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I write fart (and occasionally scat) fanfics and produce fetish videos on SFM. Smelly Mares ahead.


After Fluttershy samples some of Rarity's unusual "finger" foods during their dinner date, the urge to break wind overcomes the poor pegasus. Now, she is faced with two frightful outcomes: hold it in, or risk absolute social suicide.

Another short story while I work on some longer stuff. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether this one is more of a fetish piece of a humorous one.

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Jessi #1 · 1 week ago · · ·

It's obviously a fetish piece given your profile and your stories.
It would be appropriate to tag it as such so that people who don't wish to see NSFW, (red tags such as fetish content) don't see this.

assbutt2 #2 · 1 week ago · · 2 ·

"I'm a grown adult...I will not laugh... mustn't laugh...."

ROFL 不不不不不

there is nothing in this story that isnt safe for work.

Its basically just a long fart joke. Fetish tag isnt really needed.

This was great! :rainbowlaugh:

Its even funnier because it reminds me of a time in high school where I tried to do the same thing. And it would have worked if it hadnt been so dense and aromatic.

Nice story. Always nice to see Rarity proudly let loose. I just wanna hug Fluttershy, though. Poor darling

Did not expect that reaction from Rarity (even though I've depicted her in similar ways). I love it.

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