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After the Rogue Shadow is damaged from a bomb placed aboard the ship by the Empire, the clone of Galen Marek and Jedi Master Rahm Kota make a hyperspace jump to a seemingly random set of coordinates whispered to them by the Force, only to find themselves marooned on an uncharted planet populated with bipedal equine creatures, a great many of whom were powerful Force-sensitives, known to them as magic, none more so than an Alicorn Princess by the name of Twilight Sparkle. With the Elements of Harmony as their apprentices, Starkiller and Kota must help this simple, quaint and peaceful world prepare for the impending arrival of the Galactic Civil War that could threaten to reduce it to cinders.

A Star Wars crossover and sister story to Kneel Before The Dark Lord.

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After the Rogue Shadow is damaged in a fierce firefight with the Rebellion, Galen Marek aka Lord Starkiller makes a hyperspace jump to a seemingly random set of coordinates whispered to him by the Force, only to find himself marooned on an uncharted planet populated with bipedal equine creatures, a great many of whom were powerful Force-sensitives, known to them as magic, none more so than an Alicorn Princess by the name of Twilight Sparkle. With the Elements of Harmony and Maris Brood as his apprentices, Lord Starkiller forms the Espada Order, a group of Force wielders that some might call “Gray Jedi.” However, Starkiller’s absence does not escape the notice of Emperor Palpatine for long, and things only grow worse when Luke Skywalker and the Rebellion get involved. And when faced with a terrible tragedy, Starkiller’s greatest student and Equestria’s greatest hero might just become their greatest threat.

A Star Wars crossover and sister story to Long Live The Rebellion.

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When the notorious dream demon Bill Cipher invoked the name of the Axolotl his last-ditch attempt to save himself from facing the punishment for his many, many crimes, he didn't know what would happen afterward. The last thing he expected, however, was to be bound in human form, trapped in a magical land of two-legged talking horses, and, despite retaining a fair portion of his powers, unable to leave said dimension. However, when the Elements of Harmony accidentally release him from the magical artifact that he was trapped within, that's exactly what happens. Quickly setting up shop in Ponyville by raising his Fearamid over the ruins of the Golden Oaks Library, Bill Cipher begins searching for a way to restore his full power in order to escape this dimension and wreak havoc upon Gravity Falls once more. However, Bill quickly finds himself dealing with several complications with his plans caused by an old rival of his from the dimension he once called home. Striking a bargain with the Mane 6, Bill finds himself fighting alongside the Elements of Harmony, and his long-lost baby brother Discord against the demonic henchmen of Will Crytogram. Will Bill stay loyal to the Mane 6 or will the world fall to an even worse Weirdmageddon than the one Gravity Falls experienced? Will Equestria still be in one piece after all of this is over? Will Discord and Bill reconcile after all this time? Will I find my house keys?

One thing's for sure: it's gonna get weird.

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Baltimare. One of the top five most dangerous cities in Equestria. Some ponies could hardly walk home without getting themselves mugged, robbed, or attacked in some other way. Only a handful of cops and prison guards, including Detective Twilight Sparkle and her boyfriend and partner, Spike, aren't in the pocket of some crime lord or another, a number that seems to be shrinking by the month. All in all, the city was rotting.

Then, out of nowhere, criminals start dropping dead, gaping holes in their chest, the cause either being some kind of electrical surge as though from a lightning bolt or a high-velocity impact. Some victims even had their hearts crushed like paper. Followed by common crooks were dirty cops and prison guards, then entire crime families. All anyone could make of the suspect was either "dark specter" or "black demonic creature from Tartarus." Neither of these were even remotely close to the truth.

In another time, another world, James Jackson was an ordinary man with a strong sense of justice, and was particularly fond of the methods used by the comic book vigilante known as the Red Hood. Never did he think that he'd get a chance to use those tactics, but when James meets his unfortunate end after his car hits a patch of black ice and crashes into an electrical pole, he is given that chance by the Speed Force itself, and is reborn as the infamous Hunter Zolomon.

Let the criminals of Baltimare beware: Zoom is coming...

Co-written with Hopelight

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While sitting on the beach feeling bummed about losing Peewee, Spike encounters a squishy pink creature with a microphone. Spike takes the creature home as his new pet. 'Nuff said.

Contains Jigglypuff vandalism the likes of which has not been seen since Ash was in the Hoenn Region.

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In Brightest Night in Darkest Day, we use the fear you kept at bay. To fight the wrong and make evil pay, Sinestro's path, it is our way!

After buying a Sinestro Corps power ring from a mysterious vendor at ComicCon, Simon Jones finds himself in Equestria as a Sinestro Lantern version of Hal Jordan. Using the yellow light of fear, Hal becomes Equestria's resident anti-hero, facing down threats from the Green Lantern mythos as well as threats faced alongside the Mane 6/Elements of Harmony, and even some threats that don't fall into either category, all while seeking out ponies, griffons, and dragons to recruit into his Corps.

Story 1 of Phase 1 of The Lantern-Verse. Co-written with Hopelight

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Dipper "Alcor" Pines has lived a very, very, very long and extraordinary life. Ever since he was turned into a dream demon during the events of The Transcendence, he's had to fight off crazed monster hunters who've kidnapped and tried to kill his family, other demons with ill-intent, and even an evil, twisted version of himself and his sister. On top of it all, he's had to watch his loved ones and their decendents grow old and die one by one, while he stayed forever young and weilding infinate power. And yet, nothing he's ever been through will prepare him for what's coming.

After a failed attempt at a feedback loop, Alcor finds himself in an alternate version of Equestria, boasting advanced technology fueled by magic and anthropomorphic ponies. Standing alongside the Elements of Harmony and the Princesses, Alcor will face lethal new enemies from Equestria, and old threats from his world... and perhaps, in the midst of all this chaos, Alcor will finally find his one true love in the form of Princess Luna.

A crossover with Gravity Falls' Transcendence AU.

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After his sister sacrifices herself to save his life from Bill Cipher, 17-year old Dipper Pines finds himself in an alternate dimension known as Equestria, where technology and magic co-exist in harmony, and the people in this world are as assorted as a bag full of Summerween candy. Some of them could manipulate magic and cast powerful spells, some had wings that, of course, allowed them to fly, and others still were seemingly normal, but had great strength.

Moving in with teenage sorceress Twilight Sparkle, on whom he develops a crush on, Dipper soon discovers that he himself has the ability to control magic and cast powerful spells. But, little does he know that his old enemy Bill Cipher is planning to catch up with him very soon, and lay waste to the world he now calls home. Can Dipper and his new friends stop Bill, and will Dipper and Twilight live happily ever after? Only time will tell!

Set in an AU of both Gravity Falls and MLP. All ponies (and technically dragons) have been humanized to a certain extent.

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Captain Rainbow Dash is in BIG trouble. 13 years ago she made a deal with the ghostly Dragon Ruler of The Ocean Depths Spike Jones to raise the Black Pearl from the depths. Now her time is up and so she must now serve on Jones' crew or be sent to Spike Jones' Locker, courtesy of the kraken. The only way out is for her to seize the fabled Dead Stalliion's Chest and use it as leverage against Spike. Meanwhile, relcutant swashbuckler Shining Armor and his fiancee Cadence Mi Amore face a death sentence for freeing Rainbow a year earlier unless Shining Armor can find Rainbow and convince her to return to Port Royal. Based on the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

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