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(Takes place during Season 2.)

When one mission appears to be his last, Preston Marlowe of the 222nd Army Battalion's "Bad Company" winds up in another world that is far beyond his comprehension. Separated from his squad, his troubles are far from over when he is soon thrusted into another conflict that is about to reach its breaking point. On top of that, he must learn to coexist in this new world until he can find a way back home. Can't a man ever catch a break?

Rated Teen for language and violence.

Chapters (4)
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“Ah fuck...son of a bitch...”

Marlow langauge!

Cool facts and definitely worth the wait also take your time and sometimes inspiration can come from the most unlikely of things. Can’t wait for the next chapters and what you have in store. I’ll wait.

“They're currently being examined by the Canterlot science team for research. A good thing too. I know you seem like the type who would keep his weapons secure, but for everypony's safety, I think it's best that we hold on to them for now. Don't worry, though, you'll get everything back soon enough.”

Bad idea!!!!!! Unless you want to KEEP your pacifist/peaceful lives intact.

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