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After being destroyed during the assault on the Enclave's Satellite Relay Station, Liberty Prime is sent to the magical land of Equestria by completely mysterious and serious forces.

His new purpose? He has no idea.

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 504 )

This, in my humble opinion, is going to kick some commie ass!
If you do it correctly.
Please have him say Hello, tiny freedom-loving Americans!

Dear princess Celestia
Commies don't deserve friendship!
Your faithful student, Liberty Prime.

Seriously, this can only go right.

'analysis: chimera wielding powers of reality manipulation.
possibility of mission failure: ZERO PERCENT!'

let the murder bot go forth and rock

:rainbowlaugh: Liberty Prime! :rainbowlaugh: in Equestria!
And got an "i-GOD" shoved up his ass :rainbowlaugh:

Alright ya got me hooked :ajsmug:

.....Wat. The Lone Wanderer has no remorse for such an awesome robot? FFFF- Ok...go on.

Kriegor, you magnificent bastard. I can't stop giggling after reading this. Just the thought of what is to come puts a huge grin on my face. :pinkiehappy:

Oh dear god it runs with an apple product that should get interesting!
Also tiny freedom-loving multichromatic equine Equestrians!


Oh, man.

Here it comes...

Dear Kriegor,


..... You have my attention, though, if you cannot impress, it will be fleeting.


I am in awe; the addition of Liberty Prime to Equestria can only make both even more awesome than they were before. :pinkiehappy:

Okay. I'll bite. Lets see where this is going.

I don't even... I LOVE IT.

... You have my attention.

what the-. is this some kind of-. I'll bite.

All of my wat.
And all of my win. I lol'd.
Oh, and you pretty much nailed the average "Wanderer".

I have the sudden urge to play Fallout 3... Anyway, this is great. Favorited. :pinkiehappy:

Kriegor, you magnificent bastard. Why is everything you write so awesome?

Well this can only end well! :twilightblush:

holy sheyat :pinkiegasp: this is good

Troll God :trollestia:
Discord and Trollestia approve.

The funny thing is that all lone wanderers were probably thinking this.

“COMMUNISM IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF FAILURE!” This cracked me up every time I played that game.:rainbowlaugh:

Where's chapter 2? How many more livestock sacrifices must I perform before it appears?


(If you read my blog posts, you'll see that my computer had a shit fit and took all the progress from chapter two, leaving only a few drafts on gdocs)

625499 So... More sacrifices? gotcha, right on it.

wow God is a troll, that explains so much...... :trollestia:


I'm so happy this updated!

I look forward to the inevitable shit storm that will be him learning of Celestia and Luna.

I have only seen a handful of things this beautiful, this deserves all of my favs and then some.


Initiate a game a nuclear football!

I've been waiting, and this fic...

it went right it went all kinds of right. Thank you author.

Well good ol' Liberty Prime seems oblivious to reality.

*Is your "Liberty Prime" unit not aware of your previous dimension jump? No problem! Purchase the "Reality check" app! The only cost is YOUR SOUL!*

Signed, Apple.

Democracy triumphs over all, including harmony.

This is absurd!

646246 Hmmm tempting, How much of my soul?

“Oh this is gonna be so fucking rad!”

Yes, yes it is.


God is actually pretty chill.

YES! :pinkiehappy:

this is awesome! :twilightsmile:

“Oh this is gonna be so fucking rad!”- God.

Anyone else catch the Jurassic Park reference?...

Anyhoo, can't wait til he visits Canterlot...

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