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Updates and that Meh. · 2:07am Feb 25th, 2018

It has been two years since the last blog and.... Yeah.

Anyway, I'm writing this blog to say what's going on and why Appearance of the New is on Hiatus. For the second part, Appearance is on hold as I recollect my thoughts on it, mainly because I'm on a writer's block and try don't want to fuck it up. I haven't abandon it, just want to work on other projects, mainly one-shots and one chapter story.

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The Q&A · 5:24pm Aug 28th, 2016

That was the day I released my 100th followers blog, even though I did say questions on blog, it's still something.

Also sorry for the delay, had some work to do and had to go to an Irish Party.... It was fun at night, but when you wake up in the morning, it's the very different.

So with that said, let the Q&A begin!

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100 followers?! Are you pulling my tail?! No?!.....Holy....! · 5:19pm Aug 13th, 2016

I cannot believe it! But here it is;

I, I don't know what to say. I though 50 was the highest I would get, but once again I was wrong, more than once.

I cannot thank you all for following me, despite some bad grammars and cliches that would make the cliché God say 'That'a cliché as %*&$!'

But I must do something for you guys, so I thought of this;

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Updates and all that 'fun' business · 7:46pm Apr 17th, 2016

Whelp my friends, it's been a while since my latest blog and well... That's the thing.

Because of some stories in my library and the long working hours of chapters for other stories (Namely Appearance of The New, still don't know why that's my best work by far) I've been trying to make new ideas of stories and trying to keep up with local news in this web.

Which is why I'm going to make some sacrifices on my stories, for I haven't got the time for them. Those stories are;

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Help a friend of mine.... petty please? · 1:36pm Dec 13th, 2015

Good day friends.

I'm writing this blog to tell you about a story call Wrath of the Harbinger made by a good friend of mine: Malozi

He's writing this amusing work of art and he wants it to be known as well as having more characters in his story. I for one has taken part in it and learned a bit about its lore, very deep and well planned.

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I'm back · 2:04pm Aug 24th, 2015

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Ideas on where to go? · 10:35pm Jul 5th, 2015

Here's the blog and there for...Place your Ideas on where the story should go. This can go by:

Who you think should join the Horde of the Forest?

What will Equestria do now?

How else should join the war?

And what other characters (Like Starlight, Yak prince or even an new OC) should side with?

I'm looking forward on what your ideas are:heart:

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New Group · 8:37pm May 20th, 2015

Hey guys.

If you read Scroll of an Old Age and liked it and also wanted a sequel to it.

There wouldn't be.

But if you want to have more of this type of story. I have created a group that focus on this story.

The link to see this group is here

I hope to see you all there:heart:

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Appearance of Ideas · 9:16pm May 13th, 2015

To all those who are reading The Appearance of The New hear me:

I am writing the next chapter "Questions and Allies to Nightmare's fury" and it will soon be open for you to read.

However I'm looking back at the previous chapter "Knowing one and Gaining one" and I realise that even though The Horde of The Forest has just been founded, Varlock hasn't really got a lot of personality and I was wondering what should Varlock act like.

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