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A displaced story about a man who becomes the most powerful being in the universe, at least in MLP terms.
As you may noticed, i have just had a multi-dimensional makeover

Follow Bill in the realm of Equestria in his search for the ultimate goal that all seek in life.
Warning: Contains harsh language and a little bit of gore

Chapters (47)
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Comments ( 107 )

7436222 There are not enough displaced stories with a human who becomes Bill from Gravity Falls, so i thought i would help by writting my own, and put out my own version.

Awesome start. Can't wait to see where this story goes. Does this start before Luna became Nightmare Moon?

The mini description or whatever it's called says displayed not displaced

So, I'm assuming this is Chrysalis that he's talking to?
Other than this

‘’Take my deal, and I can promise you a life of power, dominance, and…love.’’

There's nothing really letting us know who it is

Or maybe pre-nightmare moon Luna?

There can never be enough Bill Cipher :yay:

This is soooo confusing who is the one bill made a deal with in the first place why is he tormenting Celestia what the hell did she do to him I mean of its for the deal sure your character suddenly knew how to use almost all his powers I mean we didn't even get a transition or anything just one chapter in Celestia pov and he has been using them like a pro. I mean I like bill as a character and I like it when I'm confused about hos intentions but NOT confused about the entire story it's just what the fuck is happening.

Sorry about that I needed to vent but yes I have no clue what the fuck is going on in this story.

7494037 You will see in the future...And yes, i probably should have had something saying how much time has passed between Bill coming into Equestria and the beginning of the Celestias nightmares. But just to clearify, it has been some time between Bill awakening and the nightmares. There has been some time between both events.

Forgive me, dear readers, i screwed up BIGTIME :rainbowderp:

7494037 Also, ''what fun is there in making sense?'':twilightsmile:

7494094 alright I shall be patient. There is something to this story that is keeping me interested. Still though confused but I shall remain in good spirit

7494099 Just tust in the fact that the answers you seek will come into the light

7454810 Pre-nightmare moon because Luna didn't really get to much recognition back then because Celestia always got it.

Its actually really funny, now that i see your story. I have similar numbers on the up and down votes, though its probably reversed a little :twilightsmile:

7524204 Yeah, well, you can't please everyone, am i right?

Last chapter he called Tia his girlfriend and now he and Luna are a thing? :rainbowhuh:

Please tell me Bill will meet Discord.

7551527 He was just saying that to be dramatic, and confuse his enemy. Though, i guess it worked a little too well :twilightsheepish:

7551571 Well...that might be a little difficult because he was defeated at this point. I may be able to do something with him. But he will not have too grand of a role in the story.

I think the shipping was too early

7587910 This was just a "first meeting" I do intend to develop their relationship further, its just that he (Bill) is more straight forward than most others.

Awesome chapter!!

Long chapter. Please continue the story.:fluttershysad:

Have to leave a down-vote.
Unoriginal premise, unlikable OC, overdone arbitrary setup, and I'll be honest with this next one: Human/Horse is really off-putting.


Human/Horse is really off-putting.

Human? Nope, he's literally an anthropomorphic triangle. The story image is what he actually looks like.

Edit: Also the premise, content choices, and how common the setup is really shouldn't be a factor in why you downvote something. To quote a blog post by RenegadeAlias:

3) Please don’t down vote stories based on their genre, that doesn’t help other users find stories they’ll like. For example, if I HATE romances stories – I might down vote Star Wars because of the Anakin/Padme romance. But, someone who is looking for a story in the ‘Sci-Fi adventure’ genre will see that Star Wars was down voted and may pass it up, despite the fact that Star Wars is an excellent ‘Sci-Fi’ adventure story.

Same thing with HiE’s, if you hate the genre then don’t read stories labelled ‘human.’ Down voting them only underrates stories that HiE lovers might like. (I’m not saying this for my personal stories – right now my stories have 207/8 and 62/4 up to down. Thanks for the positive response btw, you all are awesome!)

While they were talking about genres specifically, I believe the same could be said for many of the reasons you listed due to the fact that they're a matter of personal preference/opinion, and thus would be classified as subjective regardless of their validity.

Basically, you should never downvote something simply because you don't like the content, you should only do so if said content is poorly executed.

7660492 What are you refering to with the Human/Horse thing?

Was it a grammatical mistake?

7662425 No, the whole thing was a reply to Hamster_Master's comment.

It was pointing a finger towards her, and wearing a friendly smirk.

How does one smirk when they are a faceless triangle? It must take some skill.

‘’Self-proclaimed Dream demon.’’

Who would ever "self-proclaim" themselves to be a Dream Demon? Especially in front of the dream princess. It would make more sense if he dropped the whole "self-proclaimed" thing.


CRRRRIINNNNNNGG I think its alright when the ponies say it, but when someone who clearly is not a pony and never grew up with that ridiculous vocabulary, it is hard to bare.

7741021 1 - When you see Bill Cipher interacting with others, most of his emotions are easy to see. Thus i had no other choice but just write it how i would normally.

2 - This is Bill Cipher we're talking about (or someone who has his physical apperance) Of course he's going to be pretentious about being able to manipulate reality on a grander scale than someone else. He's got nothing to fear in terms of retribution.

3 - Its just the norm. Everyone says it...even other non-pony races refeer to ''someone'' like that.

Is this going to be a human acting evil story:rainbowhuh:

I had the battle music from Dragon Warrior 3 playing in my head during Celestia's fight scene. So. Much. Yes!

7915892 I'm glad to see you found it nostalgic. That was my intent.

That was certainly something.

7919638 For you, and everyone that's wondering about what the hell you just read my answer to you is this;

Yes, i am going somewhere with this.

Wait, what??? Who's the girl? Why haven't we heard about her before?

7976303 This is her introduction chapter. The story is moving in a certain direction.

You are repeating yourself in this chapter. I'm rather suspicious that someone is orchestrating all this just to get Bill in trouble despite the fact he doesn't want to cause anyone in Equestria any trouble.

I have never been more lost in my life after reading to this point

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