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This is a club dedicated specifically to mature content stories that deal with humanised characters from MLP.

1) No Human in Equestria. An exception is having a human character transported to the humanised world of MLP, or a pony being turned into a human and sent to Earth.
2) No non-human stories. That includes Anthro. For exceptions, see Rule 1.
3) Self-insert stories are not allowed. Likewise, no CanonxOC pairing fics will be accepted. Note that 1st and 2nd person stories don't fall under this category, and will be accepted.
4) All otherwise school-age ponies that end up in sexual situations must be at least 18 years of age in the story.
5) Highly-violent fics won't be accepted (unless this violence occurs outside the sex scenes and is also not too violent)
6) Be nice to members of this club, members of other clubs and to anyone on this site who comes across this club. As far as I'm concerned, this is the most important rule.
7) Have fun :twilightsmile:

Folder descriptions:
Main - This where you put the stuff that technically doesn't fit anywhere else. For example, a collection of short stories in one fiction.
Love and Romance - This is where you put all the stories in which two characters becoming romantically involved is the focus of the fiction, not just the sex.
Quick Stories - Stories of under 6000 words and with one chapter go under here. Short, sharp and sexy.
The Dark Corner - This where all the... less-than-friendly stuff goes. Stuff like rape, BDSM, all that generally dark stuff.
Wild and Crazy - This is the folder where you get to have a bit of fun with things, and read/submit fictions with some of the more weird things, such as futa, watersports, and so on. Try not to be too excessive :)
Sigma's Own - Basically, my (the founder's) own humanised clopfics. Because I'm a narcissist like that :3
You can only add a story to 1 folder.

If you want another folder added, send the group a message.

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