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What just happened? That’s the question.


There exist tales of the Spirit of Fear. A tall, bipedal creature with no face, tendrils of darkness, and a suit so black that he blends in among the trees.

These tales still exist, although they are relegated to simply be fables to get children to behave. Even with the life-like statue of him in Canterlot, he is still seen as fiction.

The tales say he kidnaps ponies who walk through his woods, and eats them whole! The Princess herself says these tales are true! Yet, no matter what, you should never fear the name...


Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 25 )

More please.

Well, sir, your request will be met later tonight.

Short but decent chapter, Is this a rewrite?

I’m liking this story, although I wonder what will slender do when he finds out about Zecora living in the ever-free

You, my good sir, have just given me an idea. (This is a rewrite and I planned to make it basically the same, but Zecora being introduced is actually a good idea).

*Gasp!* An update! how long has it been, years?

The story is great ChemTest!

Well, thanks for the compliment! If you like it, well, I have over fourty stories and this is far from being the best.

Although it slightly freaks me out to see a picture as an avatar on here, and for someone to capitalize the Test part. Still, thanks!

Well, one day. If you mean since the first chapter, around two months. If you mean from the original version, then around six months to a year.

LoL, honestly I have created this account because my studio WishboneMaker said that someone used my user name bronywishbone and stole the story I own and tried to post here. We found the person and are taking action on this. As far as your user name my mistake I can see now your user name doesn't have a capital on the T. But hey I do enjoy your stories here. I'll look through some of them and read them.

Oh yeah, I saw that on the twitter feed on your profile. The whole thing with the ‘T’ doesn’t even matter, as the entire account is named after a character who does use Chem Test, so you were right, I just shorten it into one word on here. And I can only say thanks for reading!

Slendermane meets the mane 6 in the next chapter.

I thought they already met?
Oh right remade

They technically already met in this rewrite, when they confronted him in the first chapter. Though if you consider that ‘meeting’ is up to you.

Ok, I'm just reading your praise the SUN ahem, I mean dark souls fic, it's not bad for as far I gotten into it
Anyways I'll see if this is an meeting with the name six when you post it, can't wait

I have a feeling inner slenderman escaped into a new vessel...

Ah, the moral conundrum of needing negative emotion for sustenance. He must act the monster, lest he starve, yet at the same time he laments his inevitable isolation. A clever idea indeed provided he can avoid the clichéd edge-lord nonsense.

Well that's a big doomy vision of doom, kind of rushing things aren't we? I don't even know this guy yet, needs more character development.

Does he not need fear to live? Friendship is a wonderful thing, but it does get in the way of one's three squares in this case.


Either that or he's just being contrary. 's like a cat or summat, always yowling in your ear when you're trying to concentrate, but the second you actually need them they've vanished up the chimney.

Well, yes, he does need fear. However, in this case, he has enough as to where he can remove it without really suffering. Like, Discord needs Chaos, yet if he were to remove the fight the CMC first had, he would still be fine with the chaos generated since then.

The main theory behind Slenderman is he is a Tulpa, an entity created from a mass belief in him and the emotion created from it. In his case as long as someone, somewhere, is afraid of him, he should be able to find them and replenish his strength.

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