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After his sister sacrifices herself to save his life from Bill Cipher, 17-year old Dipper Pines finds himself in an alternate dimension known as Equestria, where technology and magic co-exist in harmony, and the people in this world are as assorted as a bag full of Summerween candy. Some of them could manipulate magic and cast powerful spells, some had wings that, of course, allowed them to fly, and others still were seemingly normal, but had great strength.

Moving in with teenage sorceress Twilight Sparkle, on whom he develops a crush on, Dipper soon discovers that he himself has the ability to control magic and cast powerful spells. But, little does he know that his old enemy Bill Cipher is planning to catch up with him very soon, and lay waste to the world he now calls home. Can Dipper and his new friends stop Bill, and will Dipper and Twilight live happily ever after? Only time will tell!

Set in an AU of both Gravity Falls and MLP. All ponies (and technically dragons) have been humanized to a certain extent.

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This story has potential. Hope to see more of this.

hmmmm...interesting...I will be keeping tabs on this one.

*sees story*

*le gasp*


*reads description*

Eh... Not sure if want...


Eh, fuck it. Let's go.

Great start. Can't wait to see where this goes. Will Dipper will go through any MLP episodes?

Pyra, Joker? Keep going with this. This gonna be good.

>Written in the Stars

Elton John reference confirmed?

>and others still were just farmers with great strength.

Uh...not all earth ponies are farmers...

Where's the picture from?

Gonna track it, that's for sure.
In fact... have a follow, Red Hood (Hood? Mask? Cowl? Eh.)

insert dipper pines faingirl scream here

Can't wait for more of this. Dipper is awesome I also love Mable.

The best part of this whole idea for a story, to me, is that I never knew I wanted this ship.
But I want it now.

How come all the best fics are in the process of being written?

Wait, did you rewrite all except chapter 1?

No, I've been preoccupied with other matters. My hope is to have the converted Chapter Five published by tomorrow.

Thank Celestia. This story's too good to die, again. Like almost every other good GF crossover story on this site.

!!!!! No! Shadow! Love this chapter

great story/chapter i hope to see more soon

Yay! The story isn’t dead! Plus, you posted the latest chapter on Mar10 day. Double win.

Woah! Two updates in one day

That’s exactly what I was gonna type!

*read description*
*start cheering*
Magic big dipper bithmark, magic big dipper birthmark, magic big dipper birthmark

Could it be that she’d…fallen in love with him?

No, it's a crush. It's different

I admit, I at first wasn't interested in Gravity Falls. But fans spoke so highly, and it was in that moment I realized that I was missing out.

Wait, so we have a whiskey and Disney character as your oc’s (name wise)
But hey, works for me

I want more. . . PLEASE OwO
Dipper x Twily xD that makes 100% sense

I love this 120% and This ship makes more sense then dipper and the blond heiress. I hope you make more.

I think this is pretty good

Even tho Idk gravity falls, this is still cool!

"It is," said Twilight. "People here can use different types of magic depending on their race. Gaians have what we call Strength of the Earth. As suggested, they have abnormal strength to various degrees. Flyers like Fluttershy have Wings of the Pegasi, which lets them fly and control the weather and forces of nature in general. Finally, Spellcasters like myself can manipulate magic energy to cast a variety of spells, as long as we know the mechanics of the spell we're casting."

Gaians, Flyers and Spellcasters?

"Like he said, he's Flynn Ryder. Fluttershy's fiancé. He's also a Spellcaster." She answered. "It's strange, around anyone else she's shy, but around Flynn she's just so much more confident."

Flynn Rider?

Before he could say anything Dipper found himself face to face with the sharply dressed man. "Well hello there young one, name's Jack Daniels if you’re wondering. So, you're the new addition to this fine and crappy city? I wish you luck, things tend to get a little crazy around this lot." He pointed to the girls. "Pinkie already told me your name, but I think a nickname is in order! What do you think Pinks?" He quickly vanished from Dipper’s sight and appeared behind Pinkie.

Jack Daniels? Those aren’t exactly OCs..

“I was going to guess Professor Dumbledore,” said Dipper.

So that’s what Dumbledore looks like!

Actually Pacifica and Dipper make more sense than Dipper and Wendy, in all actuality, in fact, it's a pretty nice ship

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