This is a group for the end game of all fighters, the training grounds of those who need practice with fight scenes -- the Ultimate Showdown of Writers!

Basically, this will consist of 4 writers fighting one another -- but instead of fighting physically, we will be fighting using OCs and/or canon characters.

The conduct for matches is simple: Two writers will create a chapter containing the fight between their offered-up OCs and/or canon characters. In other words, the two combatants must write a version of the fight where their character emerges victorious.. If you are adding an OC, then I urge you to PM myself, typervader or Dimensional Librarian, or any other admin with full details on your OC's capabilities, details and what they can do, and to what extent. Over-powered characters may or may not be accepted, but this is up to the circumstances and general viability of the entire ordeal.

The winner of each fight will be declared by public vote -- in other words, the best/better written version wins, regardless of characters involved. All fights within a tournament will run concurrently, not consecutively -- this means that there's no such thing as a weekly limit, so fight and write to your hearts' content.


0.) Mary Sue characters, outlandishly overpowered characters and characters that have already been used by someone (not yourself obviously), are forbidden. So that means no black-and-red fuckbois with more magic power than Celestia, got it?

1.) Anything goes. This means that there are no holds barred, which means that no specific practices are banned in matches. Magic, powers, technology, hand-to-hand fighting, sleight-of-hand and all weapons are all permitted. Again, the no Mary-Sue rule still stands, so please be considerate.

2.) No hostility outside matches. If you disagree with the outcome of a particular match, it will be resolved by a group vote (for example). Any other issues will be directed to myself (and other admins).

3.) Crossovers are permitted. We don't much care if a character is a human with magic or a dragon with bloodbending -- as long as they're not overpowered and you have some degree of skill with writing fights and stuff like that, then it's okay.

4.) Before asking to add a fight to the main story (which will be created after the first match is complete), please be sure to check for any spelling/grammar/punctuation/syntactical mistakes. Any mistakes or typos you miss will be cleaned up, but please, take it easy.

5.) Only one OC per writer can enter the Tournament. Remember, you can participate the next Tournament if you so wish, even if you were 'defeated', but you can only have one fighter in your name at a time.

6.) Anthro and/or humanoid characters are preferred, but if you absolutely can't do anything like that, then just stick with the feral/regular design for your OC. Nevertheless, any anthro OCs honestly have a higher chance of actually being in the Tournament, so keep it in mind.

7) When your fight has been completed, you must post the fight as a story of your own, not a forum post, and give a link and an explanation of the story itself. The winner of a fight must post a story -- the loser may do so as well. This will help more people see the group's activity and join up themselves.

8.) Above all, please, we urge everyone to enjoy the experience. And please note that these fights take place in a shared universe which allows for different types of magic/powers/whatever, so do not belittle or argue against, for example, a character using bending where it wouldn't normally exist in the MLP universe. Just don't, alright?

Any further questions will be directed to yours truly and indeed other group admins.

-Kaneki Ken-Ryu

Here is the Discord Chat for this group.

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Um... Hello? Did I get here too late?

We are no longer dead, nor vacant.

412095 mate of course there's a bracket how would it work otherwise

it's gonna be multiple tournaments
more than one
ya get me

412084 It has a bracket. I assumed that implied a finalist. I didn't know what you were planning for a follow up.

412082 well what do you mean 'finish it'

you seem to be under the impression that this is a one-time thing

412080 I suppose I should have done a little more compliment and a little less backhand. Nobody's ever done it in such an organized manner before, so if anyone can finally do a project like this and actually finish it, I hope you can.

412067 why you gotta point that out

now we have to stop the entire thing because someone's done it before oh no, oh mercy me, it's not an original idea!!!1

you really didnt have to say that, mister totallynotabrony, did you?

This has been done before. I do hope you guys have more success bringing it to a conclusion, though.

411984 This is just an idea but we should get Maximus Reborn and his Spider-Mane to join the fights it would make this really awesome :scootangel:

412043 Go read the threads man it's all explained over there

Yea my fighter, Mace Volcod is a feral pony type but keep in mind I have been writing fast paced sword/weaponised fights with these types of ponies for a while so I can say I am well practiced in the art. Just keep that in mind when selecting the participants please. I came to impress.
Also when we get matched with another writer how long do we have until the final submission of the fight? A week mabie? A few days? Hours???

411999 PM me with details about your OC. Anything you know about them that's relevant, please.

Hohoho... Colour me interested. How do I enter my OC?

411992 Sorry, but it's nothing but a roster list for the first tournament at the moment. If you have an OC or a character you want in this thing, PM me with the details.

411991 Well, Pokemon is still a part of Smash Bros, so it still kind of counts. But I see your point. I'll just go read the first thread then.

411990 ...Well it's not

like there's no shitty ass kid going around catching OCs in balls

if anything this is just Smash Bros but with OCs and canon characters

This group sounds kind of similar to Pokemon. Just replace Pokemon with MLP OCs and Canon characters. Could be interesting.

411987 It depends. What type of vehicle are you thinking of?

If it's something like a Metal Gear then no you can't bring that in, but if it's a car or something of that size then yeah

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