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This is a group for Galletita! She's a sweet little cookie.

This group is to make her feel special.

She's a really great friend. She's an amazing girl.

She likes: Dogs, cats, doughnuts- ... She just likes everything! She's always positive and she can help you with your problems.

Need help with Spanish homework? She'll help you! I'm just kidding. But she speaks Spanish fluently.

Our little Cookie is Black, Hawaiian, and Mexican. She has a great personality. Galletita is great, everything about her is great! But what stands out about her is, how much she's willing to help. And how bad she wants people to smile. Oh! And lets not forget about her tiny little voice. Tehe.

Friends please join this group and you'll meet the best person ever! She is currently working on making everyone happy on FIMFiction and we can help and support her!

Please follow her! :heart:

"We are all work in progress."
-Jessica AKA Galletita 2016

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