switch between people.). Give me any ideas or if theirs any mistakes that I can fix.

Chapters (28)
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