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This story is a sequel to Why?

I fear not the Silence of War.

I fear not the Silence of Darkness.

I fear not the Silence of Words nor the Silence of Memories.

But when I knelt before the Vaticinator and in the heart of our Gods:

I fear our Silences.

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I've always wondered what your kind looked like in your Golden Age.

How you survived hundreds to possible thousands of cataclysmic events, and yet still be standing stronger than before.

Yet when the time came and all your glory lost to time and faith:

You were the only one left of your deific people.


Cover art credited to x-ste-x.
An idea that was in my head, please give me your thoughts on this concept.
27 May -- 31 May this was on the featured. Thank you all for liking this fic.

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Theodore Whitgaze. An information-broker for hire was given a job by the former Queen of the Changelings: Hole-legs as he nicknamed her. His task was to gather some very important informations about the rulers of the crystal empire and their daughter to one day use in her great evil plan.

Personally, Theodore doesn't care about that but rather the massive bag of coins he was offered if he accepted this job. Of which, he did....Without knowing what he was getting himself into.

Teen for some rude words.
Sex tag for some naught words

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Item: Dr. Fell's Log 2558 from Operation ████ ████.

A.K.A: Colony Novae-Spes.

WARNING: Identification is Require. Any unauthorised access will result in immediate arrest and transportation to High Command under protocol 66.

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This story is a sequel to Victors' Trial

From Learning Student to Unbreakable Rebel.

Unbreakable Rebel to Iron Warlord.

Iron Warlord to Separatist Avenger.

The Coup of Fists begins at where it all began. At the resting place of the Warlord's former team:

The Lonesome Cells of Canterlot High.

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Golden Love.

It has been many years since our last meeting under the Oak.

And yet, I remember it so clearly like it just happened days ago.

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This story is a sequel to Superiors' Quarrel

Canterlot High, the Capital of the Siren Empire, has fallen to the Rainboom Rebellion.

Her overlords captured and brought to the Base to put them on Trial, much to the Iron Onslaught Battalion's protest.

Now the biggest battle is about to begin between the Founder's Hope and the Warlord's Justice.

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This story is a sequel to Rebels' Schism

Two more years of fighting Loyalists and freeing their thralls.

The unbreakable Rebel, now the Iron Warlord, is summoned to base and away from the frontline.

To discuss reports and plans with the Rebellion's Founder.

Only for him to get a message from a certain orange Overlord.

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The Sapien Wars 27 AE - 32 AE

The Sapien Wars rose twenty-seven years after the founding of the Kingdom of Equestia and ended five years later with the Treaty of Canterlot.

For historians, it sounds like Tartarus.

For the soldiers, it was Tartarus.

Gore Tag is for detail battles, not a lot about gory details.
Teen Tag for Language.

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This story is a sequel to Sirens' Captive

Surviving his torture and regaining his strength.

The unbreakable rebel brought hope to the people of the Rebellion.

However, will the other rebels follow this hero and his new view against the Sirens?

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