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I'm a hardcore anime fan, now even-more-hardcore brony. I run a brony site here: http://digibrony.tumblr.com/


Confound These Ponies · 10:05am Mar 28th, 2012

There are so many of them!

There's been a delay in writing chapter three because I've finally had to take the time to stop making things up as I go and figure out how I'm going to structure the rest of this story. The difficult thing is that I want to feature all of the mane six and Dr. Colgate, but giving them all something to do in each chapter is very difficult.

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    Discord: And what, pray tell, is that?
    Digibrony: Oh nothing, it's just MY HEADCANON!!!

    Hi digi i am a fan of your work :rainbowkiss: i just love it :heart: keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love your story, and your YouTube vids too.

    Hey, your wrting on here is awesome, and your videos on youtube are awesome!Hope to watch and read more of your stuff! :pinkiehappy:

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